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b i kind of don't get that whole h good superhero versus good superhero thing.. it will make sense when you see the movie.e. everyone is talking about it. the trailers look great.lkin who's the villain batman. i think so. he can't be. it changes everything. it does. all right. got to wait and find out. thank you very much.muc. good morning everybody it's 9:00 on the morning on a monday morning the 21st day of march i am wayne o dawson todd has the day office money. i'm stefani schaefer great to have you sitting here again. like old times.ttinge right. 30 years.t not thatt3 long. feels like 60. good morning everyone glad you could be with usfd mor hope you had a terrific weekend on this daye afterknd the first day of spring. following some breaking news onewo cleveland's east side thiss monday the latest after a body is found dave standing by live with more on what is happening
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homicide ts many kids like to watch movies but would you take your youngmanng child to see an r-rated flick.. there's a new rule at some theaters plus are going to read your commentsgo in this morning's download.downlo. shedding tears is it okay for grown men to cry in i got to admit i am one of those. you're a softy. i am.. were going to talk about the main reasons why it more guys guys are not afraid to lead they're tears flow these days.ot es and will even say it you know. austin carr is. and emotional guy. so sweet. jen is in this morning scott has h the morning off.rnin a lot of people off today. toda once in a while we'll give people a day off. of. great to have jen in the house this morning. good morning.mor good morning to you. you can shake off the cold that's for sure. it is spring and it's ad unfortunately a cold one feeling more like winter.
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upper 20s to low 30satus ri 34 at 11:00. 40s possible mainly out east checking on fox here show you that in just a second but headed in the upper 30s to around 40 this afternoon. we will see some sunshine 40 don't worry you'll be able to put awayway the winter coat soon warmer temperatures in the forecast. storm fox right no light snow showers in flurries around ashtabula foxi into jefferson. could be falling out of theo cloud some ofu it might not be reaching the ground but it is there. 32 cleveland. 30 akron canton. worchester 27. feeling like low 20s when youou factor in the wind. one more chilly day before this gradual warm-up and coming up in your eight day forecastcm i will have your easter weekend forecastl right now looking pretty good. r christine and wayne. thanks so much. following some breaking news on cleveland's east side this money. police investigating right nowhing right after a body was found in that home .. news reporter dave nethers joins us live in fulk avenue with the
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we know it's early into this investigation what can you tell us. ii an active crime scene when you hour or so old this crime scened t we are heres east 130 in folk on cleveland's east side you can 1 see the crime scene behind us. detectives and uniformed police officers on the scene as well as the prosecutor's office. looks like prosecutor tim mcginty also on the scene he just walked up to that garage where it appears as though l aou body perhaps of a woman was found earlier this morning. the details beyond that we don't know a lot of and we don't want to speculate either. let's go to some video that was shot here earlier this morningso. we talked with a neighbor whoa n says that this house as you can see maybe boarded upgis his boarded up h.
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in a year or so. only about five weeks ago there was some activity therere . realtor we are told perhaps showing the property off. of but again this is not a home where people live. they described describe this as a very rough neighborhood . they say they tell me there's a lot of drug activity in the neighborhood and that young people perhaps use that piece of propertyty as a cut through to get from point a to point b through this neighborhood. the sound of gunfire apparently something that is not unusualof here sadly. six-year-old child lives in that house a four -year-old child andld that alone.ata we talk to the father of the six-year-old he was taking his son to school this morning. he said hee didn'ts want to tell him exactly about what was going on becausey about he didn't wanted to have that on his mind as he went to school earlier today.
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gathering their information there's no desire to speculate on exactlyes what is going on otherg than this is an active homicide investigation now on cleveland's east side.. hate to see dave nethers reporting we'lle'll check back in with dave in justh dve a short while and as soon i as we get more information we will have it for you on our website on the other big story were all talking about today. this summer's republican national convention here in lk s cleveland is looking more and more like one of the most interesting political conventions, in recent history.cleore anre like ohio governor john kasich all everything could be completelyplely flipped around by the conventionentin which we know it can. mayow the around on the political talk shows over the weekend. he believes no one will arrive here in cleveland with no majority of the delegates he believes and that means he certain they're headed for an open convention here in which he still has a chance tohe become his party's
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everybody's got a face the fact that we're going to an open multi ballot convention. that's where we're e'n and the convention is an extension of what we're going through right now. i've been to a contention that tro was contested in 1976. what happens is the delegates will take everything seriously. happn they will take a look at at electability.y. and that's fine.. i don't know why everyone's so panicked about this. kasich still has people within his own party trying to convince him to bow out, that doesn't seem likely to happen by the time the convention arrives here in his home state this summer. fire crews in massillon are trying to determine what caused a massive weekend fire at a wendy's restaurant. it happened on lincoln way east,, right in the middle of town.wey'lincn the assistant fire chief says the fire broke out around 9:30 aron sunday morning, right before it was set to open for customers.r cuto as crews from massillon and nearby townships doused it with water.s crsn the manager is grateful all employees who were inside got
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out unharmed. they saw smoke coming from the back storage room, dry good sa storage room, quickly got up into the loft and spread. the assistant chief says it'schi s still too early to know exactly how the fire started. the worker found dead at timken mken the creston police department says officer kenny ray junior was found unresponsive at theeston ys oic plant in canton, where he worked as a safety officer. there's no official cause of death. timken said in a statement weepin ctonrked are deeply saddened by the losso ofcialstat of our colleague, and we extend our sympathy to his family. the cuyahoga county medical examiner is trying to determinee t how a man died, after being found in his driveway sunday by family members. ter bein cleveland police say the 80 year old man was last seen earlier innclel the morning. he reportedly had a history of alcohol abuse.te investigators say he had some bruises and abrasions when he abr
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a search and rescue ends in tragedy at west branch state park in portage county, that'ss a s where a kayaker disappeared saturday night.. emergency crews were able to recover his body from the water sunday. fox8's brittany harris has the latest on the investigation.n. r hs wae rescue teams were busy here at west branch state park in portage county on sunday, recovering the body of luke collins from the water.r. reve officials say the 20 year old from medina ran into trouble while kayaking with a friend saturday night. f hi one of the kayakers began to kay take on water and his kayak capsized, he went into the water.aks tak the second kayaker offered assistance and his personal flotation device and was in the process of towing him back tos shore when his kayak took onian de toing water and capsized and he subsequently went down..wa brian andrews is a law enforcement manager for odnr. he says collin's friendntan eventually made it back to shore and was assisted by a couple of
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several law enforcement agenciesies were dispatched to the scene and began searching for collins, but couldn't find him. distctc b we realized because of darkness and the weather conditions and the wind conditions that weont weren't going to be able to do any dive operations last night.t. david moore was a part of the dive team that found collins he says they were able to locate him using sonar equipment.llis h the sonar found a very good target and that's when we investigated with divers and ittaret ended up being the victim of the drowning. collin's friend was taken to theen hospital for hypothermia and hasd s since been released and itt appears neither of the men were wearing life vests.. the personal floatation devices,es, this is why you should wear them whenever you go boating.g.hi like i said, nobody expects to go swimming when they go boating, but if you find yourself in the water and you don't have it on, it may be too late. in portage county brittany harris fox 8 news.. when tatin bund yoursel ipo thank you so much. sherwin williams is expanding, with plans to acquire rivalms i expal
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the cleveland based paintelanba company will takeover valspar in an all cash transaction, buying valspar shares for 113 dollars each..vsp the boards of directors with both companies have approved the e deal. the president of sherwin williams says the agreement will give them increased productthe preswilams range, and the company plans to maintain a significant presence in minneapolis, where valspar is headquartered.nge,aplans a series of public meetings will get underway today, as the cleveland rta considers a proposed fare increase.ndhe the rta says it is trying to close a seven million dollar gap in this year's operating budget. the fares have not been increased in seven years. the first meeting will be held from noon until two pm, with another meeting from six until eight this evening at the rta main office on west sixth street. demonstrators say they plan to attend.thhelddthh her mentithetain o students at willoughby cornerstone christian school c will hold a celebration thishti morning at eight, to honor their boys basketball team. the patriots won the division four state title on saturday, dominating top ranked van wert
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lincoln view, 72 to 54. the patriots never trailed, andve had firm control at halftimer tr with a 19 point lead. four players scored in double figures, helping them earn their first championship. ored i let's get them on the cleveland cavaliers. that's right.tho cleveland villa angela saint joseph and akron saint vincent saint mary were runners up, after dropping their title games.s. congratulations fantastic in a small school basically. very small school good to see that's the first title they won in any sport.rt. that's amazing so great and look atg sogr all of the fans. coming down in buses for their teammates and friends. really fantastic. congratulations guys we're happy for w you. yu would. you ever take your young child to an r-rated movie. the rules are changing at someng theaters the story and your comments coming up in this morning's
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collided a car is sent flying.hap jen good morning. good morning so nice to see the sunshine this morning but is it cold out here temperatures theth upper 20s low 30s right now we'll will continue to see some sonn through the afternoon and unfortunately not warming uprmin today but i have a warmer forecast for you tomorrow. that is coming up.
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welcome back to fox8 news at 9:00. a heads up for parents there are some new rules when it comes to bac bringing your kids to
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regal cinemas is now banning kids under 6 years old from all r-rated movies even if they are accompanied by an adult..rat the policy used to be young children couldn't go after 6 pm. poic now, they can't go at all. the reason is make it a better viewing experience for other adults in the theater.the ason better that's the topic of this morning's download andhat's when my daughter was six i never took her to an r-rated movie never thought about it. i never did either or let them watch it in the privacy of our own home. the ratings are in there for a reason.eason. in place for a reason and six is way too young.n even accompanied by an adult. seems weird they have to make that rural. you're right. and so is going to be the content language or sexual content or if it's too much violence or scary.y. you've got to explain it. so young.
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any of our viewers arguing with that saying they thinkie they shouldn't be monitored like that. not really. everybody pretty much kind of agrees it seems normal.. maria says no six-year-old is mature enough for r-rated movie if they are theyay-o are up too fast. maria says i took my sevenseven -year-old to our movie i think it depends on the kid why the movie has the rating for us the experience outweighed the few curse words. they have to know what the movie wassexw w i don't know. mike says not i would take my daughter to see an r-rated movie but are they going againstst what r-rated means and says people e under 17 must be accompanied by an anle matt says sounds okay to me noty tome sure what kind of parents would take a five -year-old to see tos r-rated movie anyway.y. jessica says seriously appeared can makeke a decision of the child is mature enough if they do they'll loseion money people wait for it to come out on video.y that's true i think that's th always the case anyway. you can make that decision in
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seems appropriate or not.r o i have seen people bring very young children sometimes maybeybe they don't have a babysitter or something like that.. they figure a kid won't pay attention to what's going on oroing a baby that you hope will sleep through a movie i've done that before. might not happen either.ovii' what do you think would you ever take you are very young child to an r-rated movie had to to vote on our web poll and p we'll reado more of your comments coming up. a lot of people disagreeing but. hopefullymmlo did we get one. some people think it's like it's my decision as a parent. you have a lot of rights as a parent. to want to see your kid in the movie.a r-rated movie. 60 in under. i would make other people uncomfortable if you see a little one in there.eople depending on where the film is. think you. sure. we're going to check in with jen right now she is on board with us this monday morning.
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chilly out there this morning.ning it is cold out here temperatures in the upper 20s low 30s right now if you want to wake up you've got to step outside. fortunately you will need without winter gearar we thought spring we welcome it over the weekend early sunday morning and here is whata folks look up to sunday morning a nice littles dusting on the windshield. hopefully we'll get rid of that here t soon at least we were well below average snow totals not great for the skiers and folks that want to take their kids leade writing this year. deficit as ofng 36 inches we only got36 25 for the 2,152,016 winter season. here's a look at your2, day-to-day feeling a lot like winter temperatures in the mid and upper 30s struggle to reach 40 degrees nf sunshine out there that we will make you there. tracking just a few light snow s
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rock creek one of thoseo. 24 degrees at the moment a fewfe flurries behind me right now.t n lots of sun along the lake depends on where you're at whereou'ret you're getting the cloud cover or those flurries. 20 degreese right now 27 in alliance. here's what's going on to the reason why there is a he risk of ak o snow shower or flurry or two through the late morning into the afternoon hours.. a week cold front hanging out to the north of us. the bigger story nationwide major nor'easter taking place it will end up getting out of the new england area by area at five or 6:00. uspey brings lots of class but i do expect a push warmer air.. wind coming out of the south pretty strong i think it will win out as far as bringing the cooler temperatures compared to warmer c temperatures. tomorrow or today 40 degrees mix
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ends tomorrowto mid- 50s more in the way of clouds then sunshine here's a look at your eight day forecast mid- 50s through wednesdaylo by thursday we could be nearing 60 degrees with that showers even some thunderstormsin looking ahead at your weekend nice and mild temperatures mid- 50s. slight chance of a shower on easter sunday. remember fox8 is your official school closing station.8 thank you very much. appreciate it not a bad forecastcast considering. we have seen worse at this time. easter sometimes bombarded with snowb with feet of snow. this is good we will take 9:20 the time right now history in havana. incredible site president obama steps out n into but find out what he has planned during hisi big visit there. it could be one of the mostost disturbing stories of the day. dy hear what a mother is accused of doing to a two -year-old child in the kitchen.
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is it okay for them to cry in public find out what makes themhatak get all misty eyed we will see if you agree. that's more than a missed. that's like a faucet. you aren't kidding.
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president barack obama is making history, with a trip to cuba. he is the first americann prry, th resident to visit the islandis nation in 88 years.
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in havana yesterday. the last president to visit cuba was calvin coolidge in 1928. the us and cuba were at odds when fidel castro overthrew thethret batista regime in 1959 and he aligned himself with the soviethehebis union. the chilly relations lasted for more than 50 years, until the obama administration restored diplomatic relations with cuba. many there, welcome the president.reuntilraton the w i think it's very important it's been almost 90 years since a us president has come and besides i think there will be many good changes a lot of improvements to cuba. whether it is in the economy, tourism, entering and leaving the country. the president will give a aththe ou speech. he'll also watch a baseball game between the cuban national team and the tampa bay rays.he'll baseb a strange story out of pennsylvania just got even more shocking. af the man who opened fire at a turnpike toll booth, killing two
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investigators say 55 year old clarence briggs tried to rob two workers at a tollbooth, near harrisburg, yesterday morning.g. or he forced them into an office building, tried to tie them up and then killed them. bui when officers showed up, he shot at them.hen office they returned fire, and he was killed.. investigators say biggs retired from the force back in 2012tigats after serving 26 years as a state trooper.r. horrific disturbing story out of texasi. where a mom is accused of burning her 2 year old in the oven.a m i i witnesses told arriving officers thursday that the 35 year oldd arrivin mother told them she put her toddler in the oven. mo the sheriff's office was called for a report of a child with burns on her body..thhece was the child reportedly suffered second and third degree burns.l no word on her condition this morning.g. meanwhile, the mom is charged with felony injury to a child. i'm sorry. two indiana high schools will
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basketball game wednesday, several days after one team was was involved in a bus crash. police say the driver of a car was reaching for a spilled drink, when she sideswiped the bus saturday, as it was heading to the game.bus sa the griffith high school bus rolled over, with 29 people on board.d. incredibly there were no serious injuries. a scary crash during a formula one race in australia. a scar. it's hard to believe the driver is ok this morning. after seeing this. th. look at what happened during the australian grand prix.lo at about a third of the way through the race, two driver's tires collided.e fernando alonso was launched at high speed into the trackside concrete barrier and was sent into a barrel roll, flipping barr twice before coming to rest in a crumpled wreck.eforeco amazingly he was able to walk wak away from it. look at the force of that..
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race car driver.'s really is. he is okay.ts s he's a blessed man. it's on fire there you see my goodness incredible video. a local community is morning mayor. details of the residents can pay a creativeve way to stop people from drinking and driving findvi outn why one tavern is now making national headlines.e checking to see a few light flurries of her ashtabula countyastabu the rest of us seeing some sunshine this morning but definitely called.efi temperatures low 30snil headed h into the upper 30s to right
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are moving as a hard enough to get them to sister can. when there is a scene i felt
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or affairs innuendos. you say you what are you watching. no means please. they seem to suck at being parents it's okay for them to have a confession stand. they did get not.
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thickets six and under they can decide what's appropriate c bright. both are you stop them stuff. pretty much it seems like common sense.
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weeks ago there is so and that and how many times to do this at home.w it says that might be the age that's six and under. cap them the theater zoo taupe apparently it's good. an iphone catches fire in the
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hear what happened that serving as an important warning for anyone traveling with the smart
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control key operation not securet it looks like twitter with emerged that twitter was considering that would allow for longer treats many users spoke out about that change. he may want to use spell check
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to make sure the spelling is rain.ak i agree. you're looking for stuff to eliminate people anyway that would be a good reason to eliminate people.e you may want to hand of the fit tissue. out of the uk that suggest men are twice as likely to cry in public as the dads. there is some of the researchers
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stigma is fading awayci that's a beautiful thing. that was two.
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are seeing the strongest month breakdown. it is what it is. you don't want to see her the
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you better put your big boy pants on it up point. i'm just. saying. i'm just saying.
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welcome back a colorado tavern it's a lot of attention on my third st. michael's square and gives free drink coupons left in the parking lot after closing thinking theircl patrons for not writing will intoxicated one petri went back to the tavern to receive their car that was pleasantly surprised to not find it ticketan you think you group was new food for your with our over the weekend it's a photo that pulled at all of our heartstrings. talk about crime is made a lot of people cried. s. now the grandchildren of the same sad grandpa are making up for dinner with property that he made 12 burgers for all six crank is2 that i'm the only one who showed i many harassed tickets for not showing up now one of
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unit cookoutf this week it's open to everyone.n he will become. for persons this timepiece selling them for $2 a piece. that story picture heart. really picture heart. sometimes i feel all he had them all at the house. they it's good when they want to come see because sometimes they may not want to come see if he has said she would've been running golden state. all caps running around and
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to be grown-up. take a look at the new 299 and then heads to antarctica right now it might end up 30 make boat face that's the leader by far and an online poll. but bodie make boat face is leading by 9-1 margin right now they only asked for suggestions
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naming that be facile big boats are nice. everybody knows this. i can't imagine that's
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that's ridiculously talented. look at the skype. catching a moving the cupid just a general scott sabol is off today.c a little jen in the morning never hurt anybody. yes you are. sometimes you have to go to the gals. it's absolutely gorgeous as far as the sky is unfortunate the temperatures not so much it's
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the freezing point a mix of sun and causes of slight chance of snow through the early afternoon hours it's mainly in her northeast communities and those that movieos once a really going to pick up tomorrow gusting to around 25 which is also good to bring our temperatures up as well.tu we are at 55 degreesw will take those mild but better threat will come on thursday and with that shows that even thunderstorms a possibility where chilly on friday but easter weekend looking great so mild in the bin 50s there's a slight tree is
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- welcome to new day cleveland, i'm natalie herbick. and today we are giving you, really a taste of the tremont neighborhood. you know this area of town, about 25 years ago was totally different. and the transformation has really been something that's quite remarkable and with art really at the forefront of all of that, it's really become the artsy area of cleveland. and we're not just


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