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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  March 22, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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disqualified. he gets excited to see this folks on campus. the popular artist winning the generally suck hundred 50 and 100 goal working as with all the proceeds going to animal related charities. very talented.te i couldn't do that with my mouth.d. the news at six begins right now. good at morning. welcome to fox 8 news in the morning. today is tuesday march 22. it's going to be a good day. easter bunnies her down.
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don't make me take my pause out that the path came off again. that's scary stuff wayne. take your paws off. storm fox doppler radar showing some snow to the snow to the west and we have some aroundd teacher and ann arbor. it looks like a couple of echo showing up less of bowling green fatalities those are reaching the ground and should nott see or experience precipitation today. here's a look at the school day forecast as you will cost of the forecast here skies for the money thesis this after filtered sunshine and mild mental 54 on the way home same in akron canton there's still need a nice coat on the way out the door november 2 shut those us that they went from:this is a look at
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seven mid- 40s. which was 42 quite a different therapist time to go up to sky foxtete and here is our patty harkin. we are in sky fox headed along that be surely taking it over to i to 71 right now it felt quite can hit the are as aj has said he'sai been time as all morning long it is going to warm up today. thatat is great news fisher. keep in mind that the construction we have little spots that are popping up. down in north ridgefield that ought 83 over the turnpike thatth happens with us for a little while. over in avon and of course the construction they have on the north marginal the eastbound traffic is all of the 29th and east five side.
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issues here at 90 into 71 and in and kristi will send it back to you inside. we begin with breaking news on this tuesday brussels is under attack. at a metro station has killed nearly twot the latest in the newsroom.he as you can imaginene 23 people at that at the press for several others injuredha make him for days
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american airlines deathy in andnd not where you have to go through security my there is a lot of people. they been posting online for suspect after can to bring allti said this feeling terrorist and you can see class. part one shot that we look at the it painted baby sure. a lot of people rushed on onto the tarmac people of arty conduct security didn't really throws going on. parts of hundreds of people just incredible all over social media. we have gotten from information from people who work to the
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happened. no planes taking off and no out of the city of salvation through this processlv it's unbelievable will check back in here at the bottom of this. let's practice did the overnight blaze. they were called to i huron road the fire chief says it started with a call for medical help 52 -year-old woman dutch is not been identified at this point. cleveland fire crews are
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early morning our friend and his recall to avenue one person was hurt but the extent of that person enters on loan. cleveland heights school district could be added that because of declining enrollment since 2007 and expects 800 mature leave over the next ten t days administrators say they expect average classroom sizes
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we wanted to give individualized attention to people that this making that a little bit higher is going to impact our teacher and kids. they will consider the proposed p class at its meeting on april 5. there on a happy with the proposed plan the city list cap with than $3 and balance the budget.3 police and firefighters deserve love too work with this they don't want to jeopardize public
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his had an increase in shooting with no reduction city services as a result they have introduced legislation to put a half percent income tax on the the community is the money afterth start managing .-dot done in canton. investigators say he had been
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the coworker found him dead and oxygen levels so low rapidid suffocation can occur his initial he had served as a firefighter and emt with the intent for a department of the hot water college are mourning
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morning for violent fugitivee at the home in euclid yesterday they sayme he got into a slipped into marshals or before speaking of the damage getaway car was spotted at eddie road natalie harbert will serve as the host six that's the lowest in the nation issues the shows will expand them from two weeks to three weeks. weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead.. it's not quite another super
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before some crucial contest rules help in the fbi cracked an iphone virtualize the low 30s the sun this afternoon should bring temperatures up into the 50s and even warmer after that
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the time lapse sunset from last night and what a cutie look at those high clouds and checkn contrails left there as well. what looks like stratus formations made for a gorgeous sunset.l meanwhile these high-level clouds continue to stream there's a massive instabilityst for snow this morning on on-site cannot-s michigan and some of those questions detroit. maybe withse a quick little flurry up there we have not seen anything here in cleveland but there are enough clouds that maybe that would shakecl was the snowflake or there's so much dry air at the surface it's hard to believe that would make its way it it space bar temps all the way tot the top of our heads. from fico through the afternoon here's ae look at what would happen all p the cloud cover thirdha son will be filthy rich as
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to 56.6. breezy and warmer than yesterday casters 42 highs. times will be a little bit custody her. it's 31 degrees at hopkins airport and akron canton 32 in youngstown and ashtabula 31 these numbers to organize all to the fall that much tonight i'm still some rain showing up to the north and even into wednesday. no action.o maybe a brief shower wednesday afternoon as the front gets goingne is temperatures topping out near you can see the front is still tough our north. for three intimate through thursday wednesday into thursday the increasing probability that we will get reigned were thunder
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thursdayy will be on the some are granted out over a half an inch of franks with these weather systems as theyw come true on the backside we may get next fivee snow it does not look like a big deal most of the snow will fall across the ups michigan into southern canada. southwest flown keeps it nice and mild for the middle of the week. don't little dip on friday and then turning colder again just to start the week next week monday probably won't make it outke of the 40s or 50s perhaps. it is on the fox 8 day outlook. see those numbers for the next couple of days with more springlike we got to see springlike temperatures since we have not been officially spring
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that we can for easter looks just grand fox 8 is your school closing station.s to watchers. asch you go about your travels today we are in sky fox along to 71. things are great no issues as you make your way up to for 80 traffic is slowing lot when the weather is cooperating it's chilly now but the road conditions are fine as we don't have any problems or something to keep in mindweob rta rail service has been replaced with buses between the airport and the puritans station the 66 are buses are you need to look for because of wayne and kristi pack to you. duty you know on that major terror attack unfolding in
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all public transit is nowic closed. the latest reports that 23 people3 are dead and several explosions to happen at the brussels airport near the american and was check in desk there's also been at least one explosion in the metro system the city is under a state of emergency with authorities telling everyone to stay where they are stacy fry is monitoring off information this monitoring that's coming and we will check in with her in a few minutes. he will try to take shoot us cuba relations never stop for part two of frank address to the cuban people the president will call for the expansion of humanex rights he will also be with cuban descendents. film attend a major league baseball team between the race in the cuban national team he'll
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the presidential please push forward with more primary caucus contests candidates from both parties appeared once again to voters yesterday. read opinion reports. >> the remaining presidential cannot. on cnnnn to make one last picture ahead of western tuesday with three states will toys to hold contest. it's too much and frankly it's a different world than when we conceived the idea and everyone cut together. i ted cruzblessedness, it's pretty humid unilaterally surrender to runhu by preaching nato. this is shut down they are testing his running mate. john keswick are going kristin going to step is there is chance that i with the vice president with either of them. hillary clinton came out against trump..ll
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imposter bowling after slamming the gop frontam that aipac on monday. bernie sanders is the only current white house hopefulsth will just list of snap sanders and despite his lead is campaign is still viable.a and make we have a road to victory. h i'm read been reporting. former president bill clinton raised eyebrows when he called
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legacy.l his wife hillary clinton has been calling himself the best candidate to protect obama's legacy that is is is referring to the obstructionism from a republican congress. the fbi may no longer need apple's help to cut ties from. her court hearing that was supposed to happen today has not been postponed investigatorsda estimate judge to order to help unlock cellphone use by one of the san bernardino attackers. aner outside party has shown a possible method for accessing that phone. it's not true that outside party is. it is now 6:22 a.m. ready to represent northeast ohio and the nation cleveland
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good morning welcome back my name is patty harkin. we are in sky fox over for 80 things are good year we don't have any issues that's the valleyview bridge a of the top one. if you don't likee driving over bridges you would not like driving over about one. roads are in great shape for good condition nice and dry thisd right now no accident that so little chilly now but age is promising that it's going to
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you said you wanted to be a her jew tweet that. here's a look at storm fox river couple snowflakes flying around detroit thisg morning but those hudson diminish 31 the current temperature at cleveland hopkins international airporter 31 and worcester transferred 30s for them adina 29th mentor at 33 same in elyria this month 35 westlake 31 cases with cloud radar composite indicating the snow that's finee from the arrowhead of minnesota down into the ups michiganro meanwhile will see the possibility for showers on the increase onh wednesday but especially on thursday or maybe half an inch of rain caps off before all is said and done
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computer models that eight-day forecast coming until the real send it back your way. 6:27 a.m. your cleveland cavaliers locked up a playoff spot with the loss in orlando. he and jr smith hooked up in with the monster alley to see it has not been a part of it straight division winners they cruise to
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cavaliers will host milwaukee tomorrow night at seven. charles, junior return to them after securing a spot on the olympic boxing team. he also earned her gold medal at an olympicic as an olympic qualifier in argentina he was a member of the boys and girlsnd club then cleveland it is senior att cleveland heights high school seniors person to compete on the us boxing team. going into the tournament i had to throw the beginning i knew i was going to go home with their goal. he gets to represent the country is a 165 fighter and bring bring home the gold. he says before the olympics he still has to focus on from o and
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your time not is 6:29 a.m. we do have an update on weather and traffic every eight minutes we'll for continuing updates on the major terror attack in brussels. stacy fry standing by with the very latest information coming
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a little chilly out here in the front yard temperatures higher than freezing. it does not factor in that windchill which we will take us into a holiday weekend i don't think you'll be disappointed. let's have a look at a gorgeous time lapse sunset last night some of those clouds that it check contrasts adding to that color. the majesty of another beautiful sunset here all long been northern shoreline of lake erie and of course the northern partrn of the buckeye state 31 degrees here in cleveland. thirty-three and lorraine akrone canton both at 31. here are the when factored in
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front to start the day meanwhile police are not experiencing that t they are across northern minnesotah and the ups michigan. it is snowing pretty decently up in that area and northeastrt wisconsin that will traverse the great lakes with another weather system up in some moisture into the situation on thursday with rain and thunder's these are possible with the system. t both the one that will extend the warm front us that assembles. we're going to stop the action at 2:00b tomorrow afternoon. otherwise that low crosses into something on.os it will swipe us with colder temperatures on friday maybe even a few lake effect snow
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we are heading back to tomorrow afternoon. through temperatures will likely not get out of the 40s as a friend now it appears to stay off the lake erie to the south of the front 50s t we will be included in that number. tomorrow mild and 60 with the chance of a few passing showers
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like an issue probably won't't even major rain gear the flaked out all long your on the that you won't knee-jerk out. hide in the low 60sne a little spring in your step by nine and a little shot of snow possibless that a fairly quick recovery saturday 60 mostly sunny them for easter sunday a few more cloudsor his got some nice springlike temperatures. the to report that. will test things up to patty harkin with a look at traffic this morning. good at it when we are in sky
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direction just past the airport and everything looks great traffic is moving whilele will see later volume as a lot of kids are on spring break these two weeks we do not have any accidents been reportedw that's always great to hear if you're traveling south is a largela brooks fill it sure chain contains turnpike traffic is maintained with a traffic signal.. for send it back to you in the studio. an update on breaking news 23 people are dead and dozens are others are injured after an explosion at happente at one of europe's biggest airport stacycy fry is in the newsroom with what we know.
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he told authorities that
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conflicting points. mentor 232 of them office they wonder if this was a popular time for knowing that he was new details are emerging there were after a teenage fit
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the body investigators say has strange has been had recently separatede he was arrested in chamber fores the sticks found his houston received a protective order. i know my sister felt trapped. they feel like they have nobody. we as the state could do more to try to help the victims and try to let them know that they have outlook may be to better keeping track of the suspects. famine the bearssu will hold several more public hearing is fitted are considering raising fares were trimming some
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they point out in 2009. the board of trustees will make a decision not likely to go into effect until august or september. log on to salzburg north ridgefield are shaker heights high school as the next fox 8. will feature them next week in
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around detroit earlier this morning over to ann arbor and psych and not size are not getting into some snow. we will check the school day forecast for the morning and certainly by the afternoon at recess time mid 50s as you head back home to over new philly at 31 wind chill is a factor low to mid 20s and winds are picking up out of the south in terms of the wind chill it does not really matter o otherwise the sun is coming out and up and you get an idea t of little bit of color to we check if there is rain and the changes
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weather as we head into easter. it is 7:01 a.m. >> one accident across the freeway you see the car pretty much smashed into the wall there as i look out there i can definitely see 90 and 71 slowing asee you approach the inner belt in bound 90 with the a slowdown as well. back to uk's in the you taste in the studio. >> a bomb blast in brussels this morning. two dozen are dead
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as many as 2310 and that another coordinated attack back we stopped in paris two saw in paris to bombs off at the height of rush hour there were hundreds of passengers checking in and before anyone goes through security one of the bombs was a suicideur attack. witnesses said they heard gunshots and someone yelling in arabic it is a large airportng people did not even realize what was going on. >> suddenly about two to 300 people were rushing away from the security checkpoint towards the date. honestly, nobody knew what was going on. twenty - - 25 minutes later we got
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police of the bomb explosion. >> sought looks like 13 are dead at the airportrt. take a look at some of the still photos we have. about 80 minutes later, there was an explosion at a metro station at the headquarters of the european union union in brussels. we are told that 15 people have died there in multiple others injured as well. the terror suspect arrested on friday he was the tenth paris attacker authorities say the only survivor they say he has been cooperating with them and said there was anw imminent attack planned. he was in an area long suspected of harboring terrorists in plain sight and clean site whether this wasr part of the attack he was referring to or whether it is isis coordinated through another organization they don't know they are trying to piece it together the prime minister said
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attacks and others as happened. >> we will check back with you this morning. >> other news right now firefighters are trying to find out what sparked a deadly overnight place at a massillon home the 50s -year-old woman died in the fire and has not been identified at this. >> checking the hotspots after morning fireck before 3:00 o'clock this morning they say one was hurt but the injuries are unknown at this hour. >> doesn't of teachers to be out of a job before the for the next school yearto protesters planned to cut 52 positions but the 20162017 school year the
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declining enrollment she says since 2007, the district has lost about 100 students and expect a hundred more to live over the next ten years. administrators say they expect average class size classrooms to increase from about 14 to 22 students per room. t >> . -ellipsis high school classroom you may see a consolidation for exampleh grades three or four may be talked together. >> wee wanted to give individualized attention to kids who need it.iz i think making it a little bit higher is going to help the kidss the cleveland on its board heights board of education will talk about the layoffs at its meeting april 5. >> police and firefighters against the city administration first responders credit at city hall for a council meeting last nightl they are an app with and
7:07 am
plan to force police and firefighters to retire t and some without retirement benefits he says he must cap more than $3 million to balance the budget by march 31. police and firefighters say. they are t willing to work with city leaders, but they don't want to jeopardize public safety. >> chief already cap $750,000 of the budget>. we had an increase in shootings in the city and a harrowing epidemic out of control. >> the man says his administration is open to other ideas s cleveland city council has passed a budget for 2016ci $556 million of spending was given last night with the reduction in services however,
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negotiating with the federal government. the introduced legislation cap with a with a tax increase on the ballot. >> and police reopened the us marshals they were trying to arrest the man at her home in euclid yesterday. they say the gun into a car and slammed into a marshals car before speeding off. the damage to getaway car was later spotted on sinclair avenue. he was wanted for prevention violation in weapons charge. >> the time is 7:08 a.m. just how accurate is a fitness tractor? why you may need to do a few more jumping jacks at the
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>> -clouds it is tuesday. not too bad her mother nature is cooperating with that nice drive how is everyone else doing? i will let you know all about it. find your way to the best care at cleveland clinic .org/back
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but the update to this morning's breaking news out of baltimore-based 23 dead after an explosion at the city's airportb but the subway station the belgian authorities say it was called by a suicide attack airline officials they want explosion took place outside the security checkpoint according to local media, 13 were killed a and
7:13 am
raised to four and that means they cannot play the armyis this was in belgium on monday the video showsws they do you to capture him and plans to find a fight expedition the fbi may not mean that apple's be the apples being postponed at the feds across the had asked him to order to unlock the phone now the outside party has shown possible message giving it to them. >> president obama will address the peopless in cuba today during d a speech in havana he met with
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discuss raul castro he will attend a baseball meeting before heading to help argentina for a two-day trip. >> fitness trackers may not be accurate a new study shows the gadgetsck are not the greatest at keeping tabs at how much energy we burn it was deviated from our lab results at 278 calories it is troubling because when fitness trackers over estimate people who need more exercise to makec them lose weight make get just a little less exercise minute to meet yes or maybe not.
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patty to see what is happening weather wiseo. >> good morning weaning christie it looks pretty good out there thisut morning we don't have any accidents if you are going to be traveling 71 northbound you will want to slow down onto the inner belt bridge with 90 eastbound as you approach downtown so far we are looking at the eastern shore right here in two dead man's curve is traffic is slowing down well.lo north marginal is so marginal aj is here with a look at a warm-up. >> a warm-up indeed. temperatures will make it up to 60 and maybe a little bit betterer starting tomorrow for about 48
7:16 am
way. not too much here is the current look year is 140-degree reading and 33 at hopkins 30th akron canton and definitely a wind chill. look at outside with a jacket i would recommend wearing thatw you put on a wind breaker type jacket this after noon. and snow to the northwest but don't plan for snow either we will have any precipitation falling in our heads today. tomorrow, a different story a weather of weather system to watchst and then a big one coming in on thursday will strike as by colder air out ahead of us low 60s windy and rain showers and it now for dynamics around for a rumble of thunder with a closer
7:17 am
to the east of the rockies east of the rockies extending into the great and then we will come back to that shot. meanwhile, the low eventually takes off to the northeastm colder air behind the system right now we believe it will be north of cleveland with temperatures north of the front in the 40s heading south half an inch of rain or snow possible by the time of thursday evening rolls around there is the fox eight day outlookro 60 tomorrow and low 60s for thursday temperatures crash for thursday
7:18 am
high 60 easter sunday mid 50s back into the rain from monday with cooler air r as well. a lot of spring breakers this week and next week soso if you are off, enjoy it. a 717 the rates may be going up when it comes to public transportation. >> and i stopping a burglar not bad for a day's work. kenny crumpton good morningda happy birthday, beachwood ballroom
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i like that. i like air. 7:21 a.m. is your time right now. there is more where that came from. just kidding. let's check in with kenny crumpton good morning, kenny. >> yes. two roosters there we are. we are hanging out here at the beachwood ballroom it is the 16th birthday up mark 60th birthday mark is the man. congratulations have an 16 years ago for you what's talked about the beachwood ballroom for people who are not familiar you guys really it is really set the tone herearu in the district 16 years ago did you not? >> yes when we got here there was not a whole lot going on but we start this intact business
7:23 am
building where we had two differentwo rooms and twoo different stages which immediately looked appealingg. >> and a lot of them are at mainstream at the time was that yourw intention when you initially started? >> the intention is to book as many good showsst as you can. the crown for sure .-dot to be the place happened a few times and always looking for new talent. mostly seven days a week we have a. 150 capacity.
7:24 am
evolve into an emerging icon in cleveland? >> i guess our intentions werere we had big dreams when we started it some of those took a little longer than we had hoped but here we arele after 16 years we are pretty happy with where we are standing right now. >> now the neighborhood is coming to because that neighbors are catching up with you guys which is great. >> it is a nice energy because now there are people here for other reasons other they are vibrant fiber with great new energy opening up. >> most of the building was built in 49 and 50, but the back bar and main kitchen area were added out of on in the early 70s when this was still a
7:25 am
have a vintage store downstairs called this way out. i am one of the partners in the store. records and closed lots of things yes indeed. and then the district is a great rebirth i guess we can call it. back to you guys in the studio. >> it is 7:25 a.m. still to come - - the latest on breaking news out of brussels. coming upco in a live report. >> and writing the rta could require more change later this year. c what traffic leaders say
7:26 am
to head over to with fox eight school schools actually in two weeks. we will
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iran will come back to fox eight news it is 7:29 a.m. let's have a look at storm fox doppler radar first 33 at hopkins in the warmest temperature 31 in ashtabula 8 degrees warmer right now compared to 24 hours ago in cleveland 15 degrees warmer and
7:30 am
34 elyria 3435 and westlake and hudson 31 degrees some clouds eventually morning out thereso sunshine through this after noon. most of the snowou is back up to minnesota we will put the maps in motion showing it stays pretty much intact i the best chance of rain coming in later in the day on thursday showers maybe even a rumble of thunder according to the computerpu estimates today a noontime reading of 46 a little bit milder 56 and were not really
7:31 am
on the way a pretty nice looking rush hour you see in bound 90 right along under superior from the airport to the pier look for the stock will take you where you need to be they will be doing that because of construction. and we are heading into downtown a few drive timesar just about 30
7:32 am
decided 71 and 82 through the metrohealth curve 16 minutes with the denison and i 90. back to you. >> this morning's breaking news brussels is under attack. they have killed over two dozen people at that metro station. >> good morning 13 people are dead in with another 15 killed at a bomb blast clearly ahead of time this is video underground of a subwayid where upon went out eight minutes after an airport explosion pitch black and yet
7:33 am
absolutely terrifyingd secret to the clinic have to cleveland clinicth and the people who found themselves trapped in the middle of this chaoss. >> filthy explosion water dripping from the ceiling and we work evacuated.
7:34 am
officers to borders and it is pretty much on lockdown no trainsn running in or around the city authorities are asking people to stay home the speculation is he told police after is arrest there was an eminent attack this is what he was talking about was a coordinated for other members to get them out of the country? this is something isis coordinated. maybe this man who was the tenth the suspect in the paris bombings chickened out basically and had been hiding out coordinating and stepping in in the wake of all of that. >> what a tragic situation this morning stacy fry reporting live
7:35 am
muchch in that meantime rta will have a closed meeting one of 14 meetings or how that are held at rta headquarters yesterdaygs and that was back in 2009. >> i don't want to under estimate the cut. coming up for someone is like taking their car away it is a very personal issue picassos over $50 to do a very bad. >> they won't make a decision in april changes are not likely to go into effect until august or september. >> and that yes us department of agriculture the community will receive $400,000 for new
7:36 am
water back in january of presidents for one not to drink about water after a higher levels were found in the home the right place at the right timeme here and two others is to since the fire fighter lots of no attention or credit they check them out and they are okay. it is 7:35 a.m. >> , and teenager spring into action to protect a the customer
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teenagerba made an impression all she wanted was a doll he decided to pay for that all caps off he does not want to be recognized for what he did instead he wants to be wanted to be pointed out that other law enforcement officers across the country do
7:41 am
every daycee he is a regular per console. we will let you know how much is paintings are worth
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quite a bit above average. storm fox the current number is 46 here at the lakefront the wind chill is 25 looking off to the west, obama has 26 degrees
7:46 am
is the air mass heading our waya look at all to quiet weather to the southeast over the great plains and great lakes you see theou weather system that is the best chance for shari whether it looks likee@ and that is before it is all said and done. mid 50s with mostly cloudy skies and 9:00 o'clock tonight. we will
7:47 am
eastbound stopping and going and we out the roadway was seen at 24 miles per and that is for sure as you head into downtown a few drive times before you have to step out not too bad 44 with the nine minute ride 11 minute on to 71 northbound and 422. >> easter takes an interesting turn in new jersey parents start fighting with one of the easter bunny helpers a disagreement began when a child. much a look at it should've been iq put on
7:48 am
have been the victim at first but that changed and he took the fall off that and started going added you do not what the bunny to take his clothes off because you close off because you could
7:49 am
i'm start date would like to make this an easter tradition. >> a three -year-old black lab originally planned to be a helper dog with the disabilities
7:50 am
he uses brush made of duct tape. it was so excited it was almost as a result his whole world lit
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>> archie and the bunkers are the two brothers and they are cash get this, they are 15 and 17 re: european tour. 22 wars in the next year. how do you like your experience? one of the favorite places to play come always great and the
7:54 am
that right?y rock 'n roll, punk band. if you are not away, you will be now. ladies and gentlemen, archie and theil
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>> nice. get your later? and they probably use their cell phones now. don't go anywhere. we have a lot more coming on fox 8 news at it o'clock in the morning. we have the latest on some breaking'c'c news that we are dealing with right now. under attack, and at least 2 dozen people dead and dozens more injured in brussels, the latest from all of this. all right, cloud cover is fairly thin right now, sing the son, but warmer temperatures are definitely on the t way. we will have all the details, wayne, stephanie and christie. plus, the links people will go to to get away from uncle sam, new survey measures just how far. gearing up for the easter bunny,
7:57 am
side farmwe kicking up desserts and crafts to make the holidays so special, adorable, little found this morning, to, we will be right back.
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cleveland's own fox 8 news in the morning. good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio 22nd day of march 2016, 8:00 o'clock when dawson. happy tuesday, stefani schaefer,
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the forecast on tuesday, morning the temperatures are chillyly around the area, 33 hopkins airport, 30 in akron, canton, and there are chill factors low to mid 20s. nice warm coat on the way out the door, but the numbers will be on the raised. 35 brunswick, currently 30 when my dinah, barber's and 34, hudson 31, 37 westlake, 29 degrees, around the state, you can see the clouds breaking up a little bit southwest ohio but most of the weather activity in terms of precipitation are going on from the northern part of michigan and arrowhead, minnesota, the snow is going to remain to thee north. you are not expecting to -- a cloud cover,


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