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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  March 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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real fear in brussels continues to be more attacksre the city began to open up and that happened slowly and shelter order has been lifted and this disputed the mass transit and rail running after a savage attack. >> just hours after two explosions ripped through brussels airport airport and a third at a metro station, belgian police released image caught on camera inside of the airport showing three men, two of them wearing gloves on the left-hand,ng believed to be connected to this morning's
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does have at least one undetonated suicide vest at the airport now looking into a suitcase bomb was packed with nails charted . before the checkpoints . prompting them to re-examine security procedures despite the above illustration saysys there is no evidence of an imminent threat to the homeland. >> tool akin to support belgium and bring to justice those responsibleel for. >> by americans in the attack including a member of the us military in three mormon missionaries inside the airport . leland vittert fox 8 news.
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students were in a study abroad program is dave nethers reports on how they're >> 19 students from kent state are in brussels tonight they were there when the attacks occurred but that they were safe in their hotel rooms at the time they arrived about five days ago as part of a two-week study program scheduled to leave for luxembourg tomorrow . they were not close to any attacks that took place there were not directly impacted . they communicated with their families and the professor who is familiar with brussels said that everyone is okay, university said do not have an any indication of trouble in the area.h >> is likely to travel anywhere have to knower that some places
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should not go to . this is a a different thing that we are confronting . . the plan is for them to lay for luxembourg tomorrow, the university plans to avoid public transportationid and make that trip a private vehicle, dave nethers fox 8 news. >> after the terror attacks local transit systems are boosting security, couldn't hopkins should have more security for officers and canines on patrol at the drop of ticketing and baggage claim also more caninesla airport officials remind passengers to see something say something. >> as result of this has been a
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officers in the public areas in the ticketing and baggage claim levels in the tsa has employed a number of strategies to minimize risks . >> said increased security saw some officersit outside . it also saw some dogs . party increasing police visibility you can do that allows you to leave anonymous tips, recapp, at least there for people were killed, the suicide bombingse at the airport and metro station, two bombers are dead are looking for a third suspect who could have acted as a guide, keep it here for continuing coverage of the
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it has the world you can get updates and fox >> kalashnikovs exited the runway goes to prison sentence nicholas canty to 15 year prison after convicted on charges of aggravated vehicular homicide he drove his car through the intersection of east winterfest and slamming into a van dusters survived,a woman, died she leaves behind for children at the cintas center family says that the person does not fit the crimepe. >> i but that was not enough time . we all suffered in no way to get that back. >> you can enjoy his family. >> to kill my daughter . he
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devastated .. >> that he learned he was driving with a suspended license he had been convicted by times for driving with a suspended licensese once were no license and one for leaving a hit-skip. >> teenagers accused of a crime spree in custody after aa standoff on the side, 4th district tells fox 8 the two suspects, 16 years old were arrested after a brief standoff in part to off lee road wanted for questioning in connection to several car robberies .. there were spotted by ems who then spotted again to call police. >> the recruiting committee chair stealing cars everyday tao two juveniles are in custody they both had loaded weapons and
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the departments included maple heights want to talk to them before guidance counselor pled not guilty to charges of having sex with a studentg ronetta smith was in court today facing charges of sexual battery, you could school officials say became involved was a student who was 18, off school property in december, she's placed on administrative leave after a tip she resigned this month. >> firefighters try to determine the cause of a starr county fire investment late last night . the woman woman has has been killed and has not been identified . demonstrators take a stand outside of cleveland heights high school because a teacher cuts dozens of teachers in the district will be out of a joben before next school year they blamed declining enrollment to say since 2,007 the district
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more to leave the next 10 years . >> won't have to pay extra to strongsville proposed admission tax of 3 percent was voted down on thingson that require paid admission . education, religious and charitable organizations would be exemptonel the tax that would generate about 100,000 each year for the strongsville general fund. a >> on a bad day today . the thing we have maybe some rain, snow and ice temperatures? >> letterwriting, typical for early spring . currently 59 degrees cleveland, most of us are in the 50s to low '60s . the land is still between 10 --
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up to 40, will remain somewhat breezy tonight, . restive south of the product . mostly dealing with cloud cover . nightclubbing in tomorrow again mostly cloudy . tonight's
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reading chief commander-in-chief enjoys america's pastime in cuba , ing a candidate is is criticizing president obama for
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president obama wrapped up his trip to give itt delivered a speech before lawmakers who said both nations arefo like a strange brothers now making amends he said urging congress to and be embargo against cuba when he met with several cuban dissidents who fought for the same freedom he is promoting. >> all of the individuals at
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this table has shown extraordinary courage .. he has spoken out on behalf of the issues that they care deeply about. >> he attended a exhibition game between thehe cuban nationals and then tampa bay rays the symbol of the common ground shared by the two former enemies he says . residential politics today with primaries and caucuses in three states where those arizonaid where they lined up this morning bliss b . donald trump winning in the estate will ted cruz expected to come out on top in in utah, john kasich hopes to gather momentum after last week's win in ohio had some words for president's belgium. >> been surprised that the president is going to a baseball game .se i believe that he should not and i think he should have cut short his visit toth go home i
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jointly with heads of state . and assembling teams, intelligence experts to take a look at the serious breaches that we have an intelligence. >> her hair from here, the race for the nomination goes to wisconsin with her primary two weeks, democrats go to washington state saturday . outspoken key lawmaker for troppo mayor rob ford passed away after a fight with cancer, relations are drinking of drinking and drug abuse and also videotapede , photographed while intoxicated into encouraging the video shows him that smoking crack he was 46. >> colorado is getting ready for a financial boon to jericho with
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civic center park for a celebration . since it was legal in colorado celebration is held on april 20 woman dispensaries and shops and restaurants itself would.ld >> are working 70s a week from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to get ready . usually, we have a line out the door before we open up . . >> encouraging education and caution people to not overdo it. >> glossary, check the markets, some next markets.. >> a lot of people get ready for
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easter weekend .. >> that you're you're going to write this forecast looking pretty good,e and some clouds and some sunshine we have been tried . looks like it's going to be a good sunset . god should allow for a picturesque sunset. >> today high as 62 degrees . since it will be at 7:42 p.m., it is 61 lakefront with some sunshine . you can grab grab a quick stroll before it gets too darkgr winds are gusting up to 30 mph .in began to relax a little
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who had the southern fringe of the system, there are moving to north eventually, the pressure will take shape this low pressure that will have a cold front attacheda that will move from west to east thursday the tenth of showers and storms for everybodym thursday . the front installed, winter storm warnings and several blizzard warnings and colorado . tomorrow, it does appear come a little farther
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it gets too far south that could be quite a bit cooler . fletcher is potentially to be in the 40s at their front gets that far south . stay tuned tomorrow, the gap could be quite large groupd for a few showers try to slip them . but thursday that's when the cold air works in . what a chance of a shower in the afternoonf think 60s to the south and 40s and 50s along the lake shore . but thursday
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drive-thru easter weekend . george illini is good for free says he will stop using her for all the products says that new technology renders the crew practice unnecessary, it will be for free johnny hugo boss, calvin klein, tommy hilfiger and ralph lorenz switching to synthetic . the next this
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do armoire that children's toys that can be used to catch fish but in arkansas, they say that they have a real problem that hang from trees that will date dangled bait in the water when the fish take the bait the real demand are not illegal but it seems that they are leaving them parked along creating a real mess in someke popular fishing >> a lot of them forget about them. >> if you put out more yo-yos, the chicken or fish. >> they can be fined if there caught improperly using them and also limit set on how many fish you can catch one timet an organization in colorado trying tragic ignorance and pets together, wayne davis a former military police officer shares a bond with an 8-year-old german shepherd who helped him with his ptsd, they'llll o win as follows
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that's where the doggie daycare comes in they teamed up with two organizations to help veterans who followo hard times to keep their past behind them a place to live. >> so it's got to pay that pet deposit some guys can and they will separate from their animal they would rather stay in the street than be separated. >> the doggie daycare will hold a free clinic to vaccinate better stocks and give advice to their owner's. >> when office chair is more than a chair the chair ? it is a scooter, a spanish company, is is taking the old vespa scooters and turn them into office chairs the idea came from the company founder and artist who wanted to use more recycled materialsls, the running light will light up, you can customize each share with features also uses pieces of cars for other types of
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