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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  March 23, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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's playhouse square he used. good morning aj. >> fox 8 our forecast. temperatures around 50 degrees and hopefully a little fun for
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play all day is stationary but this is the big bad this for a slowly sagging to the south. if you notice it because it is a call for temperatures in the
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it could actually be followed up talk without behaves. there's that rainfall and greens hold off until thursday. tomorrow 58 today again
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with no there's the front close showers and thunderstorms are cold air to get some snow for flight. good at morning we do have some breaking it's an accident on the east side at eddie in it was so police chase that started the fitted here.ha very active scene this is the
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intersection of euclid there's still hope their very active scene if you do come upon this
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e shore with over is toys big year is ahead for playhouse square for the owner of the leader of the 16wn2017 great series. natalie her work was on hand his also be treated to performances is a comedy something. natalie and david thought that
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fishers professors this week's weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead keep theht
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for going back to fox 8 news on a wednesday morning. here's the fox 8 day outlook. early this afternoon but will watch that closely it's still a
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north were flirting with 60 that will set us up for lent nice weekend. it was a police chase that started in with the fence euclid avenue as you had with special at eddie road one vehicle involved that smashed a pretty good. one person was transported if this is once again a very active scene looking a bit of other freeways this morning the in about bridge that looks great
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airport also uneventful commute. if you are taking the airport serviceses that's going to be like that through friday a few more days it's been happening all week. lebron james talking about focus on now with than a month away. top of the wednesday to you.
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quarterbackam he appears to be the most ready at the press he has them with talking with yesterday morning they were not able to keep my mid back in swartz they
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well. who also place for the quotes eight straight championship they got their second on monday night with them at the cupid he wouldn't mind a their last 12 you know they can improve it takes combined wereim on all path of the. mr. baseball and tuesday
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national team and have on tape campuses in the 15th afford-1 countt punch to the swipe of the president and mrs. obama keeping our city streets safe find out who's coming to church cleveland during the rnc it's one of the testhe new ideas and the warmth in
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