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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  March 23, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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celebrating a rare find. thank you ma'am. put over the original. the news at 5:00 a.m. the news at six same begins right now good at morning welcome it's a wednesday halfway through the workweek.
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there is a little of that in the forecast is all winding down it's almost a full were trying to come up with excuses. we've got the front the chest this north of lake erie you can actually see some showers forming all on pets sherryal the lakeside readings and inland.
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temperatures in terms of what w they decide to do today is we are in sky fox just before 4:00 4:00 we didn't have an accident on the city's eastside it started in work with they hit
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well on the car took off again to drive for ended up crashing the driver was transported to a local hospital. weather road was that could have had think things are worth will send it back inside to wayne and kristi.
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fry is in the newsroom. they released of photos that show three men pushing carts through the air in the image two ofwo them are wearing dark clothing and block looks on the left-hand authorities believe they were warned to conceal ignition devices for suicide vest that the two men on the left has been identified as both of whom aren't known to fully spot for organized crime not there was rated last week who seemed thing the airport after the bombings they appeared to target areas with highss concentration of this one suicide vest was used to better
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witnessed.s it's an attempt to strike here in the heart of people. sky news reports of serious weekend.ri he's a 25 -year-old belgian that
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suicide belt h the third suspect
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people from kent are safe after people didn't make it to students and two faculty members from kent state were in the business quote that there are over in for spring break they were close look to see or hear anything fortunate there at the hotel during the attack and no
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before read your ticket. kim students are safe here today.
6:09 am they're going to lose your life over ten, $15. for nothing. mr. or mrs. he is offering a $500 reward to anyone who can get information amounts police
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better for the underdogs the
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ha aj colby giving wayne dawson a hard time in first scott sabol. you've got to keep it real. his low look at our time lapse very pretty up there which is more of a mid-level deck is been
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since we say station there's no such thingon. seems to be kind of our sleeping a little bit.em after the noon hour today we are
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lake short in the upper 30s. it will spoil precinct mild day for cleveland proper. the rain begins to show up. this is where it is. u thursday morning rush hour we could be contending with some rainco showers deadly rain and
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this weather system continues the temperatures right around 60 on saturday mostly sunny partly sunny he stoops the new temperatures near 50s rain and thunder possible and we turn a corner right away that 6:16 a.m. we are in sky fox on the city's west side rear overbite the airport traveling eastbound along for 80a as you had passed
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ohio governor john keswick he was like a utah put forth and idaho after mark overview jumped out of the race last week. the twitter work the two donald trump and ten crews cut event either trump is upset with an adn is super parks it shows a new departed on trump's life from a photo spreadsheet this back inro the careful or i will spill the beans underway crews responded that that picture of iraq is noter i from us. tied it to some sad news about seven reporters that craig sager.. according to his doctor his pervez three districts with the loop. he's been fighting leukemia first diagnosed back in 2014 in return last year. he returned to the sideline for
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he says he has no plans to stop is
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welcome back. we are in sky fox no problems. using the a few more vehicles up incl they have good friday off. no right now no issues as you work keep in mind commercial and cannot well be closed under i 90 that detours will be posted.
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at those forecast. storm fox doppler radar we are some rain showers of lake erie for the most part they are just hanging out there. this is stationary front that's expected to become a little more active they've become a cold front in head and larger action. it looks like they could be quite a bit colderr suburbs temperatures are expected toto rise into the 60s by this afternoon two dozen degrees you know it's so much more beautiful than mild out fifty-four and brunswick and
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morning otherwise you can see the extent of the precipitation on the fronteet fox 8 i team investigation answering one of the biggest questions about security for the national convention here. so we did some digging to play was school you know with cleveland's pleased to bring in up to 5,000 outside officers during the republican national convention..
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cleveland city hall we called and sent e-mails to nearly two dozen police agencies so locals country s and all have columbus police sayll toledo and youngstown they say they haven't been asked minute planning to send officers various reasons timbers is attendant it is new york is undecided.
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make this a safe as possible. they areb concerned about why he said officers have heard from the south about those close to the security that god, fox 8 i team. we have an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes.
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if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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good morning. we are in sky fox. everything is rolling along fine. everyone making it through the construction zone a-ok. we had an early morning accident we got the call right before 4:00.4 accident involved one vehicle.
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a reckless driver and try to put that driver over the driver took off and took off again the police that driver was transported to a local hospital. that's it happened just before four a.m. at the scene has been cleared away. more explosives have been found as police raid homes throughout belgium in a desperate man funds for third suspect to police two of survived the bombings in brussels hundreds were injured stacy fry is in the newsroom with breaking details. they are reporting that they
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suspect and man seen the who left before or after those bombs went off. they also revealed that a person was they've had put the discoveryt with an explosive device they also found chemicalsem and an ice is like ices claimed responsibility for the 20 attacks and amateur station at rush hour during rush hour. three member pushing carts and in that image two are wearing dark clothing and black lives on the left hands they believe they were warned to conceal his suicide vest ignition devices -- the two envelopes have been identified as brothers. both are known to police have for organized crime not terrorism an apartment rented by one ofr them was rated last week the third minutes the lighter clothing and the fact that the subject of thist man had since the explosion he was seen
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oft the bombings bombing and was reportedly taken into custody this point it appeared to target areas with the highest concentration of passengers that a specific airline at least one suicide vest was used the airport attack. i can't explain. it looks like war. it's on onwaep cos thif believable. it's really. hard. i saw many injuries i saw people everything broken is just terrible. one of the first breaks in theth case came from a taxi driver driven into the air for the drivers the assumption is the
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to be taken into custody they are friendly talking. when you talk about this groupri it just seems like police don't have enough in haven't had until this point hopefully that's finally breaking news. jessica dill is live at athens airport with more on the heightened security that airport here is going through. the airport the artsy everything has been under heightened security since 911 after attacks liketa what happened yesterday in
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little bit more high alert. one hundred for full-time officers were on patrol along with bomb detecting teams. it makes you a little bit more aware or concentrate a little bit more on what's going on on your surroundings hundred daily basis ourhu officers are out there. just in the past 20 minutes we had seen three tsa dance that werere in the bomb sniffing dogs ever he says there are four dogs it does typical wednesday their usual in training for a lot of the
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cards this is true one of the best of the nation cleveland is in good hands with a bunch i am making sure everybody is safe. jessica dill in hopkins. especially from the painkillers sentinel.. we're might be available ohio had more than 500 federal 5 death/year. the city's mayor's proposal 3 percent tax at places like movie theaters to generate action $100,000 per year it was turned down by 4-3 tally. this is an playhouse square is bigger than ever. natalie hendrick announced that
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the connor problems for the first of all the engagements will last three weeks city tooth for kicks off at 15thot temps will also be treated to performances of an american in paris the curious incident a is something rotten. these finished up with anhi u american in. i know audience will have to see that it's audiences were so excited that they are coming to to the airport and launch this is a call the sure to tune into new day cleveland. an hour-long special focusing off his proud racers complete
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peeknd of the shows. 6:41 a.m. is your time. an update on your weather and
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coming up on 6:45 a.m. on a wednesday morning here's our fox 8 our forecast. temperatures will be in the
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the morning hours for us 13th but inland temperatures will be into the 60s eventuallyem once again. theree will be quite a temperature range any sunshine today will certainly be a bonus near thes bike shorts inland we could have a few more breaks ofre sunshine them back. we've got the stationary friends which is the wildcard in the forecast for sure if it does slipped onto the south end effector make sure which might happen everyone shares in the 60s today. i6 development all about. traffic time with patty harkin. hopefully it will. everything is looking good we are seeing more volume everyone knows what they're doing.
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ridece juncture spoke with members of the team and has their fascinating story. t someone has to plant a seed into the premade holds on than just bought a once or twice a week as you can see it absorbs all the water. fifteen was innovative students at the university of akron police these spots of phone come home some of theere problem as population continues to the overactive adequate food and shelter and income. they can grow herbs and leafy
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good at morning welcome back i'm
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we haven't seen any major problemsms we are checking in on possiblen on fourth avenue four. we're going to see assist us in the kitchen. we do noten have any accidents as we go about on our wednesdays you are exactly right we are going to have some change here along the lake short especially this is a tricky forecast because there will be a dispirited in the temperature in the sky cover two will call 58 but inland temperatures the 60s next line
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temperatures drop into the 40s but then recover the full hinges on whether or not there's a frontal boundary just to the north of lake erie on the come over thoroughly i seen this happen for that error juices up over quiz in the front goes through we get dense fog because that doesn't have much wind associated with thatwi is he tells me that he is better than me he tells them to look all across the newsroom and he would be right.
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by your name. with a letter. we've got a question for you about snow.
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going to go with 24. sesame street the state theater. enjoy. goodbye. she hung up. sorry be because the health concerns he was keeping these stores closed when we come back. right now we went to check in with kenny
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kicking it with kenny, stay with us. the good news - rob portman's helped create jobs. the bad news - they're a long way from ohio. in congress portman voted for nafta, creating thousands of jobs in mexico. working for president bush he pushed for cafta, creating jobs in central america. and portman supported special trade status for china, even more jobs - in asia. rob portman, a job creator
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>> is still looks like a pretty good shot toward side and id taking into town. and early accident this morning and it was a chase that started near the border and the officer notice someone driving
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the car took off. and also, one on euclid, the vehicle, the police did not pursue the case and the in the car tooke, off and ended up crashing euclid and eddie. the person transmitted to the local hospital. power city all lit up this morning. back to you guys in the studio. >> we begin with breaking details on the third suspect who got away with coordinated terrorist attacks kill and injuredro hundreds of people in belgium.nd 2 explosions at the brussels airport and another ripped through a subway station of therp belgium capital and isis claiming responsibility. i want to check in with stacey
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information, good morning. the place identified the 2 suicide bombers and searchingif for a third man, the video, the bomb, that me and now reports are saying out of those him he has been taken into custody. prosecutor say these three men contributed to the worst terrorist attacks in europe but right now that massive manhunt wrapping up for the man in this lightt jacket with a hat. the place say he left the airport shortly before or after the attacks and investigators believe the two men in black for were suicide bombers and identified, both known to the place for organizedot crime. the black gloves on their left hands concealed during a raid of a house connected to the men they found chemicals, isis flag and the terroristand group claimed responsibility for the attack and explosion in the metro location.os traveling have been a, cuba, the president addressed the
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we stand in solidarity with them to condemn these outrageous attacks against innocent people. wece will do whatever is necessary to bring to justice those who are responsible. the metro station it is a short distance from the place captured last week one of the suspected ringleader's in the and the terrorist attacks last november and the police say the man just taken into j custody, a third suspect looking in the a bell shum attacks, his dna found on 2 suicide belts has seen from the paris attacks so obviously, things are developing and it's great that they have this guy in custody andh peeling back who was simple but clearly paris embellish them, very tightly connecteds a. a lot of answers now, the latest in the terror in brussels, stacy, thank you, impact with people across the
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northeast ohio in the area has it was unfolding jessica biel with more on how they are doing including an interview from belgium, jessica, good morning.. wayne and christie, goodd morning, good morning everyone. theren was deftly a group of people traveling to brussels. the staff members over in brusselsrs and then another young couple that used to live in cleveland, entrepreneurs over in the area as it all unfolded as well. for the past fournf years, his girlfriend, at the university of akron have lived in northeaster ohio and they started a building and return to belgium moment ago. catastrophic explosions ripped through brussels international airport in nearby subway station in en his goal from watching it unfold from home. they were safe about 40 minutesme away at theb sister was locked
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and apron escaped injury at the airport. all of them trying to make sense of itr all. everything went down, the train stations close down, metro stations and soldiers everywhere. didn't even know they were there, these things happened. very scary situation for them and mentioned as well, the students over there from the businesse goal, actually took a spring break over there, 19 students and 2 faculty members but fortunately all safe as well at a hotel drink the time that happen but i will tell you more about that later in thet show wayne and christie. no doubt about that. wow! what ane. experience so thanka you come appreciate it. investigators working to identify human remains found a long a county hallway. the lane county sheriff departmenta the state mild 58
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township south upwelling ten. the victim's age and gender not known right now and we don't know who they are or they jazz well. authorities, remains had been there for some time. the news right now northeast ohio school district closing two days early because of help them -- health concerns with intestinal on illness, school leaders heldi a meeting to send out a letter explaining the reasons for the closings and the two students diagnosed -- five others evaluated at this-- time in the illness leads to diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps and can be spread person-to-person contact. school leaders say shutting down two days before the start of springayn press -- spring break is the best to make. holding a statewide tornado drill later this morning, and head of the weathernd season. after a warning
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as part of the drill. state leadersd encouraging schools, businesses and families to review safety plans in the event of an actual tornado. the time is 7:08 and a big turnout long lines and the question state primaries, and what it looks like after voters in three more states cast ballots. the president and first lady in oranges and tina the final leg of a trip and we will detail his trip when we come back. all right, the forecast and temperatures lakeside, little cooler and may be a lot cooler in temperatures expected to rise maybe even a little better with scatterede showers and when will it rain? rain hard? we will have all those details comingraw up,. good wednesday morning to everybody. the weather is cooperating, and i will let you will know all
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please make sure you stick around.t find your way to the best care
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welcome back. the presidential front runners for both parties,, closer to winning the party's parties nominations this morning. donaldie trump and hillary clinton key wins in arizona did during during western primary. also idaho and utah, some ran out of ballots. ted cruz and bernie sanders victorious in utah and sanders be clinton in idaho but trump tweeted thanks to voters in arizona, 58 more gop delegates. clinton leads bernie sanders, delegates by about 2-1 count. despite poor showing out west, picking up endorsements for the governor and jeb bush announced tease endorsing senator ted cruz for president. bush made the announcement this morning. just one month he ended his own the gop presidential nomination. president obama is in argentina this morning following his visit too cuba.
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baseball team play the tampa bay rays. the president, first lady and daughter landed in buenosy aires and will visit a memorial muai -- 40 years ago, to take part in a state dinner and return to washington tomorrow. massive fire destroyed a paper recycling plant in phoenix and checkckng out this fire, massive fire, officials say started late tuesday night and it was accelerated by the high winds that just pushed the planes even higher. in this video but there near the n skyea harbor national airport and p next but we are told the fire did not affect airport operations but so far no injuries and n investigatorsor working to determine the cause of this massiveve blaze. the rare beatles album getting away for decades sold at an auction tuesday 10-inch bottled record called the "holy grail" for beetle collectors was sold
7:15 am
for $110,000. the first disc released under the friedel's name with the first song john -- john lennon ever wrote, the album has been stowed away for ever, and the keyboard player of the british band gerry and the pacemakers. wow! what a piece of history to having your own hands, 14 minutes after seven h o'clock. a look at traffic, patty. goodaf morning christie, the t roadwaysh this morning for you 71 northbound,. [inaudible] and reminder you have the northbound down to the eastbound direction between the eastside, 55th, westbound motorists, which will also be undergoing off to the side.
7:16 am
the airport, they do have rails between the airport and the security station, look for the 66 are buses, due to construction. here but they look at the morning forecast, and it's going to be changing, good morning, patty, good morning to you and some changes exactly right, we have showery weather out over lake erie and that will slip on sure. but for now, we enjoy a nice, mild atmosphere downtown cleveland and after a gorgeous, sunny day come at least part of that yesterday, and capturedf from one of our fox 8 cameras, on the roof. you can see how the sky, the clouds thicken in the sky chester t day. the stratus, we started off the row and some
7:17 am
end of the time lapse, the clouds thicken and l lower to the stratus levels. some of the ceilings measured in feet at hopkins airport 15,000-footop ceilings. and 14,000 went deeper into the cloud deck fair, youngstown, 13,000 feet. we find those high mid-level clouds out there this morning. in some rain showers just to the north along the stationary front toll boundary. bio estimate script moved into cleveland area late this l watched. they have one of the models indicatingg that in a couple of the others are not. i'm voting for those, but we have to mention at it otherwise. 53 degrees, certainly hopkins airport and you can pick out where that front is. pencil thin line of showery weather moving to the north of
7:18 am
this front sort of dipping in briefly before eventually bending and going back north. it is an early spring snowstorm 6-12 inches of snow rolling out parts ofolli wisconsin into the lowero peninsula of michigan and even new england. theig front, that warm front will likely move north, but it is definitely going to impact our weather more than likely going to have rain showers occur tomorrow and could even hear thunder. the front will dictate whether we see temperatures near 60 today or more s like 50. that is the overnight low with renegade shower possible inos tomorrow's high 62, showers, thunderstorms not out of the question that may be some snow to startt friday the high 40,
7:19 am
weekend with some fairly nice weather. sunshine, temperatures near 60s saturday and easter sunday. a fox 8 the official school closing station. we will see if thatci front gets in here and if it's links in here, you will her notice it will be colder in cleveland and even akron and canton in the 60s today. enjoy. thanks,da aj. the time is 7:18 on wednesday come a manhunt underway across europe. these men when it in connection with yesterdays attack and we will have w the latest on the search for the suspects, including the possible arrest of one ofar these men. head over to fox, shaker heights high school next fox 8, -- feature the school next week. were in two weeks fox 8 news in thewe morning. hey, cannae. good morning, christie giving you guys a sneak preview of the new downtown ymca.
7:20 am
we will show you 40,000 square feet of awesomeness kickin' it with kenny, stay with us. we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it' s the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech.
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>> good morning, everyone. giving you guys a sneak preview,
7:23 am
the breast and doingru everything. downtown, ladies and gentlemen, downtown ymca, downtown cleveland area and i'm joined by laura. i'm joined by the man, himself, good morning. how are youse doing? >> it's been a labor of love and a long dream,s but we are working. to be a part of the revitalization of downtown cleveland. you are talking seven years in the making. yes, it has been a long journey, a long opportunity but, nate with a grand opening on tuesday, march 29, next week and as you said, make it ready for all coming. it is gorgeous. laura we were talking 40,000 square feet, beautiful views of ymca space. absolutely. lots
7:24 am
you just can't go wrong. you have the swimming pool and the place, really nice stainless steel, 25-yard lap pool but they jacuzzi and steamer on the pool deck. state-of-the-art equipment on bothk floors. tvs on all the equipment so people can watch tv, get on the internet with music or whatever they want to do to get them through a workout. one of the gentlemen who knows about top quality, sorry, lands. [laughter] the state of the art, how are you? i'm doing great, how are you? some of the top workout facilities in the country. what do youe think about the new downtown ymca? it's definitely state of art. i'm glad you got a workout before you came. that me squeeze in a quick workout in the morning. training
7:25 am
and even ufc fighter equipment. so a lot of great equipment. you see a lot of stuff here would definitely appeal to a younger crowd as well. >> definitely that is one thing i notice asde i walk upstairs, downstairs, the equipment gear for the younger audience in some areas incredibly goes up to the level at which you train. i love seeing pat with this facility s being located right here downtown. the heart of downtown, you endorse endorsed josh, not too bad a. brother chris try to be like him. aren't we all. . [laughter] trying to get those years back. put him ino sales, too, put them in sales. josh and i will do a workout with the team. i will try not to go to the hospital which is great because you have a nice medical facility commit is that right, laura?
7:26 am
cannae. -- a sneak peek downtown come a grand opening is next week so i want to thank everybody for letting me come in today to take a preview. back to you. good to see you, josh peck into the community. he haso a love for kids and the community. what a great guy. if you are just getting up 7:25 is the time and in the wake of the terrorist attacks in brussels. we will have the latest abroad and what officials are doing here at home to elevate security. springto complaining -- cleaning and cemetery is in hot water after sprucing up the grounds. some wet weather moving in and a look at the forecast when we
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ca most buns just hope to keep a hamburger together. but the new bun on a dave' s double brings a hamburger together. the perfect ratio of bun, to beef to toppings to...other bun. that' s the key. to the hamburger harmony of
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>> welcome back. this is a shot from skyfox earlier thiss morning. the power lit up in the belly cham colors and plaque to show support in the wake of terrorist attacks that killed dozens ofof people. i thought that coming and this morning over the innerg belt and it was beautiful. 7:29, aj colby with a look at theit forecast come a nice start this morning. nice, my old and christie and wayne, most of the area will see temperatures were feel temperatures in the 50s and lower 60s. lakeside could be a different story for watching a front north of lake erie currently. andt about to buckle & m's work its way to northeast ohio. you can see where the rain showers are rightt now. and that is about weather front is, curling back like this. the movement to the south. and that could bring in cooler air i for us.
7:31 am
pretty well. the colors to work its way in commit down to the south, cooler temperatures to the north but akron, canton, temperatures near 60 degrees so what a difference and right now, low 50s across the area but we are still 20 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time, we have 55 aurora, 57, 53, and the planner today, depending on where the front decides to park itself, hopefully over lake erie so everyone can share in temperatures near 60 degrees with passing shower as well. traffic time with patty 7:302 thanks a lot, aj, no problem and a pretty nice rush-hour but keep in mind you will go downtown today and tonight a lot of activity, at seven. we also have construction to
7:32 am
nine and three, commercial i-90 and both of those roads closed foran construction and we will keep you posted 71 out west 25th slow from this point has you head to the inner belt bridge and also the bulk of the delays on i-90 down towards 56 and up the inner belt bridge. looking at the drive times overall, lighter volume come a lot of kids starting spring break this week and definitely next week as well, coming in, 20 minute commute 60 minute 71 out 82 with the bulk of those, and to the turnpike into tim 19 minute rightmost slowdowns nine minutess between 480m490 come a few delays and 400 a.d..
7:33 am
back to you investigators identified the bombers and the brussels attacks 2 our brothers b known to belgium place. the third suspect p who got away was heavily involved. authorities say but they deadly terrorist attacks fox 8 from the newsroom with the latest developments that we areh hearing , news about the third attacker,. good morning, reported that the third suspect in the brussels bombing who got away has been captured. those claims have beenha withdrawn and they believe he will be the only one involved with the tax yesterday but he did get away. they believe this man that they are looking for,i the one who built the bombs for the parisoo o attacks come a big brady and this case came from a taxi driver who led to a home where the three men picked up driven to the airport on tuesday. inh the house, they found explosive devices, loaded with nails, chemicals and isis flag. ice is claimed responsibility for the 20 attacks at the
7:34 am
rush-hour yesterday, not so much information out of the metro coming because was not as many surveillance cameras. belgium authorities show threee men pushing carts and 2 men wearing dark clothing, black gloves on the left-hand and authoritiess believe suicide vests ignition devices. identified as brothers, both known to the place for organized crime. and an apartment rented by one of the brothers rated last week but the third man in the lighter clothing and had is the suspect to the police have been looking for, can reports a little while ago he had been captured, those reports withdrawn. someone taken into custody but not necessarily that person and per the in the picture. he was seen fleeing the bombing and highest concentration of passengers, not at the ticket airline and one suicide vest was used at the airport attacks. so they are processing what they
7:35 am
>> from that moment, the second bombing and them we saw doors flying, glass. it sounded like aor major -- i realized on people's faces itpl muste' have been a bomb. i just think it is a brutal attempt to start here and the heart of people. the house that was rated lasth week was rented under a fake name by one of the brothers who blew himself up at the airport but the arrest of the suspect behind the bombing. the man authorities say are still trying to capture this morning, the one in the hat identified, najim laachraoui, traveled in 2013 in making the bombs for the terrorist attacks and dna suicide belt at the stadium. i am telling you come open folks travel to syria, you should not letul them back into your
7:36 am
would be a pretty good rule, but at the same p time come a everybody in syria is a bad person.. plenty of refugees leaving theth country, china to get awaye from all the chaos they are. it is a tough situation to be an. it is hard to keep an eye on all of these people and i was hearing reports 5,000 people travel to syria and back again. that is the key. but too many people for the police there, for authorities to keep an eye on and track down every one of them. and keep track of who they keep contact with, just overwhelming andt again, some of those people going to visit family members and legitimately just coming back to their jobs and their lives. okay, this will answer another question, this next explosion, it is just so tough and so sad. i hate to sound like donald trump, but you know. stacy, thank you very much but
7:37 am
attacks have everyone on a high alert, specially those traveling.g. airport int transit systems across the nation including in cleveland increasing security. of course,el and live that hopkins airport with more on the security in here is responding, jeb. christie, wayne, good morning the deploy of officers, more officers to airports all across the country and so hopkins relying on the tn's -- tsa from everything from the checkpoints on the however public areas from airport to the baggage claim area, drop off area in that really comes down to the city of cleveland. they are responsible for checking them a check in, package claims drop off areas, cleveland, hopkins airport shifting a report -- resources and to the public area and that means more police officers and dogs on patrol at the drop off commit, ticketing and packaget t
7:38 am
see something, say something. you will see as a result of this incident, there has been a height number ofnt uniforms officers and the public areas on the roadways and ticketing and baggage claim. the tsa has also employed a number of strategies to try to minimize any risks.. i have seen increase insecurity today and i so some place officers, three several police officers outside and i also saw some dogs sniffing the cars him my in my son over a year. they have 104 full-time officers onon staff as well and brought k-9 officers as well. at the airport for the past half-hour officers and agents walking around sniffing to make sure everything is going okay. everyone that i talked to said it is going smoothly but this is all precautionary measures.
7:39 am
live at hopkins, thank you. a lot more fox 8 news in the morning when we come back, stay
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>> thank goodness i don't have a snow cap on. >> i know. >> it's going to be a decent day. temperatures approaching 60 degreesur and the viewing area. aj colby and just ag couple of minutes but right now what is happening in the r news a big year ahead for pioneer square with the unveiling of 2016-17 keybank broadway series. announced the upcoming season that will kickoff 2015 tony award-winning musical fun home and also unveiled smash hit, stephen "into the woods" and revival -- fans to performances of american in terrorist and that is a big dog in the nighttime and the comity somethingig rotten. we are expanding the three weeks. that means every broadway show on this will be here for three weeks. great news for the cleveland
7:43 am
she is so wonderful, good to see her and be sure to tune in at ten. natalie and dave and hour-long special focusing on the broadway series complete with star interviews and a sneak peek at a allt that shows. 7:42 is the time and a number of mobilem carriers stepping up in thes wake of the terrorist attack in brussels. coming upb the companies ditching the bottomp line in order to get people in touch with those affected byse the attacks. starbucks introducing new programs toc shareks -- and helping those in need. aunt northeast ohio, changes are coming meteorologist with a look
7:44 am
where should you start when you're told you have cancer?
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start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at
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here is a outlook. the temperatures varying widely between lakeside where the front they slipped through. inland, the temperatures 60 were better. tomorrow even warmer, showery, thunder weather likely especially in the afternoon has theft temperatures drop. colder air on the way for fridaytem morning, but the we can is easter. fox 8 the officialhe school closing station traffic time withth patty. having a pretty wonderful commute, we do have some delays obviously coming up through thedo metro, nothing from
7:47 am
seeing less volume 77. this is top end of 77 miriam downtown, looking good but of course you haveamdo delays 22nd and 14th. inbound, heavier from just about pastb eddie towards martin luther king but overall come a lot of folksra may be scooting out of town for spring break. don't forget buses are replacing trains between the airport and the station, 66th our bus to get you where you need to be right through friday. wayne back to you. thank you, patty several carriers offering free communication in and outc of brussels for the next few days. preservice thing also following the attacksg in brussels that left 30 people dead yesterday. the companies aiming to make it easier for customers to call andn text with friends and loved ones who happen to be in belgium. participating the carriers at&t, verizon and
7:48 am
and you have seen google street view feature in their maps, well, heading out to the wilderness to provide the view. the remote areas of the country's son mapped using the google street view tracker. it is aa backpack worth 15 cameras, both cameras to w take a photo every 32 seconds, put together to form a map. the come a will begin a program in nevada before moving to other areas of the nation. starbucks stepping up tore help and the company participating and the cheering program, the plan when hundred percent of left over food to feeding america which is a national network of food banks. b thean company said the idea came from baristas behind thethe counter.. starbucks plan to give out 5 million meals including breakfast sandwiches, panini's and salads,st all stores will plan to participate. 7:48 in this morning spring has
7:49 am
not cooperating. if in the studio the next hour to give us ways to get our self in -- our gardens and shape and keeping the weeds out of our flowerbeds. let's check in with. kenny crumpton in a nice workout, hey, good morning. good morning,he guys. all right, downtown, at the ymca, going
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
me are at the downtown ymca with football player, josh cribbs and trainer, tanner, how are you so the grand opening in tanner, talking about 40,000 square foot of amazing training facility and0 ballpark of different types of training and classes you provide. so we areinin offering exercise classes, standard room exercises in small group offerings. so today, we will highlight a couple of those. one of those is the functional training program known as a wife fit and also a group exercise. , so are you ready, josh? actually, tanner, what are we a doingr here?e?
7:53 am
seconds. 5-4- 3-2-1 in battle after that. are you ready? 5-4- 3-2-1. okay, sure you are using your hips, exercise group are you working? you're working your legs, your shoulders, using your core, keeping your chest up to make sure you are using your hips to swing the dumbbell as opposed to isolating your shoulders. good, so we have ten more seconds, keep swinging. how do you feel come okay? 5-4- 3-2-1. and the old man. switch to the battle ropes. josh, you got the big one. okay, tanner, what do we do. so we grab on either end and then we use our legs. we use our legs to pull up the rope and swing that out and hit the ground.
7:54 am
same countdown 5-4- 3-2-1. let's go. good. euscher legs, euschergo shoulders... don't be afraid to make somedo noise. good commit 15 more seconds, keep moving, keep moving. 5-4- 3-2-1 good, relax, you have 40 seconds left to keep it going, come on, guys. here we go in whatever be doing now?
7:55 am
back to the right, open it again 2 more. then weevil ticket -- open okay. last one. . >> downtown ymca, kick and it with cannae and josh, stay with us. i'm getting tired just looking at it. he can't hear us,, josh. and he opened his mouth to breathe hard. i'm kick can with cannae. -- i'm kick in with cannae. they are doing a good job, that is a good workout.
7:56 am
morning, jeff. airports on high alert after the attacks in brussels coming up what kind of changes are going on at the cleveland's -- cleveland hopkins international airport and some showers we areo tracking on the radar to the north. and some of those showers could work their way in our direction. when will it thunder? we will let you know. this morning stacy pray with the latest on the brussels terrorist attack and in the arrest o of one suspect. plus with spring officially here, live with tips on getting your garden ready and of course, all coming up in the 8:00 o'clock hour. we8: will be right back. >> fox 8 news has brought to you byy the floor show commit is time to fall in love again with your
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wednesday morning in the city 22nd day ofn march 2016. and joining us wayne dawson. stephanie is off today. a look at the forecast for us, hide. that say the double deuce. . [laughter] mid-50s. [laughter] [inaudible] i was] wondering if somebody would notice that. that was great.
8:00 am
is it me? there is a little front right through there this could definitely impact our weather at the lakefront later this afternoon. we will watch that closely as a the front is expected to settle in over lake erie. will it make it this far south into downtown cleveland? that is the question. the answer is possibly. so we have tos account with a temperature difference but right now 52 degrees, the front has not cast to the south obviously but we will show and a mate one of the computer models indicating the slow progression of that cooler air, to the north, mild to the south, low-pressure ripples along the front so we have to keep the chances for some rain showers going as well for later today. look at the winds ten to 15-mile today, showing the temperatures


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