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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  March 23, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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it's nice to set us the weekend weakens especially this is our facility. -- >> we like to serve nice menus let's very popular is people -- still see the pieces in it's one of my favorites. main course is the stroganoff. we cook german foods and we
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would be good enough for this. we have this putting. you will get it anywhere else. this is you need just our place and i think that that's a nice you can eat before you go to the theater you go in and you come in to get into you know it's light and not too heavy a new get out in time to come to your place in the theater.
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it has 7 percent alcohol. i grew up with stuff like this. i was very happy for you -- we have fellowship in great food and a lot of of the performing
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it's reinvented in cells like you've never seen it before those story of into the woods centers on baker and his wife
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of the curse that's been in in order to break that curse you have to come up with the cow's latest milking case is that life and hair as cold ascorn and us look for us. as gold. they been meet the characters from the fairytale that we know. jack in the been stuck little red riding hood rapunzel and cinderella. please see all of those characters in this imaginative life converge in the story and how their lives converge. which is about going to life.
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the price to pay for it. this is a wonderful vehicle. he'll need to about that. it really celebrates the power of imagination and the realities of life. and it tells the story and an unapologetic way. his tried to sweetness for every wish comes true it's about the reality of what happened. if you wish and we should first but it's great to have those aspirations in my we have to think about the reality is that
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and we see how the actors in a very imaginative wife create the journey into and out of the woods. they are going to love it they need to think about this we love it so much because we can focus on the lyrics and the music that's going to be delivered in a lovely rain. i can't wait for all of you to see it. we are traveling back in to the
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conventional loves the costuming is beautiful and eyelashes. getting to know you all of the wonderful music that's going to be right here on stage at the counter pals. so interesting to see if the his history of the king and i. we're going to get her. fellow who has this tribe of children and needs oh woman. they need somebody to help them are ranged not just to help these children that to help attack with site and breakdown it is a love story and it's a tremendous romance.
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and the direction of berkshire who really brings to life position that they originally had to celebrate culture that's what it's all about. and how they kids shall we dance could speak to us on many levels aside from just their relationship the king and i is as current and contemporary and needed in the american musical scenes as any musical it could possibly be out there. audiences will be delighted it will be a wonderful night at the theater. that's one musical you do not
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our season announcement show
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we're halfway there. there's when you might not have heard from.
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of the season. it's going to be the event this season it's the story of the young boy christopher john as he works to resolve unsolved problems the problem with the discovery of a neighbor's dog who is dead. he works to solve the mystery of who killed wellington that's his goal must then he discovers other things that's happened with his family and his dad invited his mom lease.
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the scenery that you're going to see is like looking inside the circuit board as she explains himself he says i see everything. and when i see everything i have to process all this information. you can see how his brain works on stage. on the lethal. it won the tony award the most intimately articulated story about a young boy's discovery his imagination and his sense and order of solving problems and his life. it comes to as the national cedar avenue great printed the same people who brought us warhorse.
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you might as see if you set the story a beautiful mind if you're going to see on stage it will be an unforgettable night at playhouse square i can promise that. you are not going to want to miss getting tickets for that one. there's a lot of exciting new things and always have me. this one is for the kiddos. they're doing it in a degree here really leaving this role in doing this just to the help of the great grant. the reached out to us of the
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launch need disney musicals in school right here in cleveland as soon as we got the call we said absolutely. this sounds terrific. is going to go a long ways with the kids in the community in underserved schools that don't have any for example three cleveland public schools and went through and high school replay pride to receive free musical sunday school will be art. their plane at state house. they give to come here on one of
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as well. these students got to perform for their teachers and their appearance at the packed house. these teachers -- they came in their carts and we give them a dinner due to rehearsal do to his stage they do a full hour play. when this comes about are the something that they were choosing what type of musical they have more with it handed to them and they worked with it. there's a what do you think makes this special for them. -- if you look at the faces of these children when they are coming into our theater in standing on that stage
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compares to the excitement and the enthusiasm that they bring every single time. as such every word for use in the rest of the folks to provide tap for kids. it is. we often have the opportunity to work with great teachers to open up our stages it's a one-of-a-kind thing. i want to show you hear that playhouse square is not just about us to it's about family oriented things as well some of our mission is to serve educationally solicit this program is that. our broadway season series
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is shirt for taking you back to
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brothers who are desperate to write a hit play. an actor is saying his lines and then out of nowhere he just starts singing yes. bush i don't care welcome to the renaissance something right is going to tell the story of this hilarious stories of these two brothers and nigel who are writing a play and it renaissance england and they are struggling to come up with something that will make them fantastic writers. as they struggle for ideas they go to cease soothsayers who predicts different things that audience are going to list next there's all whole parity it's so and reverent because they give your whole parity of musical and why musicals don't make sense but it's an musical. it's directed by casey nikolai. think about these energies that
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book of mormon. think about the surprise that you surprise with that drowsy chaperone. you're going to see it all come to life right years in something rotten. it's a night that's going to make you laugh. it takes a swipe at every musical out there including the biggest writer of them all william shakespeare one is i hate shakespeare and you see that they are brothers and they encounter lame shakespeare and he is a character that's like make jacob. he's a rock star especially and his own mind. he's a rock star who is taking other people's ideas and other peoples work and claiming it as his own and here are these two unknown brothers who are just trying to make it big with so delightful is it's written by two brothers this is actually
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they both have had careers on stage and in nashville and as writers this is right into the musical theater you're going to find that their humor is refreshing and energetic. there is going to be a great game for you to see the references to all the musicals that you know something rotten is going to put lots sure -- it's a night filled with comedy and dancing and singing and costumes should we've shown you
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it's all about the music
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celebrating his birthday . up with mayfield all of these
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and others craziness going on the idea of having an outer component and local and regional bands the bands there's all kinds of things for people to do. one that we have a kid of bob ten. they're talking about two and three and 43 had balloons and
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stuff for people and their kids. we also have my hospitality management center. they put up a tent last year were they did cooking demonstrations. please national musicians to come in and do some recipes. it's all presented by keybank which is just tremendous with our first sponsor we are very excited about that. it's so fun to see people downtown under that chandelier dancing insane wow, this is
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we are in the 216 at playhouse square they're coming there to see a show you must stop here. this is the 216 we are located at the heart of playhouse square
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is you know about this were coming into this great broadway series for ohio theatre was renovated are having great cocktails he admitted himself behind the bar. absolutely this is a bittersweet romance we do a lot of different fun cocktails here it is a shaft dripping shove cartel although you are one of that this shifts around we have some wonderful cocktail acres here. we do this so we can do a high-end wine pours you not going to find this many restaurants but it gives us the opportunity to shoot the needle down into it you can have a hundred and $50 bottle of wine. just try a glass of it. very unique and very different
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the show. again it's a must before you start. i love the atmosphere when you walk in. i don't remember the story behind this. this used to be where they did all the ticketing. they recently renovated their restaurant how they do live just down here on wednesday he'll a day we wednesday the -- monday. you call you walk in and i'm looking at people ramming you can feel it feels of scale. it sophisticated can you when you come in this is a small place it's shared food you and me coming on a date.
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for people actually down we don't take reservations. a lot of people can just come in they know they can come in quickly get a drink and get a great appetizer. always have happy hour and is in
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great cast a couple of great strength this is always going to be one of my favorites. talk about it for a while because i've got to buy into this. i see you're getting extremely packed right now. you can sell out this place. i'm going to ask you this question what do you get when you combine an american soldier
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i'll let you think about it. it's pretty faithful to the movie came out in 1950 it brings all the artistry to the state in such a beautiful way it can find
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the audience will know is it will it's just fantastic. he himself actually is a former principal didn't fit for the new york city ballet he brings an understanding where he can take dances for he could fit in actor tells the story is so close to finding actors players who can move. you're really getting the essence of those sleeping cells in that fantastic that they've created. and combining that with a
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know and something that will just make your heartbeat at a faster rate when you see this in cleveland. for watching a national tour we have to fairytale we had imagination. we have beautiful storytelling of place we have revivals we go
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the biggest news this year it's you that makes as possible and without you this wouldn't happen. look forward to seeing you at the theater at playhouse square it's the biggest news going. what a season we have in store for us pick the best part about it is don't forget they have the expanded series we have three weeks to see these shows and you could jump on board and get some of the best tickets you've ever had because this season ticket packages are on sale right now. i am natalie hrbek and i will see you on the next new day
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[content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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