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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  March 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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investigators combing through the rubble in brussels after yesterday's attacks that havehe honed in on suspect a suspect who is on the run, we will have a live report .ru also, airport security and cleveland hopkins what you need to know if you have booked a flight out h
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speeding away from the police aggression into two police cruisersrsr jessica dill has details. >> the wind is blowing out here, with colder temperatures t at lakeshore, it will not last .s fox 8 news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon, looking at not a bad day, investigators searching through thet rubble in brussels after the bombings, there isgs a suspect on the run. >> a moment of silence in brussels, mourning the victims of tuesday's terror bombings, one arrest has been made . authorities have not specified the connection between the
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brothers identified as suspects, one of the suicide bombers responsible for the metro bombing, . he is wearing black accounting by two unidentified men manhunt for the man on the right to believe planted a bomb at the airport, they say the man on the left also encompasses dead . a witness describing the same as were some. >> see the smoke and the ceiling coming down . and then just running, jumping over people. >> subway explosion about one hour later. >> power went out, i do not know at that moment what was happening on the train or if it
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up to itth. >> around the world, people are holding vigilsth landmarks illuminated in the pillars of thepi belgian flag in tribute to the attack victims,. >> if you fly out to hopkins airport some things you should know, ut they shifted more resources into public . and to increase security that means more officers and dogs on patrol at the drop of common ticketing area and package urdo clean areas, the message to passengers that if you see something, say something . >> you will see, as a result of this incident, has been increased number of officers and public areas on roadways and ticketing, baggage claim and tsa has employed strategies to minimize risks. >> i have seen an increase in security today i saw some officers actually several outsidei
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the cars . >> rta also increased police visibility,y, you can do your part to help by downloading an app calleddi pine lodge rta, which allowsi rta riders to leave trouble . our coverage continues in any updates as soon as they >> a willoughby hills woman is in the hospital afterer eluding police and then running into two police cruisers, jessica dill has more on the newly released dash-cam video. >> still no identity identical race, but we do knoww is a 4 -year-old woman from willoughby hills . she is at the hospital,
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had started after they caught for speeding to have a place to dash-cam video of the pursuit, an officer radar cotter going 94 mph in a 25 zone, but try to stop her but she took off and they followed him to euclid that's when the police say she hadl a wickliffe police cruiser and a euclid police cruiser before taking off again . after she she had both cars for the police backed off, the woman kept pursuing into east cleveland that's when she crashed at the mcdonald's's at eddy road and euclid avenue. >> pursuit is difficult, you're trying to weigh the need of apprehension versus the danger to the public and officers into the driver, what made the situation unique and a key factor to continue where the actions before we even became
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100sh down euclid avenue with no officers presentdo for whatever reason. >> police say she was the only person in the carar they believe thatc maybe a family member's car ,e nobody else was injured and no officers or bystanders were injured she was doing about 100 mphs. >> man accused of repeatedly penalizing the home of them you could man has been indicted, jason kozan charged with vandalism missinged,, arrested last week after an extensive police investigation including undercover surveillance and other tools they say that heer bombarded the house withov eggs and fruit using some sort of street. remains found on the side of a lorain county highway,t search
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ofof route 58 is south of route 162 in eaton township cannot determine the aget they had been there for quite some time, the police hope avenue helps them to catch some violent robbersto. >> security cameras captured three men walking men walking into the metro tcas wireless store near east 110th and superior avenue around 7:00 o'clock mondayreri waimea locked lock the door while another robert clarke .c the clerk pulled out a weapon that one of the suspects opened fireth hitting the customer gets his round, and hitting another man's caris. >> junket that it's easy to pick up a gun and takes a money . you lose your life over nothing. >> the customer was treated and
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catch the three suspects .eded >> is a cloudy day . what is in the forecast? >> things to cool down since we light breeze has kicked in . the water temperature 36, some showers on storm fox . to the northwest, 80 winter storm warning for lower peninsula
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nebraska and a blizzardwe blizzard warning near cheyenne, milwaukee over 1 foot of snow by friday . lanzara west at 15 mph something to do with reflecting the breeze . looking at the visible satellite there are some breaks and overcast with temperatures inland 60s . the stationary funnel boundary to our north that separates the two air masses . see what happens for
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dan gilbert just bought a mall, they now own the avenue shop at tower city, has 100 retailers restaurants and movie theater an opportunity to connect with his other investments including the q. and jack lew casino hopes to create a one-of-a-kind urban shopping, dining, and entertainment destination,dd it costs him 56 and a half million dollars. >> a huge get for the homeless, 5700 pairs of socks are donated courtesy of metrohealth systems spare pair programrt collected enough to give a peer to every person without a home in cuyahoga county and still over 1,000 left over,pe metrohealth president and ceo ine dr. akram boutros deliver the socks this
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donald trump took further republicans, has more from your. >> hillary clinton donald trump take the biggest prize, arizona, voters, idaho and utah make their voices heard,a the terror attacks of belgian, were on on voters minds, quentin says she has what it takes to keep
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>> we need a commander-in-chief commander-in-chief to provide leadership that a strong, smart and above all studying wein-ch. >> bernie sanders and struggled struggled to convey his foreign-policy agenda, not taking a stronger stance against terrorismiea, . >> we will stand as a nation, with our allies in a friends with people all over this world we will stand n with them and together crush and destroy the isis. >> the republicans, voters turning to donald trump in greater numbers as they feel he is the strongest candidate to beat isis.onu >> he benefits when in terms of his mentors and it's going to be saturation coverage for the next several daysnt' ago that after the massacre in paris and the masculine san bernardino, his polls went up. >> siri refugee crisis and tourism in europe, ted cruz has been criticizing donald trump
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europeansel. >> the race to the nomination continues saturday with three caucuses,acno in alaska hawaii and washington state, jackie ibanez fox news. >> jeb bush decided to endorse ted cruz, he called his former and urging r republicans to reject donald trump as the next gop nominee.cact >> president obama argentina today after his trip to cuba yesterdayar he watched the cuban baseball team yesterday play the tampa bay rays,aa his family landed in argentina this morning . i plan to visit a memorial and then attend a state dinner then return to washington tomorrow, cherry blossom season arrived in washington dcdc the park service predicted that they would be at
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next four -- 10 days,tb peak season is when 70 percent of the church blossoms in the tidal basin are in bloom back in 1912 japan gavek 3,000 cherry trees to the capital as a celebration of their friendship with the united statesti doesn't does a still ahead changes are coming to
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these clouds, keep going says amir burke lakefront airport .
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there is a stationary front that appears to show up on some models . along the lecturer . hopkins airport is in the low '60s . and 40s lakefront . that part of the forecast may have panned out .pa we will be in the water sector in southeastern quadrant of low pressure as it forms .s they're going to get snowed on, wisconsin, michigan, into new england . england . tomorrow a good bet we will get
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time, the computer models are going nuts with moisture . current temperature plots, 34 degrees twin citieses, 25 detroit, hopkins 62 degrees . on friday the cold air girls and behind the system there's so much going on, no surprise, a this can be some strong to severe weather, tennessee valley snow storms we are on the cusp of marginal risk of severe weather and keep you posted . today 60 degrees . we are already in the low '60s . most lease the best chance of rainfall and
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holiday weekend, we get the cold air out of here in time . then back to saturday mostly sunny, easter sunday, about 60
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uber announces new program pay hackers, $10,000 for each probably find find within their code to give $5,000 two those
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$3,000 for medium issues,se may 1 hackers will have a 90 day window to find issues thath uber accepts as genuine. >> blackberry users are faced with app is about to vanish, a drop in support, that means if you have a blackberry and want to go on to face but you have to go through the actual website instead ofo an app, blackberry has fallen out of favor compared to apple the last 10 years.. >> you want to keep track on instagram, facebook network has begun showing application on the website to alert users when they receive a new follower orus when a friend joint instagram, the change is part of the instagram plan to offer a more personalized feed for users. >> the donald working on a reward program, with aa cafe mobile app in october, it is
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punch card, they say that it will be more robust expanded beyond just free drinks and possibly including free breakfast,o the new rewards programst will be rolled out sometime next year. >> submissions are coming to cleveland, will be part of of the new season at playhouse
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after fleeing from police and remittances to police cruisers, jessica dill is that the wycliffe police department with with more on the new release dash-cam video. >> the identity of the suspect not released, but it is a 40 -year-old woman fromom mobile as she is is at the hospital her condition unknown, but the police say it happened after she wasas driving extremely fast, wycliffe police release dash-cam video of that pursuit , she was clocked about 94 mph in a 25 zone try to stop her that she took offat they followed him to euclid that's when she hit a wycliffe police cruiser and a euclid police cruiser before driving off again,ru after she had both cars to police backed off pursuit, the woman can go into east cleveland that's when she
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eddy road and euclid avenueld. >> pursuits are difficult, it is a situation you try tosu weigh the need of apprehension versus danger to the public officers and to the offenderer, who made this unique is that, she was doing roughly 100 miles an hour without officers present, 1 for whatever reason. >> she was the only person in the car, police say that theyo believe she may have been driving a family member's car, stick with fox 8 for any updates . former cuyahoga county commissioner jim mora, is now serving time at the beckley correctional institution in west
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prison with a facility in west virginia then moved to california now serving 20 years forfi charges . sprinkling of in mansfield cemetery has a couple demanding answers, she discovered the flowers above her mother-in-law's headstone in the dumpster on monday also filled withth other items, according to the administrators they sent out warnings to the media two weeks before the cleanup that they posted signs at the gate.e >> understand what she felt when she saw the dumpsterer and we but we have no other way to. >> to do something on the grave and to be stripped of it without our knowing it is devastating. on >> family says they believe that the centre college should be changed and items on headstones should bebe left alone to.
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revealed as bigger than ever as dan auerbach helped announce the key bank probably searched last night, all the the engagements lasting three and 72 weeks, it starts with the 2,015th musical if i'm home . also, finding neverland, along with the king and i., will be treated to performance a performance of an american in paris, and something rotten. e >> finished up with american in paris until the audience is going to love thatri it is beautiful romantic and were launching a national tour of fun home, and audiences were so excited that they were coming here to do the work in launch this great tony award-winning musical off to the country. itis >> be sure to tune in for new day cleveland this morning .to take a live look from the roofcam . it is a bit chilly
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but they just a bit of sunshine through the clouds . showers north of lake erie associated with a funnel boundary . that has been hung up over the lake . currently 47 degrees lakefront, and 62 degrees hopkins .la you can see the northern tier experiencing colder temperatures , toledo and 49 degrees, akron-canton the '50 s and 60s youngstown . plans out of the southwest with
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out of the rocky mountain states up towards the great lakes over chicago . it is rain and thunder eventually it sweeps out the mount ayr a great show friday that spins out of here quickly that theyas were holiday weekend . forecast of a 64 . mostly cloudy , breezy cloudy, breezy and renegade show are possible tonight show are shower possible tonight thus chance of rainfall tomorrow, higher 64yyrere probably some thunder that snowfall friday they should get out of
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holiday weekend quite nicely . your john telich with your wednesday sports. >> the browns interest in robert griffinn iii, would it lead to signing ? hue jackson said he may be a change man, but not certain certain of the team and try to sign him another teen vendor may make a move,e jackson ks said britain would have to be okay with a the team taking a quarterback high in the draft . jackson knows a lot about jared goff appears to be most ready prospect says he has poise and we're talking yesterday at the owner's meeting to talk of the quarterback needed to be calm when it goes crazy.eq >> want to . accuracy would would be very important and also poise under pressuree. >> browse not able to keep back
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austin pasztor unrestricted free agent, he was claimed off waivers and filled in for the browns last season, in new orleans, the saints are close to signing craig robertson .. an official deal not announced, added robertson who visited seattle as well. >> ravens head coach, revealed havee an agreement with trent richardson who, played for the colts played in 46 games . lebron james is the import of eight straight division championship, is cavaliers got their second in a row monday night with a victory at the cute ,a he acknowledged his time
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playoffshh that they are playing pretty well, winning nine of 12 that they can improve and that it takes combined workne on all facets facets of the game. on tuesday, president obama and family watching the race play the cuban national team in cuba race winning, was safe at the plate . the bug beaten them by paying for -- when found . most of the light of mr. and mrs.
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warnings about the risk of abuse in overdose of drugs like oxycontin, now they were beyond other drugs it is the most serious type of warning label the fda hasht, as it is the story of an ex- prosecutors tried for murder, 10 years after his wife's death, was ruled undetermined piers morgan crime watch daily. >> in quincy illinois, curtis lovelace was a, one-time football football hero, army national guard and an assistant state's attorney .otb h nobody was more outstanding, he was under arrest or first-degree murder of his first wife, cory lovelace .. >> that's a the day that i will never forgetet and my children will not forget it was devastatingn . >> and it was a surprise, not
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when she was found dead years before it was even ruled a crimee . >> we were absolutely shocked it never occurred to us that he . that's anything but alcoholism, the side effects of alcoholism. >> there was no foul play suspecteds at the end of the investigation, it was a closed case.enin >> pathology was fairly certain that her fatty liver was what killed her, could not be listed as an official cause of death. >> there is no exact cause that could be determined, would have a stroke, you have evidence of a blood clot that would cause someone to die,,hb with steatosis delivered there is no smoking gun.thsi >> because of that, the death was ruled undetermineded, then
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>> fast forward eight years, there is a new detective who was promoted in december, in january he opens a homicide investigation withr curtis lovelace as the target. >> you can watch crime watch
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astronaut scott kelly has been back on earth for about three weeks after nearly one year in space, isolth in a study of the effects of live in a space for extended amount of time, his twin brother mark was on earth as hish was in space they will
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issdi chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. >> a lot of people get congested but not because of a virus or bacteria .gege part of it might be, bold . or an allergen . it is not like the cold or flu. >> leaving the iss, how challenging? >> ego over 70,000 miles, he
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minutes .ed it is like going over?x^s! but it's something that's, people in the estimate astronaut office are qualified to do it was a matter of the right place at the right time and to be assigned to do this . it was just a privilege. >> if you hope to need justin bieber, is putting an end to meet and greet .ng big enough for instagram said i enjoyed meeting such people but i ended up
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114 shows in total during his world tour which is ended in november . . the cincinnati zoo is turning to a doctor who praise cats, be brought and the dog to provide comfort to the cheetah cubs were born by c-section, their mother, stopped eating and died yesterday, the zoo has been giving herer dusters around-the-clock care. >> could be one of the biggest movies of the year,> batman versus superman on theaters fridays david moss talked to ben affleck. >> we've got some really cool stuff here in the decade the weapons costumes and behind the scenes here with the batmobileeca . this is a spectacular ride and even more spectacularis in the movie batman versus superman without a new batman,e ben
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i love that roughed up edge and thatov jeremy irons has, despite the same but different role. >> it obviously has to be, that man cannot change so many things , things are fixed another is that kate and alfred but within those confines we tried to kill our version of the story we had a great writer and director andnd very grateful it turned out that way it did. he says that even you got too old to diee alfred says commits commits a great moment doesn't
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too old to die young, it is i guess a marker that you are no longer the tragedy ofa dying young, you just die . what i sense of this movie has that relationship with popular fads give-and-take to give each other a hard time . one of the more fun things, jeremy irons o was fabulous. what is the batman workout ethic ? >> i worked out, for about one year straight,, the movie got pushed ahead to do some expanded sensehe so i had one year to work out to build up muscle and to get and general overall shape . it was several hours each day and to control your diabetes about discipline .
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superman, david moss fox 8 news. >> it is a rite rite of passage for moms-to-be, maternity photos
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is sure to show off off their baby found in maternity photos . the tarver
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dog, as you can see, she is willing . celebrating here today we have some pictures of our four-legged friends . he is a big laptop and supersweet . are they hypoallergenic? >> pretty much. how did you get them to pose like that condit that take forever?m >> , here is our producers veto .
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doodle . they are there are going to be very good friends . and here is rudy, cockup little, she works in the graphics department .
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make a difference for you. today on "the real" -- >> boxers, sweats or in the buff? >> we're make over your man for bedtime. >> grandma, what do you think? >> plus, blush pink is back. >> i am sister love. >> on "the real." this is our time


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