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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  WJW  August 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the lane on reports fired that's and they found a 40 -year-old woman with multiple gunshot wounds to her torso she was taken to the hospital but she later died an arrest warrant for murdert went out to allu police agenciest to help look from detectives later learned leaving a leering he was involved with a double shootingo in south euclid the conditionsi of those victims are not known
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edited they0 start of the chaseh chasea her and cleveland's they were able to stop the vehicle hereher that is where he shote himself right here he was pronounced dead at the samee they're not releasing the identity of theot woman that wh killed until family has been with multiple saints and agencies and love will keep you updated reporting live forje breaking ns one that sent 24 people to the hospitale laurie taylor spent e death at the camp job and is more on drugs andat one man whe under arrest it was here at the ohio june action sports camp
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28 -year-old from michigan was throwing drug laced candy onto the ground. according to the sheriff's report theyg can be containeda sendi that i can thc the chemice compound andmi marijuana known r being pone. theheb michelin sound county shs his 2,000 people admitted after suffering adverse reaction some we're emergency room none were seriously hurt.tak just as is he found that line o they got into this didn't have think you thelth right of our highways it thato janssen floria also the candidates the third two strength circulating one labeled 50 log on the other
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sick.ak you wouldn't think it would made that people think that it did.l she filed the report saying i witnessed a man reaching into his backpack and point out a handful of candy packets and rorowing them intoto the crowd. they can't's owner says the fe concerthi events he rented theh property to the organization behind the event and never expected any like this to the owner of the cam spoke to her but the client to speak on camera about what happened.
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call latest nowcan't think with and had move restaurant run by n former employee will open in its the owner of the women's colony was killed during two years ago the restaurant closed for good on saturday some of the workers will be with the company that owner says he plans to remb way br we also very excited whee was days latewe but kristi capel has welcomed her newest over the fox 8 w
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mom that babies are all doing great theybie can't wait to gete tech sectors ofit you look amazg show we offer a degree so nice to have to not home d spending time. they are the perfect family now. the 4:39 a.m.or how one young boy is gracing us lots lots of shoes g why he'sh doing it straight ahead.y they really have a need for speed storm fox radar this joy
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showers today.h you should we should be into the high 70s and '80s by lunchtime how many 90s police the nra looking at pretty good rain betweeny a now and fridayl talk more about that and a recount the their core the trip
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why i love him rain stories never can same and mayor someso cumulus cloudsme yesterday they kind of fulton them and fadeaway over the lakeerdthe inland livin sandusky. it dropped 1 degrees here and akron relatively low.o we had aw. spike in the dewpoinw yesterdayp afternoon.ft it was fairly comfortable here in the middle of august.efor the setup now is going to get increasingly warmer and more humid and the thunderstorm chances will start to climb. that will suppress the cloudo cover as the high moves east
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of mexico and especially enter wednesday that's our forecast are set another for the next 48 hours which will take us for the beginning of wednesday into severe thunderstorm chances to increase by thehes we are anticipating more sunshine this afternoon and it will be warmer than yesterday we made it into the lower and middle 80s we should dol south clouds to begin to move out from north to south hill affect the afternoon is looking a little bit better. sixty-seven highs of the approaching 90 also increase in thunderstorm chances of how they start to flare up and western ohio initially we start to see a few this migrate east those of
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them since without a good half inchho of rain was feet of this moves rules out as we have the chances on wednesday anticipate thunderstorms to increase inea coveragese 40-50 percent on wednesday and then having her and band of the weekekw will hae another cold front this one is much strongerera look at the puh of lo cooler air coming in but e hu will increase our thunderstorm chances on saturday moveu the front and with the daytime high with this weekend and entera early nextn week in the middle 70s traffic time with patty. fixed-rate traffic wise is the weschler way they have the ramp closure last week that the lake avenue entrance to the weschler wayhat for the next three weekss you travel on eastbound clifton detoured up to westw boulevard and that'se how youw
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way is that's for sure going too do something else to keep ane eye,ep is south and west boulevd is close you will be able to usu the southbound side of westf boulevard as an alternate let's look out herewd running smoothy with no problems whatsoever it is open and both directions that had been closed over the we can for some work with this (-left-parenthesisheef traffic wasv just sort keep you updated all morning long.on wayne and natalieg. pack to you. ohio second annual back to school shopping week is officially in the books a tenurt of what is doing more than his shareeof . meet connor robson robinson.o he was seven years old he had
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later it's grown from 30 peerse sure more event more than 600 this month.rsen words can't describe how proud we are often. it's his idea it's been doing. they plan to donate 600 pairs next weekend. while pok?mon took over japan lawnmowersok roll the crossed ad one. the 12 hour really race drew more than a thousand fans in th english countryside each teamt s
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most of that it's done in the dark and lawnmowers telllltthe e headlights they can get a littlt dangers the winning team completed 420 lapse and the 12th houre timeframe. >> still very early for 49:00 a.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes. pluss ev be still my heart this piece of one bridesheadi died with her father but not see how just-in-time for her wedding
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specifics on this eight-day. they canig be a little bit confusing a little biti misleading especially when weren looking at times these thunderstorms the middle of theh week will probablye see several days above 90 best chance of rain on this eight-days we was see some breaks thursday into
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front and behind that were lookingeh at daytime highs back into the upper 70s second late this weekend and the first several days of next week wehe e looking at some breaks in the right in the middle of that eight-daye b
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i will be through sunday the 14th. wayne and natalie. over the weekend we shoji the heartwarming stories of a bright tohotw be in her late father whs working donations and another man like this is a tearjerker that man has her father's heart officially walked her down the aisleatrt involved in which are arthur known as tom traveled from new jersey to walk jenny
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much for coming. she met time for the first time on the eve of her read it whenw she felth her father's heartbeat for the first time in ten years he was murdered back in 2006. he received michael's heart after his death.h. i was on deaths door when he was murdered and i made it a hard for i would be dying in the
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it's the dawn of yet another wonderful day on the north shores of northeast ohio. it's 5:00 a.m. in the morning. 68 degrees outside things for waking up with us my name is wayne dawson. >> name is natalie hrbekisis she's got got a girl and a boy. my shoes got a complete package. new line scott sabol you would agreeco or more about some kidid and. it never goes away.y. bainbridge at 60. mostly clear to the east


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