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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  August 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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just an hour before kickoff the lake ruled the fiel was not sent to play, as dave nethers s was in canton looking for answers. colton packers, fans were disappointed that they can to play the learned that the lakewood intelar the last secon to announce that they were canceling the hall of fame game the problem began because at tom benson stadium that was used as the induction ceremony had to be
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the paint used was too wet and efforts to dry it created a problem as it solidified. both teams agree not to play, the fans were not informed until about 8:00 p.m. after many had entered the stadium. they felt it could have been handled differently. you look at this, and put this into perspective it was no an easy decision. but we feel it was the right decision. >> the paint jobhe unusual toxic situation. we do not want to take a risk. >> some fans who came to the game, and did not see it learne of a problem d flying home beca of a computer glitch on delta. it was a double whammy, nfl announcing that it will refund tickets for the hall of fame game. f the policy
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dave nethers from the university of akron.n. the packers will open the pieces and friday when the browns visit green >> hugh jackson announced rg3 will be the starting quarterback, he led the redskin to the playoffs as ricky the tore his acl in the wild card and was not the same, last year the bench thela former number t complained and since he signed with the browns now season,kh coach jackson says that rg3 has been a great leader both on the field and in the locker room an has earned a shot at redemption. >> is a lesson, in up to you to decide use that positively or negative way and to dive in europe in real thankful for the opportunityty r they don't come around that often and you get
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>> rg3 will be under center whe the browns go to green bay friday to face the packerser w and then next thursday he will make his debut atat first energy stadium versus falcons. >> on friday august 26, will be in tampa, then pre-season wraps up on thursday september 1 in cleveland versus bears.ur traf is low on the shoreway tonight. >> major construction project as tonight's shoreway is closed in both directions at lake roadt they work to replace the bridge that runs over the rampth connecting lake road to the shoreway eastboundco it will tu the stretch of state route 2 into a modern boulevard with betterou lakefront access in the meantime drivers to deal with delays for freight three weeks. for the most part an adjustment we do haveve write access from clifton to the eastbound
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the closure means more traffic on nearby detroit avenu in cliftonet odot recommends us west boulevard. >> detour signs in place for a project that was delayed in aki that begins tomorrow, last week odot had to put off plans to close three busy ramps from interstate 77, 76 and eight now the signs are up in the closure began at 6:00 details f it has been going on since a 70-year-old girl disappeared from her job at a gas station fairview park. >> please share new info about the cold case that is left investigators puzzled as tracy mccool joins us. >> yvonne regler, disappeared 3 years ago today place or checking out a new lead but nee help to solve the mystery.l in august 1977 she was working at sunoco gas statione on lorain
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39 years later, fairview park releasedd a picture of what she might look like now at age 56, family/friends are still holdin out hope that she is alive but police suspect foul playayi. we believe that this was a crime of opportunity, that she was pumping gasri and a person her. and grabbed her from the gas stationnd theny came back around later in tucker at the opportune moment. we think that she was abducted, salted and think that she is dead. fairview park police have a person of interest in the investigation,,pa they're just hoping that there is a witness who can leave them to the evidence needed in the case.
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shooting spree in northeast ohi ending with the governmentn tak his own life, it started when h shot and killed his girlfriend at her elyria home, the drove to south euclidid shooting to more people at home on winston road, both are recovering, they spotted his car and gave chase to mlk in east 100 5th street where he killed himself. strongsville police looking for one of three suspects who stole an atm from the bp statio home the bp station royalton road this s they chased the suspects into cleveland where they hit a pole, they caught two of themer the third still at large. they found the atm in the back of the truck. akron man q's are trying to tribe falls police officer, s-e plead not guilty to charges including attempted murder is a
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departmentd then he crashed int a car driven byh officer ted davis that put davis into the hospital for several days. >> he is recuperating, getting better every day is still very sore after a major accident wit lots of rehab before he can return but he is progressing. >> he is will recovering, a judge set watsons bond ata $750,000 later this month. cedar point rigged put a scare in park visitors for the wrong reasonseded a cable detached from the top through track star rollercoaster sunday and sent t two people to the first aid station, visitors were shaken by the site of debrisis overhead after an explosion. >> nobody was injured near the
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i'm glad i do not actually get on tenants priorll and was on what happened and i'm never going to write it again i love that ride but i do want to be o that when something like that happens. >> theyidoo to enter gas return after treatment the rollercoaster could reopen tomorrow.. a look at the pickwick cam east fourth street as people enjoy this summer nightht. this time tomorrow they may need to their dinner plans indoors?e >> tomorrow, around afternoon about four out of five chance of spotty storms.. 81 degrees and hopkins currentl new philadelphia.
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water temperature in the upper 70s. some of the showers/storms to the south and west with unity building an afternoon storms take shape tomorrow. >> tomorrow mainly clear the full-moon is august 18. muscles will not see any rainfall there is only a 20 percent chance and reduced amount only about one tenth inch.. tonight low humidity a great night to open
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tomorrow upper '80s and a better chance of rainfall at the end of the week into the weekend. the details ahead. lee road landmark has a new name and breeze comic-con saturday reopen today as the tavern company,e and jim brown and killed during a robbery two years ago, a former employee offered to take over, on sunday they transformed the colony int the tavern company which is not open for business.. still ahead another major airline computer crash. for southwest now delta deals with inexpensive mast, what wen wrong s was to mark and how the airline is trying to make peace
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delta air lines getting back to normal after canceling flights. was a long line this one at the delta ticket counter at hopkins as they waited to see when the flight would take offt or they had to change flight th lines were much shorter in the afternoon at akron-canton, the outage causing long delays the
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. i apologize for the challenges this has createded in your travel experience the delt teams working very hard tr to restore and get the system's backnd as quickly as possible. those of you who have been inconvenienced me to access to make changes to your travel plans we've instituted systemwide waivers.ut >> deltas offer refunds to passengers on canceled or significantly delayed flights, they hope to get back to normal by wednesday. kandance walker park is closed after an accident on thet tallest waterslide. >> ten-year-old caleb schwab died at the schlitterbahn water park in kansas city yesterday and the son of a kansas lawmake was on the tirupati died the waterslide is 70 stories high
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riders to be at least 54 inches tall and at least 14 years old so unclear why the junior boy was allowed on it. to be honest, this is not something that we have seiji is a priority so what happened on th ride,at as affected staffing. >> investigators not say exactl how the boy died. >> massive wildfire continues i southern california to scorched more than 4500 acres in the san bernardino national forest is 5 percent contained no reports of injuries but dozens of families have been evacuatedor tonight they can only wait and pray that they will have homes to return links like the heat and humidity will be returning.
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with unity back to the mid- 64 dewpoint but today just a picture-perfect summer day with beautiful blue skies. upper 70s water temperature great day for swimming wave heights increasing between two and four and then back to one in 3 feet tomorrow.w. northeast winds between 15 and 25 mph it will
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that they enjoy a beautiful summer day mostly clear tonight with clouds building and destabilizing tomorrow. a few showers from the south and west slight chance tomorrow increasing it wednesday and thursday the best chance will b the weekend. tonight clear a crescent moon and then tomorrow clouds building with chance of few storms and dissipate in the evening wednesdayay chance of m widespread coverage, about 40 percent. mid- 60s to nine,
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open up the windows to get fres air. tomorrow near 90. with a few afternoon storms. about 20 percent chance so not likely. wednesday and thursday better chance of rainfall and then we've had 18 days of 90 l so it looks like about three more which of the day's number 19, 20 and 21 by friday. the cold front moves by monday it will take away the excessive heat/humidity in the '90s go back to life today with lower '80s and lowered humidityw and
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a place to get a barrister budd part warehouse. >> be sure to keep your head on a swivelel >> it is a blast, you come you throw for two and half hours with your buddies and you drink a couple of beerstw and you wal away bmi,n i can throw axes. >> this ron lane's we can take turns throwing axes at a wooden target, the owners werere inspi by lakes throughout the world, for $35 you can try to out thro your friends mda axepert.
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back of his pickup truck the lined it with a slip n slide filled with water reinforce the side to make sure that it does not collapsenf than hit the ro
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season 20 of friday night touchdown begins in three weeks join us for the season premiere of friday night touchdown friday august 26 at 11:00 p.m. on fox 8..
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cavaliers fans are excited for christmasn . >> that's when the golden state warriors are expected to visit foror a nba finals rematch. ev year the defending champion jo? a component on chris's afternoon, they say that this year's matchup features the sam two teams,y the cavaliers warriors that the room is differente las cruces golden state one in oracle, this year the t teams will square off at will be announced in the next week, e it'll warriors will ha new start, kevin durant, signe with golden state on the fourth of july. it looks like he will make his return t to okc on saturday february 11, and if anything like the bronze first game back to cleveland, you might need earplugs. the world's fastest lawnmowers run across england
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the annual a lot more endurance race cuts through essex, teams of three drivers took turns on the quarter mile track, the 12 hour relay race drew more than a thousand fans to this form in the english countryside,t most of race is done in the dark and since lawnmowerssi do not have headlights again get dangerous the winning team finished for him 15 laps. >> there is anotr countryside in massachusetts, a farmers trying to hurt fiveve escape sheep who have been on the loose for several days, running through people's yards and leaving behind some surprises, this idiot they cannot catch them soons the
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is a moss-covered door. "you manage to open it, only to find yourself "face-to-face with a hideous, foul-smelling, moss-covered ogre." what do you do? i say, "hey, ma, what's for dinner?" seventeen. the ogre is amused by your joke and allows you to pass. by the by, i liked it, too. how go the wedding plans, howard? great. we spent five hours last night at macy's registering for gifts. looks like i'm finally going to have that darling little earthenware asparagus dish i've always wanted. see, this is the good thing about having a girlfriend 9,000 miles away. i can spend my nights doing whatever i want. you mean like playing nerd games with us


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