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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 9, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> at graduate with us tonight at 10 a serial robber strikes again police that he is becoming increasingly more aggressive and more brazen >> susan strafford has more on the latest of victims and why every akron business is now on high alert. >> bill and tracy absolutely concerning for people the akron area no business is off limits and no time of day apparently safe from the akron serial robber who just hit several more locations including a restaurant that's been open for decades and never been robbed before. >> they actually came in the back door and armed masked intruders seemingly becoming intruder seemingly becoming more confident with each crime
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cash register at akron's popular b and k root beer drive-in restaurant in broad daylight i was like his that and then i saw the gun and he can see no space it was like he looked at me and said don't move it. >> the first of three armed robberies friday alone. >> it was scary we been in her 47 years and nothing like this has ever happened and it wasn't over yet say the suspect held that the said dollar general store and mama rosa's restaurant on brown street after already targeting this popeyes chicken did the day before either a bandanna or some kind of article of clothing lieutenant rick edwards is as he suspected a more than a dozen robberies since june seen here in action at the lomax and
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has been hurt to but there's growing concern over the escalating intensity and frequency of his crimes of. >> you just a normal thing you try to lock your doors about your windows your home but you can't literally be afraid to go out of your home every body to steve's. >> to go the akron police better look at him in that video in the pictures at bill in tracy all these businesses are not taking steps to protect themselves and their businesses police is only a matter of time if he isn't stopped looks like because it's increasing and will end badly absolutely the crimes are increasing and people are looking for the boys went to get them off the streets as fast as possible. >> at many disappointed football fans of this past
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canceled but if you bought tickets there is a way to get your money back elizabeth henriques here now with all the details. >> if you bought your ticket to the hall of fame and you're in luck you can get a refund and here is how fans he used a credit card to buy their tickets will automatically be issued a refund those who paid with check will be sent a refund check if he paid with cash and you can go to the hall of fame ticket office or mail the refund form with the original game tickets into the pro football hall of fame that information is on our website at the game was canceled last night between the green bay packers and the indianapolis colts because up your conditions the brands of new tom benson stadium was set to be the site of this game apparently the paint was still too wet to play on them when they try to dry at a created another set of problems on his solidified fans we spoke with the say they are ready about popcorn and were waiting for that game to start when they found out last minute and have been
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player safety was the primary concern they put into perspective it was not an easy decision it was the right decision. >> the job ?-ellipsis put down lead to a very unusual sort of toxic situation that we didn't to take a risk on. >> once again you are eligible for a refund if you bought your ticket from the hall of fame organizers say they're not responsible for ticket spot on the secondary market our website has all the information you need plus a refund form you can download just look under seen on tv's and a certainly a very unfortunate set of circumstances tough call but safeties got to come first. >> here police is still piecing together deadly shooting spree in northeast ohio that ended with a gunman taking his own life it up again when police fatally on so shot and killed his girlfriend 40 -year-old keisha benton at her home in a leader
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to south euclid which he shot two more people at a home on winston road early this morning both are being treated for their injuries police spotted before his vehicle and brand to know about 230 this morning where they chased him stopped him at mlk in east 100 fifth however he shot himself in the head and died mission man accused of passing out marijuana candy candidate music candy at a music festival in richland county now charged with a fifth degree felony for drug trafficking 24 people felt sick set bond for matthew gross at $50,000 if he's convicted he could face up to a year in prison the akron man accused of trying to get the cuyahoga falls police officer facing a judge today donald watson junior pleading not guilty to several charges including attempted murder prosecutors say he used his truck to damages several cruisers parked outside the police department and was in crashed into a car driven by officer ted davis demanded davis in the hospital for several days
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a little every day you still very sore obviously a major accident he still got a lot of rehab to do before he can come back but every day i think is progressing. >> officer dave is slowly recovering from his injuries the judges said watson spotted 750 grand he's due back in court later this month today marked the ones of a major construction projects the sure way is now closed in both ir regina for drunken cap of the detours of. >> and even with signs warning drivers to accept long delays at high noon it was pretty much a smooth sailing the morning commute however was a different story trapping moving at a snail's pace not surprising to department transportation official who expected this learning curve on day one of the sure way shutdowns for the most part it's a big adjustment for
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access on clifton to the east branch where we closed for the next 24 days today was day 1825 day shutdown with traffic down to just one lane in both directions between lake avenue and west 73rd street construction crews already hard at work breaking up concrete preparing to replace dishware weighbridge over the ram that carried lake avenue onto the sure way eastbound the lakefront west project a multimillion dollar vision of the city of cleveland modernize the area posts to create better access to the lake we also improved a the couple of pedestrians on the few years back its product has been one of the making and this is the last of big push to make it happen while drivers have the option to alternate their travel plans businesses in the area have no other choice but to wait it out ?-ellipsis including this up still man's clothing stores located on tifton boulevard
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the varbusiness has been slow far business has been slow but there is comfort the mag and that mac and that is such a main connector east to west that just shat shat i would like to see him working 24/7 in cleveland that jennifer jordan fox eight news and crews will be working around the clock until the project is complete for an alternate route to a drivers have been usi also recommending taking west boulevard to the east sure way at 10:00 o'clock lorain city council is voted to place a fire levy on the november ballot if passed it would raise $1.4 million a year for five years last month the city laid off 22 firefighters received two-year, $3 million grant to bring those firefighters back city leaders is a passage of the fire levy
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grant in 2018 is official browns fans the today coach hugh jackson announced robert griffin the third will be the starting quarterback rj three let the redskins to the playoffs as a rookie but for his acl in the wild-card game and he was never the same last year washington benched the former number two overall pick but griffin never complained in since he signed with the browns in the off-season coach jackson said rg three has been a great leader both on the field and in the locker room. >> is a lesson is hard since i got here i have been i've been thankful for just the opportunity they don't come around that often when you get when you can see it sees it's been at the browns up in the preseason this friday in green bay much more from brown's camp a bit later on in sports tonight changes in the forecast including rising temperature is andre isn't is
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investigators are sharing with you tonight. >> and unexpected scare on a popular cedar point roller coaster the malfunction the injured matters how school now he's learning his fate i've been laid waste kid at meet the sect meet this at 12 -year-old who is on track to get his doctorate before he's
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the mac if only i could tan the last three days and open it up whenever i wanted to absolutely ideal low 80s we had some cool overnight temperatures in the burbs and 'let's take a look at this morning you will see that we have at least a three locations that sported temperatures in the 50s at lorain ashtabula youngstown all in the mid- 50s and that's about as cool as we got in most cases most other backyards in the low 60s but certainly very very comfortable right now we are still in the 70s at 78 degrees but the dew points are still pretty decent here we are in the 50s that certainly very doable very dry it doesn't get humid until you get south towards marietta and having 10 hearers the doppler
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of the moisture well to our south but the high-pressure sliding away and it winds becoming more south east and south of some of the moisture may try to sneak up your beginning as early as tomorrow in detail for tonight 66 degrees still a very comfortable partly cloudy and look to the crescent moon it's still up there is well on the horizon but it is pretty is approaching the first quarter and then tomorrow a little warmer 88 to a little margin material and there could be a few isolated to scattered late day thunderstorms that doesn't look like the big distribution but that will increase slowly but surely going into the week as the humidity grows up in the next front arrives all the timing on the eight-day. >> still to come at 10 are no approach it to use a football big differences in the game tonight to promote safety and fun to program on display in right here in northeast ohio
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in handcuffs the family of the so-called o'clock boy he is fighting back against the school and later in sports tonight the world champ at the big mac shop cast fans will be
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z231cz zvpz
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event in canton earlier today he took the stage in detroit and laid out his plan to jumpstart the economy and the republican nominee is proposing an across-the-board tax cut he also wants to eliminate the death tax offer a full deduction ob all childcare expenses and impose a 15 percent corporate tax rate trumpet was interrupted several times by protesters especially when taking aim at his opponent hillary clinton short-circuited again our famous term when she accidentally told the church and said that she wanted to raise taxes on the middle class trump also says he wants to simplify the tax code for reducing the number of tax brackets mean time clinton is expected to deliver an economic address of her own on thursday speaking at a rally in florida today the democratic nominee for president accused transit plan of catering to the wealth they
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st. petersburg and promised more support for small businesses the latest washington post poll shows a hillary clinton with an eight-point lead over donald trump. >> there are still plenty of questions about height 10 -year-old boy died on the world's tallest water slide the park will reopen tomorrow but the right remains closed it happened at the shredder bonne waterpark in kansas city park officials issued a statement today saying there intensely saddened by the death of caleb schwab so far a few details about exactly h partygoers reported problems with the hunt harness in the front seat the man in front of me said that multiple times and she wrote the right today and that the front runners did not work any of the times of that she wrote it. >> to be honest this is not something we've experienced in addition to the safety what happened on the ride be met in
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results of the autopsy in florida is investigating another case of the zika virus this one is in palm beach county the patient had recently traveled to miami-dade county for more than a dozen non- travel related secret cases were discovered last week at the good news for health experts still believe transmission of the mosquito borne virus are only taking place in an area smaller than one square mile coming up your sleeve and commuters in getting more exercise than they bargained for rt climb dozens of stairs every day in the heat the it and has more on the malfunction causing major frustration distracted driving crackdown that ugh, this pimple's gonna last forever. oh come on. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours. and acne won't last forever.
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commuters are struggling to climb dozens and dozens of steps that one of rta's busiest rapid stops it's like a fox ai team is asking why our gallic has won one of frustrating elevator outage the mac for a 60 -year-old man
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westbound rta rapid trains open to tower city step after step after step one elevator and we found it not working people in wheelchairs have to use another stop the it and had heard about this problem again and again so we investigated for five flights of stairs is not good. >> the need to fix the elevator with the no elevator what exactly does it take to get from down here at the tracks to upstairs inside tower city let's take a walk. >> each of these segments include 10 the segments include 10 or 11 steps depending on how you count them altogether five facets of steps and when you get to the steps in top you feel it even if you're in good shape. >> rta created the stop in tower city since it's doing major work on the main rails can't go on like this cannot even tough going down. >> why do people have to walk up and down all those steps
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maturity a rta says it's an old freight elevator works then stops keeps overheating the elevator belongs to tower city but rta says it is bringing home a contractor to fix it doesn't get it done in a few days did rta look at the elevator before all started rta didn't have really other rta didnse that tracky other rta apologizes for the inconvenience it is a big incoming answer to our customers the writers hope there is no delirium plans the big especially the man with the bike recovering from a heart attack. >> trying to recover and exercise but not like this added thank you rapid riders using wheelchairs either have to get off the east 55th and take the bus to tower city or go to west 25th he get off then come back to tower city from the other direction we are told of the elevator should be fixed and sometime by thursday still to come to
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cedar point that malfunction that hurt writers and forced the shutdown of a popular coaster and the hatching an
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>> new developments and a long-standing cold case what with local police are sharing nearly four decades after 18 goes missing college-bound at age 12 what life is like for a boy genius who is looking to make history at an ivy league school the beautiful weather can't last forever andre breaks down some changes in the extended forecast for news at 10 continues right now. >> at fairview park police are sharing information about the puzzling case of a 17 -year-old girl who disappeared
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jack shea has new developments tonight in the cold case that's baffled police for the past 39 years august 8, 1977, 17 or your von regular is getting ready for her senior year and with ones that high school year bond was set at sunoco gas station and with homestead but on that day she is asked to work at the sunoco enabling fairview park as a cashier and attendant parking pumping gas at the station in the main road at 130 that afternoon never to be heard from again. >> they found her personal items her purse for lunch and books so it was as if she just appeared. >> thirty-nine years later fairview park police released this age enhanced of proto- issues would what you von regular would look like at the age of 56 if she is still alive.
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amber alerts or surveillance cameras on every street corner i. >> police say over the years of the investigated any leads but the case turned cold until 2014 when yerevan's brother came forward and offered dna that he hoped would lead to a break in the case even though family members are clung to the hope that your mom might still be alive police believe after 39 euros and a sign of yerevan is more likely that she met with our play. >> we believe it was a crime of opportunity that she was pumping gas came along and saw her and grabbed her from the gas station may become through .-dot gas and came back since reopening their investigation police have interviewed 20 relatives and friends and witnesses and individuals they call persons of interest in your bonds the disappearance of their hoping that someone out there will provide peace of mind for deb on surviving family members by leading them to her remains in the and the person responsible for her
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>> they would know at least they would have a body to bury him not wondering where she is at delta airlines is getting back to normal operations after grounding all of its flights this morning a power outage in atlanta at this rented a delta computer center and that led to the decision to ground the fleet. >> and try to get her early when weather flights would take off or if they have the chains of flights to lines were much shorter by afternoon after you have akron canton airport but the outage caused many long delays at airports worldwide this afternoon the airline ceo issued a video
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>> i apologize it for the challenges it is created for your with your travel experience of the delta team is working very very hard to restore and get the systems of back as quickly as possible for those of you have had been a beaming and stephanie to access and make changes to your travel plans we have instituted systemwide waivers delta is offering refunds to passengers and canceled or significantly delayed flights the airline hopes to get back to normal by wednesday two people pled guilty to stealing from a of the golfing legend charlie sheppard passed away last year was the first african-american on the pga tour at the time a team reported that investigators were searching for money missing from his assets to son craig and his former wife a pled of pled guilty they've agreed to pay back $315,000 strongsville police are still searching for the smash and grab suspect here are three men are accused of stealing an atm from the bp station on
1:33 am
crashed on i 712 people arrested one got away the atm is recovered fully road at landmark has reopened with a new name and the new owner the former british colony closed saturday night it's reopened today as the tavern company the colony fell on hard times when a longtime owner jim burnable shot and killed during a robbery two years ago the retailers says a major
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>> i'm never allowing them again i love that ride i don't want to be on that went something like that happens a spokespers returned to the park after being treated the drug store is dragster is expected to reopen tomorrow a little rain here and there and we've been waiting for it but for the kids you don't want to go back to school just yet you don't want to think about it you got some nice and 90-degree days and it while it's 90 they can sing because they don't want to hear you talking about
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want to talk about this weekend at first because it is as i mentioned from the front yard absolutely ideal and so let's take a look at the higher the high was 83 degrees on sunday below is 62 at hopkins airport we've had many places that were in the 50s we will faster forward from sunday to friday this six days from sunday and we do see a temperature increase that it's really a modest increase is only about 10 degrees 73 so you wouldn't think that it would be a huge deal but the affect is amplified hugely because two points over the weekend and 50 that was a very low and by friday they do points will the two points will be in the low 70s that is in the super topical category here is tonight sunset time lapse it's a beauty and most cases it most and backyards completely
1:36 am
of the time today there are a couple of exceptions and but for the most part it looked like this but we do have some moisture not too far away you can see it done here in the deep south and that moisture will get pulled northward that will take a little time but you can see right here it is still pretty much well south of the ohio river but with high pressure moving in this direction and with the windsor that with the windsor shifting northeast right now the showers will start to drift our way let's look at the computer model share we will start off tonight and stop the action right around the 6:00 o'clock 7:00 o'clock hour tomorrow notice how we see the beginnings of a little bit spotty shower of spotty shower activity well to the south tomorrow night and going
1:37 am
more coverage let's hope for that because we could certainly use of the rain for tonight clear as a bell with the crescent moon just about to set 66 and 88 for tomorrow partly cloudy skies and chance of a scattered late date thunderstorm again high-pressure meeting to the east and it will start tapping into some of the moisture notice how gets again to northward and if you spotty showers and start to develop the probabilities will increase we will only go 20 percent tomorrow plus or minus a little bit than 40 percent wednesday thursday and by saturday and sunday the next cold front could start bringing out some significant rain certainly hope so in the process it will be hot and sticky this week by wednesday and thursday temperatures may approach or exceed 90 at times for a few more days before we knock it back down. >> still to come at 10 the fun of football without some of
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the modified version of the sport of what it means for young athletes in northeast ohio he was a big man on campus but now he's behind bars what's next for an adult
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it so the first of its kind it is happening right here in northeast ohio's football scrimmages as a modified tackle version of the sport of melissa reid has the details for us tonight we are called modified tackle football and it is a gentler way to introduce kids to tackle football and the browns are the first nfl team to help coordinate this program to see if it works with kids were here in northeast ohio touchdowns are being scored inside north royalton high school football stadium these are no ordinary use of football scrimmages. >> what this project we're working on here it's a modified tackle football chart kyle is a mendacious as head football coach as well as the cleveland browns you to football advisor hi all along with kyle along with the browns and usa football are piloting the program right here in northeast ohio he met with the only other sports into things like this hockey
1:42 am
basketball has a lower ram football we just went from my flag right into 11 man and we needed to do something. >> what's the difference seven players instead of 11 the mac is the only person in the three-point stance is the center because he's got a snap the ball the other linemen alignment of the two points stands there is never bringing your heads here it's different if i feel like it's kind of a a much a smaller playing field along with a new product kickoff for field goals. >> i did get to carry the ball i didn't score but i did get a free another cool kids have more fun with a shorter field is a better chance of scoring or catching a football emac most of the kids are nine ?-dash 12 years old and they
1:43 am
positions. >> them a shot to be quarterback or something like that but just to be safe concussions are such a concern these days and her parents at the welcome transition from flag to tackle football because of the limited field you will see as much of momentum so there is a safety issue in it we field when our kids to be safe but most important have fun watching the game tickets are having a great time i'm really excited to see see if it touches on nationwide using football will pilot and observe that modified ac season the season and then they will determine us if any of this were even some of the subversion of the sport may be recommended of the potential division and the near future but all being piloted right here in northeast ohio great idea so many parents are pulling the kids at a football right now and they're wondering what will happen the football down the road this may be a great replacement what's going on to the motivated kyle said it right
1:44 am
that dropped its rights right from flag football to tackle and that the participation goes down and they want to eliminate how the kids seem to really enjoy it that is a story that made international headlines the family of the so-called clock boy is taking aim at the school that had him handcuffed what they dealt with in the wake of the controversial arrest it's a proposal that can discourage it distracted driving for some say but some say it was way too far what drivers won't be able to do with one lawmaker
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twenty-three -year-old ukrainian man pleading guilty to charges a that he poses a pennsylvania high school student's american entered a plea today in harrisburg to a number of fraud and sex charges prosecutors say he faked his name and age are parts identification really changing someone's name and age to create a new identity. >> these statutory sexual
1:48 am
tampering with records and conspiracy with his foster parents to commit those offenses and. >> he could get up to 40 years in prison when he sentenced he also faces federal fraud charges could be deported a threat of a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the so-called clock boy in texas in september of last year 14 -year-old ahmed mohammed made international headlines it when he brought a handmade clo thought it was a bomb and notified school authorities and met was detained and questioned and hauled off in handcuffs and said that his muslim family says that they've received death threats forcing them to leave the united states altogether the lawsuit claims the city of irving texas the school district and the school principal violated amounts civil rights. >> i have to go back to guitar because right now it's not very safe for anyone that's a
1:49 am
>> they received a lot of death threats and hate mail and so they have a concern for the safety of their family. >> a district spokesperson said the school system continues to deny that it violated the boys writes texting and talking on your phone already a little in the garden state one new line baker wants to be on things in things like eating grooming even drinking nonalcoholic beverages violators will face hefty fines repeat offenders could even lose their license driving distractions caused over 400,000 injuries each year over 3,000 fatalities these are injuries and fatalities that are easily preventable. >> i think it's a little excessive it saves lives it could save your own or someone
1:50 am
>> sponsor of a measure of knows it knows it doesn't specifically say coffee despite reports of focusing on the beverages similar bills introduced in the past mostly because lawmakers can agree on how severe they should be the university known for the student protest one official developed his own exit plan the chancellor of the university of california at berkeley has installed an escape hatch in a hallway outside his office and emergency exit provide him a way out reportedly cost of $9,000 to install it comes in response to a 2015 protest were students staged a sit in outside his office keys iv ivy league sees ivy league abounded before he can drive meet the boy who is on track to become the youngest graduate in the history of a prestigious university also christmas present for caps on
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back to school time will mean something different for a 12 -year-old boy from texas meet jeremy schuyler while most kids his age are going to middle schools enrolled at cornell university this fall in on track to become the school was again's eagerness to graduate in the history by age 16 jeremy is in the senate to aerospace engineers he will follow in their footsteps majoring in engineering's parents and say he could talk at six months old by 18 months he could read korean at age eight jeremy was already working on high school curriculum at 10 he based advanced placement exams in
1:54 am
-year-old has set a goal to earn his doctorate before the age of 21b mac we also an adequate mountain sports quarterback controversy in berea this year thankfully browns coach hugh jackson making it official rubber grip in the third will be the team started jackson promising to announce ahead of friday's exhibition opener and he delivered last years of starter joshua khan will be the backup trade he played the way they should play i think he did it flawlessly i think he did everything he asked him to do i know sometimes you guys judging may be little differently than i do i get that but i think he did a great job and he's contained to do a great job but again is that it continue to get better to he's got to buckle down and
1:55 am
back in the field for browns from today of her browns from today quarterback joe haden practicing for the first time since undergoing off-season ankle surgery haden will ease and to practice to start of the ramp up his activities as a trainers allow you has one goal in mind getting ready for the season opener in philadelphia. >> will you might want to open your christmas presents a little earlier than usual according to espn the centerpiece of the nba schedule that day will feature cleveland cavaliers hopefully host the golden state warriors and sounds familiar little championship rematch at two teams played last christmas as well the game is held out in oakland nba schedule will be released sometime as well alright the indians with a
1:56 am
of three to the yankees in the bronx this week in the cause for a scope though behind early the tribe can rally following three ?-dash two that was sunday the indians have lost five of their last seven in the lead in the alabama central has dropped two games over the detroit tigers making everyone a little nervous to draw the tribe opens a two-game set in washington facing off against measures are in the washington nationals. the pitching back on track. another good night of sleeping now it's not going to be quite as cool as snappy as last night was about 66 will do points was to be pretty comfortable clear with that question them and i think it's just about ready to set tomorrow partly cloudy it will be warmer it will be a touch more humid to there could be some scattered afternoon thunderstorms of those will begin to increase in number the deeper we've gone to the
1:57 am
a couple of those days during the week so to keep that in mind as. >> and appreciate your time 10:00 o'clock morning show
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who would win a fight between you and me? what do you mean? if we ever got into a serious fight, and punches started flying, who do you think would win? well, i think that's pretty obvious. yeah. me, too. captioning made possible by columbia tristar domestic television hey, elaine. hey. who do you think would win a fight between me and gorgeous george here? you mean a real fight fight? mano a baldo. george. ah-ha! why? george fights dirty. really? what would you do? pull hair, poke eyes, groin stuff, whatever i got to do. hmm. so, listen... you're not doing anything tomorrow, are you? because i have an extra ticket to the historical clothing exhibit at the met! i'm sorry.


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