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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  August 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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77 degrees that was not the case here hours ago which means ism headed our way as check in withi scott weatherwisett some of the skyh humid with heavy rainfalle to bring them in today's announcement produce went to show your cuyahoga county and
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downoga that rainfall most of thef susceptible for petitioner theh was develop much quicker than mischievous of us had to wait until sunday today will see the slain them.
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it is officially hit 908 day and a little bit time for check up with patty. we have some areas birds was
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they do have water crews have water crews have been notified. a reward is being offered for help finding an arsonist who destroyed historic local man mark the schoolhouseson was burg several hours just before 5:00 a.m. on tuesday months in the park chriti overay picnic tables and garbage thrown on to other buildings in another area nearby parts thinku event vandalized a confession stand. and dog found on the brink ofo death was found was did he dof e bring the life.
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layer missed two weeks to walkha that's with the animal clinic there is kept in a cage for months beforee the new cnn on e side of the red they used during a public service has been pint-size the d peak keepers on a large number of deputies outside of one of the hype they can put it that someone tried it isonhy just
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the threato and are taking ther complaints to city council.ta my heart was broken for my dad. it's so much birds and so much litigation he doesn't get paid for this.s. they have filed a police report and now taking security measure to protect those remaining these. weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead done to your lawn is a chance to without leaving the city run are just a few weekswe away from the fox 8 foxtrot sign-up picture our website at
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anything the road welcome back to fox 8. it is about 20,000 people
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i'm also producing aboutt 2 inches of rainfall willi locally. welll up into the middle and upper 70s the humidity is extremely high and we vardy had a few showers redeveloping south of canton nothing severe will start to see the conditions more unstable t temperatures above 90 again were still heightga nearly hit and md thunderstorms many of us withi the abode of rainfall many of us at any oft o not even a drop. send it back to you. for never had across cleveland
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are route the streets. there could be a solutionte the first of its kind motocross ands mountain bike park could be coming to cleveland seasidesn t wright has more on the proposal. and own videos online groups off hikers popping with the performing stunts. the city is considering a placel for bikers to legll to homea the city is proposing the chew million-dollar motorcars strike here in the parkrk w there is 72nd street city leaders say it was2n pre- new le into apart that'sw become somewhat of a dumping ground and would help build communitywh thy
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cause them to feud in then community is something that princeton together city leaders will discuss plans for a tracker bit later on today ifs approved it could be done early next year. this is just getting up itxt is 542 on a wednesday morning in the city weather and traffic
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and not a harvard study of suggesting that michigan city isn't the only place for the problemty mother nature unleashg powerful storms in theure desert with the very unique one to punch. taking a live look along the trafficic
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we had to take off and i fox also portion of garfield blocked offti the treeslm and wires down along columbia road between draw and brookings. that summer and more rain is on
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it is crawled have pretty much stuck with the do points well into the 70s it's we was more like centrl florida than here in ohio rainfall numbers hit in this is ain pretty good for heavy rainfall. down to west salem in mansfield portions of northern al . and they can almost 2 inches of rainfall bull's-eyeca rate near plan ceric grafton picked up will stay in inch of rain in that continue through northor olmsted. and right through euclid and through late county an almost 2 inches of rainfall there many locations south of trends presented nazi at drop at drop
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county and a venue new the temperatures remain in the middle 70s willi see some sun today it's goingl o be hazy already with temperatures in the middle and high sevenlr we can't easily cap thatany has temperatures will make a run at see how the storms play
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overnight tonighthve you'll note there will be many locationsat that don't see a drop of rainioe look at the leak in a tropicalic system point andal just cups of moisture that will link up with this cold frontt there will be sometimes of widespread rainfale his higher indication that there will be additional locations that pick up another 1-2 inches of rain shows a break next week lower humidity with highs in the lower 80s. there's a much higher chance that she was saturday and
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the visitor check this time lapseck t video from a hotel a t time later rain pounded the citt droppingy 7 inches has a flash flood a number of driver stranded hopefully short-term several roads. >> bottled water sales are searching signs are so unsafe levels of industrial temperatures in food packaginguv non-say he could fans in the water sp country the chemicals can causeu a wide ranges of health problemp includingr cancer the study examined thursday thousand water samples taken over the past three years 5:50 a.m. is your time one of patty's artificial duties:50 is preston vatican p departments also take to the skies to do thatodepa now one io doing so while keeping crimefighters on the groundne
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news the the police years and newd technology forn crime-fighting tool one police department adding ice in the skies to helpm catch bad guys. officers use them for search and rescue operation crime scene investigation as well as chasesa they've beens recorded and savea is evident they cannot be used for surveillance.v the owner of an iowa bar is making some repairs after a freight train cars derailed and crashed into aght name is the rp
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chuckle about it their costsi about $10,000 with the damagesr thankfully, no one was hurt. the animals had was somehow stuck in one of the plastic basketball hoopss sk in the pud passport were still he's ah tail hidden converted side and take theop animal officials don't do this for items on antlersffi because they drop off each year. you never know. we'll check in with scott sabol
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there are deer are very rare. how one woman apparently, and letting detailsma house of the
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come back. that should not be the case for
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they tried to fast-track of replace net that she is unablen toa get a visa and tonight wei will have stay home.g they'll be in divorce crimson. that's the news at 5:00 on a wedned the news at six same begins right now. good wednesday morning. august 10 ases the day of 2016. you are waking up to questions is 76 degrees and humid.
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there's a quick look at lightning strikes. three and 4,000 lightnn andg as the day goes on will


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