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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 11, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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last nights weather. and there could be more on the way. in the coming days. >> a first look at the forecast. >> this evening. >> you just saw we have blank hraoeugening strikes. the trigger was really a very light lake breeze. a close look. you can see the last of it. falling apart. there are still couple of tropical showers. that are ringing themselves out.
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lightening tracker. you just saw, nothing, 0. no cloud to ground hraoeugening strikes in the last 30 minutes. all pretty much done with. for the time being. look at the dew points. temperatures and dew points almost together. all in the 70s. extremely muggy into the rest of the evening. >> we're not going to drop very much. many people still coping without power tonight. 24 hours after severe storms swept through their area. >> . mentor was one of the hardest hit. and some residents were told they maybe without power.
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now powerful enough to run the whole house. but he can use lamp. with a 7 watt bulb. keep his refrigerator and freezer stocked with food. and keep the sump pump running. >> .
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blessing. the sun hasn't warmed us up. we're still cooler inside. than it is outside. >> . crews spent the day repairing electrical lines. that were taken down with powerful winds brought down huge trees in the area of mentor avenue and garfield road.
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the number of customers in lake county without power is less than a thousand. those are now expected to have their power restored by six o'clock tomorrow night. >> . that's 85 percent higher than the state minimum. city leaders previously said they were against the hike. fearing it could cause businesses to close. or move. city says this is its final
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>> . new tonight. the removal of the reck center gazebo is moving forward now. >> . it will be deconstructed. and be put together at its new home. in a chicago museum. >> this plan has been in the works for about 6 months now. city counsel has been working with the family. to remove the site. which many say serves as a constant reminder of the trapbl tkeu happened there. in 2014. when 12 year-old rice was shot and killed by police. for having a pellet gun that law looked raepl. both officers involved were not indicted. and the city leaders settled with the family. officials had to wait to tear down the structure until the case was closed. but now instead of tearing it down.
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organization his mother started following his death. it will be deconstructed. then stored tp-fr several months. before being shipped to an art maw seem in chicago. where it will be reconstructed and displayed. with an explanation of his store. >> story. >> . >> deconstruction of is set to e place. by early september. now in place of the gazebo. some type of stone and tree memorial will be put in its place. >> . can you identify two men caught weu surveillance. burglarizing a local veterans
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troubling. >> . yes. stealing is bad enough. we know that. especially from people who put their lives on the line. for this country. but taking something that's meant to help sick children. just seems so much worse. >> . a fast moving strike. dedicated to serving others. >> . they pry open this door. >> . two burglars e in video released wednesday. breaking into and vets post 40 in mentor. >> . one person went this way. the other that way. >> . busting open gaming machines and quickly stealing stuff from behind the bar. >> . they were in and out within 53 seconds. >> the ore one split over here. >> so fast. it's like they knew the property. says manager and marine core vet veteran. >> . they could have came in as a
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and it's just. you wonder why. >> . they only got away a bottom of whiskey. and a hundred dollars. >> . it took the st. jude jug. >> filled with money for kids fighting cancer. which claimed the life of a member's child. >> . st. jude. come on. >> . hopefully a conscience. as police look for leads. >> . ironically, if the club had been open. and the suspects had just asked. >> we would help them.
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anyone with information about the suspect. is asked to call mentor police. you can get another look at the video at >> . speaking out for the first time. after he was hurt by an out of control driver. suffered several injuries when
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into the officers cruiser. made a call to 911. threatening to injure officers before hitting several parked cruisers. and ramming davis. davis says that he is thankful to be walking. something doctors weren't sure would happen. just 18 days ago.
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remember that skunk i spotted out here. about a month ago. walking back there. thankfully minding his own affair.
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he's out of here tonight. he's out there somewhere. he didn't like something. because it is just really interesting. odorous. a good word. >> . at least the rain has quit. right now in the 70s. in fact there's one hold out. findly. 83 degrees. dew points that are just in that steamy sultry category. and it's going to stay there. right through the weekend.
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strong words from both sides tonight. >> no question about that one. clinton says the kphepblt is further proof that donald is
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trump though not backing down. from his comment. that second amendment gun advocates koultd could deal with clinton. >> . trump is hammering clinton on another issue. nonprofit founded by president clinton sought favors from the state department. while hilary was secretary of state. she claims the e-mails cannot be tied directly to her. she had nothing to do with them. she's pressing hard at trumps second amendment comment as well.
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under way. and won't start heating up until after labor day. >> . some excitement earlier today. at a clinton rally. a woman tried to storm the stage. multiple secret service agents tackled her. while about 4 other agents jumped on the stage. and surrounded clinton. agents escorted the woman who appeared to be an animal rights protestor. backstage. former secretary of state continued speaking without missing a beat.
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wanting to talk to trump. who was in virginia. >> . five hundred miles away from new
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a better relationship between police and the communities they serve. that's what a local man hopes to accomplish through a very public demonstration. >> . more on the plans for a ride for peace. >> . ambush of police officers in dallas. and louisiana. has been very much on the minds of officers around the country. including akron. what they have quietly seen is overwhelming support from people who want them to know they have
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> that distrust. >> i would like to see a bunch of people from the neighborhood come together with the police department. and fire department. and join forces. and help each other. sometimes say if a crime does happen here. i want people to be able to help the police out. >> working on plans for a bike ride. a ride for peace. officers and people from the community ride side by side. to better bridge any divide. >> . they're here to help us.
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>> .
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i team investigating why a family called 91 for an ambulance. but paramedics never got there. >> we have seen this before. i team reporter hasz has more on the latest incident. >> >> dial for an ambulance. you expect one within minutes. you don't count op what happened tuesday night. after stewart blacked out from a seizure. and his sister called for help. >> i expect an ambulance. we needed. they didn't show. >> . fireman came in. and the only people that came.
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firefighters first responders. came from just a few blocks away. they helped revive him. start checking him out. but. no paramedics or ambulance. here near east 142nd. in cleveland. >> . 30, 40 minutes passed. and they were telling us the ambulance they had no one available. >> . this is unheard of. >> >> a you this has happened before. this child had a seizure. waited 30 minutes for a cleveland ambulance. no ems unit available. multiple sources say they have run into the problem often. sometimes daily. his case not unique. >> . 12 hours after the delay with that call. the i team got this word about the city strug to put enough ambulances on your streets.
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>> the i team took a series of questions to city hall. why does this keep happening. what's being done about it. >> . hire more people. >> plans for a dirt bike track in inner city cleveland. have hit a speed bump. now tonight. city counsel postponed voting on a proposal.
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mountain bike trail. on the existing park. this is near east 72nd street. >> if approved the park would be the first of its kinds in a major american city. the proposal must go through a committee process. before going to the full counsel for a vote. >> . >> the fire broke out at the pine crest apartments. on middle ridge road. t first on the scene were police sergeant. and patrolman. pair realized a disabled woman was trapped in her apartment. rushed in to help. saving the woman's life. chief of police says he's proud of his officers heroic actions.
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problems arose in the case. after a witness took back what she said. the court found evidence had been with held. >> . first energy stadium is about to get some more upgrades. cleveland city counsel voted tonight to invest about ten million dollars. in the facility. the cash will be spent on new led lights. sprinkler hraoeubs. security cameras and any other improvements. that money is generated by the
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cigarettes. >> . when you mike a mess like that. it's tempting to accept help from anyone. who comes knocking at your door. but. that can be an expensive mistake.
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the roof with a tarp. do not allow repairs that correct. or eliminate the problem. until your insurance adjustor has an opportunity to sign off. taking pictues after the storm. can help you prove your claim. the ohio insurance institute and ohio department of insurance. recommend you get several estimates. do not be bullied into signing a contract. especially one that prevents you from presenting your own claim. to the insurance company. and be present. for the inspection. you don't want someone claiming damage that doesn't exist. or creating a problem you don't actually have.
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you're dealing with. research a contractor reliability. by checking the better business bureau for complaints. >> whatever you do. do not pay in full. until the work is >> . great information there .l. >> . in it's too good to be true. >> . yeah. >> . don't get burned by that. >> . it was a wild night last night. >> . different from straight line winds. a thunder storm is collapsing. and that very small column can collapse. down downward.
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nowhere to go but out. and produces kaoeubdz kind of a star burst pattern. where ever those occur. again much more localized compared to straight line wind damage. which sa bit more broad. >> most triggered by a lake breeze boundary. so that's where most of the rain was. little pockets of two to 3. southeast of toledo. just south of huron. let's take a look on the east side. lake breeze boundary from southern. central. over to akron. little pockets of two to 3. right here, just north of u.s. route 422. near. there was a pocket according to to the doppler weather radar. 3 to 4 inches. which came down in a short period of time. the gorgeous sunset tonight. this is a panoramic view from our rooftop.
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triggers today. we'll see what we have tomorrow. obviously the sun will be one of them. look at this. this is kind of an interesting grab. this is cleveland. we hit 90 for the 20 day. cooling thunder storm. this next graph i super-imposed belongs to orlando florida. almost the exact same thing. cooling thunder storm they never recovered. we did. and we're both basically in the upper 70s.
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one to 4 inch rainfall potential. that could put a dent th-t rainfall deficit. behind that cooler drier. early next week. >> . so we have a lot going on. in the next 8 days.
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clean bill of health during her back to school physical. at the cleveland clinic. her mother un-aware of ohio's new meningitis mandate. until now. >> . if they just started third-degree law. i never received anything in the mail. about this shot. >> . the new law signed by the governor last year. states all incoming seventh tpraeuders must have one dose the vaccine. and all incoming 12 graders must have a second dose. of the vaccine. meningitis is the inflammation of the protective membranes that cover the spinal cord and brain. the disease is spread through saliva and can be deadly. even with proper treatment. >> . a lot of people carry this germ in their nose all the time. and the doesn't bother them. why some have it spread to the
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we're we're not exactly sure. >> . the number of meningitis instances are actually on the decline. and health officials want to keep it that way. >> . i'm for it. >> now there will be a grace period to get the shot. this is also the time of year to update your childs existing
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73 year-old woman is killed after a police officer accidently shot her. this happened during a demonstration. police in florida were holding for the community to showcase the department. mary was well known community volunteer. picked to take part in a
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about the split second decisions officers are forced to make. department officials say blank rounds are always used for the event. and have no idea how a live round ended up being used. >> . >> the florida department of law enforcement is investigating the shooting -fplgt the officer remains on leave. >> . man in florida here. banned from ordering pizza. randy riddle faces charges including harassing phone calls. petty theft. he started making calls to several pizza places in june.
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he refused to pay for orders. gave a fake or vacant address. even called to tell them the pizza was gross. businesses say they lost more than 6 hundred dollars because of the calls. part of his. he cannot call a peuz say place anymore. >> . airline officials say they called for help. after a passenger was found stowing a monkey in his shirt. during a las vegas bound flight. a spokesperson says the incident happened yesterday on a flight from columbus. tola the passenger broke policy by not informing the airline that he was bringing a service animal on board. and then refused to turn over documents verifying the monkeys status. >> . it was certified.
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passenger will face any charges. >> . las vegas man fighting back in a stinky way. after catching a package thief on camera. victor says he had 4 packages stolen from him. in his current address. he set up some security cameras. and caught the thief on video. woman was so prepared she even brought bags along. to carry the stolen items. however. she was in for a surprise. when he decided to fight back leaving her a smelly surprise. >> . i had a pile of dog poop in the ac and i'm like i'll box this up and see if somebody wants to steal it. i guess she wanted my poop. >> . he's contacted the postal inspector about the package thief. >> . surprise indeed. >> . she is one lucky lady. >> 95 year-old woman hits the lottery. and her plans to spend the money
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won 30 thousand dollars on a she says she plans to share her winnings with family. and treat herself to something new. upgraded cell phone. >> . she says as she needs something where you can actually see pictures. she says she loves to go to the store. and play scratch games because she is a people person. and her cat doesn't really give her much attention. >> .
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taking on the nationals. down 4 to one. but they would battle back. >> two run home run to left. 4 to 3 game. real tight. and here comes. scoring. on the drive. to the wall in left center it's a 4 to 4 game. bottom of the fifth. tied at 4. murphy lines to the wall. botches it there. and go ahead run scores. >> . couldn't answer and drop a 7 to 4 decision. to the nationals. home tomorrow.
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with the packers. the team found thunder and lightening. lots of rain at practice today. caused the squad to move inside. and the receivers were getting work done. prior working on his game. while coalman and hawkens did not work out. they will not play on friday
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he's going to run an offense that has solid guys. receivers who can make plays. and head coach is hoping some of the kwhrupbger kids can answer the call. and grow up fast. as they look to make some kind of noise at the school. and today at practice. duh duff speaking speaking about the strengths of his team. >> .
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fading very fast. a quiet night. unline last night. which kept going for a while. 73. tomorrow we could touch our 21 day. at 90. with more afternoon thunder storm -sz. >> another hot one. thanks. >> . appreciate your time here. morning show crew rolls in at 4 a.m. not fm. >> . good night everyone.
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