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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  August 11, 2016 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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rainfall and ashtabula county bedford at 74ht we had heavy ran yesterday once again today's forecast as we look at the thunderstorms which have faded away theirt reports that the atmosphere the disturbed airur which was created from those thunderstormsbich very little es of disturbed area will be the focal po kind of light breeze is not much of on the influence of the rightful also allow for some thunderstorms to develop withv then somee miles of lake erie fr themie coverage on the storms wl keep st an eye on the radar wile us the in yesterday with daytime highs around 92. he a little bit different tomorrow were going to start to build in
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sustained rain for most of northern ohio for saturday and sunday let's talk about that and a little bit. lett it is 6:01 a.m. just dealing with some leftovers from yesterday storm.h this is on kinsman. they are still dealing with some wires downe you will not be abe to get through tamir rice the shot and killed will be removed and centering art museum in chicago l us to have a remembrance to the 12 -year-oldldaag.
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stacy -- pits andnd idill fifth area year is very emotional that north as you take a look behind me you can seen there already set up by this s could see for people say itt serves as a constant reminder of what happened here in 2014 and tamir were shot and killed while raising around an airsoft pistol. they been working with hist mother forh a plan for thisr gazebo city officials had to wait to tear down ff the structe until they cases close announce thatse obtained on the cityt has given the gazebo to te tamir rice foundation. it will be reconstructed before being shipped to an art museumon in chicago will be reconstructed with this story. some type of stone a while will be put in its place the entire area will be in the process of
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>> we are going to be building newa school in the prime. >> another wish from the familye was to put up a memorial. they will have a meeting september 20he developing today.e st police said the 27 homeless conscious and the ashes taken to akron general hospitals no word johnw on her conditions.
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a scuffle att the shooting scenn he ran off the see them struggling to get him under control that's when officers usi straight in and is taken into custody and expected to face charges. he said he did nothing wrong and was trying toid talk to his private who is awareness to the shooting. the cleveland city councilc rejected proposal to raisei the minimum wage to $15 per hour last night they had previously saidas height that caused this this is toey closet raise in clevelana group that pushed for this
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roadme they left many people swelteringth then it's not powerful enough to run anden the homeless but they can keep food person in the face a refrigerator from's byline. ceric it's a thinkine keeps thee refrigerator goingep the sun has not want of son were still cooler inside than it is outsidt 8200 customers so are still without power mainly in cuyahoga and lake county percentagesa websites as customers mightg not have a pound restored until tonight.pou what they stole a spent force the children suzanne strafford has more on what happened and what makes us cry so trouble.
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backyard is really saddens me a test. fast-moving strike dedicated to serving others d to purple are seeing here in video released on wednesday breaking tolea one pen with us with one person what it's worth the money was headed
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>> filled with money for kids fighting cancer which claimed the life of members child st. jude's, come on. he's got to have a heart anda hopefully our conscience as theh look for leap that the tenante. >> we don't want them doing thei same thingn although ironically is the club had been open andd the suse member, suzanne strafford, fox o is anyone with a 60x asked toto call the police department. youe can getp a look at the vido at our website.e >> it the clevelandbs orchestra stepping out to help a neighbori had todayg the free community
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the said to start at 73030 show will follow a music and ard showcase that begins at 530 p.. >> your weather and traffic every eight minutes straight ahead. w crews are battling a huge fire that broke out in marylanda overnight. two dozen before her andnove soe are some missing.i an updatess straight ahead.h >> plus why did t the trump direes the showers working out of portage county and now out of ashtabula countyt the biggest jewsbury as well as the middle and high 80s by80
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to develop late just like yesterdayhoo will talk more about that and a look ahead the weekend m still some left over problems from the storms that happenedm yesterday give you al
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remains comparisons over the last couple of days store withri since monday afternoon to the weather in florida with our high humidity check out the temperatures these are the andndatures traces herere
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there's some most of start county has not seen any rain this weekas while pockets over northeast ohio permit not had there are about four or five distinct areas aref we had heavy rain thought yesterday and we some l that rain breaks of sunshines out of ashtabula countyere we he not seen anything redeveloping
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high temperature on 92 that's so trouble closestha they're goingo 90 and we start to seeee widespread stuff that continues into saturdayha we arewe anticipating widespread rainfall and this will extend all the way
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fox talking about the storm this is sosyesterdayay parking kinsman
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to you in maryland overnight we want to take you tomar some of their entries are from people who are jumping out of windowsnr
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franklin junior scaledw trump tower in new york city is making up in the
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session cups anaheim's the 20he -year-old cleanings cap to try to repent if you ignore them. at the 214th people --opl police cracking and the masses
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it was placed him in custody ann handed them off to the other is how he was able to launches climbtthe the public fifth for withholding security that's under the man posted it youtube. why i claim >> i'm an independent researchers seeking a private audience with youen i would not risk my life pursuing them.e the reason im. claim chart tax p.m. the video by asking everyone to vote for donald trump the candidate was not in
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the head of delta airlines is on
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we are traveling 40 eastbound over by i to 71 were going to head south and it looks good so far so good reminder if you're traveling 80 eastbound you cannot exit at northfield there
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operations have been same questione b we're going to do it through our
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maybe there will be a new dirtbike track on the eastside after all enough to on thehe
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boy it's soupy out here the dewpoint well into the mid- 70s the temperatures are also in the lower and middle 70s were seen someraa and manya locationsny and were starting to see some thunder from the overall patterntaa be gone within the next couple of hours will check it outt ne n see how were goingd to see this pattern is often the next couplo ofu hours that would mean more storms around midday in fact, yesterday we saw these storms developing in areas that didn't see all law of rain at couple of
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that did not see her be any raie
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less coverage than yesterday most of us will be ends the lower 90s cof u a few left over stormsew we start to see the
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looking at widespread rainfallu from late friday night into early monday morningng temperatures start to drop can see the rain in the distanc and that's where we are headed.i to 70 went as checking in a-ok
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brandon who is a loyal viewer jessica dill is live with moreo of the gazebo for the next few >> good at morning this gazebo is not going to be demolished it will be deconstructed pack it up
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museum there. city council met they made ity possible for this to move forward been in the works for about six monthsn they been working with the family of tamir rice which saysith the serves aa constant reminder of what happened here in 2014 he was
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be taken down g though be workig on the next couple weeksugh says incoming 12th graders second dose. this particular vaccine protects against four different kinds and main thing it causes is the
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and if you get this infection can lead to permanent disability or even death. and a very public of unity in surprise can police say since the ambush of baton rouge the department has been overwhelmed with demonstrations of support there getting messages and gestures of kindness from people in the he knows there are pockets of his truste k in thent community fighting officers to ride along side with who they
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i like to see a whole bunch of people you can join forces and help each other i know sometimes like say if it's time to happen hereo i want people to you know i'm saying help the police out some of the time.i'm he hopes to be able to hold hish rightis for you to sometime in september. they must go through committee process before goingt before counsel for a vote. this gives us a closer look odd todd meany is spending his
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on broke part of or they can join a league. 6:39 a.m. ac thursday morning the fox 8 foxtrot is only a few weeks away at next see how your supportks may not even support
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good morning it is 6:42 a.m. brings temperatures in the middle and high 80s by lunchtime t littlea less looking at the rainfall wet look ahead to theh upcoming we can as we looke at that eight-day forecast the temperatures will still stayll pretty high isolated storms
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night and saturday and sunday such thing going on the other overnight work picked up near 90 and bishop.ish not have any any accidents waste
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doesn't matter how long you war oror it was jareded peace time. fishers fox 8 foxtrot gabe spiegel tells us how your supportie will benefit those who have given so much. those returning from conflictsem old and new day and desserts be taking care of when they get home.ts our goal here is to serve those who served the health benefits.
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after leaving the military as it relates to the next stepe m is a vietnam veteran he served in the navy from 1966 release he didn't qualify for benefitsf that recent law changs he's taking full advantage of what the va has to offer. those are all their kinds of things that are a big relief for
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join us for the fox 8 foxtrot every generation surface curvature in price to sacrificed so much p let's help them heal a enjoy the freedoms they found four.r.e hearing cleveland, gabe spiegel, fox 8 if you serd and you are sureif if you qualiy death because the va will be. and we ask that you bring your discharge papers and a form of
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you to join us at a new location which is right across fromo ana free t-shirt for premiumum registration your receive a free werican flight made in ohio ge we come back it's time for the job board of the day. there hiring caregiverob for moe information click the jobs tab
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we've seen a lot of amazing catches by fans that there is is therefore is not one of them take a look what happened
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fan ended up with the faithful of nachos as you see there the worst part in the spirit work fine too. too much a lot pointo outt their phones to take pictures of the skies but police can joke about it today. b for going to check them with patty harkin.
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they are really tearing it out. you can see that car going through the intersection. se those are the folks coming onto the weschler from west boulevark burbank going to opened up and that's not fromn the problem but weedh thoughte it would be. that's a good thing. we will happily accept that. scott is here and he has that eight-dayis that rain we had ts morning isn't very much moving out of geauga countyg i as
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middle andem high 70s will make it above the 90 thunderstorms same deal of tomorrow however the storms late tomorrow through tomorrow nightr storms this week and will be several inches of rain possible this weekend little less humid for prettypr much they monday through next thursdayay right daysey c comes in second random topic.pi we've got ac. lot of constructin in cleveland you can see him pouring concrete for the new bridge y i thought what's theth
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back. i thought to myself the material that was made which modern-day countryich first thought was just surfing and want to go with that.rst would you believe that syria thousands and thousands of years
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for women. thank you, haveve a great day.y. thank you, goodbye. kenny crumpton and a brand-newn store this morning. you're it with kenny,ewew going to be have some fun. i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured.
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might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ? ? ? there's people who care where i'm going ? ? and good friends to welcome me home ? ? so get a full tank of freedom, ?
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? and with a full tank of freedom, ? ? find your own highway ? ? we'll take you wherever you go. ?
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right on west 44th as you head and from the west side this morning. taking a peek out the window your t i can see 71 is bk in s through into downtown but o major crashes and right now we are not experiencing any rainma which is beautiful for sure. wayne and natalie, back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. in the news right now, place to deconstruct the gazebo and memorial honoring race on the west side. it won't be gone for good. jessica joins us live at the gazebo with more on where it isit headed and will take its place. >> good morning, everyone. yes city council is moving forward with a plan to take the gazebo deconstruct it take it to chicago and re-created there. a museum in chicago they will put
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of him. this is all something many people including his mothel have wanted for a very long time. cleveland city leaders have been planning to move with the boy's family for months now many in the community left candles and stuffed animals after police shot and killed the 12 -year-old at the rec center in- 2014 the officers were not charged. the city settled withc the family. the city is handed the gazebo over to the rice mother. it will be taken down and moved to an art museum in chicago with the a the public art display talking aboutch him. >> when reaching and speaking out with mrs. rice, she let me know that she had a strong interest in having the foundation she established in her son's name to have the gazebo and direct it somewhere to tell the story of what happened to her son.
7:04 am
here for him whether it is a stone or they put on a tree or plant a tree but the entire area is going to see a lot of changes coming up includingf the elementary school he went to. that is seen a lot of changes youha will hear about coming upn the next half-hour. >> a lot of people say what happened to him should not be forgotten, so it is good something will be there. >> in other news this morning and akronth woman being treated after she was shot in the chest overnight. to get more detailsre just happening before 2:00 o'clock this2: morning on an apartment complex until because police say the 27 -year-old was conscious of breathingmpmp as she was takn into akron general hospital no word h on her condition. in the meantime at the same location police got into a scuffle with the man a man at the scenein thy try to talk to him and he ran offry several officers had to restrain him hes was taken into custody and is expected to face charges he told officers he did nothing wrong and was only
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who was a witness to the shooting. >> cleveland city council ot raise proposal to minimum wage to $15 an hour last nightt city officials previously said they were against it to cause businesses to close and will congress said this was the final action on the proposal. the group will help push for the measurable mep this morning to discuss the future of its effort. >> lake county and residents who severe storms we had may not have it restored until later that eveningh i crews spent ally and whenll state repairing power lines knocked down when strong winds toppled trees in the area the outages left many sweltering in the heat and humidity. he uses generator used his generator for the first time in since 2014 and believes it's not powerful enough to runno as whoe house paraplegic to keep his
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and food from spoiling. >> it is a real blessing with the refrigerator going with you for georgeh doors closed and shades on thelo windows us and s now on this up so we are still inside then it is outside. >> last check, 8200 customers without power mainly in cuyahoga and lake counties. first energn website says some may is some may not have them restored until 6:00 o'clock this evening. >> thieves targeting an organization des those whoig have served our nation, but what they saw was meant b to help children. we he more on what happenede and what makes this time so crime so troubling. >> and you have this happen and our own in our own backyard is just ?- really saddens me it does. a fast-moving strike on a nonprofit veterans organization dedicated to serving others. two burglarsat scene here in vio released sunday breaking into
7:07 am
>> one person with this with one person with that way. busting open gaming machines and quickly stealing stuff from behind the bar. >> they were in and out within 52 seconds. then the other one split over here. >> it's like they knew the propertyspve says the manager ad marine corps veteran. >> they could have come in as a visitor with someoneet at him ad i ball on the place and you know,n it is just ?- you wonder why sense. >> the suspects it's not get away with much only a bottle of whiskey and about $100. it is where the money was headed that hasmo everyone so upset. >> they took the saint jude subject filled with money for kids fighting cancero with claimed the life of the members a member's child. >> st. jude's, you know, you got to have a hard. and hopefully a conscious is mentor policely lok
7:08 am
>> we don't want them going into another business doing the same thing for stumbling upon a homeowner. >> although ironically chris is with the cold doesn't open, no and the suspects had just asked, >> yes, we would help them if they asked that is why we're here.y >> anyone with information about the suspect is being asked to call the mentor police department, and you canke get anotheroo website at >> your time is 7:08 a.m. keep it right here on fox eight news in theig morning. >> right. now, crystal battlinga huge fire that broke out and apartment complex in maryland overnight. more than two dozen her and some still missing. an update is >> plus, we want to know why this young man skilled trumph tower. this morning we get a closer look at the videoni you posted on youtube before the start of the time.u see what he
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>> good morning, everyone. the fox eight hour forecast is more of the same upper '80s by mid day today. tropically humid. still a fair amount of energy left over from storm gestured and that will be the trigger for more stormse later. coverage will be smaller. they are not moving very fast. we will talk more about thatve and then chans weth were all will see when the next few minutes. >> one more alarm clock and we will make it through another work week. hot and humid we will see rain as well. we've we give you all the details on anything in your way in just a moment. cleveland clinic is now ranked number two hospital in the nationclum and number one fr her care and 22 years in a row. access the number one ^-caret in
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underplays broke in the apartmentd complex in silver spring just before midnight. thisid is a suburb of the capital. some of the injuries are from jumping out of the window three injured or firefighters our firefighters the fire involvedhre several buildings at least one collapsed to neighbors say they first heard a loud boomleor and felt r house shake. search dogs are now searchingo through the rubble. >> a california couple caught trying to cross into mexico with something or horrifying. when they were stopped, she started
7:13 am
carrying and found it contained the body ofin the two -year-old girl. police say the child is not theirs, and they don't know who she was police turned to the couple over to the us authorities this morningng they are locked up due in court on friday. >> a former los angeles garbage collector who became known as the grahamarar sweeper killer hs been sentencedr today to death. police say he killed at least 25 homes in south la over 25 years starting in l 1985 he was convicted of kil in it he did grow. >> the man skilled trump tower in new york city is waking up in the hospital this thursday morning. he was not hurt, but hisrt mental state is being evaluated. we see what happened. >> they stunk for those midtown streets the young man slowly and methodically climbedidh the glas fa?ade of trump tower the goal of the crime he says o is to gan
7:14 am
the republican nominee for president.u >> that was the basis for most of his conversation.>> we wanto get to the.where we would have to be able to safely remove them. >> he is identified as stephen workout elevated police car almost three hours as he climbed higher, police try to cut them off and c sight. they cut upgrades in windows and even used a window cleaning scuffleut to try and return, but he ignored them. then, at the 21st floor, police grabbed him. the masses mouse is below cheered. >> i reached out, to took all of his hand and i said sir, you need to come with me. i brought them inside with the help of my
7:15 am
custody. >> how the man was able to launch is climb from a public fifth for landing without alerting security ?- that is under investigation. >> at no time did he express he wanted to you want to hurt anybody.ex his sole intention s to meet with mr. trump. >> one day before his crime he posted a video on youtube called message to mr. trump why i climbed your tower. >> i am an independent researcher private audience with you to speak about an important matter i guarantee it is in your interest to our this request. honor this request. believe met my purpose is not significant i would not risk my life pursuing it.e >> he asks everybody to vote for donald trump and the end of the video the candidate was not home or in the building at the times so that is a good thing because it probably would've got really ugly if he had been there. they
7:16 am
but of trip trump would've been under there are would've ended quicklyen 7:15 a.m. is your time this morning we check in with patty. we have a look at the conditions out there. hi, patty. >> hello, natalie not too bad singer normal slowdown long 71 as we head through 25th on the inner belt bridgeh in bound 90 has also been delayed from before west 44th upas to the inner belt. for 80 as you are traveling this way of co eastbound, you have the northfield exit ramp closed and you will havee to use lawrenceville center also the northfield rams are close with construction continuingn over al not dealing with any heavy sun glare a lot of cloud coverage i you are driving eastbound this morning. we have a look at the forecast with scott. >> good morning, everyone it willin be difficult to nail down
7:17 am
today. a lot of times and we have a pattern like this, the atmosphere's those still stays supercharged andem you get these areas of disturbed airou and thn with thunder we just need to see how itd j will work out of the n comes out and eventually weun wl have a better idea by mid day today. a showing temperatures rising into the high '80s by mid ur day tody where we will stay. and the chefs shafts of rain that came down in buckets yesterday. we had bull's-eyes all over the place yesterday with two ?-
7:18 am
indicate two ?- 3 inches of rait up through was worth and copley in northern summit county two ?- 3 inches of rain three ?- four and geauga county yesterday that is how it will work out todayy a couple of inches of rainfall a a few miles down the road temperatures middle to upper 70s right now we aread brunswick there is the activity a lot of disturbed air out there withi a matter of time the sun comes out and he cap everything the coverage today will be a little less than yesterday the heat index of 95 very little movement on these storms that will sit in rain themselves out we have a few left over tonighte and tomorrow we start to see the pattern shift a cold front to
7:19 am
stationary link i up with our tropical system of the golf of mexico anticipating moref organized storms late tonight and tomorrow night. coast and 92 miles to the beginnings of the line? that will continue o the upcoming weekend, and eventually there will be a court orand of two ?- 3 inches the big one we have talked about for the better part of the fewbo days tt is the weekend forecast for you. there will be a series of widespread rainin and then we finally see the pattern right back down and the humidity will be much much very orlando like leather. v >> you but it is. thank you.ea kenny crumpton kicking it taking
7:20 am
this morning. >> and then we are at cabela's the outdoor event paradise the store opensth in two and a half hours we will give you a preview right now when were come back kicking it with kenny. stay with us. >> time for the fox eight stork report. this you to meet morgan from euclid sent in by her very very proud great-grandmother martha to have your t baby featured upload pictures to we will
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good morning, everyone. the biggest toy store in the world. in the ohio area we are at the brand spanking new cabela's if you can't see me that's okay because i'm wearing camo. i get i'm all part of nature a you. can see this this is nathn
7:24 am
you look great. that is pretty intense. to tell us about the massivee cabela's for people who maybe have not been here before. >> a great outdoors store. we have a. need this is specifically for the avon market what does that mean? >> i would assume because we have a link 15 seconds over there with the outdoor lake activity. >> absolutely. fishing is eachh year. water sports are you too we wanted to make sure we cater to thisyowa customers, so definy a lotu of fishing and outdoor products. >> a lot of hunting. so much more because it is john kerry just one kind great you grade you go through every single thing.eau it's here for your f.
7:25 am
our customers are hunters and fishermen and camping. so wildlife watching and hiking and outdoor cooking whatever it is you do, we want to provide for you. >> and what a beautiful setting you guys could eat the whole outdoor environment here. >> we want to see how this so customers can come in and have fun. so the whole ambience of the store really help. >> you even have a grill and crossbow is that right? >> yest you want them to come in here w and natalie if you work p an appetite while in here, stop in and grab some. >> and what i also like his the hottest new is to trends. i did
7:26 am
different variations on camera. >> this of camera. >> this was developed brand-new only the second aspect with other came out with more than 70 designs and this this is the latest and greatest. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> country fans out here giveaways for the first 500 there is ag dj out here. it is crazy. when we come back, so much more continue and it keeps i'm kicking it withnt kenny when we
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with the air still pretty humid again not a whole lot to worry aboutor that. again, the air is very humid tropical very
7:30 am
temperatures rise up in the low to mid 80s today eventually these storms will fire back up again s the same general patteri think will ben a little less we don't have nearly as much of the trigger as he did yesterday the storms will be on the rise later today werm make it above 90 anyf these hit and miss storms will draft a move to the east. coverage will be 30 percent and it looks like there will bebe se locations that she wonders 2 inches of rain even tomorrow continued humid developing later on the evening not so much from what we are seeing now but look at the cold front approaching from the west we start to see convergence here when you start to see these lines that stretched all the way to the ohio valley, that is the indication with the wide spread rainfall was pretty good amounts of several inches we talk about the eight day in a few minutes.
7:31 am
accidents we're seeing delays coming up 77 and 71 nothing we can't handle for sure between 55th in grand avenue from yesterday's storms and wires as well we have police on the scene blocking roadways where you will not be able to get through aou peek overt i 90 on west boulevad you see plenty of bumper to bumper stuff taking you allo the way into the downtown area by the inner belt bridge. seventy-six at east market you see some of the barrels that have you down to two lanes in either direction. looking at drive times before you step out thereoniv not too shabby just or 20 minutes from route 8371 from strongsville from route 82 a 15 minute commutete you break it dn asbr most of the delays are from denison. seventy-seven northbound from the turnpike to
7:32 am
and natalie, back to you. >> in the news this morning, theseat gazebo were rice was sht and killedce will be removed and sente to an art museum in chicago. they will start of the remembrance of the 12 -year-oldo it is our top story we check in once again with jessica who is five in at the recreation center with more on the gazebo plansce and plans for races old school. >> good morning, everyone this will always be an emotionalrn place for a lot of people every beenlw candles and teddy bears d causes crosses set up youres at they gazebo people's answers is a constant reminder of what happened here in 2014 when he was shot and killed waiting our ground an airsoft pistol. for months, the city is been working with his motherrk plan for the gazebo city officials at a way to tear down o the structure unl the case was closed now the city is given make it as you go to the two-man race foundation in
7:33 am
deconstructed before being shipped to anuc art museum in chicago where it will be reconstructed with his story. some type of still memorial will be put in its place in the entire area will look different because theyk are in the process of redesigning a new school year.ig >> that school where he went to school after the school year will be demolished we will h hae helped us. we have a golden opportunity to re-create the area and we will be building a brand-new school indi the area with a brand-new playground. >> and his family wish was at some type of memorial would be set up inty his name year. thee are twome other memorials here with two fawn police officers the city willwn meet on september 20 that could tell recreation center to talk about what type of memorial is set up for him a public meeting, so everyone is welcome to join
7:34 am
now. >> we live with jessica on the city's west side. >> a local man hoping to bridge any divide that exists between the community employees in a very public demonstration of community and support. akron police saymomo since the numberf officers and that was about to emerge, the apartment has been quietly overwhelmed with demonstrations of support almost daily the officers couldn suppot from peoplen but j thomas says he knows there are in the pockets of distrust in the community, and he has been trying to work with the police department and othersrs o organize a a biker inviting people to ride along with the police the production servers. >> i server. >> i would like to see if they come together with the policee department and join forces and help each other out because i know sometimespo nd is if a crime does happens i want people you
7:35 am
solve the crime. >> you will be ableim to hold a spike rate for unity sometime in september. >> northeast ohioans will have a love for bracing and put the pedal to the metal in a go cart trackth t and also give us a clr look at how our buddy todd is spending his vacation time he served as mc for last night's grand opening n the indoor track is on brook park road and brooke park and opens with the mascot race a the cards can go $35.40 miles per hour on the attracting owners as anyone can visit to write around alone a or they can ride and generally. have you ever done that before? i have never been in a go cart. >> not on going that fast, but it is a lot of fun i like the outdoor track tracks is a nice
7:36 am
to florida a lot. >> ticket out take it out for a spin.lolo still ahead your time right nowd is 7:35 a.m. hand over your money. right now unveiling a brand-new cookie for the girl scouts. and you know what, everything they put out is good this isy sure to be ahead. we will talk about that. >> it is what i loveadad the new tactics the company is rolling out for the new happy hour at it restaurant we will be right
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>> will come back to fox eight news in the morning 7:38 a.m. is your time right now we're hearing from deltas the computer outage this week. it kind of thousands of flights world right frustrating customers ride frustrating customers and employeess we report. >> what is going through your mind? >> it was dramatically it never done this before. >> in his first andm only tv interview following monday's mount on delta airlines ceo spoke candidly about the apocalyptic computer car stay grounded the carrier worldwide. >> this kind of worst case scenario for you guys?
7:40 am
loss as a whole with cuba my is absolutely with never experienced this would never experienced this outages ly anything like this before. >> seventy-two hours after an electrical system failure and a small fire caused a power outage at the main operations center knocking center marking critical computer systems off-lineio. dozens of kids along delaying flights leftds passengers strand around the globe. >> i own at lyons and i am personally responsible this happened. i will be responsible >> it is the same question i asked her people believe me q in the last two days. we don't have a full answer to that cap. >> this is getting it could take weeks in the meantime he spoke directly to critics the reported poor communications. >> we have no ability to communicate with them our systems areni down we had ours whereh we could not communicate with ourselves much less communicate with our customers.
7:41 am
professional time. >> we will do it. >> if you have a sweet tooth, get excited just the girl scouts of america celebrating national in a very delicious way. new cookies are comingde, and a matter of fact they will to the sweet list already in the nurse just a announced we ae talking new s'mores cookies the new variety will have not one but two versionsha it will be collected and sol markets trying to 2017 cookie season. >> aaa trying a new tactic to get customerss. flavors. the good news is is offering discounted or free alcohol beverages as part of a new happy hour promotion in certain markets across the midwest the bad news is kansas, missouri, iowa with ohio not making the list. they try to win back customers after multiple full
7:42 am
will run through the end of september. >> they did not lose my business. i was back right away. it is so good. >> 7:41 a.m. is your time including more fox eight news in the morning straightahead. >> good news for supporters of obama care as new evidence shows it isid really working the onlyn some >> a very unique approach to dealing with a society why one man's technique has gone to the
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
good morning, everyone we have had remaining showers up near painesville but very quiet and tropically humid more like the middle of florida temperatures climbing close to 90 today and tomorrow any thunderstorms today will be againto we will keep an eye on d 41 ?- 2-inch rain certainly possible - radar loops throughout the day on my instagram page you can follow me over there for my instagram page and fox eight .com as well wide range developingra tomorrow night and sunday widespread on sunday widespread for differentnt than what we will see today. we see the temperatures: the humidity will be much lower starting late monday into tuesday, so we are
7:46 am
will be getting that saturday and probably on sunday. traffic time with patty. p >> 's that we have had a pretty nice rush-hour one accident coming in speaking with cleveland police a vehicle along west 28th streetl near franklin and the church there. watch out for that. a lot of activity at west 28th in franklin. over on the east the side 55th in grand had a tree coming yesterday during those stormsg police car is still blocking i grand and i 55. a lot of stop and go in the area right now but moving pretty well five minutes almost completely stopped nothing and it just a lot of volumeplot of 77 to 71 dn by at route eight also a little
7:47 am
to 7112 minutes not the heavy sun glare this morning we are used to 271 northbound between eight and for 82 a 15 minute commute. wayne, back to you. >> obama care seems to be making people out there. and that is a good sign kentucky that started medicaid insurance s for anyone under the affordable healthcare act they are healthier than those in h texas were medicaid s not extended. low income people were 5 percent more likely to report they were in good so thee good healthy and typically the same people in 2015. >> crediting chickens for the help of medical health history will come to poultry welcome to poultry therapy. >> they all have names to have a little trouble determining here
7:48 am
half an hour here in each day in aa coop the size of a living rom caring for a handful of chickens purchased last year from dare to dream farms. >> i think it just made me more of a kind person they are so sweet it's hard not to treat the most direct the 38 -year-old santa barbara man who is8 a client mountain house received a monthly stipend is coordinating care at the coop just across from santa barbara's old historic mission. s bonus, he gets to pay for the studio to the sounds of those and caulking. >> yes. yes. it is rewarding to see them ii have not seen thm grow up. >> you could say each back of the hand administers his anxiey and depression is anxiety and depression a hard battle againsh mental illness softens by the touchof of a father. >> something to take care of some people have dogs for
7:49 am
he really looks forward to coming over here. >> interesting our time is 7:49 a.m. we are good to have some fun. with the valley city and we are getting in on the action.n. the back. that was scary. i m glad he got out of that.ry >> the brand-new cabela's when we come back, lots to show youou
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> the outdoors playing. >> i i did not either until we w him hamlet this camera. looking like he was going for dinner somewhere. they were probably thinking am crazy and and crazy" touch me.y walking down the street where there street where there is no water cabela's where you can do more costume changes
7:53 am
brown in their concerts. >> so you open around ten? some things you need to this store is we have an indoor outdoor power vehicle station i guess the power sport station tell us about this. we have a tv you tvs inside outside all kinds of cool stuff that turned out the avon area. the differences of people and one of the mustacheth. >> one was fishing we have an
7:54 am
even when we open with avon and lake erie so close it opens up the opportunity to make sure we are focusing that the customers you want to look for it. >> you aree you talking about this being a lot they are then different parts of the country for simply because of who we are where we are. >> yes and the type of water you are fishing also changes thater. >> so you haven't cared towards that is what as well this is amassingenen now says massive fishing no spacew roads to rails. >> yes it is all fabulousro it s almost like a candy yu guys are doing fun things out there this morning as yout get ready for the grand opening tell us about that. >> we have used to inquire incorporate who will performs in the cabela's ambassador about
7:55 am
hats andn water bottles lots of fun stuff out there the national anthem will take place with the special ribbon-cutting different than anywhere else. >> that is pretty cool i will hang out with him a little later on wednesday i have notices he faced don't have won or two plants you have a myriad of france from all over the place, and that is really cool to because people tons of choices and options. >> soop many options everyone hs a different way they like to enjoy the outdoors, so we bring it all in here and want to strengthen the bond and make sure our customers are having a great time outdoors. >> 70,000 square feet of outdoor fun. it is like a little outdoor part. bring them up we have more stuff. what is the
7:56 am
>> i will just let it to put it to you this way.> think marine give me a warning if you don't do that, give me a warning. fx eight news is your local weather and traffic on the way at 10:00 o'clock in the morning comingcacaa your way at the topf the hour good morning. >> good morning.. the gazebo where rice was shot and g killed is being removed, but it is not been demolhe know what plans the city as for it. >> the temperatures are going back up already in the high 70s storm fox radar pretty quiet now but that will change check out the temperatures with the chance of thunderstorms popping up once again. >> also coming up at a00 o'clock ?- a preview of national hamburger first we will tell you what you can expect to
7:57 am
there is some hanging out in this building also ?-dash leaps and bounds we are joined by our friendsbo and the three of us getting in on the
7:59 am
good morning cleveland and all over northeast ohio it is
8:00 am
in the city 8:00 o'clock in the morning thank you for joining us. >> it is.min we can't wait. ne are going now we are going to christening it right in thereng they better be nice today because i am doing a segment. >> whatever you need showers moving out. the humidity is very high temperaturesg in the middle and upper 70sin we have the 76 in independents here is the forecast see how it cleared out ?- we are seeing sunshineie so t is just a matter of time before we see one of these storms find backupup we have a couple poppig


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