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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 14, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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of course along with hot and humid weather comes strong storms. many people spending their weekend cleaning up while others are still left sitting in the dark. >> crews have been working nonstop since thursday night. severe weather and tonight for synergy is still reporting almost 3,000 customers wi thanks for joining us for fox 8 news at 10:00 i'm jennifer jordan. >> and i'm bill sheil. will have more on the cleanup and just a moment, but first let's check in with meteorologist jenn harcher to see if we are clear of this weather. we of been doing with it this evening. >> the start of the game at 9:20 due to persistent and city rain. as far as storms go they are pretty much over with.
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but i won't be tracking anything severe. let's go right to storm fox right now and show you what is going on. things started to winding down once he lost the daytime heating and lost a lot of the juice. it is all pretty much down to just study are showers in some of our communities while others are left dry. we do have the one loan shower near painesville just north of route 20. it's moving to the north and east. it is headed off onto the lake shortly. new philadelphia. you're getting some light to moderate showers for that is also and portions of carol county as well. then we have some heavier showers out towards ottawa county per this is going to be pushing and off over the lake. here is the thing. it's not over yet. you saw the line of showers and thunderstorms push through the area today. still this cold front has yet to make its way through the area. we have at least a good 12 hours before it moves along the ohio
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as long as this is sitting here we will still get a stream of showers and thunderstorms pushing and to the ohio river valley over the next 12 hours. for the first half of your day tomorrow there is a shot of a few showers and even rumbles of thunder. we are not going to hit 90 degrees we are headed for the low 80s tomorrow afternoon. current temperature 75 degrees now and cleveland and 73 degrees akron/canton. still very oppressive as far as dewpoint temperatures go but we will be dropping down into the uncomfortable zone at the end of the day tomorrow and eventually we will be back to just plain summer muggy and normal temperatures in the eight-day forecast. i do not have any 90-degree days in the forecast after our 23rd today. >> wow! you know it has been muggy one we go into the uncomfortable range and that will be more comfortable than it has been.
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hopefully get a little bit of a break tomorrow, for sure. >> and jen, thank you. flooding concerns in northeast ohio this weekend. especially on the city's west side. >> the western suburbs hit hard by storms earlier this week. alison brown joins us by from bay village and allison, thankfully not a repeat their. >> right, bill and jennifer. definitely a collective sigh of relief out here in bay village for that is because a lot people still trying to get their power restored in the city and they definitely did not want anymore headaches today. >> being that i just cleaned out the refrigerator and went to the grocery store, my eyes were on the sky. >> not again, weather rolling into northeast ohio a concern on saturday. with flash flood watch is issued in several counties including cuyahoga and lorraine, you never know what can happen. many people and bay village lost
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anything else. >> the power was out on the street from thursday night until early this morning. so that was more than enough. >> so far, so good. heading west the rain came through the area quickly saturday over a span of about 20-30 minutes. here in lorraine, just a drizzle after that. the only problem with the rain has just been a delay of plans for this saturday. >> this isn't so bad. move through delayed a little bit. we had a dinner and a pig roast going on at the yacht club down the road here. it kind of put a little damper on our style but not too bad. >> and even though the idea of what he does sound terrible, rain does not. according to the us drought monitor, much of the northern part of the state has been in a moderate drought come in some areas, severe. >> hoping we gets more rain tonight, we could use it. you can look at the grass around
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little problem. >> so maybe we will welcome the rain, just not damage like this. >> that's right, we will welcome the rain but not the flooding. out here and bay village tonight we want to mention that columbia road is back open. we have seen a lot of road closure signs in the last couple of days but this mean they are back open to traffic tonight. >> okay, that's good news. alison, thank you. and thousands of homes in northeast ohio are still without power. >> fox 8 lorrie taylor said they quit residents are among the many who have been living in the dark since the lights went out on thursday. >> here on lakewood's glenn berry avenue it is a tale of the haves and the have-nots. the lights are shining on one side of the street. >> it's been a little rough the past couple of days.
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>> it's just been pretty frustrating because i have seen so many workers out here at assessing the situation but nothing is actually being worked on. >> rhonda's bowden and her family have been breaking a sweat since thursday afternoon when the air conditioner went down with the electrical line that used to hang across their backyard. the fire department has declared half a dozen properties, including hers, off-limits until repairs can be made >> we are all just a little bit set up right now. i just had that that that would maybe be a bigger priority. >> more than 3,000 homes in cuyahoga county were still in the dark saturday morning. outages from this latest storm have taxed first energy crews. subcontractors, like this one from warren, have been brought in to get the power back on faster. residents living on mckinley
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he and his pregnant wife have also been talking it out since thursday afternoon, sleeping on the living room floor where the air is cooler, despite the fact his wife is due to deliver any day. >> i'm just glad that we don't have a baby who's got to put up with everything. welcome to the world kid, this is not what it's always like. >> not in northeast ohio, where all you have to do is wait the weather will change. reporting in lakewood, larry taylor, fox 8 news. >> and the cleanup continues to the east as well. some people in cleveland heights haven't had power since the first round of storms on tuesday. crews have been working long days to try and get them back on. a few dozen first energy customers are still without power today. tree removal companies were very busy as well.
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of a home and took out part of the roof. wow! and remember, when the storms hit, fox 8 has you covered. we will continue to bring the latest on fox 8 and there you can upload pictures of what it looks like in your neighborhood as well. >> democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will make a campaign stop in cleveland this week. clinton will tour john marshall high school on the city's west side on wednesday, then deliver remarks at a campaign event there. doors open at is scheduled to begin at 1:15. for tickets, just head to our website at >> while, it is that time of year again, when the smell of delicious italian food fills the air across the city seaside. the feast of the assumption is in full swing. the annual celebration and cleveland's little italy kicked off last night as everyone knows, there is plenty to taken along mayfield road. rides, games, and of course plate falls of food. the feast wraps up on monday
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>> it always looks so good. as we have reported strong storms leaving many local residents in the dark. >> but there is one thing police really don't want you to do during a power outage. what local officials shared with the fox 8 i team. >> and a last-minute idea turns out to be a huge success. how cleveland's lg bt community came together after the annual pride parade was canceled. >> plus, to restaurants already closing and one of cleveland's
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we started off the day with some sunshine and it was hot again today. we had 92 degrees this afternoon, plus we track some showers and thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. so far on storm fox a lot of us dry at this point. if you step outside it is still very tropical out there. the humidity up as we head into your night tonight and the first part of the day tomorrow. here is a look at is what is going on. we do have a few loan showers here and northern lake county. some moderate showers are now just to the east of 77 is pushing over toward carol county. the we have a long night in ottawa that is moving out over the lake eventually. we will see another round as we head into your day tomorrow. on a show you on future view we do have something picking up on ottawa kenny. this is 11:00 tonight. we will continue through the morning hours and you can see occasional showers at 5:00 in the morning.
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showers but it won't be as widespread as it was this afternoon. the front continues to drift to the south and east through the morning and afternoon hours. as the day goes on, a better threat for some of these pop-up showers and thunderstorms will mainly be confined to the southeastern community. it all depends on where the front set up shop tomorrow. aj will be in tomorrow morning and let you know where it stalled out but right now it is looking like our southern and southeastern communities where we could see those pop-up afternoon. primarily for those greater cleveland and akron and those among the lake we are talking no risk after about 3:00. we will actually see sunshine starting to pop out as the sun and day goes on before sunset. we still have a lot of rain and moisture to work with. you can see it coming out of the deep south and there is the system in louisiana that is causing a ton of flooding but it has combined forces with the cold front that is sitting still
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note it is very slow-moving and will hang out along the ohio river valley through your day tomorrow. then on monday and a little to the south. this is the next system that will be in tuesday and that will be another little soaker. so far flash flood watch in effect until sunday evening before eventually that is out of here. 73 degrees tonight and a few showers and isolated thunder. tomorrow not as hot at 83 degrees and mostly cloudy with on and off showers. also rumbles of thunder primarily in the first half of your day on sunday. here come the rain and storms on tuesday and back in the low to mid 80s but this is what i want you to notice on this eight-day forecast, no 90s. >> that is a change. we needed the rain. >> we still do need the rain. we are at a little deficit but every little bit helps we will see a few more chances this week, to. >> you think the 90s will make
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>> oh yes, we always get a few 90s toward the end of august and september. >> i thought you are looking for the fall cool. >> not yet. strong storms here in northeast ohio, but in the south, deadly floods. >> still to come on fox 8 news at 10:00, the latest on the rescue efforts in louisiana, and how first responders are working to keep residents safe. >> plus, an ohio officers act of kindness is going viral.
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one person was killed and several others hurt after an accident involving to columbus high school water polo teams. a passenger van carrying players from the thomas worthington and we're anything till born water polo teams, along with some family members, was headed to a tournament when a crash happened around 10:00 friday morning. investigators say the man did not front of a green truck at state route 65 and state route to 81. the semi hit the fan on the passenger-side door, knocking both vehicles into a ditch. the henry county sheriff's department tells us 19 -year-old courtney fisher of worthington was killed. the driver and for girls, ranging in age from 14-17 are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> it's just tough. i can't, i don't know.
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and i think about parents and you know. so, god be with all of them. >> i think everybody depends on each other for comfort and things like that. the district is a great job in putting together a crisis team where counselors come in to meet with kids and anybody else who needs to talk about how they are feeling. >> all of those involved in the crash are from columbus. they were on their way t water polo tournament of the season for the driver of the ban is the mother of two of the girls. this incident is still under investigation. widespread flooding after pounding rainfall is battery louisiana, and being blamed for at least two deaths. >> will carr has more details on officials doing tonight to keep residents out of harms way. >> evacuation's arrest his are underweight in louisiana after
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causing widespread flooding. >> the first responders had to come rescue us at the house because the water with a high. >> the slow-moving storm is expected to dump more heavy rains throughout the weekend. governor john bell edwards declaring a state of emergency, saying residents advice to evacuate should do so quickly. >> we have record levels of flooding along our rivers and creeks. because these are record floods, we don't know how wide the water is going to get i >> it is been flooding progressively more and more as the day goes on. it's just getting worse. >> the louisiana national guard is now going home to home to save residents and pets stranded in waist high water. rescue crews are continuing to search for a car swept away in a report of a missing person. >> are helicopters are primarily in active search and rescue right now. we are trying to courtney with the officials on the ground to make sure we get to critical areas.
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flooding overnight. rivers and creeks expected to crest 4 feet higher than the previous record. >> this is certainly not over. >> the storm system hovering over louisiana is expected to dump more rain for the next 36 hours, making it uncertain exactly when the waters will start to recede. in texas, will carr, fox news. >> it was a gathering almost didn't take place. >> the community says we have to have it and we have to be able to come together and sw we are strong. >> how organizers came together to pull off an event like no other, in just days. >> plus, picking up the right person at the right time. how a woman helped hurt goober driver see his son compete at the olympics in rio.
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before the weather turned wet this afternoon, cleveland's lg bt q community pulled off an event only a few weeks ago and they thought it was in doubt. >> and as you see now, they celebrated both their pride in their ability to make this event and reality so fast. >> there were tears as they marched and chance as well.
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it called pride in the cell cle. jacob nash tells us this event was organized a very quickly. >> we put this together and 13 days. >> you remain a member that a different group -- canceled or gay pride parade the 18 different organizations came together to pull this off. >> we're excited because this year with that wasn't going to happen in the community came together. the community rallied and said no, we need this. >> a few thousand people were expec the festival that followed. organizers say they received a ton of support from the police and public officials, and funding from the cleveland foundation and the aids funding collaborative. >> the communities that we have to have this and we have to be able to come together and show that we are strong and that we are proud in that cleveland is an amazing city. >> someone that can put together a large-scale march and festival in a hurry. >> after this year's success, organizers hope to make the
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event for the community and the years to come. >> power outages have many sitting in the dark and feeling the heat. >> but local police department have a very important message for you. tonight, a fox 8 i team report what not to do after a storm. >> ntu, it may be a race, but it is bringing hope to local veterans as well.
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[ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn't look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt.
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y. but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate. our best fuel ever! when the storms strike and the lights go out, who are you going to call? he important pulled his message -- i knew closures at a popular development have clevelanders worried. >> plus many people still cleaning up in our area after strong storms. what can we expect for the rest
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jenn harcher has the forecast. fox 8 news at 10:00 continues now. >> storms moving in quick this afternoon. this was the scene over the lake caught on our fox 8 roof cam. >> look at those. good news if you are really feeling the heat. even earlier today those showers give us relief from those 90 plus temperatures. >> welcome back to fox 8 news at 10:00. jenn harcher is standing by to let us know if the storms are out of here or some >> we still have the risk of some showers and thunderstorms sue the night tonight and into the day tomorrow. thunderstorm so far tonight not so much. this is passing showers. i would open up your window. still very humid out there. here is a shot at time lapse of the storm pushing in over cleveland. take a look at that. a nice wall cloud once again and we see a lot of those lately. unfortunately, tomorrow is
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the front lingers a little to the south and east. i will show you coming up on future view in a second. first let's look at storm fox right now. any of these showers that have popped up at the moment are not dealing with the lightning. no thunderstorms. these are just plain old showers and moving pretty quickly at around 35 miles an hour to the north and east. we have one batch here in ottawa county and another batch down to carol county. in a few weeks showers pushing through norwalk and wakeman. we still have a lot to work with. the cold front is still pushing through the area. we have anywhere between a quarter of an inch to upwards of an inch depending on where you are. at least everybody got something this afternoon. with the exception of those along the ohio river valley paired those are going to change as we head into the next 12-24 hours. here's the reason why. i want to widen out the view more. a cold front still hanging off
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notice here is the big system in louisiana and all that rain the moisture coming in from the golf of mexico. that is going to continue to stream into the area until the front clears northeast ohio. like i said, that is going to be mainly tomorrow afternoon and evening timeframe. here it is, here is the cold front. it slips through our area and stalls out along the ohio river valley. if you are in the southern and southeastern areas bigger threat of seeing a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. it won't be as widespread as it was today. the will be the first half of the day. today we started off dry was sunshine. that will be the case tomorrow morning. unfortunately we are still under a flash flood watches through sunday evening once the front gets out of here. i want to take you hour by hour on future view and it is catching up on the batch out toward the islands at 11:00.
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showers around through 2:00 in the morning pretty start off your day tomorrow and you might want to take the ring gear to your sunday service because look at this. there are still a few showers around as the front pushes to the south and east. that will continue through around noon time and then it starts to stop and not as widespread. we will see sunshine at that point. 75 degrees in cleveland now and 73 are corn/canton. we are dropping down to 73 and most of us with tomorrow is not as hot. we hit 92 degrees today and we will hit 83 degrees tomorrow afternoon. a few showers and storms around. low 80s expected monday and lots of sunshine. a few pop-ups in the afternoon. tuesday is next big threat of rain with widespread showers and thunderstorms. finally at typical pattern for
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overnight in the 60s where we should be this time of year. and of course those hit and miss showers. >> we look forward to the '80s. >> broke that 90 degrees stretch. that was a long one. >> thanks jen. lots of people lost power this week when storms ripped through northeast ohio, but police say many people made a common mistake by calling 911. >> tonight as cleanup continues, they have a message everyone. i team reporter ed gallek has more. >> was like police, how can i help you? >> you have any idea how long the power is going to be out? >> liquid police. >> i don't know if you guys were who i need to call to get a power status? >> this week, fierce winds blew through northeast ohio knocking out power and causing damage her . sure enough the calls ported to local police dispatchers. but not just about
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days like this, police get swamped with calls and questions they can't answer about the electricity. >> and we just wondered if you knew anything about power outages? >> yeah, they're everywhere. there is bad storms and trees with all kinds of that stuff. >> you guys have any information on what we will get electricity back on? >> contact cei. they are the ones that run all the power. >> it is just one aggravation we could do without. >> was like police captain guy turner said it happens all the time instead of calling the power company, people call police including 911 lines. they are tying up dispatchers handling emergencies. >> i was asked myself if your car was stolen would you call the power company to ask when it will be returned? i don't think so. >> of course if you want to report a power outage or check on repairs, chances are you will never speak to a human being. first energy has an automated phone system to report power outages. and if you want to see how long it will be until power problems
1:35 am
have to go to website. >> they don't tell the police? >> no they don't told police. >> oh, jeez. >> police say they don't get updates from power repair crews, so remember when nasty weather hits, if you are in the dark, police can't shed any light on it for you. >> you are lucky it is just the power out. >> at gallek, fox 8 i team. >> an investigation by the ohio high school athletic association ends with several sanctions for masculine football program. the penalties are a result of recruiting violations by head coach nate more. it includes a $5,000 fine, probation for three years, and moores suspension from coaching the team during the post season, if the team qualifies. the investigation did not released the name of the student athletes, but at least one has been declared an eligible for the entire upcoming school year. the violations reportedly began
1:36 am
over as head coach. >> changes for rta passengers tomorrow. for the first time in seven years, rta fares will go up by 25 cents a writer the board approved the changes in the spring after holding a series of public meetings but timetables will also change tomorrow. changes to rail times will come in september. >> less than a year after opening, two restaurants and cleveland's growing flats east bank development are closing their doors. six this came as a surprise. this has people concerned about the city's newest entertainment district. september 11 will be the last call for customers at crop sticks and crop rocks at the flats east bank development. the side-by-side asian bistro and casual bar and restaurant will close their doors for good. >> i don't like that things are going out done here, everything should be coming in. it's a great city, great town and everything's happening.
1:37 am
>> they are obviously giving up way too soon. they need to really wait until this place really starts taking hold. >> it just seems like they just got off the ground and i'm surprised to hear it closing. hopefully somebody else will take it over and make it work. >> crop sticks and crop rocks opened last august, part of a major project to revitalize the east bank of the flats. >> maybe they're getting the kind of traffic they want, the crowd or whatever. >> ith little bit more chance to develop. >> a crop manager tells us off-camera to the restaurants here in the flats just did not work out conceptually, and they will focus their efforts on crop bistro and ohio city. >> in a statement, executive chef sean joyce says in part an awesome amount of blood, sweat and tears when into the creation of these two fantastic concepts, however the lack of visibility and regular customer activity at these locations made these restaurants unsustainable.
1:38 am
only so much you can do, so many restaurants. that's too bad, i hope they do well where they are. >> makes me a little nervous about the future for this particular section of the flats that is supposed to be news, thriving and upcoming. >> kevin freeman, fox 8 news. >> crop kitchen, which is located in university circle, close a few weeks ago. the original flagship restaurant, crop bistro at west 25th and lorraine in ohio city will >> leasing up for a good cause. >> still to come, how your
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it doesn't matter how long you served, or even if it was during war or peace time, cleveland's va medical center offers help for more veterans than you may realize. >> this year's fox 8 foxtrot is already helping northeast ohio veterans. fox 8 gave spiegel tells us how your support will benefit those who have given so much. >> for centuries, the us to permit a veterans affair has been taking care of men and women who serve and protect. whether extreme peace time, or those returning from conflicts, both old and new, veterans deserve to be taking care of when they get home. >> are goal at the va medical center is to serve those who served us, and to pay it
1:42 am
the road, there is help. from educational, to home loans, life insurance, healthcare, arial benefits. whatever their needs, the va can help. if you served in any branch of the military for any length of time, during wartime or peace time, you may qualify for va benefits. >> we of a variety of services that are available to us that actually makes things just a little bit easier as we sort of military and planning our lives as it relates to the next steps. >> i'm grateful to the va and very grateful to be americans for supplying it. >> ron stalls or is a vietnam veteran. he served in the navy from 1966- 1972. upon his release from the military, he didn't qualify for benefits, but with recent law changes he is taking full advantage of what the va has to offer. >> at such a relief because i was robbing peter to pay paul to
1:43 am
i wasn't taking care of things that needed to be taking care of because they didn't have the money, or think i had the money to afford to do that. those are all the kind of things that are a big relief for me. >> and not all programs are federally funded. and that is where we need your help. join us for the fox 8 foxtrot on august 28. every generation served with courage and pride and sacrificed so much. so let's help them heal and enjoy the freedoms they fought for. >> the mission is the greatest mission of our nation's heroes. >> i can go anywhere i want to go for healthcare. i go to the va because they take better care of me than anyplace else. >> gave spiegel, fox 8 news. >> if you served in the military and not sure if you qualify for benefits, we invite you to join us at the foxtrot. >> the va will be there and ask you bring your dd 214 discharge papers in a form of id and they will put you in the system to
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away from fox 8 foxtrot presented by your northern ohio honda dealers. this year we are running to support veterans at louis stokes cleveland va medical center. join us august 28 at the new location mall seat across the convention center. >> standard registration gets you into the five k run or 1 mile walk and a free t-shirt. for premium registration, you will also receive a free american flag, made in ohio and raffle entry to win one of several fl to register, go to >> a little boy trying to sell his stuffed animal and exchange for food. >> still to come tonight at 10:00, why and ohio police officer is receiving credit for going above and beyond the call
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this is quite a story. and ohio police officer is receiving praise for going above and beyond the call of duty. they responded to police -- a seven -year-old was peddling his toy in front of a drug store to get money to eat. officer done him didn't think twice, taking the a child to subway to get some food told me that he was trying to stop sell his stuffed animal to get money for food because he hadn't eaten in several days. >> they treated them like their
1:48 am
law enforcement dozen situations like this, it's how we want someone to treat our kids. >> police say the child and his four brothers were living in deplorable conditions for the parents have been charged with ten counts of child endangering. the chief says he hopes the officer's actions change the kids life and change the lives of the parents encouraging them to do better. the us women's gymnastics team is taking home a lot of gold this year. the women, nicknamed the final five not only have placed in us domestic history but the team box. kellogg special k will feature of photo of simone biles with her all around gold on one side and a photo of her with the rest of the team on the other. vitals now has a chance to become the first woman to win five gold medals in a single olympics. and goober passenger helped make a trip to rio passenger for her driver whose son is competing in
1:49 am
have the money to fly to brazil to watch his son shot putter daryll darrell. in late july when the dnc was in town, he picked up a passenger at the airport when they started talking about the olympics. phil said his son was competing but he could not go. his passenger set up a gofundme page for him to make the trip. >> when he told me he couldn't go to the olympics in rio, i just wondered how i would feel as a parent of athletes. >> my god, i family and the family calls me and everybody is hollering and screaming. his sister, his mother, everybody is going nuts because this is the greatest thing since tasty cake. >> within two days, enough money was raised for hill to make the trip. >> isn't that a great story. it's a savvy invention to help keep your house clean. >> but for one man, it had the opposite effect. why he says his home was turned
1:50 am
>> and the tribes road to
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the worst thing about toilet germs? they don't stay in the toilet. disinfect your bathroom with lysol bathroom trigger... ...lysol power foamer... ...and lysol toilet bowl cleaner. they kill 99.9% of germs including e. coli.
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heads up if you own a roomba. a man shared his hilarious, yet disgusting experience with a robotic vacuum on facebook, and it is getting a lot of attention and a lot of laughs. you have no doubt seen these devices before, making it easier to keep your house clean. but one man's house became dirtier than ever after his pet had an accident on the road overnight. he says the roomba ran over the little present left behind,
1:53 am
, and not to mention the smell. the best part, he made this drawing to go along with it, describing what his home look like afterwards. if there is a silver lining here, he says roomba offered to replace his device for free. the bad news, it took a lot of cleaning. he says he is also come up with new types of profanity in the process. >> sports indians absolutely dominating the angels so far in this four-game home series winning thursday night 14-4 and lessing 13-3. rain delay for the game tonight for about two hours that at progressive field. in the fourth now the tribe is up for-1. the indians will be without one of their fan favorites for the rest of the season. the indians say outfielder michael brantley will undergo season-ending surgery on his right shoulder tomorrow. he had surgery in november and began the season on the dl.
1:54 am
year. football season has officially arrived in northeast ohio, but it didn't end well for brown stands with the first exhibition game in the books. the packers took the first preseason game 17-11 in green bay. there is hugh jackson on the sidelines and the first plate looked great. rg3 long going for trial prior and looking good rg3. also converted a third down connecting with prior. he put the ball in a good place but later the quarterback tries to squeeze this past in and that's tough to do. he got burned. picked off at the goal line but jamie matter, the pride of valley forge and ashland e?university would come up with the big safety here. russian team most are made the most recent run -- he also fumbled the ball away. josh mccown thought he and a
1:55 am
he passes the line of scrimmage before he passes the ball so the play and the touchdown were called back. youngsters like carl massive were relentless. he gets a sack and cody kessler got his first touchdown pass when he hit her shard higgins per the packers when this one 17-11. there is the touchdown. coach jackson shared his thoughts on the game and clel >> it's the first game and there is going to be some good and some bad but the good thing is there is a lot of things to learn from. there was some bright spots and things that we can build on. we had some mistakes we need to get corrected but i thought there was some positives and obviously negatives to but will we have to do is go back to work tomorrow and correct or issues. i thought there were some things he did good. obviously we can't have a fumbled snap the second play of the game and you never want to
1:56 am
real relaxed. he kept his poise and try to make some throws downfield. honestly the first play was a great way to start and that is something to build on. i thought for a guy that hadn't played in a while, i thought there were positives there. >> so long a rod. don't let the door hit you on the way out. that is the feeling after alex rodriguez final game of sight. today, the new york yankees announced the unconditional superstar. the decision ends his 12 year career with the bronx bombers. the yankees are still on the hook to pay a-rod remaining $27 million of his contract through next season. rugby guys went one for four last night with an rbi and he finishes his career fourth on all-time home run list but his suspension for steroids might complicate his induction into the hall of fame. >> will it be raining sunny morning? >> we do have a few showers around tomorrow morning and generally the first half of the
1:57 am
in the lower 80s. the humidity will still be there, just not as much of a tropical feel through the middle of the week. plus a few showers and storms around, a slight chance all week. >> that's all the time we have for fox 8 news at 10:00. you sure to join the morning crew at 7:00 a.m. >> until then, have a great night. ? music ?
1:58 am
k-y intense.
1:59 am
2:00 am
? men... ? never mix tequila and scotch. morning, uncle charlie. hey, jake boy. dad said you'd never get up to go to soccer with me but i said, yuh-huh, he promised. so, he was wrong. ha ha. yeah. ha ha. wait. what? uh, you know, most of the parents wear shorts and lots of sun screen, but that's another way to go. alan, i can't go to a soccer game. i just got home from vegas. you went out last night to return a video.


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