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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  August 15, 2016 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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no space hoping to set a new s record for the book of life. good at morning. the forecast as we look to the west and further south showss bs further south and portions of southern louisiana solved more
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now that system gone which is now stop nuts one of the reasons that with delayed them movement of the system working out the main cluster himself indiana.nd the way it's looking now heaviest rainfall further west this morningitow and then you cu start to driftm and tiffin.iff it will with an shopping north of mansfield the general movement is to the north andnd east at about 20-25 miles per will call it scattered showers alll those there will times when it does rain at great further west it will start to working through most of northern ohio through at least mid-to-late afternoon with more dry times herereost just in time highs right now will be into the
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time depending on howdju much rn will see bit by 8:00 p.m. we start to see the showers thin out slowly.low eight-day forecast traffic time with patty harkin.ig thank you.o we are in sky fox and more constructionu. in place exit an entrance ramp route to eastbouna they are closed you can see thea guysn and girls out there settg everything out here traveling abroad to eastbound exit at 25th take that to to trip over too west 49th as your alternate other roadways are in good shae there is construction begins today and brunswick which will close the 70 went southbound ramp to route three or three. as you had towards i 71 wayne and natalie back to you.o thanku you, patty.
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personba higgins, who lost his battle with cancer last week has returned home.ome. >> they arrived to an abundancea ofn love and support let's check in with jessica dill who joins usth with his return and how he will continue to help others even after his death. >> it was a welcome home 70 for a little boy who deserves thatht was the airport was filled withi family and friends andth strangs is carson spotty touchdown. >> it's been a tough couple of days. there's nothing more joyful than the showering of loves that we've receivedoyy and we certainly don't deserve it. as the head and soon returned home from weeks of traveling that country with carson he lost hisf battle with cancer oner thursday for the family was in w las vegas with the help of
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able to bring has bad it back home to gather person wanted to see the seven modern miracles the day they were supposed is in the last month carson passed away that section made to that he will continue he's able too donate his corn is which is parents say is incredible because of his love for readings he's road through andn weakening just read and red as we can actually the gift of sight to somebody carson went love that it would be his greatest gift to let someone else read. carson's parents say they wantnt people to realize the effect of childhood cancer more money forr research is needed for childhooh cancer and for all cancers with strong family.ll and to be blessed to be able to
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with them and get into all these places that he wanted to see their fortunate to be able to experience those with him. family and friends and former colleagues with the gathering of that later today he passed away earlier this monthssed the succr there's a choice to memorial service hundred he died at his home in virginia his sacrifice five jennifer and a six children.innhi eugene johnson terror group and are known as the ease cleveland through their convicted in 19851 of killing an 18 -year-old man and ease cleveland the judge granted their release from
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deserved a new trial after a witness recanted her testimony say there also ay question about evidence being withheld sources wrestled the fox 8 i teamvi s they expect the charges to be droppedhe lorraine police are looking for a man in connection to a depth a little robbery attempt at a taco bell. the victim was killed the drive-through at the restaurant on oberlin the they're not saying how theow victim died they say the suspect was wearing a camouflage outfit for the baseball cap last seen running from the restaurant if you haveu any information you are asked o callare to the rain police department. highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash involving ten vehicles. the semi was headed east andst erie county south is sandusky with the driver failed to stop in and deputy nine be a coldld seven other people were hurt and
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accident closed the turnpike too for several hours and it is back open today. investigatorsop are working to determine let's set out workerwo to the hospital the car was the call was made to firstr responders yesterday bottom aboa malfunction on y his condition has not been released they tell fox 8 the worker will be okay and fair officials said that this was not the nor any county fair attendees or writersf r a in harms way. writers taking rta today will need akin little bit more change than normal following a fare increase. catching the bus will cost 25 cents mortgage rates the rate hike is the first in sevenents e and went into effect just or $2.25 tickets will now cost
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they're trying to recover from a $7 million budgettr shortfall. they keep taking from us but they want us to pay moreep for e causes but is something that's already hard enough to besom abe to catch the buses they don't run on time that bu i'm sure thr doing that for a reason.e i've got to deal with it or don't ride the bus. schedule changes are being made to the greenlight into the waterfront my pick for a full listpi of changes in fat head or to and lookad at seein on tv.s in political news,t donald trump coming back to the buckeye state for a campaign stop today trump will speak at an event thca of e youngstown state university campus they will give her foreign-policy speech focusing
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said to take the stage at 2:00 p.m. in the meantime hillary clinton will be here te city of cleveland on wednesday former secretary of state will speaky atof the new john marshl high school on the cleveland'sn west side doors will open at 15t you can find all the ticket and for nation fifth that time students will be back to class today for the first day of scho return to the classrooms some of our dependence us mission for police to "pewish open back on august 1h eric gordon is expecx to be out at several schools devoted to welcome kids back.l nine minutes after 6:00 a.m. a0 monday morning in the city
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minutes just ahead rather uniquv competition located at the marijuana plants that took onon the blue ribbon at the oregon state fairth and they olympics will be especially memorable for one chinese athlete. we will explain.hi good at morning everybody. look at the rain is pretty good rain light to moderate rain moving intore struggling a little given the cloud cover and the name will check it out and look attt a int a few minutes. we do have a couple construction projects that could hamper your morning commute i give you all the details in just a few
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>> some really cool pictures from fox 8 viewers. this is from some of thosef storms this past weekend and this yeara remember the shelf cloud photo we sure jude and thursday in the wake of allll those we've had some nice sunsets a glimmer of sonse shi. i've always it was said and then we went to thank everyone for
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past weekend as the front theron front sold out which is the problem there with rain w developing with all of this goals moisturelo that's suing te spring event that we had that will continuehatt to lift more rain here l are way. i think will see more rain than what was see here in cleveland that's the outlook highlighted further west storm still showing pretty fit showers down near tiffin with norwalk should make it above 80 today0 t even though we're not going to see much sentient as though showers are starting to develop the thin out by mid-to-late afternoon further south of akron less of ami f chance of seeingfs provus rainfall is in the areas
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under a quarter of an inchin out west to conceal be plenty of areas further south i do not see ath whole lot of rain today coue left over showers to the traffif lanes you will have times of dry weather heading into tomorrow morninges and same deal again tomorrow the front starts to scooped byto coverage aboutabo 50 percent tomorrow and on the front goes to the east to see the pattern take into gearar trailing cold front to the west although we do have a slight chance of showers and sanders everyone seend nature coverage n the temperatures remain in the appalling cap another very great isppa really starting to climb all into the moderate category it through labor dayab weekend and peaks ono the first week of september will start to
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probably continue ah little bit later on and they are versus lasher's who did not have as muchhe rest of the week we will have organized rainfall with a week front on saturday and a couple of temperatures with temperatures behind the front starting to cool down into the middle 70s t through the middle of next week andgh this is not only down for us for most of the middle of the so far so good traveling along to 71 zero little hazy out here rain is in the forecast fort today no problems on to 70 went do beer with crews have been doing overnight workh between summit county lines as you had towards violence.iol there has been overnight work in that areaeat but nothing.t
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on this morning the 71 to route 303 will03 close your just have to stay to the right on that ramp to get into brunswick other roadways look at i 95 west 25th as you approach the in about bridge back to users in the studio.o. the lock your officials are calling forci calm after a deady police shooting protests and widespread violence at least 17 arrests and for officers were hurt some saturday the violence started when they fiddle he shot a man slain from a traffic stop the city's mayor saysity he did have a handgun tn it's unclear if he pointed police the national guard has been activated after protestersp burned severalr businesses including a gas station alsoalso
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they're good, decentr people wio listen milwaukee inp the state right it's imperative that we do all we can to keep them safe.s four people have died in the flooding caused by heavy rain in more than 10,000 people have been forcedea from their homes without someone has to be rescued and that includes thisis dramatic rescue right here submitted about kimmel on a card high waterou and heard a woman yelling for help they broke a window andrdfo pulled her and hr dog to safety. a close call for several
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olympics says six time colde front of us and three teammates for robbed at sunday morningand when police stopped them in an attack. they were thievese sem posing s police officersos both us olympc committee now confirmed they were rob practices pistol harassment the letrac an olympic credentialshe one exhibit is getting a lot of attention illegal despiteteex te evening gave it a good spell. hundreds of people checked into
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watch sure just broken pot andpo marijuana pet he brought his plant up from lane cap it's bringing people together he is one of more than 50 entries in the first of its kind e he never thought something like this would ever happen. registry is growing at a rapid pace the state is expecting to court $35 million in texas through sheer and is next junen pluse out from previous forecast of a $.4 millionre is an awesome
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about a fewt plants put ann industry trying to change thea stigma it's a dream come truen o be here.e interesting. that rio olympics will be w especially memorable for an athlete from chinaspec the olymc diver expectth a marriage per point he asked for her and in that she stepped off the metal part of of course that the crowd at wor shared she want and no one there was a
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looks pretty well we don't have any issues are to have a house fire and updated 100 block ofof west of dusek streets of fire crews are on the scene use if that's where you live or trouble highways are in goodn shape and the route two eastbound ramp sh those ramps e now closed they will be close for the nice 122 it's it's going to rain today it' you can see atlanta they appeared with more on the forecast here is scott. w
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been for week it we have had moe rain unofficially in the last seven-day families had in the last two months. right now ast wet look ahead to the forecast we have some prettt good rain to the west.t we are close to 73 here at fox 8. that is the steadier rain right into here it's that shade of like great with an dedicate heavier showersererg announcement we ar going showers will be to sella further west the continue through at least minutes futuret showing them tou be many errors it does seem much anything
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how much is too mucht firefighters have not been called to a homeo have a virginia beach couple more than 1,000 margaret caps on explains five that's correct thethe firefighters that work at a fire station 19 a half have gone to the same house 11ve hundred tis over the last three years he chose to get around pitt shirley caused the fire we pulled twice a dayay the records firefighters were dispatched over 1100 times in the last three timerders when we decide to prove to call it's not there working to get them to portray resources but there's a
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social services inc. can't afford home healthcare the fire departmentaf recognizes this ise will help mitigate have anyave problem that you have that theyy don't know exactly how much of these calls forord the city. his costs associated with anya bought a device that could help lift him out of the bridge they have to stay 20 farmers it's $2s per hour suppress they can
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fire officials i spoke to say this is an ongoing problem throughoutng the city for thursy as the population is growing they're seeing more and more people needing lift assists in the homeop 6:29 a.m. two restaurants in the flats are closing their doors less than a year afterhan openi has residents worried. it was an event that almost didn't happen.a it went off without a hitch a cleveland's pride when
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good at morning everybody will a little slivers of sunshin b for the for more rain is developing. it how this pattern has been. we've had pretty much measurable rainfalllwe one of the cause weather phenomena cloud formations that we see hereth ad
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at the forecast the house and so for tapping all that moisturere from the gulf of mexico keeping the humidity very high her storm fox radar showing a sharp curves wellington nd make it into lorraine into the western seventh ofain poster toe the showers thin out we should a fewewabove 80 degreeses locations for the rest .-dot near norwalk and out andthe thee
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akron they get if you on though showers today nothing widesprean free kick here with the showerso tomorrow. watch the firm. it kind of gets therew were goig to keep showers in the forecast they will be incredibly spotty on wednesday and on thursday as we look ahead to the we need a cold front to kick the system on all happened late wednesday into thursday we start to see the humidity will fallpenewe s countless start to go on eventually one more front comes in on some of that this is the one that really starts to shiftt the pattern not only cleveland but to the great lakes thecle midwest of the ohio valley were looking atwes highs spread
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little pieces of all of them fall thought to pull troops 6:3s our traff patty harkin join us up obviously under control of their freeways are actually looking
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surveillance ase you make youre way around the metrohealth curve. y person body and his family have now been returned fam they weren vegas but they returned home with the help of strangers which is a wonderful gesture.r was check in with jessica dill who has details.ein w in this finals week they were on a special trip so carson could see a different parts of the countryal co the biggest wish wo bring him home properly theyer never imagine the kindness they
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then parts late as 11 symptoms. i waited she made some much of a defense of people's life hee thought of long battle with neuroblastoma cancer of the nervous ca system he lost hisos battle last week german the truth is like pagans family have been trouble in the country seen
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cockpit with the holy caph was breathtaking. just amazing.g. what a beautiful cap andnd beautiful people. hetif ted before he get this ise cranking for the hoover dam but the flight home what over both sides person was able to donaten his point is so he will give someone theaint gift of sight pitches favorite thing to do d with street for someone else will be able to he was able to give the gift of life.e.h this is just after 1:00 p.m. (-left-parenthesis the decisiond
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very heartbreaking. in a statement an awesome amount of blood and 70 went into that confident however the lack of visibility is expected thattt these locations that these restaurants unsustainable the companyu will focus on their flagship restaurantswi in ohio city. thousands of people will be going to little italy for the final day of the feast of the assumption iifi they still had d sides can't just write despites the rain many people sporting
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roi to enjoy so much so her great timejo travels to clevelad to share the feast with her.ra >> just the food income rider he people are really nice and my daughter from pittsburgh loves >> after another group canceled the gayca pride parade 18 different organizations his together to put thise 8 all thee planning took place in less than
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up they turn the corner stone is in the city's free comet their front of that equipment some officers were tortured about rumors about whether or not sure s happened the super bowl is she is where she out. what's are you rapper trick for on stager with them something pretty interesting. it made that crowd in columbus
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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good at morning. welcomeod back.c we are in skyk. fox. we're seen along i 90 as you come from the westside of town.s just looking out my window a lot of slow traffic from before the rain out there as you had in the downtown some kids areds back-to-school for cause more volume on the roadways for suree
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look at the eight-day and the coffee quiz.k we're starting to see some is over all hishis effort to tooth it's weakening that it's starting to push back to the east w that it is forecat the showers will to this afternoon. looks by fishing will start to fall on chancendg w of rain will start o diminish slightly on friday with a slight chance of a shower on saturday thenis we start to sef there really strong push of cooler air by sundayly and that will continue and beginning of
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harry her. i'm sure you think, home with the whole campaign which has me wondering when did this all t began when did they start using the telephone as campaign where is that president truman first to use the telephone campaign.
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imitatingha who is it was actuay mccamley second 1898. i don't know how that works. how that works back then bunch of stuff for you.u. we'll talk to you later vote foe
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morning. it's all about rock 'n roll were talking about a huge giveaway a huge ticket giveawayng i wonder through the musical artist is going to blow have to explain when we come back. kicking it with kenny, stay with us. a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out,
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you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life, and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that.
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ms. the 90 from the west sums kids are back in school today 71 northbound also slow up on the inner belt bridge rain and natalie, back to you. >> honoring and remembering person higgins are part of the fox eight family's life was taken far for to seeing her 12 -year-old saint jude ambassador passed away was within the battle of cancer. they returned home from our trip of a lifetime we goa live now with those
7:03 am
>> ), everyone. he was so young. twelve years old, but e touched so many lives in his short time here. in here. very clear yesterday that the international t airport when his body returned home and entire welcoming committee was there to make sure he and his family had a proper return. >> a great kid always smiling always have been a matter what it was going to through, he never complained to. >> the principal was one of the many friendsas and and complete strangers who felt the airport sunday. he passed away after a long w battle afta cancer with the nervous system but he faced it with the strength and hope thath was clearly brought people together iner the stomach county communi he was a big part of our fox eight family to our saint jude ambassador over the past four weeks he and his family traveleu the country in an rv visiting
7:04 am
loved ones and family waited for his return a no one knows that more than his brother and his parents whoo walked off the private jet. >> nearsightedness hard not having him here but we know he is in a better place and he is not in pain anymore they were sent a private jet big enough for the entire family andig person's body they say it is the biggest gift they could've ever received they cried together the pilot said it was probablyhe one of the best fights with them and where they got to hear carson story. >> what an amazing man. tar >> we got to meet the family. >> in her our might. >> yesmi he lives on with the gt
7:05 am
for sure. >> family, friends and former colleagues will gather todayy to remember at the the prosecutor went on to represent for 18 years. they're just helped organize today's memorial servicee beginning at 1030 at te united methodist church and its 100th street their survivors wife jennifer and six children.h >> charges expected to be droppedd they are known as the east cleveland three were who were convicted in 1995 of killing a 19 -year-old man in his cleveland9 they deserved a new trial after a went thisy
7:06 am
questions of what withheld evidence. el sources of told thm the extrahe charges to be dropp the rain police looking for a man in connection to it that they robbery attempt at taco bell. investigators say thet victim was killed at a drive-throughayic at a restaurat police are not say how the victim died.e running from the restaurantas anyone with information is asked to call lorrainene police department. >> conduct investigating and death investigating a deadly crash involving tenrt vehicles n the turnpike in a single link construction zone just in construction zone just south of sanduskyntr when the driver faid
7:07 am
responders yesterdaye a male worker was taken to monitor all is condition is not been released. we are told the worker will be okay his officials said there's evidence incident was not the result of any county needs or any arms race. >> writers taken the rta to date will be ahe little more change than normalbe following a nail w new foster care. they may ask for the first in several years they will increase from 85 to $95 also another change in rats
7:08 am
recover from a $7 million budget shortfall. >> they keep taking from us but they want us to pay more as what it sounds like. >> it is already hard enough to catch the buses they don't run on time. they are always late. i'm sure they are doing it for a reason, and i have got to deal with it or don't ride the bus. >> schedule changes to the green shared it is that time ?-dash students in the cleveland metropolitan school district heading back to class today. for the first areta of school to be accurate most students and teachers will return to their the first today for start. several have already been in session for already a week now concluding with the
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to be at several schools today to welcome schools back. growing up as a kid wearing a uniform i did not have to worry lot of bite a by a lot of close your time is 7:09 a.m. we will have anotherwi check on your forecast are we come back. violence continues over the fatal shooting oer and more man more walking. >> held at gunpoint over in real of the weekend we will tell you what the drivers got away with it. >> we are already seeing some rains characters older and will talk more about on the rain is going to her often when we will get a break from the heat and
7:10 am
>> centers are going back to school be aware of that. as a cause more volumes free of commute. number one and heart care for 20 years in a row.d access the number one ^-caret
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will come back 12 months after 7:00 o'clock in europe monday morning no walkie remains unpatched this morning followin the fatal police shooting of a
7:13 am
the streetsot with rocks sitting officers one person also hit by gunfire. we are in milwaukee with the latest. >> another night of demonstrations here in milwaukee as police protest at least one is shut overnight. the round of chaos unfolding one day after the killing sparked riots in wisconsin's largest city. and they also have they also have law enforcement backgrounds. >> police sayhe a traffic stop they say smith did not have today. >> we areda angry. the police e
7:14 am
none to give us an apology that looked at us like we were a disgracee to some dogs. >> meantime, the man's father not talking to the media saying he blames himself for thelk sudn killing. >> i have been going back and forth in jail. ive had to apologize to my kidsh because this is the cook up to. >> police to say there there's body camtoto body c shooting but no word when that will be released. >> reward being offered for a reward being offered for help in new york cityew a 54 -year-old associate was killed police with a sketch they he shot both the but did not take their money. and this was the heat time they
7:15 am
for the victims. >> a close call for severalen american swimmers they are saying the six-time full-time marvelous three teammates were robbed atll gunpoint early saturday morning. this commercial police they had just left themm party at a friends house when police officersi stopped their taxi or so they thought it turns out they were thieves posing as officers his mother shared the story with the american media outletd r the swimmers were he stole his money but let them keep her cell phone and olympic credentials.e >> recovering from a scary rock after being saved by good samaritan witnesses say another caused it to control and hit a pole. the impact ripping the lamborghini in two.t this of this note ?- some pull the driver from the wreckage just in time i sheriffs department
7:16 am
ask exporting 30 seconds later. fifteen minutes after 7:00 o'clock is your time right now we get checked in with scott at a look on your forecastri ase get ready to check out the week we could see some t green. >> yes to go several miles down the road where it is really coming down now.grmi it has ben pretty good rain the last couple of days. we did not see as muh rain as he needed, but away at our drought jen harsher was able to pull off a bunch of
7:17 am
humidity and moisture as we start to look at the outlook showing steady rain with cleveland and akron winning must the heaviest rainfall if it will be western areas from tipton to norwalk cleveland we will startt to see the showers were those showers worked up along for 80 right into lake and geauga county less of a chance of widespread rain south of akron. by afternoon we will see laterpr really start to thin out the showers are too thin outow temperatures will clb close to 80. here is a look at the future radar what shows the evening being a lot drier than what we will see this morning with about a quarter of an inch of cleveland to the west t was a
7:18 am
and erie county and maybe into tipton and then of course there will be there any areas well under about. a low of 70 a few showers tomorrow the coverage will beof f a little buzzed higs tomorrow a and the lower '80s. a quick look at the front that finally starts to work to that used the east it takes a couple of days for it c to move out. y wednesday we start to see conditions become less humid te showers will decrease significantly, and as we look at the eight day, a a lot of improvement on this eight day where we start to warm up a little thursday and friday the showeray chances much less by saturday b a front coming throu that willro be the big e biggest that drops the temperatures let
7:19 am
open i'm not going to water my crash anymore at this year. >> yes to shut herat down. >> goodr advice. 7:18 a.m. is your time. we check in with pattyim for your morning commut. >> good morning it is warm all about warm out there and humidit this is 71 northbound up near the inner belt bridge it is starting to get crowded already in bound 90 from the west also see it's for sure a of delays fm the inner belt bridge. if you are on the west sure way, eastbound as the exit and entrancece on the eastbound sid
7:20 am
row as for the next 120 days. >> still to come here on fox eight news in the morning, pride in the cleveland. we will show you how the lg bt community came together c to make this weekenda success. >> good morning, kenny. >> standby. standby. mr. compton? >> yes, good morning. good getting everybody together. this is it. we wil stand up as part of ay ticket giveaway we are giving. a ticket giveaway we are giving here at the metropolitan. stay with us. >> time now for the fox eight stork report. cleveland's own welcoming cleveland's own. he is from lorraine slipping away just one month old. you can
7:21 am
picture to we feature one baby each day right here on
7:22 am
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our big sur paul mccartney big sir paul mccartney giveaway doing two shows. joining me from live nation here are our contestants first of all explain the rulesou to all of votes fols out there in cleveland. very easy we will be there until the last part both hands of tuesday on the stand at the same time of them up and down if you need to, but they have to stay connected toon paul. both hands if you he to take a break for any reason body brick or whatever you are out and lose the ticket major role this is not a hockey game knowthth elbowing our body slams about the end we will be here until it takes the show is not
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party a big party or thursday night. b bridgeville my wife and i are
7:26 am
as i can remember. last but far from east stand the man how are you? >> you would to the beat with your newborn? >> it is good kids music. family-friendly. grandmother is here.. so the good luck with that. thank you very much. >> you are welcome. now go aheadd is the thing. very nice. throwing a nice curveball. one around and everyone around and found two more ticketsd . >> as they did. i have two more tickets for the concert on thursday, and i am goinghe to ge tickets later on. here is what
7:27 am
one is i want to hold your hand and not justnd recite it for mes to sing it with passion. i will give you a pair of tickets to see it on thursday. you have to get those tickets and sin and error for us. we will go for you guys.e the contest has begun. we go
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some of those titles are kind of
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right now. do you know? jeff what is up with this i'm sorry i'm sorry i apologize it's not like i made to make already today but i wasn't judging no way i are we judging
7:32 am
take a look at the radar now in western ohio this will continue not at least of w the morning it will send out looking more north with the focus of the heavier rain primarily north and west and all of all rain in hur county in and huron county in the back to tiptonty into northn summer cuyahoga countyer that is continuing to move back out again north and northeast south
7:33 am
seeing a we are seeing a lot more delays and he is a red sox and easy afternoon one time with the price to go eastbound ramp is now closed close to will remainw there for the next 100 days allotted construction n southbound assault ramp will also be closed beginning today. causing for some delays this morning for 80 at granger heading eastbound also very sluggishtt a very humid start to your monday we are going to see rain today. this construction is on the west side between wet
7:34 am
wayne and natalie, back to you. >> you are space bar out with cancer last week has returned home. >> his body and family returned homedme through abundance of loe and support a wonderful scene out there.f we go to jessica nw who has more on his return. >> it was a welcome home ceremony for a little boy who really deserves the the world. the airport was filled with family friends and strangers as touchdown. >> it has been a couple tough days. carson lost his battle
7:35 am
all the help was in while the family was in las vegas they were able to bring carson spotty background together he wanted to see the summer in modern miracles in the us the day they were supposed to see the last one ?- the humor them is when he passed away. the foxtrot made sure to direct brought home over it. he touched so many times during his short life and will continue to. he is able to donate his cornea, which is parents is so incredible because of >> he read three or four novels a week, you know, and you just read and read. and we were like while. if we can actually get a of the gift of sight to somebody, carson about that he would be his greatest gift to help somebody else read. >> more money for research is
7:36 am
want to reach out after they lost their loved ones to cancer. >> another wonderful family touched by f this but the outpouring of support fromis the community is wonderful. >> other news right now ?- thousands will be heading to little italy again todayea for e final day of the feast of the assumption. still good sized card yesterday despite rain many people as you see sporting umbrellas. the festival gets its final they today with an events beginning at 10:00 a.m.m. today. >> they called it pride in stl be they pulled off an event that only a few the next few weeks a ago was end of after another group canceled its gay pride parade 82 different organizations raised together to putd this much combustible on al of the planning to took place in less than two weeks on saturday
7:37 am
>> the communities as we have to have this we those we have to be able to comeme together to showe are strong and proud and that you know, cleveland is an amazing city. >> organizers hope to make this but they time the corner stormy that cornerstone me that in years to come.. your time this morning is 7:37 a.m. coming up ?- kids heading back to class. u >> for many it mea s lunches, but a new study may have parents packing those bags we will explain straightahead. >> but a reminder we are less than two weeksde to their the fx eight foxtroto to support veterans at the cleveland medical center sunday august 28 right across from the convention soldier register center register for the five kf run or one-mile walk to head to sign him head over to we will be
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
what caused to just go you go to?t >> university of pennsylvania wherel did you go? >> kent state. ks you. >> not very good i am i'm better about that. i should've been in this town. >> to spend the money join the alumni association. >> something all the schools wanted to do that alreadyet all you how much money so, i saw have a little bit to go. >> eyecatcher will come back kids are heading back to school across the country's this week more than 21 million of thems receive three free or reduced small meal back to schoolth researchers are taking a closer look at what that means for their health.t
7:42 am
country ?- a study by virginia tech researchers show that maybe a link between kids to receive free ord reduced lunch and we're seeing either smaller or
7:43 am
actually bigger. >> she says the next up is taking ap look at nutrition qualities and a number of a nutrients kids are actually eveningut students receive free lunch are those whose income is no more than 130 percent of the incomeme love all. >> have you feel about sending your kids back to school? how about this. gardner of streetsboro, alabama jumping for joyee as the kids waited for the bus. she posted the p pictures on facebook and quickly went viral. she captured it thing happy first day of school, kids. i'm going to miss you all. she shared it with parents who needed a good laugh. i am sure a lot of parents arem crying with joy as
7:44 am
can send your photos to us at look under scene on tv. >> a lot of parents could definitely get a joke at that but she has a lot of kids or she may so she may be jumping for joy or . >> i still love you all, but see a>. 7:45 a.m. is your time. move over, success. the seventh
7:46 am
7:47 am
good morning, everybody. joined by a couple of students by the cleveland school of arts painting live in our studio as they get ready for the festival of arts this weekend, we will learn more about the festival at our 8:00 o'clock hour check that outut as they ae honed in on their craft and what they are doing in the studio. look at that ?- that is awesome i'm here. the weather going and the other direction. more rain the focus now on the radar is still to the i west we are
7:48 am
showers are going further east south of akron coming up a little bit south of akron i be getting anything we are not anticipating a whole lot of rain don't anticipate a whole lot of will rain in cleveland to the west. a couple of showers tomorrow nothing widespread we finally see the after a weeks worth of high humidity and measurable rainfall the last seven days. it looks like we warm up l thursday and friday, t weekend looks more comfortable with the quick a quick chance of a shower a saturday several consecutive days in the 70s with lower humidity and comfortablean overnight lows. traffic time with patty. >> very busy out there this morningg some schools are back n session or more volume then we have been seeing all morning long.e to 71 northbound 71 northbound through the metrohealth curve over 10 miles per hour as is the average
7:49 am
very delayed out there. do watch for slowdowns t from befoe but the jennings freeway over to warrensville center and that is causing for slowdowns. the sure way overu here very heavy as wel most cars on the road back to school means t back to bigger delays for your fresh are looking for drive times almos route 83 a 21 minute keep me up most of those delays and denison 71 north falmouth northbound must've stop andth go between te turnpike and for 90 if you break it down to see most of the delays are fromt for 80 into tn that being a seven ?- eight minute commute. >> an ad blocker as one upped facebook at least for now. last week facebook announced it will start showing advertisements to
7:50 am
have balked at the german developed software is designed to keep her social g media freef marketing spam. a few days later add block plusda found a y to block them again facebook says it t plans to fight back ad the creator and that the site may develop a code. >> we have a date apple reportedly announced the iphone seven will be revealed on september 7.7. customers can by at a week after that. the phone is aar they have removed the headphone plug. >> when it comes to summer vacation not planning to break the bank according to new credit cards .com 54 percent of those said we're not planning to take a summer vacation no at all. of those who are eight and ten plan to pay for part of their vacation using money they saved with only 15 percent charging their fundsy it on their credit
7:51 am
>> 7:50 a.m. is your time this morning. still ahead ?- cold and scallions your copy of hary potter can be worth small fortunes. we will take a look. right now, we want to check in with my main man kenny crumpton calling on for paul mccartney for good reason.r >> all hands on deck. all hands on paul mccartney. our paul mccartney to get our giveaway is in full swing. you see the world's best watching all around h when we cc back, we will see how they are doing kicking it with kenny stay
7:54 am
good morning, everyone we're here at metropolitan and this is our hq for our paul mccartney giveaway four contestants for another cool can't us they had conscious a.m. to keep their hands on the paul mccartney cut out in the last person standing with their hands on paul mccartney winds the tickets. it also get to stay at the nineke and the after party a man also get a great demand. it is really cool. it is great heren way that flake.
7:55 am
>> the rock 'n roll hall of fame. the big kahuna greg is here. great, the beatles were ?-dash cleveland was one of their major stops when they came through the united states correct? >> we have concert video of this case. ve amazing. in 1964, everyone knows that the beatles come to america they played a public auditorium that same to her. they were here is onee of the first gigs they played in america. an incredible timet r the beatles but also paul mccartney. >> pau the football hall of fame a lot of great stuff in there and written lyrics the things you can only see at the rock 'n roll hall of fame he has been a generous supporter of the museum know we are thrilleder. two das in cleveland we will be overrun
7:56 am
fans. a lot of them are our friends and neighbors buried. if got to love them they are actually going to name the night paul mccartney avenue. it's pretty cool. >> it is school. this is the can embrace that these things you get these people camped out here hanging onto sir paul the street could be served mccartney way. expect this rock boxes to maybe play some paul mccartney music from time lot of the on the airwaysys. >> absolutely it is so wonderful the ticket so that immediately for the first show in the second show really ran we are excited just to be a part of it to celebratef with their friends ad neighbors to time inductee. >> thank you so much take a look at our contestants here all hands are still on paul. you will be the last person standing very scrutinizing. total chaos
7:57 am
guys in the studio. >> i hope they are comfortable. >> that's what i'm saying if you need about their break you are in trouble. >> yes all right fox eight has your localt news weather and traffic at 10:00 a.m. >> coming up at the top of the hour ?- 12 -year-old kirsten aiken's body is returned home to cleveland his family receiving a welcome home ceremony cold with love and memories. coming up ?- i willme let you know how the eight saint jude ambassador will be helping others still. >> rain is already spreading to the area breaks of sun earlier that sunshine being swallowed up with more clouds. rain continues into today. we will have more coming up. >> also new at eight ?-il gettig a colorful upgrade this weekend. >> and we're meeting the newest member of our fox eight family.
7:58 am
bowl. find out why one fox eight news in the morningg comes
8:00 am
>> we want to thank you for joining us.nt >> we had some rain this weekend and it is transferring into the


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