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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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take one day at a time. >> want to thank you. >> cuyahoga common pleas judge, margaret russo granted the request for any travel and the release them from prison on bond.d. of a 2-year-old man in east cleveland the prosecution moved dismiss after lawyers uncovered info. and i witnessed recanted statements. >>
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and we just kept fighting. >> and i was on our side. >> asthis is a joy it has been long hard fought road that we went through. in this is a joy. >> the three say they are very grateful for fr >> they say that they're working together lies backhe to order. i have jobs and one recently was married to try to make up for lost time behind bars . >> she was shot in the head, left for dead in the kind of valley national parki investigators believe they foun
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bill sheil and the control room with the details. >> > fbi arrested dezay martell ely on charges of attempted murderer don't have his picture because it is a federal case. the came across the victim on july 3 she was inn a fetal position of far from the peninsula police department had been shot a total of three times,sh she said that she trie to stand by kept falling.he >> a she did not remember the moment that she was found, not naming her because she is a minor, do not know who she was for a while because she was in a medically-induced coma, so they use cell phone records and her social media accountstsel led t to him. the victim had stayed with him and his brother according to court documents on the night of the shootingii he want to test the gun he had purchased before he rob someone and that's when she was shot.
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donald trump, today delivering a major foreign matt wright was the only cleveland tv reporter there is trump spoke at youngstown state. donald trump spoke for about for five minute to lay out his plan to defeat isis enter into his opponentis hillary clinton said that she lacks the mental and physical stamina to defeat the terror group.nt rudi giuliani and his running mate pence, donald trump bread from tom papa for the major foreign policy speech before supporters erase wasting chair tax and credit the rise of isis to obam and clinton but he says that they must stop the spread of
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that shares of that goal as an ally thinks we can find common ground with russia and proposed major immigration changes includingha extreme vetting by of an ideological screening tests. >> but these new processes in place we would have to temporarily stop immigration from some of the violent places of the world that explored terrorism. >> he backed away from his previous call for a ban on all muslim immigration,or said he wants to build bridges and a race divisions.he said he would keep the prison at guant?namo bay open, matt wright fox 8 news. >> t right now, one man hospitalized after he was shocked on a ride at the cuyahoga county fair, do we kno
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from burst to his chest and forehead,rs he was dismantling a bumper car ride when shocked it was in operation at the time employees said that their super brother and to turn down before the accident they say that stat investigators arrived quickly. >> 4-year-old chavan carter of
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vehicular homicide and the q. assault charges they say his tractor-trailer hit nine vehicles in the eastbound lanes of the turnpike erie county a 40-year-old girl killed several others were injured trl the police are checking to see if drugs or alcohol may have been involved. gathered today to remember late congressman steve latourette, services were held at the university circle united methodist church in virginia earlier this month after a battle with cancer he represented the 14th congressional district in ohio four four 18 years survived by wife and six children. >> > why the fire department uses a ladder truck that does not go up as ed gallek care.
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of how to deploy the nonfunctioning ladder truck. last week responded to a call, firefighters union says that is a spare unit used when there is a breakdown with one of the mai units, union says that the city has used the track. and that the matter will not raise the last weekek found a memo outlining firefighters unionong presiden says that it will not be able t go up to fight a fire and a tall building. >> fiit is unacceptable that we deploy and also a memo to give directions on how to deploy a nonworking apparatus. >> cit can carry and transport firefighters but other than that,t, the functionality, does not have a lot of function.
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most recently was stationed at the ohio city area used as a backup,as we took this two city hall and fire headquarters but there was no response, later they said the chief was decidin whether toch respond or have us foul a formal records request but at other way, no response a this hour. >> the edgy look into new equipment? >> the union says som new equipment is on its way, timetable is one of the things we asked and the city has not responded a. >> thousand dollars in damage in just a matter of seconds,s the video of a microburst slamming into an ohio winery.
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some cloud cover button not muc rainfall today. that will be coming back in, and that's a good thing because we have such a nasty deficit in may, june and july as it will take a while to get the ground soil saturated. notice how everything looks greener . >> every little bit helps. >> no longer need foot and charms to frolic on your front lawn. ol is a multilayered deck
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rainfall activity at burke lakefront,t, but not everywhere but that's quite a change, we will seewe another wave of low pressure along the cold front thatcise moving back north. yo can see other general progress, lots of sunshine, especially south of akron towards canton into dover/new philly. check one of the odot webcams in the next weather block. outlast it is raining. we will do toledo and maybe akron-canton. this rain shower activity eventually heading back this way. you can see the front, for now, is pushing back north soo it's getting warmer with more humidity. some of this moistur from the weekend is getting caught up on the front and will be pulled into northeast ohio
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looks like somewhat of a wet time kit is protracted over seven days. the largest amounts, when this first started.. it is a little warmer weather has been sunshine,sh marietta parkersbur 89 degrees. notice the dewpoints. the highest to the last, it is plus. that is certainly dogging us again. it eventually that will be squeezed out , tonight showers should be mostly in the passing game with mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow chance of thunderstorms and another wave
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tim grendell snow showers behind that perhaps a little bit drier but it does not completely try outi until friday. we do see a decrease i the chance of precipitation wednesday and thursday, 82 and 83 and as we head into the weekend show yo and the next segment. we get a nice cool down,. a sunoco front on saturday and or sunday with showers/storms. and then in th 70s next week. a precursor of the cooler late august days begin to affect us. >> lyou think the '90s or out of here'9 for a good? >> no, we will probably see a few more, but not coming up in
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foxtrot,'r now is the time less than two weeks away this year w run it to support veterans at louis stokesup cleveland va medical center on sunday august 28 on mall cc. >> standard registration get yo into the 5k run or 1 mile walk and free t-shirt and for preregistration will also receive a free american flag made in ohio andf win one of several flags flown overseasleo, to register go to >> t still to come on the big show, >> schools looking to increase attendance may have to look no
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little traffic trouble heading out maybe a little slow. it is. >> it is very sluggish. >> to see another super bowl and clean clothes for kids in school, now for training. >>elizabeth noreika has more on what's trending today.
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gabe spiegel is at another hair products convention again. >> we do have several stories w have a program started last yea in school districts in st. loui anda fairfield california calle the world power care accounts program putting laundry machines in schools for at risk students and those who have low attendancei to be able to bring the laundrybe while in class. the program wa a huge success, 9 percent of participating students started coming to school more and at riskar students attending almos two more weeks of school that year. having nothing clean to wear to school could be a deciding factor in whether or not they want to come to school and for those who have had the odd stack to read from this simple solution to helpp. whirlpool will expand the program to 20 more schools in
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>> it's about self-esteem and this can's help them out. >> and to prevent bullying, so kids are not as fortunate as others they may not havetbu the latest sneakers or jeans and this can help give them a boos of confidence to focus on the books and not what wearing. >> >> so they can feel better about themselves wearing clean clothes. >> ses also making headlines, adele says thanks but no thanks to perform at the super bowlde but, the sponsor the halftime show say that they never officially asked her to perform. >> heelyduring a concert in la weekend she told the sold-out crowd that i'm not going to do
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about the music also said that she does not dance or anything, buthesh. she said that they as her and she said no, and pepsi, ho sponsors the show said they never made a formal offer that they have had talks with severa artists that never made an official offer to adele. >> r i think she is great but i don't think that she would be a good fit for thein super bowl halftime show, they're looking foror fireworks and explosion and, she is an amazing singer. >> . >> think of the superboy think of people likehi john jackson o
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's. supposed to be a relaxing time to mother nature to karabakh, see more ofth what happened when a microburst slam
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linndale has been a source of bitter criticism over the years for its aggressive traffic enforcement. >> that it includes the current speed enforcement cameras that
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to a colozzas as they fled the scene of a violent shooting, dave nethers as thehev exclusiv pictures of the cameras and joins us from linndale. >> is no questiononth that the enforcement here has frustrated many people over time but they said that without these cameras theset two criminals may still on the streets.t >> ts august 17 to customers in a parking lot in bel air are approached by a masked gunmen one of two customers licensed t carry a concealed weapon. >> this person, protected himself and return fire to save the life of himself and passenger. surveillance video shows the gunmen now shot, getting out of
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towards memphis avenue after shots fired. >> guy get a plate or any distinction marks on the vehicl it was somewhat grainy surveillance video. >> when you leave thew dollar store and memphis there are just two ways to go. >> one of those was taking the speeding car pass the village o linndale traffic enforcement camera, going 46 and 25 trigger the much despised traffic camera , giving investigators a clear view of, the license plate. >> nine that they had toew tur left or right we had a 50/50 shot that they would go awry and i'll follow the speed limit, theneno they activated the phot enforcement camera. the masked gunmen identified as varshawn
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two counts of attempted murder. his compasses have been arreste facing charges including complicity and robbery. they say they may not have been caught if not for the linndale cameras.. >> there were quite reluctant when first interviewed thought whente shown the evidence of th photo enforcement camera. t th became more cooperative and investigation. >> varshawn dukes is in. >> condition with a bullet in his brain, they say while the investigation is ongoing, it is unlikely that the customers at the dollar store with a ccw would face any charges. >> w a few seconds as all the talk for a storm to blow through a local winery ripping a roof off
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says it was caught on video and joins us with more. >> laurello vineyard in geneva hit by a microburst, not a tornado that can be powerful. >> a clown started to come down toward the ground and hasn't really final and first but the guardhouserd , they're actually started to pulsate pat cataldo, was manning the gatehouse atat in geneva when he saw the storm coming around 515 on saturday. the video catches his view of the laurello vineyard on state round 307 just up the street an you see how powerful the land was first polling and then pushing the patio furniture and verything else in its pathd estimating the microburst was between 60 and 70 mph when it
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>> the sound was terrific i was carrying a case of wine and whe i put that down it some of my the building had come down. >> thank god that nobody was injured.a lots of different things that could have happened they could have made us a lot worse and just the fact that there were just somehe bumps an bruises was amazingom. >> the storm had arrived hours later it would have been different story, a popular band was scheduled to play and hundreds of people would have been in the backyard, they are closed for repairs but expected to reopen on wednesday. >> adt you explain what a microburst isis. >> they are essentially the column, a part of a thunderstor
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venice beach down to the earth and in some cases 100 mph hour even stronger than when it strikes the ground it spreads out. so you have a starburst pattern of damage. with winds between 70, 90 mph or more lasted for a short amount of time, a very short duration. it hits and then was pretty much gone. but none of that today. we will see some scattered showers/storms moving back in looking at m toledo, it is rain once again. if you go west, want to run into some showers tonightht that eventually those showers will move in our direction, this is near belden village mall and is i-77 watch the sun come out it is a pretty
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on i-77. with temperatures into the 80s. looking at weather flight, you will instantly see the arch of moisture. that takes it from northern ohio on the way backkn to some pretty strong showers/storms in missouri, illinois, indiana, yo can see the direction but for right now, the front is also moving north. so we will bebe in this quiet zone eventually some showers or get dragged back with a cold front tomorrow. on the rainfall composite and future-cast wednesday evening. there are some holes in the coverage, mos backyards with about half inch, one half inch of rainfall the heaviest of it will be tonight and tomorrow will be in norther
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taking a look at the rainfall amounts. this is august so far and you can seeh the first eigh days were completely rain free. and then tuesday and wednesday, half inch, a in 1 inch, and two days we have a surplus. and this weekend some nominal at hopkins have a small surplus fo august still have to make up fo last three months def rainfall. we may move in the direction the next couple days, in august it is 7 degrees above normal but not today. the overnight low was warmer than normal, tonight 69 degrees, mostly cloudy with a few passin showers.. just a typical warm night tomorrow 83 degrees the
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it is not completely come through until thursday and friday, that's when we have a high-pressure ridge. and that we will eliminate the risk completelywi by late thursday, friday and it looks nice with low to mid 80s nighttime mid '60s. then a big cooldown, another big cold front on saturday and sunday that it wil be the 70s and 50s at night. the number of 90 degrees days does trail off but i think that we still have few morei ready to come our way. much of louisiana's underwater, flooding claimed five lice
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over the weekend, more than 20 inches of rain fell in and around baton rougedn and they s more is on the way, rachel cran is in baton rouge surveying the damage. flooding is unlike anything the people in louisiana has seen.n. the governor says that thousands of homes that have never before flooded, are now underwater. >> has been difficult to get people to leave their homes as they think that they are safe, but you can throw out the experience will break these records and have more than 20,000 people had to be rescued from homes. and also their cars.s. when disaster strikes, the spirit prevailed. >> my first instinct was to pul her oututin. elaborate what about so just dropped in, i took a
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felt her and yanked the dog out and luckily the dog was still conscious. >> ngilthe government expects disaster regions in half of the state 64 parishes with more rainfall forecast, that means more potential for problems. >> tns we do not think is going to be nothing like this milwaukee mayor said curfew and teenagers will be strictly enforced after this weekend's violence after a two straight nights of unrest prompting by a sheet of an african-american man on the north side.a right, 14 people arrested last night for disorderly conduct the police chief hopes that things will continue to calm down tonight those of you who are out there,
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people were preaching on street corners and counseling small groupsst of people i'm number o people spoke'm at the vigil las night which could have been an excuse for some people to incite, but rather, there were consistent calls for call discussion and peaceful change and 8-year-old was shot during the violence, police say he wil recover back-to-school time and students across the area beginning a new year. >> that one school, and the sound thet cabin builders replace with else. >> cau wade park elementary school in cleveland while the students to the first day with applausei teachers, volunteers and other members lined up and clapped
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a positive way to start off the newar this morning all of the teachers applauded the students to make them feel welcome to get them ready for the years the principal says there was lots o smiless and everybody was read to hit the box details on the iphone are coming up next h month.
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.-dot but your firearms near
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record-breaking week for firearms found in carry-on bags and airports , tsa says from august 5 to 11 they discovered cindy guns, ct loaded, 21 with round of the chamber the previous mark was 74, may of this year,, tsa says in many cases travelers simply forgot they had a weapon, also found for replica grenades. >> update on the man who was busted afterer flight crew foun he had a small monkey with him on a flight from columbus to la vegas,, he was questioned and determined that the monkey was service animal the monkey named gizmo helps them cope with anxiety, not clearam if he will face any charges,u frontier airlines apologized for the inconvenience and offered to refund the flight.
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gamers who want to play the classes , are in luck, a videogame enthusiast in utah. place for them to play all of thehe arcade classics for $5 an hour or $10 for an entire day of the limited playing. >> > 200 looks to unveil its apple tv app is part of the nfl streaming initiative that would lead twitter users watch the football game on the apple set-top box, they wnt streaming deal withhp the nfl created earlier this year for streaming rights to 1039 gamesh. >> new apple patent could revea a long rumored waterproof feature of the upcoming iphone 7. they were granted a patent that highlights it is in tools for underwater photography, hinting that they may have potential plans for waterproof or at least water resistanalr phone, is expected
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>> does the distance that you have to go to get cigarettes affect how often that you smoke details of the new study.
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the distance that you want to get cigarettes affect your addiction? >> act in today's report, cancer overtakes heart disease and stroke as the leading cause of death in 12 european countries, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause worldwide, they found 4 million deaths in europ links tour cardiovascular disease while cancer accounts for less than half that rateea, and brok down by nation, cancer is the leading cause of death and disability in much of western europe. >>
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researchers tracking data on more than 20,000 smokers for every month or mile that they had to mount to get tobacco there was a 20-6 percent increase in their odds of quitting.n when i just may hel them to quiten panel impact on they would start smoking again some breaking news, replacing a single swing beverage with a glass of water reducing obesity risk also may improve your overall health and looked at ho swappingut water affecting a participant's calorie intake among adults who one for the otherke reduce thei total percentage of calories from drinks from 17 to 11 percent.
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the plants have an vibrancy in terms of color, everything is much greater and we will continue in that vein because w have a few passing showers. it will not be big tonight, 69.. but may become a bit m occasional showers chance of local thunderstorm, 83.i then will start to head down with it will be a little cooler next week. >>
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paul mccartney is coming to tow this week. after the break you can see him live in person. fo
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british are coming. >> most engineers of the day eagles last played here, paul carney's band will perform at this coming wednesday and thursday, we give you a chance to see the show for free thanks todnee friends at live nation, giving away a handful of ticket including a very special pair. >> > tune into fox 8 news at no morning on wednesday, as we give away eight tickets including tw passes to see e paul mccartney performed during sound check fo the concert, the wednesday show was sold out and eight hundred number of tickets thursday the miss out the chance, wednesday morning on fox 8 newsnc in the morning. >> wrong way driver slams into a couple of newlyweds on the way to a honeymoon, how a total
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drivers existence tonight pleas credit to a speed with catching to criminal. >> cameras rolling as a storm blows through a local winery, and tonight the survivors telle their stories as the news and six begins right now. >> an fox 8 i-team has exclusive video of a fiery crash caused b a wrong way driver. >> byand investigate what is be done to ro your with what he has found. >> er this could amend endemic, a wrong way driver slammed into a couple going to a honeymoon and another driver shares why she's lucky to be alive.
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at the wrong way driver crashed into newlyweds goingt the airport. >> a car on the wrong side of the road that is coming the wrong way towards us. >> he just zoomed right past, i the could have been us. >> a the crash on 480 westbound near west 100 50th not far from the airport the loan was o her way to drop off someone at the airport,o brook park polic say the wrong way driverb he ha a's car airport for a honeymoon. >> > . >> the brook park police chief says that one person in the car that got hit escape quickly but hecc needed help to get the oth person out, stranger t helping just-in-time. >> the front door passenger doo when i work try to get her out as having difficulty, a passerb stopped. >> we have seen wrong way
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some say that for a wild there was a spike but lately numbers have leveled off. >> a dot says most wrong way or high usually impaired, so they have been putting warning signs at ramps, often lower so that they are easier to see. >> in this case the wrong way driver was awol in the t lives critical condition and place me brown stewart feels blast. >> yi pray before we left for safe travel and grace and i can say is that god protected us that morning. >> thodcharges are pending aga the wrong way driver the brook park police are waiting for dru


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