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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 16, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> hi every body graduates are at telnet let's begin with breaking news a picket line looming in your school district to write the district says that the tipster's union authorized a strike the contract between the board of education and teachers union expired on june e been going on since november the 15th a statement released by the districts earlier tonight said it is disappointed to learn of the teachers union strike authorization the union itself is not commenting on the report except to say that a
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tomorrow with more information today was the first day of classes were children in the cleveland school area stay with fox eight days and and for all of your updates please looking for a suspect who shot killed a man after trying to rob him and a taco bell drive through this and lorraine as fox eights melissa reid reports the suspect is believed it to be armed and dangerous melissa's life in the rain with the very latest. >> this suspect was last seen taking off on foot from the scene wearing atm camouflage outfit as well as a hat in the meantime we are learning more about the victim 49 -year-old bob to the zach who police say was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> shots fired at the taco bell about the taco bell on broadway on overland am sorry. >> a 911 call from a witness who saw a man get shot and
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of the taco bell on overland avenue in the rain sunday night. >> that's what i'm thinking happened. >> i was shocked it's one thing to hear about someone that close passing away it's another thing to read your family name police identified the victim as a 49 -year-old robert in the zach of the rain he was adopted by my parents when he was a baby i didn't join the family until i was five-week group together on five we grew up together on a farm in amherst zach's robert's estranged younger brother and lived about a block away from that taco bell we grew up doing like normal brother things as he grew older he grew farther apart we lost the connection the police a ginny zack was lying in the drive-through by the time that officers arrived and eyewitnesses says the suspect took off on foot heading southbound overland and was last seen headed towards tower boulevard police
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a tan camouflage pants they believe he is armed and dangerous somebody that you grew up with your pals together regarding to get his divider who cut more grass and because we lived on a big farm it's a little bit weird i don't even know if it's really sad and again that suspect last seen heading southbound overland wearing atm or yellow type outfit with camouflage as well as a baseball hat elizabeth bill anyone with information is urged to contact over in the police department. >> if you see something say something new details tonight and allegations of hazing that led to a local marching band program being suspended suzanne stratford house what allegedly happened and for the first time with her from a shop or reduce actually shepherd is actually their. >> is a very interesting comments as soon as word spread about the streetsboro situation and the alleged
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media sites was absolutely wild today the superintendent contacted families reaching out to them hoping to clarify the situation with the alleged hazing that some parents of band members and say that his comments are incomplete and misleading. >> a good afternoon this is my goal was superintendent for the school district a district wide robo call notification monday from streetsboro scores of superintendent michael .-dot addressing allegations of hazing at the high school's recent band camp the fact that some excuses irrelevant and frankly disheartening he says it questionable behaviors that lead to two teachers are being put on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >> things like pushing underclass students and to a lake from the docket in the dark without acquiring if they can swim the meaning and mocking other kaufman than camps gets it sounds terrible admits that brian sanders who's the father of the
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i would also want them to investigate and find them get to the bottom of that also but brian also says there's more to the story especially the lake. >> the kids before they can go in the lake have to pass a swimming test and that once they pass the swimming test are given a wristband so they know who can swim and who can't swim with a nurse at emc and multiple adults chaperones and teachers on the beach nearby says another parent andrew gibson who was at camp and spoke with us by phone. their watching for that them to be like not just let them be it's okay you don't have to participate. >> and asked that the demeaning skits andrew says nothing can be joked about without permission if you had a funny breakup if you had if something happened or you lost something i've done something silly they've got to come to you and ask you hay is it all right if we make fun of whatever and missed getting you can say now and they're
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neither dad wants to diminish anyone's feelings but they say jumping to conclusions is equally detrimental. >> i hope that the whole community and the surrounding community is watching it on the news don't blow it all out of proportion based on the simple words are like hazing like hazing and things like that the superintendent says it are conducting a thorough investigation at least one chaperone we spoke with tonight's says however they've met they are looking for an interim band director and encouraging the students to keep practicing their instruments so that hopefully they can have them on the field in time for football season at least it from your reporting tonight there's a little different is a little different picture being painted than what was first out absolutely when you hear the word hazing in your demeaning and again this is a diminishing anyone else's
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a sahm so severe that they would hear from people who were there the fact that kids are given the chance to say no i don't want to participate in that they are making sure that they actually can swim before anyone is put into the lake even though it shallow water that's a whole different story and a whole different in a whole different connotation when you hear that they're investigating it hopefully get to the bottom of it. >> and as for the construction zone claims a life of a worker in avon police say the worker was directing a dump truck and going inev hit by the truck and killed so far the victim's name is not been released j cox cox road would shut down for several hours between chester and detroit but has since reopened the charges dismissed against the so-called east cleveland three in connection with a 95 murder case the man spent 19 years in prison until the release of this year that's when a judge in the eighth district court of appeals ruled they deserved a new trial based on new evidence of today the charges were
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accused of the february 95 murder of clifton hudson and all three under 18 at the time and i think i don't think i had any sleep since the. >> we stuck together we always believed in our innocence and our families always believed in a just kept fighting. >> prosecution moved to dismiss after the ohio innocence project uncovered new information and witnesses recanted some of their previous statements a local community has been criticized for years over the so-called speed traps a bit now that community's traffic cameras are being credited with helping catch a couple of accused criminals dave meadows has the exclusive pictures. >> august 17 to customers in the parking lot of a dollar store west 117 the bel air were approached by a masked gunman one of the two customers at licensed to carry a concealed weapon is still
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the investigations lead to this person did take a lawful right to protect themselves and executed that right to protect themselves and returned fire to save his life in and the life of his passenger surveillance video from behind the store shows the masked gunmen who is now shot in the head getting out if a white car that sped away towards memphis avenue after the shots were fired we try to enhance the pictures and at no time did we get a plated vehicle or any distinguishing marks on the vehicle it was somewhat grainy on the suril leaving that dollar store on memphis chief ransack says it really there is only two directions you can go one of those directions would bring the speeding car right past of the village of the village of lindale is traffic enforcement cameras car traveling 46 in a 257 triggering the villages much despised traffic camera giving investigators a clear view of its license plate knowing that these turned and
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they turned right and were not following the speed limit so if that wasn't the case that they would have activated a photo enforcement camera police have identified the max to gunman as partial and dukes of east cleveland he is still alive with a bullet in his brain facing multiple charges that include two counts of attempted murder his two accomplices at muriel hubbard and nathan hubbard of cleveland have since been arrested and faces that include simplicity and aggravated robbery police say they may have never been caught had it not been for the lindale cameras they were quite reluctant when first interviewed by investigators but when shown the evidence of a photo enforcement camera laden became cooperative in this investigation. >> and it lindale they've never there's boxing news thank you the back and forth over the future of the gazebo turned memorial on him and to brown rice continues to make
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which still stands outside the caddell rec center cleveland city leaders have been planning to move it with the boy's family for months and many of the community left candles of stuffed animals at the gazebo after police shot and killed a 12 -year-old at the rec center in 2014 the officers were not charged but the city settled with the rice family more wet weather in the forecast andre is standing by with a first look donald trump are back in northeast ohio inside the foreign-policy plan he laid out measures of heartbreak tonight he sharing his grief at the world after bullies left his son with nowhere to turn the damage done to a local business in a matter of seconds plus cap calamities and first responders talk about their unconventional rescue mission what it took to
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>> i came out here fully armed and we've got some night wra damp not quite wet yet showing evidence of bad we had a light rain shower and progress those rain showers will pick up a little bit especially as we begin to wake up tomorrow morning to a new day which could very well be somewhat wet weather then today and here is why you can see the big golf of moisture opening up to the ohio valley it's
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indiana for chicago for most of illinois down to st. louis today you can see that big arch all that rain showers but while we have the eastern part of the french were is is actually working bath in what is a one front noticed a cold front getting dragged into indiana illinois a and eastern missouri that is going to be hours during the day tomorrow so some of that will start to work in that you can see a few scattered rain showers are there right now notice how much of the area fills them with at in with at least a summary between now and wednesday and the temperatures will continue to be pretty stable because of the cloud deck we are not going to be saying and i anytime soon in fact it's similar to today's high of 81 human tonight a few passing showers and 69 tomorrow occasional showers a local thunderstorm 83 at most in fact most of the time while it's raining it will probably
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eventually we have a calling change in the eight day may be a little preview to follow just a little one coming up. >> still to come a fox aip and exclusive it wrong way crash of a highly traveled road one driver narrowly avoiding disaster others not so lucky plus a restaurant looking to drum up business of sparks racial controversy to teachers about how some people upset cap next and sports and josh gordon back on the field receiver and the indians at
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>> republican presidential nominee donald trump in northeast ohio today delivering a speech on major foreign-policy that right was the only cleveland reporter there as trump spoke of the campus of youngstown state university >> donald trump spoke here for about 45 minutes laying out his plan to defeat isis and tearing into his democratic opponent hillary clinton saying she led to the mental and physical stamina to defeat the terror group former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and his running mate indiana governor mike pence introduced trump the nominee known for going off script but read from a teleprompter for the major foreign-policy speech before a few hundred invited supporters trumpet lifted recent terror
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rise of prices on president obama comes upon a former secretary of state clinton but this time he stopped short of calling them the founders of isis trump said america's primary goal must be to stop the spread of radical islam and any country that shares at that that goal will be an ally he says he thinks america can find common ground with russia he proposed it major immigration changes including quote extreme embedding by way of an ideological screening tasks procedures in place we will have it to temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world .-dot i have a i have a history of exploiting terrorism not for us and not for not for us. >> in the cold war we had an ideological screening test that time is overdue to develop a new screening test
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i call it extreme embedding i call it extreme extreme embedding our country has enough problems we don't need more trump backed away from his previous call for a ban on all muslim immigration saying he wants it to build bridges and embrace divisions and he also said he would keep the present at guant?namo bay opened meantime vice president joe biden campaigned with hillary clinton today in his hometown of scranton pennsylvania writing call the trumpet totally thoroughly unqualified to be president clinton says her gop rival has no viable plan to improve the country and criticized said she said would only benefit millionaires in the corporations. >> just in case you can have a
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donald trump would give it trillions in tax cuts to be corporations of millionaires in wall street money managers that would explode the national debt he's it trying to tell us he cares about the middle class give me a break in to repeat myself is as such a bunch of malarkey and it makes no sense clinton will be in cleveland this wednesday for a rally at the new john marshall high school the event is scdu and you can find to get information on our website >> its front of the county fair takes a skill return an update on the worker who was seriously injured while working on a ride churches sanctuary becomes a crime scene the reason a man gave it to getting his a father in the
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at least as six people have been killed in the intensive flooding in southern louisiana officials is a there's no telling how many are still stranded in their homes tonight president obama declared the area a major disaster in the state as it they will get federal funding and europe for more rain as well while thousands have been rescued other is it still still refuse to leave their homes despite repeated pleas by authorities in the opportunity to get out whether it be the breed of the votes
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be a long-term thing the river has yet to cross its only going to get worse so they really need to take heed and get out at every opportunity crews have made at least 20,000 rescues wildfires continue to burn here are two parts of northern california the fires have destroyed more than 175 buildings forced at thousands to get out thousands of others are also without power state officials say they are being proactive setting and supplies and cots they say they've also additional firefighters coming in from other areas the mayor of milwaukee says a 10:00 p.m. curfew at two majors is being strictly enforced after this weekend's violence of the new rules, my heels of two straight nights of unrest the rights were prompted by the deadly shooting of unarmed african-american man of the city's north side during a traffic stop yelling a dozen police officers were injured or doing all of that violence 14 people were arrested last
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federal appeals court rejected comedian bill conti's attempt to resell his deposition testimony in the deposition cosby admits it to several affairs and says he obtained prescription sedatives and for women he hoped to seduce the court says the documents are now a matter of public knowledge still to come at 10:00 o'clock storm damage on full display how it made a huge mess of things were in northeast ohio business lost
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fox ai team digging deeper into a wrong way crash in manually spell the tragedy the exclusive video of the center of the investigation will get rescued first responders talk
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with a different kind of emergency a soggy weather on the way andre will let you know when the sunshine will return in the extended forecast. >> we have breaking news tonight tonight the cleveland metropolitan school district is says the teachers union has authorized a strike the contract between the board of education ending union expired on june 30 and neg november of 2015 says it is disappointed to learn of the strike authorization of the union itself for not commenting on the report except to say that the press release will be issued tomorrow with more information soon as box eight news where update. >> it's a fox ai team exclusive video of a fiery crash caused by a wrong way driver police say the driver slammed into a couple heading
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another driver is sharing why she is she's a thankful to be alive. >> a young mother drives and fasted prior of all thing that could've been me saturday morning moments earlier she had just found herself a paste with a wrong way driver he wrong way driver police say he ended up crashing into two newlyweds heading to the airport there is a car on the wrong side of the road coming along way and he was coming towards us and he just zoomed right past it easily could have been asked the crash of 480 west by mayor west 150 is not far from the airport the woman you met was on her way to drop someone off at the airport for park police say the wrong way driver barrow into a couple heading to the airport to go on their honeymoon. >> they only had seconds to get out of there before the car caught on fire the brook park police chief says one
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escaped quickly but he needed help to get the other person out a stranger jumped and just-in-time the front passenger would not work so he attempted to get her out was having difficulty passerby did stop by we've seen wrong way driver is causing crashes time and again some deadly the state says it for a while there was a spike but lately the numbers have leveled off the surprise of the state department of transportation says at most it most along way drivers are drunk or high usually really impaired the state has been adding warning signs at many ramps often putting the signs of low were so they are easier to see in this latest case of the wrong way driver a women she went to the hospital in critical condition can police believe that she was drunk barbara brown stuart feels blessed. >> i sat in the living room and i prayed before we left for traveling mercy and traveling grace and all i can
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here is a look at some of the other headlines where following tonight at 10:00 o'clock and family friends and former colleagues gathered today to remember former congressman steve latourette's memorial services were held at the university circle united methodist church he passed away at his home in virginia earlier this month the following a battle of pancreatic cancer investigators and believe they have found the man who shot a women and left her in the last month police say she had three gunshot wounds it to the head and face the cleveland fbi have arrested as a immortality was on charges of attempted murder in discharge of a firearm at $10,000 reward being offered after the african safari wildlife park in port clinton was vandalized on june 28 trees were cut down and the fence was pried away from his post many of the trees died but no animals were
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number of nbrtheast ohio a few seconds is all it takes for storm to do thousands of dollars worth of damage to a local winery will retail warehouse of the security video you will see anywhere else you looking at video shot by a security camera at the low relevant yard in geneva just as a microburst is about to drop from the sky at 515 saturday evening notice at the back of it the screen as it is a powerful win wind oppose a furniture toward it before shoving everything in the opposite direction horrific i was carrying a case of wine and i said the case it down and immediately it really sounded like the group of the building came down to an urologist had walked to the winery's back door when a microburst hit she's grateful no one was seriously hurt but she agonizes over that fear her customers and employees must of been feeling my stomach sank right then be
1:35 am
toward the roof off a nearby barn umbrellas were thrown into trees as flying grass sprayed everyone in its path as it was coming this guy was just a black long streak of clouds patrick was admitting the gatehouse just on the street from overloads and state route 307 when darkness fell. >> because it started to come down toward the ground and it wasn't really a funnel at first but the guardhouse with the gatehouse here actually started the pulsate i watch the singles go up as a cup final circulation was 500 feet up in the air the shingles were flying up entire paper was playing around then it stopped the timing of the storm couldn't have been more perfect there were about 30 people all over the patio two hours later there would have been hundreds of people all
1:36 am
was scheduled to play saturday night the show had to be canceled and yet owner larry novello couldn't be more grateful just the fact that there was some scratches and a few bruises was just amazing watching that video. >> thank you very much crazy to watch that happened so fast that came out of nowhere i guess that's what the microbursts do they happen so quickly like that have some sort of traumatic activity it seems like a. >> you get these eddies of that kind of flow or make it look like a tornado and really in some cases it microburst it can do a lot more damage than even a very small tornado given the area and it's very short lived it hits the ground it spreads out it has a starburst pattern and all directions and then it's done and the quiet is nothing like
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had some cloud cover and a few rain showers and you can see them trying to dance out of the clouds from time to time but that's pretty much it but not far away there is a just a ton of moisture now getting pulled northward from all of that that moisture field from the weekend now up into the upper midwest and you can see that getting pulled up into places like illinois pardon me missouri and arkansas and eve going to proceed to the east there is the potential for some backyards tomorrow to see some pretty decent rains periodically and they will have to wait and see who does well in the rainfall derby but we are still adding it up and actually right now that's a good thing because we could stand to use believe it or not more rain to put an end or at least a big dent in the drought that has been ensuing since it may 78 right now so
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are almost as high let's take a look at some other stats because we started out rain free for much of early august last week tuesday wednesday and two days we went to a surplus and kept it there and obviously it's been a very warm month we've had eight, 90-s right now on the mighty side but we only had 81 today because of the cloud deck 69 quality passing show tomorrow i think things will start to pick up perhaps by morning and places as the cold front tracks the focus of the showers into northeastern ohio and eventually we will try to dry out it may take a couple of days for that to occur and you will see that in the eight day here we go partly cloudy wednesday a few scattered afternoon thunderstorms 82 may be a morning shower on thursday then clearing for the
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friday looks nice partly cloudy 85 cap next fund saturday or sunday lifted that the big change in temperature 70s and 50s at night a little taste of autumn a scary scene at the fair inside the aqsa member area that left one amusement worker on life support policies as a bullies and pushed his son over the edge a father is sharing his
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talk about scary moments at the county they are a worker was shot while working on a ride sunday the injury that could change in the course of his life my about life has that story. >> a scare of the cuyahoga county's fair or sunday berea police say an employee was shot while dismantle this bumper car ride called scooter this was kind of an accident police say ronald grimes was on top of the ride with two other men his coworkers who say they heard the ride begin to operate and that when he turned around and grimes was lying on the roof and his police report that we are police say that grimes had burns to his chest and poor head i spoke to a manager with
1:43 am
family has girlfriend for sure we preach safety first it doesn't seem safe stop and come and find out what we need to do ryan's as an employee with console brothers of the light manufacturer and he just started working there about three weeks ago but console says it grimes is experienced in this line of work this date came and he was not too far within the hour went to the whole rider to make sure there wasn't a problem with the right according to the police report one of the employees told officers on scene at the manual states that pre- teardown of the ride is not to be completed while the ride is in operation. >> the state inspection report gave the ride the all clear county fair board members is in accident the savior has never happened the year before
1:44 am
console family or the caps off family of workers we are certainly concerned in berea berea my life oxime is terrifying moments of doing church that shocking reason a young man gay for stabbing his father in the middle of a service's slogan a slogan that's not sitting well with
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welcome back a heartbroken staten island that is sharing his feelings after his 13 -year-old son committed suicide because of bullying at school denny fitzpatrick wrote a letter about being bullied group often made it fun of him and his teachers didn't help his brother daniel made an emotional video saying he hopes parents of the boys that tormented his son will never have to go through what he's going through the school maintains it did everything in his power to help length and with the school principal with one of gary's teachers they love the danny to danny they cared about this young boy and they sincerely believe that they did everything in their power to help him. >> the school says in light of the tragedy officials are re-examining all of their bully prevention policies and
1:48 am
during a church or service a telling officers he at telling officers he was admitted by the message attacked his father with a pocket knife inside church yesterday in associate pastor reportedly tackled buckley and other congregation members held him down and the police got there buckley now facing first-degree assault domestic violence charges has for your father survived the attack but there's no word on his condition citation did not say exactly what buckley meant when he told them he moved by the message a mayor in arizona is turning down an invitation to an international conference later this month the reason the invitation was written in both english and spanish the mayor responded to the e-mail saying i want to attend a function that has sent to me in spanish/and mexican one nation means that one language and am insulted by the division) in which the invitation came from john cook a former el paso mayor and director of the director of the us-mexico border mayors
1:49 am
especially some of his other immoral responses back to me you could tell that this man has absolutely no left for mexico. >> the mayor responded to the backslash backslash in a text saying had been inundated with massive support from people all over america has so so much support i am overwhelmed here and italian restaurant in new mexico drawing criticism for making merchandise with a slogan mi lives better movement selling black olives matter shirts and hats after making national headlines it for putting the phrase being insensitive to realizing a movement in trying to stop police are shootings black residents of the owner claims he's not trying to stir racial pinches only trying to sell food. >> the thing has gone inexplicably viral it's something to do it's kind of
1:50 am
are very much against any kind of a usage of that term or playing him and him play number, pumping because people's lives are at stake. >> owner clancy's taking orders for shirts and for all over the world still to come tonight's stock in a tight spot squirrel in desperate need of rescue and he came to the right place cap next and sports that you happy and the red sox are trying to hold the
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first responders and see a lot of things on the job rescuing squirrels is an part of their
1:53 am
what emergency medical workers that in connecticut after the voting got its his head stuck in a plastic cup it took a few tries to get that printed little guy free and then at another quick stinking emt capture the thinking emt capture the whole incident on cap after posting it to the facebook page the squirrel has since gone viral it turns out the lucky animal was in the right place at the right time this was in our own driveway just worked out taming the cruise a happen to be here we don't go looking for animals in distress and we really do not team. >> they have them anyway they warn that littering can lead to dangerous situations like this one for animals and. >> hi every body win streak snapped today a progressive field red sox taking a three ?-dash two decision on the makeup game from earlier this season by j davis would drive
1:54 am
fourth inning home run solo shot to gave gave the tribe a1 nothing laid in the and it stood until the sixth inning when david ortiz and hit a two-run home run 27th of the year a two ?-dash one lead for the bo sox would increase a three ?-dash one in the ninth inning down three ?-dash two with two men on and no outs a camel struck out santana and cap mess they also got, and take to commentary to pop out to end it the red sox will go on to win this one by a three ?-dash two count when the position to win unfortunately didn't get that they kept that we needed most ?-dash happens. >> yes it does is go browns and josh gordon practicing for the first time after getting cleared to to the quad injury that he came to camp with us so on the final day the fans could witness practice number 12 is out there with his teammates you done all the classroom work at my all reps and now just need to ramp up
1:55 am
few pounds at gordon started his nfl career in 2012 after missing a couple of years is it unreasonable to expect him to quickly adapt and produce big numbers. >> not having an experience how fast the game is what to expect going and also out there today after dealing with a hamstring injury number 19 qury word from you jackson coleman will play thursday night it's very doubtful that gordon will listed on first team on the defense former valley forge high school university project jamie meador coasted jackson pretty meter close to jackson pretty impressed with the burly brown they played extremely well last week he's very valuable i don't know if it was just because of that again as you guys see we put a lot of people in a lot of different positions to give them opportunities is very
1:56 am
played on friday night touchdown back in high school and wait until season number 20 less than two weeks of wagering p.j. zigler the commissioner debbie karlin and your's truly the season premiere on friday august 26:11 o'clock for the best high school football coverage and northeast ohio right here on fox eight new line as the ohio state buckeyes continue at heavy week of summer training gt rr if you will succeed national one he is now on the manning award watch list a quick mention clayton murphy university of akron bronze medal in the 800 meters at the olympics. >> a little bit of a cool down this week eventually especially next week in the meantime showers and start to work start to work and it will be monday that muggy feel overnight low tonight will be somewhere right around the
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appreciate your time attend morning show crew will roll in
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