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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  August 16, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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things for waking up it is 5:31 a.m. great dayu have aa today a lot ofea kids going baci to school this is the first day of sc for a while that's going to bea good days hopefully no rain in the forecast h mia correct wheni say no rain. be incorrecty pay attention to how much rain every i asked the question is actually raining
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not raining every reps that'sh all sunshine and lollipops herea a good three quarters the us are seen showers today. there's a one quarter that's not raining that's over at your yo house. this take a look at storm fox radar we have some drizzle throughom cleveland here are the showers take a look it's fairly widespread from tiffint's way to sandusky raining from that rain is working into the richrk link to slight the northeast andsli will make it io cleveland and eventually the western suburbs of cleveland probably within the hour. temperatures the 70s another night in the lower 70s and we're going to get a break take a lookre at the cold front is nw moving into western indiana. if youto have the shops this morning with some breaks of sunshine it will be breezy today
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those sunny breaks will start to fill back in with more clouds and isolated rumbles of thunder about 70 percent of us will see it won't be all day rain. more than likely the highs chances in the areas that would be most susceptible would be a's eastld and south of cleveland later this things are looking pretty good the indians do have a 710 game against the white sox something to keep in mind for thursday the indians and the browns and paul mccartney are all in town thursday will be very busy if you're coming down for any of those event you may want to public transportation. this is all part of the surely construction reminder if you are
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boulevard in at three run into the ee r shore way as they conte this construction projecty local and express no issues on the eastsideand there any citizens n the valleyview bridge has also been readingshe of three down to just one lane just exercise patience and mostly in the afternoon we've been stacy pack to you.yo a lead storyu this morning theon cleveland teachers are one step closer to the picket line. jessica dill is with the latest
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the stray here this is day to today away park elementary and other things what they will come backpay for a day to and now te is wordada there may be a teachr strike they could be coming from wobbly union has not yet commented a statement was released by the school district late last night that strike the school district says they are disappointed tost learn of an authorization the district ofhe the two districts with the negotiations of november of 2,015th and had hundreds of hours and bargainingno,0 but boe
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the contract between the board of c education have a teachers union that expired on june through the union itself is notr commenting we did reach out to them yesterday they said they to cancel been pouring into school .nd a couple of hours for >> thank you, jessica. >> the chicago museum there's no deal to take the structure which still stands outside the rocks and they've been planning the move for monthsn been there tht community left candles and stuffed animals and flowers after the shopanals officer shie
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the vandals cut down several and pride offense from the post that happened at the end of june no animals to huntsman.s cuyahoga county fair recruit continues to recover after being .hot on a ride he's trying to dismantle a bumper car right when he was shot the ride was in operation at the time their supervisor hd instructed them to be in pre- tear it up just before thee accident there o state investigators were on the scene quickly. spirittig the right of center fm the state came here is not too far from where he was spent they went to the whole ride to make sure the reservoir problem. that's years that there is nothing wrong with serving life is operated before the accident yourhe time is 5:37 a.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes
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traffic amateur put in place tol improve safety well how one such them get that back ik off the street where less than two weeks away from the fox 8e foxtrot foxtrot. f it will take place sunday, august 28 at mossy across the convention center you cany a register for the five k run or
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for dreams restricting the number of people allowede to take part in vigil last night the nfl coming forward after the she turnedu downr the offer to perform pouns under in the super bowlff the lk and has shown a formal offer was never madea to have beena conversation for several armsv that so far no decision or offers are employees.t
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nasa say it was it was juice group will have to to degrees and higher than the month of june in 2011 and 2,015th to just get another spot 55:00 a.m. what's happening as far as our forecast newsroompot it's complicated here's that rain family start to see a pretty good area of rain he and snow on the shores with a quick climb back up into
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here in clevelandby on around nn time will send it back to you. next line time not is 5:56 a.m. the h passport around the nation will need patience when renewing the document ahead a closer look why it's taking longer here's a lool at the eo shore with traffic is moving along just fine patty harkin will have more on your morning commute.
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filling in for kristi capel. let's check in with scott withi anth update on the rather situation rain for some of us.t we've got some light rain and a couple spots of drizzle l as we look now at the aras east of cleveland that we saw a few showers earlieran now


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