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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  August 16, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio it is a
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thank you for joining us. >> let's get a check on the forecast with scott we know we have some changes it's not all sunshine and lollipops. >> hardly any sunshine storm fox radar we of been rained ont will need notice most of the area is dry at this. rain through central indiana all of this converging coming together and will write up along the front more than likely by middaywrwr scattered showers ase day goes on we see that populate north northern ohioop with rumbs
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southwest wind a nice-looking we can debate we have several accidents out there starting on the west side as you comeev alog at west 104 and clifton for 80 westbound does block the right lane valleyview police are on the scene heavy delays looking on the ea pull the vehicles out of the center lanene where you see now the police cars are moving as welle this backup hopefully will dissipate as well. if you look at a few other do this because of the accident 40 westbound on the valleyview bridge between
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averaging 30 miles per hour 71 northbound as you head into town. wayne and stephanie, back to you. >> we began with breaking news. at one seen in cleveland police of the swat team from the western suburbs several of sortve things out a spokesman at the cuyahoga county prosecutor's office says he cannot comment at this. stay with fox eight on air and onlineth for the latestn this developing story. t now there is word of a possible strike. we are live outside
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clear, and that was an announcement yesterday saying they have learned of an authorization of a strike from the teachers union. the contract it expire on july 1 the video from a rally back in may. at that time they union announced the union announced it did intendt to offer a notice notice when classes resume that calls for teachers pay to be based on performanceth insted of others. the average pay in the district is about $70,000. now, the district did say a it s making i preparations to minimie any impact it would have on the
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are committed to resolving any remaining issues with this cleveland plan. the union says they will release more information this morning we are looking to getting that information and will update you here and on >> we will check back in with her at the bottom ofox the hourn that meantime, the building goes up in flames in avon as' fire broke out just after 2:00 o'clock this morningut at barrington pump and systems. the avon fire department was forceded to call in help from surrounding cities to help without the fire the building is an industrialdi building. the wilted collapse. no one was hurt that is a good news and all of this it is not clear what prompted the fire. >> police trying to track down the suspects who shot and killed ary man during an attempted robbery in a taco bell a
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his adopted older brother. >> something you grew up with o college together we used to fight over who had to cut my grass because it they lived on a pig farm, so it is a little bit weird. i don't even know if it is really exciting. >> police say the suspecttis was camouflage pants. >> three it is close and men who spent two decades behind bars for murder are free.clcl a jude ruled he faced in the charges the man is been arrested for the shooting of a one minute, the national park last month they
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the victims have been staying with the you andim diana's >> pushing for a minimum wage in the city of cleveland to $15 an hourth city council rejected a plan last week which stands at $8.10nd an hour organizers would raise up cleveland will hold a press conference at 11:00 o'clock to outline a plan topr take they will hold a job there today to fill hundreds of temporary jobs for the november election. from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. they say work and at the port can be for retired peoplea and those looking for permanent work. seven minutes after 8:00 o'clock is your time. still aheadm ?- baton rouge underwater. we have the very latest from hard-hit louisiana as cleaning cleanup efforts
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comments in today's plugged in. >> good morning, everyone we are getting the slivers of sunshine in between pretty thick cloud coverr no rain on radar at this nothing widespread. will that change? we lookwi ahead to the rest of the week in just a few minutes. >> scott, you are right, it is getting bread out here. they are all over the w country and in our city. kicking it with kenny. stay
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slivers of sunshine temperatures generallyne led low to middle 70s led to the middle 70s are a few isolated showers aside from that fairly quiet 73 and bedford canton currently at 70.
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august with temperatures above normal so far we look at a number of days above 89o44 of them4 last year we only had 17 o the middle of august that was theas most since 1984. mid have seven years above 8520 tonight with overnight lows above 70 posture we only had three during the summer. we check it out wi line of showers coming through out to the rain earlier we start to see now more showers moving inrrt from the southwest moving eddie coming in to gather this area of rain over cincinnatidi right along the cold front and so what is happening now is all the rain so it moves to the northeast we anticipate shower
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everyone will see rain but will start to see showers spreading in here by midday afternoon andd then rumbles of thunder possible with coverage at about 50 percent at this.with a high temperature today around 80 through 82. once the comfort it's going we start to see conditions improved by mid evening we see breaks in the overcastbr tonight at 68. even tomorrow looking pretty good aside from the passing storm, most areas will be dry and a highor good t chance of rain early only sunday the biggest cold front we have seen and that the temperatures behind the front are actually cooler. cooler daytime highs. lower humidity started in late sunday and eary next week a look at these temperatures right now on the
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and an all-around baton rouge the first look at what is left of their home. >> the water really is everywhererehe but it is slighty devastating because i have been seen it like this. the many neighbors to flight of been asking thefl want to stay behind to keep eyes on their properties which usually means you have to deliver unwanted messages. >> they wanted me to take a couple pictures and let her know i was lookinge and had to be te bearer oft bad news for them to let them know there was 5 feet of water. >> and 10,000 people in baton rouge had to evacuate soldiers like this film studio there is a line to get in, but now there
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their homes are still standing. some are ready know how bad it is. >> i was able to watch as it unfolded because i was watching my cameras from my cell phone. i was able to watch my vehicles go on the water in my home. >> while flood ruined homes are there grim realities, many will say victims still their home. >> just hoping we can get anything that we can salvage out of bed what we can salvage. >> you want to move back and rebuild? >> i'm thinking about moving back, yes. i mean,, we of been here for so long. yes. >> this water will not disappear anytime quickly. and told him residents and renters alike will have to wait and seedes what has become of their precious photographs and precious heirlooms, and what their insurance policies might cover. until then, the rain comes and
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>> a california man facing arson charges this morning accused of setting a growing wildfire. as officials sayow the 40 -year-old clearlake man is to blame he is threatening 15 others crews say onlyew about 5 percent containe. >> the mayor of milwaukee teenagers after this weekend silence a comes on the heels of three straight nights of unrest spread last night just hours after a peaceful vigil was held officers in v riot gear were brought in to break up the crowd after an arrest sparked anger. the protest followed the deadly shooting of an eye and african-american man on the city's north side the national guard is on standby just ine ce more violence breaks out. >> 8:15 a.m. is your time right
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we are we're getting plugged and there are a a lot of people spending money on school suppliese can say the list keeps getting bigger and bigger for their students. a lot are helping out and buying for otherst who may not be able to buy theirbl own. >> sherry says i don't know and i can't buy anything until papers and pencils etc. papers and pencils and they get their list by that timeilhe in the stores. the textures is at my kids school, the parents are able to pay $50 a year for school supplieslasher my tire my tolkien an empty pencil pouch hopefully they got that rectified. >> if we add any leftover used to supplies at a party in the parents would pickerer out whats needed. that is aat great idea make available what is extra. >> i bought at least enough school suppliesen to accommodate five children also donated supplies toi my church.
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great you are a great person for doing that. >> my son and uniform was a late what wasni over $150 along we dd not even talk about the uniform that comes in as well. >> good morning. do you think those kids that have to take ipads to school do you think they will teach them to write and spell their names?te they won't know how to read a book. unless they have the computer. >> referring to an earlier percent they said they had to buy calculators and ipads for their kids especially for first graders the caller saying how do they learn to read and write? >> great. we appreciate your comments we want to hear more about your school supply issues maybe somebody bought some for your you're trying to help out.
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it is 8:17 a.m. your time right now ?- coming up ?- red light greenlight- we tell you about a new car future that alerts oneu feature that alerts when our website will turnatts. >> kenny is kicking it at cleveland cycle world this tuesday morning we take it for a ride when we come i back. >> and season 20 of fox a friday night touchdown kicks off next week. be sure to join the commissioner premiere. itso will happen on friday, the 26th of august. 11:00 p.m. right here on fox
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a month after 9/11,
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m david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life, and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that.
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calling for a moratorium on all new trade deals - until we can prove they'll create american jobs. for an infrastructure bank to repair roads, bridges and water systems. to protect medicare & social security. and for a $1000 tax cut for middle class families. i came from a working class family. i will always fight to make sure that working people... have a fair shot. ted strickland: ohio, heart and soul. i'm te nd i approve this message. ?? offering the most powerful turbo 4-cylinder engine in its class and performance brembo brakes. the cadillac ats... every moment accelerated. during summer's best, get this low-mileage lease on this cadillac ats from around $279 per month,
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[music playing] [music playing] i think this is one of my first concerts with my parents. really.really. tony yes. up here in cleveland. awesome.e. brought him up a rose i think i was six or seven he leaned down and gave me a kiss. a mustache my mom goes how wasws the had never had someone kiss me m with a mustache.ache i'll never forget those little things. my first concert. welcome back to fox8 news in the
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wayne dawson.n. good morning i'm stefani schaefer. i'm stacey frey in for kristi capel get a check from the forecast because a little rainlr other. oer. a little bit stacey wayneay stephanie good morning everybody. here asneha goi lodo mok at stod a couple of scattered showershos and light sprinkles down therete heading to the north east and south and west of mansfieldfield there's also some light rain as wl.l.l. down at burke lakefront show yoh the cloud deck this morning that broke for a little bit of of for the most part skies are having a tough time branding up that might be the best way to g about it on to theg southeastern part of tashe state a little sunshine there. meanwhile we are watching thisii round of rain as it moves to the northeastsou lndi keofly rai go into someto g showers.we this briefrs respite wille will transition over to wet period in best chance for showers and storms will actually be southy e and east of s cleveland.velan everybody pretty much in theth
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now.ate the maps in motion actually a indicating some scatteredng showers after about noonsome te southeast becomes active as the frontu very slowly pulls to the southeast. so at us perhapsgng some scattered showers tomorrow into thursday. muggy low 80s.0s. 68 still humid tonight.. a few showers and thunderstorms early.. and tomorrow will be mid- 80s. still humidnn becoming less humid though thursday on into even though temperature still in the low to mid 80s. saturday 84. anddthe lo tw htoen m the more 8 cold front comes through sunday. look at the highs.ig mid- 70s. back to you. thanks so much aj. the cleveland teachers could be one step closer to the picket line. this, as the school year starts backup again.p clpicket just started yesterday.esterda jessica dill is live at wade park elementary, where students will be headed back for day two
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good morning.r good morning wayne stacey and stephanie. st epeverybody.ybody. timing is definitely pretty badd cleveland public schools headinh back to school this week because the kids are actually in hereer behind me they started day to hear this morning. comes at a bad time because the teachers uniona now might be going to strike.tri let me be cleark though we'll gt to some video for a rally in man they haven't announced a strike yet.ey haven't announc the union has not yet commented school district late last night mentioning a strike.t nted a stol the school district says they are disappointed to learn of ape teachers union striked authorization. to learn teachers uni the district and the teachers union have been in negotiations since november 2015 and they have spent hundreds of hours in bargaining. they even hired a fact finder,d, like a mediator, earlier this year to try and find a middle ground between the two sides bui both the union and the district rejected that report.d the district says while a lot o issues have been resolved some
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the contract between the boardr of education and the teacherst union expired on june 30th. they go through that they have to deal with kids in a class and then at the end of the day theyy have to come out here and make sureo weather it's raining orir snowing make sure they all get picked up. they have to stay after and you all of thatt dealing with kids first second and third inthird kindergarten. big kids fighting all day. a lot of the parents we talked to said the same thing therethih kids love going toe school theyy love there teachers at thet schools are really good forfo their kids in it isrir kid unfortunately can't come to an agreement. that union hasn't released asn' statement yet wea keep checking they say that one will be coming out this morning see if it will go to a striker stick with fox8x
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hopefully they get this together before it gets ugly.ully the thanks so much. a local community has been criticized for years over a so called speed trap. but now, that community's traffic cameras are being credited with helping catch a couple of criminals. fox eights dave nethers has the exclusive pictures for us this c.rning. n ntraffic came fox august 7th, two customers in the parking lot of a dollar store a west 117th and bellaire arees approached by a masked gunman. one of those two customers licensed to carry a concealed weapon.ande one of thers it's still under investigati but all investigations lead that this person did take a lawful right to protect himself and executed that right to protect himself and returned fire just to save his life and the life of his passenger.hihi executetehimself and r r surveillance video from behindnv the store showed the maskedideoe gunman, who was now shot in theo head, getting out of a white caw that sped away towards memphis o avenue after the shots were fired.f aay towaemphn we tried to enhance the pictures
8:36 am
plate of the vehicle or any distinguishing marks on the vehicle it was very, it was somewhat grainy on the surveillance.te of the veve he it when you are leaving that dollat store on memphis chef franzak d says there are only two directions you could go, one of those directly would bring this speeding car right past thei village of linnadle's traffic enforcement cameras. village of the car traveling 46 in a 25 zone, triggering the village's r much despised traffic camera,ige giving investigators a clearvesc view of its license plate.l knowing that they either turned left or right there's a 50-50 shot we took the chance that they turned right and were not following the speed limit.ther he would have activated a camera. camer police have identified theentife masked gunman as varshaun dukes of east cleveland. he is still alive with a bullett in is brain, facing multipleivei charges including two counts ofu attempted murder.un
8:37 am
hubbard and nathan hubbard ofard cleveland, have since been arrested and face charges thatna include complicity in aggravated robbery.d have sied and face chg police say they may never have been caught had it not been for the linndale they were qceuite reluctant when they were first interviewed by investigators but when shown say e linhey were evidence of the photo enforcement camera they thenente became cooperative in this investigation. dave nethers fox 8 news.ra theyv thanks so much. a 10,000 dollar reward is being offered for helping in tracking down vandals who caused damagedl at the african safari wildlife atrk in port clinton.s whoo the vandals cut down several trees and pried a fence from ita posts at the end of june. fenceo many of the trees died, but no animals were harmed.f the tr a cuyahoga county fair worker continues to recover in the hospital this morning, after being shocked on a ronald grimes was trying to dismantle a bumper car ride, when he was shocked.shockedd alhocked. investigators say the ride was
8:38 am
supervisor had instructed them to begin pre teardown of the sed themst before the accident.l fair officials say state investigators were on the scene quickly. a ride inspector with the state came in within the hour went through the whole ride to make sure there wasn't a problem with the ride.e.the rde. investigators say there was nothing wrong with the way the w ride was operating, before the accident.rong with thehe still ahead on fox8 news in the morning.l ahead sweating for the record books. what nasa is saying about aou sizzling july that we had. and a surprise j at the checkou. find out why a group of guys ouy decided to foot the bill for dozens at an oklahoma grocery store. a group of gu he good morning kenny.g ken. good morning stacey. welcome back. clevelanddac cycle works very cl company doing some cool thingsis they actually make custom madeto motorcycles as well.e we'll check some of those out ot you won't believe what they can do. kicking it with kenny.
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have you seen rob portman's ads saying he's leading the fight against opioids? well here's what he's not telling you: rob portman actually voted against the funding needed for the program. that's right, portman voted against the funding. and as heroine ravaged our communities, rob portman voted twice for budgets that threatened cuts to drug treatment programs.
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afscme is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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what a story here.e. people in the checkout line at an oklahoma city grocery store got a nice surprise yesterday total strangers paying for their groceries.e check ocery srei ies. the group of good samaritans came together in the spirit ofip good will, footing the bill for more than a dozen people.ood wil look at how surprised and happy that is so nice.and h one of the men says they started raising money back in july for this random act of kindness the first person it was her birthday. she was low on cash so when wesw did pay her bills it was a big deal for hcash so we pai it what i wanted to happen and it t turned out perfect. that is so nice. the men say they are planning to do another surprise visit to a grocery store in the future.a how nice is that. that is awesome. something like thatt can really make someone's day it makes you appreciate the kindness of people. that is true. we saw yesterday it was rainingn in my daughter and i saw a woman walking into a story and a lady came running out with an umbrella and walked her and.ou
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you ladies like motorcycles? writing on them but never drivei one. i haven't either. either. don't mind being on the backc with not a motorcycle guy but you know what can he found a placefu yound can get one pretty muchpt iny expensive. not a whole lot of money.i made here in cleveland. that's right. you nailed they wanted this is they want people to realize motorcycle let me grab hanging out with scott the guyss here at cleveland cycle works and we've been showing youhere l really cool motorcycles all morning long.a i know you see clevelandeland motorcycles probably thinking i don't know what i'm talking about. going to explainnw cleveland cyy works in cleveland motorcycle.y. the factory is huge 65,000 square-foot building and wedingd actually do a couple of different businesses here we have e cleveland cycle works wh is that manufacturing company.p.
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aftermarket parts and clevelandd motorcycles is our custom shop. the name clclto cleveland motors is a custom shop.op. speaking of.g of. let's take a look this is one on your custom models. cycle workseland high standard motorcycle shopho ticket and basically did theid t custom work on it. okay. o good.d. which would include. everything.veryt we changed the gas tanks. different gas tank paint job. weathered the seats different exhaust.ea handlebars. hass different gf sf forks on custom over here talk about theut the customization of this bike. this is a stock cleveland misfit taken and completely customizedd this is actually one of our factory race bikes. o well all r.ight. over here. this is a bike that you guysuys build right here in cleveland.
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record in the 250 cc class. that's right.t. so one other passions is racing. vintage racer and i've been roa racing for several years now. so of coursero what better then use your own country to explore your passion.n. all right. stan is really gotten into yourassion.t. you know these moe to the 10th so this is of course one of ouru factory landscape races. road racers and a land spee this is another one of yourou custom talk about this one. one. this was basically a platform to show people thatrm you can buila complete beautiful custom bikele for under five grand.r this is under $5000.00. custom bike for $5000. starts with our heist the basic heist platform and it's fairly stocks. a paint job handlebarsirly we we wrapped seed and exhaust. exhaut very good and a custom bike foro
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also.lso. 2710 will be a great year for you guys because.caus right here at the factory we'ree moving and a lot of the distribution back here. soin right here behind the big d door when moving a lot of the distribution and some assemblyeb and manufacturing. righta here. and you guys have manufacturingc tcenters which i love. cleveland guys cia go cia.cia. pikes in asia and europe. everywhere which is really cooll driving cleveland bicycles. motorcycles. that is right.rc household name around the world. congratulations on the and and d or many of your success. cleveland cycle works west 66. and awesome stuff want to take stan the man who woke up and luke lookingstt fit. you guys come on come on leak is case western looking lon forward to having some great
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engineers.s. all right. thank you. good luck with everything. by one of your motorcycles when you design my. will go back to you guys in the studio. very cool.he cleveland's own. a 47:00 bedtime i know coming up when will the red light turned green.whwh . ten seconds? 20?20? a new feature by audi will tell you.w f we'll tell you how it works and what the carmaker hopes it doese we'll tell y to and more rain is on the way. aj is back with a check of youru eight day forecast. including a peek at the upcominn weekend. todd good morning. good morn goiong.mni getting pluggedn in talking abot school supplies your thoughts and comments innsch aoo clo uplf viewer tips we'll pass along to
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storm fox. checking out a fewa w showers pulling through thehrou cleveland metro right now. really nothing more than ahan a single or to light rain showerss south and west of mansfield. temperature wise in the 70s generally speaking here. 73 in strongsville same atat madison. painesville 74.4. and 72 in ravenna.enna from ou.ter space superimpose te radar on top of the cloud coverv south and east we are finding bright sunshine from about bri points south and east will eventually make it ino probably pick up a quick quarter of an inch.n in little bit more to the southeast in factli there could be someome stormy weather in that neck ofef the width especially this afternoon. the forecast esp goes as follows.l maggie scattered showers.ered s breaks up son from time to time and breaksho in not only that bu the rain ast well a few eveningi storms but humid tonight.mid toh
8:51 am
few passing showers not out oft theestistion. we do see it less humid air coming in on thursdayo low 80s.. 85 on friday it looks dry rightr now. and pretty pleasant i would say saturday's high 84. and late saturday and certainlyy during the day on sunday we could be dealing with some rain and thunder.ld highs in the 70s a cooloo canadian ms is on the way as we begin a brand-new week. stephanie.phanie all right aj thanks so much. in the headlines today.t in the july was certainly a ho in fact, nasa says it was record setting. researchers say july 2016 was the hottest month in recorded history. temperatures were one and a halh degrees warmer than the 1950 to 1980 average, and higher than the months of july in 2011 and 2015.. 5. scientists blame heat up on the burning of fossil fuels, since the effects of el nino have ended.enblame heat need to renew your passport?
8:52 am
right now the u.s. governmentno says it could take up to six weeks for a renewal.the u.s. gov and you can thank a 2007 federal law for that. it requires us citizens to carry a passport when traveling to canada, mexico, the caribbean, and bermuda.h t even if your passport is current most european countries will noi accept passports within sixll ns months of their expiration dates. the government is advising people to, plan ahead.sports w onths ofiong that last part i definitely didn't l have you ever been stuck at a red light that takes forever to one car maker says its cars will soon tell you when the lighte will change. audi says several of its carslls for the 2017 model year will link up to a cloud computer system that is also linked to timers for red lights. the 201wl er red then the cou ligntdown will shop right on the instrument panel.
8:53 am
knowing exactly when it will change will help relax drivers. the technology will first roll out in just las vegas, washington d.c., and seattle. forget smartphones smart tattoos are here. a group of mit researchers developed these metallic temporary tattoos called duoskin that can control your smart devices. users can use them as a touchtps group deos calleoskin pad to control what's happening on their screens. so for example, you can change songs on your smart phone just by tapping the tattoo. some of the tattoos can also sense body temperature and your mood.appening so for u u oby beast mode.d from little italy last night. all right. if you're getting tired of onlyn being able to use hashtags on twitter you're in luck.e twitter has rolled out promoted stickers for its partnered o companies.stickers they say the stickers that you add to you pics act like a hashtag but are more specific to the company.he s the first addpartner is pepsi wa the compan rolled out more than 50 promoted stickers. most are the emoji that are on the side of their cans this summer. twitter's partners can start rolling out their own stickers this week. cheaters never win and now they can no longer catch them all either.ter's n
8:54 am
wildly popular pokemon go saysry it's now issuing lifetime bans to people caught cheating.s nows the company says users found falsifying their location using unofficial software or other methods of cheating will be banned for life. ln usingoftwarr cheaters can appeal the ban but the company isn't saying ifthe they'll reverse their decisions so there you go.go really cracks cheating on pok?mon.reall there can be that many in one o somebody's got to be cheating.t. someone is treating.ating i don't understand any of thatat because i don't do no wonder you look so tired. you're playing pok?mon go. all week that's all i did. my daughter was doing it. she was wanted to go off by herself we won't let her. you're not going out.out. now they have to put theirr phones away they've got school. they do.
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tallking about school supplies today and a lot of kids going backschool sup a bug flying aron i thought i smelled that following me all day. taking your thoughts andand comments about school suppliesps couple came and let's get to them aron says io would waitd wi until midyear to buy the tissuei and hand sanitizer becausessue y now all the supplies were dwindling. joe zone these five kids kids never need everything on thehe school list by supplies children don't need itlist b and it makeu angry.y. what everan happened to that as parents responsible for theree r children's supplies. supplie ridiculous to have to supply community supplies.s.s. another person says what happens of the supplies they don't useus of shouldn't have to buy scissors and rulers every year if they have these extra wants. that's true if for some reason the teacher has extrahat's tr pm in the pencil box. box. bring it home at the end of the year. and a lot ofth sechools donate them. donate them and pass them on.nat they just carry through for a couple of years. years. donate to the kids in needeed resource center people asking
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not just a one-day thing you can continue to help out.out. time for a voicemail or no cracks okay.s okay. sorry. we'll play it for free for all friday. back to you guys. must be a good still ahead on this tuesday morning.ts tuesda was there a superbowl halftime offer or not?yy h what nfl officials are saying about supposedly gettingt sup rejected by adele.posedly
8:57 am
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[music playing]] hamilton creator linmanuelnmanul miranda is fighting back against ticket bots.a is they're the automated programsua
8:59 am
online, then sell them for moreo money making the tickets moremai expensive for everyone s miranda is teaming up with a new york senator to push a new bill that would slap a hefty fine on those who use the software. the nfl is talking about getting turned down by adele to performr at the superbowl. yesterday we told you the powerhouse singer told fans she rejected the offer because sheeh can't dance.e now the league and halftime show sponsor pepsi, say a formalsay l offer was never made. the nfl says there have been conversations with several artists, but so far no decisiono or offers are in place. i can see why the whole the who performance is a big of this.le that she is so at standingt stag market and she just stand there and sing.. m i wouldn't mind. have a bunch of people danceanc around like the dancing sharks. she turns in a circle.l
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something. a biig thing. like katy perry. seriously. that could work it.ri it could. thank you.thank y. good morning straight up 9:00 good welcome back. thank you very much how was your vacation? greattvacati just hung around oe boys had camps and stuff like that. got a lot done got been ready been y for school. bought school supplies. good morning to you on this tuesday morning. i'm todd meany. sgood mornn this hi everyone. good morning. i'm stefani schaefer.h head of the cleveland teachersae union authorized a strikace mors ontr why this means as school jt gets early morning police raidsce across northeast ohio. the eye team investigating andnv following this asestiga tithe sm is called in and some people are detained. asking the question do youou let your children attend sleepovers what if you've never met theth other child's parents. a decision more moms and dadsone are debating moms and with the. that story in your commentsmment coming up in this morning'sin downloadg' a good debate.


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