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one person dead after a deputy involved shooting in ashtabula county coronerd not right with live update, after a nearly unanimous votete the teachers union will go on strike in cleveland in september. early morning police raid in clevelan as they try to tie together a string of cr a.j. colby in the front yard. it is breezy, the unity is stil up there. could we be tracking thunderstorms this afternoon? fox 8 news at noon starts right now. >> . >> sthanks for joining us. t wet weather continues throughou
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in the area. and more rainfall on the way what is the latest?? >> it is charging up the rainfall the best chancewe for showers/storms will be south an east of cleveland today. we could have some showers, the storm that you develop will be packing rainfall. out to the west, expecting the showers to gradually increase. especially down towards akron-canton and youngstown. it bears watching. looking at premier flight academy, some blue skies, a beautiful shot. small craft
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surprise. the lake has ways between three and 5 feet there was a waterspout yesterday. you can see the spring underneath. everyone smiled those do, on land. just a little bit of
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it is a very active seniorr at miller and dodge roa the corner and bci are on scene investigation. learn some new information they say that this starteded a home and winter township last nightroro in which the suspect away, then around 7:30 a.m. the suspect was tracked to this hom on dodgeville road, bci says th deputies approached an suv not ealizing there were occupants when that drove off, and they open fire, the suv crashed int a utility pole, they say the man driving was killed in a woman who was inside waseyey unheard
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says he conceded the tire tracks through the backyards but into the crash scene. >> rdinvestigation is at the ea stages right now and what we are attempting to do is to put everything together to let bci take it from therendat to use p protocol. the debbie's involved, several, will be on administrative leave. and then go from there. >> . >> becher says the female occupant in the suv was uninjured and is beingcu questioned in jefferson, no deputies were injured it is unclear how many deputies opene fire it isis an active investigation, at this is investigating here in rome
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after hunters of hours of negotiations the cleveland teachers unit hasof notified officially that they have voted to strikeve, jessica dill has m info on this as students are heading back to class. >> as a strike has been set, announced today that september at 6:00 p.m. the day that teachers will walk off the job unless the school district can resolve the contract.t the un says that they hope that the mayor and school district are working to make sure that a strike doesn't happen the teachers union executive board voted for strike to begin on september f 1 in a statement th unione presence as is unfortuna
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have a contract, they're lookin for one that addresses the concerns of the teachers who have voicedhe it over the past three years. some of those issues include pay and teacher evaluations. the statete employees relations board requires at least a ten day notice of intent to strike, som the strike will not begin until september 1. today's announcement comes one day afte students went back for the fir day of school, so to some paren to say that they are concerned if the teachers walk off the job. >> little bit nerve-racking because the they have a connection with our main teachers so hopefully,y havinga they can become acclimated. >> is want them to come home on the the browns. it is for the children's sake, what if it was your children who wouldw miss their education is not fair to
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said that it is disappointed i the decision, and making preparations to minimize the impactct on students, that they are committed to resolving any g remaining issues, while still meeting the goals of the cleveland planssle. >> moving along, the the i-team keeping track as police conduct several early morning raids throughoutar cleveland, parma a strongsville swat officers from the western suburbs people were detained as they sort everything out , they rated at leastt four homes looking fo suspects and executing search warrants to gather evidence . the culmination of a joint investigation between parma police and clear the police, strongsvilleile and state highw patrol. today we have a massiv amount of law enforcement resources. several are in custody these are dangerous individualss, any details on th
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to the cuyahoga county prosecutor's office. do not know a lot but they say that investigators began tying together crimes, in part, after a smash and grab at a convenience store months ago in parma, we will keep you notice on developmentso . early this morning fire crews battled a fire in avon just after 2:00 a.m. at barrington pumps they were forced to call in assistance from surrounding cities the building is in an industrial area there were no reports of any injuries the roo collapsed but there is no word on the cause of the fire. lorain police continue searchin for the person shot and killed man during aai robbery attempt a taco bell drive-thru they sai the 490 robert luczak died sunday. the man shot him after trying to rob another group of
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brother says that his brother and he grew up on a farm in amherst. >> > on we grew up together we would milk cows were used to fight over who had to cuts the grass because we lived on a big farm so it's a little bit weird i don't know if it has really set ins . >> police say the suspect wearing a matching outfit with tan consider the gunmen armed and dangerous. >> y gstreetsboro high school marching band remains sidelined during a hazing investigation the superintendent address the ase with a districtwide robocall. >> superintendent mike daulbaugh says such actions are
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are taking the accusations very seriously. some parents including a camppa chaperone sa the message is misleading. the say only students who can swim in agreed to go into the lake are taken into the watergr and there are several adults including a nurse and emt nearby, as for the skids, they say students, was give operatio can stop anytime without repercussions. >> str if the kid to, you don't have to dissipateif.. >> teambuilding to become enrichin to become part of the crew that are not meant to break you tha are no >> t meant to break you hope that the surrounding communities watch this on the news e do not blow it out of proportion based on the simple words like hazing and things like that. >> to teachersplng are on paid in the outcome of the investigation, the district is
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director to get them ready fore
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we had to go to every house onc the water receives all of these homes that are covered with water got to go to every single one of those inside to check for everyone. >> thank you scott mclean, we take you to the west coast as well fires continue to burn through parts of northern
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destroyed more than 175 buildings forcing thousands to evacuate. thousands more are without power, officials say that their be an proactive setting up sheltersbe ordering food supplies and say that they also have additional firefighters coming from other areas. milwaukee mayor says 8:10 p.m. curfew for teenagers is being strictly enforced afte this weekend violence afteric t nights of unrest, writes prompted by unarmed african american man o the city's north side , doesn't officers were injured during th violence,, 14 people were arrested last night for disorderly conduct. firefighters when it's all kind of situations from people needing helplp this time it was an animal that needed to be
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quadrant that takes it down through youngstown just east of akron-canton these showers, nothing severe but light rain showers perhaps moderate rainfall towards dayton.g
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heavier down towards columbus. the showers that mode martha middlefield talking geauga county. in around the clevelan area, you do not see much precipitation some scattered showers. downstate, cincinnati, if you get into cincinnati and back towards indianapolis five, 6 inches of rainfall in this quadrantnt that's where all of h it was confined much farther south than cleveland.
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according to scott sabol, the days above 85 degrees we have had 44 , by comparison, last year only 17 and 85 plus days, and 85, above 85 degrees, 44 is the most sinc 1944. robert gnizak a few evening storms the humidity will still be there, sunny breaks tomorrow, passing shower storm, decrease chance o precipitation down to 30 percen
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mid- 80s, less humid air holds off till thursday and friday with mid- 80s, friday is dry with a small chance of a shower thursday.m the big changes coming for the weekend,d, the entire fox 8 weather team talk about highs in the 70s for weekend and early next week. cominup supermarket superhero, dozens o shoppers head to the stores to find out there is no charge at
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shoppers at oklahoma city store g yesterday. strangers pay for their groceries as josie powell tells us the paid the bill for more than a dozen shoppers. said they started raising money in july for this random act of kindness.
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the first person, it was her birthday and she was lowas on cash and we paid th bill, it was a big deal for hera doing another surprise visit to a grocery store in the future. >> > e thanks for that report. first responders see lots of thingsgs on the job and purchas say that rescuing squirrels is notobes part of the training bu that's what they did asp emt workers did so in connecticut after the squirrelel got its head stuck in a plastic cup. it too several attempts to get it freed, another emt took the video they wrapped up the squirrel in a towel andth able
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the facebook page and since the it has gone viral. and he is a lucky squirrel. >> the gazebo where tamir rice was shot is scheduled to be deconstructed that theo future
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fox-cama, the skies may look no good. we do know that there is rainfall in the wayw, check in with a jacoby for a look at the forecast. it's pretty darkrk and we see something on the radar behind youou >> > there is rainfall, especia south and west sont moderate ra showers, no thunderstorms currently but that could changeh on radar, a quarter of showers between i-75 and i-71. see nearby cleveland it is very light up nearev wickliffe, eucl and willoughbyl southwest is mo prevalent near bucyrus and some showers and looks like there is some development along the ohio river. this will make its way
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thunderstorm potential after about 1:02 p.m. because of the rain showers washing the pollen out of the air even the grass pollen isis negligible. currently 83 degrees cleveland downstate warmer. cold front will be moving through this evening wit a chance of scattered showers/storms. the front dust settle southeast, the next system brings a chance of a shower tomorrow and thursday with a much decreased probability. looking at the winds aloft, a giant trough developing late into the weekend into monday takes the high temperatures into the 70s.
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out of canada. it will squelch much of the humidity as the temperatures drop into the 50s overnight lows will stop >> you says several debbie's fired during the consultation, they are on paid leave as the bci investigatesey more on the story as it develops at fox and later on today fox 8 news. after negotiations are teachers union has voted to strike, asas
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info on the strike notice sent out and what happens??l a strike has been set announced today that september 1 at 6:00 p.m. is the day that teachers will walkat off the job unless they resolve the contractff the union says the hope that the mayor an school district are working to make sure that it does not happen,ng the teachers union executive board voted for strike voted fohe union he presence as it is unfortunate that after negotiating that they do not have a contract,on but they're looking for one that addresses the concerns of teachers in the last three years including pain evaluation the state employee relations board requires at least a ten day notice of inten to striket. the strike beginning september 1 at 6:00 p.m. the announcement comeste one day af students went back to school.
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teachers walk off the job. >> a bit nerve-racking because they have different teachers. they have a connection with the main teacherer it is kind of ro on the kid and hopefully they can get acclimated better. >> swanton to come on mutual grounds just for the children's sakemu, what if it was your children? w how fair is it? it's not fair to my children. >> in a said that it is disappointed an the decisioni and is making preparations to minimize the impact on students that they ar committed to resolving any remaining issues while still meeting the goals of the cleveland plans, jessica dill f 8 news. the future of the gazebo turned memorial honoring tamir rice is uncertainze chicago museum says there is no deal to take the structure, which still stands outsidee the cudell rec
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including city leaders have been planning to move it for months, many in thehe community left candles stuffed animals and notes at the gazebo aftera police shot and killed 12-year-old at the rec center i 2014, there were not charged in the city settled with the rice family. >> ninty$10,000 reward offered help to track down vandals who cause damage at the african safari wildlife park in port clinton cutting down several trees andn pride a fence from h post the trees died but no animals were harmed.. cuyahoga county fair worker continues to recove in the hospital after being shocked on a ride, ronald grime of trying to dismantle a bumper car, they say the ride was in operation, coworker stow police supervisor instructed them to begin preacher down of the rid before the accident happened, where officials in berea say that the state investigators were there quickly.
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was not far away he was here within our.he he went through whole ride to ensure that there was not a problem. >> they say that there was nothing wrong with the way that the ride was operated before th accident. >> > e summer is coming to an end d and that means the beginning of high school football.l. their busy practicing as fox 8 highlight some of the top teams here is a look at
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local product making a the smart and inda home cooking runs out of steam as john telich has more o the sports report. and ends solve their winning streak snapped yesterday at progressiv field they took a three-two decision on that makeup game, rajai davis driving in both indians runs. a care of the indians a wanted nothing laid.
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then ortiz, big papi with a two-run shot his 27th a two to one lead increasing to three-one, the indians would scrap one run together in the 18, again davis driving it home and the indians were down by one run, in the ninth inning, two men on base, he would strike out santana and jason kipnis and then abraham almonte pops out to in the game with the red sox winning we were in a position to win, but just unfortunate and i get that big kit that we it the most. fo it happens. >> josh gordon, practicing for the first time on monday after being cleared from hist quad injury. he came to camp. on the final day that fans could witness practice, he was out there with his teammatesuit he done although the classroom wor
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work out physically and drop a coupl pounds began in 2012 after missing a couple years, is it unreasonable for him to quickly adapt and produce numbers? >> p now have an experience, aware of how fast the game is and how physical, what to expectw, i am more aware that definitely helps helps. >> also yesterday, after a hamstring injury, corey coleman no word onan jackson if he will play thursday at first energy stadiumhh and doubtful if mr. gordon will play.y. on fir team for the defense, jamie meder getting lots of first-tea reps, coach jackson is impressed. >> he played extremely well he is very valuablele, i don't kno
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as you guys see we put lots of people in different positions t give them an opportunity and he is very deservingo . >> jamie meder played friday, a touchdown and now enter season 20 less than two weeks away so on friday august 26 for the season premiere of season 2 of the best high school football front and a touchdown on fox 8 as the buckeyes continueue thei week of summer training camp. j.t. barrett added to another watchlist. be the sixth national watchlist for the quarterback this will be for t manning award.s in way to go clayton murphy, university of akron, new pairs of ohio native son the man who is enjoying the thrills of becoming third-best in the world he has the bronze
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olympics. thank you kids play too many video games you might want to rethink thatl, but what scientists say about games help your kids in the classroom. >>uthe best friends from the honest backgrounds, still to come the friendship that crosse species. >> just over two weeks away from the fox 8 foxtrot presented byk northern ohio honda dealers, yo can still register for the 5k run for 1 mile walk on sunday august 208 this year support veterans at louis stokesu va, just go to fox
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that we'll get you on your feet too much sitting is a potential risk factor for heart disease and stroke, the american heart association says that sitting too much ndt between physical activity can be really bad, a study says that too much sittin around is bad for your heart an blood vessels and can increase your chances of health issues , they say that they have not bee able to pinpoint how much sitting is too much that that youou feel you've been sitting long then you probably have. >> b
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themselves than they did, a survey by then american academy of physicians says that a comparative survey from 2,007 and this year shows that half o the right to health as excellen or very good though more deal with a chronic condition compared to 2,007o, the biggest issue is that they don't want t face the dr. aloned. >> i like to let the patient's drive the decision will offer t see them alone or with their partner.r.e but the patient really needs to feel that the decision is respectede, that they are an adult and the right to say that they have questions. >> tothey say that regular heal screenings are very importanty especially those past the age o 50. can play videogames help to make the grade? a study indicate some gamers do better in certain subjects then there social media savvy counterparts as mary moloney has the story.
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chance thatd playing video game can help improve certain test scores, some people may not be sold on the idea,s a new study published in the international journal of key locations. found that teenagers who played video gamesd regularly scored higher than average in math, reading and sciencey on an internationa exam. track and a test scores and ofk 12,000 australian teenagers value that those who spent higher than average time on social ee networking sites , the author of the study, an associate professor a the royal melbourne institute o technology says it may help sho new ways that children can leare from online games and potentially improve how subject are taught. >> owprofessor at indiana university says not surprised b the study, suggested that the higher test scores could be the result ofof reiki is looking fo challenge and don't necessarily find it on social media, for today's health minute,ge mary
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joining us is alex menassa from szarka financial t discussl
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it is a common thing, the second marriage, and things i can go wrong financially, thanks to help the marriage to succeed. >> you think you are older and wiser, it may be harder because there may be kids who come into play so what are tips for peopl who are making thec marriage th second time around? >> the first thing is that you have to discuss things. what you should do before you get married you should talk about five or six major things andef of them is money. people who come into my office and have no discussed these things. p so who will contribute to the househol expenses?? will it be even or based on income, what contribution do you expect fro your partner whether it is the first or second marriage ? tha
12:51 pm
on people >> what if you have kids and one day and one may not have kids s they can be a touchy subject. >> lot of people who not so let these things. me separate some of the questions. l if you have minor. how much do you expect your new partner to contribute to theo education there could be mismatched expectations. they say that they're your kids i paid for my and respond to me that it isns avon some that's a big one. another is who do you want to receive your belongings if you passed away? should go to your previous spouse or children,
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see lots of tensions in my office over those kinds of issues. >> do you see people doing a prenup is that more, and a second marriage as opposed to a first so they said they got burned and don't want that to happen again. >> > were, like, but there is a statement about prenups. mention it, people it just feels bad and many do not want to do it. the more assets involved the more important to have a prenup at least it has been laid out.. we had touched on some touchy subjects, what is your advice?
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as financial. i am the bad guy who brings up issues.. what th should do is talk about these things, either write them down, or write them down and go see someone that i can facilitate discussion. especially more assets you have it is more important because this will increase your odds of success especially in the second marriage. >> they are the experts, led them to help you sort it out an to guide you through the it if you have financial questions, or need more info on szarka financial services go to fox >>
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and donkey's best friend died a few years ag had been in a deep depression until his owners say he made an
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a friendship that takes the internet by storm, two years ago george lost his best owners say they noticed he had new friend, a duck that does not yet have a name but that the pair cannot be separated, that he lets the duck sleep on his bed and allows it to rest his bill on his leg something very unusual for a dogl who after hi last friend died fell apart.
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illes died twice and do not eat he would start himself he had anxiety with multitudes of from chewing on himself, since the docket showe up, he has been fine. they say that they're glad that the dog found a new friend and but that getting used to the duck is bee an adjustment. >> > tomorrow mid 80s slight
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we will have seven days on the way
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