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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 17, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> police are atkpwrezive look for the driver of a specific pickup truck. after two suspicious and concerning incidents involving kwrupg young children. >> . the latest on the search. and the newly released if i pice of the truck. >> . they want to know do you recognize this black pickup truck. and know the man behind the wheel. officers want to identify him quickly. and his intentions.
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returning to the same solen neighborhood and approaching young girls. >> . it's terrifying. >> . unsettling second incident in two short weeks. has parents in this solen neighborhood keeping a close eye on the their children. while also watching every vehicle that drives by. >> . my daughter went out earlier. to play. i came outside i didn't want her to be by herself. you can't trust anybody. >> . solen police were already looking for a man in a pickup truck. for approaching a and yelling at an 8 near her home mailbox on. >> . then. according to to police, the man in the truck returned to thorn berry estates on monday. a mother snapped this picture of the truck. as he fled after allegedly approaching another young girl. >> . lieutenant says they're hoping someone will recognize the truck. and give them a call. while they also been going through video. and images captured by other security cameras. in the area.
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similar description of the truck. similar description a young white or hispanic male. with some facial hair. >> . lieutenant says they don't know the man's motive. or if he's trying to lure the children or do something else. >> they're not taking any chances. >> . that's enough to really want to speak to the individual. >> . anyone with information call solen police. it's unknown and unclear if he's broken any but again officers want to speak with him. you can get a better look at the truck. at >> we'll follow up hopefully soon. >> . another story you'll see first on fox 8. a man tells the i team east cleveland police took him to a park and beat him. two officers involved were recently fired. i team reporter spoke to the man this afternoon.
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choked me. i never went to sleep in my hroeuf. they choked me to sleep. >> . speaking to the i team. for the first time since his july arrest. when he says he was assaulted by two police officers. at forest hill park. >> i thought they were going to kill me. >> . sickening. shocked. sickened. >> . east cleveland mayor has said those two days after the assault. >> . they have a lot of evidence. why charges aren't filed yet. >> the city chief asked the state bureau of criminal investigation to look into the matter. and determine if the former officers should face criminal charges. >> . he suffered injuries to his knee and back. as well as head injuries. he says he received after one of the officers pushed him down the hill. while he was handcuffed. >> .
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face. i'm scared for life. scars on my knees. i'm messed up. >> i see a man that has been beaten out of his socks and clothes. and thrown down a hill. >> his socks are still here at the top of the hill. >> these were black officers. >> . he faces 4 charges including receiving stolen property. and a charge for being a felon. in possession of a gun. >> . we're confident the charges will be dismissed or w' trial and win. we're focussings on the misconduct by the police officers. >> . his attorney and family say they remain shocked by what happened. >> the shocking part is the two african american officers did this to another african american citizen. >> . he says he is hoping the officers will soon face charges.
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the defense coroner office has identified the man as 36 year-old michael martin. he was suspected in an over night armed robbery. in the rock creek area. they say when a deputy him down to a home in. he and a woman and an suv drove off through the backyard. before eventually crashing into a utility pole. sheriff says several deputies fired shots at martin. who he had a gun. coroner office says he was hit by a gunshot also injured tph-d the crash. autopsy wednesday will determine his exact cause of death. >> . first i thought it was an accident. my father was out. and i saw the cop cars and knew
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on. >> . >> no deputies were hurt. a sheriff could not say yet if martin fired at them. the woman in the vehicle was brought in for questioning. >> . cleveland parents very concerned tonight as we learn more about the plans for a teachers strike. the teachers union has been negotiating with cleveland schools for a year. talks have stalled. now the teachers are threatening to strike. effective september 1. >> . what was critical was building out the system. of a fair evaluation. and a system of a fair compensation system. neither of those two have occurred. >> . i have always been willing to say the district has its part. it's not only the district. both parties have to commit to working together. to find better solutions.
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>> it's still not clear if or when both sides will be back at the bargaining table. cleveland school says there's a plan in place. if the teachers do decide to strike. >> . backers of a city wide initiative. in cleveland to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. continuing to fight for what they think is fair. >> . >> . raise up cleveland is taking a different approach this time around. hoping the new proposal will be better received by city counsel. instead of once. they propose if the measure passes. minimum wage would go up to 12 dollars an hour. starting january 1. each year after that minimum wage would increase by one dollar. until it got to 15. then the increase would come according to to the rising cost of living in the area. group members say they feel city counsel might be more inclined to vote on a measure like this. for the increase would be gradual. instead of all at once. as it stands now. with minimum wage at 8 dollars
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this group says they are struggling to survive. >> . cleveland city counsel voted down the proposal last kwraoebg. saying if the wage hike is only in cleveland. another cities in ohio kept the current minimum waeupbl it could be harmful to businesses. ohio attorney general has said in the past he believes it's unconstitutional. for cities to set their own minimum wage. and it's unclear whether or not the issue will actually make it to the ballot. >> . we'll be watching.
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it's a warm muggy night. it's a little muggy. but not out in mass. trying to scramble for face time. out here. okay let's do something different tonight. we'll go from cleveland to another part of the globe. where they are seeing sunrise. we're going to go to northern norway. web cam time lapse. showing sunrise. in progress there. the days are shorter. there's within the next month or two. where you're not going to see a lot of daylight. in the meantime. you can see the sunset time lapse here. and it was a little bit of color. but not nearly as much as there was from lake front. i'll show that to you. that's a good one. that's coming up. in about 30 minutes. >> showers on the way out. there's the cold front. most of the severe weather today. new york state.
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mostly reports of wind damage here and there. that's now sweeping to the east. but the front is close enough. and there's enough moisture. still left in the atmosphere. where we can still bubble up a rogue afternoon shower. thunder storm. those showers have pretty much already ended. 68 the over night low. partly cloudy. will we see an isolated afternoon storm. certainly possible. not probable. we're giving it about a two or 3 in ten chance. most of tomorrow should support periods of sun. should be okay. we'll take a look at your 8 day. >> . with news of a cool down. at the end of it. coming up. >> back to you. >> . starting back school this week. >> . lebron james continues to give back. in a big way. >> tonight he's at cedar point. along with thousands of students who benefit from the foundation.
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he just took the stage moments ago. it was about family. kids. education. as well as community. now the lebron james family foundation hosted their annual we are family reunion. here at cedar point. this is the second year they had it here. ever able to bring five family members. to the park. where they got to ride rides. and also take part. they also got to hear from the man himself. as he took to the stage. and talked about his foundation. that is hosting more than 7 thousand students. their families and partners. today. and they gave a promise they would give all to graduate college. and to really be a part of the
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much. i asked some of the kids why they were so excited to be here. >> . it's a beautiful thing. lebron james he really is a great person. he promised us a championship. he did it. >> . people got to see the king. and of course he had to get
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certainly also very exciting. at golden state. as well. >> . very excited for the keutdz kids. as well as the community. very much a heros welcome.
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saving life is the most important priority we have. we're going to dedicate every
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effort. until there's no longer required. >> . more than 30 thousand people have been rescued since friday. with more being brought to safety by the hour. thousands remain in shelters tonight. >> trump using new language to talk about how he make decisions as president. in a posting on facebook tonight. the republican presidential nominee pledges to fight to ensure that every american is treated equally. protected equally. and honored equally. he goes onto write he will reject bi campaigning in wisconsin. tonight. he told reporters that he has no plans to pivot to another style for the general election. despite the urging of party leaders.
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however. she rejected trumps claims that she would attempt to aboll eurpb the second amendment. >> . healthcare giant pulling out of obama care in eleven states. inkhraoutding ohio. the 15 states over all where it operates now. nations third largest insurance company says it lost 430 million. in its individual healthcare policy. since the government health exchanges opened in january 2014. now beginning in 2017, they will only sell obama care products in delaware. nebraska and virginia. >> . who needs the lottery. >> game that has some northeast ohioens dreaming of a jackpot. and flocking to a local bowling al alley.
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now he's attracting thousands of customers. thousands. every week. >> . he's also putting the tiny town on the map. and wait until you hear how he's doing it. >> a million dollar idea has to be complicated. >> . at skyline bowling in portage county. thatthey turned a quiet tuesday night into a 7 day a week
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a bowling table. in the parking lot. >> . i never imagined that it would have grown to this. >> owner began selling tickets to play queen of hearts. a card game with a jackpot that grows with every ticket sold. >> somebody won 17 thousand dollars. >> . tickets sell for five dollars. or players can buy five chances to win. for 20. the this sunday's jackpot. is expected to be around nine hundred thousand dollars. >> . i always believe i'm going to you have to believe. >> . he drove 20 minutes for a chance at the big prize. so did joyce. >> i want to retire. >> it put us on the map. >> . he spent 60 dollars and another ten on a 50, 50 raffle. that supports local charity. and organizations.
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mideast more than surpassed his original goal .o of selling more burgers sp beer. his bar used to be closed on sundays. now he has 3 of them open. along with the parking lot. full of concession stands. >> . aaron is not the only one profiting from the games popularity. he says the plot owner across the street made 7 hundred dollars last sunday. parking cars. >> . area restaurants have been jammed with more customers than they can happened handle. >> . off duty police have been to direct traffic. thousands of people with no other reason to visit. flock to the bowling alley on sunday. in the hopes their ticket will be drawn. >> the next drawing is sunday night at 6.
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she couldn't why did they come here: >> that's what we want to know. >> . they went multiple places. >> . you have the same questions. we haven't got the answers. >> . the i team reviewed the charges. these suspects tied to crimes way back to 2011. crimes in summit. stark. lake and lorain county. >> . this is a investigation. between parma. cleveland. strongsville. highway patrol and other law enforcement agencies. >> . parma police say their detectives started seeing connections in cases. after this smash and grab in april. so many smash and grabs anymore. this may not stop the crime. but guys like william nancy happen to see what he considers some justice.
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he is taking very harsh criticism. >> . he is. the head of the hue taeupb society. says the hunter disconnected from the suffering of an innocent creature. wildlife authorities in are already calling for the practice of spear hunting. to be banned. >> . josh is and his wife run a fitness company in columbus. he posted a graphic video of the kill. on you tube. quickly made it a private video. after the uproar. he's a former javelin thrower. who attached a small camera the to spear that killed the bear. the bear traveled 60 yards and shown retrieving the bear. the next day. the 13 minute video sequence
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in the wildlife world. he's defending the kill saying spear hunting is ethical and humane as you can get in a hunting situation. he cares deeply about the animals. bear hunting in canada is legal. but after watching the video, the director of canada humane society said the bears slow and agonizing death was appallingly cruel. hunting laws in canada may get revisited after this episode.
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faa bringing new technology to cleveland hopkins international. official announce want today. it's called the next radar. promises to help pilot have more precise flight paths. to save both time and fuel. it will also cut down on weather delays. and helping find routes around weather systems. transition supposed to be complete by 20. part of the building
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fell to the ground. fortunately the scene was secure after a short while. as it was happening. people looked on in horror. fearing the worst. >> such a close call. witnesses say these guys were strapped to the structure. otherwise the story could have ended much differently. crews came in and scaffolding to make sure it didn't continue to fall. >> . they're okay. and used to being in high places. >> . cleveland so called supercop is telling his story. now. former police officer was signing copies of his new book. badge 387. at a special event tonight in brooklyn. local author wrote the book about his decorated career. where he became well known for his no nonsense approach. and use of force. he himself survived getting shot
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he's retired from cleveland. but still works for housing court. and sheffield lake. >> . supercop. >> . what a beautiful heavenly canvas. a lot of cloud cover. tkeufpt different layers. watch the sun. look at that. it was captured right up against the lake shore. thanks to mike. in cleveland. right there over looking lake erie. a stunning stunning picture. it lasted no more than 3 to five minutes. so you really got to take it in. just pause. look at it.
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and then it goes away fast. we did have rain showers across the area today. most of it moving to the east. most of the severe weather. look at this giant wave train. of rain showers. all the way down to the gulf coast. and again in texas. since june 1 we're hanging onto a deficit. two and a half inches. canton almost five. pha*pbs phapbs mansfield. but if you just kor done just august. we have a surplus. so we'll probably keep adding a little bit to it. as we have one more major front to come through. that will be saturday night. and sunday. which will add to that pre-sip total. >> warm and humid 75 degrees. dew points just under 70.
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>> . still humid. it will be quiet. winds diminishing. boaters forecast down in here. small craft advisory. in effect until tomorrow morning. 4 to 6 foot waves now. sub sizing to one to 3 feet later. partly cloudy tomorrow. look for an isolated afternoon thunder storm. 83. here's the front. which is going to get hung southern ohio. probably close enough. for a few scattered late day showers. thunder storms. notice high pressure zips in. and you see that in the winds aloft. here's the trough of low pressure. going through on thursday. then finally little ridge of high pressure. probably drying it out. for friday. and early saturday. but look at this. we have a distinct pool of late
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80 degrees the high. then once the front slides to the east. sunshine. but. it's going to be on the cool side. with temperatures in the low to mid 70s. and low to mid 50s at night. good sleeping. for the first time in a while i think the air conditioner will stop. altogether. >> . need a break.
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aoeu beautiful homes with beautiful lawns and shopping at crocker park probably come to mind. now a nuisance is lurking in the neighborhood. just down the road. off detroit. >> .
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it's huge. >> . no not deer. but they're here too. wild turkeys. >> they roost in the trees. and almost unbelievable. >> . this viewer video shows the turkeys hanging out in front yards. west lake police say the posse is causing quite the rubg kus. people living here call police to complain. >> . they control traffic. >> address for the group. there's not much they can do. >> . we hear about them. people can't get down the road. this morning an officer was running radar and said the turkeys were more effective than he was in slowing traffic. >> . more like stropping traffic. like what's on the other side of the road. she says her house. >> . right back in here. among the trees.
1:44 am
17. young turkeys. >> that was last year. the turkeys like to come back for regular visits. and the group always leaves evidence they were here. >> . if you come across the turkeys. let them be. >> . people thought it was funny to chase the turkeys and had the tables turned. they learned their lesson. >> . just leave them alone. >> . still to come. police search for answers following a grizzly attack.
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tphreus say 19 fatally stabbed 59 year-old john stephens. and his wife. in their garage.
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scene. they found him on top of the male victim. biting his face. multiple officers, dogs. tazeers initially did not stop the suspect. a motive is not clear. at this time. but. police are looking into drugs. as a possibility. >> . witness said shoppers and workers were in shock. when they looked down to see the aisle. pal let a gallon of water jugs had fallen from the top shell
1:49 am
witnesses say the father pulled him from the debris. and a nurse who happened to be shopping at the time. attended to the child. >> . it hit him on the whole left side. he had two places where his arm was broken. and contusion on the top of the head. >> . i became a nurse to help. i'm i can't go without seeing somebody needs help. and just stand there. >> . in a statement a ses spokesperson says the company was saddened to hear of the incident. they are investigating. >> . wild scene in a wal-mart parking lot. a pet monkey got loose. outside the store. and animal escaped from a recreational vehicle. and was wearing a diaper. the video shows a store employee chasing down the animal. near a shopping cart area. the entire incident was captured on video. by a witness here. because the monkey didn't bite anyone.
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>> .
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a double take. 3 thousand feet you should under the sea. >> take a look at the squid. his debut captured by rerpblgers who were live streaming an expedition of the ocean floor.
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>> >> hi everybody. stellar through 6 innings. bull pen dynamite. and defense not too bad as well. indians win 3 to one. tph*bgszing tph*bgszing increasing their lead in the division. >> . hao*er in the first inning here in the first inning. business is going well. down the line. that would plate another run in the third inning. it's two to nothing. tribe. clubber goes 6. 7 straight outings. 6 or more innings. 3 runs or less. tonight he allowed only one run. he also benefited from great defense. that's. from his knees. and throws him out.
1:55 am
run. top of the sixth. and two to one game. >> . impressed with his boring teammate. >> . he's back to being an ace for the staff. he never really left too we knew this would be browns now. they suspended corner back williams for two games. williams was away from the team seeking a second opinion. on his ankle. first to report the discipline. coming back to the field with john hues. who missed nine practices due to a family issue. he knows he has some catching up
1:56 am
thomas missing his second straight with a back issue. and mri did not reveal anything of long term concern. joe is not overly concerned. >> . says what he was dealing with was a minor injury. anxious to return to the field. and pick up where he left off. >> . i came here to do my job. and be the best i can be. and it's tough. always tough to. but like i keep on saying. you have to do what's best for me. and. what's going to help the team. >> . dallas owner jerry jones. and former commissioner. who have been select -dz as
1:57 am
hall of fame in 2017. >> . joe and tags were chosen today. the cowboys won 3 super-bowls in 4 years from 92 to 95. after he bought the team in 89. >> . and season 20. friday night touch down. august 26. >> . always appreciate your time
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