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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  August 17, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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we won't make it into the corn chowder and there is a lot of corn and wheat will have something nice and cool it is like clam chowder without the claims here is what we stood with five or six pieces of the bacon a bacon we started browning them in the pot. now i will add some money and so we have basil flavor in there. before we do that i will get a spoonwdcbaheb and then the soup. if you feel it is a little too much bacon fat you can take some of that outac that will give us good flavor it does not taste like a baconwi. we have cap are going with a couple of onions in here.go we will put half pay hf a cup of celery chopped up
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you feel like you will cut your hand off you could go to hind ends orto whole foods or giant eagle and are giant eagle and they haven't chopped up for you already it is pretty easy to do you get one container of each you will have celery leftover that is a good way to do it. then we put belief in their ticket out when there and take it out when it is done becausen it is not really good for your stomach that gives a good flavor. i will put in half by salt and pepper and flavor of just part of the going right let me check the flame on there. we will turn it. up just a little bit. now. we will talk about the current rate? and there is a lot of different ways to get the corn off the cob number one i make the bottom spot it will take five years for this. i will show youiea too. a lot of different ways to do it. my way may be the hard way i start with the middle of s the plate like
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then they cut them off. it smells like that onion is already cooking a little bit for us. then we get it off like that and the reason i want to show you this is because when you get it off, you take the backt of the knife and go up and down like this and it knocks a creamy some storms out of the middle wheref the colonel kernl was an apple go in the pot also with the corn.wa up my onions they are starting to sweat out a little bit you want them to sweat out till they get soft.e s and we might as wl just do it. m it is pretty easy to do. while i am doing this, i want to tell you a wind story we had wine story we had dean on yesterday showing us beautiful wines from france from grace he
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kids were watching. my son it was about ready to moveso to chicago,m and he thought the r?e wines out of the gate good idea he decided to have a couple of his friends were all moving to different cities online party we were inor not, so grand river at the other day out is ticket office at the geneva accidentu off of i 90 we went to and sellers and talk to matt and sarah meineke, grand river one show we will do putting w it together a great aa to discover. a wonderful place i get up this morning i said how and said how was the wine tastingsg they tried the ros? he the chardonnay and had one of the roads and they had a great, great time. i thought i would sharei that with you because we are talking about wines from all
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we have some nice ones. check it out if you get a chance. okay. now, what i will do is put some potatoes in here. look around a little bit to make sure i have everything. to idaho potatoes. i peel them and chop them just now before the show because if you let them set out they will turn brown.o all those flavors to get around those potatoess and then you hae something really good going on in the broth. we will make that now. we put the corn comes in here believe it or not and the corn. that was too. the recipe
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hiding out. we put all of that in there, and of course when you are done becomes will come out, but they add to the flavor. the depth of the flavor we did not praha peppers are jalapenos or anything like that but you could if you a a want to put a little chili powder or something like that in. that is the beginning now what we dobe is but one whoe cup of heavy cream in. you get heavy cream or whipping cream it cream that works out pretty good than three cups of milk. all cup of chopped onions and a half a cup of celery. do we have it all in there? yes we do. now we stir it around the turn up the firen and we will make this boil. when it comes to a boil,
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when we reduce it to a simmer, we will put a half hat on it and 15 or 20 minutes later we will have corn chowder. i will show
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will come back. how are you today? >> i am wonderful it is humid
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like the outings of the cob into the soup look how could the outlook. >> my plateou seems to be leniet like the leaning tower of pisa and then i will like ?- there we go. see the baileys we don't want that there is somebody get sick it's never that good. we have that going on. let's go over here. how about a little garnish. you use parsley or basil plant basil is such a great summer flavor isn't it? we will take a little basil and roll it up and then we will cut it in those little
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put this on it. that will give it some flavor it there. and then. i think a little bacon me. >> i think you can't do wrong when you add a little bacon onn. >> we will add a little bacon she's probably wishing she could come over and take a picture she knows i will destroy it so she's got to take it fast. this is sort of a call them too it will not look the same. i
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excited him just very excited it looks delicious.xc ms is still packing car. >> the recipe is easy. and love bacon is good too. what do you think? it has the freshness of sweet corn. >> sometimes the new get this in order it also marked out some words almost to creamymyt and s not have the first taste to it. this >> let's widen do this. some like it creamy but i think starts to get creamy the end. so sometimes it makes it more money. >> this is delicious it makes it i'm going to do my dessert first. >> we need dessert too. we've had that solid stomach and have a little sweet sweet treat at 1012 in the morning. the cases
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this is a bakery we acquired from the original owners so we have owner so we have put out on taste and spent on things. we have fresh products theai bakery. pun intended. we will always have a knot roles and poppy rose your stay pull like pastries, but other than that we will have something new to have a new flavor and twist on it. >> the russian tea cakes, the danish and cinnamon sticks are our top sellers every day. you
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is dynamite and so buttery and has some cheese and apricot. when i baker is baking and he is, i h small the butter and jut melt. we also we are getting famous for our brownies everyone who comes into rave about them says they are creamy, they are gui, they are chocolatey, and may haveey walmarts in them whih i think mear take him to the net level. we have different flavors we have a poppy seed and nut and the chocolate. i have heard people say the first time may try that they have tasted have been and they are hooked. that is it. just one. you never know what you are going to find in ouryo decadent court case because it changes every day. >> i actually hate to break
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about that and i don't like chocolateok we were looking for something to do on our retirement yearsokso and somethg to help with retirement. i have to give all the credit for how pretty the pastry looks to our baker. he is fantastic. he comes from italy himself. he bringsgs a lot of fresh flavor d fresh looking for things that are very t different. he is ve, very good at what he does. europe when i was 12 years old he to make him on your comment with me o a little by little you learn new line new linei that's how i really got started. you know, going to be honest with you i don't like desserts. i see it every day sometimes i even dream about themom. i feel
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>> i hope they experience flavor and great customer service and that they walk out with a smile and a giggle and will call and tell us how good their pastry was. that looks delicious doesn't it? it even sounds delicious. very anti- and a great place to go that bakery is locatedaa at route 82 and broadview heights. okay, it is america's number one field crop. >> corn? >> even right now we are talking about corn of course when we return we will tell you how to cook ithe and even how to freeze it. more about corn today after
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will come back to new day. don't miss your chance to see blues guitarist buddy guy and jonny lang johnny lang tickets are still available upcoming shows include seal and total a lot of great shows coming up at the hard rock casino. it is one of the countriesro number one crops d in season right now what is c wy david had a nice precipitation for us. now we are talking about corn how too cook it and everything else we need to know
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learned so much from this man already you can get a lesson here i swear it will really help out one of the greatest vegetables out here. it is in season in season right now. you can get it. get it now i could get now and i will also show you a wayow to freeze and have cap next easter it will be like it just came out of the field. let's start with the best way to pick it. >> the way we pick it up the and we sure can hear back take a out by a great there. it's not sleep it's not ready to pick efforts to start see it p is ovr donald. >> what happens if it is over gun? >> we move onto another part of the field we do different planting. but that is better. i eat more raw corn then i do cap.
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it is our turnon with the farmes market how do we know? what are the good ones? the best is to grabs an ear and feel the top of it. i can feel the fox like this one here i can feel that under the husk all this is is non- tipped. are you do is break it off,, and it is perfec. >> because some people ?- and i have been includedec you go to e store and you can husk them right there so it is protected it'so like my wife says you dont peel your bananas at the store
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ahead and keep it in there if you keep it fresh like thiso in your refrigerator you could probably get four or five days out ct of it. >> i would normally put a piece down if it had a defect like that you could still get it because you just break it off. >> if you are doing that with a firmer farmer you throw that aside and you can only do so much corn. >> why do we have a knife here? >> i educated days earlier on a proper way of the proper w o your baking products out and use it to put in a porn and slice it right off. >> rate. and we havead the best way to cook it is to steam it. >> boiling and a pot of water is no good? >> this is what happens when you boil it you are pulling out all
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injured finger you only is this much water not everybody has a steaming basket you put this much water in and you can doo to three years or doesn't years with just that much water in the leg.g. you throw it in there wh that much water do not add salt or sugar sugar you cannot put into corn but you can pull it out. >> interesting note it starchy the steam and for 45 minutes again it's in season right now it tastes s delicious what is the best technique. the same thing is you steam andiq tn put it in your kitchen sink with ice water. that stops the
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as good. >> i love the sound of thisis pretty much. i again certified right there on township we check out the farm with some good corn and now you know what to do with it. sunday south brussels one this monday. thank you so much for being here. when we return one of the newest restaurants to open r i love this place we hada chance to stop fighting and will take a look at it after the break. i am bridget and i wil
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the day she is ten years old going into the fifth grades i know if any mom is out there we don't have a ton of time in the morning to spendi on our daughters her first i want to show youonau this want to brushe way that their brussels are made as they can go in wet and dry air without hurting your child so we will a do a hybrid. have the secure high ponytail, what i will do is take her hairc and flip it over my hand so you haveou a nice smooth fun look ad i will take another elastic band
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that we take ends with everything and smooth everything down a semi-y using bobby bobby pins to secure.s we use a litte desperate old and in place. this is veneer great clips styla
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>> will come back to new day. have you been noticing were wrinkles lately? i don't seem you. we see any. we are five reasons why, and they don't are doing at we may not realize there's nothing to do with us aging gracefully. >> i just talk to greg i forgive me this little piece of orange peel pepper and sugar it is unbelievable. we must visit to this place. >> with me tell you how amazing this restaurant is. this is sustainable seafood craft cocktail place we are talking
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i had to go there. kevin love loves the displays. i love it as well. wait until you see what is inside and other food. check it out. >> you are stepping into one of the hottest new restaurants here and gordon square. i have corey here with me the you they were both shot send tn we're going to put this amazing restaurant togetheris it has ben a labor of love. >> a long time comingr since may of 2013 have been renovating it since then we are super proud of the final results with the long time coming but definitely worth the way. this place is amazing whatis do you describe the atmosphere of like?cr >> you can come jeans and a t-shirte or sit next to someone and s not superior downstairs we
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the but area. for the reception it up to four sections. we have the appetizer starters with a mixture of hamas and the bacon and we also have seafood on it especially with theatergoers celebrating needing a bobble bottle of bubbly and things like and then we have your standard options as far as steak and seafood and a chicken dish. i absolutely love that garden. >> indoor outdoor garden space he wanted to make a vocal space in the wintertime we will put a tree out there it could see the snowfall on it and it is a real picture. >> they also have really great cocktails i hear. >> the birth program is
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area jeff jethro is our bar manager it is ridiculous the amount of talent back there you definitely need to check that out. >> i think it is time to get to the food and i will go meet your wife do. >> definitely. she is a challenge here. >> i'm going to go find her. >> she is the one back there making all the great food for us chef rebecca f let me tell you i know you have quite a variety here at the restaurant really display that today i day. >> thank you. today we have our pepperoni pizza. we have our hamas. >> when it comes to your hamas, what all do you put in there to make it so special because this is the best looking how many truck,'s trevor ever seen i have to try and. >> of those are our house and made made soda crackers the
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agape. a little sweetness with some acid in there.sw i mean, that out. i love hamas that is unbelievable that pizza though ?- going back to that what else you have on the pizza? >> we have a little bit of kale and chilly and garlic and garlic .hips >> i mean come on ?-dash what makes your is a little different do you >> hours is gluten-free for starters.. a little bit of potato starch it is a really nice crunchto it could do a gluten-free and what is your other option to? >> we have tons of gluten-free and vegan options so no one is left behind. >> the best part of it to that they are open until 2:00 a.m. when he want to get the
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>> full menu. arcadian food and drink. delicious. once again are you ready? >> yes. the chicken is alsoke the bus i've ever had. theyd. are open for happy hour d then oury starting at 4:00 p.m. and open until 2:00 p.m. seasoning 2:00 a.m. closed sunday and mondays. he saw studied delicious drinksa i did not get you delve into those too much but that is because david will be there next. >> we have fabulous craft cocktails and that is also great things you are doing in the bar reproducing some activity here today. what ism this? >> it is very similar to a tequila. it happens to be a happy accidentt with this week r pictures this particular has a jalapeno corn shrub we make it
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>> it is masqueraded were sugar and sits for a couple of days, and many and some vinegar. >> a moonshiner yes. that is great. this particular drink is going on drinkers going on our new cocktail program and it means sundown. and the garnish) so is the salt and pepperd swet and ran switch and when you are eating earlier. >> david, the general manager we will ge and i got to tell you will move back out on the string. it is funny a little tiny thing like that totally elevates the drink. >> yes. fantastic. the next cocktail is the yellow jacketne with a johnny walker black. >> how did you learn how to make
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happened to be a cocktail nerd. >> that is a good thing to be entered at. you honored at. you have a lot of friendste. >> oh yes. we are doing nine minute new cocktails coming up this week along with the book is awesome food. >> this is the one hass the starch background. >> yes, yes, it s delicious. as the smoky background of the good you want to put something in it you've got to be carefulg and we actually get that from our garden. >> i want to ask your question what is his garnish on this drink? >> that is a caramel popcorn stuck we do in the house with a
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hazelnut how do you do that? >> we have the bread service and at the end of the night we take that and have it for about three days and then go with the taste and go with it there. >> i know i guy who does not drink but those popcorn so much this made drive them to drink.o i will bring them out into the open. the timet in here is jut regur with a little bit of sugard jalapenos sweetcorn rub is what
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throughe adding equal parts of it is basically a fany word for straining. >> always how many things you may caps off are about to hear you may come in crackers at the restaurant. >> everything that is kind of things. >> what is your favorite food there? >> it is so our hard to say i've eaten pizza on pizza on pizza and hadi' tense that times than i can tell the fried chicken is unbelievable. i know we go to a a lot of places but i feltgo in love with this one. look at ra. he did not want to come on. he wanted to let you shy but everyone there is
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been open eight weeks, and people have been rain eventen it is very, very unusual. >> we have had such a great response with everyone in the gordon square communityer. >> you will see these faces and recognize them on off when youhe come in and enjoy yourselff this is the place that wrinkles. the smiling wrinkles when you have the kind you don't want to have we will tell you what you can do with him coming
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>> will come back to new day. are you noticing more and more wrinkles? we know it is inevitable but it's may not be the reason.ab welcome doctor melissa from the cleveland clinic. you back. we find it interesting because the automatically have the plane age there are some things you can't control but some thingse that ae affecting the skin. >> the number one thing that we can control is a sign. 90 percent of the changes we see on the skin is related to sun exposure. >> staying out of the sun may be
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much better option are a bronzer and wear your sunscreen every single day. >> when you are outside the matter what put it on? >> you get a fair amount of sun marking to your mailbox walking to your mailbox or into the store m get into the habit of putting it on with your morning routine. >> speaking of something m a moisturizer using the wrong moisturizer can be a bad thing. i would not think that. >> you want to find onenk that s not fragrant irritating to your skin because irritation can cause dryness and more damage.. and then what about going down the list here? this is one t i am guilty of ?- high glycemic foods like pasta willfo increase your blood sugar which increases your insulin it's like an inflammatory bombch that causes inflammation all over your body including your skin and sugar does shepherd
10:44 am
finds the elastic and collagen fibers in your skin and damages it. s that is important because that is what gives youis the plumpness and make sure skin look nice. one thing that can damage it is sugar. as it gets damage, there is less support for your skin and more wrinkles. >> interesting. then depending on where you live it can also have somethinggg. to do with the city? >> environment skin leading to teaching these are the things a pickup walking down the street. so it and automobile exhaust fumes can do .t >> sleeping ?- >> depending on how you sleep and how often that can be a big issues. >> s not getting enough sleep inquiries is your quarters all level and that is a stress level that is increase levels of insulin we talked about that ad
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sleep overtime damages your skin. >> so say if you are doing it for our a week time frame it may not have that big of an effect but if you are talking overall long-term which is probably why mom's of those love wrinkles because we have kids. >> is think it is important to o the best you can go to bed at the same time get up early every day, make sure you get your good six ?- eight hours. and i know it is smoking ?- >> smokingng ?- we all know smoking damages our hearts and it also damages the skin and not just the smoke. t is the way a perfect person your lips to a nailed a cigarette causing on the linesga around tt which is one of the first signs of aging this little minds you are get around the mouth, and then smoking itself a causes a little blood vessels in theau sn in overtime that damages
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and makeic sure skin more wrinkles. >> since we have a teeny bit more time always gone through all of those things can i ask you what would be the number one good thing for you to do that helps your skinldr that may not even cost a lot of money. >> put on a good sunscreen every morning. number two is it a good healthy, well-balanced diet. i like to say the mediterranean-style diet it is good for your heart and lungs and brain but your skin is an fats like olive oil and avocado and lots of fruits and vegetables for antioxidants a amounts of protein.i the some water to clean water. >> yes. yes. >> thank you so much always good to have you here with the learn a lot when you are here on the show thank you. >> davidh . >> @game they date back to the egyptians bocce ball is so
10:47 am
north railton. check it out. >> it's an italian heritage game that took off. combine. this is the north oil bocce ball leg it goes always on a wednesday. the monotony to get away from her or whateverm most of these days, you not, but coming to me to play, they can go nowhere close else even in the city to playn on this where it is just private. you go to the city park, you can't smoke a cigar. you can't smoke there. you can't have a glass of wine
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league. we play 24 weeks. there is a lot of competition here believe it or not it looks like it n is still the game but it's a competition came and that is what i like about it i look forward to it it is like boys camp it is fun. everybody knows everybod is fun when you get together with 24 guys all at one timeet i've been playing for three years. i am no good. >> this is a bunch of great guys a fantastic sport getting together within a great music. he is an excellent post and all he a is a great day, and we hava
10:49 am
just a great night to get to gather with a bunch of guys and play bocce and have fun and relax. that is what it is all about relax. >> no good. >> i am so happy i got loyal people and loyal friends they friend they come here all the time.yan >> you just got schooled. >> it is a camaraderie it is real niceois. >> it is a fun night here at the bocce ball league. >> and if you enjoy watching the game you can head over to the american italian-american club nextxt weekend for their annual
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even be some food two. more new
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>> guess what ?- there is a brand-new store northeast ohio that not only offers brand-name merchandisebr that helps those less fortunate. it is retail don't write welcome to common threads a.'t >> , common threads in a concept ina resale. it is an upscale thrift shop where we take donations from wonderful dors local neighborhood and only the local neighborhood we carried a merchandising and such a merchandise it in such a way we appealoome to everyone across te board.t >> you have a wide selection of everything from men's and women's in kids close. we have a great house were in the core section greate jewelry purses handbags times accessories pretty much anything you want to
10:54 am
outt common thread. common threads is an easy to shop store oneto thing we get our focus grp to do the market research was that people wanted to findea exactly what they wanted quickly andui easily, so the stores laid out. you can find the women's close women's close you know where exactly you are at all times. you can come in and right along the right wall is where you willgh find the best brands and qualities and additionsqu you can go) find anything you want. surprises as well. >> another unique thing is we focus on local entrepreneurs we give this to someone each month it does rotate we want to give a spotlight to the other cleveland makers who have great businesses and we will make it a great impact to the community named after lydia a small business woman inl the bible who blended
10:55 am
great impact on her day. a great way you can help support common threads in the local community is to donate your greatt stuff. you can do thaty going to our convenient drop-off located next to the store. we will we'll take heart rate out to you give you a tax deductible receipt and you can be on your way if y you want to shop walk right over to the store to see the great merchandise we have on the sch floor. not only do we e fantastic merchandise and you know everything you donate are everything you buy or is going to stay local in terms of the proceeds and profit. you will provide local jobs and wages are go back to one of the best emerging systems. one of the great things about our thrift shop like this is our inventory is always changing. everyday we have every day we have hundreds of new items every
10:56 am
fresh signs every day whether you are a frequent shopper once ant month shopper, you will find something new every day. >> to visit, drugs it is located on the rain wrote in fairview park. for store hours visit their website with all the information you need repair. >> coming up on tomorrow sure, we have to do with one more day here, we are taking it to you to seafood school. today seafood school tomorrow get some tips for cracking crimes. >> i do it anyway but always hurts my soul. hopefully they will be able to help. plus you are taking us to the movies right? >> tell her her water. that will be a lot of fun. we will have a whole hour of food on friday. of course. we celebrate the iconic restaurants
10:57 am
maybe you visited have not been therevivi for a long time. of course a great places that survived the test of time. look at that. you need one of those for your hair. >> you know, i don't think the general manager with like that too much. >> i don't know about that. >> i love that show though. >> so what? >> i i love the 4:00 o'clock shw too, but i am talking about it is a great show >> they are all branches don't miss any of them see you
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>> a controversial diet trend gaining momentum. waist training. dr. oz: can i see what your waist looks like without it? my goodness. what is your actual waist size? >> that is a 14 inch. dr. oz: what is it doing to your insides? it is literally robbing you of your breath. waist trainer disasters you >> to be able to corset even tighter. dr. oz: coming up next. dr. oz: we'll save lives today. get healthy!


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