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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  August 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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plans would benefit the wealthy and reduced that funding, and she said that his proposal to eliminate the estate, or death tax, that taxes property at deathdede on estates worth more five half-million dollars. >> ladonald trump does not need task and i do not need a tax cu is time for the wealthiest americans, as well as corporations and wall street to pay the fare share in taxes and you have been successful in hi of everything that this country represents. >> the fire marshall estimates put 300 people in attendance, she will be back in the buckeye state , in cincinnati at the end of the month there are just three days untilinin the novemb elections. >> a group of trump supporters ground outside of the rally the
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electing hillary clinton will be like giving barack obama a third term. >> t and why they feel that donald trump is the right choice for the white house. >> many local republican leaders say that hillary clinton would , that was the ica focus today, , as the gop presidential nominee received his first a classified briefing today. small group of lawmakers gathered outside of john marshall high school where hillary clinton was talking about the economy and said that they feel her policies will not work , they say look at the la seven half years under presiden obama and how those policies and ideas failed, trump supporters say that the time for being politically correct to an expired not only with his ideas make america safer but his economic plan with less regulation and lower taxes will provide growth h hes and only through growth that we can ensure a
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proposals m same old same old t would just perpetrate the hard times. to raise the minimum wage and country has had enough of thatm. >> i am the daughter of a small business owner my husband has a farmer i worked as a server in and through college through my first term and the legislature i understand what i takes to get the job done this is a man with record of establishing jobs in our nation wf something that s can ever justify joe acaba sheen and i think that he understands how to move the needle forward on issues and we need someone strong and times that are toug, our national security is at ris of person who will i stand firm protect american lives. >> anr today's briefing was led by the office of national
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former lieutenant governor michael flynn the company trumped to the briefing, all this afterf he made a major foreign policy address in youngstown blame the rise ofj islamic terrorism on the obama administration and hillary clinton. i-team found a suspected reign of smash and grabs thieves may hve off dozens of atms , yesterday a round of suspects. now the layer latest. >> they did 5200 smash and grabs atm more suspects likely to be charged.d. the police raided more homes, 74 charges against 11
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decide they took and hundreds of thousands of dollar and perhapso to be blamed for more crimes dating back years they say their sending a messag to any copycat criminals, the police built this case on evidence from different towns . >> we work together, we will share information. , nevada 5:00 p.m. with the police found at a home that was just rated. >> d r it was a vehicle found and
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other lookout for it so all tha combined is what we have now. >> a car smashing away from place ending up on a fatal crash on that decide to try to pull over a car at 3m that called took off colliding with another car at ease when hundred 16th in shaker boulevard the man and he other car, 63-year-old romero brown was killed, two people were taken to the hospital of injuries into more ran away. > the police in ashtabula county say it was a teenager wh was robbedbu in an incident tha led to an deputy involved shooting began when twice if your michael from at 17-year-ol girl in rock creek about 3:00 a.m. she was held against her will at gunpoint, deputy spotted his suv around 7:30 a.m
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they shot him after he refused he drove n his weapon off of christ into a utility polehee where he was pronounced dead, an autopsy is being done to determine cause of death. >> ssdefire threatening busines along the popular east fourth street this morning, lorrie taylor says it was not serious enough to keep them from opening, she joins us from the same . and looked a lot worse than it was someone set a small fire behi on east fourthhe but nothing to prevent them from opening to have the huge crowd for the tribe game and paul mccartney concert. >> hug e enclave in east fourth street just after 5:30 a.m., firefighters responding to call of a fire,, determined it was coming from the middle of the block just behindnd the butcher the brewer,e a popular brewhous known for its freshly butchered
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director of operations as his phone rang just as the sun was rising, the damage was not serious enough to prevent just a few any minutes ago at 4:00 o'clock. >> fourth street is still standing it was just a fire in back alley we had some smoke an through themo air conditioning units, there's no damage to any other buildingsgs the fire department did a great job. >> also sustained some damage, nothing serious just a couple o doors away, east fourth street, th everybody there is open for business and will be a great night and they can't wait. > were told that it was on
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we don't have right now in term of just that it did a lot of damage to mechanical systems that would provide air-conditioning inside the butcher amber alert and he worked hard at the fire was extinguished to get everything back up and running dave nethers joins us from fox 8 studio university of akron. >> 25 armed robberies in the akron area averaging about one per day just yesterday on
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apparently struck in akron and then crossed over into barberton.uc this video from a family dollar store on akron seaside, about 1:30 p.m. tuesday, two men, their faces this guys come into into the storeir waving a hand gun the clerk at one of the registers i clearly terrified by what is happening they wear the money quickly left them an hour late in barberton, another robbery. two men one of matching the description , this time forcing employees into customers and the counter at gunpoint as a clean out to registers in a safe and out in four minutes, police are concerned that they're getting more brazent r their pleading for help to help identify these two men before someone is injured. >> it is disheartening to know that nobody called to say i recognize who that is and we
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so we are asking basically, we are pleading with the public t watch the videos, and if you know something called the polic departmentu.r >> the police are not really sure yet if the same men are responsible for all of the hi-fi robberies, in the akron area i the last month. they know that the more this continues the mor likely that someone is going to get hurt a t this may just continue until thesese people are caught. >> >> it is clear that they are brazen they walk into these places in the middle of the day with guns and hopefully nobody has been injured, they all appear to be doing the right thing toll not put yourself int harm's way just let them get what they want. >> j. >> somewhere along the way someone may try to stop them an that might be bad news.
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think of this as morning rush hour in the style of thousands of cars expected to come into cleveland t with some big events downtownt we have baseball football and paul mccartney to bring in large crowds as roosevelt leftwich joins us wit the latest on how were going to be able to get around. >> 's going to a difficult hours after 5:00 o'clock. you can see the inner-belt bridge here some of those exits are closeso until they finish the project will be some slow-go as they move around. parking will be a mass.
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as the rush begins out of town wednesday thursday expecte to be an equal amount of cars coming into town for the our in game and progressive, sold out paul mccartney show and a brown pre-season thursday with tens of thousands more and you can see why this isa driving people to go on the rapids. >> v other than the day tours posted in the past year on 90, 71 and 77,ea because of the bri project there will not be in additional closures but they advise people toio arrive early avoid delays. the shoreway project, on thursday for the
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special event rates are in effect at all lots so the bus and train look like good options. >> with all of these events you will not field a park and if so it will be skyhigh rates. >> > to keep in mind especially to the paul mccartney concert, he likes to start on time so if this show is at have to remember that be sure to arrive early so that you can se all of the show, and ends game begins about seven then the browns on thursday their pieces game begins about 8:00 o'clock so lots of people converging on
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preseason game
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here's a look at cedar point. have been a few areas with some downpours.. westlake had one between 30 and 2:00 p.m. just a tiny cell. also cross cuyahoga county and jog in ashtabula. we'll be some smooth sailing fo
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northwest. still a few storms, show you over middlefield small storms putting down some hefty rainfall and just south of andover. it looks like, near the bear could be a rain. see the line of showers and storms with their front thinking through. this disturbances the reason we noticece a narrow lin of showers/storms.
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area could be a renegade shower in the evening and otherwise most of us will be quiet. 84 degrees hopkins dewpoint is still on the high side. severe thunderstorm watches/warnings and west virginia ands virginia and looking at some he concerns in the carolinas and so flood watches posted from michigan to texas es. the high pressure are it seems to be linked up with stable conditions in this instance upper-level energy brings about these spot showers/storms. most of the night should be partly cloudy..
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on friday looks like up to have a shower in the afternoon.a low 80's tomorrow a 25 percent chance of afternoon storm fr evening so much of saturday you can salvageso. showers on sundy and then lower humidity and drir conditions, with '70s0s
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the godfather, sickle considered to be among the best movies of all time, bu
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look at the screen you know something missinge . >> some of the letters of the logo are gone, some become physically microsoftft have blacked out or eliminatedha som letters from the logos missing letters are a, b and zero. those are used to designate one
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raise awareness the missing letter campaign runs through august 21 and 21 countries including the united statesu blood in nations around the world have seen a 30 percent the past decade. >> it is an age-old question each other and what is your favorite movie? that was also post to twitter usersrs. >> they're asked to list their favorite movies of all time lis of the top seven, media consultant company compiled a listt and here are the top movies. number one, blonde twitter users is the dark knight the second of mr. new orleans batman trilogy barely beating out quentin tarantino's pulp fiction. i disagree with one and two but i agree with number three. >> isitcoming up three is shaws
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empire strikes back, and goodfellow movies and alien moviesvi. >> missed out on that twitter survey does not stop us relisting our seven favorite moviesesli. shawshank redemption is correctional institution. >> versus vacation, rocky for,
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these are not in order. the no bike is number one, pretty woman, just go with them, >> that is in adam sandler chic flick. >> shooter and wedding crashers. shooter is not a chick flick has seen the demographics of think that more women watch that because it is a n mark wahlberg
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working gold-medal swimmer says that he was held up at gunpoint,ld why have the police
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for from middlefield to orwell, sho and earlier todayy near westlaka another brief downpour. also near halstead, a weak disturbance. fifty-five lightning strikes, upstream tracked the narrow storms from the north and west. if they do make it here we will be trackin themre issued just being hit and miss, a brief downpour,t currently 77 degrees ashtabula, tonight, a shower in spots,
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about ten to 20 percent chance. we'll still be humid, and also partly cloudy with a random showerm a slim chance. failure weekend forecast ahead. >> pursuit of alleged drunk driver ends the car that they're chasing is not involved. >> ththtwo cruisers climbed it caught on camera is bill martin has a look at this video. >> > began when someone called policeb after they saw a man passed out behind the wheel in lorain county. that when thiss all the driver, where you would cause a crash, video what happened has been released.
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to stay cruisers collided one was chasing the alleged drunk driver, then crashed into anothererl trooper who was trying to turn around to join the suffered h strippers, minor injuries. the alleged drunk driver, and grafton was arrested a few hours later and north ridgeville is now facing charges inclu suspended license, we tracked down a woman who called police warning them about the drunk driver, but she saw d him comin up 5:00 o'clock. >> wardrop 80,000 people evacuated in
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near san bernardino county, it has burne 47 square miles, 34,000 homes evacuated, the fire chief calls a devastating saysfi a lot of families will return home to nothing. >> flooding in louisiana is blamed for at leastst seve deaths, the floodwaters and baton rouge are beginning to receive about 6,000 people in shelters in 20,000 homes have been damaged,er but 1,000 volunteers across the count are assisting the red cross wit relief efforts. >> ssff hundreds of people making new vacation plans after fire at a cruise shipnd breaking out in injuryre as a pass by puert o rico'sa north coast, 500 passengers using rescue raft to abandon ship nicole scott helpe to rescue them, no reports of any serious injurieses not clea the cause of it. >>
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little progress because to increasings railway station, 2,008 congress passed a law giving railroads seven years to install new safety technology designed to prevent derailments, the daylight was later extended three to five years together more time to mee the requirements a report show that some have made substantial progress but others have yet to equip a single locomotive or track segment with the tech more help coming from washington to help battle the heroin epidemic, here's lou maglio music obama administration announced it will spend $17 million to help law enforcement deal with the increase inin heroin and opioid abuse, and also using the announcement to encourage congress to meetd obama's call
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to help states expand access to treatment, the city spending announced wednesday support an array of projects to disrupt drug trafficking and train medical providers on self prescribing practices congress has approved legislation to cur heroin and opioid drugs, mr. obama sanibel and now says he was disappointed about funding levels you once a lot more that authorized another $81 million in new spending. at the olympics, it is the latest in a criminal investigation l a judg says that she needs more time t
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filed a false robbery report, steve nannes has the story. >> > is in the go more question for two of the four american swimmers claimed they were robbed at gunpoint in rio sunda an incident that ryan lochte recalled that mr. graham says that we were a victim of a robbery sunday and on the today show on monday? >> t place visit the olympic village wednesday after a judge issued a search warrant fores t and order to caesar passwords, us olympic committee said the swim team moved out facility there has been increasing speculation about what happened
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says of the athletes returning to the olympic village sunday and the judge said they appeare unshaken in making jokes, he said his clients is back in the united statess in that he cooperated fully with brazilian andnd us authorities were leaving the country is not asked by authorities to remain in brazil further investigation, if asked he would in assisted they have not reached out to ask for additional nannes reporting.
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france takes the reins, kenya continue domination and a former cavalie continues quest for gold. >> forget about spending millions of dollars were rise t live a good here we have a middle-aged manan with a packet markers in today's olympic moments. >> o show jumping, is an international event, but the frencha on it, four-person team took home the gold medalt also capture the team dressage gold earlier, americans can farmington, lucy davis, mclain
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in the jump off a bronze and into its streak of winning a medal in everyry equestrian competition in rio. >> after winning the nba titlele with the cavaliers, matthew dellavedova is one step closer r to an olympic medal, he blew ou lithuanian 9264 today's quarterfinals, he scored 15 points while his teammate patty mills scored in on a five has finished fourthn three times in the olympics and this may be th best shot at the first basketball medal,re they will play either serbia or curation in th semi finals on friday. >> lth and record just missed ending canada'san 32 year run of olymp gold medals steeplechase, he was late in the pick until the fina lap that's when the canyon mashismo, taking the gold medal
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3.28 seconds, he won the silver while another can capture the bronze3.on they have one steeplechase at every olympics since thet 1984 games in la. >> talk about some possible rating moments. there could be some hidden mass. so pretty fast movers. looking at burke lakefront some corpuscular sunshine, and some nonproductiv clouds, we watch these tiny storm cells diving and from michigan. they're heading towards extreme northwest indiana. show you a brief shower near orwell. it is just
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as you move towards the last. it is pretty quiet. this is from a light breezee near brook park, not far from the airport and lightning strikes are upstream. looking at the main band of howers/storms associate with a funnel boundary to the south an east.nd a weak disturbance from the north and west as wek see this line of storm cells
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flood watches from southern michigan , indiana into texas, arkansas louisiana.. tonight a shower early otherwis cloudy tomorrow a spot shower afternoon. on friday, had to watch a few of these isolated showers/stormsd. tonight mid- 60s partly cloudyy with a look at the full sturgeon men
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on friday at the high school football season kicks off and s doess friday night touchdown. >> before the first highlight, take a look at some of the top teams here are the north ridge
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there looking good. >> i the browns discipline a player and the indians keep roman.isa >> were joined by j.t.. >> williams or two games and fined him for multiple violation of team rules, do not playmeed las friday said he was heard, the team thought otherwise y is getting a second opinion on his ankle. but can say that andrew miller acquisition is working out very good for the tribe he
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mowing down six batters with only 16 pages he is blending in nicely with the team. >> strikeouts are nice but i will takest and danza white sox play game two of the series tonight, ca pitching for the indians and when mr. maller, everything goe well looks like he is
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big surprise were a l3ttle boy. >> celebrates his birthday, way that he will not forget, fiber haroldrg jacob gibson was told to change into his superhero outfitit when he arri in boston he transformed into batman then was greeted with a surprise birthday party,n he i from florida but spent a lot of time in boston for cancer treatments he's had three brain surgeries and they're not sure what is h next, so when the hotel where he stayss found out about his birthday they pulled out al
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party. >> they found out about his birthday and want toto find something special and if i was okay with that, and of course i'm one of the four him. >> this is phenomenal, i had no idea about this and i just than everybody who was involved. >> > k hotel managers also hope that the party will legend forget aboutag the doctors and hospita and focus on just being a kid.
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this is rush-hour, shoreway westbound, with all the construction, it has been a big issue coming int town, that may also be an issue especially tomorrow when the brownsll take the field. it wi be a tricky time for lots of folks as you try to get around the next couple d,ys t. >> ysit took one really bad day convert kelly lechner to a rapi writer a half-hour commute into
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captain america when the shoreway was closed i took rta. >> there may be more converts the next few days as the beauty rush begins out of towna wednesday and thursday to be an equal amount of cars coming int town for three events the indians and progressive, paul mccartney at the q. and pre-season thursday the tens of thousands more can see why this is driving people to the rapid. >> odot says other than the day tours posted for the past year on 70, 90 and 77 because of the bridge project there will be no additional closuresff the volum is expected to be heavy and advise you to cover early to avoid delay, the shoreway projecto, especially thursday f the browns game could affect traffic. and parking, special event rates in effect for most


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