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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  August 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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are your kids in danger walking to and from school? have found dozens of busy intersections without crossing guards. >> ronobody was hard for the jo is ed gallek reports . there is no crossing guard here, a mother was crossing her child and she saw the danger of the first day ofch school that widespread. >> been a crossing you never know. >> e i saw that nobody was here, they were not here this morning. >> > y i-team checked all crossing guard citywide and cleveland
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and 49 positions, on the first day of classes, 78 jobs were vacant, nearly a quarter and failed. last school year a child was seriously injured on the west side by a hit-and-run driver with that crossing guard position unfilled. >> a she has a son about to start kindergarten and preschoolol ag daughter and she was concerned. >> c these kids especially with all of these accidents. >> th the city says it's trying to cover some of the gapsps by hav many of the crossing guards do double duty to have them cross kids at one school and then go to another intersection at another school where kids come and go at a different time. >> ntthey say that with crossin guards doing double duty they
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positions and they say that their processing many other applications. >> place, where the guards and want to ask how it got to this point.. >> 's spokesman e-mailed it that we will not interview at this time. >> > placid jaida walker kenst schoo still think about others. >> s ed gallek fox 8 i-team. >> they had dismissed charges against a man who said he was s badly beaten by east cleveland officers had to go to the hospital, jesse nickerson said he thought he was going to die when assaulted,t he said he wa handcuffed they were fired a f days after the incidentth he fa for charges including evidence tampering and receiving stolen goods eat now wants them to fac criminal charges state bureau of investigation is investigating
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a rain of things going committing smash and grab to get atms, 11 suspects facing charges in five counties could bebe responsible for between 5100 smash and grabs and hope that this sends a message that show how to texas from a departments work together. >> > we work together, you rec addicts, ground, share information and we will find them. >> or expect more charges. >> stream of armed robberies continue this video from the family dollar store in akron they rob the clerk at gunpoint then one hour later and barberton another robberyi they
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they're concerned that the suspects are getting more daring. >> nobody calls to say i recognizeb who that is and we know that people do know who does this but they're not sayin anythingu so were basically pleading with the public to watch the video and then if you know something to call the police department. >> they fear that the thieves who are staging the holdupsh wi not stop until caught. >> llfire threatening business along street about 5:30 a.m. today as firefighters responded to a cal of the fire behind the butcher & brewer, director of operations set his phone rang as the phone coming up the good news is that there was not enoughgh to prevent the best for opening up for. >> it was just a fire in a bac alley there was so small they came in through the a/c unit no
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cleveland fire department did a great job backt everybody is back open for business tonight. >> e wednesday is usually beautiful out on the. >> we have a few storms tried to move in, they weaken as they approach from western ohio and southeast michiganfr, these are weakening lightning detection, therefore in minnesota twins work someme showers/storms. near streams burble on the turnpike in this little stretchon of the lies th storm cells across the border into pennsylvania. less than 100 lightning strikes as these arere weakening and may not mov
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between eight and 10:00 p.m. in the cleveland area. shower storm southeast with rain-cooled temperatures, upper 70s and low '80s, toledo, with rain-cooled air, near 70. about's ten-5 percent chanc showers, may be able to see a glimpse of the a full sturgeon them. still warm and humid the chance of a stray shower nothin organized until this weekend. hillary clinton made a campaign stop at john marshall high school on the west sidena she
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met students who demonstrate robotic cars an 3d she is the school's programs as a springboard for her speech calling for more h spending on infrastructure and education sh says donald trump's's tax plans would stop and reduce funding she also hammered his proposal to eliminate estate tax that taxes estate worth more than >> > n donald trump is not need tax cut,d i don't need a tax c is time for the wealthiest americans, as well as corporations and wall street to pay their fair share of taxes. you have been successful in thi country because of everything that this country represents. >> after this page she met paul mccartney at the q. during his sound checkpa ahead of the conc
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supporters gathered outside ofl hillary clinton's rallye they that the time to be medically incorrect has expired and his ideas will make us safer and economic plan for less regulation more taxes to provid growths and only through growth that we can ensure a better future. >> oe hillary's major economic proposals and it is the same old same old. looks like it will perpetrate unemployment in the right to raise the minimum wage and the country has had enough of that. >> gmeantime, trump received his first classified briefing today that was led by the office of the director of national intelligence, new jersey governor chris christie and former lieutenant general michael flynn accompanied trump to the briefing. >> ccthousands come to
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onstage tonight in his first of two shows at the q.q., both beginni at 8:00 p.m., also in town the indians take on the white sox and the browns play their first preseason home gamers tomorrow first energy stadium. but the crowds, construction closures o the shoreway and the special event parking rates, those going to downtown or encouraged to
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fire can choose to burn out of control and the drought stricke area of san bernardino c so for his course nearly 47 miles more than 35,000 homes evacuated fir chief calls and devastating lot of families he says return home to nothing. >> sremake your vacation plans after a cruise ship fireyo that broke out in the engine room of
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by theri puerto rico's north co fiber passengers were rescued b the coast guard. the reports of any serious injuries is not clearare because of it. >> new report shows very little progress goes to increasing railway safety , and 2,008 they pass a law giving railroads seven years to install safety technology. the deadline was extended together more time to meet the requirements, the railroad ministration shows that some have made substantial progress and otherss have yet to equip a single locomotivee or track segment with the new technology. >> ckgood news for airline passengers transportation says 70 percent of flights arrived o time and you almostst
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alaska flight airlines have have the best ratings in america and the worst. >> ia rib eye will be keeping track not only in the sailboats but the rain you mention earlier an when it might arrive? >> > itusurer fox 8 weather app your phones they are weakening as they dive south and eastt an hopefully they will move around the city. clouds and sunshine, a look from burke lakefront getting ready for sunset around a 25. there's a look at that sunset atat 8:23 p.m. it was not a clock, not that long ago. this
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nothing strongi just how to wat as it approachesj with some lightning detected. on the turnpike to south of garretsville and you will see a downpour and just about city fo lightning strikes the darker shades are the newest ones are in bright yellow. continue to watch it. eighty-two hopkins with dewpoints relatively highh a rain-cooled corridor, pittsburgh 73 is still hot in d and today back in kansas city,
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like close to 100. in terms of severe thunderstorms right now some warnings and keep you posted on those from the north and west. about 12 percent coverage tomorrow and friday between 20 and 3 percent chance in the afternoon of showers/stormsth bubbling up. tonight mid-sixties, the stray storm early head lice pretty quiet it will be warm/humid tomorrow with the storm and als
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it will be more widespread saturday night along with a front and heavier downpours sunday that front sweeps away the heat/humidity, back to the 70s with overnight lows in the 50s will be more comfortable overall next week. >> tonight at 10:00 o'clock a band hazing scandal heats up as >> at&t and verizon to raise prices of some data plans they do not call in the come with more data reducing the costit per gigabyt
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keep their existing plansho the new rates take effect sunday. >> th one of the main olympic sponsors mcdonald's encouragese youngsters to be active so now they include fitness trackers with i happy meals , each in the united states and canada will have 106 different pedometers ac and blanks at different speeds depending on the physical activity of the child they say it will be availableo for four weeks. >> delta brains privacy to the friendly skies, announcing today it to start offering onon all suite business class for international flights they will be sitting in their own personal space callednn del one suites, they will fit one per flyer, with a flatbed seat and 18 entertainment system and individual storage space you ca see them as soon as next fall. >> e
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own right as he fights cancer.
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akron fire department receiving high praise. >> ngthe ohio department of veterans services honor them fo their support of hiring veteran today the turns the fire department gave out challenge coinst to the firefighters said the akron is a beacon of whatat art forms should be.
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is a benchmark departmentr, for what we need to do for our veterans across the state. i'm very impressed with the e progr here for batson on vets. it is wonderful to see the community rather arms around them. >> full house old to almost 900,000 veterans. >> tigerettes for the fourth annual foxtrot presented by northern ohio honda dealers sunday august 20:00 a.m. mall c this year proceeds support loui stokes cleveland va medical center. >> d standard registration get you into the 5k run or 1 mile walk and free t-shirtarle and with preregistration to get an american flag and raffle entry to win one of several flown overseasas fox >> rof a surprise for a boy who celebrated with a party will no
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favorite superhero outfit quickly transformed into batman then greeted with a surprise birthday partyty he is from florida but spent lots of time in boston for cancer treatment he has had three brain surgeries so when the hotel where he stay found out about his birthday they pulled out all the stops t give him a memorable party. >> they found out about his birthday partyt and they toldme specialoo and if that was okay, and i said that of course a lot of the best him. >> athis is phenomenal and no ideah i just thank everybody wh was involved. >> hotel managers hope that th party will let him forget h abo the doctors and hospitals and focus ona being a kid.
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a dog that can do more than just sit, stay in rollover. >> ,he gained worldwide fame fo popping balloons is popping up again and this iconic videogame. the jack russell terrier, who broke the world record for balloon popping,t turns out tha was training for a role of a lifetime as pac-manni. the new launched web servers stars the pooch dresseded as pac-man and word if
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as i was saying... empty box, empty cylinder, and... ooh! (whispers): voila.


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