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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 18, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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citizens bank student loans call 1-866-999-0158 to apply now. a mother up first demanding answers from the khrao*ed school district. after her five yea was dropped off at a wrong bus stop. 3 miles from home. >> . we spoke to the mother. as well as the district. the to find out what happened. >> . that mother very furious. she told the teachers she was to be a car rider. but somehow that five year-old girl ended up on a bus and dropped off at the wrong location. the district says they are investigating this incident. however. they acknowledge established protocol was not followed at
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it was after school. that her parents found out that she was dropped off at the wrong bus stop. as they were actually on the way to pick her up. >> . we get a phone call. from a mother. asking us if we had sent her to and we said what are you talking about. she said i have her here. >> the bus driver asked her where she lived. when she didn't know. the bus driver dropped her off. with a ten year-old cousin. at west 117 street. >> . that girl's mother searched her book bag. and found elizabeths number. >> . anger. relief. that she was okay. but i was angry.
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so far the school nor the board office has given an explanation. >> . technology being what it is. there's no excuse no excuse. >> meantime. she will be picking her up from school. until further notice. >> . thank god she made it home safe. and i'm not still searching for
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you can apologize. that doesn't tell me what steps you're taking to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> . if no one is there. the driver is to take the student back to school. >> . protocol was not followed when the bus driver didn't drop her back off. but instead with her cousin. >> . that's the reason protocol is there. >> . the school district acknowledging it. and investigating. >> . not a good start to the school year. >> . >> living legend in cleveland. tonight. packed tonight as two time rock and roll hall of famer sir paul mccartny performs the first of two shows this week. a concert come 50 years after
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stadium. back for a second concert tomorrow night. and that's not all that's happening downtown. there's a browns game. and an indians game as well. >> . a lot of traffic headaches. >> i suspect so. we could have one hundred thousand people attending the 3 events combined. with just mccartny and the indians. some talk about a 30 minute commute taking two hours. toss in the browns -fpl tomorrow will test your sure. >> .
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today was just a little taste of what's to come tomorrow. >> . the fox 8 i team un-ko*ufring new information. involving a man who says he was beaten by east cleveland police officers. here now with the update. >> . the fox 8 i team learning today
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not face any charges. he had been facing several charges including tampering with evidence and receiving stolen property. but prosecutors dismissed those charges this morning. he told the i team in an exclusive interview yesterday. he thought he was going to die on july 26. when the officers all assaulted. he says he was hand kufped at the time. and says the officers even pushed him koupb down a hill. the officers were fired. incident. now wants the officers to face charges. the state bureau of criminal investigation is investigating this case.
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chargings for crimes in five counties. now investigators say that crew could be to blame for 50 to one hundred smash and grabs. police hope this case sends a phes message to other criminals. it shows how detectives from many departments can work together. >> . looking ahead of to the weekend. and changes on the way. we have a look at forecast. >> . campaigning heart
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>> what i want to do right now. back up. nine hours. and show you a cluster of
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approaching the okay we don't have that. all right. well. i'll tell you what. we'll talk about what's happening out here. because the atmosphere is fairly moist. we had thunder storms that were approaching. from the northwest. up by detroit. this evening. literally. as soon as the sun went down. the thing fell apart. nothing left from it. about the only thing that is left on weather radar. isa southeast. it's the small ten tenuous cell. it's going to go away in the next hour. we have a quiet night to be ton. and there aren't very much triggers for thunder storms. the only trigger will be the sunshine. tomorrow. and into friday too. here's your 8 day. so here's a broad landscape of what's going on. >> skwr*ugs a just a 20 percent chance.
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and tphreud afternoon. same for saturday. mid 80s. a continuation of today. on sunday that ramps up to 70 percent. a major front comes through. notice how it cools it down. and considerably. this could very easily be our first taste. of early fall weather. >> . at least we'll get good sleep in the air-conditioning will get a break. i have two great time hraptss. to show you. coming up. >> >> all right. controversy tonight over accusations of hazing. at a high school band camp. >> . tonight it was standing room only with plenty of tense moments. parents and band members packed the school board meeting tonight. >> . live with more on what happened. at that meeting. >> . there was a lot of action here. earlier in the week we heard from the superintendent. talking about the allegations of hazing at band camp.
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and talked about the investigation. tonight you had parents and students. band members. their chance to spaoepbg speak up. >> . >> upset parents and members of the marching rockets. booed. chanted is jeered cool board members. especially after learning their band director and assistant director won't be coming back any time soon. >> the teachers remain on paid leave. pending the out come of an investigation into hazing at band camp. something adult chaperons and students deny. >> .
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>> >> all who were were asked if they were able to swim. regardless of how deep the water was. all students given the option to either attend skits in the lake or stay in the dorm. students were also given the choice to not be mentioned in skits. mentioned that i had were not. >> . school board president reiterated that the investigation valid and will continue. however. he says. @s at future camps will change. >> . activities at future camps will change. >> .
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apology. for how they have been portrayed. and say they want everyone interviewed. insisting camp really was about come rod reu. >> . complaints of a few have ruined such fond memories. and stolen precious time away from us. >> . >> >> so back here live. you can see students still upset. they said they're not trying to diminish anyone's feelings. for the cup of students who were uncomfortable. they want to get things back to normal. the board meeting tonight. they announced an interim band director. has been hired. and they're hoping to get that person here as quickly as tomorrow. and get the students back on the field. practicing as quickly as tomorrow. so they can and will be able to play. and perform at the first football game. in just about a week. >> .
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>> . strong emotion. >> . police trying to connect a string of crimes. >> . daytime robberies reeking havoc. why police say enough is enough. >> . this is not a mailbox. it's a dumpster. the video that cost a postal
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clinton coming to cleveland today. >> she met with students before speaking at john marshall high school. on>> . we have more. >> . up close with the presidential candidate. hilary clinton toured john marshall high school. seeing the programs teaching engineering -fpl tech and business ski meeting students. >> one student gave clinton a ring designed on a 3 d printer. which she wore on stage.
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in the school gym. clinton called for more investment in education. and hammered republican opponent donald trumps tax plan. >> . trump doesn't need a tax cut. i don't need a tax cut. it's time for the wealthy americans who ever you are. as well as corporations. and wall street. to pay your fair share. >> . calling for higher taxes on the wealthy. khraoeupb including through the estate trumps plan. who abolish that tax and cut the top tax rate for business income. >> . the speech particularly special for students. at the school. >> .
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and very meaningful. >> . the democratic presidential 234078 nominee made stop at the q. for sound check before the big show. he tweeted the picture with the caption, she's with me. >> . another move in the donald trump campaign. some say a major shake up others say just adding more appointed a new campaign manager. and chief executive. senior add sraoeudz sor now promoted to campaign manager. long time republican. and the executive chairman. now the campaign chief executive.
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neither the campaign trail. he did meet with law enforcement officials. in new york to receive his first national security briefing. that too took place this
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death toll in louisiana has risen to 13 thousand. 30 thousand people have had to be rescued. state could be looking at its biggest housing crunch since katrina. many will need ab ever an extended place to stay. others with in flood insurance may not have the means tos repair their current home.
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state officials say 6 thousand people remain in shelters. down from more than eleven thousand. earlier in the week. >> . wild fire racing up and down canyon. about 60 miles. this is east of la. forcing thousands here. to get out of the way. the blaze began yesterday. spretd across nearly miles. raging out of control. flames advancing despite the efforts of more than a thousand firefighters. >> . a move by a brazillen judge to keep american olympic swimmer from leaving the country. has come too late. the judge ordered he and the teammate to stay in brazil. authorities investigate their claim that they were robbed at gunpoint. his father says the gold medal winner is already home. police have found little evidence so far to support the
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interviews. >> . prosecutors say the man who scaled the all glass surface of trump tower in new york. last week. had planned the climb and even practiced ahead of time. 19 year-old waited until his parents were out of town on vacation. before driving to new york city. for the stunt. virginia man is facing charges including misdemeanor reckless
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a armed robberies an hour apart. in two neighbors communities. both caught on video. >> . police say enough is en we have more tonight. >> . 2:20 p.m. tuesday. >> these victims were very scared. obviously. >> . men burst into a dollar general store. one dressed in a heavy white coat. the ore other in dark clothing. faces masked. >> . one pointed a handgun at the manager. ordered all the employees and two customers behind the counter. >> flashing a handgun. thieves emptied two cash
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stream of daring daytime armed robberies in the area. >> . since the beginning of july. we have had almost 25 robberies. some days 3 or 4. >> . eleven miles away from the store. only an hour earlier. another robbery. gunman dressed exactly the same. hold up a family dollar store. on the east side of akron. >> . originally started right before closing. when they were around and hit the business before they even close. now moved up to mid afternoon. and >> . both of the chilling hold ups caught on video. there's little question in investigators minds that the people responsible for both are the same. >> . sound like they're getting bolder. sound like they're going to be more of these until they're
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we have made arrests in two robberies. one individual in custody. it hasn't slowed the robberies down. >> . the victim was no longer on the plot. when she was shot in the head and died.
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voluntary manslaughter. >> . charged with his eighth ovi. arrested tuesday night. just before midnight. the ohio state highway patrol says he drove left of center. had a blood alcohol content above the legal limit. ! residence hall. will be named after stefny tubs jones. approved that decision. citing the late congresswoman and case graduate a formal naming ceremony will take place during this years homecoming. >> . safety at stake. the fox 8 i team has found no crossing guards on duty. at dozens of busy intersections. no one hired tph-d time for the start of school. >> . how this happened. and what it means for children. >> . >> kids pour out of school. no crossing guard. this mom crossing her child. noticed the danger on the first
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a danger widespread. >> . >> you came by and saw no nobody -fgs here. >> . >> meantime the city says it's trying to cover some of the gaps. by having many of the crossing guards do double duty.
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kids at one school. then. have the guards go to another intersection. and another school. where kids come and go. at a different time. >> . so the city says with the crossing guards doing double duty. the city can cover about half of the unfilled positions. and the city says it's processing many other crossing guard job applications. >> . okay. but police hire the guards. and the i team wanted to ask. how it got to this point. no secrets school start sa spokesperson e-mailed us. >> . >> plans to walk her kids to school. still thinking about others. >> continuation oflt quiet weather. almost doesn't seem like fall.
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that kind of weather pattern is really not far away. but. we had a pretty sunset tonight. a lot of clouds coming from some of the convection. well to the west. we'll show you in a second. very pretty sunset. from lake front. so now what we'll do is turn the tables. and we're going to show you the web cam from the five mile crib. looking towards cleveland. watch this. what's that. that's obviously not. that's the moon. and it's a near full moon. it will be full officially tomorrow morning. just before 5:30 a.m. >> . earlier today. we're going back things up. again about 9 hours. i want to show this cluster of showers and thunder storms. because it looked rather. but as it moved through the south of pittsburg. that produced a tornado. today. south of pittsburg.
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damage. concerned it was a tornado -flt. they'll issue something soon as to the strength. >> notice that we had this not too far away. but notice how it has completely fallen apart. the as soon as the sun went down the line completely fell apart. even though it was somewhat strong. in the western base of the lake erie. a couple stray showers down in here. you can see them. now pushing toward board middle town. south of youngstown. very quick. fleeting. and once they exit the region. rest of the night. should be fairly quiet. >> . 76 degrees right now. 74 degrees at akron canton. 85 was the high. so we were above normal. there's the full moon. it looks pretty. 5:27 officially tomorrow. 66 the over night low. a very quiet night.
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that will usher in and open up the gate way. to some cool canada air. it will feel like late august. little snap to the a next week. >> . code front.
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>> we have the dramatic video. and the woman who called 9 is 911. >> . ohio state highway patrol says this man robert steel is to
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own. watch this dash cam video. >> you see patrolman attempting to catch steel. who was suspected of driving drunk. back on august 2. what the trooper behind the wheel can't see is his fellow patrolman. backing out of a driveway. before it's too late. >> rachel wasn't too far behind. the crash. >> it was a mess. you had one officer out of the car. and sitting up tkpwepbs rocks and pwhao*ufpbting and wasn't moving real well. and another officer kind of stumbling around. >> . rachel spotted the suspected drunk driver. just minutes before. passed out at the wheel in his pickup truck. blocking traffic next to her diner. she says a motorcyclist pounded on the window. waking him up. that's when steel sped off. rachel decided to follow him. while calling 911. >> . it didn't look good.
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like a ping-pong ball. >> . minutes later this crash. >> the one the emt that showed up first was just sitting there holding his neck. and that was the one that had me scared. he moving. >> . she stayed with them until help arrived. >> that's what that hurt me the moats. to see when he had two officers that got hurt. >> . you can make out the skid marks where the crash happened. even though she couldn't prevent the crash, following steel was the right thing to do. >> . it's your job at a human to stop and help. >> . thank you. steel was arrested and later charged. witnesses say the troopers were in bad shape. but were not seriously hurt.
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sincerely, michele wright fellow mom and fellow citizen. citizens bank student loans call 1-866-999-0158 to apply now. fun day at an amusement park takes a scary turn. after children were shocked on a
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trying to figure out what happened. officials believe loose lighting wire may be to blame. children were shocked on the ride. all 6 were taken to the hospital. fire crews say one of the children had bushes on his hands. after he grabbed onto a medal fence. >> . crews have been sent to fix the wiring. reinspect the park. to make sure there are no other issues. >> 12 year-old utah girl receiving death threats after she posted pictures of a recent hunting safari. >> . where they say a guy told them they had an old injure raf that was a that was a danger to the others. and needed to be taken off the land. now the 12 year-old shot the giraffe. and posted the picture online. per father says she's receiving death threats. they claim the problem is a lack
1:48 am
for what they say hunting does for conservation. >> . >> i think it's a little extreme. >> . hunters held a moment of silence after it was killed and meat was donated to local villages. >> . florida postal worker is caught red handed dumping in to a dumpster. the mail truck is seen pulling up to the dumpster next to a business. the owner of the business was on the roof and saw the spweur thing. including. costing the advertisers two thousand dollars a month to send out. as you can imagine he's not too happy about the waste.
1:49 am
throwing mail away is a federal crime. that can put you behind bars for five years. the postal worker was fired. it's not clear why she did it. >> . catholic high school in arkansas. getting noticed for a strict rule. aimed at both parents and children. little rock ka*lt lick high school posted the sign outside the building. a picture of it quickly gone viral. it reads stop if you're dropping off books home work itself. please turn around and exit the building. your son will learn to problem solve in your absence. >> . principal stands by the message. >> calling mom and tad when things don't go right. to bail them out.
1:50 am
the rules actually been in effect for years. but this is the first time a sign has been posted. to remind parents.
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for the cowboy of the old west. food could be hard to come by. >> cowboys of the 21 century don't have that problem. they can go to taco bell.
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his recently road his horse hollywood into the dining room of a restaurant. and in texas there the pair fresh off of a successful day at the rodeo. the bizarre stunt drew laughter from friends. as well as strangers. who had no idea what to make of it. no word on what hollywood ordered. >> . a two run home run. it was tied at two a piece. when comes to the plate. and he will hit a solo shot. for the 3 to two indians lead. and that was in the third. lots more scoring in this game.
1:54 am
drive home two runs. we are tied at 4 a piece. it's five five in the fifth. brandon guyer delivers. a two run single to score. 7 to five tribe. how about mr. 6 and two-thirds. 8 hits 4 earned runs. eleven strikeouts. it was 7 to five tribe. top of the ninth. watch as eaten would hit a grand slam. off allen. >> . it would mae that was a back breaker. indians put two men on. in the bottom of the ninth. but they couldn't score. and the white sox win this.
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the team ready for the regular season. and guarding against injury. and to evaluating the talent on the roster. >> . team usa over argentina. by almost 30 points. like weu oupb of the srao lebron james said on a pod cast. on the sports platform. uninterrupted. that he misses playing in the olympics and leaving his options open to perhaps play in 2020. >> . also said he would love to
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day. he would hire a general manager and president. but would certainly lend his expertise. >> . >> really. it's the folks behind the scenes that really hustle. and make sure.
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out there. actually technically full tomorrow morning. at 35u 5:30. 66. then tomorrow 83. partly cloudy. scattered pop up thunder storm here and there. >> . another warm day. >> . appreciate your time.
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