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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 19, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> seem things aren't too bad right now. more traffic man a usual thursday night. but earlier it was absolutely insane. right here. all those people the concert. the browns game. as well as the indians game. certainly there were changes for people. some traffic. some security changes. at this stadium. but it was it's been very
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downtown. people as you mention. a big night. >> . downtown cleveland. is crazy. >> all the energy all the magic around town. it's turned all the way up. >> . ten of thousands of people at first energy stadium for the browns. first preseason game of the year. around 15 thousand at progressive field. and over 20 thousand at capacity the q. for paul mccartny second show in a row. >> . it's all the way up. turned up here. in the land. >> . all of those people had to get into town. which meant slow go. around the city. early thursday night. >> .
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the building. quicker. >> . fans just have to hold up. things like cell phones. cameras. and hats when they go through the medal detecters. things like wallets. keys. and belts. can stay on. >> . the price to park comes with quite the sticker shock. >> . big night tonight. >> . supply and demand. >> . drivers call it, something different. >> this is ridiculous. i don't awe tkpwraoe with this at all. >> . >> all of those medal detecters at the stadium will be in place. by the end of the season. >> there were people everywhere. i don't remember seeing cleveland like this. in a very long time.
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that will continue. >> we wanted this for a long time. all the restaurants -fpl everybody phao*uing downtown. all the excitement. we have to put up with traffic and beeping horns. >> . we like being busy. >> . it's worth it. >> . new tonight. a devastating scene. a local fire department is dealing with the collapse of the roof at its fire house. >> on the story for us tonight. how did this happen. >> that is still a mystery. tonight. structural engineers and insurance people will be taking al we can say no firefighters were hurt. it looks like they managed to save all of their equipment. here are the pictures you can see the roof there. just caved in. it happened suddenly. firefighters most of them there are volunteers. they heard creeing. then saw the roof start to bow. they acted quickly. got trucks and equipment out. structural collapse team retrieved gear. things like radios.
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the roof. then it got louder. no storm nobody noticed any water issues. all equipment now is being stored in other locations there. in the township. >> . there shouldn't be any kind of compromise to the ability to serve the township and citizens at this point. we have thankfully we have tremendous support from our neighboring departments. who all offer to help in any way. >> . we're fortunate. >> . in the end he says crews went out on two calls. while others dealt with the roof. the building itself is pretty new. ten years old. firefighters are okay. and so is the equipment. the department in operation while they figure out how to proceed with that. >> .
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emotional day in the courtroom. the victims of the violent crimes facing the men who nearly a year ago held him at gun gunpoint and robbed them. >> . i'm thankful i'm alive today. >> tearful testimony from the victims of a series of violent rob robberies in clevelands little italy last december. >> . the best of them. these brave individuals came to court for the sentencing of the 3 behind the attacks. a judge sentenced newten and phillips to 22 years behind bars. harris son received 16 years behind bars. all punished for the roles in a series of hold ups. >> . a woman robbed by the 3 men walking home from her college classes. >> .
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i cried and pleaded for my life. one put a gun to my head. >> the the second sreublgt victim a priest. leaving church. the men pistol whipped him. >> . an image that will forever haunt him. >> i had night marry mares. and i hav after i learned that one of them had said let's kill the priest. >> . thinker victim saw what was happening and yelled for help. the young men turned their guns on him. and robbed him.
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they need to face the facts. of what they did. it won't be tolerated in this society. >> . suspect has been charged with gross sexual imposition. kidnapping. abduction and tampering with evidence. >> . two people are heading to prison. after stealing from the accounts of golf legend charles stiffer. today a judge sentenced craig
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they stole thousands from his fathers assets. after being given power of attorney over his affairs. investigation was already urpbdz way. before charles died last year. they used the money for travel. dining out. landscaping at their home. >> . if you spent a lot of money to go to the pro-football hall of fame game earlier this month. you'll be getting it back. august 7 game between the packers and colts had to be canceled because paint on the field made for dangerous conditions. now the hall approved a refund policy. not only will the full price of the ticket be refunded but people will be reimbursed for presale reservation fees. processing fees. prepaid parking. some fans will be eligible to get a refund for hotel. for more information on this head to
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what a pretty
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respect. and every aspect. everything was going in our favor. let's hope that can translate to the browns. maybe. let me show you. beautiful video. that was sent to back to us. from one of our engineers. look at that. the bright full moon. that rose probably about an hour, hour and a half ago. officially was full. at 5:30 a.m. and technically it waning. certainly the the eye can't see the sliver of a difference. it's a beautiful full moon. >> . web cam time lapse. same deal here. sunset. can you see the moon. here it is. right there. in the upper left hand corner. beautiful moon shine. going to fill the landscape tonight.
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turn off the lights and you'll be able to see just fine. because of that bright full moon. >> . that moisture will come back tomorrow. partly cloudy. beautifully moonlit. over night low 66 degrees. with winds very light south. and tomorrow 85. partly cloudy. could storm in the afternoon. those will just be random bubble up st-pl systems. more organized rain is coming. from part of the weekend.
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>> .
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lied when they say said they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. athletes made up the story to cover their act of vandalism. at a gas station. the group claimed they weur tkpropbted by armed authorities say a security g order to control him. >> . what the police can confirm. there was no robbery. in the way that it was reported. by the athletes. >> . lock te is back in america. the other swimmers were removed from plane today. interrogated for 4 hours. then had their passports seized.
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first responders say they rescued more than 30 thousand residence in about 14 hundred pets. >> a day of twists and turns on a campaign trail. clinton foundation today said it will not accept foreign or corporate donations if clinton is elected president. >> . republicans abzed the candidate of pay to play schemes like link to the foundation also former president clinton says he will no longer give paid speeches. if hilary is elected. >> .
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filled with 4 hundred million dollars in cash. as leverage to ensure american prisoners were released by iran. but. a spokesperson says the money was not a ransom. saying iran would have received the money eventually. republicans have blasted the payment. saying it endangers americans around the world. >> . inapology from trump. as he campaigns in north carolina. tonight. >> . sometimes in the heat of the debate. and spe multi-constitute multitude of issue. you don't choose the right words. or you say, the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not i regret it. >> . reading from a tell prompter. he said he especially regretted the times his comments cost personal pain. he will campaign university of
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gripped the world as it happened. >> . ladies and gentlemen. we got him. >> . operation red dawn netting one of the most wanted men in the world. december 2003. the capture of sa dam haous sane. >> . the capture was crucial of. for the rise of a free iraq. u.s. army specialist. of north ridge ville. was 22 years old. when he says he found himself in the elite group. called super-12. >> . group of guys that were hand selected from my company. to. be personal security. for sa dam. >> . roger and his group guarded him 24/7. for 6 months. ultimately walking him to his death.
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we heard all the sounds. and then we witnessed them carrying his body up above their heads. and cheering. and shooting off ak47s. and. it was a crazy experience. >> . roger son was highly skilled and motivated. he lived through the chaos of combat. watched over dictator. and served the kwraoeus united states of america. with great pride for years. >> today he lives in ohio with his wife. and two children. he has ptsd and the struggle is
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that's what the va medical center is all about. taking care of veterans. healing them. one day at a time. >> . incredibly hard. to be able to do those missions. and it took so much out of me. i don't know if i'll be able to recover. certainly not going to be the same person. i have to live with that. for the rest of my life. >> . we can't thank them enough fr >> . one week away from the fox trot. this year we are running to support veterans. >> join us sunday august 28. at the new location. at mall c across from the
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>> heroin epidemic made worse. when mixed with a more powerful drug. has law enforcement searching for new ways to try and curb the surge in dose over dose deaths. >> . one of the latest moves to go after dug tkraoelers can long sentences. once reserved mostly for drug kingpins. >> . >> the heroin epidemic is leading law enforcement to bring the hammer down. the five lorain county if convicted now face a minimum of 20 years in federal prison. why. because people they allegedly dealt to either died or were seriously hurt. >> . still, thursdays. federal and local authorities say there's only so much their efforts can do. we cannot arrest our way out of this. >> . just in lorain county the rate has tripled in the last five
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to 65 in 2015. to 68 this year. and climbing. >> . it's easy to become immune to the numbers. they keep growing. and it becomes somewhat difficult to fathom. how many people are dying. >> . even with all the hard work. prosecutors and police acknowledge frustration. that the death rates continue to climb. >> . they say their work can only be part of any long term solution. >> . we kopt to push doctors and hospitals. to look khoesly at the pre as we all know. people don't just start one day. shooting up heroin. >> . they start with prescription ode kwroeuds. >> . opioids. >> . they will go after dealers hard. who maybe giving addicts a drug they know nothing about. >> . >> . thank you. lake catholic high school football team urpbdz
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incident. it happened july 11. during a team camp at john carol university. the camp was not associated with the university. but police are investigating. school put out a statement that reads in part. >> . >> a surprise about tailgating. >> . new s-b season of parting starting with browns fans in the loft. led -td led the i team to do some digging. every year this warning. rules about no alcohol.
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what we found surprised even this browns legend. passing through the lot. >> i believe they. >> . how many people do you really think get arrested here. or cited here. >> none. >> . i don't know i have no idea. >> . actually. not far off. busts on game day for the last two seasons. one arrest. 4 citations. all for disorderly conduct. that's it. >> rules and regulations. that are put forth. >> . prao*eutly. privately. nobody gets busted for drinking or anything else. except extreme cases or if someone ignores warnings. one city official says all those rules kind of like general boundaries. >> . ii haven't seen anyone be arrested. i have seen warnings.
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the police are wonderful out here. >> . on those days. reports for stolen cars. stuff stolen from cars. petty theft. and even in one case, a shooting. >> . on game day. the last two years. only a handful of citations and a dozen or so other reports. for property damage and theft. and so forth. that goes on here. in a season. >> . i expect it to be higher. because. >> . involving a cleveland water truck. this was the scene the morning on state route 176. in interstate 480. a van hit the truck from behind. and sped off the road and caught fire. person inside the van was
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accident caused heavy back up. as crews clear the scene. >> . five people under arrest. after leading police on a chase from strongsville to cleveland. >> . led officers on a chase. all the way to east 79 and garden valley. two of the suspects are juveniles. >> . a woman charged with slapping a local official. has learned heifer punishment. the wife of a resigning counsel person. was charged with misdemeanor assault. after tensions boiled at a meeting. she pled no contest. to disorderly conduct. ordered to pay a small fine. >> . it appears cedar point soak city water park is all washed up. it's not quite going away. >> . instead. cedar point planning a bigger water park. with a brand new name and monster of a water slide. >> . big changes coming to cedar point. this time it's not a new roller coaster. the park will take the water route.
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park known for roller coasters. prefers to float. than to fall. he's been driving over to cedar point soak city since his keutsdz kids were small. now it's his grandchildrens turn. >> . it's a great place. >> . all those years the family has been coming here. soak city has added new attractions. but over all look and presentation have been relatively the same. >> . soak city has been around since the 80s. tim re-brand the park. >> it will be cedar point shores. the refresh will turn the summer staple into a bigger shadier spot. attractions will be expanded and redone. modernized inside and out. >> . new attractions will be added. including a new water slide.
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visitors say changes will keep them always coming back. >> . the kids just enjoy getting to come. they have so many different activities for kids. and even tkeufpbt different even different levels. >> . it's really great. >> cedar point plans to begin construction on the new water park. as soon as they close for the season. and plan to have it open and ready to go. by next spring. >> . exciting news there. >> . warm taeus ahead. warm days ahead of us.
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we're not going to see 90s any time in the 8 day. we'll be close. next couple days. but. did you notice, did you notice the atmosphere and the color of the sky. will get to that in a second. because we had slightly drier air. dew points were pushed down into the low 60s. today. which renders it reasonably comfortable. not exactly super-dry. it's not tropical. you can tell that. just simply by looking p. drop the ipad. drop the smart phone. get off the x box. and look outside. even if it's for 60 seconds. guarantee you want to stay there longer. clue number one, is the deep blue sky. because the dew point dropped. and less haze less humidity. number two is the fact that the lawns are much greener. tonight's award winning sunset time lapse. from lake front airport. look at that.
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very brief window of color. it was there. because we had high and mid level clouds. >> . biggest sky montana. the sun is just setting there. and big sky is obviously in the rockies. along the wyoming border. south of. sun just about setting. no snow. right now. that's going to change. in the next 24 to 36 hours. look at this. snow in the forecast. behind the front. very same front that's coming our way. it's not going to have that effect here. >> . absolutely gorgeous moon washed sky. tonight. even in the middle of some of the darkest parts of ohio. you'll still be able to see just fine.
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sunday comes along. we'll wake up to showers. and thunder storms. front coming through. 70s. then behind that we'll dry out. dew points will be in the 40s. early next week. 72, 74. 77. all with pretty decent amount of sun shaoeub. >> . oi >> .
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this trip is extra special. for a hreult -l girl from aron this young cancer patients get to see what most of us don't during a behind the scenes tour. >> . takes us along for the skwrourny.
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>> you wouldn't know it by looking at her. this is one tough girl. >> . she is incredibly strong. >> nine year-old is a fighter. fighting to get back to healthy. fighting leukemia. >> . her mom still gets choked up. thinking about how far her little girl has come. she was diagnosed with leukemia. back in 2014. >> she's always positive. always through the darkest times she was just upbeat and let's get through this. >> . her biggest wish during those dark days. a trip to the zoo. >> . she's been waiting since her diagnosis. thursday she got her chance. >> . thanks to a partnership with a
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lily is getting a behind the scenes tour. >> i think he's adorable. >> . a wish that up until recently didn't look like it would ever come true. a trip to the zoo. posed a serious risk to lily's health. now she's making up for the lost time. >> . the simple things making the biggest impact. >> . it's been really fun. >> she's a different kid now. she's just doing amazing. >> . living like a nine year-old should. >> . making new memories. on this picture perfect day. >> . all right everyone. ready 123. >> . a long awaited day. at the zoo. the first of many more to come. just don't ask her to do any work here. >> do you want to work in a zoo one day. >> no. >> . why is that. >> i don't want to pick up poop. >> of course. who does.
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unloading groceries when it all happened. he says all he remembers is flash of white light. suddenly he was on the ground knocked unconscious. heudz his wife got the kids into the house. before dragging him to safety. as a second bolt of lightening flashed across the it appeared to come out of
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controversy in a small town in new jersey. in a tribute meant to honor veterans. placed a wooden sill wet of a kneeling specifically they are taking issue with the cross. the soldier is kneeling in front of. >> . but. the problem is there's a cross in it. which singles out veterans of one religion. generations of veterans have fought. to defend the constitution. that he's violating. >> . it's a beautiful memorial. my husband is a vet. >> . the american humanist association sent a letter to the mayor. notifying him the memorial is unconstitutional. at the towns faces legal action. if it remains in place. >> .
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see or even sk-lg asking to see. several naked donald trump statues popping up in several cities. including here in ohio. >> . one of these was spotted by a viewer. along ko*frpb treu road. in cleveland heights. others have been spotted in new york. san francisco. la. and seattle. the artist behind the project is a las vegas sculpture. known for creating monsters. for horror films. >> . there you go. >> . cover the kids eyes.
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north carolina couple makes the find of a lifetime at the local thrift store. >> . recently picked up a cassette copy of michael jacksons bad album. for 25 cents. a few days later they got around to opening it up. and that's when their jaws hit the floor. the cassette booklet is signed by the king of pop himself. it compared the signatures to others and they believe it's the real deal. >> i could not breathe. speak. >> . experts say it's the if the signature is authentic. it would be worth as much as 3 thousand dollars. >> . couple says they have no plans
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>> the first team offense clicked tonight. veteran corner back had a couple touch down passes. but the browns lose this 24 to 13. as we take you to first energy stadium. coach getting together with prior. that's a 19 yard touch down. here comes the pass. a 50 wide open. prior gathered is in. grate catch. the browns were on the board. they were not done. on the offensive side of the ball. rg3 find big play there. that's a touch down. 29 yards for big tkpwar trouble in the second half of the football game. because they couldn't stop the falcons. this is wilds. he's going to score. from 29 yards out. the browns allow the visit tores
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the second half. and the browns lose this. 24 to 13. >> . tkpwrat news at the great news at the ballpark. >> . win by a walk off sackfully. by the rookie. >> 3 to nothing white sox. in the first inning. well. he was done. after 34 pitches. but. he went to the pen. and got in more work. strange yes. >> the eupd kwrapbs claw back. indians claw back. >> . that's a run. 3 to one game. the indians continue to claw away. the they trail 4 to 2.
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here. in comes nap li. we're all tied at 4 a piece. >> . safe at the plate. and the celebration begins. >> gets bombarded by his team teammates and the eupbd kwrapbds enjoy a five to 4 victory.
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