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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  August 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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just things like that happen but it was a tragic chaotic scene. absolutely.y. building catches on fire people inside hear what witnesses say n happened andess how they werey e rescued. it's too early to think about christmass, right?ght have you started shopping mymy stars are promoting presentsg ps earlier and earlier and it's happening this year we'lln readd your comments and this morning'i download. right now want to see what'sswan happening as far ast to s the wr some folks in northeast ohio.h not everybody a.j. colby has a a little more information on these pop up showerso or some folks io the area. stephanie wayne a couple of of those showers out there and juss issued by the national weatherse service a special marine warning fromd by the national we reno bs marblehead all the way up to a on pointt report waterspouts out there and it's definitely a gooo
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4207-inch of rain and hopkinspk airport officially but dopplerpr radar estimates indicate from the rain all the way back towards twinsburgca rasoinli adt half an inch of rain may be even close to an inch out on the east side you can see how those stripes move inmates downinmates towardsdow garrett spell andand champion. there are some pockets that didd receive some decent rain. monday forecast cooler dryere today breaks of sun. andd t backyards in temperatures in the mid- 70s today.da full forecast details coming up in mere moments. back to you. ajer thanks.nk really mornings house fire sense people jumping to safety. you could see the flames andamed smoke pouring out of thethe building on east 82nd streetee while skyfox flew over it just after 6:00 this morning.n one woman on her way to work called 911 and her screams forfr help she and her husband toldndo
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window.em to her fianc? actually jumped first naked and then telling her tongo job and she was scared.scare that's when my husband and i as well i said i'd rather jump thenmp you toth burn and she jumped and wasyou to holding on to a satele dish as she was how scary.g how greataturt that's the news investigators looking into what started this fire..n nine people are hurt in parmaewg at heights after a driver plows sta into an outdoor concert. jessica dill is live atsi greenbrier commons with what we know so far.ilii good morning. good morning. good morning everybody at horome we know that nine people were injured. to are still in serious condition this morning inju. the good news out of all of this is the common area is actually right next to the policeto thep department which is rightoli nex to the fire department. crews yesterday responded verydr quickly to get out here and ytry to he lp people as soon as theyy
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nine people were injurednjured including the driver.iv two people were treated on scenn and released. six peoplele went to the hospital to remain in serious condition. this all happened around 7 last night during an outdoor summer concert.happeneded police say a 74 year old driver was leaving the concert when sht accidentally plowed her car into a makeshift dance floor. this was barricaded on this side and unfortunately our driver was the closest to the dance floor and when she was backing up she hit the gas instead of the break went onto the dance floor and hit this crowd. police say the driver feels absolutely horrible and that itr she's doing okay but we've got updates on the other two that are in serious condition.o stick with fox8 and sad situation.n. you feel bad for the driver and the people injured. and a lot of people 100 people1 were out
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jessica dill. thank you very much.h. neighbors say two people killedp le kthis weekend in massillon we ambushed. according to police, they were victims of a domestic violencene attack.victims ofomestittack the stark county coroner tells fox8 33 year old michael lovette died from his injuries saturday night.d the young woman's identity hasfs not been released, pending an autopsy and family notification. massillon police say the twoeinn were leaving a home when suspect began shooting at them in a car.ving a hom officers say the suspect was her ex-boyfriend.sspect neighbors in this area of 17th street northeast, say they are shocked and saddened by the. ntolence. it's just crazy that something would happen like that over an act of jealousy is disgusting..t would happ police say the suspect was takea to the hospital after trying to take his own life.y the suspec to neighbors say lovette worked for timkensteel, and leaves behind a young daughter.ensteel, a new trial is scheduled tow trs begin today for a massillon woman accused of killing her inaccused husband on new yofilear's eve, n
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28 year old colleen mckernancola says she shot her husband rob in self defense.. says s an april trial ended with aril mistrial when the jury couldn'te agree on a mckernan could face 18 years to life in prison, if convicted. republican presidential candidate donald trump isate dop bringing his campaign back to northeast ohio for a rally at the university of akron tonight. last week, trump's second campaign manager, paul manafort, resigned just a few months after trump fired his first campaignge leader.whis firscampai during the republican nationali convention here in cleveland. trump also visited flood victims in louisiana last the rb conventio c this weekend, his new campaign manager said the decision toa force the deportation of undocumented immigrants in the us is quote to be determined. trump is scheduled to hold an to ioe us rally at the james a. rhodeses s arena in akron tonight. in akron the doors open at four, while the rally will begin at seven.l.
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latest campaign staff a family market that's been a sk part of northeast ohio for 73 years will be closing for good this weekend.t r 73 alesci's on mayfield road will close saturday. brothers tony and frank alesci now run the business, which includes their famous grinder sandwich.n s, which they say the space is now too big, while foot traffic has beef down lately.oot traff alesci's is known for old world quality meats, cheeses, pasta and pizza.y meats they have a catering business the brothers say there's ae b chance younger members of the family may open a new store in the area, in the future.rota family ma we'll keep you posted. we are going to miss them they are fantastic. despite a little rain over the weekend it was pretty quiet here in northeast ohio, but quite a different story in southern ohio.quite a take a look at this video out of miami county ohio, where ai coun tornado was caught on camera.ty,
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minutes before the tornado was spotted.utes be officials say winds were at about 75 miles per hour. this is the same cell that heavily damaged a farm inin bradford ohio, that's northwest of dayton. and those along lake erie certainly had a sight to seebraw sunday afternoon. take a look at this video of a sunday water spout sent to us from connor stanton he took it along clifton beach in lakewood. in fact, meteorologist jenn harcher spotted two water spout just outside our fox 8 studio's you do not want to get caught ct under one of know youo don't.' but thety are beautiful to watc. from a distance.ance. absolutely. coming up on fofo thethe in morning olympic swimmer admitsis that he did in fact lie about being robbed at gunpoint innt in real. hear why he claims he did itclat and, will he face more disciplinary action?n? straightahead. is your christmas shopping done? have you started?ou it's only august.
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you but some stores reveal why a and when theyl wh start pushingl of the holiday merchandise on us. of th aj are you done with your christmas shopping fax y all do. right.t. i believe you.u.rig you are talking aboutkingbout waterspouts build a more than just give you in exotic hairdo.d they can capsize boat specialeci marine warning in effect until quarter after 10:00 our hour fox8 hour forecast indicating sun coming back in the picture but quill temperatures.. mid- 70s we'll have forecast details that you don't want tota miss taking us into the last weekend of august.
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tar so, the next thing is, i'm gonna make you out an estimate with no real details on it at all. then, you're gonna give me a whole lot of money up front. and, then i'm gonna skip town without even doing a lick of work. alright? so, go ahead and get out your checkbook and make the check out to me, because there's nothing suspicious about that. unfortunately, it's never this obvious. that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families against frauds and scams.
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welcome back to fox8 news in the morning. believe it or not we are four months away from christmas.webat were talking about christmasg ao already. we are because some companiesuth that all means the pushes on tot get all of the holidayhe decorations and merchandise ready.y.chandise spokespn for hny has two seasons, spring and winter sprit for many companies, the planning for halloween, thanksgiving andd christmas start months in advance and seem to kickoff on labor day. some companies like hallmark say for them, the holidays start in mid july. the kind of go instead of doing halloween and then thanksgiving and christmas it's all outhen u there. over the weekend running erranda
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christmas lights out christmas decoration started.s with my daughter at the time she just got there's christmasistma decorations out for sales isale couldn't believe it. could they wait till labor dayil at least. they used to waitl lor day at lt halloween and christmas. not anymore.ll got to make that money and not of early birds like to shop.o i do.o. i shopsogo out christmas like early in the air but if iui see something even i january for someone it would be a perfect gift i would get it. an area i keep so that i don'ti' have the pressure ride at christmaste the crazy and buybu stuff that might not be the best of thehe bperson. i wish i was that i'm not. last-minute kind of girl. then i can bake and do whatever. yet not go crazy.raz it makes sense.ns plan ahead. i'm a last-minutee kind of girl. guys don't plan ahead.
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my husband would always disappear. gift cards are great. i love it. sometimes that's a plus. restaurants and stuff.t it's what they would want. cash in an envelope. i will take cash in an envelopee open up the card like this. there you go. i did although i was on vacatioa i did pick up a gift for a white goofy thatph.. for our party. no. for a different party mightty yt always has one.ay with my cousins and staff. out of my desk your. for our white elephant partypha it's alwayspa fun.un. let's see we're asking people have you started your shopping g do you like to start shopping early cracks are you angry when you see the christmas stuff coming out this early.ou see the
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christmas lost in thes arn t almighty dollar.ghtyr grew up with the dinosaurs. stores didn't sell decorationsot after katy says for everyonever complaining it to commercialmmel retailers are greedy don't participate. don't give y dup youron'' thanksgivingnksg to go shopping don't give them to the madness of black friday. i don't. process canan we get through lar day first before shoving christmas supplies on us?d forget christmas stores arear ready decorating for halloween too early for that. i am not thinking abouting aut christmas until november. michael says we never did aa thing until after thanksgivingsi now that they have push it up so far it comes and goes like anyan other day retailers complain com every year the holiday sales were down.pll people like to really decorate their homes pretty early i don't like that i get tired of lookinl at ioot. i want to be happy when a look at the christmas tree and an ornaments that mean something
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dads are grandmothers. we got thissdads a on a vacatio. if it hangs around too longong you're just like put it all away already. i love it. the weekend before thanksgiving. lready christmas shopping starting now it's august kids. christmas in july. there a hidden meaning. mea your christmas shopping go to to and let us know if you have. h we'll have more commaveents comg up. i love the christmas music though. it's too early. it's beginning to look a lot lo like christmas. sing it. all right.stmas. what comes with christmas also comeswhc don't say it. and so now we're going to a.j.ot colby and we don'.t even like to think about it.o
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months from now i got a question for you guys. what will happen in exactly onet year from now? today? it's a fairly huge astronomical event.event if it was weather-related i'mi' thinking my son will be a junior just starting schooll but otherh than that i don't know what will happen.n solar eclipse of the sun. su you got right here will be close to totality have to go to the carolinas. you need a gift.ft one .year from today. one ye that's it for them. thank you. that will be the first time that we have a total solar eclipsep visible across the cosntiguous s since 1979. sie year from today.y. safely viewing tips i'm sure you may hear anything about thatelyo you as we head into summer.
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marine warning up from renore beach. arblehead into avonvon points due to waterspouts. rain down towards ravenna.. be on the lookout for those.ho otherwise to foot or less ways out there through tonight. on the water with northwest winds there tto three-dimensionr flight look at how localizedal those showers are now with the upper-level disturbance rotatine through. r thr causing some of these like effect clouds out here and said like effect. hard to get that out of my mouth. look att this rainfall.infall thursday morning half an inch of rain...thurs more of the west of here butt hopefully it will be a good show of rain we will need it andill e forecast looks dry through the weekend after that. thursday really a good opportunity and that's a greatrt opportunity actually for rain.a canadian high-pressure moves overhead today tonight and tomorrow a cool night tonight. in landed next may drop to the 40s meantime landed there's thee
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some rain and golf moisturei ahead of out of the dakotas by tomorrowot afternoon will move our wayas bt it will sport some cooler air behind it.i as you will see in the forecast temperatures today the mid-id 70s. clouds may be a shower aroundrou this morning otherwise most of the sunshine and that's delightful.ig mid- 70-degree highs today.o gorgeous afternoon. clear starry night on the way. 57gorgeous afteteclea n again in landmarks and cranniesi may drop close to 49. mostly sunny tomorrow. gorgeous..go milder.s.s. some light breezes around 80 and the early lookout for the fox8 f foxtrot coming up this sunday registration 7:00. mall see different location different venue. partly sunny.. and great race weather.
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temperature. here we go. go. all put together couple oft pleasant day stogether on the y humidity an.d heat back wednesde ands thursday.sday. could be soggy friday is dry.ayi 70s. and briefly back up above 80ove there as we head into foxtrotx weekendt along with the laste weekend of august. okay. okank you sir. we are learning new details about the death of music legend prince.. tragic new information. could a mistakencece have contrr to his death? found out what investigators found in his home. a paraglider crashes into a church roof minutes before services begin. the latest on what police say went wrong.mein lebron james has all sorts ofwhy surprises for his teammates but, see what he did for his wife'sei see what he did for his wife'sei birthday this weekend. we'll be right back.
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and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore
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things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. if a member of your household is a snap participant, you may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. welcome back to fox8 news at 9:00.. the 2016 summer olympics in rio has officially wrapped up. exactly one week after u.s. gold medalist ryan lochte claimed he and three of his teammates were robbed at gunpoint.tly one we.s we've seen this develop over the entire week.e seen th this weekend lochte went ond loo record, taking responsibility for his actions. cnn's jeremy roth has morenrdiby i over exaggerated that story. in an ex exclusive interviewcluw
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olympian and gold medalist, rya, lochte took full responsibility for embellishing the incident in rio that brought international brou if i never did that we wouldn't be in this mess.ver did th none of this would've happenedf and it was my immature behaviors last sunday, surveillance video showed lochte and three of his teammates gunnar bentz, jack conger and jimmy feigen at a gas statio a lochte told brazilianh authorities as they attempted to leave the gas station in a cab,t one of theo security guards forced them out of the taxi at gun point and on the ground.ld a rio officials later questioned the swimmers and refuted swimme lochte's account of that nightrr and said the olympians weree ols confronted by the security guard only after they vandalized the gas station bathroom and were asked to pay for the damages. we you said at some point after yof refused to sit down the security guard put the gun to your forehead and cocked it. that didn't happen? ghat didn't happen.terriri why'd you do that? i don't know why.u
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i was still under that influence. the international olympic committee and usa swimming are investigating the incident and will determine whether the swimmers will face fines or suspension..commit jeremy roth fox 8 thousands of volunteers are now helping residents cleanup in the thousands opi uisiana flooding.. many went home to home in baton rouge, to and wet furniture, before moldtm ail mildew develops. others went to shelters, to help make meals for residents who lost everything. president obama will visit the area tomorrow. flood warning remain in effect today, with more rain in the forecast..ttmake als for r prest an investigator looking into the death of rock and roll hall of
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pills found in his home contained fentanyl and were mislabeled. the pills taken from the singer's paisley park home were counterfeit drugs, with the powerful opioid. a coroner's report says prince died on april 21st of a fentanyl overdose.. mimi the he si the singer did not have prescriptions for the drugs, and investigators are trying tocr determine how he got them. the owner of a southwest ohio skydiving company says a man died, after opening his, afterop pain jump.e too late dur the 47 year old cincinnati area man died early sunday morning, at middletown regional airport. the owner of the drop zone says the victim had made 95 previous jumps. he says the victim was below the recommended altitude of 3500i aa man n rt a feet, before trying to deploy his chute. despite the accident, the ownern says skydiving is safe. investigators in utah are trying to figure out what caused a man in a motorized paraglider to crash through the roof of a church. witnesses say the 57 year old appeared the be spiraling down and out of control. he slammed into a mormon church around nine am, a few minutes before services were set to begin.
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a great story here. a s nine year old boy is being commended for making others happy on his birthday.they wert. r carson booty of lafayette askedl to skip a party and presents to take pizza to flood victims.ayek to skip thanks to social media, what his family thought would be about aa family thought would be about a dozen pizza deliveries, turned into 360 pies. some on the receiving end broke out in tears when he walked upwu into 36kewith a free pizza.tzzes out in how nice is that. so nice. a truck thief gets away with more than a vehicle. find out what was inside and how he got into the driver's is it a sign of the times?to ohio drivers will soon see more drones on the roads. find out it's main purpose.drdro wayne wayne and i return. aj. i everybody.y. every good morning to you. temperatures in the mid- 70s for highs today. what a difference a few showersr around this morning we'll check those out the full eight day
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it's not about how pretty you are it's about what you're saying and being able to be confident and happy, that's what truly shines through. be true to who you are. i'm so happy right now. i'm the happiest i've ever been. i think it just comes with the fact that i'm accepting who i am. everybody deserves love and kindness, don't they? they do. to the women who know what real values are,
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park. there hoping to make itpa into o museum. new line keep you posted. there is plenty of music andmus lorraine county and wellington's admission is dollars this runs
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turnpike officials say it willit use this road to check out this is a dispute river bridges mid-september weather building. oh .-dot and the highway patrol looks drones to use drones on highlands. our fox 8 foxtrot has artie is - tracy mccool showers will locate
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- welcome to new day cleveland, i'm natalie herbick and we to preference this show with a bit of a warning. you might get a cavity when you see this show because we are talking all things sweets and treats from banana splits to cupcakes, donuts that's why it's only fitting we're here at bloom artisan bakery and cafe here in downtown cleveland. but we're gonna show you this place in just a bit.


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