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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  August 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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humanity light southwind with
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the road between lee and meal parkway the accident completely shut them in the area up. we will get more information for you as we can. stop at the university of akron jessica joins us now in the
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republican presidential nominee even took the stage an hour early and came out with
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doing we try is that coming up in the next fundraising dinners and a late-night tvra appearance some familiar issues continued am familiar issues continue to dog her campaignss fbi has uncovered nearly 15,000 more documents with herncer private e-mail serr the state department will take a look meanwhile more changes will come to the clinton foundation
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president bill clinton says he will reduce his direct involvement in the charity and no longer acceptss paid speaking engagements. >> i knew this morning ?-- another smash and grab under investigation this time on the city's west side. the thieves did not get away with much, but they did leave a lot of damage behind dreading right through a driving way through a brick wall. the owner d thieves are only able to take some cigarettes. >> seems and semi- county looking for this the semantic at good look at his phototi and escaped inmates they say the 24 -year-old is one of two inmates who walked out of the gone would jail on friday. apparently they poses workers carrying things out to the van. the other inmate was caught, but he is still on the list take a look at his photo he is facing serious theft and breaking and entering
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hit by w a car and a 6900 blockf kinsman road know my son is gone at the age of 24, but he did not fulfill his purpose in life.n we are heartbroken. >> i know it's got to be be hurting so, i you know, tell somebody turn yourself in let's get and let's get through this.t >> hugh mccormick family will hold a vigil at the scene of the accidenth tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. anyone with
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hit-and-run driver is should call police. >> the search is on for suspect in rocky river after a woman was almost month f in front of a popular grocery store. we have the very latest on this disturbing incidenth this morning. >> rocky river police. >> we are in front of the whole foods in rocky river someone just got muggedfo. >> and anxious 911 call for the rocky river police department late saturday afternoon.c >> it was a typical saturday foods, we are loadingt up our car's maker. >> and then elizabeth cook and vine of lakewood heard a woman screams for make started walking from extruded walking towards the scream m initially i did nt see her, but i started to see this guy running. >> he just go right into the passenger side car door the window was down. he was truly dove right in, and then they just put out. >> this is the surveillance
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all foods moments before the attack. they say they tried to grab the woman's purse off her shoulder as she walks workers. >> trying to remember readingors to the color of the car with a car looks like, and then i started running after them to try to get the license plate number, and as soon as icing on i started yelling out the letters and numbers to try to remember what the license plate was. >> he says another witness told police the suspect had already taste taste of the story. >> looking at women looking at himselfk women with small children. he was following them around. >> rocky river police are investigating the incident however, a lieutenant tells me the license platewe appears to been stolen it may be connected to similar incidences another city. >> i would've never thought that whatever would have happened. >> uses the victim was shaking, but okay. meantime, they are
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lookout. >> ever since went missing not happening, i have been more paranoid walking in and out of target by myself today just constantly looking around. >> three people remain in the hospital this morning> police sy the the parking spot and hit the gas instead of the break. the victimse are all elderly police are considering charges against the driver. >> the man the morning commute will be a little easier for those heading in from the west side it is back open this morning in both directions that lake avenue meeting direct access to the eastbound sure awaynd has been restored to lans open between cliftond boulevard in the main avenue bridge it was
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repairs. >> eight minutes after 8:00 o'clock is m your time. still ahead on fox eight news in headed tog ?- y louisiana we have a look at the flooded conditions of the state out of presidentod barack obamas visit today. >> plus a date takes a dangerous turn pittsburgh.te >> good morning, everyone we have a fiery sunset tonight. just hanging out right along the lake erie shoreline temperatures close to 80 later today we talk will get some rain on thursday. >> doing a little bocce ball 101 it here with the case. when we come back, we will see what i can learn in 15 minutes. kicking it with kenny. stay
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good morning, everyone love
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break in the humidity for at least one day not very a many ds in the 70s close to 80 today 45 days above 80 degrees that is the most and over 70 years. seventy summers a very broke 5:00 o'clock tonight temperatures we will check out the current temperature starting to bottom out worcester jumped up 6 degrees in the last time i have to 56 degrees. downtown cleveland currently at 65 hurricane factors art of hurricane season yet to a have a major hurricane impact the uspa since 2005 the larger structure u ever since the record-keeping began in 1850 a larger structure is also the year hurricane katrina hit new orleans. nowow category in arce atlantic atlanta can almost nine years is gone almost three years of butter canned in the gulf of mexico the bottom line is it is
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living on borrowed time with the tropical atlantic very warm water. i show this because in a pattern like this, we can be impacted obviously backrn that s not directed not directly but because of the moisture you can get a cold front taking us into the moisture driving us into the ohio valley. it will be tropical in nature not from a cold front ant chances tont steadily climb and thursday. a high of around 80 the 60s tonight. we crank it upe tomorrow more humidity i gt a chance of storms there won't be many of them but watch it look to the north was scattered thunderstorms here late tomorrow nighto as they start to race in the cold front on thursday are better chance onth thursday we mention rainfall amounts a quarter to half an inch. we switch it over looking at the and after thursday we
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partly sunny friday mostly sunny low 60s sunday morning with a slight chance of a shower early next week. back to you guys.we >> making headlines this morning ?-dash president obama will travel to baton rouge, louisiana for the first hammock of the flood you look at the flood devastation ceremony of questions why the trip did not to not occur bit sooner. we in hard-hit denham springs this morning with more on that.. >> 13 miles lost more than 60,000 homes damaged the red the flood spirit the here at the worst disaster since super storms in a president obama will hit bachelors with criticism he should've comes in and instead finished other planned vacation in martha's vineyard. keeping tabs on the situation for
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the response of a gun in the people'senen' lives in louisiana been turned upside down with his terrible flooding event. >> the white house announced a strip friday afternoon which is also went donald trump and mike pence visited year. a rally that evening trump talks about the president for hista actions. >> i honestly, obama attic it off the golf course and get down that. >> louisiana governor expressed gratitude for putting a spotlight on the state, but also said he would ask the white houseig to hold off. >> i asked out of the response but what we were still conducting searches of houses and making rescue. >> residents you're not really focused on the political storm following the flows strong following the flows but rather howyo s to rebuild. for many te president's most president's most important will be thate and headlines also california facing a shortage the firefighters knows the edge into the peak of
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50 percent vacancy rate forcing crews to work very long hours and difficult conditions many from the past two years to they've done so with better paying jobs of other industries they are dealing with several large fires as we speak. >> an embarrassing situation came to an end to pittsburgh this.were a man who was stuck between two buildings had to be freed. police saydi the man brought a date to the rooftop last nightop in an effort to impress her he tried to ju from one building to another he missed and fell and was wedged in betweenen the two buildings overnight cruise add remove bricks to reach them and they finally brought them a out on a stretcher. he hurt his ankle. >> florida now setting aside another $5 million to fight the zika virus in the state wants help from congress. the state department of health is getting $5 millionon for zika preparatie for mosquito control there now are tow zika zones in miami. oe
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beach. president obama asked lawmakers back in february for nearly $2 billion to fight the virus, but nothing is been done in congress. >> melania trump threatening to suete several news outlets for information. ifut the lawyer fr the wife of the presidential republican nominee as plays the daily mail political and at least eight other news outlets outlets under the on that as he claims they made false and defamatory stories about our supposedly having been an ass court in the 1990s trump's attorneys trumps attorneys want the news outletss putting story in her place ?- >> be the superstar getting an
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this is j starting the fifth grade in columbus middle school very as a big group of kids ready to learn. they are all ready to start a new year of learning. >> awesome. i love the uniforms. looking sure. sorry sharp. sort of these case theyy are off to high school devon alexander and they all go to school more share pictures with us at tips at right now on our website us just look under the link w under scene on tv. i think he was a little embarrassed on-site my fault.
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>> they used to be that age. but is just getting so big. >> he such a nice young man but he does that mean allan the attention mom. today have a good day? >> he had a great day he came home chirping like a little bird happy as a lamb. >> danielle started last week. >> she did to set a couple of tests already today. >> same thing with my accent they get in and get going. get morning. ball? >> i've never played. it's fun it's fun especially with all of of your friends and kidsit it is really fun. okay, hey kenny. he showing us how it is done. >> i'm showing in. ra. the italian racket club as a huge part two ball tournament happening this weekend let's meet the players. rose stacy
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weekendta you are going to see really good bakshi like everybody else is doing but not get a little one-on-one. larry, so of course now the camera is on stacy killing it. go ahead question. so this weekend there will be all sorts of teams coming out. >> as entertainment all weekend friday we have cavaliers eight royale in it royale and evening that an italian 60s doo-wop stuff saturday we've got all kinds of cultural things going on and friday we have the
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thati does a lot for 50s stuff. >> that a boy. nice. way to >> and then saturday night were playing and we have some culture and c activities during the day a nice display inside from of the western the western reserve and sundayociety.of is family day. >> you are great. closer. ri read is red is close. >> okay,ad why is it important r your case to be here? >> all, i am sorry. time to
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work the italian-american product is also with their scholarship fund.iaro >> very good. i got not too good because i like doing it in a prime spot there. and when we comen back we will talk more about that scholarship. guess which one is winning ?-ss were three cap now they will be how many up? look at thatno it looks like three. now it is six two nothing. this is when we only kick it in.s >> we are seeing spending. we will come back and a little bit, you guys. >> it will be a long morning for them. twenty-five minutes after the hour on this tuesday still
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the move officials are making to their drinking policy in the wake of a rape case that made national headlines. >> and find out just how much at the pens will m cost people with potentially severe deadly allergies. >> good morning. good morning wayne and stephanie. hope you're having aee great start to your day. look at what is going on across the state of ohio. nothing. a sun filled day out there. will it. stayha that is the question. what about our forecast for the t forecast the details are
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[music playing] [music playing] a favorite of michael phelps. listening to eric church songs before his meet.istening tet. i was wondering what he was listening to. we should listen to this every
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you can do it. especially when his rival was il front of him kind of showing off and he had that game face on. you don't poke the bear. he didn't even metal. busy looking at michael. wondering what he's doing over there.ering he was behind him and then he he walked right in front of him. come on man. poor you don't do that tos michaelice phelps. especially wheen h p is listeningten to eric erhurch. especially when he's going toto beat your butt glycated. welcome back glad you're with us let's get a check on the the forecast with a.j. colby who is joining us. hello stacey.a hello wayne hello stephanie and everyone. what a morning. bright sunshine other. check it out this is done at burke lakefront airport gorgeous
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along theu horizon you can see a few clouds but other than that it's gorgeousse c and a little the cool side. some temperatures and scott andd i were looking around the temperatures across northeasti even inland nooks didn't dipped below 50. right there inland no d 56 in ao 58 barberton right now. 52 in medina. 61 brunswick. strongsville ravenna a cool spot herevill at 54. 54. looking out toward rome andand to 50 degrees this morning. courtesy high-pressurereto 50 dh clear skies. very dry air. low dewpoint next weather systet right there will start to suckuc and higher humidity so tomorrowo especially thursday best chanceb for rain.est today's high near 80 withi generous amounts ofh light wininds.i 63 the overnight low tonight with calm weather conditions tomorrow sunshine.d
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but i think thursday best chance forh rain 84.n 84. nice weather friday and saturday on into the foxtrotfr sunday. 82 and low 80s upper 70sr after that. back to you. all right. allh aj.u so much aj.. appreciate it. onto our top story talking politics a little bit.le bit. donald trump makes a stop at the university of akron, where he discussed everything frommp immigration to tax cuts to law and order. makes aniversit akroi but a big focus of his was his opponent, hillary clinton. jessica dill is live with a recapessic of the valley and ren from voters. good morning. frod morning everyone. go morning eked house yesterdaym people coming from all over the area to hear what the gop nominee had to say. we like his policies, we doo think americanism is better than globalism and it's time to get jobs back is really the bottom line.
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night putting a big focus on tax cuts, fair trade deals, and violence in inner cities. he threw his support behind police officers while promising to putting out a new law and order platform. trump also called his opponent, hillary clinton, corrupt and promised an investigation into the clinton foundation.o calt, prom an invest he called on the department of justice to appoint a special prosecutor to look into allegations of pay to playial uring hillary clinton's time at the state department.time he says the department declining to pros the attorney general metey genet privately with bill clinton is an indication of politicalationf corruption. politic hillary clinton is the past she's been there forever she's done nothing but mistakes.mista. she's got bad, bad, judgment. mistake after mistake. we are the future. trump did bring up the hot button issue immigration.rump d
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if he was softening his views on it. last night he vowed to be fair but firm with immigration weeding out possible threats.t . trump did have a major speech planned on his immigration policy scheduled for this week but it has just been canceleds c saying the speech trump wasancs planning on giving is still being modified.aying the speechr jessica dill reporting from the newsroom thanks so much. there is a new price to pay to keep your kids the t the cost of an epi pen just gota a lot more expensive.n epi and as fox 8's explains it's putting the pinchy on millions of families struggling with food allergies.n right now he's testing high for egg and peanut.testing h stephanie tiell is worried about her son justin. at just nine months he's fighting eczema.erried at jus a skin disorder that'sin disord complicating his food allergies. so how ya doing man? compld allergieions today?er ths keeping justin safe.
8:35 am
15 million americans with food allergies just got moreer expensive.. ergi the cost of epipens aree increasing by 400 percent. for some families it's becoming difficult to afford. i was blind sighted. when i went to the pharmacy ton pick them up i had no idea it was that expensive. when you go to buy two which you have to have at all times, it could cost up to 600 dollars even with a coupon. 3, 2, 1.went nexall ti it a price that' 1.s forcing many patients to go without buying any epipens.atrcing many i didn't realize epipens wererei only good for about a year. so to pay that price for something you may or may not use so to iculous.nlood for about a i asked representatives at mylan pharmaceutical about the rising cost of their epipen. they gave me this statement that says in part, changes in the healthcare insurance landscape, an increasing number of people and families are enrolled in high deductible health plans,
8:36 am
this shift has presented new challenges for consumers, andndb to rise they are bearing more of the cost. this change to the industry is not an easy challenge tot address, but we recognize thet t need and are committed to working with customers and payors to find solutions.ens. stephanie says she will find a way to make it work. gambling with justin's health is not a bet she's willing to make. the thought is there but what if what happens if you need it?ppeu then you don't have it. need it? maia belay fox 8 news. that is just crazy. crazy. it's awful.l. medication only cost 1 dollar tr make. that's too bad. hopefully they can get that switch around the government needs toey.. 8:36 your time. coming up kfc gets into the sunscreen business.ness. plus not so helpful after all.f. why the tv rating system is under fire this morning. and what's better than french fries?d rench
8:37 am
we're getting a recipe from our friends at cafe avalaun coming up. hey kenny.'re gettie e s welcome to getting schooled and bocce. when we come backtt we are losig by the way.he way. when we come back we'll keep on playing and talk about a scholarship fund. kicking it with kenny.
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stanford is banning liquor at all undergraduate parties on its campus.. the school administration announced the policy in a letter to studes the change comes after former cm stanford swimmer brock turner was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman, after both drank at a campus afte ford under the new policy only wine and beer are permitted at undergrad parties. hard alcohol will be allowed at parties for grad students but only in mixed drinks.ieiee a new report finds the current television rating system is not accurate and it actuallyvi provides little help to parentst the study published in the
8:41 am
violence is prevalent across shows, regardless of ratings. scientists say the problem with violence on tv is its, ngs. scie trivialized and glamorized and d children have a hard time separating it from reality. parents are encouraged to watch tv with their children, and talk about risky behavior, when possible.time lich tv wii more fallout this morning for ryan lochte. the american swimmer has lost four sponsorship lo not ambon of surprises here.rpr. the companies including ralphhec lauren and speedo have dropped the u.s. olympic swimmer.ompanir speedo said in a statement it cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values this brand has long stood for. the move comes after lochtehte admitted to over exaggerating ao story about being a robbery in rio during the olympic games. oa kobe bryant is launching a 100 million dollar venture capital fund.llio to celebrate the retired basketball star helped ring thee opening bell on wall street yesterday.y. openi the money will focus on helpingg smaller businesses that deal with media, technology and data. bryant says he enjoys helping others be successful.aller busil hn
8:42 am
kfc is making sure you'remaking' staying safe in the summer sun by unveiling its own sun block.e take a look at kentucky fried chicken's colonel sanders extra crispy sunscreen. the chicken chain calls it an exclusive and extremely limited run of fried chicken scented sunscreen.en's coa ccthe an seems like it would attract bugs but i don't know. wt i don'ow. their tagline says the only skin that should be extra crispy this summer is on your fried chickeni tht shou come on now. if you'd like to get your handsn on some you may have to resort to ebay as it's already sold onme you may look at george hamilton absolutely. coconut not chicken.n. the popular pok?mon go game has players trying to catch them all. but a new food has fans wantinge to taste them all.w food has a burger joint in australia called down 'n' out has crafted its own pok?mon burgers. the burgers are crafted in the image of the three pok?mon characters.age of the th the restaurant says it took them four weeks to craft the perfect
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you'll have to book a quick trip to the land down under down 'n'u out is only serving them until september 3rd.nder dowow the airline tickets are down.s r exactly now is the time to buy. wonder if they deliver. cadre order.ey all we're playing podgy this mornini with kenny crumpton doing a finn fine job.e kenny. okay. doing a little bocce. us the first game already. but we did how many points a pup on the board.o four. four points. we didn't getf skunked. but we are doing now is she throws the balldo. we have to break that up that's not even right. have to right.
8:44 am
weekend. right herere. come on.. breaks. break. larry.larr everything starts friday, right? friday at 530. will kick things off.a we've got we do the nationalnal anthem of the united i like the way you went for it.t italy a.nd canada. okay.ta geode sings the three national anthems. okay.e sings the three na and how many points did you guyy get? i think we only got one.e.get two and nothing. all right patrick your insuranco company is one of the sponsors, correct?t? yes. i'm focusing now. what would you like me to talk about? why you guys think it's important.
8:45 am
locations in northeast ohio. in every community that we are inhi our desire to give back and whatever way that we can.n. we felt this tournament bringing together we community 10 to 15,00015 people coming an event we didn't want to miss.eople coming tell us about the scholarship. come on. c come on kenny.ome o tell us about the scholarshiprsi you guys scholarship corporatn every year we awcard i think lat year we gave around 13 1 scholarships out. awesome. and we get applicants from all over. okay.etnt all right. we're having fun everythingryt starts friday.ay. thank you guys so much.uys so m. they did beat as it were trying to come backck for this match.h. back to you guys.uys good luck with that.
8:46 am
thank you guys. 8:45 is the still ahead watch out for vpires.s.. it can be pickled, roasted,, ro, braided even fried. we're talking all things garlic in today's recipe box when we come today's r but first a reminder season20 oa fox8's friday night touchdown is set to kickoff at the end of the week.son20 of fox8's riday nig be sure to join jt, pj, and the commissioner dan coughlin for the season premiere this friday at 11 p.m. right here on we and scots forecast when we come
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. you can read the plan here. all right. welcome back to fox8 news storm foxed off the radar and it's all dry out therewelcomes this mort a fine morning.. pleasant bright sunshine.nshine.
8:49 am
and will show you a little wider view of this.s. nothing but dry air in our neckc of the woods.ds. not expecting to see any precipitation eat all today in fact so we'll enjoy a gorgeous day. da there will be some rains r assembling late tomorrow. wea cssouemld pickld up some rain some decent rainea with that that will bein traffia if it does have been we can still use the rain that's foratr sure.. tons of sun beautiful day near 80. calm and clear.r and moonlit skies 85 tomorrow. sunshine clouds may be a showerw but that would be late tomorrow. but thursday best chance for rain were going with 60 percent probability. looks like a decent shot of precipitationy. l back close to 84 8 friday and saturday. dry skies for the foxtrot 82.82 and may be shower for monday looks like a high of 81. 78 on
8:50 am
[music playing] welcome back. all right.welcom this weekend we're celebratingnr all things garlic at cleveland's garlic festival.l. who knew there was a festival for garlic. but we're getting a jump start this morning with chef and owner of cafe avalaun brian doyle who is making us some garlic fries.r your kind of in charge of thef e for being with us. us. appreciate it.. tell us about this festival happening this weekend saturdayy and sunday and shaker square bu is asquare great excuse to eat t something that's delicious and d healthy for you. yes.s. ye we haves. everything garlic. garlic ice cream to be the most delicious these fries that briab is mariking right now.w. so good.d. a wonderful way to eat healthyey garlic have it tossed on.. i've got to tell you guys i jusu learned this a few seconds agoao
8:51 am
garlic.of ga we have all kinds k of fabulous names and our and faroumers will have those for-sale.. it's almost as a kind of like aa difference in line wine about all of the different varietiesf. can you really tell thel the difference?e? you can really tell the difference.ifference. they all have different levelsre ofnt spice.pi different flavor notes some are fruitier than others. some are a little more stringeng and you can use them in different ways. different recipes.ffe brianne you're making garlic u''rebr iaegoing to be making those this weekend i shaker square tghey arehey a delicious. so good.d look for the red chalkboard sigo that's how you will find let's get started here. here. french the best way to do this is double cooking and he'll blanch fries before you fry oktheinmg n and blanching is a partial cooking. these have been blanccookhed.inl these are thanchee finished fri. okay. get an apparatus like this.
8:52 am
so the cameras can see this. where do you find something like this? t probably like a kitchen storehi. okay. or you can use a knife. you can justst . you got to get it right there on top of it.e the next thing you do is put them in water. you actually do a day ahead.ead soak them for a day. a day it will really get some of thisi off so it doesn't burn before they cook. iore so noww ingredient. i cracked and egg. with one hand. this is egg yolks.ks. everything smells so good am imi smelling the garlic or the rosery?y? both. here's the garlic i will put that in later. in la lemon juice. okay.ter. cider vinegar.cide all right.r vi
8:53 am
that's the beginning steps. i undnnearisestand you makeinniw catch up which you will have at the garlic festival.estiva a garlic catch up we we serveere with the fries as well as this. and garlic ice cream you said. how is that?t? it's sold out every year.ea talk about the health benefits of provides cold there's really itt helps bring a lot of nutrients to thes brin garlic.rlic one farmer garlic. he'll tell you all about the health benefits.f no 18 ships and competitions.hips n throughout the week at.pett the there iseek a garlic eating eag contest. what is that. and you roast it.o roll. raw garlic. it will be the healthiest people. the first year ahead of the food network one and. no kidding. you've got to check it out. out.
8:54 am
flooded and some foil in a pan with lots of olive oil put it in the oven until it's mushy put it on the bveren ad ulike butter. make sure your friends youru with. i always warn them.m. this is the secret right here. throw in a little bit of garlicl and some more lemon juice andan adjust makes it. it just dip it in or pour it over. dipped it.u look at this. got to have a little garlic. come my gosh. that's a good. we have the catch up but this is the real deal. that's amazing.amazing. catch-up is morning. that is amazing. we do want to tell you thethe cleveland garlic festival takesa place this saturday and sunday.a no excuses to not go at shaker square. gates open at noon on saturday
8:55 am
events including the contest and what all is happening all on our website look under seen on tv. do not miss the red chalkboard sign. you have to have thank you.. and good luck this weekend we can't wait. thank you.s nd look at that.. that's the beauty shot rightrigh there. itt is. is. that's gorgeous.gorge now we all smoell like garlic.l. that's good. healthy. still ahead this morning.s good barbra streisand teaches siri a lesson. the fix the singer demanded and who she complained to that's making headlines this morning.aa th who wants to read this.d this. who doesn't have a mouthful of french fries right now. first a reminder the fox8 foxtrot is now just five days away. it will take place sunday,fioxox august 28th at mall c, across from the convention th you can register for the 5k run you caregistile walk.coce to sign up, head over to
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[music playing] when a regular person has an iphone problem, we go to the apple store, but not barbra problem the legendary performer noticedd that siri, the iphone voiceoice assistant, pronounced her name m streizand, saying the second sd, like a z. saying the so the songstress says she called apple ceo tim cook and was assured siri's next update will include the correct ce was assured fresh off her gold medal victory
8:59 am
to atlantic city to help judge the miss america pageant. the olympian gymnast will join entrepreneur mark cuban andy actress sara foster among others on the judge's panel. douglas says she is excited about the event and that the contestants are a great example of strong women across the usa. the final round of the miss america competition will be broadcast live sunday september 11th.saexg al running over from eating those garlic out of breath. sorry about that. from america's next top model to college professor, former supermodel tyra banks is going r banks will lecture and coteach a business course, at stanford university. it will focus on creating and protecting brands. 25 graduate students will be able to take part in the two week course next may. banks who welcomed her first child back in january says he's beyond excited to teach.ting aao i didn't know she had a kid.e ha i didn't either.d a how old is she?sh she never seems to age. she is ageless.r always something new and
9:00 am
very much so. stanford teacher now.g. all right. go for it. at least our breath all smellsa the same.sme we can offend each other. we do that a lot anyway.t really good.od. good morning everybody it is 9:00 in the morning it iss forgg about it. roll the open.en there you go. something new i've been o otff e show. o sometimes it's there sometimes it's not. got you.mehehegot yo i'm wayne dawson. wayne dawso todd meany has the day off.n. yes he does.oes. i'm stefani schaefer thank you for being with us today.'m election day is just over twoda months away but, they is just presidential candidates are stumping for your votes. hear what donald trump said,esii last night, at the university of akron.dates areehear at donalt,v grocery store warning. find out what police say happened at a local whole foods


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