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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  August 24, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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a beautiful start your wednesday let's to get ay check on the forecast with scott sabol want tot say.y looking good. it is. 6 degrees simple the middle 60s here at fox 8 sameme deal as you head into lake with out to westlake i middle upper 50s can june. it's a sign that were not only building and humid it's also increase youral chances of seeio storm isf it for see any the current condition ground tried
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traffic. >> traffic time it ist'or a clif but it bridge. sky fox is overhead for traffic moving speakinger
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know line for women police are looking doing since i've been investigation we would keep you postede we are following breaking news out of italy right now with the death toll continuing to rise after a powerful earthquake rescue efforts are underway and a number of towns which are cope some serious damagend jessica di
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susan to it's like that that wat on rollers. we all ran out.
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and thank you. they shared
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this to refuse we keep that he told (-left-parenthesispar they reman close friends.rie
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that is going to say that the
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for 24 years old they're revealing reversing
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to show the right to regulate. his
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good morning if we start to put some humidity later today are less:regular just have felt the low 50s that's beginning to increase in local mostly cloudy
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sunset on the lake erie to attend thistifif 80. in particular is mister to seeee them in the southwestern scary officials. is activeve hurricane season to
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long time you keep your be too prove them down this. you get it
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thunderstorms there's which is is is is is with square and you and you they can get to the fox chapelhey this is the first of
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face have shut down.n traffic just scroll and
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the first to test the last 50 for peoplelleded
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eventually to cleveland to version minutes news a picture
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you is for the solution
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here...
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y their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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as you can see some help from moving along nicely. s street there's a certificate going on right now.eet
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nothing prepared for sure to him asf lights are still flashing that when you can stay out off trouble as traffic is back in. let's check in a scsi to to seee let's have as far as our forecast is concerned.d.l it is 6:24 a.m.: not quite2 as corporate pretty from her husband look into into geauga and ashtabula county.ord looking for 50s and lowera 60s.n
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like that's going to come some rain and thunderstorms tonight need the thing at this point. they will make it a hitter played early to mid- evening we are not anticipating any issues mi during the course of the afternoon is becoming mostly cloudy were here and there iss her daytime at 85. we will send it back to you. medical marijuana will soon be legal here in the buckeye statey pit don't think thateth prescription from your doctor.a hypnotic expected to be fully operational for some time we have details on how it will be.
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agencies thing for medical there onhi they will register of the dispensaries and caregivers. patience is is jason distance schools for
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but if they needed fo it shoulde legalized. because changes in september 8 is yourg marijuana cursor the spirit forcing scientific half of is cultivated before inside to authorize customersifi theye cannot cross straight-liney.
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they are following the latest developments out of italyng the mayor of one zone says threey quarters of thes town is gone. jessica dill will have felt when
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from successful with them willil is you is getting his rights that you don't sleep the machine sent thetttt machines can pick m upc and picked as of hope all over after the earthquake it is. what do you do that and sunset yesterday.
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obviously more humid to take message that but in the afternoon th
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are to cherry for sure.
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victim of the buffer for 1010 program like that history and it
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this morning they prefer for a fixture consensual italy givingi a path distractionsv it is 637 people were killed in that it is surprising. good at morning everyone a massive search and rescue ise underway emergency crewss following earthquake in hudson centralh it away. italy. that happened around 3:30 a.m.m. then centered 70 miles northeast
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initial quick. i 5.5 after shots about oneb later that mayoro for that johno says that timehn is that she heh anymore and thursday are to an american chopper i definitely reacted to the deadly quake. we just have to get out of thatf the this could be the supremesu hit hard but not multiple aftershocks. preferences that he went to'so
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this is the face in there.e. they said have heard of large group in your first. smaller than that to.h
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another ridge is no fear is tuesday it has they pick refundf she one in cleveland, fox 8 news. the visitors i get paid to berkshire.o it's time to get plugged in. we are talking about divorce.
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with opposite spheres for a
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do you know anything have charge of citizenship want to hear from you visit theh
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there currently
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edgewater peach from 3-7
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good at morning it is a quarter until 7:00 a.m.
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first half with the susan'ssu issues going on this is
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is currently it is the street.r the careful.ea theyr have not been repaired.
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back to fox 8 news. we are showing the pictures sky fox streetis is in future is ther chairman of them there in thate area yout want to her boyfriend citizens of 13 straight down in
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within faith. thirteenth the typical morning commute. th. just like the streets of closure plan is been going on for hours in the middle of the city.eoi
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such as if it mitigate have pretty while the latest the we can. could chin they
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50th anniversary of five. technologies. what you think the invention.
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twenty-five years sicko one guy he invented the world wide web. that's very good information. your time is 6:55 a.m.
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cleveland's own fox 8 news in the morning. good morning cleveland, seven o'clock is your time right now on a wednesday morning in the city and i want to thank you for spending time with us. stacey frey for kristi capel and check in the forecast for scott cable with a little bit of rain on the way. and it will develop during the
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tonight.e temperatures upper 50s for most those kate -- for most locations and linda blake f yeay , the middle and upper 50 degrees commit warmer than yesterday hudson and streets boro, loeberr 60s, leslie 61 cleveland lights -- cleveland heights. the clouds to increase in human to d chances of rain during the da i don't think you will see anything developing and temperatures began to warm, approaching chicago, and eventually redevelop and hold off until early to mid-evening, increase more so overnight tonight commit if i should do ie today, a traditional summer forecast to increase high clouds in the thunderstorms on the
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populate western ohio through cleveland andin akron. not everyone but the eight day and a look at the earthquake in italy more more details on that in a few moments, we send it back to you guys. time for traffic and we have a problem down and start county, i-70 seven backed up because of a situation going on right now come i-70 sevenn southbound cloe 13 street due to some police investigation. we do have a crew on thepo grou. and another crew heading down there to get the information but what we can tellth you is traffc is indeed backed up high 70 southbound down in the canton area. a plea situation going on right now. at-home a problem downtown cleveland, flashing lights all morning long. east winds, 22nd street,
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the deal, when you see that happen come a four-way stop because that is the best way to maneuver that. they are working to correct the situation. they just haven't been able to do it and hopefully the place will police will soon bee there. rush-hour traffic, traveling downtown cleveland, be careful because the lights are flashing. not only the traffic light but the streetlights are flashing. a lot going on downtown so beng careful. and we begin with developing stories overnight overseas. a strong earthquake hit central -- and people trapped beneath the rubble. and the situation coming in the newsroom with a look at the death toll. currently underway, good morning. under devastation in italy 37
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expected to rise. to pull out more survivors, take a look at the video, one person pulled on a stretcherth, in the mayor says the tim is just gone. the less west geological survey, the 6.2 magnitude quake southeast of the town of -- 100 miles away- cup ongoing overnight in the result of the quake's devastating. experts say the quake follod impossible landslides in extensive casualties. the quake struck another deadly earthquake back in 2009. it occurred to me and earthquake of magnitude 6.3 near april of 2009 which caused a lot of damage and also several casualties.. right now the priority of course findingr survivors. there is daylight and six hours ahead of us butig unfortunately
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mountains, valleys in homes completely loan. very difficult for the crews to reach himpl and just a few hours of daylight in italy. and death toll continues to rise. back at home, sanduski sheriff due back in court to answer to nearly four dozen criminal chargesur, and dark -- dr. zen pharmacist, and tempering with records and accusedre of taking medication from area prescription drug prescription drop boxes. he will face the judge this morning as well 46-year-oldf watson polonis assault after last night's crash. and spend a week in the hospital. a man murdered in a drive-through fast food
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$15,000 award in this case. fox 8 melissa has the story. it has been a tough week for melissa of lorraine. i was actually working when i got the call from the detectives saying he needed to speak to me. he came in met me. and it was utter shock. the husband i 49-year-old robert was killed robbery over overland afternoon last august 14th. but very big heart coming he loved everybody and he would be willing to help a anybody. marriedn since 1999 the separatd six years ago but melissa says they remained close friends. anytime i ever needed him he was right there. anytime i needed a label change tour dog food brought in, you evas).
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somewhere i needed something i was right there, the place are not the feeling how he died but he did note suffer. the suspect took off from the taco bell on foot. he was described as wearing a tan or yellow shirt as well as khaki pants and even wearing a tan colored baseball hats. in the meantime, the rain police department and taco bell offering $15,000 award for any information leading to an arrest. veryyo hopeful an awful lot of money and i'm just praying that somebody knows something in that he's talked and that somebody is going to say that me is awfully good compared to my. melissa reid fox 8 news. right now 7:07 keep it right here fox 8 news in the morning.
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capturing what happened. the police have questions right nowt and a man decided to cut a neighbor's tree down and guessd where it landedg to. that's l just the start of the problem, good morning, scott. good morning the clouds increasing on the eight hour forecast. little warmer and a little more human at this afternoon in should not see rain until early to evening and we will talk about that to see where that the coverageha of the rain this evening and tonight will be high or lowb out in a few minutes, ch cleveld clinic ranked number two in the nation as far as hospitals, number one heart care for the 22nd year in aa row trickle access to number one health care
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welcome back. developing news the turkish forces entered spirit and what is called it an intruder michigan is islamic state group. artillery units and more planes belonging to the us coalition pounded isis border camp all morning. turkey has been rocked by a string of terroris the past year and the deathless one killed 54 people in a wedding over the we can. vice president joe biden in turkey and schedulede to meet with the turkish president later this morning. damage down in louisiana being described as aa staggering ands president obama got a firsthand look at it yesterday to what is left behind after floodwaters rough urge -- ravaged the area and intense downpour caused the disaster which killed 13 people and damaged within 60,000 homes.
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aid has already been approved. sometimes once the floodwaters pass, people's attention spans pass. this is not a one up. this is not a photo, this is how maybe -- heady make sure month fromy now, three months from nw mystic's months from now people are getting the help they need to. morehe than 2600 people in shelters right now people have been investigated, shopping surveillance video out of that when a shows a gunfight at a gas station started when a driver of this car walked out of the store and another man seen with a gun walks up behind him andi says something. then you see the driver opened the a cave that -- opened the core and pullout ak-47 style pistol. pairs three shots into the windshield. the car's owner fired back in
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store. moments later a woman in thet passengerh seat got out, clutching her shoulder one of the shots apparently hit her and they have not made an arrest and still talking to witnesses. russian hackers targeting reporters in the us andti fbi a cyber attack against journalist at the new york times and other news organizations , caught in to assess the damage and the attack coming has a similar breach of the democratic national committee. pennsylvaniaf t man probably regrets how he handled the situation, fed up when the tree reached onto his property and so he grabbed a chainsaw, cut through three-foot wide trunk andt the tree immediately fell onto his own apartmented buildi. bit has been condemned and he has to find a new place to live.
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where he thought he was going to go quite have no idea. he then got into a fight with the neighbor a come a allegedly hitting himll with a baseball bt so even him no place to live, assault and harassment. pennsylvania, some fans are getting creative when it comess to how to be comfortable there. two choices basically of the stadium either sit in the bleachers are on the ground. the grass covered hill but fans know the challenges of gettingch comfortable on the hil so they come up with a solution. everywhere you look you see chairs with the back to legs cut off. that is a problem even though it does look little bit silly. if you don't cut off theli back who are fighting the whole time trying to set on the hill, and by cutting off the back you can just enjoy the beautiful day.
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just for this event, it's about the only place you can really useut it. whatever works. that e you just vent. i havest friends who go every year. the time is 7:15. i check on traffic patty harkins has the day off c in and followg a developing story all morning long downn in canton my 77 route 62. and it is completely shut down in that i area for some sot of police investigation. the police are not telling us what it is and we know it was not a traffic accident but some sort of police investigation i-70 seven south closed 13 street in canton. sixty-two west, entrance ramp has been shut down as well. the traffic quite an issue in that area. we have not way the ground crew
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an update as soon asw we get a little bit more information and the traffic light issues downtown cleveland, flashing lights, the four-way stop canton and issue. no wishes as far as the forecast isis concerned. at least not yet, how are you doing? beautifulast, morning. second ofg mourning low humidity but the temperatures a little warmer than yesterday but somes changes as we look at the forecast, practice this evening you might get reignedtb on that before bet to about the earthquake in italy, central italy hit by magnitude 6.0 earthquake in an area that is heavily and kind of compare areas italy, japan, build buildings that can withstand earthquakes. the damage was extensive but what was interesting that happen
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earthquake t you don't see and typically we don'te feel but the seismograph in ohio picked it up. if you have seen the movies and a little needle goes up and down and able to register the seismic waves that traveled around the earth but then the crust of the earth. some of the seismograph's in southwestern ohio picked that eleven minutes after the earthquake, that is how fast thesen waves side note there.. hurricane facts come i will get to the weather but notice that not had a major hurricane hit the us and 11 years. coming in the gulf of mexico has not had one in threea years and we might have 2 tropical systems developing here the next several days. starting to move to the caribbean and i show this because amo pattern like we have. my hair than normal chances of
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systems in the form of rain fall. look for that in the weeks to come. the rainfall over the next front is beginning to move into indiana. the storms to hold off until sometime early to mid-evening. the forecast little lady's, more you minute and thunderstorms to travel westhu to east across northern ohio during the evening. the coverage to pick up overnight as we look at temperatures that will only fall to about 70, 50 to 60 percent clusters moving out by early tomorrow morning. eighty-seven tomorrow sunshine in the middle of the day and eventually one more animation that shows the cold front which will more thanco likely producea line of showers and thunder storms tomorroww evening. once echoes by the eight day forecast shows pretty nice weather from friday, saturday, sunday, are 80's by day, lower 60s at night, fox track forecast sunday morning with
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60s. kind of interesting that we can actually see the seismicd waves interesting. thank you, sir, seven:19 time to get plugged in how well do you travel? people don't travel very well. a study out of out of the university of washington said analyze when divorces happen march and august seem to be the peak months for that. holidays and summer vacations. people traveled and they expect that it'st going to be good over the o holidays, good this year come enjoy our vacation andon bring us back together and it doesn'tn happen. weoe are taking your thoughts ad comments. is it that stressful that it can lead to a divorce? comments she is not surprised by the study. nono surprise by holidays, dealg with in-laws, specially mother-in-law's. she says come i
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opposite experience traveling my wife and agree if we ever get divorce we would stow vacation together. the onlywo time we get along around-the-clock. maybe we should take a permanent vacation. if that works fort you. [laughter] the vacation must be distraught because it breaks the camel's back and hard to believe cost- couples were happy before their vacation. yes they are stressful but a good relationship will survive and a worse until it ends. joe in bad shape, hope he's only joking because i keep begging for a divorce but no, she says no di way my want you to suffer. okay come i hope he's kidding. is it that stressful that it would cause something that catastrophic of an event? for maybe it was meant to be an realizes did not want to spend time of that person. fox 8,.com, voicemail --
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is 7:20 and it's time for cleveland's own, welcome cleveland zone kenny crumpton. we will take a look at this little guy right here. in just a couple of weeks ago. little bitty baby, you know what to do come up with that picture fox right back, stay with us. it's not about how pretty you are it's about what you're saying
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to be confident and happy, that's what truly shines through. be true to who you are. i'm so happy right now. i'm the happiest i've ever been. i think it just comes with the fact that i'm accepting who i am. everybody deserves love and kindness, don't they? they do. to the women who know what real values are,
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come everyone. we are in the cleveland cultural garden and did you know acres? 250 acres up opossum gardens and so it is really tremendously beautiful opportunity to discover the culture in our city. good morning. what's the name of your dance troupe? toy and dance company. and i assume you explore different dances? yes, yes sir. how long have you guys been
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to an app years but i have been dancing since i was ninea swapot nine yearsw ago. . ?? while we are watching them, the president of the cleveland "culturee club", this is the tye of, performances we will see all throughout the culture, correct? >> absolutely, so many nationalities at one world day this year and helping everybody comes down to see them comeme a and the road champion group and indian dancers, lebanese dancers, chinese dancers russian, we have just a great array of wonderful displays of ethnic dancing and alll free and everybody can come and enjoy the day. it is like a living library of culture in cleveland. they really are an outdoor
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the city of cleveland. we will have beautiful weather in music and food. there will be bands commit ethnic bands playing and michael channeling finishing the day so sog excited to come to close out the evening at seven o'clock. if people want to bring their family down, very good ladies and if people want to bring their family down, what time does everything star? the event starts eleven o'clock and ael parade of nations at no. that goes into the ceremony right down to the center of then military -- m okay, starting from eleven o'clock and ending at seven o'clock, very good one roll dayg prayed hear the gulf f gardens g and when we come backe have a lot to show you, and we will continue when we come back, stay with us. fox 8ay news in high definition brought to you by nissan of
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on tap. a good day for all of us. beautiful, beautiful day outside. you look marvelous. >> mayor -- marvelous. but at least it's not freezing out. a check on the weather. ashe far as the forecast is concerned, nice outside right now but what about thern rest of the day? the rest of the day a little warmer than yesterday and the storms will hold off until early to mid-eni that is pretty much at least. 6:00 o'clock, looking pretty quiet. check it out cedar.oo, 7:30 in e morning, looking to spruce things up a little bit but the condition nice. if you are at cedar., the storms develop a little faster in northern ohio, early evening, you will see a few of these so keep ano eye on the radar, the
7:31 am
the development and the -- evolution of storms. the dewpoint starting to go backup but the quick overall outlook again if you showers but that cluster, weakening line of thunderstorms in illinois to hold offli until early evening d eventually the coverage willag start to ramp up overnight tonight. we will be warmer but the little ewe ma?tre d', storms this evening and overnight should not be anything before six, seven o'clock and that is the way it is looking ase motion. better chance of storms tonight commit a nice break tomorrow and then another line to develop tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. once that is gone, heading into the upcoming weekend commit in about 15 minutes, time for traffic wayne, stacy or both of them combined. we will see what happened. a big traffic issues of a seventh south of 13th street in canton. the highway highway is shut down
7:32 am
at fulton. that is closed as well. we know it is it is a police investigation and skyfox up over the scene. it is not a traffic accident. we have seen some pictures that the ground crew spent in of the vehicle. the windows have beenpen smashed outma or something. but that is what the place seem to be s attending to and that area. we will keep you updated, jessica bill is on her way and second the traffic that those other people certainly we can see a lot of police activity in thatt area counting canton, downtown cleveland a little longer trying to negotiate and street lights come up between superior and east 20 seconds not working property -- properly, the crews have been called in and have not repair the problem,
7:33 am
lights as a four-way stop. also following breaking news out of b italy where at least 37 people are dead with a powerful earthquake. rescue efforts underway in several towns copingua with some very serious damage right now. it woke us up. and we all ran out. crews searching for survivors this morning, sifting through rubble's hours after quake kids and some homes collapsing on top of people 10-ounce of suffering major damage they are. powerful quake lasted 20 seconds, and as far away as the capital in rome. several buildings and homes in small towns destroyed, but was in any heavy damage in heavily urban areas. thatur is the good thing. official say the focus is
7:34 am
by that is very wide him bolting part of the other areas italy sets onto active faults winds with the most prone areas on the continent to earthquakes. the ledge -- the last major quake struck the peninsula in 2009 and killed more than 300 people. of mo course we will continue to monitor the situationti throught the newscast this morning. back here at home, the cleveland longsleeved shirts and pants and wooded areas. dropping from trees and onto people below. the bites create swelling, itchings us and some cases inspection. expertsu say merchants of cicads "orbera" production of the my it's, to infest your home and large outbreak unlikely. this morning dozens of dogs and puppies rescued from the devastating floodwaters down in
7:35 am
fox 8 news reporter matt wright journey. solide ground in need of a new home, more than two dozen dogs and puppies are now at the rescue village after an 1100-mile journey from disaster. animals just like any other living creature are terrified and the homes they lived in and their yards are flooded to come among thousands of animals rescued from baton rouge, louisiana. we have seenoo the films on tv f animals in the floodwaters being rescued and the joy of the peoplehe whose animals these ar, their pets are saved. being like this a rescue were pulling aa woman from her sinkig car when she plays for her pads. get my dog. he manages to save the dog, too. i got your dog.
7:36 am
reunited but pets were careful them in mid-disaster so shelters step in.. these dogs by way of a partner shelter in atlanta. we are part ofat what i would le to call the railroad i rescue of animals moving to different parts of the company -- country to be assured of the care they need may second chance and got a home. the expanded rescue village has space and staff to care for the animals wander go medical examiner and treatment as well a b then go up for adoption. the people who adopt themm alwas know not will he change their own lives of the animals lives but they help the people ofes louisiana that right fox 8 news. the dogs him puppies should be available for adoption starting as soon as this weekend. rescue village operates on donation so if you're looking to adopt always accept dog food as well as monetary donations.
7:37 am
breakfast taco. check out the long lines at one of new york's subway stops. plus findd out most couples calling it quits and filing for divorce. you can weigh in on the new study comingoro up. but first come a season 20, friday night touchdown premieringfr this friday night. the nominees for the first game of the week, division iii state champion, champion, and west -- brett -- go to fox to vote in the winning game fox 8 news at ten. season 20 ready night touchdown kicking off this friday at
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we are talking about divorce. there are times of the year when it happens more often than others. and this month, august. if you were thinking it might be
7:41 am
days.or september hitch a pretty hard. they did a study march and august the times when divorces happened the most and it is based on vacations and holidays because you go on vacation and then youat come back and people realized it was not that great so august is a great month for divorce or peak month for divorce in march after the holidays and after you pay all your bills from christmas and stuff likean that. marches another peak time. why, what is going on? couples may be playing nice kids and they might went to get through vacation, who knows. robby says couples just a home because i wonder what goes on that leads to divorce. they should tell couples to stay home during their time off. some couples may have expectations to reconnect during a vacation. ifti those expect haitians not mats khmerx presentment or anchr that makes them feel like they cannot work things out for the
7:42 am
realize they are two different while on vacation ea and others don't but fundamental personality traits, unlikely to change. a couple of voicemails now. good morningc, me and my wife went on a lot of vacations and latest 15 percent happier and we came back happier. of course after christmas everybody is dressed especially when they don't then secondly as far as vacation come everyone is on vacation and they think it is going to be great but then you go on vacation and sit on a beach and how unattractive you are to your spouse, just aou thought. thought. 15 percent? i'm not sure how he's 15 percent happier come every time they went on vacation or, he added up to 13 percent. and the otherer collar maybe you realize you don't have a party
7:43 am
walking by. that is terrible but an interesting.. i don't like that one. don't go to the beach, guys. a way for you to get a hold of us -- pointers, fox . [laughter] twitter, instagram voice message us, because vacation that much stress that it leads to divorce? we have such a nice, relaxing vacation when we my husband is very laid back though. that is true. he's a good guy. he's all right come i will keep him. we are just a few days away from the fox 8 foxtrot by the honda dealers support veterans at the douglas center and it takes place sunday across the convention center. registerac 5k run or one-mile walk, fox and those who
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edgewater beach until 7:00 p.m.. just getting up 7:43 is the time coming up winning at the box office but directors behind thee hit "sausage party" the controversy thate is beginning o break. tacos on the go this restaurant hopes tooo make underneath the hustle and bustle of new york city when we come back. plus let's take a live look outside come a beautiful day, things are heating backup in the rain on the roof way as well, complete weather and traffic
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good morning, everyone the eight day forecasthe as we look at the upcoming weekend. today a little bitoooo more warr temperatures mid-80s, the cross -- the clouds increased and storms during the evening and overnight tonight, 24 -- 20 percent on their will take us throughpe 6:00 p.m.. we between 50 and about 50 percent overnight. the showers actually to move out but tomorrow most of the daymos should be pretty dry and another chance of a line developing tomorrow evening. 60 percent tomorrow evening. middle upper '80s tomorrow but then eventually the weekend a little better come upper '70s, lower 80s friday, saturday through sunday, foxtrot forecast mid-60s sunday morning and
7:48 am
a lot of significant heat as we finish up the month of august, hard to believe. we will send it back to you guys to look at traffic and breaking news. breaking news, this is skyfox over i-70 seven southbound. this is canton, ohio as you can see i-70 seven south closed 13 street northeast. this is because of some type ofy police activity. you are looking at a van some of the window shot out. the crws another on the way. w stay with us on air and online and we will give you the information as it comes in to the fox 8 news room. once again i-70 seven southbound, 13 street close because of the situation right here. car, van with a windows shot out. we will keep you posted when we get more information. another issue downtown cleveland, traffic lights, streetlights it does not matter anymore but they were flashing this morning.
7:49 am
people are not doing everything through the intersection which creates dangerous situation. the police her outd there right now stepping into the frame of the pictures i would is good to haveis the police out there deah of the traffic has picked up inh the midst of the rush hour but some reason the lights went out the middle of downtown, so take it easy and just be prepared and be aware they will have the police directing trafficpr. another to tell you about a busy, busy morninghe i-0 at east 150 second street, and accident has blocked the left lane they are, traffic just barely inching along once agai. traffic backup i-90 and east 152nd street right now. quite a mess out there this morning. some of the people who made a big,utrep d -- summer comedy can labor union with the hit comedy "sausage party"y" claiming it dd not pay for overtime work and
7:50 am
claimed they were denied credit on the movie for speaking about -- out about the pay dispute. the director said the charge is without merit. amazon giving spotify an apple a run for their money with a cheaper music service. reports out there amazon was to charged scrapers for $5 a month half of our competitors charge for streaming service that would only work with its hardware. so for amazon, about thebi project. just got a lot easier for new yorkers, check out this new restaurant opened up in brooklyn heights subway . it gives new yorkers easy access to tacos on the gow. bacon, egg and cheese version, beans and cheese and 2 vegetarian avocado bean and cheese and it's spinach and ten at, and hope to attract with a quick meal on the commute.
7:51 am
case, what was decided when it comes to popular drinks but first check in with my main man kenny crumpton, good morning. good morning, wayne, celebrating one world day, a great day to check out all the cultures and when we come back a lot to show you guys and a great photo op, kickin' it with kenny.
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all right, celebrating and previewing one world day and hanging out ael with the presidt of the cleveland cultural gardener. a mini cooper behind us. this is 100th anniversary of the cultural garden so the british gordon was the first startedth in 1916. one world day something for all generations so the traditional coopers, charter, a project that everybody can enjoy no matter howma old you are. and speaking of generations, come on over jimmy, you were looking good. we are talking to someou kids. good morning. what is the name of the choir?. the children's choir. a really cool song written by serving
7:55 am
garden. he got expired -- he got inspired last year from the garden in dedicated to us and put it in an song. take it away the are flowers from the surfing garden. -- serving garden. ??
7:56 am
how cute is that? adorable. . >> a brave little girl. they are precious. happy wednesday come everyone. halfway through the workweek. amen. or local news weather news, weather and traffic until 10:00 a.m.. coming up ata the top of the hour,he todd. good morning, guys the latest
7:57 am
thirty-eight people are dead and reports of another earthquake around the world. we will havear that as we talk about the t breaking news story, scott, good morning. good morning come everybody. the weather is perfect cedar point, any major history until this evening. that is when storms develop and we talk about the timing on that and how long they will last and a little bit. thank you very much, new at 8:0o monitor the breaking news out of canton, i-70 seven south shut down. and an eye exam to find out your kids get one before school starts. the new showfo produced by lebrn james starr of cleveland house was on our show, to rebuild a cleveland neighborhood within fox 8 news continues right after this showor break. fox 8 news is
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cleveland's own fox 8 news in the morning. ohio, 24thheast day of dawson. stefani schaefer and stay the w prayed for kristi capel and sunshine out there. sixty-five in menlo, some spots in the middle mid-upper 50s barber ten through akron and canton. a quick look at ther move, the cloud deck starting to increase. the temperatures and the humidity going up today. we have not had praying and a


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