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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Morning News  FOX  August 27, 2016 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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good morning everyone. we want to have good weather all weekend including the foxtrot. >> it is an exciting weekend, thank you for linking up with us. >> in aj colby has the first look at the forecast this a beautiful start to the weekend. looking at some high-level
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downtown marietta, they're enjoying a morning cup of coffee. ashtabula 64 degree and 65 degrees youngstown with dewpoints in the upper 50s to around 60.. that is pretty comfortable forecast is for the rising humidity we will see some relief from th higher dewpoints into monday morning.ere
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the lord had two dozen days of 90 plus temperatures. >> more police video today from the aftermath of an altercation between a cuyahoga county judge and adult daughter. >> the daughter, a defense attorney was charged as kevin freeman gives us a look at the body camera video. >> on thursday, just before midnight, 30-year-old sydney saffold calls bratenahl police after getting into a physical altercation with her her mother is cuyahoga county common pleas judge
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gets the judge's versionff.. >> she hit me, i babysat she screamed and got mad >> what happened after that? >> then i pop turned back. >> she is really intoxicated. >> i know she is. >> according to the report, she punched her mother and then the judgeert defended herself sydney saffold refuses to tell what happened. >> ,ut she says that she is a defense attorney and you're not going to get much out of her. >> efyou call the police you understand how the situation is you are drunke and you got a cu on the side of your face. >> asi she agrees to make a written statement than changes her mind. >> i'm not going to make a written statement. >> she refuses treatment and they become frustrated when she refuses to tell what happened.
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according to the report they determined that she was the aggressor, she was arrested and booked for misdemeanor domestic violence. >> ce kevin freeman fox 8 news. >> the video shows judge saffol becoming upset when they told her that they arrested her daughterh and she pleaded with them not to arrest her, sydney saffold is out on bond her next court appearance is scheduled for august 31.ou high school footb season began last night it was emotional start before a game. >> suzanne stratford tells us that rivals came together for a tribute to a player who passed away in july.
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this night they are aware of a man who was missing from the field,e number 40, zachary reyn. the 16-year-old collapse from a brain aeu july and left a significant impact on this group of guys. they want to get back to playin football and hopefully honor him. >> wa with stickers on their helmets, south euclid lyndhurst as well stepped up. >> we watched on the news the summer as weed kicked around th athletic department wants to do something special.
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remembered him what they truly solemn moment of silence. then it was both teams playing to wi and demonstrate in the game of life compassion good sportsmanshipd are mor important. stick to their character toto remember him and honor him and his family. >> re snow and ice they did that
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she said the way for the animals was agonizing she knows that we havehe repeatedly investigated short staffing with emergency services. show you how much the forces have been drinking they waited on h >> the biggest drop of the police force the last two years 112b have left then rehired your dispatcher giving out
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the city has struggled to meet the goals wer to keep up lances with the number of 911 calls. nineteen want to talk to the cleveland police chief, his office said that he would be available but when they found out that the i-team would be interviewing him, and he was not. >> the mayor told us that city hal is studying the problem, the i-team learned that the city is starting the process of hiring more police, but she wonders what aboutce the need for the now. >> we need more of them, we nee more personnel. >> ed galle fox 8 i-team. >> city hall hopes that they approve a tax increase this fal
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to hire more al >> place with a public's help identify to masked gunmen who held up a lake county gas station friday morning, 1:45 a.m., two gunmen walked in, and commanded the cash, thehe clerk complied, one of them wen to the safe , but unsuccessful to open it, they then ran away fro the store unaware that they nearly came face-to-face with a willoughbyt officer who had responded to the 911 callf. >> than a minute , so even as close as our officer was at that time of the incident, they were able to escape. >> ateyplease believe that the two men robbed the bp station i university heights two hoursro before the hold up and willoughby.. you can soon go
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friday on the new perkins while eye center and woods gard new outdoor exhibit showcases plants and animals native to ohio, the highlight is a elevated walkway then takes you from the treetop to the floor a you learn about nature center
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welcome back. to fox 8 news on
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from one of our many fox-cams. some high-level clouds, it is a bit thicker cloud cover towards mansfield and southwest the precipitation is in chicago a line is beginning to form in western indiana with a disturbance along the warm it just might graze us this afternoon. encountering a stable air mass intends to fall apart there could be a shower tonight, but most of us will no see a drop. dewpoints are comfortable but it will be sweltering, tropical level, tomorrow, see a resurgence of the dewpoints before they are pushed backe to the south. >> on monday morning it shapes
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mass so today, fair skies. >> low '80s, we will be close to 90 degrees today cloud cover is more prevalent, the same thing at 10:00 o'clock the chance of a random shower with upper 70s. ragweed and pollen count is surprisingly low with fouru the grass pollen is nonexistent and we have upper '80s today. rainfall potential, scattered sunday morning, registration time for the foxtrot at mall c. with lots of your favorite fox 8 personalities in attendance. i will not be there. because i said your favorite personalitie
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all morning. tonight a passing shower possible. then a look a the foxtrot forecast. we have said the last week that we call for partly sunny skies and gre weather starting with upper '60s. a shower possible tomorrow , with light winds. the outlook we show you what happens and in august. tuesday 85, wednesday, next chance of rainfall, 80 degrees upper 70s thursday mostly sunny skies. thursday begin in the month of september. >> ryan lochte was charged with
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brazil we also got a new endorsement deal, he signed on pine brothers comments appearin in several ads. >> they say that just as pine brothers is forgiven to your throatne the company asks for a little forgiveness forhe an american swimming legend, brazilian officials say that ryan lochte and three others lied about being station in order to cover up th vandalism, he has admitted to over exaggerated the story the olympic medalist wasp for big endorsements. >> what a possible pro football stadium for las vegas would loo like the proposed design for this city 5,000 seat stadium as the oakland raiders have hinted they may consider a new home in las vegas at the team cannot get a new one built in oakland, th recently filed for three
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las vegas raidersla officials a stating developers met with vegas officials about the futur of the >> apple offering security update for iphone users because of spywarerea , it can allow hackers to record calls, read text messages and access other information,, all versions 9.4 and below are vulnerable they say the patchess recommended. >> egyptian cotton sheets may not be so egyptian, while mark owen jcpenney and bed bath and beyond are into user selling phony sheetsth that customers thought were egyptian cotton their investigating the taste o company from indi, target pulled those bedsheets last week. >> a new voice activated hotel room gives new meaning to
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the aloft hotel chain unveiling the new smart rooms thursday a each has an ipad with a special app allowing them to control temperature, lighting and with voice command. for now they're testing the rooms in boston and
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we dream up being an olympic champion and standing on the podium withpi the medals next. now this twinsburg girl is , for her is no longer dream as p.j. ziegler introduces us to her. >> most kids enjoy summer vacation, ten-year-oldo> savann dulaney need a twinsburg was preparing for the biggest stage in a fifth grader could dream of. >> equalified for the aau junio olympics in houston texas against south dakota of the bes generals in the country and qualifying in the top five in
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in lima. >> she competed in shotput and javelinin was at the top of the leaderboard after throwing her shotput over 26 feet good enough for the silver 's father and coach to witness thatt it has you on cloud nine. that was the beginning who through her javelin over 68 feet earning another silver medal to to go with the gold medal earned i went in the aau regional meet. >> i was excited to think i would get to silvers.
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she against her fifth-grade year with her sights set on the futureth. >> i'm trying tore go to the ri olympics. >> tthose games will be held tokyo, perhaps in time for her to master the craft, in twinsburg,t p.j. ziegler fox news. >> j still ahead, get ready to run or walk. >> the fourth annual fox 8 foxtrot is just hours away, 23, everything you need to know for
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a look at what's happening, fro outer space, superimposingng th
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doppler radar you can see where the rain and thunder are, nothing here, there are some showers/storms near chicag and cutting back into missouri, moving into st. louis also and indiana. looks like some storms will try to assemble pushing through northwest ohio around four or 5:00 o'clock. as they encounter a stable air mass the should fall apart. if you do worry. 69 degrees akron-canton, the dewpoints, are comfortable in the 50s, anytime you get above 70 it is super stuffing, and cincinnati a taste of that
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motion shows an area, it will b slowly moving eastward towards the england. >> that front is almost cause i stationary. over southwest ohio.
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right now we are at 24 schools all over northeast ohio kickedll off their high school footballo season last night, but lake catholic high school did not. >> igthey forfeited the game against a toledo team after several players were suspended for hazing, it happened when thh team spent several days at a football camp at john carroll university in jul, disclosed but they did take a report, the school says began investigating, they made a say that lake catholic does not tolerate actions by student or staff that violates theirol catholic values, some people in mentor have mixed feelings about what happened. >> thuelet them play, there is much politically correctness.
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this was supposed to be a reall good game, so i don't know, i just hope that everybody learns from this and it never happens again,. >> the school calls this a serious issue that required a one-game suspension for a numbe of varsity players, because of this they do not have enough players to field the squad. memory of jake goss passed away last week after a battle with brain cancer. he was known as superhero in the district so w students at the friday night came one of the comic book finest to pay tribute to him, his parentsin appreciate the support from the mentor kia meetingap. >> e weather service confirming that five tornadoes have touchdowng
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then worked near indiana, they say they are fortunate that the tornadoes went across mostly rural area, their assessing the damage in defiance county and paulding county where suspected tornadoes damaged homes. as election gets closer both parties work hard to earn votes in the state, vice president joe biden will be in the area thursday holding rallies in the cleveland area as well as mahoning valley in support of hillary clinton, the exact locations haveve not been announced. >> the packages continue to arrive for a greeter at the ymc in willoughby, billl walton story was posted asking people to sen him some of his favorite things cards, bald eagles and tie-dye shirts, today more messages arrived and you can se she enjoys each one of them.
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up for grabs at a local business, sky lanes and garretsville is hosting a queen of heartsbu jackpot drawing tomorrow is going on for weekso with no winner so far as the jackpot growswi so to the crowd causing such a problem that plays are beginning to step in, warning the cars parked outside of the designated area will be towed away,g the owner sky lane says that will not slow down th crowd. >> s nobody usually go bowling in the summer so this is been grea for us because it is normally really dead around herere. >> rsome of the money is put ba into the community some could b earmarked for high schoolol football stadium improvements, the winner must be present to collect 90 percent of the winnings. >> e the engines will be out of town and two weeks by the ballpark will be put to good ane, the 18th annual walk to
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saturday w september 10 at progressive field with nearly 2,000 people took part in last year's event, eachfi raising or donating at least $20 for research.h. this is the most important part of raising awareness is understanding the disease in this helps to spread the message. >> nd could give us a better future, possibly a cure or treatment i hope for both. the hardest thing is there is not a cure and dedicated treatment plan for patients. >> the event is the largest gathering of lupus patients and supporters in the state, for more info go to fox >> tfor three years you've help us by walking in downtown cleveland with a foxtrot response has been overwhelming
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during the annual 5k run in 1 mile walk and tomorrow you can help us again . >> the fourth annual fox 8 foxtrot, presented by northeast ohio northern ohio honda dealer benefiting the louis stokes cleveland va medical center wil be tomorrow at mall c . >> race day registration beginning tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. 1 mile walk at 8:00 a.m. and the 5-k at 9:00 a.m., if you cannot make it, we will have full coverage all morning here on fox 8 news in the morning we will have live shots from the start to finish it is always a spectacular event. we always appreciate the support. >> a bizarre arrest involving a
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lorain county man facing criminal charges were allegedly breaking into an adult novelty shop, and cameron. >> accused ofa stealing sex toys and mannequin is jack shea has more on the unusual story. >> advertising and cirilla's on midway boulevarder in elyria gi an idea of what kind of product reading, where fun and fantasy meet, elyria police had a feeling something unusual was happening, when security alarm were set off early morning august 20. someone broke in by climbing up to the roof and sliding down a ventilation shaft,t, the video shows the suspect walking around the shop ending up taking a variety of
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mannequin from the display alon with om a brown and blonde wig, the photos show the suspect leaving the shopop with the $2,000 mannequin. in my 26 years i have seen my fair share of unusual things. this is certainly something that is up there, with him leaving, with a and then putting wake on the mannequin kind of added another dimension to the situation. >> akdat after police took a look at the photos one of them recogniz a suspect asho an elyria man he had dealt with in the past. >> 26-year-old ellis doyle iii was arrested on a charge of breaking and entering. we went to his home to get his side of the story but he did not answer the door and asked for the mannequind?
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red roof inn fence line so what he was doing back, i guess you would have to use your imagination. >> ue that was jack shea reporting, doyle was released after postin bond wednesday there are conditions, he is not allowed t
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and the rainfall at chicago there is a stationary funnel boundary, warm front tha could become stationary boundary, high pressure refuses to give up real estate. a couple of disturbances along the front, northwest ohio has the best chance of precipitation. southwest flow continues, a more humid day today, yesterday 84 today close to 90.
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mid-level clouds. right now, it is very pleasant. currently 70 degrees cleveland and 65 youngstownc, youngstown is 64. dewpoints expected to rise so w will fill the juicy atmosphere as it loads up with water vapor making it a lot more difficult to evacuate sweat which is our cooling mechanism as humans. tonight a low of 70 passing shower possible, the best chance in the northwest part of the state, if skies do clear tonight, you will notice an interesting astronomical phenomenon it will be 45 minutes
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will be very close together withine one half degree apart a you look to the west it will be extremely bright. it is also extremely low on the horizon. it is similar to a conjunction, when planets set up. tomorrow 88 a shower is not out of the question, and the big day tomorrow the fox 8 foxtrot, forecasters were partly sunny skies and terrific race weathe with upper '60s. the humidity will be a little high but not oppressive, mid- 80s monday, tuesday looking okaym, partly sunny next chance of rainfall wednesday. >> we welcome the month of
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the 70s are mostly sunny skies. who says kids have no respect for others >> we are stories about a boy and girl that may bring a smile to your face, meet the 5-year-old c william everts. h admires the police and wanted t do something special so use his allowance money to do chores he thought subway sandwiches for s police officers in new jersey even joined them for the sandwiches. >> i am so over the moon proud am fighting tears i am so excited for him. >> amhe wants to be in officer brelo for those type of people. >> e they even gave him a ride with lights cruiserr and sirens. and lunch was just the beginning of the kindest tour, next to brains school supplies to needy children in
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local shelter. >> most married couples would do anything for each otherst how a wife went under the knife to make sure that she can grow old
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in charge of a dekalb county men diagnosed with kidne disease he spent several years working for a donor. >> t
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organ was under his roof as marissa mitchell has more on th story. >> he is smiling in his home, but his journey to happiness. >> it has been tough >> is diagnosed with kidney disease three years agogo and t put on dialysis, his wife was with them every step. >> he was in and out of the hospital all the time,, he has been a diabetic for a long time ever since >> being tested five relatives to see if they could bebe organ donors then she tried her lack. >> th their longtime members of the
8:56 am
their pastor says that their union of 15 years ha been inspirational to watch. >> the two became one in spirit and in this case it is really manifested. >> felt that the story inspires others on their own journeys of hope and healing. >> for god to use me to give him a kidney,u sparing that was marissa mitchell reporting, how amazing? >> if they got a divorce, could she get her kidney back?
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looking at what's happening ac beautiful day to go to cedar point. could be a few afternoo and evening showers/storms. otherwise no issues, looking at weekend weather map and just some fair skies. not as cool a yesterday we will top out at about 90 degrees if so that
9:01 am
25 days of 90 plus. tomorrow we could be dealing with a couple of sprinkles, may turn into a thunderstorm, the map shows accumulated precip, that would be great if it does happen but i think most backyardsbu will not see any raindrops. increasing temperatures, near 90, at noon low to mid in the 80s so it's going to warm up quickly increasing humidity, but still fairly comfortable right now, i 69 westlake, hudso 68 and 67 west salem. 69 degrees bedford and across the state a few showers out wes
9:02 am
i watch in the development of showersi in indiana. >> by the time those get here this afternoon, they will be diminishing rapidly. there is still enough stable air here that they are expected to fall apart. we will watch them closely,y, jenn harcher will be here this evening to keep us posted. mr. goddard will be at the mentor city-fest today
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he will be there between one and three the city-fest will last much longer, he will be other with bobbleheads to benefit the four-foots all across northeast ohio. more video of an altercation between a a cuyahog county judge in her adult daughteruy. >> the daughter, defense attorney was arrested and chargedc as kevin freeman gets a look at the body cam videoo. >> on thursday, midnight, 30-year-old sydney saffold calls bratenahl police after getting into a physical altercation wit her mother. >> icher mother is cuyahoga cou common pleas judge shirley strickland saffold, an officer goes inside to get her version of what happened. >>
9:04 am
came in late i screamed at her about coming in late and she go madine. >> what happened? >> then i popped her back. >> .>she is really intoxicated. >> xii know she is >> according to the police report, sydney saffold foster mother and then the judge defended herself, outside, sydney saffold refuses to speak. >> she says it she is a defense attorney and much out of her. >> understand the situation, you are drunk and you have a cut on the side of your facehehe >> police escort her inside to drop off her 3-year-old, she agrees to make a written statement than changes her mind. >> she refuses medical treatment and they become frustrated when she continues to refuse to tell what happened. >>
9:05 am
saffold was the aggressor. >> she was arrested and booked for misdemeanor domestic violence. >> kevin freeman fox 8 news. >> the video shows judge saffol becoming upset when told that her daughter was arrested in plaid with them not to take her in, sydney saffold plead not guilty and is out on bond her next court appearance is scheduled for august 31. high school foot emotional but especially for one particular game. p> suzanne stratford shows us that rivals came together for a tribute to a young player who passed away this summer. >> season kickoff, for brush high school football. >> on this friday night, they
9:06 am
missing from the field. >> number 40 zach herrera. >> was a great person, always nice to everyone and worked hard at everything he should have. >> they put the jersey on the visitor side where he would hav been that night he passed away in july from a brain aneurysm. >> want to get back to play football and to hopefully honor himap in that way tonight. >> they had stickers on their helman's, the south euclid letters district stepped up smack you watched on the news this summer and we said that we would like to do something special. >> sah just before kickoff, they remembered him with a solemn
9:07 am
afterward, both teams played hard to win the football game also demonstrating that in the game of life and passion and good ar more important. >> > activities are gracious to us and to be thoughtful in that manner speaks to their characte to remember him and honor his family. >> it is respectful i think it is really nice they did that, and want to thank them. >> nisuzanne stratford fox 8 ne. i-team uncovered information about why some people have to wait when they call fori emergency response, ed gallek showsws how much the safety for are shrinkingow. >> at about 3:00 o'clock they called for ems and it took abou one hour3. >> a that one was having troubl and vital signs dropping, joyce cook said on wednesday thatce the wait for t ambulance was agonizing.
9:08 am
she turned to the i-team since we haveve investigated sh staffing and delays with i emergency services and now we can show you how much the safet forces have been shrinking. >> ki it was one hour later that they worked on him and it just took too long. >> d us the biggest drop, the size of the police force, the last two years, 112 officers have left them dispatcher give out assignments they came in up to 24 hours earlier. >> stefan also is way down, and two yearsrs 40 more firefighters have left than the city has hired. the city says ems staffing is up by 13 employeesty. >> the city has struggled to meet its goals to keep
9:09 am
to keep up with a number of 911 calls. >> the i-team want to speak to the cleveland police chief about this, his office said that he would be available. when a spokesman found w out that the i-team would do the interview, then the chief's office said no. and we become a city that says don't call for an ambulanc or police unless it is life-and-death? >> that city halls studying the problem and the i-team is learned that the city is starting to the process of hiring more police, p-t but she wonders about the need for those emergency crews now? >> we need more. >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. >> city hall hopes of orders increase atal and that they will have more money to hire more.
9:10 am
to identify two masked gunmen held up a lake county gas station friday, 1:45 a.m., two, walked into the station and willoughby she complied by handing over the cash, s one of them went into the back office and tried to open up the safe but was unsuccessful they thene ran from the store nearly came face-to-face with a willoughby officer who hadad spotted to th 911 call they were in an amount less than a minute, so even as close as he was, they were able to escape. >> police believe that the same two men robbed a bp station in university heights two hours earlier. >> the pet store owner thanking usus for the return of a stolen birdth, video we showed you thursday of two people inside
9:11 am
theet owner's son was, they then put the amazon parrot into a carrierer , video also shows in trying to get a parakeet but suspect was bitten, dolly was apparently not for sale the say that she has been safely returneded there is no word on identity of the
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or start to the weekend in cleveland with lots of sun and some high-level clouds decorate the sky. yesterday, melissa myers captcha this some traffic on the lake. if you're going to go golfing today or just enjoy a nice walk, you should be in good shape, it wil begin to feel a bit more humid and then later soupy this afternoon and tonight currently 75on cleveland we will be on the
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have outdoor things to do. the earlier the better unless you like it stuffy. it will be around 90 degrees for the high temperature. yesterday, we did up with high of 84 degrees the averageshi 80 degrees, today wi be almost ten above average. you can see the temperature decline last night. no rainfall in the buckeye state, it is in lower michigan and chicago some showers/storms in western parts of hoosier state. a piece of that could skirt northeast ohio it could happen around 3:00 o'clock. as they encounter
9:17 am
they fall apart we quickly. most of us want see any rainfal today.y. today a high of 88, that is conservative forecast higher could go to 90 plus night cindy degrees a passing shower possible stationary funnel boundary so we retain the chances of rainfall tomorrow afternoon i think the morning hours will be okay which is great newsft for the fox 8 foxt tomorrow morning. it will be partly sunny could be a random shower but i really thinkun tha it will be dry for the foxtrot with registration beginning i had 7:00 a.m. on mall c with
9:18 am
the fox 8 personalities will be in attendance including todd meany's band ace molar. starting temperature 66 and for the forecast calling for mid- 80s monday maybe a shower, i think it will be mostly dry monday also tuesday.. the next chance of a show with highs near 80 degrees. >> and then as we welcome september, on thursday is the beginning of meteorological autumn. but astronomically speaking it will be a few more weeks, mr. gandhi will be at th mentor civic center for winterfest he will be there between one and 3:00 p.m. with
9:19 am
it will be lots of fun there at the mentor city-fest. >> ll fda issued new rules to protect the nation's blood supply from zika virus they wan all ususlo that means every state will nee to test blood donations, previously it was limited to puerto rico andp two florida counties, but there are more feared the marquesas could pop up in florida. >> we have twomoar additional counties. it is spread of mostly by mosquitoes but could
9:20 am
that can cause serious birth defects, blood banks are already screening for other blood-borne illnesses panics death toll in central italy fro the earthquake is rising, the total is 281, most of them live in81 the same town, this is new aerial video ofe that area that shows the distraction, aftershocks have damaged a pair of bridges leading to the town leavinga people they're there scrambling to find altern. >> reward for suspect in the murders of a couple of months they were found thursday mississippi they failed to show up at a clinic, they are not revealed the motive the clinic where they workedoea serving uninsured people in the poorest counties in the statein. >>
9:21 am
allegedly trying to fly a plane well drunk,bar the charter flig wasfl to take off from michigan the copilot was removed after the pilot called the police, th man was given a prelim breath test he blew four times the legal limitew, no passengers we onboard. >> voice-activated hotel room at the aloft hotel chain reveals the new smart rooms thursday each has special appan that allows them call trump aide's wife with voice commands for now the testing those rooms in boston
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how women adjust their retirement plan if they lose their spouse before they retire, oftentimes the husband dies before the wife. >> it does happen very frequently, what surprises me i not how often it happens but ho often
9:26 am
minutes ago i listened to a segment on someone arrested for flying a charter flight who was intoxicated, accidents happen, some things that we do not appear for and we how to change our focus to determine how we will manage financially and oftentimes women have a tough time. >> agyou have to communicate, whether the spouse is male or female they had to know where the moneyhe is in case of that eventuality. >> what the right hand does, financing can be a sore subject between couples if they have raised their kids and there are disagreements along the way. >> are less likely to have that candid conversation, another variable would be oftentimes spouses who approach retirement not necessarily the same person we were married to as we raise
9:27 am
conflicting interests what you want to pass on to espouse versus children sometimes instead of having met there is no conversation. >> and then there are some surprises, for widows especially,o if the husband has the finances, i oftentimes the wife may be left out and not part of long-term planning. >> a couple thin and i run into this frequently, first of all the children can be a source of emotional supportrt also a source of financial distress. if mom gets a life insurance policy of $250,000, the children, they have no perspective of what that really means. that $250,000 is
9:28 am
his income and they think it is just a life insurance is not a windfall if she receives that amount that suddenly the kids watch new carsth or hell to pay off the debt and she has a hard time to say no to them. it is comfortable for her to defer to her own internal board of directors in terms of finance what can and cannot be paid. receive life insurance settlement, a mortgage is not a bad thing. oftentimes someone will say that first thing i wan to do is pay off the mortgage. >> tnot necessarily the long-te move. >> > this is two years into widowhood she may look around and say that i see him in every corner of this house and it is
9:29 am
amount of space, i want to find a different home. and if pain of the house, immediately means there is a liquidity issue, if you give the bank the money, there's no guarantee they would lend you money based on the equity because you do not have a verifiable stream of income so keep your cash on hand to keep it flexible and give it time to make decisions. >> git >> absolutely. >> thank you for joining us and if you need more information on retirement planning and other financial information contact szarka financial services. you can go to fox for a link.
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winds generally southeast to begin the day and, they will be between five and ten knots, way of 2 feet or less, water temperature 77. a nice day to chicago with rainfall down to st. louis especially western indiana some of the showers could move through northwest ohio , there is unstable air that way. we are more stable here. there is the potential of a passing shower, but nothing to organized.
9:35 am
fair skies today with highs in the upper '80s. >> is going to be really warm with increasing humidity levels. schools all over and began to high school football season las night,, lake catholic high scho did not. >> had to forfeit the game would have played today versus toledo after several players werev suspended for hazing, it occurred at a john carroll university football camp executives and i've been disclosed but there was report taken, they began investigating in july. the school made a say that it does not tolerate actsl by students and staff that violates their core values, people in mentor have mixed feelings about the
9:36 am
there is too much politically correct this stuff. >> a great team and this was supposed to be a really good game,,re so i just hope that th learn from this and it never happens again. >> the school calls this a serious issue that required disciplinary action of a one-game suspension for a numbe of the key players,n they did not have enough players to feel the squad. >> el they dressed as in memory of jacob goss, the fifth-grader at garfield elementary passed away last week after a battle with brain cancer. is known as a superhero so the students are friday night's game were there, but finest to pay tribute, his parents appreciate the support. >>
9:37 am
least five tornadoes touched down in ohio. struck near van wert county you of the indiana line they say they're fortunate that it went through mostly rural farmland looking at the damage in several counties where a damaged several homes. >> both parties working hard to work to get voters, will be in the area thursday he will hold rallies as well as in mahoning valley support of hillary clinton the locations havef not been announced. >> indians will be out of town in two weeksks, the ballpark wi be put to good use, the 18th annual walk to end lupus now will be saturday september 10 and progressive field, 2,002 part in last year's event,, eac participant raised or donated a
9:38 am
$20 for research a single support in partrt to raise awareness is understanding the disease in this helps to spread the message. >> researchch that could give u better future, possibly a cure or treatment . >> the hardest thing is there i not a cure and there is not a dedicated treatment plan. the event is the largest gathering of lupus patients and supporter in the state information go to fox >> we have some breaking news coming. >> we will have more on than just a moment but firstil we go
9:40 am
9:42 am
many people who have gone down mlk noticed it looks like a roller coaster it is an elevate walkway,ks turn back against th hillside although the exhibits
9:43 am
have access to trailways that they can be above you. this is one of the birdsds when they visit, the chance to see these have close you can see these we have records we have expanded otter wetland. you can look around. >> as a dynamic and immersive experience as we can and a grea
9:44 am
notice, was hit by a car and on pupil responds and the other is the damaged ie and the rehab center they treated hima felt that not have enough capability to be returned to the wild so h has been with us for about eigh years,, and he is trained to the club.
9:45 am
predators in ohio because they are so well designed to hunt at night, if you are in their site you have no idea what is coming they have the ability to fly silently they can see under nea total darkness. they do not have eyeballs, the eyes expand into their headt surrounded by a reign of bones they have nighttime vision and amazing hearing.he the come down last minute they swayed their razor-sharp talons out in front and they i sink effortlessly into if there's something that they cannot swallow whole . >> gives you such a respect to see them like this. that is the idea with these exhibits and. >> when i tried to glorify the
9:46 am
one cannot survive in the wild in most of these at the perkins wildlife center cannot survive in the wild so were trying to gain the confidence and trust so we can use them as educational investors. the bird like this that is not stressed by being brought into a tv studio and an auditorium for kids and people can see one of natures mostor fascinating animalsn. everything at perkins wildlife center is native to ohio, were not in competition with the zoo,,ve these animals and habitats of northeast ohio to create a sentence of, we want to be a destination., monta vista notion a trailhead,, you see the river otter she can be inspired to visit the cuyahoga valley
9:47 am
you can see the bald eagle's across from the fo that share part of the world with us they are part of the fabric of northeast ohio were trying to create awareness and appreciationas hopefully a conservation effort. >> is very special we pick and feel how passionate all are. >> on the perkins wildlife center is go to fox >> on monday kenny crumpton wil be at the museum all morning with a look at the newest attractions. will be a great learning experience, thank you so much >> we open to the public on
9:48 am
gorgeous sunrise this morning.or pass up muckleheads on window, look at those cirrus clouds. it will be more human than yesterday , this area of high pressure will serve to
9:49 am
most of that will be focused there was reports of damage in northwest ohio from wind damage. that wa around germantown just northeast.e at 830, also a tornado report missouri, around kansas city. state near 90 degrees. there is a slim chance of rainfall tonight and i think there will be an ice i break potentially see in some rainfallll in the
9:50 am
looks good,, several days of highs in the '80s and cooler air inside, the first few days of septemberth with highs in th mid to upper 70s also perpetuate the drought. send it to eastlake. i we said more humid today mostly cloudy a passing shower tonight possible think it will be confined to northwest ohio. the foxtrot forecast is looking
9:51 am
60 degrees, registration at 7:0, the 8 -day forecast shows the only chance of rainfall wednesday for the upcoming week. we have breaking news coming out of solon. >> woman is dead and a man in custody in connection with her murder happened at 7:00 a.m. the intersection of richmond an solon road. the man began firing shots and killed the woman involved in that car cras she had not beenc positively identified the suspect identity will not be released until charges are brought, stay with us for more information is investigation continues.
9:52 am
minor-league baseball player hits a home run that leads to
9:54 am
9:55 am
minor-league player had a huge homerun >> brandon thomas hit a grand slam to help his team to win, it's state fair body cam down through his pickup truck windshield. that situation.
9:56 am
pig-out every piece of it. that was his 11th homer of the season he tootie a picture of the windshield out words said that it was worth it. mr. carter will be at the mento city-fest between one and 3:00 p.m.,.
9:57 am
growing up his family lost a house in a flood. and a second to a fire. ted strickland learned early in life what one bad break... what one missed pay check can do to a family. the first in his family to go to college - his dad worked in a steel mill, his brothers finished concrete. that's why he's fought against every bad trade deal - from nafta to to most favored nation status for china. ted strickland: ohio, heart and soul.
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