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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Morning News  FOX  August 28, 2016 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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there we go. >> it's the unofficial start of the fox official start of the fox eight foxtrot there.s this is the 1 mile walk and look at these aerial wa shots. a look at look at that crowd. >> everybody is moving over to look to the left there to get in a lot of good work they do over there andrk this is a good wayo you know that's where your money is going to go today. >> we just love to see this huge
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our fox eight viewers never to the disappoint when it comes to this event every year.oupoi they come out and support these charities that support people writesup in our own community ai think this isow one that touchee so many people's lives in our area.. >> everybody knows someone who went outbo and serve their couny and that is also part of what's happening today. tnd >> i love to see that people walking and to there. >> very cool. we will be following this all morningbe long good morning and thank you for waking up with us >> of course he's a j colby and it's a good he' day to get out d do some this morning where going to take advantage of it until it heats up t later. >> absolutely great kickoff to
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cause the fox eight foxtrot. we have a clean radar screen in our neck of the woods. a couple of showers popped up in ashtabulae county and you can e those clusters up there in ashtabula countyy but other thah that nothing going on on weatherwise. nothing we can't handle. it is not as humid as it has been the this not summer and ase allmm mile and a little webcam time lapse. this is marietta and it looks good out there also. let'sg check 79 degrees in akron canton 72 youngstown, cooler in worcester and worcester, 65.r in
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meanwhile from outer space breaks in thehe overcast should allow a decent amount of sunshine hereea today which mea we will make a run at 90 andn there could be some afternoon thundershowers that pop up. eighties by noon so it is going to get warm very quickly here but not during the q race so tht is a good thing. to be the eight day is coming up and we will showe you e bi on the way. topping the news this morning an incredible story. people andcr so one woke up to u gunfirep after an early-morning traffic accident. ea >> police or the person who caused the crash ambush the other driver with ambushed the other driver with ath riflei killing her. >> is was a man walking around with an ak-47 shooting all over place on solon road.l >> is walking on richmond and
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shooting. >>rifl yes please hurry. >> you can hear the worry in this neighbor's hea voice. >> his walking back and forth pacing. >> no doubt confusion and panic hereubt at corner of solon and richmond road. solon police say that there is a disturbing violence after a traffic accident here. >> one car flipped over right in front of our house and another car on theont >> witnesses heard the sound of sedan colliding with the jeep before, coming at the stop on its own roof. police say he had a rifle and began shootingf at 53 -year-old debra j perl object when berle. >> it was like a big blast but it wasike like several shots.
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road whengoing he went throughd light and hit that we victim. >> they said it was somewhere something like they would seea n a movie not their neighborhood.d >> it was like five bursts and i counted a total of 25 i thought. >> the big question is why. >> i heard a scream and he's standing over herard shooting le at least three or four more times. >> this solon police lieutenant tells us the 29 -year-old from northridge pote bill was lying e ground when police arrived lyi he she caused she caused the crash. police also say perl and the shooter did not know each other, a heartbreaking ordeal that stillbre has so many asking questions. m >> the suspect is in custodyis this morning and police are not releasing his name until monday when he is expected to be formally charged with this crime meanwhile a man suspected of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend
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shane barnard died saturday the hospital. police believe varner was responsible and he was be takeno hospital after police say he attempted to take his own life pte house following that shooting. to the latest in ohio's ongoing battle to stop the rashe of deadly drug overdoses find the number of fatal fentanyl overdoses o doubled from 2014 to governor kasich attended a regional summit on opiate abuse he says despite the more than 3,000 will will illegal overdoses ohio is still making progress but we need to expand programs. >> we need to stop sending some addicts to s jail rather than dg
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the fourth annual foxtrot kicks off this walk.t >> this year all the proceeds going to the louis stokes va medical o center to help veters right here in northeast ohio. he >> the one-mile walk is going on right here andis that is where will find melissa reid. >> good morning. the walkers are false there already.s this person is quiet a a celebrity. she has been stopped more than anyone i have ever seen. she is not only an athlete here but tell people what it is that you compete in. >> i compete in a wheelchair racing maritimes mostly. i have been doing this for about 22oi years. >> she is the first wheel wheeler to complete a marathon. is that right? >> and in all 50heeleleis state.
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>> it's awesome. we appreciate all the support that fox eight is showing us. >> tell us about you and youran history or service and how you are hereor se today. >> i was in the army. i went in as a second lieutenant i went to rotc and i got heard right before desert storm at doesn't start up that twin sisters walking in the race here and another sister a marine that is walking.n we've had a great time.e when i got heard we started wheelchairgo racing and i just started ra rolling. >> how has it made a difference in your life?d >> the veterans va puts on a natch i saw the as other wheelers wheelingsaw around and said one right after i got hurt i want to do that and i got me i chair and i've been pushing ever since. >> you have been an inspiration
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your service. >> you this is holly the firstt wheeler to compete complete a marathon in the united states and she is right here getting ready to start the fox eight foxtrot and she has a sister here as well. i can't imagine some more of the stories are going to bring us this m morning. >> it is incredible.le. you kids children you see so many people aroundndyou here. thank you melissa. eight oh 9:00 a.m. and still toto come its heating up. >> the road to the white house is full of twists and turns. a look at the latest from both the republican and democratic sides of the board.
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dominoes may soon make your normal pizza order a little less boring. r norm we have waited montht the fox eight foxtrot is underway right now and if you are planning to lace up those shoes we have live coverage all morninge long. we are getting a live look right now and that is a beautiful site.d t >> it is a pretty pleasant august a by august standards at the little on the buggy side isi subside blood besides i subside i suppose. the question in the fox eight hour forecast showingst temperatures on the on the s kln climb how far we are heading up
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johnny cash walking the line this morning.nny i live look on this beautiful sunday morning here in on cleved as the foxtrot is underway and the run steps off in about 45 minutes folks coming down we are sos c blessed that we have and we appreciate the support and such a worthy cause for and sure. you will be hearing more about that of the at the morning moves along.l b a little bit of the storm last night. of you can see there is almost looks like a shelf cloud. you can see that right there. this photo taken from bay
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cloud of what is called an arcus cloud associated with the front and the thunderstorm. this may not be the clouds were looking up from at from bay villagee but obviously the clouds there if it's not associated with the it thunderstorm t called a rollousi cloud. it is not an official term but there you go. an a pretty ominous looking sky there and we really appreciate our viewers send sending inl a s to our fox eight weather page or tipst that fox eight .com lots f ways to submit your pictures. and in cleveland akron canton
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youngstown. you can see the cloud cover has thinned out in northwest ohio. things could really heat up today. clouds are not as thick as many of theeou models were trying to depict here. you can see some of the models developed and i'm wondering if there an will be perhaps a bluff blossoming of thunder hel weatr kind of like yesterday. a high ninety-three was the a high yesterday with a forecast type 88 so we batted 5 degrees more than the forecast high. another conservative guesstimate afternoon shows up on the family signed thunderstorm good that a good bet.
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through all of the day on monday. smileall oa 83 otherwise mostlyy skies, a breezy day as high pressure slides to our high-pressure slides to our east and that will change our weather pattern that it is extremely hot andhaner humid and you can see n the fox a day forecast. and it's as we begin the month of it into the big holiday weekend with some very nice holiday v donald trump is campaigning into theum heartland as hillaryy clinton sits down behind closed doors. >> we have the latest from the campaign trail. >> donald trump kicking off the
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bikers event in iowa and not mincingeve words. >> hillary clinton thinks she is be president. her clinical criminal conduct ap home and her failures overseas simply make her unfit.ilure she is unfit to serve in the oval office.t t >> trump is working hard to clear up any confusion about his immigrationy co policy after crs imply implied it might be af softening. >> on day one am going to and went to begin swiftly on removig criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >> trump also stirring up the lane duane waives cousin was just shot andd killed walking hr baby in chicago. just the same african americans will vote trump.e part of his campaign method is that people in inner hi cities t inner cities are dangerous and am looking for people to come and clean things
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morning getting her first national security briefing as her party's nominee.o this meeting after the clinton campaign got some good afte newm the state department announcing that information from her meetings as secretary of state until wellneased after the election. she's trying to she turned it back on message attacking donald trump. >> you can'tatng make america g again if you don't make things ing >> we are now less than one month away from the first debate when trump and clinton will face offin in the same on the same stage for the first time.he sm mark zuckerberg headed to rome after deadly incident in central italy.. the facebook ceo announced in and opposed his meetingth with facebook people will answer questions in his comment section. it comments section.
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any affected towns during his trip..a facebook has taken on a roll and international disasters.cebo in addition to this people use the a safety check feature to let the loved oness know they ae okay. the national labor relations t board's as they cano longer ban some social media. changes come after an employee was fired after tweets about the change.ter the next time you look up you mayn notice a pie-in-the-sk. domino's pizza chain teamed up with a company to make the door door-to-door delivery is a
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last month a convenience store chain delivered coffee and doughnuts and of course this be.t >> how does it not still? >> maybe it's a special super drone >> >> could it be delivered right here.d> still to come on fox eight news for the fourth year in a row fox eight foxtrot is having a look at a great cause on how your contribution is helping out so much. metro resource hiring a machine operator. click the jobs tab on
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a live picture from sky >> that's fantastic. to get up you have put this up bright and early this yo morning along with a lot of you there. >> the walk kicked off at 8:00 a.m. and the run is set to kick off at nine so things are looking fabulous on this fox eight foxtrot.ous o
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enjoy its. ou a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. you have helped us raise nearly a quarter million help dollars. >> and our fourth year back status: fox eight is calling on northeastt ohio and here is kristin mccool. >> the warriors of war. there are many soldiers, sailors and marines from conflicts both old and new. some memories are still difficult to talk about whether veterans are looking for day, 10 years
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the louis stokes cleveland va medical center strives to help our veterans each and every day. cleveland has the third largest healthcare network in the united states. >> here is the medical director center of thee va and says there grows to >> blind rehab spinal cord research injury and surgery. >> there are federal funds for all of the medical caree fe but community support is paramount in taking thatrt care to the nt level when it comes to enhancing lives. >> this is a proud navy veteran who could've gone anywhere for
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va. bu >> i don't think i could've gotten better medical care anywhere. >> dave salinas was a paratrooper in the 82ndve airborne who suffered a number u of injuries during his two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan. he also came to the va by choice. >> i think the va easier.a >> he says the comrade or if the va are second tor none. >> a lot of different campaignst and conflicts there is a sense brotherhood. >> people still searching. they did their job. >> that is why we are asking you
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fox eight foxtrot on august 28. we want you to gather all your friends and every generation of american heroes served our country with pride.erve let's help them heal and enjoy the th country. >> just gives you cheer chillsil to see channels to see and hear those haveories overcome. >> with you are in combat or not it helps a lot of folks. co 8:29 a.m. and still ahead ready your guitars. >> why righties their guitars are putting their moves to the
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is and was really hot was really hot yesterday is going to be really hot later today. >> but rightyho now. >> right now it's perfect. >> aj's outside is outside right now. o >> dodging the skunks. >> met this morning but it would be but kind of cool to actuallye down when where the foxtrot is. >> it would be fun. >> little humid out here this morninge .-dot little rain showers to speak of. at the rain showersrs to to pick there could be a rain shower orw thunder shower thater pops out t any time.t
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instability around though not expecting severe weather today and you can see somee showers moving into ashtabula countybu actually popped up near pierpont moving into northwest pennsylvania. m a wider view about the situation and hardcover is down under ar a half a mile at one point toward toledo. a plenty of moisture that there wasn't wind around to blow it out of here..w no surprise a dense fog forms. there is the showery weather out toward chicago. by this evening a couple of showers thundershowers could rein themselves out rain themselves outers cou overhead. if you are anywhere near that downpour last night it was on the west side especially west of ide e 77 and we will show you se of the rainfall amounts in thets next weather segment. downstage we are in the low seventies would do points with
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it is not a true muggy or super stuffy you willmug but definitey be d late august feel in the ai. high pressure slides to the east.hi we are watching a clip front down into nebraska.ra the upper upper-levels wind is also respond. that pattern shift in for later in the week. wee ask. we head into the holiday weekend we hit 90 that would be daily 26. t yesterday we reached 93 degrees.
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queen of hearts jacks will textile drawing tonight it's been going on forn weeks and as the jackpot continues to grow so does the crowd appeared. it is causing such a problemes that police are stepping in warning cars parked outside the be towed. the bowling alley's owner owners expecting thousands of people to show up for that drawing. n we are less than 30 minuts from the start of the five k rn box eight foxtrot to help the cleveland va medical center.. >> melissa reid is the live where everyone is stretching and makingv sure they don't pull ahead. >> stretching i'm going to
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starts to make sure i don't pull a hammy. joining me now is mark lyons. he is a familiar face here at fox eight. what is it like for you to be a part of this fox eight foxtrot? >> to look around at all the people, the greatest of viewers in the world of fox eight euros coming in to support a great cause. not only do we stand together as viewers but also with brothers sisters mother mothers fathers answer a and a aunt who coment to come together to support the people they love. everyone is coming together as one.o >> i know you have a lot to do up there asu h well and we appreciate everything you guys do for us. >> it is going to be a great day truly.. he just mentioned veterans here and i've got oneen here isa
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telling me this story. very quickly just kind of explain your story and how you become involved in it. >> i am legally and went legally blind last year and august and before i went blind i was a runner. i was running two marathons a year and i came over to the blind rehab center here in cleveland march the 14th they helped me to restore back myo confidence, and amber here help me work on the treadmill for four weeks because when yw gohe blind, you also lose your balance.d, as a runner that is important. on the treadmill i was afraid to let go of the handlebar handle bar because i was afraid of going it was going to fall nd o,
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and now i'm running without treadmillands on the so i graduated may the ninth and i went back to dayton and since then i've ran to half marathons and a fiven k. right now i am training to run a marathon september 17th and 18 ohio.o >> you are going to do ithi and you're going to do amazing. >> yes and i have a great guide she helps me with my runs and she makes sure that i don't get hurt just like we do now. this is the way we run. it's thanks to the blind rehab center that it's a good thingthn for us veterans that are legally blind because i think without them i think we would be in a bad situation and also, the
8:40 am >> thank you so much for that and again, very quickly on demand rosie, just an example here, was is a is a veteran here who runs with this attachment here and he will be running a marathon in september.r. marathon in sep inspiration. >> that's incredible and a great example also as we've been saying of those runners who come from all over theexamg o countrh va medical center here in ohio. program here.
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next seven minutes until the seven minutes until the fox eightntil foxtrot kicks off. what the turnout we've seen here it's quite a sight to see the walkers kickoff and in it a and it o'clock hour and now in justi a few moments we will see theeeh runners take to the starting >> right now we're going to toss things over tow aj good morning guys. go a beautiful let's start our sunday here and our webcamook atat timer lapse and you see some serious cumulusu clouds pompeya high level cloud deck you're the kind ofel bumpy and maybe some serious butt but brought us m clouds all latin club names and almost everything you ever
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cloud cover superimposed radar and they are associated with a weather system that will breathe by here little trough will likely produce enough instability to get a shower thundershowers pr going this afternoon into the evening hours and it will clear out fairly quickly foritwi tomorrow some wd damage reports from last night's thunderstorms around butler and trees reported down. some powerline issues as well and wanted wind gust reports there one wind gust report there is toledo express g airport wita wind gusts over 62 miles an hour and some pretty nasty weather in the aream last night although it was confined to a small area many off to the west side of cleveland.ny off
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weather not expected today although you can't rule out an isolated strong may be severe thunderstorm but i don't think it has been any big deal.i temperatures in the seventies along with big-time sunshine. the labor day weekend forecast looks pretty good.laor i would say most of it would beo pretty dry with temperatures in the low eighties and a small chance of aemhe shower into lar day itself. temperatures reached 93 degrees yesterday and you can see thatra happening right along the 5:00 o'clock hour and we know what happened just after that. cleveland quickly dropping into thehe seventies and all that happening close at the sun sunset so the sunsets are getting earlier and earlierrs n. he's the hot and humid a hot and humid withhh afternoon thundershowers possible and
8:47 am
days we had 90 hit 93 yesterday9 tomorrow looks great. some fog in the morning temperatures in the low eighties high pressure settling ine high-pressure settling in for tomorrow and tuesday. wednesday this weather system means a little moresda business the canadian air mass gets us mask itself back into theth seventies showing big changes on the way after aowi wednesday. last chance of rain for wild. not many complaints for the holidayy weekend temperatures a little recovery their 80
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for three years we we've asked you to help a charity downtown cleveland in the response your response has been overwhelming. >> this year the fourth annual fox eight foxtrot presented by more our northern ohioofox deas will benefit louis stokes veterans hospital right here in cleveland. >> this to support critical programs down the hospital including the prostheticsuprogrb where they make life better fore that each and every day. >> we've got you. > best, chief lead pathetic slob at the louis slab of the louis stokes prosthetic high school at hospital gettingt better for veterans right to life. >> there is so helpful and grateful. i love listening to stories of what they've been through l and how they got to this point andna
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>> and he could to give something back in return. her lab is top-notch hoping everyone and it is all right here all for people who gave offer people who gave so much forwhoo us. >> the least we can do as americans is provided and give back as much as we can and support them while they are here. >> tony does not know where hee would be without the va. he lost both legs to disease below the kneele and here they have seen him through tough >> at one point i didn'tm t t kw where to go but with them encouraging me and me being gung ho as i am i just kind of started doing me bei things. >> fabricator matt fleming feels a deep and personal attachment to the he is a veteran himself who rose military love the military life and we v lost his legs above the knee and a militant and a motorcycle accident. >> i lost about six and a half pints of blood. i died a few times and probably
8:50 am
am. >> is a living example for all of> the veteran cc if they have fears about life without limbs. heh can show them what is possible.oun sh >> obviously being been a user of thee system i asked if there asked if there was anything i couldkk do and they gave me the opportunity and i took it. it >> he. has never looked back. it is special work that they all do, the kind of work we alll want, meaningful with a c world. >> five years ago i became the rehabilitation coordinator for the va and this is mye passion. >> he meets with them regularly as a support group. the in part of a brotherhood kind of like it was while they served it eases the pain and help them moveve forward. >> somewhere down the line you're going to need somebody but like i always said to t n myself, i said you know don't give up. that's the only thing i can keee
8:51 am
up. >> there are able to do great things here largely because of the staff thathin cares so muchd does so much. the group of people is to helpto those who have done so right by others and it is not easy but check out the smiles, to the laughter in their eyes. sm they know things are different but they knowngs they must fighn like they always do. >> it has been so watch these inspirational stories and just to hear the personal accounts and what some people have gone through.cou it is a good reminder of how important this is. re the start of the fox eighto foxtrot raises about 10 minutes away and we will take you back picture. livee >> you are listening to the national anthem.
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>> a little mike trouble there but that's one of the things you know 10 minutes before we start this a lot of flags out there in audience and a lot of people getting ready for this big run >> it is a really special moment for a lot of those veterans and family a members who came out to support holding those flags tall andl proud and fees place their hand over their heart to hear the national anthem. that is quite a moment to start thee race is one of those things to th lucky people register they got a flag to fly their own home. if 8:52 a.m. and still
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no instruments. coming up, a look at the international air guitar world championship.
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?? >> in four minutes there going to be running on empty or with a bagel in theirnut runn belly as ready to head out into the r >> that's right.'s all of those runners r at the fe k lining up at the start line. sky fox just across from all sea and all those thousands of runners lined up and ready to go.ed u headbangers turned theird t imaginary amps only up to 12 this weekend for the 2016 in her air guitar world champs.201 take a listen.
8:57 am
>> no one can play guitar that battle in realo life. >> after finishing as the runner-up for three consecutiver years, new yorker matt burns bu better known as aristotle has finally emerged as the winner. the final competition featured 15 players from all over the world.ored and guitar masters are selected in the official national championships in several countries from all over the world. before competition in finland. that's where that was. quite a move wh there. >> what a guitar. >> air guitar. >> air some of them forget thats was to be acting like they're playing guitar and just kind of dance around. oh well.l. we've got another hour.n >> we will haveoth the start ofe race coming up in just a few
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seconds. the clock is ticking before they startor the fox eight foxtrot. >> we are taking a where taking a live look fox there as the rus for a the five k and the foxtroo are lined up there at the start line you're if you look at that one guy off to the leftu was is just the bouncing a bouncing.
9:01 am
>> they are off. [applause]! it such a beautiful moment. the start of that race. it just gives me chills. i love to see that moment when they take off. >> remember, pace yourself, take yourace time. >> run your heart out. >> see what will happen. your >> look at back crowd. >> all those folks mades center. >> there is so much pride here at fox eight today.e this of course being the fourth annual foxtrot. >> you made it happen folks. >> clevelanders will never let us abound down in northeasts wi ohio. they come out and do their part. thank you for joining us this morning also.k u >> of course there is a day with
9:02 am
good running weather for a lot there.s to get outt >> it looks like everything works like out well, thank good. knock on wood. we are glad to see that. no rain in the t area and up in ashtabula county storm fox is showing a couple of clusters of rain. the very quickly moved often to the northwest today. we will call it partly sunny atn noon and temperatures quickly rise into the eighties like they didquhe yesterday rocketing temperatures up and we will be flirting with that 90-degree we level after te 93-degree high yesterday. we hit day 25 which puts us in eighth 2 place for the higheste number h of 90-degree days in a summer season. you have to go back to 1952 and i believe in 1955 we had 3790-degree days.
9:03 am
a beautiful sunrise time lapse with a look at the weather weekend around here with more hot air andod pop-ups this afternoon possible.p-ps temperatures as we said a 90 degrees and you can see those glaring up after about three or four clock.ring up not too impressive in terms ofms rainfall but if one pops up over yourur head you will get a quarr of an inch of rain at least.e even our computer models are no gene plentiful precipitation. there is pr a weather system out here toward fortwea wayne that s going to be the culprit for perhaps some of those pop-up storms.s s nothing impressive. viewpoints well into the sixties and seventies which will keep ul feeling very sultry today. it is hot and humid and apm
9:04 am
window between two or 3:00 o'clockw when be we would d the best opportunity for rain. it did forecast with all his big the big changes coming up for september we look into the big holiday weekend next weekend. in the news this morning people in th seoul and woke up e gun fire saturday morning after morning traffic accident. >> police or the person who caused the crash ambush to the other driver with a rifle killing her.r. alison brown is here with the chilling 911is he call. >> an accident. at the corner ad there is a at man walking aroud with an ak-47 shooting all over the place a on solon road. >> is walking on richmond and selling with an ak-47 shooting? >> correct or a large rifle like that, yes. >> you can hear the fear in his neighbor's words describing the horrific situation too a >> he is right at our driveway walking back and forth pacing.
9:05 am
here saturday morning just after police said this disturbing violence happened after a accident here. >> one car flipped over in fronr of our house and another car on theonof corner. >> witnesses heard the sound of the sedan collided with the a jeep and police police say the suv rolled several times before coming to a stop onthal its ownf and that is when the suspect got out of his overturnede vehiclece with a rifle and began shooting at 53 oh deborah j pearl of ea twinsburg. >> like a boom boom boom boom. it was like the big blasts. it was several shots. >> police say the suspect was going eastbound on solon road when he went through a red light and hit the went victim. >> neighbors say what they sawy and heard was more like something outrd w of a movie, nt their neighborhood. >> it was like five bursts and i counted a total of 25 i thought. >> the big question is why.
9:06 am
standing over herard shooting at least three or four more times. >> solon police lieutenant bruce felton said the 29 -year-old from north ridge is northridge adult was lying onridge the grd when police arrived he caused the crash. police also say he end of the shooter did not know each other. a heartbreaking ordeal that still has so many unanswered >> the suspect is in today. policedy are not releasing his namehi until monday when he is expected to be formally charged with this crime.l meanwhile the man suspected of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend has died. 29 -year-old james garner died at the hospital. carol kaufmann and michael leavitt will both shot and killed last week weekend as they pulled out of the driveway. we police believe marner's responsible anddpol he was takeo the hospital after police say he attempted to take hisr own life
9:07 am
shootings. >hi a new report finds the number of new fatal fentanyl overdoses doubled from 2014 to last year. governor kasich attended a regional summit on opiate abuse this week and said that despite the more than 3,000 deadly overdoses and 20 in th 2015, 205 i was making progress but we still need to expand programsa that teach antidrug messages to children in school and he saysdh we need to stop sending so many addicts to jail rather than drus treatment programs. >> if you you develop someone from prison and put them in the local treatment facility and pt them where they're safe we will share some of the ethic of the brilliant idea and i hope we up with what we need to get that done. >> governor kasich also says ohio needs to work with our
9:08 am
uniform anti- drug policies. > walkers are done and the runners justlkers left for the h annual foxy foxtrot. >> it is great thing all seeing all the support for the louis stokes to the va medical va medical center.. let's go there live with melissa reid who has been outre there al morning. she's all warmed up and ready to go. >> it is hot out here. >> is it getting hot already? >> it is hot. i haven't even ran and i'm hot. this is often. of right behind me you can see that is where they took off. the five five k is officially underway for the was officially underway for the foxyxy foxtrot. this is a new location. behind but can you show over there right there with got all sorts of the booths that peoplen go and local veterans can alson go and there is a lot of a resources for them as well. l
9:09 am
follow me.f that way is where it is going to end. can we real quick come here. can you waive?ea he said no. some little foxy foxtrot is there that are going to walk as well fox but down there at the d wherewnt this five k runners wil end as well fiv so it is really exciting here. if you guys have said in the last couple ofhav hours the mone raised will go to local veterane with the louis s center which is right here in cleveland and we have shared some amazing stories of how thie makes such a difference in their it's pretty cool because the feeling here is we are so appreciative of these veterans a us and oury do for liberties here but also there is a sense of family here asl well. foxy fox's viewers always come out and support and it really is
9:10 am
veterans but also being a family here in northeast ohio. >> and teaching that next generation this is what it's all about. >> that's right. is it's >> i like to see those tiny trotters. >> those little runners.tny i like that. 9:10 a.m. and much more foxy morning news. >> am so excited about foxtrot income of words all mixed up. >> this this morning been an arrest in the case of two nuns murdered in i the latest on that investigation is next. at it warning for parents after more than 20,000 strollers have been recalled because of the falling hazard a falling hazard. details after the break.aza a fl it is a very warm hot humid start the day.y. as you with have melissae speaking about moments ago there at the foxy foxtrot, the eight hour forecast shows we will make
9:11 am
changes that on the way do not include temperature temperatures
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
welcome back on a sunday morning. it's about a quarter after nine now on this foxtrot sunday which is underway. it was a dark and stormy night across parts of northeast ohio. the western area got hit pretty good last night look at the funders of moved inn last night courtesy of jen harjo who happened to record that as it came by.pen just before about some viewer pics and this from bay village during the show as to initialize sending theromm same and you cae the arcus cloud right there that is the shelf cloud ahead of a thunderstorm if it's not associated i with a thunderstorm it would be called a red cloud
9:15 am
from bay village and it's the fro thatand it's goodd everyone was out of the pool for sure. incidentally, lightning can strike up to 15 miles away from the parent thunderstorm so if you hear that funder you've got to get out of the water and get indoors if you can so there is another shot of that close to the water. pretty impressive shot. it's looks menacing as does this cloud in avono but those clouds do not normally produce any kind of traumatico n weather but ther definitely a harbinger of of course the nastyenitely weathers to ensue. here's a look at our here is a look at our doppler radarer estimate and a wider view of the situation.a notice from cleveland and akrond canton nothing. there were swaths of heavier rainfall and we will zoom in on those down atrainf norwalk and t
9:16 am
pickcl out some of the higher precipitation amountsof perhaps 2 inches according to the doppler radar estimates. acc they can get higher if there is any hail innthe their but usualy south of mylan same kind of deal out here.h f that's where we found the lion share of precipitation and i'm sure many backyards and people who have gardens definitely appreciated every drop. akron canton youngstown 73 -- two beulah.on a hot one yesterday and we managed and a 93-degree high. that was our 25th day thisa summer we had a temperature that hotspot it still comes in eighth place in terms of 90 degrees days.comee you have to go back to 1952 to look at the number one year 52ne and 55 i believe had 3790-degree days. 3 i don't believe we will get
9:17 am
more 90-degree days. cloud free for the most part west. there are clouds on the east side and if we continue with morelo sunshine we will do more than pop a few thunderstorms this afternoon.. right now we keep its scattered highs floating it scattered highs floating near 90. a few showers and storms. small more comfortable definitely by tuesday we will feel the humidity levels drop through the day. it will start off sticky and here's thesta foxy forecast. we are in the eighties for f couple a couple more days beyond today and i think the chances for rain and storms on wednesday aboutor 30 percent even though e front coming through will sport a little different whole different ballgame.ominort highs in the low seventies and that is some september cool.
9:18 am
>> we kind of need that relief. just for a couple of days. >> i agree.r a everyone will be happy for their power bills as well going down a bit. we in other news, a man is behind bars facing charges in the stabbing death of two men n mississippi. rodney earl sanders faces two countsand of capital murder according to theof mississippi bureau of investigation. mi both nuns were found tuesday in their home. the bodies were discovered when they did not showe di up for wow that morning at the medical center where they were treating the needy. t w the motive for the murders is still under investigation this morning. ill u storms from friday may be over inrida indianapolis, but residents are left with a lot of damage to clean up.res several tornadoes knocked down trees and damaged dozens of
9:19 am
officials say more than 6,000 people are still without power this weekend. l a scare in the air. forced to make emergency landing. the flight is on itsergency waym orlando to new orleans when the pilot detected a problem with the engine right there.d p the southwest airline officials say their work with the ntsb to s cause.e a strollers recalled because of a falls hazard under the safety first brand the stroller assistance systems are sold at ass other locations.
9:20 am
making headlines for the rescuet they pulled of point of a suspected drunk driver when they noticed a one -year-old boy inside thehe car was wearing a diaper sitting in an improper child safetyitti seat coughing d covered in vomit. his mother was allegedly too drunk to even tell troopers or to pursue son'sthe too name thek to her in a win and give him a bath and watched over him until child protectivea wii services up in that child is now the
9:21 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
there we are foxy foxtrot finish fox line. >> make sure you look good for that> photo. he even if you're coming in and you're tired. yo become a new look good with l their the arms of what i've done something and you have doneothe something you have. veterans many who have overcome obstacles incredible odds. >> that guy was moving pretty fast with thatwas stroller. >> that's very good. >> the tribe having some trouble
9:25 am
>> good sunday to you after friday t night's game not so muh saturdayt night deep in the heat of d texas and indians for the second time in threendi days cas santana won nothing texas and that was costly. later in the inning that they shut them out saturday afternoon the goodyear blimp provided the overhead g shots showed nothing before hoover to
9:26 am
the clos game 207 yards back ine health of turnovers had keep the browns game should've been rated you for ugly. to big catches including one saturday it's back to the
9:27 am
he can't think like i us in a i said i dealt with some good things andike obviously there was since it was concerning. a devastating day for former browns shaw injured his head coach john fox called the injuries veryd c serious. the 24 -year-old left shoulder field in the ambulance broke hie leg right above the ankle. we are out of sports time. have a great sunday. 9:27 a.m. much more coming your way. m you maximum could become a millionaire tonight at a localo bowling alley. just ahead how the owners are preparing for the queen of
9:28 am
at t the a live picture of somef the runners coming in getting ready to cross the finish line after the foxy fall foxtrot. a lot of people doing do not
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
we heard from him from the gentlemen gentleman a veteran there. >> is from dayton. line there.up a this is a proud moment for many of those. >> the bill with a lot of veterans and amputees. that's a really good all the way around. >> fabulous moment here on fox eight. >> the weather he cooperated. >> it was wonderful and must like it you ordered it just ordered it up special right?de >> remember the pennies catalogs bes.
9:32 am
list. >> it turned out to be a successfulul day. temperatures were warm once again close to 90 degrees.tem let's look at what is happening currently.t w close to 507-inch of rain. it seems like they might pick up more than that to our southwest. can't say the same for summer for sure.e sa make you uncomfortable as thenc feel uncomfortable as the tropical dewpoint atomfortale 7t as high as it gets around here. storm fox couple of showers and rhonda around pierpont this of morning -- tubular county
9:33 am
cloud cover is then off to the westis t end should allow for py of daytimelow heating. it is always nice to be out by lake al erie. when does well cooperate. eventually will adhere to the north some thunderstorms this afternoon andnd evening. i brought through 4:00 o'clock tonight you can see those and quickly diminish. by tomorrow morning we will beginin living dealing with a little cloudv cover. how about the rainfall quacks if you get under one of those
9:34 am
niagara falls. approaching 90.o could beac day number 26? only time will tell. >> to biden will be abide in libya in idaho in our area campaign for hillary clinton next thursday still to be ea determined to for more updates. queen of hearts jackpot dryness tonight. it has been going onn for weeks now with no winner and as the jackpotsn grow so do have all th clouds. it is causing such a problem
9:35 am
the bowling alley owner owners expecting thousands of people to fill up the lanes for the drawing. sr t hundreds of runners hit downtownn saturday and pink with an popular color. it was the annual race for the cure. the race has raised more than $15 million for cancers researh in northeast ohio alone. for one runner to the chance to survivor. >> we just love it.e we love the people, we love the surroundings and everything. it is so beautiful and it is a good cause.o be >> since it started in 1983, the common foundation has donated nearly a billion 19n fo dollarso cancer research end and a billion more to cancer education
9:36 am
lookse like someone is at the finish line down at the foxy foxtrot.e d >> we even saw the guy from daytonon cross gives you chills it'siv so cool. i am sweatingut here. people finishing up the foxy foxtrot some incredible stories and we've got runnersble resting and kind of hanging out here. todd meany's band is rocking meanies and is rocking it out ad well but a lot of familiar
9:37 am
veterans are running for good causes the medical center right here a lot of runners. >> did you guys walk? how was it. >> brutal.tal >> hot? to give real you will hot especially coming up y that. inaudible. >> >> i cro finished matt says he w flew to the course and 15 minutes later hethe areas. >> that is a melissa said but i did with my best. >> at think matt found that out
9:38 am
>> mehran. 9:38 a.m. and much more news is still. ahead astronomers say it on the it's on the planet similar too earth in the next solar system. details on this discovery our >> that next parent did not have these. sandwiches. national sandwich month is coming to a close.nd we will see how to make it betterl sandwich. >> not a sandwich, a sammy. >> is sammy. melissa reid tells us it is hot as the foxy foxtrot is
9:39 am
another check on the forecast
9:41 am
9:42 am
august is coming to a close and with it so our national sick and so is national sandwich month. >> we need to celebrate well while we can.ed to we we're talking sandwiches big ones. >> the size of your head >> are going to go big or go home.goi >> a lot of taste testing a lot of experimenting?tas >> has prototypes. >> of a honest with you?
9:43 am
>> one of what are the ones that have failed of w quacks. >> usually they don't fail. >> liverwurst and peanut butter they didn't have that. >> no no no.verwu di usually you have one that may work a little bit. >> is very key to making a good sandwich? ma >> the most important thing is the bread. high-quality sandwich has very sandwich has very good bread. westside martin market has a really gooddw steakhouse and a t ofous wheat. i do one bread in-house which ic really goodh as well. >> i love that barry bread. >> lets get let's get to slicing.> we were talking about this he did what is you did with a twit >> this is american splendor. it is sweetam potato with goati cheese and arugula and tomato. it has a blood orange of the
9:44 am
>> you call of the american splendor. >> american splendor i like that. that's great. >> why sweet potatoes? you don't inc. of that on the sandwich.n't >> nice. it doesn't get starchy like a potato but the color, flavor and theco crunch works really well. >> and this is potato salad? >> as we makea all of our sides sideall sweet potato salad regular potato salad doubleday. this is a deviled eggs. this is a blue cheese deviled egg here. hot sauce blue cheese. >> this is on shibata. >> yes. more dibella mortadella mortadella ham and it has a nice cross-section there.
9:45 am
>> and you mentioned good bread but you also want to have good qualityybut you have to have goods cuts and something to keep it warm.ep >> a lot of our meets our locall what they are high quality all-natural some of the best of what you can get in the country so it's very very good.somet in >> how long have you been around? >> a little over a year and an half. >> this is the one that is is because ahead. also our most popular sandwich. it's our version of at club. >> what is it called? >> powerha city and this one haa huge cross section there. >> it's a family affair pds. it has turkey, swiss, white turkey, swiss, white cheddar anr bacon on sourdough. >> am guessing a lot of people splitu that. >> they do but you would be surprised. do b a lot of people finish it themselves. lo and for the ticket home.
9:46 am
>> but jade to. >> that's the jaded. >> that's a familiar name. >> ii jade t's went with the traditio stadium mustard here, swiss cheese and molinari salami. it's on sourdough as well.h >> ready ready-to-eat ready to s go and it is quick if you need a good lunch or something like that a quick lunch come by. >> yes. wewe are open monday through saturday, 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. or once or twice a bread in the morning and once it's gone it'se >> that is at the tower city location. >> we are at one oh one office and cliftone boulevard. one office and clifton one oh 435 clifton boulevard. >> make sure if you want get these sandwichesak there closed todayre but doors open promptlyt 11:00 a.m. and it will be linine up at the door. >> they always do. >> you've got it there early,
9:47 am
>> we're going to let aj just watch us eat. a >> that always happens. here's a look at our webcam time lapse. lk some high-level clouds up there. really cool stuff. even a little cumulus action it looks like with those bumpy skies briefly along with the blue skiesessk so in little bita weather, maybe just a few heavy showers east of jefferson and pierpont. nothing else going on around the state really.othg el western parts open for business with sunshine was sunshine in full force p down to the east ad southeast and clouds are hanging on this morning. visibility's disabilities wereod down off to the west.
9:48 am
trim our temperatures eventualln bringing some drier dew points asr well for tomorrow late. it won't be immediate.omor there was some wind damage from thunderstorms yesterday out toward toledo again and also ashland and richland.rd t it didn't make it as far north as lorraine and medina but some blue dots around here wind damage.. some trees reported along power southeastern gracelandso county around butler and one report of high winds out an there 62-milen hour wind. had a look at our headlines today. hot, humid, some thunderstorms expected this afternoon.ome no severe weather is expected but we will see. wea as of now the storm prediction center did not have an outlet for severe weather.o no
9:49 am
a return to the seventies with generous amounts of sunshine late in the seith week our labor day weekend forecast, an early look at that looks mostly dry. e best chance for showers now would be on labor day itself. the weekend is dry and basically sunny as you will see.dry painesville 7569 down at ravenna , 73 in solon and canton bedford issolo linda close to 90 hot and humid with afternoon showers and thunderstorms. a pop-up situation but if anything does get organized we will certainly keep you abreast of the situation.will ce a few showers around and may maybe some thunderstorms a tonit and fall will likely be forming against more night seemingly widespreadst but pockets of dene fog kind of like this morning.
9:50 am
through is a swiss get set for f tonight and tomorrow this is a more potentigh front that will e in andh it looks like wednesday. that is why we kept the chances for w rain and maybe some thunder going here.n thursday's son and sun and son and a high of 73.sdy' beautiful for the first day of september. mid seventies on friday and back to full sunshine as we said. that will include the eighty and 84 respectively. >> r very cool. >> not bad at all. > astronomers have found the first earthlikeon planet orbitig the closest star to our son. scientists with the of the european southern observatory ty the planet is in a habitable zone. >> say it five said five times. >> liquid could exist on the
9:51 am
the pl stay strapped spacecraft traveling the speed of lighttr would need 20 years to reachf l. latest batch splashdown test for theel newest orion space capsule into a pool of water and 25 miles per hour. more than 500 instruments measure the crash test dummies inside.e. nasa is confident of orion spent first spaceflight in 2020. >> the second test flight of the world's largestsec aircraft goig exactly as a well as our maiden
9:52 am
front-end damage. crash landed came after it also c pole as itephonene prepared for landing. i guess it is of it any landing you can walk away from. >> lucky right? of 9:52 a.m. and still to come. >> an indiana52 a.m. a man likeo from his childhood so much he kept it and it has now inspired his it
9:53 am
9:55 am
?? >> a lot of folks have finished the race and are headed back to theirks rac car. >> that's right.
9:56 am
we have watched thousands of people come out to support veterans rightp here in northeat ohio taking part in the fourth annual fox eightoh foxtrot.ot we thank you. a long long-overdue book is back on theng lo shelf in the library. >>e it was finally returned aftr 60 years by university professor.r. >> it was the right thing to do under and it occurred to me that maybe after the lapse of all thosefter years some benefit froma s it. >> hopefully they bought another copy of it during thatly time m university professor checked out moss of member loss he's become a famous professor entomologist. thanks for foxtrot folks.
9:57 am
that's why he's fought against every bad trade deal - from nafta to to most favored nation status for china. now ted strickland is running for the u.s. senate. calling for a moratorium on all new trade deals - until we can prove they'll create american jobs. for an infrastructure bank to repair roads, bridges and water systems. to protect medicare & social security. and for a $1000 tax cut for middle class families. i came from a working class family. i will always fight to make sure that working people... have a fair shot. ted strickland: ohio, heart and soul.
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i'm chris wallace. it's still august, but the presidential race hits a new low as donald trump and hillary clinton trade blistering accusations over race. hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of col o votes. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> today donald trump's new campaign manager, kellyanne conway, on clinton tying trump to the alt-right and the effort to keep trump on message. then the libertarian party's presidential nominee, gary


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