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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  August 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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thanks for joining us i'm elizabeth noreika, a grieving family to face the man they say shots allowed one in a traffic accident comingng matthew ryan desha appear before a judge today. >> been charged with a count of murder. >> 29-year-old matthew ryan desha of north ridgeville appeared nervous making his firstof court appearance before bedford judge brian mellen he fielded questions via courtroom camera. >>
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red light at solon road in ridg road crashing into deborah pearl's car and she was going t work in southeast harley-davidson they say that h crawled out who is overturned suv with a rifle in hand shooting her two death outside of her passenger door. the pastor from the church says tha she wasas 20 years. so much to her family into our church. >> the 29-year-old come with unemployed,'s been talking to the police althoughomt very transferable police do not reveal what he saidid and not y determined a motive behind the killing y company spokesman says that the investigation does not
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crime although all possibilitie are being considered.t judge brian melling ptsd is a factor is a question that remains unanswere for the police and the victim's family and friends >> we are wounded comeme and we trust god to see is believing as christians we will not put any more honest than can be bared. >> t learning details about the suspects background including psychiatric problems violations
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neighbor said that he suffered from ptsd after serving in the minds, north ridgeville police cited him for using a weapon while toxic aided 201111 patter incident outside of his home, the place had issued an alert that to police officers should respond o to any incidents at h address because he slept with a loaded gun, they last that with them in may 2013 road rage t in which she slammed on his brakes yelled come in he's been cited for drunk driving, relatives declined comment to fox 8 news. thousands asking for a local prosecutor to dismiss murder charges filedd against a 15-year-old girl accused of killing her father. cameras were there rolling as they went before the family court today t get a petition to the
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accused of killing her 41-year-old father jonathan meadowss1 on july 28, the girls says that he ning was abusive and she was trying to protect her mother, a prosecutor said he cannot accep the petitionse . >> is not surprising, it solidifies that those individuals who have domestic violence issues come up against the system and it says that not today and then we wonder why people take matters into their own hands. >> i seeop afraid of what will happen next she just wants to come home. >> bresha meadows is behind bar and due in court tomorrow. local man facing charges for yo to run accident at the marin county fairgrounds see that gregg box struct linda velez as
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say that he took off and involved into other actions before they caught him common is facing charges including aggravated vehicular homicide and paul vi and leaving the scene of an accident. for a man who robbedd the carnegie pension on carnegie wednesday going the ma demanded money and cigarettes i you have information call e >> it was 78 hopkins and new philadelphia 90 degrees
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the stable conditions in place and some showers arriving with more clouds in the sky and a chance of a few storms snaki and by late tomorrow into wednesday morning. tomorrow just a sun filled day the few late evening clouds we will be all dry eye. tonight 60 degrees coming tomorrow mid 80s a bit more humid. the end next chance of rainfall september beginning on
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after giving up 30 points to tampa bayin in their third preseason loss the browns make changes to the defense, packet writ of a starter that comes a a surprise to teammates and the player himself as dave nethers talk to some of the players. >> last week paul kruger was a starter on the browns come in as of tonight coming he is not on the team, he has been the browns through three seasons come to years ago led the team with 11 sacks coming line in the last ten games, the fifth most in team history but last year his reforms dropped off significantly in so far he has been underwhelming. the news came as a surprise to many of his fellow teammatesen and two himself, as he tweeted his thankss to the haslams that he would miss wearing to thehe bro
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as the wrong decision. >> wrwe let people go because there is a performance that we want, i not just him but, when let players go you give them a chance to catch on in other places, the right thing to do i if he does not have the potential is toto move forward. >> we lost a good player color he was productive in the leg bu our coach told us it is all about in and you've got to be able to make plays. >> last week against tampa he had no sacks and he had to assist on tackles shared dave nethers, bostick news. a break from the campaign trail
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they moved from donald trump's campaigngn and the shots that hillary clinton is taking and
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donald trump campaign, has a $10 million advertisement banners that nowhere near his tim kern component, is trying to improve his polling numbers withn minorities he would give a majo speech on illegal immigration wednesday in arizona,a, she
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they call flip-flopping on immigration, the trump campaig says that is just a distraction. >> the fact is that the hillary clinton candidacy cannot ignore the fact that most people think that she is corrupt andnd not w them for their next president. >> the trump campaign fired their top campaign manager over alleged ties to russia they have had to reorganize and losing every single poll in >> -s still facing backlash after the state department announcing they were not release another round of e-mails until after th election. >> -m former congressman who resigned after a sexting scanda color is caught again, and cost more than his job, your post reportedm that the sect and again in january 2015 continued last
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time but do not providede detai howeverde his wife announce that they are separated color she works as an aid for the hillary clinton campaign released a statement that said in part e-dt after a long paper consideratio andsi work on my marriage i hav made the decision to separate for my husband, e we remain dev ted to do what is best for some commonon who is the light our life during this time i asked forig respecting privacy. >> the company responsible for a increasep in epipen costs says they create a cheaper generic
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the said day is gene wilder passes away. known as the original willy wonka, 's actor confirmingth away yesterday and connecticut from alzheimer's disease, known for his movie roles in young frankenstein, blazing saddles and movies with richard pryor coming he drew praise throughout his 50 years as an actor, he wa 83 years old. it is less humid
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it is closer to the average norm t, 79, the great day at ce point, a great day to be there count so many kids have gone back to school so perhaps their minds want as longo , should be smooth sailing tonight tomorrow with water temperature in the upper 70s.. we do not get much refreshment from last night's cooler air. 1953 we had a record high of 90 degrees. som said it 8:04 p.m. looking at, 77 erie. there are
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and southwestou there are 60s and 70s. high pressure, into the region tomorrow night and wednesday because of a passing cold front tonight it will be calm and clear. >> will be more clouds tomorrow evening and overnight approaching early wednesday comment a few showers wednesday
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until about 6:00 o'clockan. the front takes away the heat/humidity. and that looking at their rainfall amounts, abou one quarter to one half inch wednesday, in the forecast, not much thereafter.
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and beautiful labor day weekend smeared tonight at 10:00 p.m., the dogs dilemma, they take their concerns of a? >> city hall color inside of the pit bull controversy and the day's top headlines at 10:00 o'clock. releasing the annual product launch event, next wednesday to likely show off the iphone 7 color tim carr candace executives will likely announce the release date of ios ten and other apple operating systems. if you plan a vacation but worried about expensive flights,
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off theirye plane ticket costs in monthly installments, there are three, six and 12 month purchase plans come in after logging on to the travel site you will hav to provide info for a credit checkin, it will not affect you credit rating. good school began later for ohio kids?
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hot/humid august days provide the recipe for severe weather stars made its way hitting an area hard to nicole kruse from medina share the
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about 5:00 o'clock yesterday comingto they came down hard al east union street cohen a short distance away trees came down crashed dfall road, into a home. a neighbor tells us the storm struck in a hurry. >> 5:00 o'clock the lights went off and came back on so i saw nothing of the back door it was raining so hard to come if we got down the basement, then i saw a branch in the living room. >> > i there was a property damage, but no injuries. >> peis it too hard to learn inside of your child's classroom? in many districts that may bebe the case, state senator introducing legislation
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to push back the first day until after labor day is up to local school boards to decide first dayy for their districts, the school board association opposes the idea of a state-mandated counter says that not one size fits all. the school board can decide to opt out but they have to hav a public hearing at least 30 days before hand so that parent can be aware. >> when we went to school after labor day they gave us more tim to enjoy the summer and more time to spend time at the libraryre? >> senator manning says hopefully go before a committee in columbus soon springng want thank the viewers to make in th fourth annual foxtrot a success 2200 joined us to raise money for the louis stokes cleveland va medical center, who do not
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on what was race but we will let you know. the plumber in canada came up with a way to attract customers the owns the ontario company he started at 6 weeks ago and had a challenge of somea creative advertising that uses his truck as a moving billboard said the idea was his grandfathers and i ist getting attention from all over, he says the phone calls will not stop raining for job
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