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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  August 30, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it is the dawn of yet another wonderful dayis rizzo. deserve to spectacular start.. fifty-five and ashtabula 56 in
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we look at the temperature change frommp yesterday at this time it's 11 degrees cooler than yesterday.t' tender record reading and you little bit more humidity 803 a lite there could be some high level clouds that filter it things toi those storms that are up aroundo chicago rightu now our maps inap motion indicating dry dictated better chance for some's thundering weather tomorrowto afternoon will be nice to get a little rain screen set of thosen
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we don't have any major accidents. if you are headed down to the we do have a water main break over and strongsvilleav they areh working on it. thate the e shore with over overbite 55th it's been a thatt rumble shrubs are in place f a great can no problems whatsoevern that drive times to reflect that.dr sixty minutes coming in from avon. a 12th minute right.t. over -- averaging over 60 miles per hour. the top story 60 a loving mother
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we have more on how her family ise h remembering her. so many questions left unanswered. imagine how frustrating and distressing it is to the people who knew and loved her.e dozens of family members reigned on each other last night. to remember the 53 -year-old mother sister and grandmother 5e
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an all-around good person. we are learning disturbing accused in this case it is 29 years oldd i marine corps veteran who served two tours of duty in iraq.te police say he suffered from ptsd they put a warning to other officersth had to eventually goo any incidentha. back in court before the judge
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a kia optima and called had damage to the front andpti the passenger side this ems crews were called to the seem to treat the officers and the other driver her 41 -year-old father on july 28. they say that he was abusive adding the teenager was tryingtr to protecty her mother.o the prosecutor said he could not accept the petition. >> i regret it does this solidifies that those individuals that domestic violence issues come up against a criminal system and are
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matters into their own hands.s. route 100 for president gathering for a meeting laste nighte to discuss the day o pitbull attack earlier this was killedwamariness ins an attack. i'll eight euro cocker spaniel mix with the tech by the same home police are charging the owners p with two misdemeanors
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held up thedoc
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fbiat and across the nation afr hackers breach onen safea compur system and enjoy hitting another indians offense appears to be hitting on fumes another solid
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hoping the tribe continued their winning waysohe after the confs of progressive field. are you ready for a little brea in the actionb from the heat ann humidity. it's coming. eventually.dd ity right now our temperatures ares expected to really toast up again today was see with the eight-day holds in store for the big holiday we can.
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we do weather and traff
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think goodness for coffee you have to keep those vocal cords place and lubricated. a beautifulubr time months fromm yesterday in what turned back. the edge happy they start and things flattened read a few clouds go through the loft. those are ice crystals expected to impact your travel on all those orange 55 and
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seventy-nine is set at the china. the humidity levels will also begin to rise. this does slipped back into the 50s. our really comfortable start your tuesday morning. showers and thunderstorms towards chicago this morning you can see that line right here.thu basically sunny today. after may be sunset tonight a better chance speak into
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we'll have low temperatures inland the mid to upper 40s. it almost feels like site six. mid-sixties partly to mostlys cloudy tonight. not as cool as it has been.t the seasonal day a few showers or thunderstorms the foxe
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on thursday some on saturday 72. refreshing. that means he spent a good part of the day in the 60s.ha homepage until warming. it will be warm and fuzzy. you are very calming agent. getting set up forcing smokers in southeast. fear is being done to prepare for them in case b i knew that scandal involving a formerng a lawmaker's leading to a split
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patty harkin will be back with a
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it is 5:18 a.m. it's still dark out there. october we fall back. it will be here before we know we dok weather and traffic every eight minutes.g it is time now for a look at tht morning commute. time now and her beautiful orange today.y. all right. all the skills i have. that's river water main break is
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please use caution as you had the sense that issue is that every looks good.oks very little time on 77 are targeting voters registration to states. there calling for anar s investigation into the threat oh russia tampering with the
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todd meany is in the newsroom with the election. they suggest that hackers broker in and try to hit another one.o they tried to get in the air zones. they urge all states to watch for any intrusionsns hey they should start by believing they vardy been hacked.d. pretty stone markers from the dnc.tty experts say stop such threats will be a bipartisanst effort. minority leader asking the fbi
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campaign. despite these potential preaches the illinois and arizona they don't expect there toal z be an impactan not upcoming general election voting machines aren't anything connected to the internet. they use paper ballots. makes a difference for sure. donald trumps slamming hisce opponent after his top rate and as a splitnen from she issued a statement about --irss he resigned from congress in 2011 for sending inappropriate text messages to a woman01 trumr tried to suggest that he could learn classified information from his wife.e. the helpful called the situation anotherhe example of clinton'sd three inmates were able to break out of and indiana prison.
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door and scaled a razor wire fence on sunday. one suspect was behind bars for 200 murders while the other was in for theft and robbery evene though they are not armedv polie are calling them dangerous.ed residents in florida and other parts of the nations southeastt epipen for the arrival of tropical weather travel storm warning is in place along that outer banks for a storme people in florida are keeping an eye on the second similar system free sandbags are being offered in many communities both are expected to strengthen into
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he started and brooks's comedyo like young frankensteinm racing saddles on the producers also remembered for p his role in wii hell wonka and his foreign films of richard pryor. the milwaukee natives of for sh died of cancere in 1989 milder pastorates sunday 5:23 a.m.e another nailbiter for the cleveland indian working out of a bases-loaded jamou will featue their weekly winner on fox 8
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on the field. but not in the classroom.m. patty will be capital will closer look at your commute when we dopit traffic every eight
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