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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  August 30, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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lovelyyo nice is all but assured a little
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cool as this morning but partly to mostly cloudy skiesor one chance of rain from one stay dry on thursday into the weekend looking spectacular. this is on the inbound before west 25th doing a numberhe all the lake and clifton akron police still dealing with this 76 eastbound the good news is 77 northbound before to 71 has been cleared away normal rush-hour1 with the sun in the eyes as well with the jennings freeway and over towards i to 71 i 90 coming
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77 northbound three minutes and eight minutesee before to 71 has been cleared away trying to clear away the accident. >> we began with breaking news. thes cleveland teachers union ad cleveland metropolitan school district have tentative agreement. it was reached around 5:00 o'clock this morning. the union said the contract is good for u kids and fair for educators it is confident will be ratified f by
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huge sigh of relief. >> another news ?- he was a lovely motherr devoted sister ad dedicated frontde respect us and get perspective and get out there. >> they leaned on each other last night at a home on east
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saturday morningwa pulling out rifle out of it is is rollover vehicle shooting multiple times the described her as a spiritual personri who was very much love. >> she was the beautiful all-around good person.>> >> twenty-nine years old and marine corps veterann was two tours of duty in iraq but he suffered from ptsd and there was a police reportes one of at leat
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loaded gun and he should not respond to his home alone. >> cleveland police officer on this morning following a crews are an accident happening around 1030 last night at east 39th street and euclid avenue while the police cruisers passenger was heads.hihi agencies working to gather to capture smash and grab suspects at the cleveland: this was mayor quimby and east 60th
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morning. >> six minutes after 8:00 o'clock.hi a developing story all morning long we check in with todd for a look at what is justin to the newsroom apparently apple is the country of ireland 14.5 in back taxes. they have to companies incorporated up to companies incorporated in ireland to pay far less than other companies did. opened up the international tax system and would damage jobs ireland also intends to appeal apple has more than $231 billion in cash on its balance to balanced seat to cushion the blow $14 billion would not be
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8:00 o'clock is your time still ahead ?- we look back at the actor gene wilder in just a few minutes. and t good morning, a we are looking at a beautiful day and progress right temperatures starting off on the cool side our next weather system dropping in.u we find ot when that rain is moving our way
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did you see the sunset last night it was beautifult it was around 8:00 o'clock last night. you can see as it goes down and
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sky. disabilities are muche better this morning down under a mile in lorain patchy and landfall but definitely not a problem for those of us community more of our problem it soit as patty has been telling u here. 59 degrees in ashtabula mid 50s 5 where the lowest temperatures i have to check out what happened some of the demand may d have got down to meanwhile, severe skies thunderstorms out from chicago into the quad cities of iowa where we finally stormy weather for us film a cloud cover making for a gorgeous sunset most likely 85 the high today. some afternoon clouds temperatures above average 85 partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight it
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80 degrees with a few showers and thunderstorms alongg this cold front as it drops through will be likely. cooler as canadian high pressure becomes the control as ones come out of once come out of the north, it will go out of your much of that humidity that will research todayh and especially tomorrow much nicer air is on the way. 10 degrees below average as the pressure continues to dig opening up a polar air mass something that has originated over canada. that is the preview. low 70s thursday and friday may be saturday and sunday we haven't had four daysd in a row in the 70s the sense of june. so it has been a
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gentle warming coming up for the holiday weekend making headlines this morning california home lawmakers have unanimously passed m a new sex crime sentencing bill in response to the brough turner case the former stanford diversity summer sentenced to just six months in jailil after sexually assaulting an unconscious woman prosecutors had beenly a asking for six yean prison his sentence sparked outi outrage it would make jail time mandatoryl meanwhile turner isur said to be released later this week donald trump slamming hillary clinton after a top aide issued a statement about the separation yesterday s after he posted a lewd photo of them cell
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classified information. >> such a sad morning as hollywood is remembering hollywood actor gene wilder this >> he is also remembered of course for willy wonka after a three-year battle with alzheimer's disease, he was 83 . what an actor, and such a wide scope of different things you could do. he left his mark definitely on the
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about kidsht going back to scho. >> it is a bill proposed t with the state of ohio that would make it mandatory after labor day. it gets earlier and earlier every year if it's passed it would make it mandatory. once this kid should not have to goy. back to school until the heat is called down little bit. they are not allowed to wear tank tops. >> to schools without a cso especially bad for them one says our children need to learn adversity ?- if not they want to as well n if they don't life is full of hot and uncomfortable days. >> mandatory testing and parents looking for free childcare will stop any effort to extend summer breaks in school. >> it is the way it is. our children need to see a little
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out in the workplaceb when i coming in todayhe it's just too hot. come on, we've got to keep our kids in understanding it's not going to be easy allin the time. >> i think children should go back after labor day. it works for us. i don't't think a big change would make a difference. >> a couple more before we go ?- ohio's five cold months start school in september let them enjoy's s every day summer we have. >> don't forget the teachers are sweating it out in thehe schools as well. >> one test tester textures is it only teaches kids how to pass required tests anyway give them three or four weeks texture was school ending in june. what do you think of the proposal? do you like the idea. we are taking your comments all morning long.. now is standardized testing they kind of moved
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those kids extra time. it is a proposal for the legislatures. >> it is oktoberfest time. kenny is kicking it this morning at the fair. >> good morning. chef rob chefs so you are going to go to the brought's 101? >> that's right. we are making the perfect ones that we did was we can bind them and about the same amount of water was onion in o butter and fresh garlic cloves. >> beer and in butter and
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simmer about 15 minutes and then we will brown it in the pan. >> so adding the beer to it will kind of flavor does that add to the brought? >> it is incredible it is a must have an like they said it gives a said it gives it a really unique taste.i and i am just
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believe that is five categories we have a panel of professional judges that command and blindly evaluate the beerss and give awy some awards so that gives you an casual opinion. >> a few ingredients here. >> for classic ingredients in beer there's water and barley and hops and then there is used this is the barleyd it comes in various degrees of color and sweetness and flavor. this o is the barley that has been roasted it has a red coffee like character is so this is my latest out. there are various
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whole lot of cauliflower ops with the whole characteristics so it will be out here it is a lot of fun it i have opened a couple of facilities take a looe with the industry. yes indeed. thank you. working the magic. oktoberfest happening at error at out there at the cuyahoga county fairgroundsmaer you guys w it is gorgeous to lok at. a 21:00 a.m. is your time right now. coming up, call him principal . >> we are taking you inside the new charter school he helped opened up in harlem. >> plus, it may sound crazy, but snapping as a selfie while brushing your teeth can apparently leader be due to a
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as her toothbrush i have my own air. she's goingo to put the research to test next.
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. old feet? look.
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it's not about how pretty you are it's about what you're saying and how you're saying it.
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that's what truly shines through. be true to who you are. i'm so happy right now. i'm the happiest i've ever been. i think it just comes with the fact that i'm accepting who i am. everybody deserves love and kindness, don't they? they do. to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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[music playing] [music playing] learning a lot about lar today. piece was the other one. wasn't it collects interesting.e two hands up.up. come on guys. [music playing]usic playi]
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he is doing it raising the roof over their aj. remember that. we love mark. all rights. they're really rocking out.ut think we have a band.we we have stephaniehave a b and dh not smell amazing in here. i think it's zucchini.i.zucch. basal. b and a little chicken and there may be.asal. i just brush i'll eat your portion. fresh lipstick on. look at is that the same shade. just reapplied.p wiped all of that off.ff good question. i notice.. i it notice.ti so perceptive. hi aj. you are raising the roof over there.her. here's a look at our sun fillede
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high-pressure in control. showers and storms off to the west.t. some of those thunderstorms gett in here for tomorrow.ow. best chance than the afternoon.o otherwise cool and pleasant right 64 at hopkins. 55 degrees n ashtabula thisula morning. definitely a cool start. patchy fog down through the ohio river temperatures than the 70 is currently. medina sitting at 57. rrr 58. medi bnaar bsierton and elyria 61 as is eastlake and painesville. madison 60. ravenna 57 cuyahoga falls 58 and strongsville 63. weather control sliding eastng gives up its ground even asked this cold front begins to dive into night. tomorrow is the best chance forr rain. don't think it will be in cleveland tonight.nig western areas could pick up some rain but coolerou is definitely the weather word for thursday.
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sunshine afternoon high cloudso may filter some of the sun notcu much.h. 6464 partly to mostly cloudy tonight. tomorrow's high near 80.r seasonal a few s howers and thunderstorms are likelyw we'll put it at 40 percent right now in terms of the fox8 day forecast indicatini much cooler air on thursday andd friday. bright sunshine expected for several days in a row.ow. haven't had a string of 70-degree days l back in june t.june the weekend the holiday weekend is looking. t terrific.rif back to you. all right. thanks so much aj.ri aj. we begin with the latest on a car crash that turned into quickly a murder.hat the suspect at the center of itt all went before a judge as investigators attempt to unravel the bizarre case. a family is in mourning, and a community in shock.sto unravele. the number of people who were in court yesterday came together
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about this woman and love and support she had in her life. shot and killed by a completeome stranger after a car crash. i'm deb's husband and my baby's gone, my world is upside down, my people who knew and loved pearl joined hands and prayed together over the loss of a woman who had a very deep faith.r the loss that is a comfort to them now ia but they way it happened leaves them distraught and unsettled..y pearl was driving to work saturday morning when an suv ran a red light and slammed into heh car. the driver got out with a rifle and shot her. solon police arrested matthewdrt desha a 29 year old former marine who served two tours in iraq.. he was arraigned monday on one count of murder. desha lived in north ridgeville countpolsearch of police recordo
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illness, weapons and road ragene, wea friends, neighbors, even police say he suffered from ptsd.pons e charge he wasn't taking his meds, i don't think he was getting theat right he said you know people don't respect us. we go to war, fighting for their freedom and all they want to be is judgmental.l. he said y y respec i think when that car flipped it just put him back in that war mode or something.r i don't know why he did that because, like i said, he had a i doateart, always respected me. beca i was starting to love him liket a son, i just can't understand why he would do to love my goodness. we'll have more on this story t coming up sin just about 30ut minutes and more of course one n our website in other headlines heat two odgame changing developmentv in the battle against the heroin in the battle in northeast ohio. cleveland's ems commissioner showed the iteam a new programee that has first responders iteam distributing narcan kits throughout the city.tributing the ohio state board of pharmacy also announced narcan will bennn available at 1,000 pharmacies il
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for a list of the pharmacies where it's now available go to and look under seen on tv.m and political news right now. ohio governor john kasich is not ruling out a run for president in 2020, if hillary clinton wins the presidential election this fall. n wins it's just like talking to somebody who just finished a marathon and say do you want to go and do another one? i don't know. i don't close the door on anything.go and do ano i don i think the republican partyn pt needs to be redefined.s to b i don't think that the party's living in the 21st century.e reo i think we're still back in the eighties with the same old rhetoric.toric. the governor speaking in new hampshire yesterday, where he ge was supporting chris sununu who is running for governor there.g. kasich adds nothing has changed to make him want to endorse donald trump. libertarian presidential nngngen candidate gary johnson willtial appear on the ohio ballot this
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the us supreme court denied anoy affiliat emergency request by libertarians to have their candidate listed with the party's label.rt johnson and his running mate bill weld will appear on state ballots as independents.h the part hnson and hg season 20 of fox8's friday night touchdown continues this friday night. t. here are the nominees for the second game of the week.h drumroll please. grand valley at kirtland a clash of champions st. edward at akro hoban, nordonia at bedford,at hudson at strongsville. the polls close thursday nightet at nine, winner on fox 8 news at ten.. at and week two of friday night touchdown will be better looking. thanks to our first guest host of 2016.eek twoighttoulooking. the lovely and talented tracy mccool will join pj, danny live in studio this friday night at 11. so tune in you won't want to 11.s it.ool will jy n studihiss they're already good-looking. now they're even better.ette
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i can't really judge a guys appearance. if you said it's good-looking their good-looking. therep if you're just getting up this morning your time isst accordini nto the apple i watch 8:39. coming up we're checking out some of your back to school pictures.coming up w yes we are. plus, the latest iphone is on its way.the lates what we're hearing the 7 will be like.we' did you already order years? i have not.ot. of course.e. i want one..of cou and we're cooking up some penne pasta with summer vegetables in today's recipe box with our good friend stefanie paganini.with su good morning kenny. good morning. a really big show i have thee biggest wiener dog known to mann next to the biggest clock in th united states of america.meri in progress. when we come back october festival. what can i tell you kicking it with kenny.n i
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will com
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new lltrouble for chipotle thise morning as nearly 10 thousand t worhikers file a lawsuit agains1 the burrito chain. the group made up of current and former employees claim the company made them work off the clock without paying them. the lawsuit claims chipotle routinely requires hourly paid workers to punch out and then continue working until they are given permission to leave. chipotle denies any wrongdoing and says the case has no merit. it's a first for coca ma the company says it has exceeded its goal to replenish all of ths coca cola says last year it gave more than 190 billion liters of water back to communities andll war back. that's about 115 percent of the amount of water it uses to make its products. the company had announced the goal of replenishing all theng t water it used in drinks by 2020. it now says it has made good on its promise five years earlys through 248 community water projects in 71 countries. save the date.i
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the company set next wednesday as the date of its annual product launch event. company as the da that's when the company will likely show off its nextkely sho generation iphone, the rumored iphone 7. some speculate the new iphone will have an improved cameraa with a duel lens system but it won't have a headphone jack. it may also come in a new blue color option. you can'th a duel lut so com a t your head best but a lot ofes people arepe concerned about..con i'm sure theyrned abo have anotr option. time to kick it with kenny crumpton south countysouth co fairgrounds this morning. oktoberfest. good morning. celebrating once again.obst good morning. hi candace. hi candace. there so many things happening out hereng tell us about the 5kk
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this goodie back.back they give this ditty bag a free t-shirt make it into octoberctob festival for free and they get there first beer free.erestivalo and where does this when theyhey sign-up for the specifically how do they do so? they can go to cleveland october and that has thehae entry form or they can sign upsp with the day of.of. we start registry at 9:00 a.m. monday morning. the entirery at a.m. event takee when?? w at 4:00 p.m. friday for the cleveland octoberctober festival until midnight and kenny on saturday and sunday noon until midnight and monday of labor dayay noon untilti 8:00 p.m. lots of great stuff did you know of lots aonf y grr festival the beer the music theh food dancing plenty of that today a full beer. okay.. the start the polka band is here ourselves outlveto
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[music playing] [music playing] just learned never to early two dance and have a beer. celebrate october festival. all right guys. look at this. i missed that. the name of the restaurant. another great lineup here. i haven't been there. the name of the one right down the street. heading back to class with kids all across northeast ohio. t
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kindergarten and became fast friends.t how cute. very nice. h how about these guys.ese gu. these guys look excited.these dominic is starting 4th grade and gianni 3rd grade in north gc olmsted. go eagles. and this is anthony who is starting 4th grade, abby 2nd grade and alex kindergarten.stag they are all learning at saintar columbkille school.e all good luck have a wonderful scho we would like to share more of your photos.d photos. you can share your pictures with us by emailing us atsh emailingt or submit them@fox right on our just look for the link under seen on tv.m or susu right on our wej we're having a good time seeingg them and sharing them with you.. a 47:00 the time right now.00 tm stillright no to come a perfectr pasta. our friend chef stefanienie paganini is here to whip up aist penno whie pasta with grilled zucchini. first declare your greatness and go for declar gfo it's time for the third annual t am walk and run through
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it's sunday september 11th at 8 a.m. all proceeds benefit the dawson foundation started by my brother and i to provide college scholarships, winter coats gloves, and hats and empowerment conferences for inner city students.e you'll find a link to register under seen on tv at hope to see you there. back in two minutes. we all know what donald trump has said about women... so how can rob portman still support him? maybe it's because they agree on so much. like overturning roe v. wade... and defunding planned parenthood. and opposing equal pay for women.
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rob portman has endorsed a man for president who doesn't respect women at all.
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[music playing] gardeners usually have tons of zucchini growing this time ofng year.t from their gardens. the question is how can you use it up?m tyo how does a ligu ht penne pasta sound?e sounds good to me. good. stefanie paganini the culinary instructor at the loretta paganini school of cooking is here to share a recipe.ninihe ca
8:51 am
delicious.delicio. thank you.hank i can't wait as a matter of fact as you cook i'm just going to. you're going to i'm going to taste your ingredients.ents. my thought was summertimemertime everyone has an overabundance of vegetables what do we do we gowo out over the weekend and grilled these wonderful vegetables. during the week everyone is busy don'tis want to think about makn these massive meals. combine those together to make a this easy summer pasta. pasta who doesn't it's filling it's good. it looks pretty on tv but penne and italian means pen or pencill supposed to look like it kind oo rights. let mer make sure it's okay. you try the trick to cooking good pasta you want the salt and water like this cease all that has wonderfulonde flavor. coming from that sea salt. why is it that nice little. more in it it's not a refinedit
8:52 am
how do you put you put tons of salt a lot ofof south you want it to permit that pasta while it'sit boiling.ilin you've done that and it's not real salty. the salt stays in the water. then well browned some garlic.rl garlic in olive oil.i that's what smells good.o we'll add chicken stock a little bit of chicken stock to give it some flavorr you can plug that out into a vegetable stockable c instead. we want to give thiss more flavr this is a light sauce. little chicken sauce a little little a little lemon juice. then of course basal i don't i know about yourdo garden but myy garden is like overrun with basil .. it's gorgeous.geo we'llus put tons of basal little bit of parsley in here as well. and whatever vegetables you happen to have.v coming on your grill. here i have some chicken i've been grilling.ere i have and some corn.orn.
8:53 am
roasting.g.roas cook these in a pan if you've got them grilled it gives it that nice caramelization. zucchini. hinini.zui.uccc take the zucchini and chop itop into little chunks and throwro these wwonderful vegetables rigt and.w jessica is looking over here. she is excited. i'm obsessed with summer corn i don't know. i love i can't get enough of that. here's the debate how do you either corn on the cob. back and forth like a typewriter. i'm a round in circles. i've never thought about it. next time you look. my husband and i will go to fairview.husban a great debate we have in our house. ho we got roasted pepper and if you want touse grab the yellow squas and the chicken throw that in there.
8:54 am
of course we've got this wonderful pasta.hiwonderful throwasta. it out and.out that's what i love it doesn't matter. this has already been grilled. throw that in as well. beautiful. here comes the this is just boneless skinless chicken. it's nice.ic salt and pepper.p throw thate in and we will heat this up.d would you guys like me to plate that one. passed me that spoon down theree and i'll get this served up. let it cook until the chicken stock dissolves.dissolve it reduces and you get this intense a wonderful flavor. i didn't add any cheese. i'm being a good girl but if yoy guys want to add cheese to add.o gorgeous.. my gosh.
8:55 am
get one in your that all bowl.. i'll take a little one. i'm just kidding.on thank you. so delicious. light but so hard he. right now i am starving all thee time because i'm eating for two. you look seven months along.hs along. a really good and healthy for you. lots of veggies and thought of f nutrients in. food to eateat whether it's at dinnertime or four in the morning. whethe whenever it strikes. we'll eat at all around. recipe on our website fox8.comx and on ourr pinterest page. it's great. healthy. still ahead t-swift gets jury duty. find out how the superstar spent itad her time in court.t-sets jue sue when we come back.
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a customer tweets "bank fees make me physically ill. #overdraft" how do you respond? sounds like a medical problem. i'd send her to a hospital. "hashtag not the bank's problem." at huntington, she can link with her savings account and then we transfer the money for free. we do that. for a fee of $10. to transfer her own money? hashtag obviously. 're overdrawn. welcome to huntington --
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have a great carpool, you guys. be safe wear your seatbelts hav seatbelts don't text and drive, whenxt an you're old enough.ou're thanks.old enou instead of greeting fans at the mtv video music awards in new york sunday night, taylor swift bonded with them monday morning in nashville at jury duty. the superstar fulfilled her civic obligation, answeringtiong questions before she was dismissed and posing for photos and videos, including thata message to one woman's daughter and her friends.ndig she's like a real human. just like you and like all of us. she has a lot more money. she does have a lot more money..
8:59 am
duty calls.lls. more. sean diddy combs has opened a new charter school for kids in harlem.dd good for him. the hip hop mogul along with steve perry the founder of some charter schools in connecticut, spent several years working to make it a reality.e r of someut, s combs donated money to theted mt project, and he helped obtainain licensing and state funding. yesterday the first students were ushered in. the students were selected by ae lottery with priority was given to those living nearby. seer ben affleck is giving his fans something to talk about. he shared a video on his social media accounts that appears to be test footage of death stroke, a villain in the dc comics universe.test footage i don't know i'm bout those movies. batman versus superman i haven'v watched it yet.t. you haven't seen it
9:00 am
somebody dies in the movie by they come back to life resurrected. have you seen it? it was good.ctd. todd saw the movie. it is a good one. okay. thank you guys.s.o we'll see you. morning.r how are you doing?w okayar how are you. tuesday august 30 almost to3 september a couple more days left. i'm todd meany..r hi everyone..hi ever i'm stefani schaefer. school district have reached a tentative contract agreement good news right now everyoneow breathing a sigh of relief whe n you have the latest after nearlr 21 hours of negotiating. they had until friday. we'll see what happens with thee vote. the manic is of shooting and killing a woman after a c rrther accident has a lengthy policey i records been talking about this the past couple of days record nobody has the right we don't have answers stillers l trying to find out but friends


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