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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  August 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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is is in the studio today, and it will be rewarding. >> it seems like today i love and realize i love what we do and all the fun we have on the show the whole month of september we are hearing so many amazing new road roadshows that are local. there are so many places you can go in once in a while take a trip. >> grand river valley is one of shbebe we will do ait show on the inside believe the new wineries popping up producing fine wine there. >> northwest ohio northeast ohio has become the place to be we just did a show on the road which is been a place in the last 50 years is changed maybe three or four times and this
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say it? it is fantastic. >> i was surprised at how many new restaurants are on the road it's crazily. >> for reason wineries and great your stuff is being sold on the road that is great. >> if you live on the west side of the eastside we are going to different places to check out. >> you talk about a lot of fun t get to go to costco i see a lot of people who watch l the show s all rose to she was behind her little heart she's walking around moss man. most men. i got a chance to say hello to her. >> you cannot go anywhere without people yesterday this guy goes i know the voice they know that voicey that was mario mario coming down the sidewalk and billy from akron stopped and said hello and subdomains e-mail a lot of fun to get out there and see g the people who watch e
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coming up at the end of september viewer trip. >> a lot of folks are getting their tickets e tonight. clark pope is here. you see his stuff and a lot of stores popes of bloody mary s mix i guess that s helped by it is good to see you again i love your hat. >> thank you very much. >> what is that? the flat iron steak we are going to give it a little here and make sure our pm is nice and hot p new line so ae not putting bloody mary mix and this one? >> no. this is playing with figures in chocolate they are wonderful thing this time ofre year so he took black mission figs from north carolina so we can extend to the beautiful flavor going really well with cheese. this morning we did my personald favorite from breakfat bagel and cream cheese and chocolate onean that we extendet out on the snacks in the evening it was pretty good something most don't think about is how to
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your meat. so, we are searing off somebody's. >> stop the show that is really good. >> thank you. thank you. that is adam's reserve chatter with a little apple. >> no wonder it is good. >> exactly. >> start with the best and you will actually never failed. >> it is big and a little cocoa there it is. hours that? >> yes just a way to take some flavors holding onto them all summer long. >> it is great i thought it wasg going to be apple on both sides that she is always lays it out. >> as it goes really well with goat cheese>> or make grilled cheese sandwiches out of a lot ofu fun ways to use different products. and here is a beautiful flat iron steak we will see her on both sides.ut open that up. and then we will put some page and chocolate
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layers. >> comedy different things you make now? >> twenty-six items. next week we released? an orange vanilla cocktail syrup and orange and aro cocktail syrup pumpkin spice. >> do you wake up in the mold the night during a dream and write it down on the nightstand and make it the next day. >> almost. those push pops one does push caps on of littles minds is so beautiful you know what we met up,. >> so the creaminess orange is a beautiful thing. >> principles relate that to you. >> very much so. for my case all of our stuff we don't is anything but citric acid and are cooking, so it is actually fresh orange juice, vanilla bean a ana beautiful flavor just a like ths figs in chocolate and sugar and a little lemon to make it safen. >> take the one with the apple
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do you like that? don't do tht very often. you make life real simple.y this is about 350 degrees. >> we living in there about ten minutes, and that will open it up and melt the cheesees and it will take that over to a nice area. and then the magic of television which is my favorite part. >> therapy and that and even got bigger.. and that helps pull of
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is doing that to the red onion take a look at some of these productsf from popes here becaue he does a nice job of it.po and not was the first retailer that carries everything for us the ohio city playersir whole foods in rocky river and growing. cap just picked up some of the hot sauce a wonderful spot therep as well. >> i had some of the bloody mary mixx you are fine it will be god for a couple of years open it up and put itit in the fridge same weight with all way with all of the sauces open and throw them
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your bloody mary mix is aun lite bit of shrimp and ohio city apostate use pasta use it as a saucea thickens very well to celebrate the brown. and then starting another piece of clothing this out too good to be true? we will explain after the
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while come back to new day.
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simple as adding a few key accessories.s. while come from lauren of pembroke one of my favorite stores in northeast ohio. three generations of beautiful women have come together to create some of the best books of any age today we're talking about wearing and i'm guessing adding great jewelry. >> is focusing on the jewelry today a trend we're seeing a a lot for fall is lots of friends the longer the better. l >> are cute is this water this is what, i mean. with then youa have a long frenh you may not want to focus on. >> it is at the perfect combination. >> and then wewe start date with leather leggings the. >> and i love the shoes. and they are actually rain boots. >> yes, but they could be regular shoes too. >> this is a particular line? >> this is kendra kendall scott which we just picked up
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>> they are all are going crazy over this. it is a great line based in texas they give a lot of money to charity and is a really t great brands. we are excited to have it in the story. >> let's move over to the next book. >> this is all from eileen fisher we had itl in the store a few years ago and took a break and nownd, she is back in the store, so thisi is a nice asymmetrical swatter with a huge comfy start if you could easily turn into an infinity stuff like we did here and pair itit with some nice toe on tone pants eileen fisher is famous for the neutral all one color outfits that you can kind of pair all her pieces. >> she makes it look so good in africa. >> yes.s l >> and then a little cake spayed
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friend and tassel everywhere.ot >> with switch think it could some people. let me tell you ?- the dress they have in this store the same dress i am obsessed withn this $35 i wat to a party over the weekend for my girlfriends and every single girls there needed to girl there needed to have that dress.. >> exactly different full first really soft stuff that nice chevron pattern on it and ifuf you open it up, sundays are for cuddling great really softsu nice little basic sweatshirt for going into fall and winteric throw a little scaf on their fewer layering going out to a football game on the weekend. always classye and these are great. these are kate
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warmer for the fashion statement if you are going out or to a cocktail party they kind of rebranded their trust line, so they've got some really special piecesus shoes which go perfectly. >> this is more of the line. >> this is mark kendrick scott we are the only retailer and canton in canton that scott them it is really special the price points are great. >> i have one similarpe to thist is a red one , it and it is great. >> this is one of their signature pieces they do over and over againin depending on te
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>> cap go check them out i'm telling you three generations of wonderful ladies who will help you out yre david? >> you may need some of that for your next big adventure we have angie from canary travel might be a good time to plan the time to get out of tower. >> las vegas there are some wonderful places out theree i keep saying we used to have these high prices and now we are seeing them come downwn and up r november they are really loathe. >> one of the things that really surprised we were some of the great hotel deals you have area for 3999 a person 399 a person.
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touchscreen in your room its most could and there it is beautiful i we have a had a terrific time. and then run across the street to angie, happening thing especially with the but there is so much to do and so many restaurants and nightlife and chopping right shopping right inside of believe it was foundn that is $269 in the downtown area which is i like all-time vegas under wraps. they have this great
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think it is a lot of people like to go there p because they get a lot for their dollar in the downtown areage and it is colorful. >> that is for sure it is colorful.sor what goes on downn vegas you don't normally see on the strip.yo >> i think i saw jack nicholson there. i if it i think i saw danny devito there. all kinds i of people mimicking celebrities a carnival on the street. it's like what part of the beach in los angelesw of that is correct on that. >> but like you said it is elegant at such a fine place i love a hobby as the hobby as the mexican >> you know, they're bloody mary's in there bloody mary's in the casino are really goody. >> i bet they are, when angie
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>> what happens thursdays there. >> we have t a very special deas not with a labor day price from printer, you cannot turn away. >> this is last minutey that is monday, labor day three nightsat nine nonstop there six golden apple adults. >> a lot of apples. a wonderful property. $530 per person. >> how >> it is five nights. >> and then nonstop round flight three nights in a hotel all-inclusive how soon do you want to put a down payment on? we are talking next week? >> we put it out there yesterday afternoon and sold so many seats am not sure how many are left probably not a lot but a lot of people have the short week next week so why not enjoy it on the beach. a lot of people got shut out. o we will meet all the people goingll with us as we pas on the check tickets for our
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>> we sold out of the strip and we sold out of. our december vegas trip and hopefully we will be announcing our next trip. >> i want to hear about a tripp that happens in the winter when it's snowing" new line give me a couple of days, and we should out. >> let's go to the movies for an find out when your wayee to the movies and bring along the kids andy samberg and jennifer aniston voicess saturdayre september 10 at 11:00 o'clock in the morning. just be the eighth caller and guessd what ?- you will win a family four pack. still to come ?- we are back in the kitchen with a unique recipe for all the
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while come back to new day. zucchinis season is upon us, and your here with in he confetti peppers i must say everyone loves them when you come onay the show, they all hae we all have to have some afterwards.av you are at high men's. >> yes they were just there the other day. i think this of them all. >> essay of a sale starting tomorrow and it will be foror a week. three for $10 which is a great sale you save $1.66 perjurer. $1 that is a fabulous so. >> that if you've not have been
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they are delicious. they go on just about everything and in just about anything. fun recipes remind you of f a carnil rocking around eating snack food. this will be a fun recipe because you can use confetti recipes and any type of recipe, so first we will make this t it has a yogurt dipping sauce so here is our yogrt >> and then the carnival food yes sure because you've got the vegetables and then you've got the zucchini peppers in their and onions and things like that so we willns make our dipping sauce. make this at about an hourur salt and pepper and stir this up. >> and what kind ?- this is a
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vinegar in, and a little dill and start to separate it ahead of timeme. >> still makes anything better i swearr. >> been set that aside then we will start her zucchini batter the the thing is you want to gee zucchini sauce zucchinis us before you to try them we have 2 tablespoons of olive oil will put them in in in here and gethe that going. the magic ingredientoi to these confetti peppers. >> you could add these to about anything that's like a magic flavor starter. >> you can put ketchup on so many different things hot sauce the confetti pepper does the same thing. that is the truth. that is the truth. sandwiches and pizza and then you have our zucchini going t getting this makes up a little bit of salt for seasoning and about a half of a teaspoonfo and you want to
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takes about ten minutes for it to soften, so you canes have it ready to go and mixed with your batter. now we will do our batter while that is cooking for eggs and.ur blend this up in the batter is what gives us the nice puffy flavor to it. so we will max our baking what makes our baking powder you have to have baking powder de not the same as soda have to of the baking powder and check your expiration date on a baking powder because sometimes if you have not use it for a while it goes a was a little better whateverakou and we don't want that so then we've got half a cup of flour here. this is for the batter it should be the consistency of pancake batter. it is a little bit runny a little bit. okay then we will
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gives it that nice flair. now, over here with the zucchini we are going to put our basil a half a cup of basil and let that flavor cook a little bit, and all thoseco 15 minutes for this to soften to mix with the batter. then you let it cool for a little bitat d then we were going to have two ?- ten minutes and he would start pouring in the batter?ld yes we will make sat with that we have that sitting inside here. technically it
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to work great. you want this to get nice and so you've got it let me just do that. pour it in. we will just do this. and you mix this in. nice and hot he want to be sure to have your oil at the correct temperature because if it is not, then it absorbs degrees and gets greasy and it's not >> how would that work? we're going w to have to go to break here. >> here we go ?- b and then it stays together and you all have your little freighters.
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good to go.ea all you have them done? i was wondering where they were. here they are. and there is your dipping sauce. it is a great little hors d'oeuvre for a party. but they are they are also at primos and the viennese italian market in akron. and don't forget to check out the fin thank hydrants sale. thank you for having come. >> thank you for having me. >> a home to core jam right jim right in the heart of the area.
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here we go with more while come backwe to new day coming up in thein next half-hour guess wt ?- now is time to transition to fall air columns tips on prepping your plans for the court months ahead. >> and you know many of us will be having labor day parties over the weekend, so how to make large patch cocktails we will show you how to do it one of the the best of the best but first, talked tucked away on main
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to core and vintage repurposed furniture called be rematch. >> the nest is a place where you can come and get painted furniture we specialize in or g vintage home to core you can also find gift items from small pieces of furniture teacherste o buffets the phase two tv consoleso out with ohio on it and a the heart before your city. a we alo carry candles and home to core and shutters it's always evolving and always changing. we try to mix it with new products and flea mark findsth which i to bring anything old barn woodbr white or chipped. i worked on every single piece in the store. i custom paint everything in the store, and we
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is my name on that piece and ultimately, i am in someone's house. i want them to enjoy it and cherish it. i like when a note the people who are buying them. crazy to think there are little pieces of stuff inside people's homes, but i am honored. truly plus it has been a wonderful thing. i was given a piece of furniture from a friend who works at a local hairstylist almost three. an old family here alonee do repairs to the old front and for that i usedpa of the patch d of any areas that need fixed or
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brush user-friendly and hides any imperfections. usually the taxable chalk paint youth need e ?- two counts. if you are painting with a white or cream, it takes two to three, but this piece i will continue painting at to try and between each count. once b that is done, i will appy our dixie belle clearcoat. it coats the entire piece, so that you can clean it and white that andd you are not afraid of your kids to play on the top of that withnoay toys in the shop year e carried dixie boat chalk paint over 30 colorsrs that the is mae in florida shipped from florida
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change an item 100 percent why would you want the same piece of furniture is your next-door neighbor whenof you could paint something you already have an change it.dai >> it is right on main street and chardon. check them out tuesday throught saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. >> how lovely is this? the flowers are in full bloom as soon the fall season will be upon us here to help us from our plants and plant are things in front of us thank you it's good to be here every spring my wife and i go crazy running out trying to get everything togetherz for that spring and things are starting to go away
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the summer and summer and a little bit of fall you are harvesting and everything but you're absolutely right we are so eager for spring after winter follows not about dying it's about putting more stuff out there that will thrive. >> you can accept what you fromdy have an transition your summer flowers a, as we always think of them as being something up blooms in may or june with big flowersb but it is very fragrant and blooms all solid blooms white and in the fall. on a trellis jealous or
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you need to hide the chain-link fence very few vines bloom in the fall. a lamp post yes. absolutely. >> this is sort of a weird looking the thing.el easy for u to say. >> i know. i know. but i really just bought itit as a representation of the ornamental that you can get from anything fr high. they have such a nice movement in the s fall with the breeze. nice to put some of the small ones and a litte bit of texture and you've got it. >> beautiful. you have broccoli overif there? >> it looks like broccoli but it's not. isn't that interesting? so pretty as a nice texturet and then it will turn red before it blooms as a role pretty seat had later for
10:38 am
late blooming plants as well ase it grows rolled salt lake 36 inches tall covered in white or pink flowers.l >> what are the great things out theree with the plant thing? >> all of those are really good and it does bloom. it is in the core althoughm. >> nice my scholar. beautiful cor with the shade or part shade so you plant them now and they will bloom off all. then they will bloom again next t spring whichs really fun. >> and that is exactly right. fall. these winter pansies sometimes they are called and that is the one he really want
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about a month usually about the middle of september they last until halloween or something like that. how do i for delays what f and when. >> for delays in the fall you can do it anytime now or wait until late november when they are doing it done. >> so you have to go to see because she can help you put together something like this which incorporates all the things we saw right hereom thiss actually a workshop we are hosting on september 10 at 10:0d make it is at the workshop for the fall of that was september 10 with the 15th and 22nd we have all wine a wine and potting workshop as well
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interstate 77 exit 132 a little easy to little easy to get to. good tips. coming up ?- are you hosting a party this weekend?
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so what causes varicose veins?
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>> the british isles tended to women tend tohese get them a lot more frequently than ment butchers pictures and acres and bartenders retail wearing compression stockings can help with the pain you want
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complications can include ulcers porkchops blood but shots blood for us. as far his first treatment option. >> it'sre all about relieving pressure that can be surgically removed are injected if they are smallal they can be treated with whate is called you close the small claims things they can actually clue some of these today. >> the doctor says spider veins are little different. >> spider veins are genetic and gender related women get them pregnancy pushes them out
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made drinks for 100 people at once one time? >> yes at a weddin there was meant in the garden. let's do this want how one how many will make this one? and e doubled the recipe if you want to go biggerer a cup and a halff water that is 121.
10:47 am
completely resolved in the watet absolutely you want to boil and youbs want to sugar to disappea it should be clear go about ten minutes is fine. next line want to add the meant. about two handfuls of meant in their so what we do is we abstract infusions to drink making making it lovely that is spearmint chromite from the spearman chromite from the garden super fresh i iit mix it around and gt in there and let it go and then on to the next step so this is big we willso at all the
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>> blueberries do leave the to leave the big things. just really go ahead and break it up one fort the flavor about two fr the color. they are beautiful contrary to the name, it is actually a purple. >> who does the cooking there? >> terrific stuff she is our head cook there she runs the kitchenen and is all the lovely suits and entr?es there. >> it is a great spot. see, i told you this is good what i want to do is add the simple syrupod we have to let it cool r half an hour. i premade that for us.
10:49 am
rum bottle. absolutely you can tell it is a beautiful green and i just added to the blueberries and we continuest to model it around. what we do is get the flavor and color into the drink. that is the fastest way to cap your game. >> what do you have blueberries in their and spearman?o >> we have edible orchids and even our strawberry in there you can put whatever you have in the kitchen.n
10:50 am
based on the true story of the miracle of the hudson on 2009.o it will take place tuesday, september 6 at 7:00 o'clock be color number eight he will win a pair of tickets and that is
10:51 am
to rum. >> absolutely we add two cups of rome if you want w to double the recipe just to do for it. add to that in there with the beautiful mixture. the last thing we have to doo is the lim just go ahead and cut the lime it will probably take the whole bucket half out of there, but we have already done that already today we can skip this step and go right r to this quiz. >> is tell you are what, you put that together will go to break when we come back, we will serve not only one of these. she will
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while come back to new day. it is no secret arby's just roast and they do it the right way that is for sure. now they are adding buttermilk chicken to
10:55 am
this buttermilk checking that you have wins the sauce to it it is buffalo buffalo chicken i love the sound of this what makes them so special and different have great things on your menus.t >> our original three chickeny
10:56 am
chicken center andad salted caramel cooking everything i would probably want you tove add to the menu it out probably done and from two until 5:00 p.m. this is the no space sandwiches you have your new york style corn beef and smoked ham buffalo chicken. >> what is that, there is that chicken as well? >> it is. t and a creamy honey mustard. they are absolutely delicious. and you are good to go for the weekend preparing e
10:57 am
barbecue a whole hour dedicated to the spectacular sights of northeast ohio we take you to someou of the newest additions o wine country and even a few more hidden gems. coming up on friday thank you so much for this. it is terrific isn't it? >> we will you on tomorrow's show
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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dr. oz: drugs, alcohol and pills. what really happened to america's sitcom kids? >> i really hit bottom. dr. oz: from "growing pains" to "everybody loves raymond," even the "partridge family." see what was really going on behind the scenes of your favorite shows. >> i think he blamed hollywood for that. dr. oz: the breakdowns, blackouts and breakthroughs. coming up next. note ? ? ? ? dr. oz: who remembers this face? that's jeremy miller who filled america's living rooms as ben


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