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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  August 31, 2016 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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thank you for waking up with us in choosing us as your source for news on this wednesday morning. sou how do you like that come here rico the front isn't here yet it comes later today. see how it just faded going to start to see the cloud cover fate outway here are thear shows just garden-variety shows testing through euclid ga and willoughby up to north madison them down ten those preprint the
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come out later today. more than likely this will work out will haveke a little this morning a break and although we are highlighting shows that anytime ilig think the coverage will be about 40-50 percentc later this afternoon primarily that would be between 3-6:00 p.m. today. it has been an easy one that's always good to hear are startint to see a few more cars on 71ar hopefully you'll see a lot more cars last night. the indians are going for this week. the boys are off tomorrow and then we have to homestand this weekend.oys
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hour zone in your access it via clifton boulevard. they've extended the project in and outthe extends from detroito center bridge. only northbound traffic is allowed in that area..on no problems. we are moving along well asell traffic comes across some an apartment overpass east 22nd. got a putting green and 303 is down to two lanes and i've interaction.two donald trump plans to give a major speech on inns immigration tonight first to make a quick trip to mexico. stacy fry has more on this unexpected f he has made it very clear how he was to hinder the border with
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that's a goes president says there's zero chance he would pay for a very bold move on short notice he has had very harsh words for donald trump can. into hitler and mussolini and he has an had fears criticism and their communities in america.a. he says they're going to secure our borders.rder the drugs from pouring in and destroyed our country.y. his father is not softening his stance on immigration him make
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within the state.e but again he had to start with baby steps.e check to get rid of thed criminals first and foremost and secure the board hillary clinton's campaign cheated the first days of his campaign he's pleaded mexicans as rapists criminals. say whatout went on to matters this but he says to arizona not mexico he and trump will have much to discuss. i would like to be a fly on they
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you can see. yes. both kit presidential candidates are planned to conduct higherpre taking part in the annual 11th district community contests labor day festival is a and sti lukeor an indefinitete easter part rankings member her running mate will also be there. donald trump will visit wilmington near cincinnati to polls show here and ohio. police investigated as a shooting thatig took the lives f two men person called 911al yesterday morning saying a womal with her hands tied in to her home send someone had been shot when officers went to her home on this rain out of the northeast they of the men three children are also said that they were sa not hurt. one victim has been identified as a 33 -year-old.ea
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identified. police are trying to track down a suspect this month after 17te -year-old girl said she was great forr walking home from school university heights police say she was sexually assaulted after leaving w the one heights high school as thursday afternoon.thur investigators say she was working with a friend when at some time a young man followed her then aa great job about a quarter-mile appearancese administrators phone message that did not givee specifics about the incident it'sab been like it's my job, i kid. i want to make sure my kids aree safe because a lot of details. no one really knows that i think should call out >> they say they believe this is an isolated incident they did not believe there's a serial rapist on the list the bel clevd heights university heights school district says they are worth of the incident there working working with police in
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the heartbroken family is looking for answers. maia belay has our story. all she wanted to do with me her great-granddaughter. still point is six on she wouldu never get the chance. creek a shocking blow from the third been no remains to bury.ry they could not locate her body. i've never heard of anything like this.v hospital staff told her granddaughter that she was discarded with the laundry. hospital staff was crewded when they deliver the heartbreaking news. they didn't have the decency and
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while she was they issued this statement that reads in part with profound empathy for the family feelingel they are continuing to investigate allti aspects of ths matter put does not alleviate thes pain of this incident been implemented processes to prevent a reassuring.s id there question finding answered. in the rain, maia belay, fox 8 news.w the family says they stopped plans tosay move forward with a memorial service for the child. your time not is 6:08 a.m.
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i when he tried to stop thesto attack see what they are saying about the animals good atood morning everybody. we had showers heading into late county. euclid south showers. that's about it most of this stuff heading towards the nort images will climb into the high 70s and we was see some redevelopment. t will see areas with rain and thunder possibilities later.ea it's been a nice rush hour more cars are popping up keep youk up-to-date on anything that
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good at morning. it's a little early to talklk l about winter rather that this is at picture from pikes peak from yesterday evening. their elevation is that 14 does 15,000 feet. and a headste tdoe down to given idea this is the time of yeary heading into september that we a piece of the rockyece mount mustard to see systems that to produce snow.un there is a guy a i think the snow fell and noww starting to melt.e kind ofl a cool pictures are starting to see some of the cloud cover with the waves ofe fog doubtful than as the sun became to say. l t andre put that together for us yesterday.y.a and for they had anything asides
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we're going to keep an eye on not the showersoi that we have developed into late county. the possibility of some thunder later on todaye they have not d any reports of any time during yet. theyin everywhere your place of sunshine as the front begins to move in here for anticipating it. showers and thunderstorms coverage at 40-50 percent of that would be out millersburg
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into the 50s biggest right wayl is that a level four times what a blessing last weekeve thehe northwind will start to take over into tomorrow than thee dewpoint speak into some widespread dry air this is our first fall a call from. dr this would be the only issue coming inon there will be a few lake induced showers tomorrow tropics areto worryil system will move out fromr perfecto we can for high school footballcan looking good for lar day weekend and '80s by the
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you may want to slow your roll it out once it ended up with the ticket coming up 77 en averagine independence.a a lot of construction that's the september in the detours areet posted wayne and jessica.o in the news this morning isis vowing revenge for the death of the top-ratedmo in the group spokesman. he reportedly had a key role in
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murdered while citing fear enforces come over the pentagon says he was killed in an airstrikeov they have offered a $59 reward for his death. the 60 year colorado man was killed by two family docs areoc also injured her sons did thatht pit bulls attacked her in the driveway of her garagettac and e 36 years old son when he tried to stop them.t had a reputation for our parkinp becausema there are running looe and acting aggressive as night they euthanized.d.a went to those found he was barking make it in this field holding his one -year-old sun
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the 29 -year-old dad was speeding when he parked into the top there was not stoppages cars see he says trying to killto the child that his father had was to pick of the responsibility think god every day that i he still in that he's feeling. hopefully he will be able toto walk he suffered a broken like a concussion and a cut on his forehead. chris brown is out of job aftera a standoff endedf with his arrested started testing one and they respondeds to at woman's ca forl help she said that he
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hard to me after she advised some jewelry she's lying she wasn't allowed to raise with her phone unless you sign't a nondisclosure agreement they spent hours at the home andand brown would not let them in thee he posted is on social media. you can walk right opinion.i hisn seen nothing yet idiots. eventually he was taken into custody on suspicion of assault with that that they were up and then releaseda on down overnight hisdo have five years on probatn after his attacking rihanna and
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marco rubio also won his primary that the rossman shorts of florida. r google is ready to go up against goobergoo according to a reportd the wall streetepo journal they will launch its own surface in sanch francisco later they shas the city is cheaper, because it will connect people who wereho already going in the same direction.alr which recently began testing a carpal service that could expand to other cities soon. it is 6:20 a.m.ot a wednesday morning in the city. she caused a panic in the new
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ever see why she says she did i
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more come back to foxing is in the morning. if you are coming downtown for the morning commutetei you knowu about the weschler way. west 45th ramps are closed through the end of the projectf to enter via clifton boulevard.t they still have all law of barrows out there.he please becpatient.
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penetrate the downtown accident also looking good this morning construction to keep in mind it was slow you down between grant and 303. choo-choo lanes and i've interaction. we still have a shower on radar they have not been superheavy, but it's county look at the biggerer picture as we look at temperatures in the mid-sixtiesi as the skies are beginning to thin outut anticipate
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the cold front as temperaturest as anyu break of sunshine one make a run at 80 degrees. should fishers john jamaica point but please don't believe her. todd meanypdo for her emerson sayse this pania she cost lastn week in a subway train. here's what happened.inbwa is the video of what have just pack posing as the homeless
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injured she is posted several pranks this on youtube including one wishes pretendingncl to step upp and all of them seem to be an effort to get page fears for her videos. hopefully this is her last
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i don't think anyone's thinking a lot of people just a yet.t. the train train so people can get off. you have an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes. it was changing and live. my people showing up in the stands will hear what you think in this morning's plugged in.ll some to folks with the friday night touchdown game last week.e the polls close thursday night at 9:00 p.m. pedro dumpster when iurs.m and tracy mccool joined e
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good morning everybody were starting to see things screening up a little bit.t we still need to make the conditions overall when we look back care ofkns the last severl weeks is still pretty dress ana many spots and i were startingnd to see the pattern become a
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storm fox radar showing some up in painesville up to ashtabula and hampton township was see some behind that there is not all whole lot going that would be the mosthe susceptible to picking up.
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that into speaking of flights.lg ceric to do. is you is going to start much
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that could have some fun fromfr
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i will be talking about that tomorrow night and arizona.ri big speech on immigration. including for citizen childrenhl to sail ultimately matters is raise us to versus is on the merits, with he remains committed to splitting up of families and deportation of millions symbols is that thise was his opportunity took presidentpth others say it's a terrible idea he was a president
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why they arece six get more ofa buzz out there next. things to a new state lawz thah does away with the limita that's been on the books since prohibitionon joining us.dd we were inspired type in at aa harkin as she was talking this the spring about thebou indians and the fact that nobody
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119. we're first in the decision underway last in attendance.e f and there are two teams chicago. there we're really cool place.l i'ma sure they'll be on the tope
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meantime, what is it.
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foundation .
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welcome back to foxing is in the morning. ba the blue angels are already showing off their tremendous kilts on the skies over downtown cleveland for the headwn of thet shut this weekend. one local press with a thrill of
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that might take the phone for the height.tha from per proposing to happen so process of tonight the principal is the one getting dawson. suited for much of a lifetime. super excited and nervous going through civic you ever done something like that. never than the years but have thought i would do something like this.anve
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geforce was spring within. the firstin hit with awesome. i had to put every ounce of my bodyin with it. would do it again. shewou is with she is an appreciation if you put yourt y mind to you can do anything.nyt he extremely the cleveland bishoprics first say it.
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the career job part of the day.t
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good morning. welcome back printer is dozen to see slow zones pop up. as we had through premature helu curb alsor inbound 9070s
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the show purple here in chardonr that looks like should leave out onhou the lake campaign so gettg up and tumor northwind also they killed philly criminal of october so those dark and use ts for before 4:00 p.m. mid-sixties
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your how are you. that man after hurricane katrina and she picked girls love versus the return applicable toove deve will wantl to take to strengthee
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which ishurr in mid range hurrie to that monster category five that we haveter seen pictures fr days, through this one day, basic. i'm just going to test day. i wrote so with few days.y we have everythings. the arrests
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timeu not is 6:54 a.m. we have kenny today.oda he is that the pancake flat. good at morning. it goes from flipping it with kenny. good we are flippingng pancakes for him amazing cause united way whenit we comee back. will show you what's all of that is all about kicking it with
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forty and 50 percent with temperatures approaching 80 degrees. this will be our last humid day for a long time a stretch in the 70s since the middle of may starts tomorrow. traffic time with patty it is 7:01 a.m. >> we need rush hours like this more often do these are 90 they use and 90 and 71 but no accidents. and he indians in twins on the mou t been downtown in a while wasfouo always a 35-mile mile-per-hour sure way ramps are closed and f you wanta to enter the western shore where you have we have to do thatr and detroit through central ridge is restricted to northbound traffic only southbound side o will be detoud this is 90 on west 44th. the two right lanes go to the inner
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definitely crowded stay to the leftfi if you just want to go to for 90 we are definitely seeing more volume we are starting off our wednesday accident free. >> bold and unexpected group or donald trump. >> last night heru announced hes traveling south of the border to meet with the mexican president he has more on that. >> it is donald trump to look presidential traveling outside the country for border control and it is the fear of the unknown that has some speculating this could be
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tonight you will secure the border first and suggesteded a conversation i was in hours in advance of the 20 night have accepted the invitation from mexico and looked very much forward look very much forward to meeting him tomorrowow i'll that will influence his speech tonight we don't know.c >> didn't change his stance than anything what he did and was to the done all along is he speaking with the people he's not he is not lecturing them is having a conversation what are
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take into accounts i will have that coming up. >> presidential candidates are planning to coming back to ohio >> other news right now canton police investigating aon deadly shooting that took the lives of two men. a woman with her hands tightly to their home saying someone had been shot when they went to their home on midway
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bodies of the men one was identified as joshua weatherspoonw of 17 -year-old close and she was raped while walking home from school great university. university heights police say she was sexually assaulted after leaving last
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everybody. cloudy skies we have some rain most of the rain is actually in lake county and ashtabula county we have a look at the perfect weekend. >> good morning.g. the first accident of the day wee will lt you know how it is it and how it will affectou your morning. >> number two the nation's
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>> ice is vowing revenge for the death of a top leader in the group spokesman for 39 -year-old from northern syria reportedly and at a key rolef in planning and operating the state department has offered a $5 millionme reward for his dea. >> is 63 -year-old colorado woman killed byea her to family dogs who also injured her son. police sayo in the doorway ofsa her collage and precursors six-year-old son when he tried to stop them. neighbor say the dogs had a reputation for parking andsa the animals were running loose and acting aggressivelyer when they were fined years ago. >> a pennsylvania man locked up after police say he pushes her six-year-old son out of the far left him on aou deserted road wn troopers on the 27 -year-oldde they say he was walking naked in
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-year-old sonne was also naked. the child at a fractured skull. his wife told police he had not been sleeping or eating for several days and ranting aboutee the end of the world. >> a father on in colorado accused of intentionally crashing his cara he was speedig when he slammed into two parked cars he was not strapped into his car seat. t he later told investigators he was trying to kill the child becausee fatherhood was too big of a responsibility. >> he is such a strong boy, and i thank think god every day that he is still alive and he is healing. hopefully eventually he will be able to walk again. >> the two -year-old suffered a broken leg, a concussion and a big of a a big cut on his forehead skimming singer chris brown out of jail after a standoff at his home and did an
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a woman's call for help she said the singer pointed a gun at her and yelled at her to leaveshhe r she admired some jewelry. she also claimed she was not allowed to leave with the phone unless she signed a non- this disco sure a nondisclosure. police surrounded the home you would not hello it up the men until later. he posted videos. >> barricaded myself in my house. it is in my house? don't want to do whatever you need to you could walk right in here and you will see y nothing you idiots. >> eventually taken into custody been released overnight. jail
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>> the 2008 presidential candidate expects to face a stiff challengea from a differet democratic congresswoman. florida senator marco rubio also want to his as did david musselman shorts. >> according to the report in the wall street journal and seems to be much cheaper because it will connect those in the same direction they began testing a carpool servicean that can expand into other cities
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unfortunately we have our first accident of the morning starting to backs people up on the 271 northbound for 80 westbound you can see a long line of red starting to pop up the slowdowns have bacon with emergency vehicles going through the backup. the slowdowns begin down by route eight. this is over by west 25th. a long line of cars b before west 44th stay to the left if you want to hitt for 90. we will focus on o 91 along route eight and 422 average speed 27 miles per hour to 71 northil scott is here wita
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>> him some pretty good rain right now those showers are moving throughr pretty heavy rainfall between h north madison geneva on the lake up into ashtabulan light rain as far south as euclid but that was about an hour ago. thunder developing with the temperature in the low 70s a lot of tropical humidity in placera t into millersburg and e with mansfield a cold front now passing through chicago. this is really the first full like cold front and over three
7:16 am
media i will update your mind aviation do it again ahead of the front. notice how we see the popping up of the storms. most about across the southern half of the viewing area. twenty-four. last week it was out for. to give you an idea it ist jumped up 600 percent in the last five days. fifty-eight tonight the north wind it d taks over all dropped the humidity look at they do points behind the front. international falls the dewpoint is at 42. extremely dry air. the only issuei we will have his the high will kind of swing over the lake
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and given the fact though they could so warm we cannot rule out an isolated shower we keep an eye on it most of the great lakes about great lakes about a 12 state area tla and still loog really good. a meaning here with plugged in. the weather is no excuse. we are talking about the cleveland indians. the attendance was not great last night about 12,000
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weeknight but we are 28 front of 30 when it comes to attendance we are talkingt today in the today's plugged in some ofn the reasons and ideas let's get to the comments a if there is no promotion tickets are dirt t cheap. ballpark cost you much for families at $4 dog night is popular. the team would up about. >> tickets are priced about the same everywhere they should not be competing with tampa for less place in attendance us oakland in tampa are the last three. >> good morning, todd. cleveland's mother still
7:19 am
scorching hott that could be proud of the problems. >> not just the tickets for the game but the parking unless you want to park a mile and a half away. it's $25 to park them in your tickets and your food. it is way too high. we pay too much for cable in order to not watch it on tv.r >> cavaliers tickets a thinker little more expensive than the areic up there too. we fill up browns stadium more people. it's only once a weekek. >> but back in the eight day in the '90s,.. he filled the stadium every day. selectthe browns work on 9495 you but we had them and 97
7:20 am
how you get a hold of us to let us know what you want.. here at the willy wonka factory making them all about the united way.l when we come back, we wil explain. stay with us. >> and now for your fox eight stork report cleveland's own welcoming cleveland's own. >> we will meet a little princes here this is madison from parma heights.i she is all dressed u
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uploadi pictures at
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those from united way the first thing we have to do is get our makes. our pancake batter. all right it looks pretty good. >> you were mentioning you talk about a city getting together for a great cause. we haveit to be really specific here. but this is the most cleveland we are raising money to help our family and w this community event could not happen without all the volunteers in the company is and of the donors like involving millions of dollars and honestly, united way is a great one for that. and i wanted to name your show kicking it with kenny today think we should. i think we should. we
7:25 am
want to think thank the renaissance hotelhi and you can come down herean and for $5 how about the united help out the united way getting some pancakes . you can get sausage andge coffee. it is awesome. >> and the money we raise interest is right here in cleveland tell us about one ofri the programs you are very familiar with that would help united way. >> it helps so many things our kids in cleveland are one of most important. we have what's called the wrapper around school program went 25 schools wero tae services will be on tour teachers and school board can providei making sure our familis approach it to make sure they are ready to learn and read we know they had r to learn to read but they may need to read to learn after third grade. so we
7:26 am
that we care for our at reading level or above reading level. so these programs are working. it makes a difference. >> we have a lot of hungry pancake eaters here. >> , on downgr $5 you get pancas and sausage and something to drink. you are supporting a great cause right here.nk whene come back,
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your time right now scott sabol is it raining outside right now? >> that would be a negative.u >> will it rain here customers. >> at some.i believe it will many as bothered me. balconies for baseball. >> that is probably better than any computer.
7:31 am
other accidents on to 71
7:32 am
again to 71 northboundcc it does have two cars involved this is the east sure way it is very easy to 90 as you come into sure way c look at the drive times before you head out 37 minutes nowb between route eight 80 west. the west sure way an
7:33 am
were pouring in speaking to cnn,
7:34 am
softening his stance on immigration, and he will make that clear in a speech in arizona tonight.wiha >> is policy has been the same
7:35 am
a lot to take them in for sure. >> you. >> checking back to sleep with the city is doing what the shortage of a crossing guards. cleveland city also is now 65 crossing jobs are open. that is several dozen fewer from the
7:36 am
the animal shelter there are 56 newscasts.l many schnauzers. they are really as cute as they can the possibilities president and ceo diane johnsons and how it reacts with different dogs then can we act with cats. vaccinated and microchips which takes time and space with 400
7:37 am
pricing and include increases interested to act fast on this rare opportunity to pick from so many healthy peer brides at purebreds at once.ope >> and the indians maybe on fire, but attendance at games is not. why do you think that is?
7:38 am
close tomorrow night at nine. we announced the one on fox
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7:41 am
will come back to fox eight news in the morning. 7:40 a.m. it is timein to get plugged in with todd it. >> good morning. our you doing talking about your cleveland indians. attendance isd not ben goodot recently. 12,000 people last night.00 they had some god games a few weeks ago school is back inc session but we are asking why aren't people going? wele are one of the best teams n baseball one of the lowest
7:42 am
way too expensive. >> my name is friday and i am calling from cleveland. people just think about time of money to gom down there. sit back and
7:43 am
>> great food and everything. >> if you are just getting up are getting ready to go to school ?-dash 743 unmeasured time. still to come ?- gladys knight concerning it's not always was to mix business with family. finding why she is
7:44 am
chicken and waffles chain. unveiling a robot butler. we havein the school for this artificial intelligence project. >> taking a live look outside,
7:45 am
7:47 am
40 ?- 50 percent later on today it will be scattered. tomorrow, northwind we will have the dark fall like clouds witht sunshine nice day at at lower humidity. we weekend forecast looks
7:48 am
sunday. those in the upper 50s i think we will be in the upper 60s how about traffic for patty. we have a couple of things happening. the accident bassonnt and 71 northbound has w pushed off to the right berm. all exit leads are open. police aree so with the accident. is cap babette and it is not like him until martin luther king. it has been a slow right out there on the h h sure way
7:49 am
minute commute in bound inbound on the sure waym 16 minutes in the west sure way has been a slow right between lake and west 20th. >> gladys knight and her midnight train to georgia taking her son to court over a chicken and waffles chain. the lawsuit says thatat she licensed her likeness to her son it senate in 1999es for a chicken and waffles restaurant, but that included a verbal an agreement with hankerson notan to really o anything that would mess up her reputation. she wanted her reputation protected. he was arrested in todayte accused of stealing nearly $700,000, and withholding taxes. so night now wants to separate her name from
7:50 am
and try to conceal the problem with surfaces with the flickering great bar at the top of theto touchscreen and has refused to fix it. >> controlling the temperature lights a> marks inside your ho the ceo says he wants to debut in artificial intelligence system to control the h month. he has apparently been working on a face and voice recognition system for some time comparing its to the movie iron man. he says it is front gate his front gate is already programmed to open ga as soon at detects his voice her face. >> your time is 7:50 a.m. we have0 the very latest on chris
7:51 am
14 hour standoff at his home. the details straightahead, flipping era and not kicking about flipping and for a great causeea as you can see pancakes
7:52 am
7:54 am
good morning, everyone. we are here at public square. lamont, why don't you go around the outside and i will come over here. this is the united way's pancake they are puttig asked to work. this is a beautiful event. congratulations. >> thank you you too people need to realize is there are so many different projects out herere when they give it thy really are helping out tons of children in our area just for startersrs you now we work and support 133 agencies in the greater cleveland area. it was
7:55 am
our 211 program also serves as 256,000 people. providing advice and counsel going out to the agency. >> that is just the tip of the iceberg for what you guys do. this iseb just the tip of it but the issues you cover are very serious. >> and do they are. >> thank you. that while we are having a good time and contributing to the mac causeses to help alleviate problems in our community making life easier for a lot of people this has been going on for 103
7:56 am
supportive of our communities. >> all the more reasoniv to make sure we have a lot of people come down. for folkse joining s explainedng how the pancake breakfast works. >> you can call in in a mobile order and pick it up when you come to public square you can just come down here now. five dollar container. you can eat andyo take some back to your coworker at the office. it wonderful, wonderful. we will be here until 10:00 o'clock. >> why think we did pretty good we did not lose one. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> we will go back to you guys in the studio. come on down five bucks for the awesome breakfast. >> that is great. >> and weather is holding up right now. that is a good thing. that is our public squarebl there.
7:57 am
10:00 a.m. >> coming up at the top of the hour ?- >> good morning donaldho trump s invited to mexico, and he is going to speak with the presidentit face to face about e wall. all of that is just ahead of the major immigration speech planned for tonight. i will fill you in. >> a we're getting plugged in on this wednesday morning talking about your cleveland indianss nearly a mouse place when it comes to attendance why? your good morning everyone. every wind fall of been ashtabula county. we're starting to see development over the lake. i don't think it will be relatively we will talk about the coverage in storms todayti. >> also sugar packs max out. a local dietitian is here to show us the healthy options. >> plus, kissing the summer
7:58 am
some tips for your garden and yard i had ahead for fall. >> and aj and crew are back at did it again. aj will be doing flour bombing and a very deserving woman is on the other receiving end of it. a fantastic story we willei meet r
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good morning, cleveland and


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