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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  August 31, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, cleveland and
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of northeast ohio wednesday the last day of august 2016 it is 8:00 o'clock. >> good morning.s we have scott with us this morning good morning. good morning, everyone look at the rain. not so much here in cleveland although we had spots of drizzle. it is about 5 miles offshore it will continue to track near eucl painesville their ashtabula county. and behind thatr although the showers of the that was have been laterlt the cold front will make these a little more powerful as the days go on we are still in the lower 70s in charge and 72 in north olmsted since 7:00 o'clock near
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showers of notne propagated into northern indiana yet. that is a sign we are we're back signalt whole lot of sunshine but eventually that will go through rumbles of thunder south as temperatures climb. here is a look at the radar when we start to see the winds shift end of the lake will start lake will start to push further in manned traffic time with patty. >> we have this accident where police haveer been on the scene backing folks up along to 71 those areas averaging about 7 miles per hour. a tough job this is a live look at to 71 down by route eight so you can
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been a sluggish right out and about everywheret we highlight our troubled spots. to 71 northbound another every 14 minutes71n 90 eastbound 17 minue commute causing for those big delays onr >> we began with donald trump going to mexico he announced it at 10:00 o'clock last night on twitter. >> he promised to build a wall and make mexico pay for it has accepted an invitation to discuss border issueses. >> another surprising turn of events the mac he accepted an
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one he has twice postponed. i have accepted the invitations, very much to meeting him tomorrow he also today that both trump and hillary clinton have been invitedeu comes after monts of harsh words appeared to be softening his stance on immigration we will find out in the big speech today. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying
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>> and i will be talking about that tomorrow night and arizon a big speech on immigration we will be talking about that to mount night. arizona. >> in response to donald trump's announcement, hillary clinton's campaign tweeted from the first days he has been to the 60 million people including ultimately matters is what donald trump says is devoted and splitting up of families and deportations of millions. some say it is opportunity to look presidential some say it is a terrible idea meetingok with the other and says there is zero chance mexico will pay for that ball. senate invitation to hillary as well and she backed off on thatnaar?
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candidates planning to come back toc ohio. hillary clinton will visit cleveland on monday taking part in the 11th district parade and picnic will end up at the part-time kinsman road her running mate tim kane will also beal there. donald trump will visit wilmington near cincinnati tomorrow right now polls show clinton with a narrow lead right here in ohio. >> for people behind barsh right family dollars for here in the city of cleveland. police say an adultcl and three juveniles broken to the backv door of the store off of juvenile they were caught carrying the items next-door this was the same that was hit by smash and grab suspects over the weekend. >> a deadly shooting investigated that took the lives of two men. a person called 911 yesterday saying her a woman
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shot officers went to a home on midway avenue north east they found the bodiesy of the men three children also inside but they were not heard. one victim identified as 35 -year-old joshua weatherspoon the other victim has not yet been identified. >> police trying to track down a sub spec this morning after seven to go 17 -year-old girl raped whilele walking home from school and university heights police say the girl was sexually assaulted after leaving cleveland heights high school yesterdayts afternoon. they say she was walking with a friend when ata some.this but they say young man started following her than raped her about a quarter-mile from a home appear from the schools is administrators to it's about a phone message about the incident but it was not specific. >> it's my child. i can't want to make sure my son's favorite mymy little one is safe and i he
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believe heot is a serial rapistn the loose. >> marine hospital apologizing to a family after losing the remains of a stillborn baby.. she says her great-granddaughter was born stillborn at six months. and the family learned that mercy regional medical centeral actually lost the chils remains. hospital staff told her that the child's remains were discarded with the laundry th h improvised processes employed so it will never happen again. >> he was branded as as the counterrevolutionary and member after he apparently displayed a
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officials also punished in the
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everybody. this is time lapse from pikes peak out west. and then l and shirts i'm sure the temperature is a lot warmer than you see the front coming through with the difference in air mass kind of
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coverage on rain between 40 and 50 percent that is how the showers mile from that to the southeast flaring up late afternoon by late evening the sun was due. the humidity starts to fall about a week ago the right way and was up for spun up six times what it was last week 50s tonight we imagine the dewpoint skit really loveoe a pretty good sign we're not only anticipating temperatures in the 70s but very little chance in the humidity in the weather. dark fall like clouds tomorrow with
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and florida will get hit with him it really heavy rainfall looks good for high school football temperatures in the 60s friday evening and shall forecast looks good the next week we start to heat up we any middle to '80s were at least six to ten days. we send it back to you guys. >> thank you so much. and i have plans today people living in hawaii preparing for what could be the first hurricane to hit the state and more than twov decades. it couldd happen tody is hurricane marilyn is heading west as a category two storm towards the big island resident stockpilingde food and water boarding up their window so i windows hawaii was lastedi by a
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meantime of florida and north carolina residents prepared for separate tropical systems we will keep you posted on what what is happening there. he scored all of his remaining shares for a total of five-point and million $9 million. he
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buying the rights to chart charge used by hp r aids patiens and hiking its price by 5,000 percent. he was later arrested for running a ponzi scheme. seventeen minutes after 8:00 o'clock is your time we are getting plugged in with todd >> human is doing as well as we are getting moderate amounts more attendance why what is the deal with the that wire you're game's listen i can't afford it it is a school night a lot going on. a lot of money for cavs games and gear and you don't have to buy you can bring in your own food. every time i look for tickets
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expand the mid range price at. >> upper-level tickets are going for 20 bucks. get downtown cheer b on your cleveland indias at least one time this season. >> they can says the team is when he again fans are not coming out and supporting them that'st unheard of in cleveland fans come out to support the cavaliers. the fans stand should be just as excited.a gae timepp your own food and drink. >> that maybe there is so much
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flipping it. we will check in with him at the united way pancake flip next. look at
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so this is already off to a
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sausage and all of this good flipping pancakes for a
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all could. that good. that is okay.. there it is. just like lebron and tyree. you have done great things in our community have a lot of the great programs for coffee that is a steel. you want to get down there and make sure you are a part of the whole
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fourteen minutes. 14 miles when we come back united way done here flipping pancakes for us for a great cause we keep inventing breakfast. who wants this one? we all know what donald trump has said about women... so how can rob portman still support him? maybe it's because they agree on so much. like overturning roe v. wade... and defunding planned parenthood. and opposing equal pay for women.
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rob portman has endorsed a man for president who doesn't respect women at all.
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[music playing] how cute time to head back to class withh kids across northeast ohio.hio this is braden on his first dayy of preschool after the goldenold key in canton.nt he looks ready to learn. adorable.y this is en he is third grade and fairview park love the sine andn big smile. this will melt your heart.will r this is h carter dawson getting some support from his big
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of kindergarten.d i wonder if they are related.l he looks like he is praying.s pa probably a cousin i don't know about.probabl they are darling. we want to see more pictures. you can share your pictures witt us by e-mailing us at tips ats a or submit them right on under seeneok at all right.ll r welcome back everyone gladigck v you're with us on this wednesday halfway through the work week io hoping our forecast looks good. for that week and it good.and got to tell you just wayne andwn stephanie can you guys hear me i got to tell you i felt likeelt l young master dawson on the first day of school every i never liked the first day of o school all the kids out thereute
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just so you know. praying very storm foxed up the radar showing rain off to the east around ashtabula and one little echo right there we will zoom in onln but getting some decent rain and ashtabula god was tracking this tis earlier. look at that we've got really heavy rain going into east lake. probably messing with traffic a little bit on the eastside.ts and some lightning out there ass well. remember lightning can actually wel 15 miles away from the thunderstorm..thu if younderst hear thunder it'sd definitely close enough thatught lightning could be an issue in that understating it.. look at the clouds burke lakefront airport. clouds will spur to rain a little break in the action withh the rain showers and then laterr this afternoon and other line of thunder is expected to fire up and it should be inlandpe. 70 east lake cuyahoga fallslls here's the front we aree watching. as it sewttles to the south and
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waiting.. the fox eight day forecastforec calling for highs close to 80 70s tomorrow some late driven rain showers look at the sun all the way through the holiday weekend. what a forecast. back to you guys..wee our top story this morning. a bold and unexpected move byane donald trump. b last night he announced he's traveling south of the border to meet with the mexican president. fox 8's stacey frey is in the newsroom with more on that decision. the mexicanac good morning again. good morning. m m it is an opportunity for donaldd trump to look presidential,ok p, traveling outside the country to meet with a foreign leader to meeth a fone of the biggestttrat issues this country faces border control. but it's the fear of the unknown that has some speculating that but ir of the unknown backfire.r it's going to be as beautiful as
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we will build the wall 100% and mexico will be paying for the wall. donald trump has repeatedlyexicn called for a wall the mexicanan president says there isys theres absolutely no way he'll pay fore it but in recent days trump andl some in his campaign seem tom to indicate a softening on immigration.d the republican presidential nominee has said he would deport all who are here ha now a senior campaign adviser cr says the gop nominee willsays announce in his immigration speech tonight. the p nom that he will secure the border w first and suggest that the conv the millions of undocumentede onversat on what should come quote years from now.ould c and now this bold move onbold m trump's part hours in advance of that speech a tweet late last night announcing. i have accepted the invitation of president enrique pena nieto, of mexico, and look very muchve forward t acco meeting him tomo. how will that meeting influence his speech tonight remains to be seen.eptethe of me, and rd to mt speaking on cnn, donald trump junior said his father's junsaid hon stance remains thee same.
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he surveyed the room and asked d what are your thoughts on this i want to take that because i want to take into account what the people sayau unlike our planetn will take into account only those who contribute millions and millions of dollars to her campaign. who cillion hillary clinton of course had as cagn. very strong reaction to donald o trump's trip to to m i'll have that coming up.ex can't wait to hear stacey frey reporting live fromm the newsroom. thank you. still ahead we're doing a littg flour bombing this morning. my mom is honestly one of the best people you'll ever meet she will love it shall be so surprised. coming up we'll me of the very deserving woman who is getting a landscaping upgradean thanks tok our good friends..
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dietitian is revealing kids snacks that areng packed with te stuff and offering up someing up healthy alternatives. but first let's kick it with kenny. so hh good morning tony. the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
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charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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new meta daily heart health. it's clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. and having lower cholesterol is something to celebrate. wow. he's got some moves. yeah, he does. help trap, remove and lower cholesterol
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[music playing] [music playing] all i love this song by maroon five. a little sugar.r. talking about sugar sugar we know that kids love itt adults to but there are new recommendations nowo how muchuch sugar kids should have on a daily basis. to break down this not so sweeta news we're joined now by brigidd titgemeier, registered dietitian, at the clevelandtitgt clinic center for functionalh c medicine.lenic center for fu we thank you for being with us today. really an important subject im because kids are getting like two or three timestata more tha that is recommended dailyil allowance of sugar and it's not
8:39 am
in nearlly every single food project in the superstore.very through easy to exceed the the recommendation which was havingv no more than 6 teaspoons per day of added sugar for kids.ids we now it's not good when it i comes to their teeth but whathat all the sugar do that's not so o good for your body?t so really strong evidence to show that too much sugar can functioo the to increased visceral fat.el childhood obesity which we know there's a huge problemo risk of insulin resistance typey two diabetes and cardiovasculara disease the leading causes of death in the united states that were really getting to our kids. bottom line it's not good for you.m line talk about some of the snackse c because nowk that school startsr way by the snacks we put them in their lunch we think they are healthy and they're good thathat they're so much hidden sugar inn these. at lot of hidden sugar foodod industry makes it difficult to be able to mak tesell iwhether a lot ofth sugar.
8:40 am
and they eat yogurt it warms my heartog they are eating healthy choice right now.o maybe may ben take a look at what you broughtt as far as yogurt goes andoes an they're all not created equallyl they're not all created equallyy a lot of the companies will adda pretty pictures of food on the front to make you think they're going to be more nutritious that just food and milk but that'silu not the case if you see pictures of fruitt tf usually sweetenedt added sugar. the onee shown on the sc i believe 19 grams of sugar.ugar that will be too much sugar that's not a craigig naturally. okay. yogurt has lactose in it which is naturally occurring sugar and dairy products there will bell some sugar that's listed onted nutrition labelon but it shouldt exceed anything about 12 grams that will bee. you need to count this up in in their getting school lunch is not sure how much they're getting out school.ool the research shows kids are ar
8:41 am
home versus at school you wouldd think it's happening easier for you to believe it's coming from the school but a lot of it isis coming from home. got to read the from they're not all created equallyq let's move along to this my daughter is lactose intolerant this is what wei drink in ourur house i think it's so healthy packed with proteinnk it might h be. it depends may bee your buying n unsweetened. i don't think we are. but we will start today. almond milk still good there's a chocolated milk almond milk thae get to but make sure you lookok for the unsweetened kind.n up tod. 4 teaspoons in one cup f almond milk.o if it doesn't say it'sy it's unsweetened on the front whichhc is for out of the 6 teaspoons per day.s for out if they're putting that in theit cereal that's already full of sugar you have like an ice cre sundae going on you think you're having a bowl ofy done with your talotal sugar by breakfast.
8:42 am
think when yourtmea kids are eae oatmeal again it warms your heart they're eating something healthyat i.. oatmeal a lifetime says a lott about it sugar.gar. you're right if you're eating a bowl of oatmeal with vanillaitha almond milk you think thatn has better options but really you're getting over 17 b grams of added sugar and one male.ale if you're not buying the unsweetened oatmeall a lot of it comes down to not buying bananaa and banana walnut and otherhe flavors that make you think usually means thate there's addd sugar. they're a lot of these boxesoxes that's what i get the quaker stuff lower my kids don't even notice a difference. applesauce another big offender. it is ifsau you're buyinge b applesauce that doesn't have any added sugarpl except for the th apples the apples have some sugar on they're own may be 8 grams of sugar could be coming from the apple but then you havl an initial 10 grams coming from other sources that are in the hegredient list. really running out of timee
8:43 am
run through these. healthier options. this is a good serial option iti will be higher in fiber and protein. this. r make sure its original there's no added sugar you can make ths really easy snack with bananasas and peanut butter.ter. they smell so good. bananas and all-natural peanuttu butter. make sure the only inbugrttedern the peanut butter is peanuts anu salt and kids are allergic to almond butter cashew butter asws w /a crunchy salty snack that kids love crun and an easy thing thau can pack in individual servingsn for school lunches as well.ell. how much is good.m hummus is great. thank you.thank . we ran for all of this bottom tb line read theott labels sugar cm in other names be careful of of those sneaky words. will have all of thise f this information on our website looko undersea and on tv we want tonto get our kids healthy.alth will check in with kennyth
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good cause and healthy pancakes to. caus yes indeed.d. we are doing a great jobobyes in you have this eeo with you you better do a good job. hanging out heree. all right.igh we've been flipping pancakes last year you guys had abouto 10,000 that was good. a record we want people to come down spent $5 ge5 a great pancake breakfast and its for united way which is a great great cause. correct.s okay.okay. tell us for people just joiningg us tell us about some of the programs of the moneyt the proceeds will go to some of the programs that will benefit from this. o support for over 100 services. northeast ohio. serving people about 500,000ut
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united way and that life. very good.e we have this serving aboutout 250,000. 250,000 people and that's right here in our area. 1331. what people need to realizeneed united way started right here in cleveland.realize three years ago it started we we invented the united way campaign. such a great idea here it's spread all over the world.e three years later moreore responsive in our community and people use our services to contribute to the appeal every year. using the word reinventedtributt is yreinventing itself what aint great time for the people osef cleveland to participate andle e resurgence of what's happening in our city.
8:46 am
that we have created. united way plenty of wonderful things. take for granted every once in a while. we should know how important it is.. thank you so muchis. you're a gg pancake flipper.ipp you walk it like you talk itk it flip pancakes with the best of them.fl okay were going to go back tock you guys in theto studio. we have pancakes to flip. kicking it with kenny she port of the most perfectst e pancakes did you see that.hat the perfect little circles. still to come on the big showg w this morning we are doing a little flour bombing. we're also getting an update on our blossoming fox 8 garden.e'r fall is comgaing and aj petitti. here to share his tips on how to
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this customer wants a checking account that won't surprise him with fees.
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oh, just him the illusion of free checking. the illusion? bury the fees in the fine print. you know -- for minimum balance and monthly maintenance. he'll never notice. at huntington, we have asterisk-free checking. there's no minimum balance required and no monthly maintenance fees. what you see is what you get. or give the illusion of asterisk-free checking. no illusions. no surprise fees. welcome to huntington. one of money magazine's best banks in america. [music playing]] [music playing] if you ask jennifer zonar her mother is the kindest and most seis tlfless person you'll ever meet.he cathy greathouse puts her children and grandchildren first.dren an in fact the entire familythe ene considers her the go to person for everyone and everything. fay
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beautiful person. and that's why jennifer thought her mother deserved a little flower bombing.d thatmbing. cathy greathouse's brunswick home has always been a welcoming but thanks to aj petitti and his team from petitti garden center it's about to become even morebe so.. we're going to add some color,io add some pots by the entrance, adding lantana under this peach tree, just cleaning up just beautify the yard a little bit. what started as a blank slate was quickly transformed. aj and his crew wasted no time laying out plants, digging, edging, adding top soil, putting down mulch, and then giving it all a good watering.oil, putting kathy's daughter jennifer zonar nominated her to be flower my mom is honestly one of the best people you'll ever meet.
8:51 am
doing these so special for aj and his crew. everybody enjoys coming out anda doing this. it's a highlight for everybodyed on our team to be able to be a part of it. it's something we really enjoy and just really appreciate beina able to do. we have a lot of volunteers. a lot of the employees on our team are dying to do this.o do i at petitti's we really value family, it's a great lovingtittr environment and we just want to spread that love to everyone in the community.vironment st wanto it didn't take long to get everything in place and then kathy arrived home for the big reveal.didn't tt ac so because i love you so much, i nominated you to be flower bombed by petitti's.ecause i lhi congratulations. on behalf of fox8.fox8. thank you.u. th thank you.. you're welcome. thank you jen.k yo i love you.u kathy ai lnd her entire family e big petitti fans.ovet my five year old one of her favorite places to visit ever is petitti's.rite pla
8:52 am
we go to petitti's today?lways the people there are so nice. it's just an amazing place and they do wonderful things.eople oh yes, i love this guy. so deserving.ervin wonderful. great job aj. you guys do a wonderful job. it's a blessing to be able to do it so great to meet jennifer and kathy such a cool thing i can't even tell you one more coming up in september. make sure youom ge nominations andur but a wonderfl thing. you made h er soo happy. that's the best part about it i would imagine. makes me so happy.y. aj i guess that the translation. all right we are talkinghe falll cleanup will do stuff in thehe garden and of course we talkedld about what you've got to do to
8:53 am
the garden things are ficintiall starting to cool off which is the greatest news the greatestwh gift you could havee g ever givn me. within your garden you want tot do two things make sure your harvesting and keeping it clean. as plans are lying over the peppers are starting to grow at a great season this year. to great season this year make surk you are continuing to profit is up same thing with tomatoes don't leti fruit rot on the green tomatoes on them or your harvest them or tomatoes you will get sam with any other fruits they'll continue growing you canth still see there's new flowers coming out every day. day. the season is still going so so make sure that you continue to harvest and anything that's reallyyou cont past its prime ol or brown make sure your point that materialowow out and away o that you're keeping the gardenr clean. really. important. i the dirtier it gets arempo if yu get righted material thatl t bacteria will spread and it'sit not good for the grass right now especiallyca withll the weather quilling offl really time to get back andback
8:54 am
and see what's going on.n. doing breaking down thereown the earlier. you canrl see there's a lot of f patching is common a lot of places throughout the areaatchir grass in the summer and a lot of it came back you can see a lots of itlo is green and a lot of it didn't i any of this brown arear you want eato make sure that yo go aheadou and break this break out all of the day grass you can see with my fingers it t comes out really easy. it's not hard to get this grass out.t. it's good and dead.d a lot of peopled have dogs that tend to is at same deal whenth they're doing their business. brown things up the same deale for that? that you want to treat take thee acid and so there's also dog biscuits and other stuff thatha will help to that as well where it won't affect the grass. this is different. pretty much straightth from thee summer. grass that died in just didn't make it through.thro what you want to do is make this all upuhat you then you want tt
8:55 am
to really m easy ways patch magister is the paper recycled and the easy seed blends and a a little bit better.t better. and it works a little bit more effectively.y. are the birds going to eat it?i? the mulch the more you water it it holds the moisture and thishs will fill out beautifully.tiful. go ahead and sprinkle this all around. not to have a nice light coatinh over the t soil and this will si backll and.nd if you got weeds want to make sure your spring for the weeds do you can go ahead and get started with that. and if you're grass just cameame out generally then go ahead andd overseas. it's not a complicated thing get a hands print or toss it by han don'tha have to really do anythg else over at. spread it over your grass and an we'll get you squared away and last but not least time toe fertilize your lawn a lot of it a lot of peoplete on the summee hot and dry. there's not a lot in the soiloi
8:56 am
you want to make sure that your fertilizing your lawn. this weekend will be ideal.iz any kind of just fall fertilizer go ahead and put this down andow make sure that you water it in and it will be golden.t aj flour bombing and fantastic.s like you said you mentioned earlierou we are still we've goo one last.. to laugh. october. one last. this weekend for flour bombing. for september and please do feel good go to more of fox8 news coming right up. stay with us. still ahead this morning chris brown arrested again.ea we were just talking about that during commercial breaks. find out what sent the singer back to jail and what was behinr find out what his day long standoff withndlon police.stff wit
8:57 am
isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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[music playing]] chris brown is a free man this morning after posting 250fter pg thousand dollar bail. 250 the singer was arrestedinger asr yesterday for assault with aestd deadly weapon after author responded to a call for help from a woman at his home.dly wep spond no details about the altercation have been released. details a but the grammy award winner refused to come out of his home until officers showed up with a search warrant. brown denies he did anything wrong. refusee l officers showse you want him to stay out ofstay trouble. if you would have opened the doorof that's where the issue ca four hours hehe wouldn't go out.ou people watching that on social media helicopter shotha this a better station's live li
9:00 am
absolutely. thanks so much. good morning. happy wednesday. getting much closer to friday. the last day of august. a september starts tomorrow. i'm todd meany.y.september hard to believe. happy wednesday to you. i'm stefani schaefer.hieve. thanks for being with us today.b the next stop for donald trump south of the border. finde out why the republicang wu mp presidential candidate is heading to mexico. sout why tepublipr a scare for a student here in our area and ask a a lot of people in the neighborhood find out what she says happen to while she was walking home from school. should football be eliminatedmia from school steports programs?a? changes are being made this season but are they enough to helpnges are b bseason b. the story and your comments and this morning'so down the.he surprising number of parents ara on board with this.i i didn't realize the percentagee was that high. check in with a.j. colby look at our forecast some rain is coming today.y.our f hi there guys. running in from theh segment.e


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