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absolutely. thanks so much. good morning. happy wednesday. getting much closer to friday. the last day of august. a september starts tomorrow. i'm todd meany.y.september hard to believe. happy wednesday to you. i'm stefani schaefer.hieve. thanks for being with us today.b the next stop for donald trump south of the border. finde out why the republicang wu mp presidential candidate is heading to mexico. sout why tepublipr a scare for a student here in our area and ask a a lot of people in the neighborhood find out what she says happen to while she was walking home from school. should football be eliminatedmia from school steports programs?a? changes are being made this season but are they enough to helpnges are b bseason b. the story and your comments and this morning'so down the.he surprising number of parents ara on board with this.i i didn't realize the percentagee was that high. check in with a.j. colby look at our forecast some rain is coming today.y.our f hi there guys. running in from theh segment.e
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have stalled ford you. a little out of want us to talk a little more. storm fox doppler radar we've got rained out to the east.ra it's really coming down. that's about euclid over to ashtabula. so reallyhat's abou in that necc woods there's quite a bit of heavy rain. everywhere elsea no weatherweat heproblems whatsoever. here are the numbers. 68 and ashtabula right now.ow 74 in cleveland. and it is those unsettled days northwest ohioio likely going to get the h brunt of the secondary system coming in and that system willil potentially bring some thunderyn whether to northeast temperatures today topped out i would say around 80 and 70s 70 all across the state right now.. cloud cover is pretty thick.ic if we see anything spots in the cloud cover it will help take
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80 degrees. those dewpoint and i can attest m being outside ii80 n the seegment that i really comim up. well to the 60s. glass of juice around for someom thundery whether this afternoonn will have a loook at the fullf eight day forecast and that is s just moments away.wa stick around for that. we're not going away.ti breeze. b we'll see you in a all right topping our headlines today.oea donald trump plans to give adlis arizona tonight. but first he'll make a quick trip to mexico.oron immigraonigt fox 8's stacey frey is in the newsroom with more on this unexpected twist in the campaign.x 8's stacey s in the w yet another one. good morning.g. d donald trump has made it verymo clear how he plans to handle the border with mexico build a wall. we're going to build a great wall on the border.ith med a wa. we will build the wall 100% andd mexico will be paying for the wall. mexico's president enrique pena
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he then late last night, this tweet from donald trump. i have accepted the invitation of president enrique pena nieto of mexico, and look very muchxi forward to meeting him tomorrow. a very bold move on very short notice. a vhas secret service scramblin. and critics wondering, what's the benefit.benefit president nieto has had very harsh words for trump, comparing him to hitler and mussolini. and trumps has stoked fiercemps criticism in mexico and hispanic communities for his inflammatory rhetoric on illegal immigrationc com are going to secure our bordersu and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country.ry speaking on cnn, his son donald junior stressed, his father isss not softening his stance on immigration and he'll make that clear in his speech in arizona tonight.tonight his policy has been the same for the last 6, 7, 8 months.s. that's been the same, correct. but again, you have to start with baby steps. you have to let ice do their job, you have to eliminate sanctuary cities, you have to get rid of the criminals baby r to
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you have to secure the border. these are common sense things, anderson.ur in response to trump's announcement, hillary clinton'sm campaign tweeted, from the firsn days of his campaign, donald trump has painted mexicans as rapists and criminals and has promised to deport 16 million people including children andisd u.s. citizens. she went on to say what ultimately matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico, and whethe he remains committeto deportation of millions.r tapresident nieto extended the invitation to both hillary clinton and donald trump. he and trump will have much to discuss. of preto extended cli the republican nominee launched his campaign last summer by accusing the mexican government of sending a lot of people withn problems drug dealers,di a lot criminals, rapists to the lshe said, they're not sending their best., rasts thanks very much. keep us posted. bot kh presidential candidates are planning to come back to ohio. hillary clinton will visit cleveland on monday, taking part in the annual 11th congressiona district community caucus laborl
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the parade and picnic will endid up at luke easter park on kinsman road. her running mate, tim kaine, will also be there. donald trump will visit wilmington near cincinnation nea tomorrow.r cincin polls show clinton with a narrow lead here in show c canton police are investigating a deadly shooting that took thet lives of two men.he a person called 911 yesterday morning, saying a woman with her hands tied, went to her home sae saying someone had been shot. midway avenue northeast, they an found the bodies of the men. three children were also inside, but they were not hurt.ue north. thre one victim has been identifiedtn as 35 year old joshua identif weatherspoon.rspoon the other victim has not yets ny been identified. a lorain hospital is apologizing to a family, after losing the hs remains of a stillborn baby. pearleane bohannon says her great granddaughter joh'nae wass still born at six months. then the family learned mercy regional medical center lost the
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hospital staff told her theital child's remains were discarded with the laundry. staff to the hospital says it had wit implemented revised processes to prevent it from happening again. the family says they still plann to move forward with a memorial service for their baby.aby. police are trying to track downn a suspect this morning after aie 17 year old girl said she was raped while walking home from old gi university heights police sayr y the girl was sexually assaulted after leaving cleveland heightsn high school last thursday afternoon..y a investigators say the girl wasf walking with a friend, when atti some point they split.n they say a young manol her, then raped her about arapeu quarter mile from her home.t a parent at the school saysschoy administrators sent out a phone message, but did not giveut dide specifics about the incident. it's my child, so i care, you know. m c i want to make sure my son isaru safe and mysu little one is saf and i have another safe there's a lot of things, detailt that nobody really knows, that think should go out there.rea university heights police say they believe this was an isolated incident and they dodee not bely doieve there is a serie rapist on the loose. there is a the cleveland heights universitu
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they are aware of the incidentri and they're working with policea in their investigation.nd th my goodness.ness very scary can understand why they feel it's isolatedl something you don't want to heaa about. they wonder if she may have known this person. my goodness.on. we're following some developingg news for you on this wednesday here's wayne dawson with a look at what's just wedne h good morning.r ices during revenge for thatthat death of a top leader in thet group's spokesman now there is a claim of res russia says it killed the leader mohammeda 39 year old fromro northern syria reportedly had aa key role in planting in ordering international terror operationsn he was martyred while fightingef syrian forces russia says one of 40 militants killed in then the bombing.g. his death marks the highest profile killing yetbombi d beens member state department have offered a 5 million-dollarmembed for his
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back to you guys. all right thanks. up next should it stay or shoulr i go. find out why some or parents say school should be limited football from sportssschool sh . if you're trying to going gluten-free you can test yourou food even while you're on the go. good morning guys.u it's dry. here in the front yard. not everywhere.ywher a chance for showers through the day and perhaps some thunderstorms as well.r highs close the average high this time ofave the year 79 degreesra but talk about a refreshing change for
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i like football seasonn it hereh and check out this. minnesota viking stadium in a minnesota. beautiful. it's nice unfortunately a bit of a quarterback hurt his knees yesterday during noncontact injury they said they don't know if he's going to be able to plao this season bad for minnesota. how about those browns.wns. we have our own okay. i'm sorry i brought that up.ay i was living a dream. high school football season is in full swing. is the sport itself football safe? for younger sosome parents say they want
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sports programs.rents say they the main reason safety and concerns over concussions and other injuries.ries. pop warner, the country's largest youth football uth foot organization, recentlyation, rey eliminated kickoffs at the youngest levels beginning this fall. youngest levelsll will be placet at the 35 yard line at the stare of each half and after scoringog plays to help reduce full speed collisions.ns. the danger isn't limited toge games.r isn' 58 percent of concussions in high school and college happen during practice.actice. football is currently the most popular sport for high school boys with just over a million participants. populatly thth over a third of parents in favor of that.that. could you imagine high school without football i think that's' a lot of people do not want tot see that happen. ha such a part of school and wed we think about it of all the kids getting together going to theth games part of homecoming all of that stuff.
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the concussion what's happening now with kids in brain injury i don't know. in my father had kids in brain l sports and now as he's older paying for it a lot of surgeries andd his orthopedic surgeon told him do you have a grandson andd my father said yes and he saidi as he play football and he saidd not yet he said don't let him play. we are suggesting he's going tog end up like you needing all of these surgeries having these problems on life.e. before the bones are developingg playing when there so young especially football. w can we switch it to flag football may be. some other options. we want to know what you think about thispt is what we are askk today and are plugged in.ugged n should football be eliminated from school sports programs? b r head to to vote in our web poll.8. overwhelmingly people are sayini now it should not be eliminateda right now almost 85 percent sayy
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were getting a lot of commentses on our facebook page as well. wl west says if you don't want your child to play don't let them don't try to control everyonetre else because you don't like something. besides soccerm is worse than football he says tracy says it's not mandatory that they play anythingcym but due to a few ist fair to take it away?wa and let's say we have one otherr who says michael says in limited football and you eliminatea schools which a lot of peopleof say that as well it p brings so much money to the school.n it takes it away. i don't knows. building foundation for these young people to learn the gamefo and kind of and by their crassei and play football get scholarships.. i don't know it's tough. more and more people not having their children participate inicn football because of the injuries because of that but to eliminatm
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let that be a personal choice. lacrosse getting really populara sports that went as possible before.fore. so many other options.tio i don't know.i don't i love football so i don't knowd you care about the safety ofon'e kids and you look at it as a a parent i really discouraged he h plays flage football but i reall discouraged him from playing not that he didn'tiscouraged he read want to one of thosen my husband wanted him to.of and i didn't push he is a great runner so he runs track. and plays basketball. other greattras options out the. tell us what you think head over to our facebook page and taketae our poll on thank you. no controversy with the weatherh other than today let's get thatt out of the way. this weekend looks good.ood the back of controversy thisve laborrs day weekend will be a welcomed addition tola your
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free weekend.g great running free weather. we're going to go running out.. i apologize for the first segment being out of breath i got to talking to aj then i realized it's 9:00. you run up just a couple flights of stairs and i am in just great shapes.. you realize real fast when you run stairs how well you'rewell doing. a birthda i know you do. it will help. and six days. motivational. happy birthday.ot birhday. feeling those seconds ticked byb thank you very much for that. let's have a look at what's going on storm foxed applet radarr heavier rain fallingn fal toward ashtabula andli step outo over the water that's producing lightningue and a little heavy shower go through around a eastlake and mentor along i 90
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not too happy about that. lightning strike one point over 250 looks like 302 waterate lightning strikes putting on a display out theren close toose t ashtabula and over toward. meanwhile sunset last nightas quite lovely.ghqu clouds broke up a little bit. little bit of colorite s and me shower out there in thehe distance.. lake erie voters need to be cautious today.dista i wouldn't really chance that we expected to form this afternoont small craft advisory goes into effect most likely tonight with a north wind at three to 5-foot waves.s. really come up whereme up whe and a moderatree category i thik we're huggingod high category ca there. plain old weed and mold came upe from yesterday now in a moderate according to theg cleveland academy of medicine.i.
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74 degrees in cleveland. dewpoints are into the 60s nowv and that is going to keep it feelingd that is you can definitely feel that noh much of a wind to stir things up. meanwhileto s cold front droppir and is going to instigate someoe convection most likely showery thundery weather along thatvet system for the afternoon hourseu andrs by this evening and will n start to quiet down.wn much. cooler air waiting in thah wing. win bigg area of high pressure but under thunderstorms could rain out pretty good. look at the pile of cold airair coming and of course it's modified cooler airand of cou we'll see e temperatures began to fall than a big ridge of high pressure building upur for the weekend.en today's forecast to near 80 wit clouds may be some sunny breakss scattered showers and thunder. front will pass tonight. and partial clearing. becoming more comfortable the
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there will be lake driven clouds and perhaps some lake drivenve rain showers as that's a lot of cold air aloft waterspouts not out of the question.te and then pleasant friday andand saturday. highs low toto mid 70s.0 some subtle warming very gradual ander highs eventually in the lw to mid 80s. not quiteo done with that he ju yet. even though september arrives can you believe that samara september 1y. the first weekend of september coming up with toasty up wit to temperatures. a big day for you as au as a meteorologist as well.l it is the beginning of meteorological autumn whichc today is the last day of meteorological summer the actuat astronomical date is three weeks. three more weeks.e m three more weeks of true summer the days are getting a little shorter.
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aj thanks. thanks. still to come here ata 9:19 national news a fatherther facing serious charges after hee tried to kill his two -year-oldd son. ere whate what investigators say he intentionally did plus how the the child is doing this morning. man's best friend going to wildd family now grieving after two docs go on the attackily now grd their owner. and do you use goober? he may soon have another optionn to your destination. that's when todd and i return. we'll be back. donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'."
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"you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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welcome back. a 60 year old colorado woman was killed by her two family dogs who also injured her son. police say the pit bulls attacked susan shawl in the red her sn. year old richard shawl when he tried to stop them. neighbors say the dogs had a doan reputation for loud barking.n fr and the son was cited years ago, because the animals were running loose and acting aggressively. o last night, the dogs were a pennsylvania dad is locked up, after police say he pushed hishs six year old son out of a car and left him on a deserted road. then when troopers found 27 year old boyd andres they say he wasa walking naked in a field holding his one year old son who was g nadinged.
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been sleeping or eating forpingr several days and was ranting about the end of the meanwhile a dad in colorado isai accused of intentionally crashing his car, to try and kill his two year old son.usus investigators say the 29 year old dad was speeding when he slammed into two parked cars. the toddler was not strapped into a car seat.kill h twor wass he later told investigators he was trying to kill the child he later totorhood was too bigg was trying t of a responsibility. he's such a strong boy and i think god every day that he's'ss still alive and keeps healing, , and hopefully, eventually he'll be able to walk again.n the two year old suffered a broken leg, a concussion, and a big cut on his forehead. leg, a several lawmakers have held off tough primary challenges, to wi a right for reelection this november. arizona senator john mccain won the gop primary last
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is expected to face a stiffted f challenge from a democratic congresswoman. florida senator marco rubio also won his primary, as did primar d democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman shultz of florida. her campaign was hampered after resigning as the dnc chairwomann google is apparently ready to go up against uber and lyft in the ride sharing business.rid according to a report in the wall street journal, google will launch its own service in san accoing to al, google wear.arinu it aims to be much cheaper because it will connect people who are already going in the same direction. the service would be through google's waze traffic app, which recently began testing a carpool service. the program could expand to other cities, soon.hre c app, wg more of a carpooling as opposede to hiring somebody. are you looking for a good home dozens of miniature snatchers need some help.el find out how you can up adopt these adorable.w you ca a lesson one teacher willcher w remember for life what happenedd
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in cleveland. i aj.aj. think we ought to put matt right in there. temperatures close to 80 degrees it will be a little more humidhm today. tday. a lot more humid and maybe a few showers around.rou do thnose rain showers stickck around into the holiday weekend? that's the big question details
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it's not about how pretty you are it's about what you're saying and how you're saying it.
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that's what truly shines through. be true to who you are. i'm so happy right now. i'm the happiest i've ever been. i think it just comes with the fact that i'm accepting who i am. everybody deserves love and kindness, don't they? they do. to the women who know what real values are,
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one for a score.. he says he knows they can fill strong chemistry again. he was still be able to practice with the team. >> he was huge compared to not quarterback. he had a a good helmet on. blue angels showing off their
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cleveland air so takes place this saturday through monday at burke lakefronta airport with al the details in a great inertia at and that all the ninth they're going to parachute today. they're going to just didn't do' send down.
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will announce the winner on fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. and then tracy mccool willws join te
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welcome back. fightigg research and thee against research three existing drugs could be useful in town are reacting thes virus. those usedb to treat cancer and hepatitis c in certain infections pretty are you allergic to code that you test t your grown on the go. with a portable device any type of food or device down to 20 parts per million. it costs about $200 send meen graduate taking your photos lot of them going on right now
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a hard time forgetting. you see the guy behind her. a naked man at. will along with his .-dot completely photo pumped her shoe. she said she was a completely shocked by the way she was shot by was the attention her focus scott. t he sat the middle school student who was all alone lunch. why he saw the boy who suffers. he has autism.who the boy quickly opened up to him about his love of football and
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hero. a great high school football as a all know is underway. as the sport really safe andsa under kids. the main reason say it's a pink and things over injuries and concussiony nk recently eliminag kickoffs beginning this fall. the reason they do this is because he kicked off in same into each other that can cause inini they don'te to worry about those walls. coalitions that they would have. that just limited two games. 50 percent of concussioned happn in high school practice and in college practice.
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football they made on want to see it going anywhere. do not get rid of football this for a want to get rid of it.of couple different peoplel commentinge as well parents need to worry about their own kidar christina says i have three boys play football. she says they are safer on the
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take this away all of that being part of the team a lot of all ts is your move that part. they have all gone through a lot minorities or on scholarship it
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andpe quarterback is it has nothing on the new here gate.e.
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is a good-looking guy. find out why you may not have to pay full price up front.
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she wasn't allowed to live with their phone and most signing a nondisclosure agreement they spent hours at the home and he what hehalet them inshh posted videos.t i'm in a barricade myself and the palace. they're going to walk right up in here and see nothing, you idiot. eventually he was taken into custody on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon..c so publicly displayed he wass jailed for nearly three months
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zucker berg says his right gate his program to open as long as it protects his face or voice. so caught you more to travel but it's hotels are adding your thing event andnd staycations are sounding better. if youb want to take a vacation but don't have the petty cash they can book yearut intrepid e
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triple is hoping to win back customers a couple of giveaways they did the recall that they had an every wednesday they can fisher your student id when you buy them.
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i can't then i went and had the summer and we were greeted by
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is awesome.we i can completely see him on
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not that shoot and start love that then you're just toldoo ann 85.d we're not going to ask you to compete with that guy.not he so easy them. anyway, let's have outlook at what's happening down in geauga county one of the runways are quickly drying out.f
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enough cool air in fact that there will be lake driven clouds and showers around east ofas cleveland cleveland.
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was see you at 10:00 a.m.
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welcome to new day. i am david moss we have steak cooking over here. we are making something to put on the state. does that make sense? how about thatt was stirring up a b over baby over


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