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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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information about the man accused of murdering a woman after a crash, and what happene m that has the police concern? drinks are getting stronger a change to thee alcohol volume a there that goes into effect. nt going to mexico. good afternoon, the sun is trying to peek out but has a tough time of humidity levels are up and find out how long the showers/storms
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talking about showers/storms, expected today this is a look at what it looks like outside much t from earlier this we week. this the day that we will get some rainfall probablyh as we check in now with aj colby looking at the forecast will be sporadic? >> i think equal opportunity, that will be spa showers possible today rainfall near ashtabula and near eastlake and storm fox radar shows a few storms. geauga county and
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still some scattered stuff on the lakeke looks like it's tryi to blossom, so not done. at burke lakefront airport you can see the clouds in the background. to get enough to get going, on the lake waves of 2 feet or less. how to watch out for some waterspouts as cold air comes in, breaks, 80 degrees lakefront witheg uncomfortable dewpoints. three light winds. there is a cold front c-1 echoes through the full 8 -day forecast as the
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mathieu-it was stopped working swerved around a vehicle in front of him, ran through the light slanted to debi pearl's car got out of his suv with an ar-15 rifle, walked up to her
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continued to shoot-he crawled out the passenger side, the fired another half dozen shots atat passingg vehicles, a passerby told him to drop the weapon and , another witness held him on the ground until the police arrived, a situation that has left the victims family numb, more than two dozen came here for the preliminary hearing, he pled not guilty to son says that you're here because they must be. >> th if the shoe was on the other foot, she would be here . do not matter if it was me, my brother, her niece or nephew, it did not matter. she gave. no words
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the love that she had for everybody and everybody for her. debi pearl has three sons, she is a grandmother andas had profound impact on those who knew her. mattie-she told police he was alone with his cat, that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar, he toldt emergenc workers at the scene, he said that they killed my father, the ra going to kill my father.
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donald trump, visiting mexico, with the mexican president to talk about immigration before he gives a speech to a arizona audience >> as hillary clinton braces fo the release of more e-mails asa doug luzader has warm. >> ilwe knew donald trump had a big speech tonight on immigration in arizona but the surprisen edition was mexico's as hitler. >> donald trump hoping for a punch of immigration, speech in arizona and a meeting withee mexican president enrique pena nieto a fierce critic who has called at the idea to build a border want to make mexico pay ear it. spain are going to the drug from our border.
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last night played up his speech today, those close to trump hav struggled to explain what has appeared to be issued in stance prison still supports of deporting all illegal immigrants? >> you will hear a consistenti donald trump in this way, no amnesty, no legalization and of sanctuary cities. >> trump's indicated he may soften ad stand focusing deportation efforts on illegals who have committed major crimes white houser spokesman josh earnest was asked whether the policy is not in line with hillary clinton'sto campaign has discounted trumps effort to to hispanic in black voters and continues to attend one fundraiser after another,ti the state department announced that more guys related e-mails could be released about a month before the november election poweredd you don't know what these e-mails say they were apparently deleted from her
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she says what he says to voters in mexico and if he is committed to splitting up families. >> they plan to come back to ohio, hillary clinton will visi monday and the 11th annual congressional district caucus labor day festival that will end up at luke easter park on kinsman road, tim kaine will also b, there, donald trump wil visit near cincinnati tomorrow, the polls show clinton with a narrow lead in ohio. >> nthe indians continue to pus
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trade with the oakland a's to bring back a former player . >> we have p.j. ziegler., joini us with details from the newsroom. the indians welcoming back coco crisp, the former outfielder after trading awayco left-handed pitcher, he is 36, spent the last six and half years with the athletics is bettingth to 34 with 11 home rus and 47 rbi, he made his debut with thea indians in 2,002 and spent four seasons with the tribe before going to boston 2,006, as part of the deal they got cash in coco crisp in exchange for left-handed pitche cole heinz.t- part of the reas they made the deal is that abraham almonte is ineligible for the postseason because of his performance-enhancing drug suspensionsns p
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active list friday. the reason it works out is that abraham almonte is suspended for the postseason so they needed an outfielder, friday, is the day that major league baseball can expand the roster asas b everything in place as they make the push for the playoffs.ey dozens of miniature schnauzers, are in need of a good home after a breeder voluntarily surrendered d them
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now at the humane society of akron ma, paws-ibilities in twinsburg range in age from one to 14 of variousus colorful way chocolate brown and silver. they're all undergoing assessments and vaccinations microchipped some or all of the adoption for, but soon the rest will be available,t diane johnson says that people should feel comfortable to take them home. >> > no cruelty and neglect of the animalslt, he was just overwhel with thehe care of them. >> this is a labor of love adoption this weekend at paws-ibilitiesee with discounte prices on all of the 400 dogs and cats, for more info fox
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you can get more buzz out of your next beer thanks to a new state law that takes effect today, does away with the 12 percent alcohol limit that has been on the books since prohibition, b a bunch of our celebrated with you more alcoholic brews at menai, lawmakers wanted to support the
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people and why are preparing for what could be the first hurricane to hit the stat in two decadeses,rean hurricane madeline is heading west toward the big island as a category tw storm, they are stockpiling on food andegeg water, it was last hit by hurricane in 1992. florida and north carolina are preparing for separate tropical weather
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doing our best to get some sunshine you may see someme weird more extensive are these textured cumulus clouds that try to buil vertically. sporting some
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look like pillows. it is unstable enough to support thes showers, a bit of sunshine over the lake, to the southwest ther are some breaks in the overcast on the side it is pretty much overcast p. on radar, rainfall into geauga county and lake trumbull county. some showers out over the lake that could grow, that line north of westlake were not yet done with rainfall just yet, any thunder that this one is not expected t be severe it would be garden-variety thunderstorms,o continue to watch those.
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way is much drier dewpoints with unity dropping. currently we are in the soup. twelve hours ago, the dewpoints were in the tolerable category and in the last five hours or so it is in the tropical level. currently humid, to dry out quickly. talking autumn like dryness that extend into the holiday weekend before going back upward. the hurricane still churning over the atlanticic not pose any threat to land a couple of disturbances, tropicalal depression eight and number nin
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tallahassee to tampa florida it could strengthen into a tropica storm. tropical storm is added 39 mph, rainfall according to these it is heavy. scattered showers and thunder, 80 degrees tig passing through there could be shower around.f the best chanc of lake showers tomorrow will b out east , mid '70s for the high temperatures. really strange that tomorrow is september 1 and mid- to upper
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chipotle tries again to win bac some customers. >> tell you which deals are being offered beginning tomorro
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lice cost
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of the year some cost more to travel, becausese hotels are adding new fees, it is a moneymaker for hotels are not likely to go away anytime soonma since hotels in united states tackle over $2 billion in fees this year.. >> you want to vacation but do not have the cash you can book your trip making monthly payments, teamed with a finance company to cover ticketsupny it is aimed at people who do not have a credit card o cannot manage the cost at once, there is a catch, it involves a credit checks that determines the interest ratete of between ten and 30 percent apr. actually hopes to win back customers in september with two big
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each kid's meal comes a children's book, dragons love tacos. and for high schoo and college students, all month just showon your student id whe you buy a meal and you will receive a free drink. >> the families devastated by a
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learn more about a man accused of murdering a minnie driver after a car crash.. >> the same man, fired another vehicles until he was ordered to drop ground in stacey frey has details.s.d >> a couple drivers to take control of the situation or it could have been worse according to the police report matthew-it was at a red light when he swerved around and then went through the red light slamming into debbie pearl's car.en the said he got out of the car with ar-15 rifle, walked up to her car and began shooting, as she crawled out of the passenger
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he fired at passing vehicles more than half a dozen bullets fired. he was ordered to drop them rifle and then held on the ground while the police were called. a situation that has left this family as they came here today for matthew dashes preliminary hearing as he pled not guilty. debbie pearl has three sons, a grandmother, left a deep impact on all of those who knew her, matthew desha sai that he lived alone with his ca he suffered fromc ptsd and had
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that they ran to my car and wer going to kill my father. this case will be transferred to downtown municipal court with more on this later tonight. lorain family in morning after a hospital s >> and maia belay has more on this incident.. something went down terribly bad and i will not wish this on anyone else.thw pearleane bohannon wants to meager great-granddaughter .oh'nae >> we were looking forward to because she wanted a girl so bad. >> stillborn in six months, in the mist of the family grave, there would be no remains very, mercy regional medical center
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i think it is discussing a never heard of anything like thisss how do you lose a baby? >> the hospital staff says that she wass discarded with the laundry, and she says that the hospital staff was cruel delivering the heartbreaking news. >> they do not have the decency to call her to come to the hospitall they told her on the phone while she wasn't driving and she could have had an accident she could have killed herself anything. >> mercy regional issue this statement to fox 8 that reads i part- what did they do, pick her up and put her into the garbage like a piece of papern? >> there are so many questions that remain unanswered.
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answers are becoming hard to come by, maia belay fox 8 newsd >> the family says they still plan to have a memorial service . a few overnight showers fail to water our gardens. and this is a look from the roof-cam, it gives us the feeling when you step outside their rainfall is on the way, check in with aj colby for a >> there are some rainstorms and perhaps some thunder mainly eas but often the west side there are some rain showers near avon avon lake towards the islands. >> heavier rainfall is falling from painesville into middlefield. looks to be moderate rainfall and some spotty showersrs out over th
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there were some lightning strikes, cloud to water lightning strikes north of canton but currently nothing. show you a wider view, to the southth all of the sunshine. we are getting clipped by rain showers ahead of the actua cold front.eted t. all across the state there is drier dewpoint air that is coming through with this front with much cooler air also reflected on the winds aloft. >> there will be some lake driven rain showers tomorrow. today cloudy with some partial clearing expected tonight the winds will be gusting out of th
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it is looking great temperature-wise. very subtle gentle warming trend. and ends up looking for a sweep against the twins to li and are making moves as they look ahead to the postseasonon >> the browns given for final preseason game tomorrow a they face the bears at first energyw, here's j with you wednesday sports report. the bullpen rescued josh tomlin, the bats were duff to post a one run victory at progressive, a score of five-four. he greeted josh tomlin's first pitch he lasted
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the davo since a three-run and then type in the second inning at four, he pitched in gray and a great double playy as he catches the liner to take care of business in the fourth inning the india take the lead when frankie lindord whiffs a double with on run coming home, and then jason kipnis then was called out. watch zach mccallister play. got the job done and andrew miller got the final 5-ounceg , recording his 12th save in his winning five-four in here isor rajai davis on how the bats before helton to get three hits. >> it is a long season and sometimes you can lose focus. you've got to regain focus and
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according to the media, the indians and oakland a's bringin back coco crisp back to cleveland. he is 36, he has opened the door to the trade, the bay area news groupup reporting the first in a believed to be announced today coach jackson place veterans thursday when the bears come to first energy. josh gordon and war, s-4 josh gordon, look like you never left when he caught a couple of 40 plus yards versus buccaneers, just like old times at baylor four rg3 and gordon who will be eligibler to come off of his four-game suspension and the browns faced the patriots in week five so rg3 knows they ca build a strong chemistry.f >> he steps on the field he has a chip on his shoulder and read
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we can get him the ball he will definitely tryh so we've got lo of playmakers on the team and l everybody understands that the ball will be distributed accordingly. >> vikings quarterback teddy bridgewater went down with an injury in practice it was a noncontact injury and the worst fears realized after an mri the say he has an acl tear. go to fox to vote for the friday night touchdown game of the week. polls close tomorrow at 9:00 p.m., the winner announced tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m., join us friday night, 11:00 p.m as we welcome our first guest hostess tracy mccool this proud coupling alone will bring all o the highlights with us on frida
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became official that coco crisp
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more heart attack patients are surviving, higher risk of dying fromb hear diseasehe than the general population looking at data on 2,000 heart attack survivors between 15 and younger, compare them to the general population, risk of premature death 30 days after heart attack dropped significantly re over the study. for those 50 and younger but th risk of death to thoseth who survived for a year was nearly twice the general population.
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more heart disease or other omoking-related diseases. blue angel show off their skills and downtown cleveland before the air show this weekend >> your local school principal got the thrill of a lifetime as matt wright takes us along.. from proper breathing to what appens as she passes out, lowellville schools principal christine sawicki is the one getting the lesson. suits up for the right of a lifetime.e. >> i am very nervous, probably ten on i want to ten scale but really excited.. >> if you done something like this before? >> > never in a million years would i have thought that i was going to do something like this >> she straps into the cockpit with some last-minute
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before the cleveland air show t get a show of her own. with speeds up to 500 mph, g-forces more than six, way more than a roller coaster. >> we did some quick turns to the left and right and some barrel rollslsgh. out of this world experience for 45 minutes before touching back down. w it was awesome but you cannot prepare for itit >> she calls the flight the mos intense workout of her life.e >> and exert every ounce of energy in my body. >> and she battled nausea and exhaustion. >> it was worth it, and i would do it again. >> she has a new appreciation of military pilots in a new lesson ror the students >> let them know that they can
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>> matt wright fox 8 news. the blue angels, will be at the air show saturday through monday and burke lakefront airport, with all details at fo
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alicia vikander and michael fassbender star in a film adaptation of a 2012 novel, the light between oceans. >> is the story of a man and woman discovered a baby in about your dead body, they decide to raise the baby the choice leads toto consequences as david moss talk to the stars of the movie. a romance between michael fassbender and alicia vikandera result in a miscarriage of disappointment, it is the light between oceans.. felt let this was something to aspire to be. i just
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reading he was a hero. my idea of a hero would be. so i just felt like i had to do him justice. this is about good people sometimes do not make th best decisions it is something that they comes because of their and a story about love and forgivenes andndve emotional survival. i totally dreamt of being a part of it as i read it. it is the light between oceans, a dilemma
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>> about the story outside of the centrale story, it is. rachel viso story and a mother can that you can attack an outsider and deal with the idea of migration immigrants and what happens it is absolutely tragic. these are real human struggles. a lot of times, they can be disposable topics. this seems like a worthy one.e. alicia vikander and michael fassbender star in the light between oceans, david moss fox news cleveland.
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look our best.
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oregon teenagers senior pictures of gone viral after an unexpected guest in the background got to exposure. oregon teenager jillian henry had the tradition interrupted when her senior year portrait session was what about byn a naked man, no word on were doing in the background, she of course shared the pictur on twitter, which was re-tweete 40,000 times, garnering her social media celebrity. we are known for coordinating
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couple is taken that to a new level. fran antman gargiulo have been marriedga 52 years, there grants unto some pictures of them that went viral, after becoming overnight internet sensations they texted him, good morning from your famous grandparents speakg without that we would give our matching outfits a try so i lik
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today on "the real," it's all about the love. >> makes your cat look good. and the award goes to -- me. loni is back from the american music awards. and she's got all the gossip. >> what was the second choice? >> "the real." ?? [ cheers and applause ] ??


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