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they say that tuesday, he held coworker, she left her job and found it like this near the justice center with two wheels stolen. hope that the place will step up patrols or maybe the parking lots can hire security. two officers on foot patrol, walking the beat because of the car break-ins. >> every day my walk to the car on thinking it's going to be busted out again and that is an everyday thing.. >> we did see those officers on foot patrol, we also asked the chief's office what kind of investigation might be done especially with so many better work so far no response, coming up at 6, what about the people runningg some of those lots and
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what about this, surveillance cameras? >> that's what they hope, they hope that perhaps cameras captured some video of this in the process and we have seen some of this before the downtow parking lots it has flared up and then back down again. the information about the man accused of murdering a driver after a car crash in solon, the suspect fired several shots until a witness told him to dro the gun and get on the ground,n peggy gallek spoke with victim' familyly. they said that the suspect slammed into her car then got out yelling that
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then began firing his weapon, family members of debbie pearl are in shock, timothy pearl, on of the sons of the 23-year-old debra purnell says he is in shock after his mother was murdered after an early-morning car crash saturday in solon, he relatives packed the bedford municipal court today for a brief hearing for suspect matthew desha, he pled not guilty in the case was sent to the grand jury they said after the crash he got out of his car with a rifle began shooting , the family says they will continue toto attend all court hearings. the words, no explanation just the visual the love and support jihad for everybody and we will support until the end time. they searched his home and a witness gave cell phone video the shooting, matthew desha
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locked up and not known when the grand jury will hear the case. a day after announcing that teachers will not be striking, the teachers union president says it is a good contract for students and educatorsrs the teachers have been without a contract since june have been trying to work out a deal sends last year the negotiations culminated with a marathon session resulting in a tentativ agreement,t a major sticking point.have been teacher compensation directly tied to annual performance ratings, teachers will have a chance to look over the deal beforere voting to accept the deal or not. >> we had a system with the evaluation we believe it's much fairer and that the members wil understand and see it as supporting them in the classroo so we really tackled some of th
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districten. schools ceo eric gordon released a statement to fox 8 which reads- today marks the first day ohio brewers and bars can serve beer with no cap on the amount of alcohol, but that lead to morereon drunk driving problems? as matt wright is an market garden brewery in ohio city with details. ohio city is the epicenter of thehe local brewery scene, mark garden just opened a 43,000 square foot brewerycomes the latest brew is the cap lifter
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it is possible thanks to a new state law taking effect today limitin the previous limit it also requires special packaging for those with higher alcohol content is meant to help the craft brewing industry to be more competitive, 12 percent is about three times the level of alcohol and an average light-beer, the owner of market garden sayslc that it will be served and 5-ounce portions, an make renewed calls for caution and plan ahead for a safe ride home.or we have been able to create over 200 jobs in ohio city renovating buildings and cost o expanding. removing this restriction is going to help us to expand more spirit you are impaired quicker, the overridin message will have to be if you drink any alcohol at all then d
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drive while drinking. market garden isn't the only brewery take advantage, platform beer in cleveland and thirsty dog in halfd and frolic in akr also unveil higher alcoholic bearsola , great lakes brewing meanwhile did not have plans fo a higher alcohol content beer. the indians made a trade bringing back a former player t cleveland as p.j. ziegler is more with today's trade news an march to the playoffs. the indians brought back coco crisp, the outfielder brought back today in a deal with the oakland a's.y he spent the las
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is batting 234 with 11 home runs in 47 rbi. the indians got ham and cash from oakland for pitcher colt hynes. if they can make the postseason, he will fill the void of abraha almonte, suspendeded from the playoffs, were testing positive for pd's earlier this year,t chris antonetti was asked thee acquiring of coco crisp. >> i talked to him he is excite the player with ten years and the vague, he chose to come here andt we had a chance to talk to him before we complete the tra and he seemed excited to come
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coco crisp is expected to join the team thursday and then being placed on the active roster friday, on september 1, major league baseball teams can expand the roster to 40 players so they will not have to make any move to add him to the active roster so he will be her tomorrow, in uniform, and ready to go and, help the team and th run to the playoffs. he does have playoff experience, 35 games and with the boston red sox, he was managed byby terry francona whe he was with the boston red sox. went down to the buccaneers browns game and, it was fun to be there but are you kidding me
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that they volunteer to serve their country but sometimes did not come home. >> a comedy and mantua comes to comfort children of fallen
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we all know what donald trump has said about women... so how can rob portman still support him? maybe it's because they agree on so much. like overturning roe v. wade... and defunding planned parenthood. and opposing equal pay for women. ted strickland respects the rights of women to make their own decisions.
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it still feels like florida. you brough back with you the heat. in virginia it was mid 90s and very maggied. this is the odot webcam near belden village, akron canton, from three till 4:00 o'clock and was nothing.
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shower it is a line that is the cold front. and eventually the dryer cooler air will be more evident this evening. the heavier showers/storms are pushing south into tuscarawas county, carroll county south of youngstown. scattered showers mixed with partly cloudy skies, the main band has pushing off the south, then we get a break and then some instability with much cooler air. some of that may try to move in
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county and another one just north ofea the city. it is sti all the muggy side, the cooler drier air arrive tomorrow. we have dewpoint 68 cleveland and to the north it drops off. may not see the sunset because of the cloud cover but it will be the last sunset at 8:00 p.m. and then we will be in the 7:00 o'clock hour tomorrow and the next time that it reachesoc sunset when the until april. you may not see the sunset tonightt depending on these breaks across the region.
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will start to freshen up. most of the time it will be partly cloudy, breezy" then friday-monday, talking about a phenomenal labor day weekend withth 70s and labor day monday will be great sleeping weather with lowered dew pointsts that is my idea of ten out of ten for the labor da weekend. the races off to
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that's burrowing in the gulf of
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it is a picture of a college football player and a kid at and it isn't blowing up the internet. and nfl cornerback it's a line of protection here's gabe with trending. >> trending now, support for colin kaepernick coming from a surprising group of people, veterans. veterans for
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during the national anthem said he cannot support the country that continues to hold people o color down, that was friday tha many americans said thata how could you not honor the sacrifices made. people began burning his jersey, san the isco police union manner that the nfl denounces foolish statements. veterans say that he has every right to free speech, and air force veteran wrote that i am a veteran i care about people's right to take a stand and makes us better and smarter and many said that we fought for his right to say whatever he wantsn whether you like it or not. is getting a lot of traction
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people say that don't dishonor the flag by not standing. i've never been a florida state football fan butt i am no at least of wide receiver travi rudolph. he and some teammates were visiting aa tallahassee elementary school we notice a kid sat down next to bow passkey wh has autism, his mom sets that h says by himself at lunch someon took a photo and the mother posted on facebook to with the story and has been shared like 10,000 times, he did not know that the boy had autism, he decide kidd who needed a frien so he joined him for lunch in conversation,
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who were misbehaving, but not rhis time. i hope florida state gets to thehe championship and then ohio state will be done by one touchdown. welcome back, you are allowed to take three days off. this weekend,
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roar on cleveland national air show. >> maia belay is here with more. >> is expected to be better than ever, expect about 1,000 people in attendance to see the pilots and meet the u.s. army golden knights.
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ready to put on a show at fairview park high school. the kickoff at the indians game as they dive onto the field their making sure that the performanc is perfect.he the adrenaline they get you out to the door the excitement of the fall, 45 seconds of freefall and then as you open the canopy at 2500 feet very peaceful. organizers say the big attraction will be the blue angels with a one hour performance.
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a big difference, elizabeth noreika joins usus a story of h a company helps comfort to children of fallen heroesf. >> it's called heroes rock, a small business and mantua that builds specialized rocking horses.. the rockers go to children of fallen heroes includinggo armed forces, firefighters and police today the latest labor of love hits the road with a rousing sendoff. heroes rock founders scott andrew schneider for going on a tour of the western united states bringing some precious cargo, 27 patriotic rocking horses perking they will be delivered to fisher houses, that provide free or low-cost lodgin to veterans and military families receiving treatmentng military medical centers. the rockers are just one way to let
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that people herere that support them long after the service.. >> get as many people involved to show our support, so that military families know that the are not forgotten. they began building rocking horses in 2010 a nonprofit group that relies o qt support to carry out the mission you can visit theirir go-fund-m page at fox >> north canton capital to make a change for couples who baby are stillborn, they wish that they could a spent more time with he
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with, the family tries to raise money for families in grief. it is used extensively by hospital in europe and gives grieving families more time to say goodbye. from grief comes strength. 41 weeks and one day in my pregnancy had been perfect with no issuesy and no reason to wor and then she was just gone. have been about ten months old, her room and her family home wa left just as it was in october, they spent months getting it ready for their daughter, their first childre who do not live t see it, even though she was stillborn, she wanted to toucha and hold the baby that she woul have to let go, so every moment was preciouse , but in the haze grief in anesthesiai her time w fleeting.
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then i do not know what else to do so i gave her backan in thos last time i saw her that we saw her and i left the hospital two full days later. >> the family held a funeral th felt they do not havemi time fo closure , but it hospitals in europe, they get time for that closure. bos it is a refrigera bassinet that can be kept by th mother's side for up to 96 hours, is something that they want to bring to grieving parents in the united statesss, >> but she did the research she found that the united states there less than 300 of these available and there are a couple in columbus and one in medina.he >> so a 5o1c charity name for their daughter raised $3,000 to get this one to donate, and the box is the closure they wish they had. >> every hospital should be abl to afford a families enclosure
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in his daughter's memory said h needed to remain busy dealing with grief but with grief comes strength and hope that their tragedy will make things better for those who may one day share the pain. >> i'm no psychologist or psychologist but i know how we felt. >> family will donate the money to akron general holding a gallon awareness to donate ten more comments
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research that could give us a better future possibly a cure or treatment. the hardest thing is there is not a cure and there is not a dedicated treatment for patients.
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gathering of lupus patients and supporters in the state for mor info fox >> this is the transitory cold front with scattered showers, and other people not much in some get a lot. we will look a burke lakefront. there's a shower between 130 and 2:30 p.m looking at those clouds during prep day.
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the clouds are nasty. mostly garden-variety showers/storms, you assemble al of the clouds togetherer have t cold front. you have a generally clear skies. clouds of then ontario canada, looking at generally you can save the cold front lutheran south, most of the showers and thunderstorms are slipping south. we has lightning north carrollton into west virginia. also near coshocton and a recent one near
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otherwise it is beginning to quiet down. show you the tropical storm air maritime in the gulf of mexico. then we'll ask you out why do i show this?y because it does no affect us or does it display y can see that it hugs the east coast shoreline. cross in the panhandle of florida in most of the computer models will keep i alone in charlotteil out of our ha s than it will produce lots of rape trial for our friends it does impact us because when you have a tropical system, they have a tendency to bottle up anything that has moved into the area. and what we have is high pressure. for several days this system will just move back and forthys and that is why we will have a long stretch of gorgeous
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so thanks to the tropical activity to the southeast . the nitrogen of grace and the tomorrow much cooler. we could see a spotty shower, some lake enhancement may try to bubble up, should no be a big deal bus did not seem surprised and then after that it will start to go down here is the upper-level reflection of the systemem that sunday will be on the coast hig pressure will keep us in sunshine with '70s, low 50s at night which means the burbs on friday and saturday night might be into the upper 40s.
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degrees each day with bright sunshine through labor day, and grimace and to the low to mid 80s for midweek five i think it will be a gentle ascent because we are approaching september, tomorrow. workers at a french bottling plant that will be a normal day scenic p until they found a shipment was not supposed to be at the
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workers at a bottling plant making unusual find >> southeast united states prepares for an onslaught of weather,n natalie herbick keeps
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update. >> the coca-cola plant , but th found was ironic. going to begin with that. this coca-col bottling plant, the unpacked a shipment of orange juice as a southern france plant they stumbled upon a shipment of cocaine, a total of eight or 15 pounds of cocaine officials say that they call the police and po the police are now investigating. three people recover at an irish hospital after severe turbulence from an american airlines flight bound for london, the turbulence injured ten passengerss and two flight attendants, and eventually arrived in london,
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the first time in five decades the us has air service to cuba, a jetblue flight took off from fort lauderdale bound for santa clara, r cuban said the fly signals a rising tide of american tourist interest, but some cuban say the countries aging infrastructure is not ready for a wave of tourists. >> in florida, they hope that preparations are enough tropical weather arrives, widespread flooding in the gulf region last night with someme expecting 10 inches of rainfall the depression is expected to strengthen before making landfall tomorrow. the south has lots of rainfall, there has been a emergency declared in upstate new york after their severe drought,t,en usda declar
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to qualify for emergency loans to help ease the burden of loss crops the governor of new york saysop that the farmers are a k part of the state economy and the state could suffer because of the drought. in this part of the country creek forget how nice it is. dr. seth healthy diet is key to a long lifefe, what they say about one diet and its heart
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research says that ed and i can reduce the risk of heart problems. dr. siegel tool in the fight against harold is not the final answer this in the fox family health report, more good news for fans of the mediterranean
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people with heart problems, the say that people with heart problems who stuck to the died had a 37 percent lower risk of death than those who did not, it is heavy onon fish fruit and veggies and prepares food using olive oil instead of butter or fat however on the diet things like process food sugars and redmeats are a no-no. more young heart attack patients the attack still have a higher risk of dying looking at heart attack patients 50 in younger found the risk of premature death after the heart attack dropped for people 50 and under but those that did suffer a heart attack before 50 the leading cause of death was stil cardiac issues.50 dr. said the drug hailed as an opiate reversal is not a cur to the epidemic addiction
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the fight against heroin overdose it cannot be viewed a the solution and they must stil be encouraged to seek treatment and not rely on it. got some breaking weather news, the wind has shifted. i love doing weather outside, you can not get it wrong because you're standing i the middle of it.. it has move you can see the difference even from 20 minutes ago. it is a little bit dryer and that is th
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there is the cold front, and we will be quiet tonight maybe a lake effect sprinkled tomorrow back mostly partly cloudy. leftover showers in the southern part of the area will continue to move south. that 59 sunrise with most of the backyards tonight pretty much i the 60s. that is the setup for a cool day tomorrow 74, partly cloudy breezy may be a local spritz and the labor day weekend, as advertised,z with t ten out of ten, friday-monday with sunshine, highs in the 70s, '50s at night and on
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80 degrees. it does not, does not get any more perfect than that for labor day weekend. the teenager posted a picture of hi grandparents on twitter and now it's going viral for a neat
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just a bus and it was a big party for while and who is retiring after 32 years, freia david has been making fries and o'donnell sinc 1984.ei freia david has down syndrome and got the job throug a program that helps people wit 30 years at the restaurant in needham she made a ton of friends so yesterday that came out in force to bid a fond farewell to their favorite fry cook, they said that freia davi always made their day. >> in a busy life sometimes we forget to dance that shehe did forget to dance. >> thriver hard work and dedication and perseverance freia david has accomplished thatat and that's a lesson to b
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>> we love you, appreciate you and respect you and are better people for having you in our livestt, thanking. >> for her service, freia david received a proclamation from th state and gifts from mcdonald's, she says that the best part was spending time wit people that she loves.. congratulations on it will deserve retirement. >> thanks a lot for a couple to stay together foror 52 years but sometimes it is just the simple things, it picture of the coupl treated by their grandson is going viral, he posted a pictur of his grandparents wearing matching outfits and internet went wild, they started matching outfits while they were square dancing years ago andheed he sa that they text him every mornin to say good morning and to send a picture of the office for the
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the baby is not alone in a local restaurant the video causesby a social media firestom now they're trying to get to th bottom of what happened.d. >> face-to-face with first-time donald trump discusses his plans to build a wall with the president of mexico. >> there are plenty of clouds, melissa myers tracking rainfall and the 8 -day forecast. van with new information about the mann accused of murdering a driver aftern a car crash in solon. >> the suspect fired several shots killing the mother until he was told to drop the gun and get on the ground as peggy gallek spoke to the victim's
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they said they suspect slammed into the victim's car and got a out said that his father had been killed and then began firing his rifle, family members of deborah pearl said there are in shock. d she was a loving, respectful woman, and god-fearing. >> timothy pearl speaking about his mother, 53-year-old debbie pearl was murdered after an early-morning car crash saturda in solon,rd timothy has family are still in shock. dozens of family members and the bedford municipal court
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he waived his right to a point.where harry, his case wil be sent to the cuyahoga county grand jury after he pled not guilty. according to a police report, witnesses say that he got out of his vehicle with the ar-15 rifle and began shooting, she crawled out of the passenge side as he continued to sht another half dozen shots at other vehicles.o >> one of the witnesses convinced him to put the weapon down and then they witnesses stayed with him until the polic arrived.. >> they told police that he was yelling that someone killed his father, they say that no one else was, in his vehicle and th he did not know the victim.


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