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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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he waived his right to a point.where harry, his case wil be sent to the cuyahoga county grand jury after he pled not guilty. according to a police report, witnesses say that he got out of his vehicle with the ar-15 rifle and began shooting, she crawled out of the passenge side as he continued to sht another half dozen shots at other vehicles.o >> one of the witnesses convinced him to put the weapon down and then they witnesses stayed with him until the polic arrived.. >> they told police that he was yelling that someone killed his father, they say that no one else was, in his vehicle and th he did not know the victim.
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marines and suffered from ptsd and was bipolar, he also said h had not been taking his meds.he. her son says that he wants justice for her and will continue to attend all court hearings. >> there are no words or explanations, it was just visually could see the amount o love that she had everybody and everybody for her and that's wh we will be supporting her till the end of time. >> they searched his home, when escape cell phone video of the , matthew desha remains in jail and not known when the grand jury may hear the case. we do not know why he was so far away from his home at that time of day? >> the place of not care that exhalation they're still investigating, he lived in nort ridgeville and this happened in solon ed it occurred at about 7:
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more to learn. i-team asked questions about a suburban school lockdown that has social media buzzing this morning with reports of a student with a gun in the building.wi is used for the clifton heights school. there was no gun found despite rumors , the school day going to lock down for about 90 minutes. eighteen has a video of a downtown crime wave. >> targets downtown, downtown workers there and ed gallek has more. i team found that the themes are smashing car windows and parking lots even stealingme wheels off cars , downtown workers are fed up. my driver's window was busted out and glass was everywhere.
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on a brand-new car. >> they broke in and opened up and went through it. stories like that are piling up, downtown workerss come out the parking lot to find out tha their car has been broken into and they still what they can find either loose changero. these people have been had, sometimes more than once an endeavor and parking lots on th near eastside near the fbi building ang about your business and then go home and you got to deal with that. >> they say that in some cases they last some valuables that could have been easily stolen but that look at what a downtow came out to find missing, . they said on tuesday, she found her car
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wheels stolen. ik i hope that they will increase patrols or the parking lot will hire security. we saw two officers on foot patrol because of the racial ca break-ins. at this parking lot attendants stopped by the sign says that there is no full-time attendance we asked about security?heo what would you do about that? >> jayce people away from the lot >> very day in my walk to my ca i wondering if it is going to b and that is an everyday thing >> contacted the police chief's office that will kind of investigation can be done and there wasa no response, when yo haveen seen this kind of crime before the police say lock it u and hide valuables but some say they did that and still got hit.
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working >> and i think it was overnight that these are people who work during the day at and they cann find this. for a people are under arrest accused of breaking into a family dollar store in cleveland.. they arrested the adult and three juveniles this morningar after they busted through the back door of the store off st. clair avenue they found them taken the route into an abandoned house next door, the, same store that was hit by smash and grab suspects over th weekend. donald trump wrapping up a last-minute stop in mexico to meet with the country's president. >> accounts just hours before h is expected to give a speech on immigration in arizona, as it was america has more.a people were surprised when i heard of this meeting, donald trump went to mexico spoke to
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mexican president enrique pena nieto for about one hour than held a joint press conference that both say was constructive. he accepted the invitation arriving just hours before he is to give a landmark on immigration in phoenix they spoke about illegal immigration trade and drugs among other issues that both countries are concerned withs , they described the talks as open, it came as a surprise even though president extent of the imitation develops tribe fan hillary clinton,n, president nieto has lichen trump the past two and lori mussolini today they put aside their differences to work for a mutual good said there must be a mutual respectct trum
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we had a direct and constructiv exchange of ideas. over quite period of time. i was straightforward and presented m views about the impact of current trade and immigration policies. on the unie as you know i love the united states very much . want to make sure that the people of the united states are protected. donald trump is to give a immigration speech in phoenix tonight to lay out a plan for combating illegal immigration, along with what to do with the millionss who have entered the country illegally over the year and remain here, it will take
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hillary clinton also expects to meet with president nieto but d not know when that will happen. hillary clinton's campaign tweeteded of his campaign he has painted mexicans as rapists and criminals in promise to deport 16 million people including us citizens, she said that what matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico and if he remains committedzo to the splitting up families and deportation of millions, she said it was too little too late during a campaign stop in cincinnati.
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that they can count on you that you say one thing one daynt and something different the next day. and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for the year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again that's not how it works. donald trump will be visiting cincinnati tomorrow. hillary clinton will be in clear to take part in the 11th congressional district caucus labor day festival, her running mate tim kaine will also be there,e, vice president biden will be in ohio to stop for hillary clinton. to speak to autoworkers at 11:00 a.m. and morere autoworkers in parma at 5:45 p.m. expected to explain the stakes in the election and to advocate for her economic
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voters tomorrow fox 8. the he of the cleveland teachers union speaks out a day after announcing a strike threat is overs a 4500 teachers will soon have a chance to look over the details4, as jj has more. >> the first time since reachin the deal the head of the teachers union speaks out david quolke costly contractors good for the kids and theror take a bunch of negotiations working out a deal since last year the on and off again talks collimating with a marathon session resulting in a
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major sticking points was teacher compensation tied to performance ratings, teachers will have a chance to look it over beforere taking a vote to accept something that he says i will happen. >> i believe the members will look at the contract and see provisions that they like and that also parents and communities will like i think w moved to fix what we saw as concerns. schools ceo eric gordon released a statement to fox 8 which reads. focus is to work beyond the bargaining table to breathe lif into a contract that has what's best for kids. both aboard and teachers will have to vote on the contract, the teachers union will share
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board tonight and then with the 4500 plus memberse, dates have yet to be released for ratification of the vote that they saye they think it is a contract that teachers will support . the giant adult movie theater at the great lakes science center to get a makeover,a the. [ audio feed lost ] stated was shut down after last movie on monday it willst stay closed until mid-october to reopen as the cleveland clinic foundation all new seating and carpeting and feature the world's firstst giant dome cinema laser system. there's a good chance that postseason baseball will come backa to cleveland. >> veneta trade today to close in on the final weeks of the regular season as p.j. zieglere is at progressive with the
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coco crisp comes back to cleveland after 11 seasons away the main beneficiala in a trade with the oakland a's they acquired coco crisp in cash and then sent colt hynes to oakland to complete the deal, coco crisp is 36, spent the last seven years with a's's adding 2 with 11 home runs and 47 rbi. if ty he will fill the void of abraha almontete was suspended from th playoffs were testing positive for pdas this year, there is terry francona on being a guy this late in the season as the team makes a playoff push. he has a history and i have a history so i think that makes adding someone at this time a
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then through so much as a team and i think that he has a good chancece to slide in here to be a part of what we do really quickly expected to be added to the active roster friday, good news is that on september 1 major league baseball allows all teams to have 40 players on the roster so w roster, nobody will need to be sent down to triple-a. there are two of the hardest working people, that the nonstop ed and peggy gallek from the 19 today they were flipping pancakes for the united way in public square.
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crumpton whether to help serve the $5 breakfast to raise money
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florida declared a state of emergency and this is why. tropical storm hermine is headed towards florida they say could become a hurricane before landfall tomorrow watching this what is the status? >> is currently a tropical stor it has some warm waters from calexico looking at the timelin
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they're getting some heavier downpours and we hear theou blue angels overhead getting rid of for the labor day weekend air show. today 84 degrees below of 72. sunset will be at 8:01 p.m. thi evening.
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you will have some light rain showers.. there is more lightning to the south and east is akin to die down, the cold front coming through and windsor shifting, we will have high pressure takeover some of the feltt for a couple months is downpours have lots of moisture 77 cleveland and 71 youngstown. findlay is low 80's. winds are switching north indicating the front has come through. cooler
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tonight, the dewpoints will dro along with the temperature you wake up tomorrow, september 1. hurricane is way out to see fro us this depression number eight has a chance to become a storm this isto tropical storm hermine, northeast of yucat?n peninsula heading to florida thursday into friday and through thers weeken had to watch it skimming the coastline affecting potentially delmarva, new jersey, and southern new england. with if you like a fall-like feel tonight upper 50s a few
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antiviral, partly sunny. highs in the low to mid '70s in the same thing
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coco crisp begins his seco a switch hitter has speed and can be used, chris antonetti said that he would not reach plate and game appearances. so he still waives his. ten and fi write to come here. you said that they will skip josh tomlin in the rotation. that is corey
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to get us going down in august. they brought a percy garner from aaa. as for the season between akron in columbus. he says it has not sunk in but he knows the promotion is not for show , the team is chasing october. not an audition for next year, the team, it is a first-place ball team and their ocular championship the fake that they've got faith in me gives me more confidence. it is early but time for the arguments to begin . which are worthy of accolades and get the nod and the fox 8 top eight.
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hopes to lead the wildcats back to the onene playoffs saint ignatius is number four the defending champ beating the mccamley and hoban knights number three i say you buy land and the mentor cardinals are number two, the same edward eagles beginning number one on the fox 8 top eight.
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choices the polls close at nine the winner and 10:00 p.m. tracy mccool they are cohost on frida the proud copley alum. a total takeover? mark zuckerberg is one step closer to unveiling a
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boko haram record video of an infant left in a restaurant booth and then posted on facebookta. >> is then viewed by more than 4 million times sparking a debate about what happened, jac shea joins us. >> many pele the mother and others take aim at the man who posted a video, please are trying to find out i a crime was committedar. they leave the child in a booth while they fill their platest at a chinese buffet nea sandusky, the customer, guins recordingus in keeping track of how long that the baby is left
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by his accounting, the child sits alone four minutes before they return, the man post a video on facebook and goes viral with more than 4 million heads, a facebook user share the video withse perkins township police and theli launch an investigation t determine if the video is evidence of child endangeringt >> can we say because the pair walked out of the screen shot i the about the child unattended in the booth that there washe a risk of injury to th patchwork of not sure we can sa whatever andnd what if these things happened? the mother took to facebook to defend herself until perkins township policec that the video is misleading because the child was never out of her sight.. >> she alleges that the person who took it intentionally move the camera, in a way that she would not be seenen to make it look worse than it was. as a result of video being
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eric county children services has launched an investigation. >> it was removed from facebook wednesday in the man who posted it sayss lisa best and give a sworn statement they say that have a much bette idea of the child is in danger, if he had used his cell phone t call 911 instead of recording the video and posting them. special we talk about a child and the welfare of a child, cal the police's been the chief sa that will face chargesdo she sa that she did nothing wrong and that the video give the wrong today marks the first day that brewers mr scans or can serve beer with no cap on the amount of alcoholwe, it could l to problems like drunk driving? asdr matt wright looks at the p
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business is booming ohio city, market garden and a new 43,000 square foot brewery to scale the production and distribution, i alcohol beer is not a big part of the business they do plan to tap into the option. >> it is a neighborhood built o beerer, ohio city, the epicenter of craft brewing in cleveland, thanks in part to owner sam mcnulty. we have created over 200 jobs renovating buildings and expanded and removing one restriction like this nd is deftly going to help expand more. ohio lawmakers try to boost craft breweries by eliminating there 12 percent limit on alcoh in beer effective wednesday.n will it also door to the
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have removed a letter of restriction. >> a beer with 50 percent alcohol had to harder than what you may be used to, it has the same amount of alcohol as one glass of wine or three light beers. is going to be served in small portionsd, this is not th beer you want to mow the lawn with, this is the beer you want to seven saver.. it hasas mothers against drunk driving renewing calls for caution.. >> you will beio impaired quick so if you plan to drink, plan ahead to get a nondrinking driver or colton burpo or publi transportation or a taxi. >> in a place you can smell the beer brewing , people are buzzing on the streets of ohio city. >> much you try every brew that
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it, may have people that just jump over the limit.i they will make uber drivers very rich. >> market garden is not the onl local brewerer take advantage o the change in the law, platform beer as well as thirsty dog and hopping frogog are also unveiling higher alcohol beers, the great lakes brewing has no plans to d so just yet. matt wright fox 8 news. >> everybody will be watching that and the blue angels this weekend, they're back college i one of several performances expected to be a packed cleveland air show. >> maia belay has a preview of what to expect.. they say that get ready, and also say that you should get your early because about 1,000 people expected toto attend the
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it's the roar on the shore. the blue angels and u.s. army golden knights are gearing up for a weekend at the cleveland national air show. when you jump out it is adrenaline and is loud and you can see for miles the golden knights dozen parachute dies until then practice makes perfect. will practice on the ground will we do in the airr, everything is moving so fast with all adst 120 mph. i love everything about the airplane to just makes me feel nostalgic.e headline of the show will be the blue angels with a hour-long performance to celebrate their
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they say there's no shortage of things for the family to do. >> what is cool is we will have the originall back copter in batmobile from the 66 tv series they will perform and also on the grounds of people can get u close to see the gadgets. >> the golden knights will be diving friday at the indians
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showers pushing south and east and the wind is increasing. trying to bring in the cooler air temperature difference and humidity makes the wind stir things up. portions of trumbull county under showers also throughgh barberton, canal fult millersburg. a few pockets of wider rain showersrs in tuscara and carroll county. we're talking basically no lightning
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seventy-seven cleveland and also mansfield. the dewpoint has been about 62 low 70. this is ride along the carolina coast
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watching it closely as it moves all the way up the eastern seaboard for the upcoming weekend. tonight near 60 a few leftover showers moving south and east outside of the viewing area than partially clearing skies. there could be of waterspouts on the lake. this chance of rain, north and east saturday sunday, and monday eac
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great pool days. and then cornerback down with a chance o a shower the end of next week. need to change your password, they say passwords this week are as hacker stole passwords on th site back in 2012 and also mean if you use the same id for othe things you probably should change themd. a total makeover, patient wants to control the temperature, lights, locks inside of your home, mark zuckerberg says he wants to debutr artificial intelligence
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the face and voice recognition system has been in the works for some time. zuckerberg says his front gate is programmed to open as soon a it detects his voice her face. google taking on uber and lyft with its own ride-sharing service reporting that they wil launch its own service in san francisco this year to be much cheaper to connect people who arere in the same direction. i would be thro traffic jam that tested the carpal service is successful it could expand to other cities
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but tomorrow girl that has captured the hearts of people i stark county and aft the story, she will make you appreciate every moment that those that you love. ec her name is leighton meister, she battles a rareer terminal disease and they do not give h long to live, fox 8 reporter melissa reid has the story. she was born on thursday march 13, 2013. >> they say chairs over moment, your children grow fast but imagine if every moment was one
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then one night she started screaming and it never stopped for about three months she woul screen all the time. >> they notice a change in thei daughter at about 50 months old they saw a dr. after dr.. >> they said it was genetic disease. it was recessive, neurological and terminal. their world can impression down as doctors diagnosed her with a rare terminal disease. the last eight months she's lost virtually all of her motor skills it is basically a regression. a genetic mutation that breaks down brain cells causing her to have seizures, lose eyesight and basically going
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>> we've gone from when she was all over the place to now she cannot set up onh. cuyahoga community college kirby as the director of development with the batten disease support research association out of columbus ohio.on >> it affects the younger children were diagnosed between six months into years and typically pass away between three and five. >> she says her 40 different cure. >> right now we have medical trials for two of the forms, so there is a lot a work to be done.ot in the meantime, their life moves forwardrd, at the end of each month, she can do lesst th the month before. you think my much how does this when they get to that age that kind of progression of a normal life, and to now she is
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that she does not have a lot of time.. >> i would trade places with right now if i could , it's just the hardest thing to watch your child go through this and you can't help them. something unimaginable for any parent, they lean on their face to get them through. empowered by their love for her and they are raising awareness of the disease. no one should have to watch their child lose skills into helplessld and know that they're going to lose them. i just feel that's why we need to help. even long after she's gone, were going to make surere, i ho my lifetime, that we can see a cure.
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nationwide children's hospital in columbus is the only location in the country that does clinical trialsly for batt disease, for more info on the battle against the batten
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. ou have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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where have the cows gone, new zealand, 500 cows disappeared to
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stoned but not how the thieves made off with that many without anybody noticing how each estimated to be worth about a thousand dollars so the bad guy made off with about $1 million worth of cattle. a lost dog's tonight thanks to facebook, illinois couple was voting in vancouver on the weekend when their dog fell overboard . once you realize he was gone the call the coast guard and search for hours on end, to give up hope that his picture was posted on facebook page, and soon, everybody was searching for him and then they posted that they spotted a dog swimming in the middle of nowhere. >> winded up with over 20,000 peopleer looking at our online post. i saw that, i knew we would find him.
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found her. estimated that riley swam 6 miles to shore and traveled about one dozen miles by foot he is found safe and
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man accused of murdering a trevor after a o stolen car crash they said the suspect fired shots until he was told to drop the gunun and get on the groun >> peggy gallek spoke to the victims family.. she was a loving and respected woman she was god-fearing. timothy pearl speaks about his mother that you 3-year-old debbie pearl was murdered after an early-morning car crash saturday in solon. >> he and his family are still


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