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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  August 31, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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man accused of murdering a trevor after a o stolen car crash they said the suspect fired shots until he was told to drop the gunun and get on the groun >> peggy gallek spoke to the victims family.. she was a loving and respected woman she was god-fearing. timothy pearl speaks about his mother that you 3-year-old debbie pearl was murdered after an early-morning car crash saturday in solon. >> he and his family are still
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is so tragic that she was taken like that. >> dozens of family/friends packed the bedford municipal court wednesday during a brief preliminary hearing for the suspect matthew desha who pled not guilty. this case will be sent to the grand jury. according to police report they say he got out of his vehicleey with the ar-15 ri and started shooting , she crawled out of the passenger side as he continued to shoot with cars passing, he fired of a half-dozen shots and other vehicles. >> according to reports one of the witnesses convinced him to put down his weapon, two of the stayed with him until police
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they also told police that he was yellingng that someone killed his father, they said that no one else wasom with him at the time the crash and that he did not know the you told detectives he served in the marines and suffers from ptsd and was bipolar. he said he had never taken his medications. he says he wants justice for his mother and will contie there were no words you do see the amount of love that she had for everybodyerds and every for her that's why we will be supporting her to the end of time. >> peggy gallek fox 8 news. the i-team asking questions about a suburban school placed on lockdown today,qu this morning reports of a student with a gun
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clifton heights university heights high school, told her was no gun found the school went intos lockdown 490 minutes. the day after the district and teachers union announced a tentative deal,ri union president calls the contract terms good for student and educators won a major sticking sticking points have been teacher compensation tied to ratings performance they wil have a chance to review the dea before taking a vote . >> i believe they will look at the contract and see that there
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not just that they like but als the parents and i think that we moved to fix as we saw as schools ceo herb garden released a statement that reads- through northeast ohio, hillary clinton will be included on monday for thet 11th congressional district labor da festival the parade will and ad luke easter park , her running mate will also be there. vice president joe biden will be in northeast ohio tomorrow foror hillary clinton speaking in warren before a rally with autoworkers in parma at 5:45 p.m.m. expected to explain
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election and advocate for her economic plan. a bit of a rainy day. i see a string of nice days coming. >> will have some sunshine, perfect timing for the holiday weekend but in the meantime rainfall to the south and east along the cold front is the reason for the cloud cover and downpours. kindest body further south you need to have your downpours just outside of new philadelphia and also if yo are in tuscarawas in carroll county. looking at what it looks along the front a few showers trailer they front with
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plans will be gusty tonight and tomorrow, 77 hopkins and 75 lorain. with the winds from the north and west were almost everybody, youngstown with a south wind flow. besides a few spot showers, tonight will be gradual clearing. tomorrow a few lake driven spotty showers. tonight near 16, partial clearing and tomorrow winds wil be active. the high temperature tomorrow will be low to mid '70s. t what can we expect for the upcoming holiday weekend? cut the end there of day coming. >> get ready for the roar on th shore it is a labor day tradition here. >> give you a sneak peek inside
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for this weekend as maia belay has more from burke lakefronthe. >> the air show is to be bigger and better than ever about 100,000 people in attendance to meet the golden knights members. the us army golden knights got ready to put on a show at fairview park high school, make about half a dozen or she dies during the air show the cleveland kickoff friday at the indians game to dive on the field right now they're practicing.o n is the adrenaline and excitement of the freefall and 45 seconds and then as soon as you openen the parachute a 2500 feet the view is silent and peaceful. >> tickets are selling fast the big attraction is the one hour
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donald trump wrapped up a last-minute stop in mexico to
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before he will give a speech on immigration, they met for about one hour and then held a joint press conference afterwardsut t spoke about illegal immigration donald trump's proposed border wall, trading drugs among other issues, though described the talks as honest and open. >> the next american president will find in mexico and government a neighbor who wishe to work constructively to se between our nations. we had a very constructive exchange of ideas over a period of time, i was straightforward and presenting my views on the impact of current trade and immigration policies on the united states. i love united states very much and we want to make sure the people of the united states are very well
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donald trump is expected to give his speech on immigration in phoenix tonightdo. will he talks about immigration in mexico, hillary clinton is talking about him in ohio.ic it takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults a i on our neighbors for a few hour thenen flying home that's not h it works. she spoke to the american legion national convention in cincinnati to last team trump f not only stance on immigration and for referring to our military as a disaster. she says that trump may talk a lot but when it comes to diplomacy you fall shortt.
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insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. you do it by putting in the slow hard wor of building relationships. donald trump will visit wilmington near cincinnati tomorrow. and three driving, is about to get an update, tessa plans and privileged to the autopilot system after a fatal summer crashsh the company ceo says the update will make water whathe autopilot including more advanceden processing of radar signals, likely be able to detect some objects that could be harder to see, in may, tesla operating in autopilot crashed into a tractor-trailer killing the driver,ed the date is desig to protect drivers in similar situations. >> the first time in 50 years you can take a commercial fligh
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santa clara airport todayay the first commercial flight since diplomatic relations were recently restored today's fligh is the first of about 300 flights per week tis connection the us and cuba c us transportation secretary anthon foxx was along the 150 passengers on the first flight. 's been on vacation and you brought back with you the tropical weather'su. tropical storm irene will be tracking momentarily this from burke lakefront, clouds and som sunshine today. water temperature in
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with a winds whipping up with one to three footersu with waterspout potential tonight tomorrowwi because of the temperature discrepancy with this new air mass taking place and the warmer lake waters. the high today of 84, the record wa 99 from 1953 and sunset at 8:01 p.m. tomorrow, september 1,, it is the beginni of fall. look at these most were just light to medium, and looking at spotty showers i geauga county and south down to strasburg. and also showers into carroll county , nothing that major as the front takes the rainfall it will unlock the doors to cooler air.
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increasing tonight and tomorrow. >> heavy rainfall of tropical storm hermine heading towards florida beginning tomorrow into friday and watch the entire eastern seaboard for the remainder of the labor day weekend.e north winds increasing between ten and 20 mph, it will be very easy to gusty tonight tomorrow y but then fallen into the 50s, tomorrow will fill more like early fall day. this is a depression taken off could be a storm it is already very off away from the east coast we nee to watchst tropical storm hermi heading sometime friday and
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seaboard for the upcoming weekend potentially. spot shower, and otherwise tonight partial clearing with active winds tomorrow with clouds, sunshine and friday, sunshine and friday night football will be drawing. the intent can a radical extremist be reformed? your standard fire for hired a former terroristt but he says about his past life and al qaed
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if you are a homeowner, website bring the best and worst cities for homeowners based on things like property tax maintenance and foreclosure rates, the best metro area to live is portland, followed by phoenix, atlanta minneapolis were star hartford, new york city, and providence,, good news here in ohio, columbu comes in at number 13 andh cleveland and 14. google wants to take on uber and lyft with its ride-sharing service, wall street journal reports they will launch in service in san francisco this yearthl it aims to be much chea because it will connect people who are going in the same direction, the service would be through their ways traffic app
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service, if successful it could expand to other cities. for some it is a rocking horse bucked of those who receive th there so much more, heroes roc is a small company in mantua thatin build specialized rocking horses to go to children of fallen armed forces , firefighters and police say sendoff was held for scott andrew schneider who were going on a tour of the western us wit 27 of rocking horses to be delivered to fisher houses that provide free or low-cost lodgin to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers. >> the handprints are done by people from all over the high school marching band did one last week, crestwood middle school,ne magilla village counc
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people involved to show our lov and support so they know that they're not forgotten heroes rock is nonprofit if you want t donate go to fox
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familiar face returning, now covelli coco crisp career
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treated to the indians they did deal finalized give the 36-year-old outfielder in cash for left-handed pitcher colt hynes66 co-defendants connect the season he will fill the void of irina volante who was suspended from the playoffs were testing positive for ped's earlier thi year. for half of all in full swing go to fox 8 to vote for the friday night touchdown game of the week. the polls close tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. the winne announced at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> join us for friday night touchdownwn. if the ballplayers kind gesture please many with tears of happiness. florida state football players were visiting middle schoolol in tallahassee
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that's when travis rolled upside down with the harlot who was sitting alone turns out he had autism, someon took a photo and his mom says i usually does in crime himself. i asked, i could eat them and said why not. the photo was shared on facebook she says the kind gesture made her era she said that she not had to worry about him because he sat from someone who is a hero in many arms,h travis rudolph, tha you so much you made this mothe
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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(laughs) i wish you could all be inside my head. the conversation is sparkling. fine, i'll tell you. fungi and algae. if you could merge with another species, what species would you pick and why? hint: there is a right answer. none of you will get it. okay, i'd pick swan because, uh, the resulting hybrid would have the advanced industrial civilization of a human and the long graceful neck i've always dreamed of having. wrong. leonard?


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