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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  September 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good at morning everybody. it isorn thursday, september 1. here is aep shot of the terminal tower in teal.a we are talking aboutl all the rain cancer awareness.wa september is a month for a fact. if you have gotten a dressed to pull out your teal. my name is jessica dill filling in for kristi capel. let's check in with scott sabol weather right. we are in for a nice stretch of nice weather. >> absolutely. the only thing we have toww worry about is the showers coming inm off the lake that they have nota developed his ownv nothing toth worry about, the temperatures have droppedhe to 57 and solon. temperature and westlake at 70. poster to see low 60s and even upper 50s in the outlying areas especially areas t further south with a humidity has state
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car which usually peaks the first week of september the air starts to train south. wee with gus up around 20 miles per things are looking great on the freeways.hi they were doing a smashing grab
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they're going to shut down the eastbound direction of 90 eastbound. there willll reopen by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning over less said there is a construction project that has been ongoingd from detroit on o center bridge and its northbound
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let's check in with stacy fry it in the newsroom witha stacy fry has more. he helps with promise to deport illegal immigrant created a task force ande build a wall. >> number one, we are you ready. we will the southern border. and on mexico will pay for theh wall. thee president health of tweeted thisf at the start the conversation i made it clear theyco will not pay for the wal. he fits in the extra hours before the immigration speech in arizona and met with thei president. andt he was restrained a
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having a congenial conversation despite the insult that he hasgv directed his insults towards mexico.ct zero tolerance for on documented immigrants. he didn't make it clear that hee would do with the i'm an 11 million who aren't criminal another never put a dollar amount on any purpose. now to create a deportation task force the country.ig >> he hit a certification too make sure that those we are admitting to our country share our values and love our people.e
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about fantasies. that here stood for the past hat differentlightlyly with his plan to immediately toy obtain an illegal within charge of where he was put them and how you thatr was not address.dre an update on the 50 day of donald trump. pack yournald home leaders withe cleveland teachers are noww speaking out about its benefits contractor for the strike the cleveland metropolitan schooloo district they call the contract terms could therefore educators. one of the major sticking points head teacher compensation whichi isch directly tied to annuala meeting the fifthn former teachers will have a chance to take a chance to accept it. ch
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concerns. the metropolitan school is released a statement saying the district is pleased to take a contrary to the point that both sides see both sides see as severe. our focus now ise pode to be one bargaining table to be placed into a contractb was best for kids. i could get ready for the war on the shore at the cleveland national airship
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very peaceful. they ticket to the p sure is gog
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welcome back to fox 8 news in
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i love the ideas. it's a little intense. it's really cool. the check on the first we are beginning to cool down quite a bit.a northwind for kick we are anticipating the cooler airtin training to the south for the first time in a long time.o
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breezy with highs in the middle 70s. it won't be until the middle of september before february the bellows. sometimes a simple can can make a big difference. todd meany is here at how a local company is hoping to comeh is called he called us' office is of natalier they included armed forces ofof firefighters and police officers
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want to get as many to show ouro love and support when they come it's a nonprofit for families. support to cap their mission hood river link on our website if you would like to help.cass such a great thing think you have to protect our military we will be right back.
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we will see that here today and again early on friday with a couple of shows the coverage will be relatively smallle coupe of showers the future radar showing this is these south.h.o mostly clear and we're going to lose daylight we've been losing daylight atbe a pretty rapid rae over the next couple of weeksapi the middle of september we will after 8:00 early april of next. will that affect us a lot of times these is..
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has middle 70swe see how it starts to push that's about thet eight-day forecast keepsh us dry after today through the middle of next week through the day itself with lows in the upper 50s and really looking good for high school football. and eventually you'll start tot jetblue flight 387 landed yesterday before returning to miami a little later. it was the first commercial
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decades. us this was the first of about 300 flights per week to connect the tesla is planning the improvements to the autopilot systemth this ceo says a softwat up it will offer advanced processing and:or was it.t he. can't man died in this minue tesla on autopilot crash when it sensitiveut electronic. it's designed to protect her in similar spencer he was quite happy to be on camera an important message he is sharing for driversor attribute to one of his most.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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massachusetts climbing paying tribute to death. it is and spells all things. he is retiring at the end of the season he helped to open theh maze with this very milde that.h theya are police department city hall and northeast pennsylvania are abuzz with activity as the key.
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a beekeeper then found the highest on the third floor. b this city is trying to save this -- workers are now looking for how they got into the building to fill those areas. it was that quite the cap nextlt look back on the phone this morning the daughter of assistant police chief spotted kiddie with icann on hiss head. hehe pulled off they can. nasa squashes coming out of the woods to focus on safety.ash have kids christmas tree will head into school of rain
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withet scott for good look at tt forecast.he here rico. storm fox radarar coming out of the north. temperatures will stay stayay steady in the lower and s middle 70s is humidity will be more about the we can for his civic of changes for basis. into early next week, nothing major will talk more about that and a chance to's chance youro
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she still going despite being less than they can from the century mark.l gote patty harkin will have more on your commute when we come back,
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