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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 2, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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her hed 12346789
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you are known for speaking your mind. sometimes you get into trouble. trump never holds his tongue. clinton sometimes doesn't say enough. where's the balance. >> it's in there's authenticity. and doesn't mean you have to be rude. it doesn't mean that you have to be dismissive. or the people and concerns. >> let's talk about you. >> >> your legacy. what do you hope you leave behind. what's next for you. >> well. i'm going to stay deeply engaged with the things i'm involved in now. probably associated with maybe some universities. i'm going to continue to work on the cancer moon so*t.
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>> we know so much more than we did. now. >> i'm going stay involved in this. until the day i die. >> . all right. >> we're going to make some real progress. >> thank you very much. >> . stacy fry. with vice president joe biden tonight. >> . clinton will campaign in cleveland on monday. she and running mate tim cane will take part in the eleventh congress district. labor day festival. >> . all right. spotty showers around here. weekend. and a lot of people have friends and family. down in florida. and. a lot of people watching hurricane. >> . believe it or not. it all plays into our forecast. i'll tell you how in just a
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this is a test. >> this is a tst this is a test. it'll go across the outer banks. watch what it does out here. once it gets here this weekend
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and what it's going to do is keep that high pressure system essentially in place. and that's good for us. not good for the east coast. 56 tonight. those lake effect clouds will eventually clear out. and so will the spotty showers. then tomorrow should be a decent day. mostly sunny. most of the time. comfortably cool. 74. here's at the wind aloft level. getting caught up and riding to the northeast. here's the ridge of high pressure. that ridge is right on top of us. at the surface and aloft. with high pressure. this is the kind of weather forecast. we can put out. with straight sunshine. friday. saturday sunday monday. and tuesday. so we get a couple bonus days. saturday sunday. and obviously labor day monday. we have tomorrow. with the sunshine. and we have tuesday on top of that. very slow. moderating trend. in that.
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near 80 by labor day. monday. >> . all right. we'll take those bonus days. >> air show. >> .
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what a special day. >> his name is austin. he says he's been a browns fan since he was born. of course that's only 12 years. but when you he's been through. he deserves it. >> . meet austin. he's 12. >> turning 13 on november 4. >> he's not your average seventh grader. one year ago, he was diagnosed with t cell acute leukemia. after a tough year of chemotherapy. he is now in remission. >> because it's hard. sometimes. >> tkwro*ufr. >> yeah. you're tough.
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browns. >> because i love cleveland. and i loved them since i was a bib by. i'm a true fan. >> thursday he had a wish come true. as a special wish foundation, granted his wish to be the cleveland browns coach. for the day. >> . i was amazed. >> . >> a limousine picked them up. and took them right into first energy stadium. >> there he walked right onto the field. and got to greet jimmy and as well as meet his favorite players. like joe hayden. >> . it's amazing. considering what he's been through. to see his face light up. when we told him about special wish doing this. >> the fact he gets to do something like this. in his life.
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if you notice on the video. he got to meet rg3 and prior. during the game. broad broadcast during the game. >> love that story. >> cool kid. based on the score but. he's still he knows what it's like to be a head coach now in the nfl. for the browns. >> he'll go to school to be a doctor. >> what great story. >> he's a true winner.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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once again refused to stand for the anthem. prior to the preseason game in san san diego. joined by a second 49ers player. he says he's protesting what he describes as oppression of
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mean time he made more headlines today after pictures surfaced of him wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs. he wore the socks earlier in the summer during training camp. >> . released a statement earlier today. that reads. >> . >> before these socks which were worn before i took my public stance. are used to distract from the real issue. i want to address this immediately. >> a columbus neighborhood on high alert. following a terrifying incident. involving a clown. high school student reported being chased be i someone this a clown mask. armed with a knife. the incident happened tuesday after the student got off the
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quickly ran to a nearby bus stop. police say they're monitoring that area. >> . very rare. but with social media out lets and movie trailers. you get people that want to copy that. you have to understand what might be funny to them can be scary to somebody else. >> >> there have been recent reports of creepy clown incidents in south carolina. and wisconsin. columbus police this is the first such incident they have heard about in ohio. >> mother demanding answers tonight. after an airline mixed up two different boys. and put them on the wrong flight. >> her five year-old son boarded a flight in the tkpheupb can august 17. supposed to head to new york. when she went to the airport to pick him up. jet blue presented her with a different child. her son and the other boy were put on the wrong flights. lawyer says the mix up happened because the other child was carrying her sons passport.
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airport in boston. that child went to jfk. and her son went to boston. >> a mothers worst nightmare. their five year-old child is ming. >> missing. this never should have happened. >> . >> jet blue is investigating. but the airline refunded the flights. apologized for the stress. this whole thing caused.
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3 black bears. treated a neighborhood like a resort. >> 1246789 the the family decided to go dumpster diving. they were enjoying a feast until they were chased out. by one. there he is. one very pwraeuf brave dog. >> . i'm an animal lover. i don't want them tearing up the yard. there's no water. but i chased them out twice this morning. and got a pot and pan weu by the door in case they came back. >> officials say the mother bear
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pounds. and the cubs looked healthy. and were likely less than a year old. >> . early second quarter touch down. and have gone onto lead this one late in the contest. by a 21 to 7 count. all the highlights for you in the morning. >> . indians enjoyed today facing the marlins on friday. it has been quite the rookie season. hitting over 3 hundred. and improving oftentimes the youngster can really make the big time plays. never forget the frantic scamper. the walk off stph-dz the park home run. or beating bolt in a race. being the rookie of the year conversation is great. and he plans to stay with the big league club. no more minors for him.
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just like i said. being able to be in the line up. and help the team win. >> . >> former cleveland indian michael born is switching teams. the diamond backs trading him to the oeurls. for a young 20 year-old out fielder. born is heang good luck to former monsters coach. today the avalanche introduced him. as their new head coach. to the media. he said much of the existing staff could be retained. wait and see there. >> high school football. aurora. all over the panthers. 41 to 13. to get the first win. elsewhere. glen oak leading mass linn. >> . 26 yards and the golden eagles
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tigers. then watch as the tigers will hit. and austin is gone for the touch down. comes back to win by a 24 to 21 count. congratulations to grand valley and curt land. close to 40 percent of the total votes. went to your game. and you will be the friday night touch down game of the week. extened highlights and coverage online. and of course it's the rematch. grand valley ended their long regular season win streak. >> . of course. be sure to join us for friday night touch down. >> our proud coply alumni. will be the lady with those guest host highlights. >> . i can't wait. love that show. >> . thank you very much. >> .
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>> all right. a little cool tonight. last of the showers will be fading. late clouds gone by morning. 56. then tomorrow sunshine. 74 degrees. and that's the start of great weekend. >> . perfect. >> .
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you want me to find a poem about susan? may she rest in peace! well, we think it would be a nice touch for the foundation literature. you have a favorite poet, george? i like, uh...flavman. pardon? flavmmm. well, you should choose the poem, since you knew susan best at the time of her... unfortunate... ahem...accident. jerry: he cleared his throat? yes. so? he did it right as he said "her unfortunate accident." not getting it. jerry, a throat-clear is a non-verbal implication of doubt. he thinks i killed susan!


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