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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 3, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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why deer with us tonight at 10 kicking love labor day weekend. say goodbye to summer sort of tonight. northeast ohioans are taking time to enjoy great weather while it lasts. right around the corner but for now we're looking forward to a gorgeous weekend. >> a 10 out of 10. no matter which way you cut and slice and dice it, you cannot come up with any other figure but a 10 out of 10. that is not the whole country but it is our part of the world. we zoom in and show you what's going on here and what is going
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it is quiet. it is gorgeous and it is clear and very comfortable. current temperature 67. sixty-one akron canton. that is the coolest we can find anywhere right now but these were quickly slipped into the fifties overnight to most places in most places because the viewpoints right now are that low at 50 about low at 54 and when we look at when the rain will fall in the next 48 hours it doesn't even come close. naturally off to the lower right-hand and we will talk that is hermine and we will talk more about that. interesting topography from that neck of the woods coming up a little later on but here perfect. do you have plans this holiday weekend? if not there is still time. >> this weekend is jam packed with so jampacked with so many spectacular event. suzanne strafford's live with a
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>> their sensory overload downtown this evening. with the picture-perfect weather if you don't take some time at least a few moments to get outside and enjoy this beautiful city will be missing some something which you may not know is directly linked to the founding of the labor day holiday. >> it's pretty exciting >> barbecuing. celebrating with my family. >> semi may be ending but in cleveland it is going out with a roar. an extravaganza of events converging at once. >> something for everyone as the cleveland indians began a series of marlins hundreds were rocking and rolling out the yoga mats
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demi lovato and nick jonas at the q. >> he's going to the game and go to the concert he is going and she's going to get what do people like best? >> all of it. >> and there is more. oktoberfest at the cuyahoga county fairgrounds and the 2016 cleveland national airshow showing off dozens of displays and death-defying demonstrations from the navy navy blue angels: parachute team to this guy. >> it's the ultimate adrenaline rush racing planes just to please the fans. >> dads are grinning from ear to ear and you have little kids that don't know whether to be scared for the happiest they've ever been. it's pretty awesome. >> there is one cleveland are buried here in cemetery who we
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patterson greeting the father of labor day and ohio. with the first african-american lawyer and judge in cleveland who went on to the house of representatives and in 1890 got a bill passed declaring the first monday in september each year labor day. >> that's nice. >> i think he would be pretty proud also what's going on in cleveland in four years after ohio made day holiday the federal government did the same and made it a national holiday for everyone. >> we love the history lesson. >> and by the way. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say there there's so much to do but could not get it all in so go to if good if you're looking to make plans. >> there so there's so many things to choose from. so if you're bored your boring. >> that's right. >> it is a lot to do.
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like bass. >> there is no reason to be bored in the northeast ohio. >> that's true. some breaking news, important traffic news. oh .-dot says the eastbound lanes of i 40 are closed although traffic appears to be moving slowly, very slowly. we are told the semi truck took out part of the media median leaving cement all over the highway. drivers are asked to avoid this area alone for 80. hermine's downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm but still packing a powerful punch. hermine's sweeping up the east coast and hitting many areas hard with a lot of wind, a lot of rain. this having a major impact through much of the holiday weekend and in fact, maybe a holiday weekend again. they may be a hurricane again. >> there are a lot of problems being caused by hermine but still tonight ferris there are
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states. the governor of virginia says hermine can bring life-threatening storm surges to popular vacation spots like virginia beach. new york is already shutting down its beaches on sunday. the worst is in florida cleanup underway. hermine was the first hurricane to strike the state in 11 years. it devastated some small neighborhoods and towns, uprooted trees. hundreds of thousands of people lost power and still dealing with flooding problems and huge problems. the storm is making its way off the coast. it is weaker now but one homeowner in savannah is just glad savanna is just glad that he survived. >> the house was just kind of vibrating and we heard some sticks and stuff hitting the roof. it rumbled like they say a freight train and then it was done and it looks like a big mower came through and just mowed down the trees. >> tonight tropical storm
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north as delaware often to southern connecticut and the storm is set to head up the coast and keep churning out the wind and rain for a couple more days. that could mean some serious coastal flooding. it may be less powerful for now but it is certainly making its presence felt. last month strongsville police are being held by clevelanders for their pursuit of fleeing suspect that led to the arrest of members of a smash and grab ring that had plagued the city for two pursued last night by the same department is drawing some criticism. >> we just had a burglary, a smash and grab. >> two suspects walked into the jewelers on what i wrote in strongsville on thursday night. one later identified from detroit uses a hammer to smash a display case and steals high-end watches. he and his accomplice when in a
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suspect. >> a man and woman. she was wearing a gray hoodie, he was wearing a blue and black jack jacket and had the camera. >> the thieves made the mistake of picking a store that was nowhere close to the highway and it did not take police long to catch up with them. what followed with a high-speed chase that went all the way into the city of cleveland where he strongsville police officer used his screws it girth into cruiser to force the van off the road near loraine and west 41st. it slammed into a tree and utility pole among other things. investigators say the three suspects in the van fled on foot. two got away but police were able to arrest dominique maclin. they decided to pursue the streets of cleveland and that is drawing criticism from residents and business owners. >> i know they need to apprehend these people, but not have high speed and not at the risk of innocent bystanders. it is crazy that there was a high-speed chase here and that they rammed the vehicle off the
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this for my cleveland city council member matt sohn says that chase was reckless and irresponsible. he is now among those calling on police police departments like strongsville to abide by the city of cleveland's strict limitations on high high-speed chases. >> innocent life could've been lost. there is no need to. i don't care how much monetary value was stolen or in that vehicle, the loss of one life is way too much. >> we are told chief is trying to establish a standard policy on pursuits for our police agencies in the county. so far strongsville police or are not commenting on last night's chase. man who admitted holding a man who admitted to holding three firefighters hostage last year's learning is fate. work where griffith junior apologized for his actions as he stood before police judge today. he was sentenced to five years in prison. his attorney says griffith has
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intended to hurt anyone. he held the three south amherst firefighters at gunpoint at today responded to a brush fire at his home in october 2015. he pled guilty in july to kidnapping charges. the assistant south amherst fire chief was one of the victims. he and his wife say they are glad the case is finally over. >> i would've liked to see more jail time, but the judge gave him what she thought was ?-dash she needed. >> once released from prison, griffith will also be placed on three years probation. an ugly scene outside a local school and it is part of a troubling trend. >> we have the story behind the violent video and the people calling for change. a young lady in the fight of her life but she has is not alone. white people in the local community were cheering for more than just to their football team tonight. a family getting the shock
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the top campaign is once again making headlines over mexican food. what has people talking about taco trucks. where minutes away from friday night touchdown. join jcp j tracy mccool immediately following the news here at 10 for all of northeast ohio high school football action
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got a real cool photo to show you not to the center of hermine but from the very edge of hermine. take a look at at radar. here is the center of hermine. it is a tropical storm max wins 45 miles per hour. in the carolinas in particular the outer banks north of virginia beach but the rain is a sharp cut off. let's go to the edge of hermine. let's go under the clouds. there is virginia there some
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bottoms of the cirrus clouds. my son goes to liberty university and he snapped this photo from lynchburg from the jerry falwell library looking west it was absolutely stunning. he had to stop his work take a photo and send it to me and i'm sure glad he did because it is really amazing. about the only article of hermine we will see is often the distance and that will be just a little bit of high cloud cover and most of the sky is going to we are in the sixties there in the sixties now 59 showing up at ashtabula. high today cooler than normal, 76. sixty-three the low end it will basically come up to be a wash of the debt of a day in terms of the average. high pressure in firm control so that means our weekend is also in firm control of clear skies. we've got a taboo situation for
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clear and the visibility unlimited. >> don't worry about a thing. perfect. people are talking all across the country. >> this former stamford swimmers coming home to ohio and registering as a sex offender. what may be maybe the thing in the wake of his release. inspiration on the gridiron. need to double the double mvp who won't let anything stand in his way. indians open to stay hot
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the fbi has released notes regarding hillary clinton's july interview with the agency. she said she could not recall any briefings or training on how she should handle classified information. the fbi also released a report into clinton's private e-mail server and included the fact that more than six chains contained classified information at the time they were sent. the fact that it is dripping will likely continue to depress her numbers. i think that is part of why we have seen this closure. it is really not been trumped moving up as much as it has been clinton moving down. >> republicans criticize the report's finding clinton herself applauded its release. her campaign called the use of personal server and mistake but says the reports prove there was
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meanwhile, donald trump met today with an african-american mother who lost her daughter to violence. this is part of the nominees continued attempts to make inroads with the black community. her daughter was killed in a newark schoolyard in 20 oh seven. six men from an american street gang were responsible. president obama is on his way to china for his final visit to that nation as commander-in-chief. here is scheduled to attend a meeting with the g 20 world leaders. while there he beijing that with increased power comes increased responsibility. us is in a dispute with china regarding cyber attacks and economic policies. sunday is a very important day for catholics around the world. pope francis will formally declare mother teresa saint on that day, 19 years after her death. more than 100,000 people are expected in vatican city for the event. mother teresa founded the missionary charities of india in
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prize in 1979. still to come end of an era. >> people gathering for one last weekend of fun and a place where northeast ohioans have been making memories for decades. it is not was typical
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these are grillers. and we make them at johnsonville. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em.
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football season of courses herein here and as always friday night touchdown. big show coming up at 11 right after fox agencies at 10:00 p.m. pjm danny will bring you all of the highlights from week two and a very special guest will be joining the team as well. >> it was an action action-packed night so stay tuned. you don't want to miss it. water park for that is shutting its gates for good on labor day. >> we won 12 went to work to find out what what's in store now for that property. >> many people in over a tell me that closing this park is very upsetting. this weekend as a final chance for you and your family to come out and make one last memory. >> the days of fun in the sun are coming to an end for the water park open a little more
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this is in use for many people who spend years making a lifetime of memories at wild water kingdom. >> it is really sad that wild water is also closed. >> what is your favorite memory after park. >> i like going on that myself. he can be going to movement able to miss that stuff anymore. >> doesn't hope up looking like geauga lake does right now abandoned. maybe a way to keep the community behind it. >> the city of aurora is working with cedar fair entertainment parks entertainment bainbridge township. the goal is to make the lake more accessible as possible retail stores, a recreational
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>> a few months from now there could be a few maps or pictures of what this area won't look
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a brutal scene outside a local school. the ion team has the story behind the beating and a look at the push to stop videos like this from being shared online. is to press that he is too pathetic and plenty of heart. to meet the double amputee who is turning heads on the football field to.
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beyond. how long this beautiful weather will stick around in the extended forecast. news at 10:00 p.m. continues right now. we are getting another look at the back of backup along interstate 480. this is video from sky fox. oh .-dot says the eastbound lanes of 480 or closed at two human following a pretty bad accident. we're told the semi truck took out over the highway. no word on in the injuries but drivers are being that drivers are being asked to avoid the area obviously. there is a foolish to do something about people sharing videos like this on the internet. at the gallup has this story.
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gives back to school she found the video had artie been posted online. something about videos like this. these days so common. >> i call this the lost generation. social media and then took over. kick it to me that's making fun of somebody when he put her father you put are fought on social media. >> cleveland schools have tightened policies on kids using cell phones, partly to stop kids from posting videos of five fights inside schools. of course in this case, the fight across the street and the school district said one of the kids getting punished, one who recorded the fight on her cell phone. the cleveland school system says a total of 10 kids facing
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team taking the worst of the beating. the district police said what happened here was planned at school. the teenager believed she was targeted by students jealous of her getting involved in school activities. >> they started jumping me and i blacked out i guess. >> that mother unsure what it will take to stop fights and attacks being posted online, but she adds that it has gotten so out of hand someone even posted this video indicating it cod >> basically saying simply how much you won't post a video like being funny i thought that was horrible. >> the team says that crowd finally scattered only when someone fired a gun shot into the air. the school has turned over reports to police for a criminal investigation. a convicted rapist has been released from jail in california
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of his six month sentence. he is expected to return to his hometown outside of dayton where he will then be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life. melissa reid is here with more now. >> brough turner can convicted rapist and former stanford swimmer is now out of jail and could well be on his way home to ohio. the 21 -year-old walked out of a jail this morning after serving only three months of the six-month jail sentence sexually assaulting an unconscious girl. he is expected to return to his parents home in greene county ohio where he will have to register as a sex offender. the greene county sheriff spoke about the legal procedures he will have to go through this morning. >> he comes in, we do an interview with him and the deputy that there is does the registration process we interview him enter him into a nationwide database of convicted
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the neighbors where he lives where he's going to be living that we have a tear if you have a tier three sex offender living in your neighborhood. he will be required to come in and check in with us every three months. every 90 days. >> unfortunately, we have nothing to say where he lives so we just have to know where he is. we know what he looks like and we will be aware of our surroundings. >> in the meantime, calling on the attorney general's office attorney general's office to investigate the judge who sentenced turner to only six months in jail and allowed him to move back to ohio with his parents. >> a lot of people are very upset about that so we will follow this. he can ohio judge. and ohio judge says in all the hype profile custody case will remain private. the judge said public access to the court hearing could harm the
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it's members of the family were killed that day in four different homes. no arrests have been made. cheerleaders at black river schools were allowed to wear their uniforms to class today. the school district now says the uniforms are compliant with the dress code. this after the girls were told they were not allowed to wear them to class because the skirts scripts were too short. school leaders say they apologize for the error. and embarrassing moment for green party for rally was delayed for two hours because she accidentally flew to cincinnati instead of columbus. she had another rally in cuyahoga falls earlier this evening. supersonic fighter jets and the blue angels are also pretty down to earth. today for members of the blue angels were cheering up
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they made a surprise visit to the hospital pediatric unit. they say spending time of the kids is always a highlight of any of their victories. >> is not only visiting communities but also, like i said, the best part about us would will be visiting the hospital, visiting kids who maybe couldn't be here this weekend so we will get to see them when they come back. >> they also took a few minutes to visit with the crew metro life flight helicopter. >> that's a great group of guys there for sure end and it looks like the blue angels spectacular weather for their amazing show and here's andre with the details of the a long holiday weekend. he did the pilot group that will be putting on demonstrations, they've got an ideal weekend. generally light wind and god will look like this. this was earlier this afternoon at about 4:00 p.m. you can see some of the prep work on the tarmac but things are pretty quiet there right now. we stop the action and this is
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it is a stunning evening, clear as a ballet and the thing is going that they were going to stay that way for much of the weekend. it will be an opportunity for you to see a very young moon. it is just past the new stage. virtually impossible to see tonight, but as far as tomorrow goes, if you can locate venus in the twilight, just after sunset, if you can lo will be only 6 percent and it will set at 9:13 p.m. so by nine oh 9:15 p.m. he will probably not see it but you have a better shot on sunday. moon set at 942. 11 percent eliminated them by monday 18 percent. the moon will set at 10:12 p.m.. then monday labor day you should see a really neat crescent lull in the southwest sky below in the southwest sky at sundown. right now it is in the low sixties except ashtabula did
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of the web up the leather with a few other weather spies in their rvs temperatures will glide into the fifties tonight. the reason is that all of the dew points are nice and dry. a crystal-clear 55 plus or minus five. fifty and some of the burbs but very clear. seventy-seven tomorrow. not a cloud in the sky and it will be absolutely storybook perfect. there is hermine. hermine will pick up strength and could become a hurricane again tomorrow afternoon but you can see for us no problem. the high will be so slow that it will give a sunshine saturday sunday yes. how about a bonus today, tuesday maybe even wednesday as well. a couple of degrees per day going through the next five days 777982 labor day monday.
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comes by and gives us another knockdown really nice. >> perfect. i want to let you know the third annual walk and run through forest hill in the east cleveland this sunday september 11 at 8:00 a.m. and all proceeds benefit the dots and foundation dotson foundation to provide college scholarships and empowerment conferences for inner-city students. you will find a link to register under seen on tv at community coming together. >> see how they showed up to rally around a very brave young lady facing an uphill battle. an incredible story of survival in the wake of a devastating tragedy. find out how long a dog survived under all that revenue make. week number two of the emmy award winning friday night touchdown everyone gearing up for the big show that is minutes away and this week i will be joining them.
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and football fans at one high school tonight were rooting for more than just their team on the field. >> they were also cheering on a very brave classmate and her battle with brain cancer. kevin freeman was at the game tonight and he is here now with
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>> kayla hoover as a freshman at mayfield high school, she has already become a popular student there. she is fighting brain cancer and tonight the school's cheerleaders and her classmates show they are teaming up with her to show support. >> there when gold tonight in an effort to go gold and support high school student kayla hoover >> the friday night football game between the mayfield wildcats in the macklin jaclyn polar bears is dec -year-old kayla hoover to anyone who was invited onto the field for the coin toss, is fighting to win her battle with a cancerous brain tumor. >> i'm began feeling good because i'm unintelligible. >> issues dealing with a brain tumor that is very rare. she was diagnosed when she was 10. she is 14 now and just been to
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operation she's been in st. jude's and had the operation and is back at the clinic again. >> mayfield's cheerleading squad had already discussed helping out a charity this fall. they chose saint jude children's research hospital. >> without what about a way to incorporate a girl who is in our own community who we know has been fighting so hard so we wanted to do that for kayla and the other children fighting at st. jude's. >> is a great feeling knowing that we are making a difference >> i love it and i think. >> the cheerleaders have been fundraising all week and are selling t-shirts holding raffles and silent auctions, anything to help kayla get well and return to school. >> i want to be a cheerleader. i want to be a baseball player and basketball player. >> she is such a strong girl.
1:44 am
>> the students will be painting $10 mascot logos tomorrow morning. they say a portion of the money they raise for st. jude's will go directly to kayla's family to help support them. >> ellison stories like that and we can pass those along to everybody to see what is going on in our community. >> it is great great a lot of time to go to a new school you don't know anyone she's a freshman at all rallied around her. >> they are embracing her. still to come, a police officer under fire for >> the story behind a tattoo that is sparking outrage and an internal investigation. trending social media topic that is making a lot of people hungry. what trump supporters said about tacos that that is raising
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b dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow.
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than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen. philadelphia police say they have started review and an officer with a tattoo that sparked a lot of outrage online, the tattoo on the uniformed officers for him shirtless breadwinning england of the word fatherland. the anti-defamation league says the image has been associated with and the neo-nazi and some neo-nazi and white supremacist group. the tattoo came to light after the photograph of the officer surfaced on twitter. the philadelphia police department does not have a tattoo policy but officials say they do not condone anything that could be interpreted as
1:48 am
discriminatory. the phillies mayor calls the tattoo offensive and disturbing. center refusing to resign from office after admitting he had cybersex in a state owned laptop with a woman he met online. state senator bill mcnair rejected a request to step down. members of the legislature's executive board have friends to have him impeached. he says he carefully consider the request but contend that many of his constituents have urged him to stay o is 17 euros south carolina boy faces assault charges accused of slapping a five -year-old girl on a school bus. police say the teenager was riding the bus from school to an afterschool program when the incident allegedly occurred. the girl came home with a large red handprint on her face. school district officials denied the child sustained the injury on the bus. photo should the injury on the opposite side of the face from the surveillance video showed,
1:49 am
faked. the family is considering filing a lawsuit. >> we're talking about a kid who is 17 years old, much larger than this five -year-old child, a history of violence, and people on the bus are there with her and in close proximity. >> why would someone that has a history like that be allowed to drive a bus especially with young kids on their? >> inaudible. >> the little girl was says she is now scared to ride the bus. cameras rolling during an incredible rescue in italy nine days after the country was rocked by a deadly earthquake. firefighters discovered a golden retriever under a pile of rubble. the dog called romeo appeared to be bewildered at first after he's camp as he scampered down the mound amount mound of broken concrete and debris but he quickly took a few steps, web just tail and sniffed his surroundings. people heard the dog bark is if
1:50 am
belongings from the damaged home. one of trump advisors went on media >> my culture is a very varied mail is a very dominant culture and it is causing problems if you don't do something about your going to have taco trucks every corner. >> that venice marco gutierrez the founder of latinos for trump. his comment about taco trucks popping up at away up on every corner quickly taco trucks in every corner was quickly trying trending on twitter and most before commenting on how delicious it sounded. in arizona democratic party seized the opportunity but quickly changing +-plus-sign and elsewhere in denver the enterprising owner of a taco truck was quick to set up shop directly across the street from a donald trump campaign office. still to come, defying the odds. >> meets the double amputee who
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tonight in trumbull county liberty leopard square off with the bulldogs. >> but for one player football is more then just than just a game. it's a chance to prove naysayers wrong. him and damon hunt is a 6-foot three with 165 pounds and wasn't big enough to play the offense of her the defensive line but he said playing or snapping one or even walking seemed like a long shot. he was born the club feet and when he was two years old both
1:54 am
play football before fearful over what could happen but his drive to play is even surprising his coach. >> coach i want to play football and in the flight will you know we've got a lot of hurdles but this dude gets up every day, does everything you ask them to do, shows up. >> a lot of people told me i couldn't play football but you know like i always never really listen to anybody for now i'm here and everybody was telling me how you can play football and i said well i played football. >> that's some determination there. before he could tak officials had to approve his prosthetics and now he is looking ahead to playing next year for planning next year for his senior season. sorry the indians are entering the home stretch of the season and we're going to keep rolling with one month to go. tonight they greeted the fans at progressive field of plenty of offense. cleveland scored three times in the first and once in the second off miami starter andrew cashin or who by the fifth inning they
1:55 am
lead. carlos carrasco struck out 11 while pitching a scoreless ball into the eight. tribe wins six / two. indy and maintaining their paces leaders of the american league central. time for the cleveland browns to trim down the roster. the deadline is tomorrow afternoon and as always is the case, some news is leaking out here. according to his agent defensive back let go the fourth round of the 2014 class came from a tiny division iii school and did gain any kind of footing with the team. and meanwhile we are getting the sense that rookie receivers drafted by the team and led by cory coleman will make corey coleman will make the roster so could the likes of taylor gabriel marlon moore darius jennings and casualties despite what was announced saturday the team could still be in flux as they contemplate castoffs from other teams with.
1:56 am
the coach is not conceding the season. >> obviously we've got continued to work in practice and get ready and now it's about mouse about a game plan and getting ready to team to play so i think now we will get into the things we do and the things we do well and we will put our guys out there and give ourselves a chance to have some success. friday touchdown is minutes away. jt pj and danny are putting the finishing touches on all the highlights from week to end this week they are joined by and only tracy mccool. she needs to get up in this chair and gingerly gracefully walk over. >> i can say something here because it is a delightful weekend talk about. we will be clear cool moonless 55 the average. some burbs of herbs might be down to 49 of 50. let's get to the weekend off on
1:57 am
not a cloud in the sky. storybook perfect. let's go with the a high 77 and add two more to that on sunday, 79. eighty-two labor day. friday night at 10:00 o'clock friday touchdown is coming up next. >> we will be right back.
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