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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Morning News  FOX  September 3, 2016 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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you got to get outside to enjoy this we will not havet many more weeken like this. >> it is picture-perfect great dane to get outside with the ai show and we have heard the air show jets home week at first it kind of freaked out my daughter periodo good morning, thank you for linking up with us on this labo day weekend.l
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>> he's taken some r&r is scott sabol is here period for time he is off we text him and wake him up. right now, we've got some 40s in central ashtabula county and then on to the mid '70s period lakefront airport can see the. we made it into the '70s yesterday . elyria is back up to 50 aurorap, mentor mid '70s. there's the tropical storm it was a hurricane still causing
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coast from the outer banks into new jersey eventually. they're going to get hit with some really strong windsds and then slow downwi affecting cape cod, martha's vineyard. that system is influenced by the high and keeps us try with wall-to-wall sunshine and mid to upper 70s. it will be warmer labor day tal about that coming up. tropical storm hermine is downgraded to tropical storm bust up packs a powerful punch, it is moving up the east coast, hitting many areas hard with strong winds an
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it may have some major impact through much of th holiday weekend along the east coast. >> two states have issued state of emergency, virginia says i can bring life-threatening storms the marcus henley down its its beaches sunday, the worst is over in florida, tropical first hurricane to strikeke florida and 11 years the storm devastated some small neighborhoods and towns uprooting trees hundreds of thousands lost power some are dealing with floodingo and made his way of the east coast a homeowner in savannah is just glad that he surviveded. >> the house was vibrating hear
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it rumbles like a freight train that it was donene. looks like a big mower just mowed down the treesok. watches in a fact as far as delaware up through southern connecticut it is expect to set up off the coast of the mid-atlantic and keep churning out the strong winds and rain for a couple days that can make for some seriesesp coastal floo period. if you have plans this holiday weekend, there is still time, it is jampacked with so manyi spectacular events as suzanne stratford tells us we wonder how to do all of that in just a few short days. summer is ending the year it is going out with a more,
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everyone as the indians began a series with thet marlins hundres were at the rock 'n roll hall o fameme place where demi lovato might want to be but on friday demi lovato in nick jonas room concert at the camp periodo >> there is more the county fairgrounds in that bark, the air show , with dozens of demonstrations, navy blue angels and the army golden knights parachuting and the triple jet engine shockwave truck traveling at 375 mph
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dads are grinning from ear to ear and you have kids who don't know that should be scareddr or the have is that they've ever been.. there is one person very dead woman center that we should thank. >> john patterson grain the father of labor dayton ohio, got a bill passed declaring the first moay year as labor day period suzanne stratford fox 8 news. four years after ohio, labor day became a federal holiday celebrated nationwide period last monstrosity plays were called by manyy as heroes for the
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the rest of a special graham greene periodt but a pursuit thursday by the same department is now drawing criticism as jac shea reports to suspect walk into sheiban jewelers on pearl road strongsville thursday one of them identified as quamnique macklin uses a hammer to smash a display case dealing high-end watches van driven by a third suspect. a man or woman she is wearing a gray hoodie and he was wearin a blue and red jacket. >> they picked a stored not clo to the highway then i take long for the police to catch up with them . >> high-speed chase that went into the city of cleveland , strongsville officer using his cruiser to force the van off th
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slamming into a utility pole. are suspects fled, they were able to arrest quamnique macklin, a decision by the police to pursue the getaway vehicleaw to the streets of cleveland that is drawing criticism from ohio city residence. >> they need to apprehend this people but not at high speedhe not at the risk of innocent bystandersno, it's crazy that there was a high-speed chase and ha that they rammed the vehicle of the road period. matt zone says the chase was irresponsible and calling on suburban departmentsea to abide the city of cleveland's strict limitations on high-speed pursuits >> innocent lives could be lost and don't care the monetary value, the loss of one life way too much.
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cleveland period were told that the police chief calvin williams a trying to established a standardized policy on pursuit for all police and thehe county vessel for or strongsville police are not commenting on this chaseor >> a man who omitted holding three south amherst firefighter lester learned his fate, roy griffith jr. apologized as he stood in front county common pleas judge friday, sentenced to five years present,o p his attorney said h has mental health issues and wa drunkaiai but never intended hu anyone, he was held the three south amherst firefighters agai point.tafter responding to a brush fire in october 2015 he pled guilty july to kidnapping . assistant south amherst fire chief was one of the victims, h and his wife sailor gladad that
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i would have liked to see more jail time, l the judge gav him what she think she needed and can move on once released from prison he will be on three years probatio
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the sunset was nice
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we had some 50s ashtabula mid to upper 40s this morning stop yesterday 76 in cleveland rock creek with 49 bainbridge still accepting fox, summer recap highlighting this compared to past summers we onl broke to record high temperaturese period we had more days above 8585 then in th sense the 1950s. looking at the tropical storm tropical storm hermine it will slow down
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rain will stay off the coast anywhere from cape cod to new york city will get really hard hit strong winds our high is deflecting the storm away from us which allows us to enjoy wall-to-wall sunshine with daytime highs in the 70s new philadelphia could be close to 80 degrees. tonight mid to upper 50s tomorrow near 80 degrees we start to see more of the crescent moon the next couple nights period tomorrow 81 degrees mostly sunny. stars
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before we see any showers may b wednesday thursday. it will easily climb into the high '80se next week had >> next o period want to tell you that th students are okay,an to several video show students hit by vehicles after getting off of school busin and austin texas a 12 year-old boy was hit and a 17-year-old in a crosswalk on monday, school bus added slides and stop sign flashing the city of driver says she do not know she was required to stop.
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period. speaking of crosswalks when someone is playing a prank in houston vandals havee turned simple don't walk sign into and obscene gesture period one of those is right across the stree from a day care center. the city public works department says this has happened before. and only takes just under one hour t michigan students want to show appreciation to their teacherss , who do not know what was went on to a they dozen school buses , made their way through hastings followed b an assembly at the school gym dot realize that they have line up on the streetsts with signs walloons the student council
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eight happen about 200 people took partt. my just get into fall, walmart isge out with its list of the hottest holiday toys. some favorites like teenage mutant ninja turtles an barbie castle, but the 25 item list also features a drone and star wars r2-d2, see the list go to fox >> se disney has a new contest for facebook is adding a new featur you can share real-time video on its popular messenger app you can watch the video to use the feature
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android period such are average pep rally, student section has cheering for more than just the football team had a high school game period is time for the third annual i am walk and run through forest hills park in east sunday september 11 at 8:00 a.m.. proceeds benefit the dawson foundation to provide college scholarships, winter clothing i the parma conferences inner-cit
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pro ball fans were rooting for more than just the team on the field last nightroe. kevin freeman tells us they were cheering on a a classmate
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we were in goal tonight in an effort to go gold and support mayfield heights studentn kayl hoover. for ineffable game between the mayfield wildcats and the at polar bears is dedicated to 14-year-old kayla hoover period she was invited onto the field for the coin toss is fightingng win he tumor >> i've been feeling good because i've been off my chemo pills for a couple days. dealing with a rare brain tumor,, dinos when she was ten she's now 14 she's been to the cleveland clinic for an operation than to st judean and then back to the cleveland clinic again. the cheerleading squad discussed helping out a charity
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>> we thought a great way to incorporate a girl in our community we know who is fighting hard and want to dedicate the game to her in all the childreningt who are fighti st jude >> integrate feeling to know that we are making a difference in someone's life is just fough for so much. >> 11 i think it is a great community for doing this. they selling t-shirts, holding raffles and silent auctionsng, they thing to help her to retur to schoolol. >> want to be a cheerleader, i want to be a baseball and basketball playerer. it is really keep your spirits up to such a strong girl. >> thank you for the support an i'm going to fight this. >> kevin freeman fox 8 news. >> students will be painting $1
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morning they say a portion of raiseded for st jude will go directly to her family to help
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i think that scott sabol is enjoying this weather.. >> a great day to be out there. >> how many mornings so far the summerer that we will not have high humidity period look at the temperatures we've had some widespread 40s and portions of ashtabula county it is rising back up to the 50s and aurora, garretsville cuyahoga falls and stow with 50s we've had some pretty chilly air if you are at the high school football games last night a dead drop pretty quick minutes of tropical storm hermine most of the heavy rain will stay off the coastst becau the winds are counterclockwise,
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along the new jersey coastline into new englandnd it is slowing dow for us wall-to-wall sunshine. mostly sunny skies. with highs in the mid to upper 70s. i think that he will build quicke next week talk about thatat and the rest of september we got some ide anticipate between now and the end of the month. the i-team has video of a beating posted outside of a local school 's been now there's a push to do something aboutut people who sh videos like this online, here i i-team reporter ed gallek.
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could go across the street from east tech high schoolcr by the time she gets back to school th video had been posted online now the teenager and her mother or join a growing call to do something about videos like thi that are common. >> these kids just i don't know, i called the lost generation social media done took over. the record everything and they put it on social mediaia i to me that is making fun of her. cleveland metropolitan school district have tightened policie oni kids using cell phones part to stop kids from posting video of fights inside schools, in this case the fight across the street and the school district says that one of those punished is the one who record the fight with a cell phone. >> the school system says a
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even the teenager taken the worst of abating, the believeve a that what happened planned at school,th she believ that she was targeted by students jealous of ve her involvement in school activities activities. >> the mother is not sure what it will take to stop attacks a getting posted online but she says it has gotten out of hand that someone posted this one that it could be bought. >> basically saying that someon asking how much does he want fo the video like being funny that i think that was just horrible . >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. the teenager says the crowd scattered when someone fired a gun shot into the air, the school has turned over reports to the police were a criminal
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has been released from a jail in california after serving three months on a six-month sentence is expected return to his home town near dayton or he will be registered as a sex offender. >> brock turner, directed forme stanford swimmer is out of jail he walked out of a santa clara california jail friday after serving three of a sentence for sectors of assaulting an unconscious girl decided to return to his aunt's home in greene county ohio to register as a sex offender, the sheriff spoke about the legal procedures involved with registry as a sex offender re. becomes n, we do an interview there is a debiting that does the registration process,is we enter him into nationwide database of convicted sex offenders and then we notify th
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they have a tier three sex offender in the neighborhood and he will be required torh come i to check with us every three monthsn >> we have nothing to say about where you live so we just have to know where he is and>no what he wh looks like and we will be aware of our surroundings. illustrators in california are calling on the attorney general's office to investigate santa clara county persky, who handed down six-month jail sentence allow him to move back to ohio with his parents.ja ohio judge says her high-profile custody case will remain privateer that was thrown friday in in pike county courtroom judge says public access to the court hearings could harmsa the children were found next to their slain parents in april, a members of
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pac-10, no arrests have been made in the case period cheerleaders at black river school were allowed to wear their uniforms in class friday the school district says that they are complied with the dres codede becomes after they were told they cannot wear them in class because they were too shorte school leaders have apologized for first moment for green party presidential candidate dr. jill stein rally friday at capital university was delayed two hour becausewa she accidentally flew to cincinnati instead of columbus, she had another rally in cuyahoga falls earlier yesterday. >> the blue angels are pretty down-to-earth, take a look . for members of the blue angels were cheering up childre at metrohealth friday make a
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pediatric unit , the blue angel say that spending time with the kidss is a highlight of the vist visit. >> we love not visiting communities but the best part i to visit hospitalsb, the kids w cannot make it to the air show and hopefully they can come out in two yearst when we come back. >> blue angels took a few minutes to visit with the crew of a metro life flight helicopt turn period more american adults are smokin pot, by the attitude is changing? join us for dick goddard second pet telethon on thursday september 22 from 6:00 a.m. to
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by phone or online all money raised will benefit the
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cotton bowl season kicks off this weekend on the bus lanes is all of the great rivalries. to celebrate, while the person on the website imagur decided to pull a switcheroo with some football helmets to what it would look like if they use the rivals colorss alabama and auburn, have a rivalry in the left of the auburn helmet done in the style of the crimso tide and on the right the alabama helmet with the auburn looklena nothing tops the rivalry of ohio state and that team up north. here is what the wolverines helmet would look like if it were given a a scarl and green makeover, the new design almost makes a pleasant
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but with the buckeyes helmet look like in th other teams colorsrs which mark will never know because there's dosese no way that ohio state would stoop so low as to putay maize and blue on their helmets appeared they play bowling gree today at noon period to great dane to be playing football.. >> a great day to outside look at those clouds >> it is a perfect weekend, there is a bit more cloud cover today and still plenty of blue sky tonight will drop into the upper 50s by midnighto. we have some widespread 50s the high temperature yesterday was 76 in cleveland and 79 new
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there were some mid- 40s and bainbridge and looking at east like tribe falls in strongsville with 50s go to fox 8 to check out the forecast discussion posted my summer recap the three summer months w did a comparison between this summer and some of the past we looked at a numbers and metrics to get an idea of how does compare to the 19 '30s, the 250s the big drought of 1988 period. this tropical storm slowing down notice the heavy rain in dc int portions of new jersey with
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the rainfall stays offshore but continues to move into new england the next three days on the backside of this we have clear sky which we will have through wednesday with high temperature today of 77. tonight mostly clear 55 by labor day we will see almost one quarter of the full-moon period tomorrow low 80's, mid- '80s labor day. it will start to push the hurricane off the east coaststl the rainfall from that just a question of getting this into here faster i think
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looking ahead to some september. through early next week it should be above normal, by the third week of september indications there could be a bi cooldown the last week of september. which means 60s and 70s finishing up the month,e the heat on this foreca will continue next week be the last hurrah of summer heat next chance of rainfall thursday, friday. >> weight loss surgery can help you to drop a significant amoun of weight in much of it appears to stay off for a least ten yearso, they studied nearly 2,0 people finding that after one year of those who had gastric bypassd, losing 31 percent of
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nonsurgical patients lost 1 percent, at ten years the collected information again and you had regained so much weight that they were back to the starting point.compared to the nonsurgical group the bypass group still weighed 21 percent lessss than the original amount. more americans are smoking pot, a study shows about one third of people believe smoking weed is dangero half in 2,002 they say views are changing as states allow marijuana study also found the number of marijuana users increased to about 32 million pot smokers. over sharing with your pets, a survey that some people take their pet medication scientist doing a survey about on prescribed antibiotic useet
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done this frequently s , veterinarian say that they have heard about people seeking pain medsds for their pets but the antibiotic use was anything the say taking pet meds is a bad ideaea since humans metabolize e differently than animals and ca be dangerous. updated sex ed curriculum in missouri upset some parents. >> parkway school district says older students will learn about gay and bisexual issues, online safety will be covered as matt sczesny has more. >> i think it is great period two hours is how much time they had toto read up and watch what will be taught in school about sex edd. these are kids come if we do and teach them are going to fin
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>> and parkway the changes to sex educationng have been debat since last year when the school boardd approved them it is outlining avon middle school students will be taught abouts gender identity, lgbt issues an consent it has lingered all summer with some still insistin the changes be removed >> i want to have my kids take separate health class outside o parkway too much too soon an not taking my kids into consideration >> any reason why? >> is too much information that i want to share with my kids. they say that the curriculum also includes themes of abstinence, family life and disease preventionon >> we are hopeful that this wil give parents an opportunity to get clarity of what is in the curriculum.g the school board rejected recent calls for a revote on th curriculum r they say they hope
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would help to ease concerns. still ahead. three bears, without goldilocks, found this pool to
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got the air show thee greek festival and. >> lots of good stuff. >> always. >> three bears, treat a suburban
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>> they wanted out of the mountains near pasadena to some backyards jumping into a least two swimming pools the familyly bears decided then then to go dumpster diving for their vacation periodin and were then chased out by a veryut brave beagle. >> are very dumb. do i want them to tear up the yard,em twice this morningre. i put a pot and pan by the door and come back.utp fish and wildlife sai that they appear to be about 30 healthy while officials captured them and they were relocated back the >> they're going to miss that swimming poolol >> the traveled a long ridede t
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there's another hour of fox 8 news ahead. we got our friends from the
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now without the greek fest that the metropark zoo bringing in some friends here in perfect weather for the air show can see the ground crews taking care of the aircraft. in the background yo
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cloud covert there will be some class to contend with 90 percen sunshine with mid- 50s in mentor is still tropical storm hermine moving up the coastline into new jersey appeared counterclockwise winds with heavy rainfall into new england appeared it will take another four days with thi to move out of here period the next cold front will not get in here until sometime thursday from the midwest and wall-to-wall sunshine with mid '70s could touch it degrees at new philadelphia period a tomor
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will be buildingil with more coming up tropical storm hermine is packing a powerful punch it is hitting many areas ferocious wind and heavy rainfall this could impact weekend. >> two states have issued state of emergency in virginia they say could bring life-threatenin stormsri and new york edition and down its pages sunday, florida cleanup is underway it was the first hurricane to strike in 11 years in florida devastating
9:02 am
, uprooted trees are common with hundreds of ro still without power and they still with some flooding it is still moving up the coastt a homeowner in savannah is glad that it is gone.n >> the house was shaking, and w heard some stuff hitting the roof it sounded like a freight train then it was done it looks like a big more just mow down the treesmo watches in effect from delaware to connecticutat expects to be the coast of the mid-atlantic appeared keeps turning out the rain and wind canceling holiday plans for lots of people on the east coast appeared if you have plans, if not there is still time,
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many eventst as suzanne stratfo tells us maybe wonder how you can do that in just a few short days. summer's end in, but in cleveland it's going to go out with a roarn with an extravagan of events converging at once is something for everyone as th indians began a series with the marlins. hundreds were rocking and rolling at the rock 'n roll hall of fame where, another performer might like to be mondaywh but on friday she was stageu, demi lovato with nick jonas in concert at the q.. and there is more, oktoberfest at thei cuyahoga county fairgrounds an app burke
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the triple engine shockwave truck troubles at mph this week and racing planes to please the fanshi. >> middle of the picnics and events there is a clippinger at woodland cemetery that we shoul stop and think. john patterson green the father of labor dayton ohio, w in 1890 got a bill passed declaring the first monday in septemberng each year as labo
9:05 am
in cleveland suzanne stratford fox 8 news and four years after ohio labor day became a federal holiday celebrated nationwide. last month spousal police were called by manym as heroes for the pursuit of suspects are led to the arrest of a special graham green.t a pursuit thursday by the same department is now drawinga criticism as jack shea has >> two suspects walking to sheiban jewelers on parole road in strongsville thursday night one of them later identified as quamnique macklin of detroit appeared uses hammer to smash a display case dealing high-end watches he and his accomplice pleae in a stolen van driven by
9:06 am
the fees make the mistake of picking a store that was not close to the highway and not take long for the place to catc upla. >> a follow was a high-speed that went into cl cleveland,l a strongsville poli cruiser was used to force the van off the road near the rain and west 41st slamming into a utility pole appeared able to capture quamnique macklin, a decision by the strongsville police to pursue the getaway vehicle through the streets of cleveland that is drawn criticism. and all that they need to apprehend these people but not at high speed and not at the risk of innocent bystanders it is crazy that there was a high-speed chase here.. cleveland city councilman matt zone says the chase was
9:07 am
he is among those calling on suburban police departments to abide by the city of cleveland' strict limitations on high-spee pursuits an >> isn't lice could've be lost, there is no need, i don't care about the monetary value that was stolen, the loss of wildlif is way too muchh. >> jack shea fox 8 news in cleveland. police chief calvin williams is standardized policy for pursuits in sec so far strabo police are not commenting on this pursuit.t man who committed to holding three south first firefighters has learned his fate roy griffith jr. apologized in fron of a gray county common pleas judge friday sentenced to five years prison 's attorney said he had mental health issues and wa
9:08 am
anyone held the firefighters at gunpoint after they responded t a brush fire in october 2015 he pled guilty to kidnapping charges the south amherst assistant fire chief says he's glad that it is over. like to see more jail time but the judge gave him what she thought that he needed so that we can move on. after serving prison time he
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this is perfect weather for the air show, time lapse from yesterday we had aat beautiful sunseter , mid- '50s at midnight and check out the loca temperatures, ashtabula 60 we were at 48 at 7:00 a.m., check out some of the blows, we had some 40s in central ashtabula and hopkins high of 76 yesterda
9:13 am
it was almost 80 in some spots. eastlake approaching 60. check out fox, a few months ago i poste byo preliminary winter outlook, but in a september will put , and er the second version this is the one of the warmest summers we did , have the summer recap look at some of the metrics in numbers to determin that and talk about that in the weeks aheadd some of the variables for the winter outloo that does not officially come out until the end of october. this is tropical storm hermine it is on the east coast on the way up to boston with heavy rainfall in high winds from dc
9:14 am
be gusting at 60 mph this comin weekend. mostly sunny with wall-to-wall sunshine for all o us high temperature about 77 a few spots south of mansfield and new philly that could be close 80 degrees. a very nice day, tonight low 50s 80 tomorrow. we are at 6 percent crescent moon last nigh and then monday and tuesday about one quarter full moon . everything is stalled out as thatst high uzis it will be building more warmth by the end of next week period rainfall
9:15 am
at the rest of the month we wil say more cooler air next week it will be in the '80s. going to start to warm up again next wee after labor day and the week after the outlook for the remainder of the month after about the 20th will be a big cooldownll with highs at the en of the month in the 60sh. why not stay that way just more fluctuations and a a increased chance of more fall like weathe before the end of the >> fbi release notes regarding hillary clinton's meeting with the agency, she said she cannot recall any briefings s or train on how she should handle classifiedin information, the fbi released a report on its investigation into heree privat
9:16 am
that more than six dozen e-mail chains contained classified information at the time that they were sent--. >> the fact that it is dripping will likely depress the numbers i think part of why we have see this closure is not beener dona trump moving up as much as her moving down . republicans criticized the findings she applauds the release her campaign calls the use of a personal server a ppftake, says no criminal intent. >> donald trump met with a mother who lost her daughter to violence part of hisis continue attempt to make inroads with th black community, shagla hightower's daughter was killed and eight newark schoolyard in 2,007, six men from a central american street gang were responsible appeare president obama on his way to china for a
9:17 am
a meeting with g-20 you also remind beijing that with increased power comes increased responsibilities us is in a series of disputes regarding cyber attacks and economic policy period tomorrow is an important day for catholics. >> pope francis well formally declared mother teresa saint becomes 19 years after her death and 100 people expected in vatican city for the event, she founded the missionaries of charity in india in 1950 she won the nobel peace prize in 1979. disney has a line of stores for rogue one star wars story is se in a galaxy far away they were invited by lucasfilm in san
9:18 am
the winning stories will be shown on the big screen to see all the details go to fox >> a lot of action on the high , we will catch you up on the scores including
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it is september and that means season in ful swing. >> got the highlights of week two ofof friday night touchdown. week two of friday night touchdown features a clash of champions and some incredible performances with again with ou game of the week. girl looking for revenge, the end of their 55 game winning
9:23 am
last year, the first quarter,t he finds in wide-open periode- puts a quick stop to the mustang effort.. to them break through and brings them to the ground,b the hornets with a ball with a stronge of the metal run that he found a way to move the ball,, he finds the outside for the mustangs first downf soon after, the hornets recover in takeover. he goes to the endzone as kirtland finds redemption, winning 29-seven then over to north ridgeville. welcome to the $4.5 million stadium in north ridgeville as they debut this facility taking on amhers.
9:24 am
defense comes a big north ridgeville tries to get the offense going,th he is running, but tackled by parker and north ridgeville christened his new stadium with a 23-seven victory then over to olmsted falls it was the demons westlake versus the bulldogs of olmsted falls o a great night for football olmsted falls gr quarter gave wesley great field position in the demonsco capitalize smelling blood rose left and finds him for the touchdown with 40 seconds left in the first half , then goes into the territory setting up first and ten led to this touchdown, they score leaving i to in zero and then go on down
9:25 am
saint eds appeared together wit a big slack, hoban takes over that with a big run an ice blocking and then clark on top and hausern also dan but it is called back for a penaltyb that would be huge, he then finds the endzone and saint ed leads tend to nothing at the half, hoban cuts it to ten day seven, the knights had a chance to tie but jackson blocks the field goal in saint edward escapes th eagles have 114 straight and then we go to the sky score period skyfox over medina and the first sky score belongs to
9:26 am
taking the pitch cuts right to left and then going to dive for the sky score period. medina was just getting warmed up after a fumble, curtis goes on top in to that another sky score during during. through angels are doing more than just stop flying,, they're giving back to our communityth.
9:27 am
i am walk and run through fores hills market east cleveland period sunday september 11 at 8:00 in defending the dawson foundation to provide college scholarship and winter clothing and provinces for inner-city students but a link
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what a great labor day weekend. >> so often, it is rained out. >> this is perfect, great sunshine for all of those
9:31 am
next month, we could see our next snow clearing, just wanted tono stir the pot, got some 40s from rock creek and currently chardon is 62, lower '60s all on route 8, 71, south of medina, barberton, into akron with widespread low '60s, today a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. tropical storm hermine is not moving very fast the entire pattern has really slowed down last time they will accelerate this is slowing down the high that keeps us dry is holding together most of the rainfall stays off coast from new jersey up to martha's vineyard, boston, new york will
9:32 am
and beach erosion and for us wall-to-wall sunshine. today, top out in the upper 70s. build up the warmth next week talk about that in a couple minutes. the i-team has video posted online of a beating outside of the school. >> now a place to do something about people who share videos like this online as ed gallek has more. a 14 year-old girl is getting beaten,, a cell phone cameras are rolling, last week across the street from cleveland's east tech high school, by the time she gets back to school the video has been posted onlinege the teenager in her mother are joiningre a growing call to somehow do something about videos like this that are so
9:33 am
>> these days, these kids , i call it the lost generation, social media, done took over. the record everything then put it on social media intimate that isme making fun of her. they have tighten policy on kids using cell phones department to stop them from posting videos of fights inside of schools , in this case the fight across the street and the school district says that one o those punished is someone who recorded the fight with a cell phone. sh the school system says that a total of ten kids are facing discipline even the teenager taken the worst of the beating, they believe that what happened was planned at school she believes that she was targeted by those jealous of her involve
9:34 am
the mother is not sure what it will take to stop fights and attackst being posted online th she says that it has gotten so out of hand that someone evenh posted that this woman could be bought. >> basically saying that someon be asking how much does he want for the video,d in other words they would buy the video and i think that's just horrible o. >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. the teenager says that the crowd finally scatteredth when someone fired a gun shot into the school has turned over reports to the police for criminal investigatione . convicted rapist brock turner has been released from jail in california after serving three monthsil expected return to his hometown outside of dayton where he'll be registered as a sex offender, r autumn ziemba has t
9:35 am
stanford swimmer brock turner could be on his way home to ohio,o, 21-year-old walked out of a santa clarara jail friday morning after serving three months rv of a six-month senten forh sexual assault. expects to return to his parents home in greene county to register as a sex offender the greene county sheriff spoke about the legal procedures involved in that regis we do an interview, we enter him into a nationwide database of convicted sex offenders then we notify his neighbors where he will be living that they have a tier three sex ffender in their neighborhood and he will be required to
9:36 am
we have nothing to say about where he lives, just how to kno where he is and what he looks like and just to be aware of ou surroundings.u california, demonstrators are calling upon the attorney general's office t investigate santa clara judge aaron persky who handed down th six-month sentence allowing him also to move back to ohio to live with his parents. we will continue to hear i think more about this especially judge
9:37 am
they soar across the skies in supersonic fighter jets, the blue angels are also down to earthts. >> for members of the blue angels visiting children at metrohealth friday, making a surprise visit to the pediatric unitt , they say that spending time, with the children is alwa the highlight of the visit. we love to visit the kennedys and the best part is to visit kids and hospitals who can't make it to thee air show this weekend and hopefully we will get them out here two years fro now when we come back..ll through angels also took a few minutes to visit with the crew of ok the metro life fligh helicopter appeared
9:38 am
join us for dick goddard's second pet telethon on thursday september 22 from 6:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. all money raised will go to thee pl
9:39 am
9:41 am
the busy holiday weekend there is a lot going on including the six annuald festival. >> julie and john maskow here t share with us this great festival this is one of the biggest in the area. >> definitely, we close down th streetsts and we take a pretty much the entire streets and parking lot we put up some intensese we bring in some band with great food great dancing music and poetry ofat greek stu
9:42 am
talk about some of the food. people come from all over, and just love it. are stable is we have roasted lamb in the front yard. we hav four-six at one time and then w have the lamb chops, also chicken i great greek serbs. >> but these are my favorites, the pastries. these are just wonderful, these powdery cookies are butte cookies we also have this like biscotti and this baklava also some baklava with chocolate we
9:43 am
appearedst period we also have a spicy cooking period as we eat these, we're going to have two burn off the calories with some great dancing. >> cannot have a greek festival without some great dancing . will show you the basic steps, you just stop with your right foot, kick with your left foot, then back and then cross with your left.. then repeat. this is called the dance from the island of crete appeared usually done with your arms crossed like this
9:44 am
staff, kick, and then cross under. the festival runs through monday period will try not to make any plates appeared to runs through monday, for more info fox >> this will be an absolute blast. you can dance the night away. >> it ish between 11 and 11 today tomorrow and monday until
9:45 am
we've got the forecast shows blue sky, this is webcam time lapse this morning showing clouds off the lake. we will not have those mid october clouds will be a few, w will have some mid- 60s. the there were no waterspouts today we did have some yesterday on lake erieda tropical storm her main that is hug in the shoreline rainfall up along the coastline into new jersey most of the heavy rainfall stay offshore the east when causing beat you rosen in new jersey. brass there is the sunshine
9:46 am
upper 70s , south of canton make a run at 80 degrees overnight low most places in th mid- 50s should be into the 60s early tomorrow to the high tomorrow of about 81 degrees w the high slowly drifts to the eastt the cold front from the northwest with showers when he rainfall moment of that front, is dictating how warm we get next week, with low to upper '80s next week and chance of infall thursday into friday. were going to see more heat the following weekmo the long-range outlook highlights a big cool down at the end of the monthhr,
9:47 am
there is great weather on tap for this labor day weekend a great time to get out to explor the metrparks five major centers. >> is here with the nature center, this is just such a beautiful animal. we love it when you are here you bring the most interesting things. >> this is an eastern screech owl, this is not a baby he is full-grown, about seven years oldll he is the kind of owl tha is small period he can hunt insects you can't live in the suburbs and neighborhoods is
9:48 am
build a nest and for them it is not too bad. a nice tree would be earthworms, insects. so they can be very beneficial to control insects? they do eat lots of different thingsgs at the nature center, diet is mostly wise. one of the rare chances to see this c bird because they are nocturnal? >> he is a also has fantastic camouflage he could be in your tree in the backyard and you ma never know ity appeared speak
9:49 am
come out you can see one of our animals, he teaches kids about nature, they come out to meet themhe he is implied here. >> he is beautiful. the screech owl has a very distinctive callll. >> they can screech but that is most common. is there a reason they use that? >> others recognize that. >> there might be a pair of the vindicating or more often they may be talking to other nearby screech owls
9:50 am
you also have another friend? >> i bought a tree fog it also has >> just not wanted to get eaten by the screech owl. >> this also can be camouflaged by itself is tree bark you may not know it is there wonder because it is very noisy but almost impossible to see.. >> they can stick to anything. >> they have super sticky feet all sorts of biologists are studying that, they are specially designed to grab onto just about anything.
9:51 am
that was a first for me, it looks like he's's getting ready jump again. there are five major centers in the metroparks zoo get out t visit them. >> we have rocky river, chagrin and brecksville period also parma and.. >> as it is a great place to
9:52 am
the animals and nature . thank you carly martin, and for more information on the clue the metropark programs loc go to fox
9:53 am
9:55 am
last night and trumbull county the leopard squared off versus the bulldogs. for one playing football is a chance to prove the naysayers wronga , damon hodges is 6-foot 3 inches weighs 165 pounds more than enough to playou on the offense or defense but for him
9:56 am
and like a long shot the 6-year-old was born with clubbe feet and he wasas too, both feet were amputated, he says mother never let them play footballed, at can happen, play footballed, before he took the field, they have approved his aesthetics that he is looking forward to playing next year for his senio season period growing up his family lost a house in a flood.
9:57 am
ted strickland learned early in life what one bad break... what one missed pay check can do to a family. the first in his family to go to college - his dad worked in a steel mill, his brothers finished concrete. that's why he's fought against every bad trade deal - from nafta to to most favored nation status for china. ted strickland: ohio, heart and soul.
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