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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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our top story tonight, a cleveland property owner says he
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early-morning drug take down near hiswn building. police say kilos of cocaine, dozens of them, were seized. fox 8 alison brown joins us live tonight and allison, this was a very big bust. >> yes it was jennifer. craig christ said he got a call that dozensl of officers brad's industrial complex this morning. he says heom feels like the whoe thing is a violation. it is secluded behind this industrial complex. the property owner says the st. clair avenue is pretty much the perfect zone for a crime. >> it's disturbing of course, no one likes to be violated, but with 11 acres and an open lot, it's hard, it's not hard to imagine.d >> still, craig krista some pace property says it's not something you want toacit hear. saturday morning he got a call that police were in the back lot behind this blue tanker truck.k. >> i went holy macro what's going on? >> coworker jimbo grotius was on
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looking down to see what's going on.n ti' i saw this contraband wrapped in black plastic tags and there was a lot. >> the fox 8 i team learned that cocaine, dozens of kilos, seized saturday morning. and the development has made these to think twice. they say no lights and an empty industrial truck lot made for a perfect crime spot. >> it had to bee somebody that you about this area back here. >> summit he told them. to get to the back of this yard and find itld and park, he have to know it was here. >> the property owner tells me he hopes surveillance video can help police further with this case. he says no one gets onto the property without being filmed. >> we record of a vehicle and registration, we know who owns themeg and two drives them. >> christ says was so many tracks going in and out come of the lot is always accessible. he is just disheartened that
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aboutit the suspects in this cae and potential charges. the property manager says in all of his years he has never dealt with something like this. it should be interesting to see what happens. definitely an interesting situation. for usson brown liveve tonight. a house, heavily damaged on the city's west side this afternoon after a fire and explosion. fire crews were called to this home onto west 48th street around 1:00. offia fire and a propane tank to a grill on the back porch exploded. one woman was inside at the time. she wasth taken to the hospital. a neighboring home was damaged
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other leadersled to do. >> what we did in three hours, the city of cleveland could not do in sevenhr whole years. and i'm not saying that out of vanity, i'm saying it because we are accountable to our own community. >> thosenm taking part in cleanup say several local landscapers donated time to help clean up and improve the memorial.l.up what we are counting down the last few days at a popular summer getaway. wild water kingdom will close for good on labor day. the waterpark spirit company cedar fair announcing last month that it wouldla close for good t the end of this summer season. cedar fair, which also owns cedar point and kings island, purchase the property back in
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the former sea see world and geauga lake amusement park. but wild water kingdom remained open. the land could be used for housingetail orte developments. turning now to weather, a beautifulth start to the labor y weekend.b not too hot, not to chilly. if you like summer it is not over yet. at least temperature wise. jenn harcher is standing by in the weather center with a look at the rest of theain labor day weekend holiday hey jen. >> it is so beautiful out. i wanted to stand in the front yard.e what a gorgeous evening it is andn we had a perfect day with lots of sunshine andit temperatures in the upper 70s. we will get a little warmer through your holiday weekend and then eventually that summer heat will return next week. right now we are at 69 degrees in clevelandl e and trade alonge lakefront as well. akron canton 63 degrees and temperatures in the upper 50s
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northeast ohio. temperatures will be down in the mid- 50s tonight. tomorrow we'll have a gorgeous afternoon. by noon 75 degrees and 80 degrees by the time we had to d 5:00. we of high-pressure that is in our region right now and that is keepinga the clouds and the rain away. this will really continue for the next several days. we have a nice little dry stretch, however we do need the rain. our perfect weather continues this holiday we do have another warm-up if
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gh are preparing to pay play the eagles, they had to make theirey final cuts this afternoon and a couple of big names will not make the trip to philadelphia. fox 8 sports anchort p.j. zigler joins us with the details. lots of interesting stuff. >> you have to hitit it to the browns front office. they are getting value for things they didn't see much value to the team as it is. that was in the the case again today. the browns have officiallya givn up on the 2014 nfl draft. there are two picks are no longer with the team after they traded away the eighth overall pick taf from the 2014 draft. justin gilbert was traded today to the pittsburgh steelers in exchange for a 201860 round pick. goober appeared in 23 games with three starts. hear had 33 tackles, one interception and one defensive touchdown.
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browns cut back in march.a so the browns now own philadelphia's 2017 first-round pick, tennessee's 2017 second round pick, new england'sng 2,175th pick, philadelphia's 2,182nd round pick, carolinas 2018 forth from pick and pittsburgh's 2018ol sixth round pick. pretty soon they will be picking from nown until forever. the u browns completed the rostr cut down today. we will te and two is going later in sports. plus, the browns added up there today. we willin t tell you about ther bowlu champ headed to cleveland in just a few minutes. >> first and second round picks for next year is a good thing. >> absolutely. it goes back totoss getting vale for guys when a lot of people didn't think justin gilbert would make the roster. o they ended up turning out nothing into something and they got some valueur that they can hopefully use coming in the
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many cleaning up, as others brace for the storm. coming up tonight at 10:00, hurricane hermine intensifying. thent warning tonight for many east coast residents. and it's a last thing you want to see when leaving work. tonight a fox 8 i team report. downtown employees becoming the target ofi vandals and thieves. what is being done to combat te crime. plus,be hold onto your hats. it's that time of year in cleveland. we take you to the
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says e them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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it's 10:00 and a live picture outside our studios. a beautiful ending to the first day of this labor day holiday weekend. how will the rest of the holiday weekend shape up? something tells me all your outdoor plans will be safe. jenn harcher standing by with all the details. hey jen. t >> i think the only thing you will need is some sunscreen because we are s going tousee a lot of sun it really is an easy forecast and i'm so glad e we can bring u ther perfect forecast on this holiday weekend because i know a lot of yout have plans to go to many of our fairs, festivals, the airshow, the indians gamersi mean it is just looking great for anything that you have plans for the remainder of the week. how about this, take a nice little look at our core just saturday sunset. you can see the starburst there is a goes down and it was just
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not a cloud in the sky. we did hit 78 degrees todays which is. >> dab on the average of 78 degrees.of can you believe we had a record of 101 degreeseses set back in . i loathe this morning was 58 degrees. we will be cooler than that to start the dayto tomorrow. here is your 12 our forecast taking you into the mid- 50s in the overnight hours and then as we head toward 10:00 in the morning we are back into the mid- w 60s. let's talk about that tropical storm0 or off the east coast. unfortunately we have heavy serves going on all along the eastern seaboard and the system will sit there and churn through the holiday weekend.wi if your family members among the east coast unfortunately they will be doing with a high surfa and it's looking like a possibly will strengthen a little bit, t high pressure in place for us and not a cloud in the sky overv the region. this high will stick with us
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night tonight and back through much of the start of the week. even past labor day. we are looking at a nice dry style before eventually we bring back the heat and timidity. temperatures right now across buckeye state in the 60s. 63 degrees and mansfield, 61 degrees toledo and upper 60s in tonight very comfortable. tomorrow waves 2 feet or less however it is changing to the northeast during the afternoon hours. that's why expect wave heights to be around two footers at that point. it was a bit choppy today. 81 degrees tomorrow and plenty of sunshine. low humidity and the 81 degrees will feel like 81 degrees paired we tack on a couple more degrees on labor day itself d at 84 degrees but we continue with full sunshine and that will take place tuesday into wednesday but
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upper 80s expected with the heat and humidity and scattered showers and thunderstorms.mi that will take place during the afternoon time framerm of thursy and friday. jennifer? >> looking great. >> such an easy forecast. >> hundreds filing into a local stadium for friday night football.o coming up, radon fox 8 news at 10:00 it's not just the team on the field they are backing. coming up, how an entire community is rallying around a young girlg plus, it's not who you would expect to be i in trouble with e law. whyhy a two -year-old is facinga citation from the city.wo but first, declare your greatnesss and go for it. it's time for the third annual im walk and run through beautiful for still spark in east cleveland. it is sunday september 11ay at 8:00 a.m. all proceeds benefit the dawson
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brother to provide college scholarships, winter coats, gloves and hats, and empowerment conferences for inner-city students. f you'llst find a link to register
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we all know what donald trump has said about women... so how can rob portman still support him? maybe it's because they agree on so much. like overturning roe v. wade... and defunding planned parenthood. and opposing equal pay for women. ted strickland respects the rights of women to make their own decisions. rob portman has endorsed a man for president who doesn't respect women at all.
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convicted rapist brough turner is comingic home to ohio and his parents are asking police to help with protesters gathering
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county. the former stanford student was just released after serving three months in jail for sexually assaultinge a 23 -year-old woman. turner must register as a sex offender and he will spend the next three years on probation. before his family left to escort him home,ot they contacted the sugarcreek police department about the angry protesters outside their many are carrying signs and if you are even armed with semi automatic weapons. now to the latest on the road to the white house. donald trump spent w the day in detroit, where he continued his recent outreach to the african-american community by attending a church fox peter doocy has details on that and the latest on hillary clinton's e-mail issues. >> addressing a largely african-american audience foror the first time as presidential candidate, donald p trump
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that focused on fixing economic hardship in the black community. he spoke to hundreds of churchgoers saturdayhu morning t the great faith international ministries in detroit. >> i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discriminationha d that there are many rounds that must still be made right. >> trump doubt if elected to bring back jobs to poor communitieses and provide a betr education for children who live in them.em he is appeal to black voters recently, arguing that policies of the democratic partykrs have failed african-americans. >> nothing is more sad than when we sideline young lachman hed wh unfulfilled potential. >> while trump is trying to make inroads, dozens of demonstrators shouted no-trump and help protest signs. meanwhile, hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine heril off theer trail saturday, but
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her in these documents, hillary clinton said roughly three dozen times that she couldn't quote recallly specific details or events, including training sessions on handling classifiedt information. when fbi officials question her about h using a private e-mail server while secretary of state. trump. said at the church behind us that he wanted to listen and learn a communities like this one. he continued that on his way to the airport, stopping in a neighborhood house that doctor ben carson used to live in. peter doocy, fox news. >> while donald trump was in detroit, his running mate was here in the buckeye state, batteringni buttering up buckee fans. the revoking vice presidential nominee spent thee morning on campus at ohio state university. the indiana governor visiting with fans outside the whore should be for the buckeye season opening game against bowling
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stadium, where he watched the game from a residents in baton rouge, louisiana, cleaning up after historic flooding c there. but one woman is finding a silver liningin in the destruction, literally. what she uncovered, hidden in the walls of her home. plus, it's ah labor day traditin here in northeast ohio. the sights and sounds from bure lakefront airport, as the cleveland national airshow gets underway.t >> later in sports, the indians look to keep the good times ll the buckeyes open the season and record-setting fashion. and get ready for friday night touchdown, saturday edition. mentor and saint ignatius battle in parma, the moving pictures
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it is a labor day trat every moment was a wilditor ride today as the cleveland national airshown kicked off at burke lakefront airport. fox 8 lorrie taylor has a look at the the 2016 cleveland national airshow has something for everyone. >> it's amazing, really amazing. >> it's family time for us.
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>> being able to go into things he wouldn't normally be able to go into. >> whether your love of aviation leans toward the military or toward the world of crime fighting superheroes, you will find it at burke lakefront airport between now and the end of labor day.a >> this is our airspeed indicator that tells you how fastu you are going. >> it's where 16 -year-old peter immerse himself in all things aviationmi since his dad first brought into the air show three years ago.da >> i was amazed. i couldn't believe, like the blue angels, i couldn't believe how precise they were, it was insane. >> since then, rodopoulos hasop learned to fly a plane. another year and he will be old enough to take the test for his private pilot's licenseto. >> they are doing a flip right now. >> until then, he will continue to share his passion for planes
10:27 pm
civil air now i'm no aviation aficionado, however, when i'm enjoying the airshowav food court, my heart s soaring. maybe not the same way it does for robert morton, who is been coming to the show since he was a teenager. >> it's just ao he great place o be. >> or for ten -year-old evan fooled no doubty be coming back long after his teenage years are over. >> it's just really fun. >> but up like i cleveland national airshow, there is something for everyone. lorrie taylor, fox 8 news. >> and it's not just the airshow going on a this weekend. fox 8 has you covered on all of the activities to mark the unofficial end of summer. whether it's food, music, shopping or flying, just go to for a complete list of events. g still to come tonight, a
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a fox 8 i team report, thieves targeting downtown employees. what is being done to combat the crime. plus, it something no parent wants to see. s the warning tonight for drivers,
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employees having to deal with hour.han just rush what is being done after dozens of car break-ins downtown. and hurricane hermine bringing heavy rain on the east coast. a look at the damage, plus the warning officials are issuing to residents. meantime, we are rain free here in northeast ohio. will the beautiful weather stick around for your labor day plans? meteorologist jenn harcher has the forecast.
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>> cleveland's own fox 8 news. >> a beautiful labor day weekend here in northeast ohio, but a different story along the east coast. hermine is intensifying, packing up to 70 mile-per-hour winds and heavyn rains. the aftermath still being felt in parts of north carolina and virginia. fox news correspondent joel waldman has the latest from the outer banks. gusty winds and high tides still lingering on the outer banks, a day after hermine slammed into north carolina. hermine is picking c up steam as it heads north, nearing hurricane strength. the storm system drenching dozens of communities across north carolina friday night. >> some of those gusts were probably 50 miles per hour. it was blowing me from onep side of the road to the other. >> strong, whipping winds are continuing through theg afternon saturday, leaving many homes and businesses damagedd and in the
10:32 pm
power both inland and coastal areases. >> i was sitting on my porch are on the back here and a big gust of wind. you could hear some popping and sizzling and then kind of a loud explosion. >> parts of e neighboring virgia also feeling the effects of hermine. thousands of homeowners waking up tor downed trees and major powerm outages. one thing is for sure, residents are looking forward to a much quieter second half of the labor day holiday weekend.l >> it's going to be nice. it will pass and's there's alwas great weat hurricanes. >> as hermine continues north from ain severe weather warnings are affecting coastal areas in virginia all the way up to in the outer banks, joel waldman, fox news. >> people along the east coast bracinge for the worst. fortunately we are very lucky here. >> also the hurricane looks lik post hurricane, looks like it is rate of thee east coast and trending away. but unfortunately it is turning
10:33 pm
to sit there and spin for at least the next couple of days. you can see it there on the map. but you can also see the rain bands pushing offshore too. we are still dealing with winds and the storm has sustained winds at 70 miles per hour in the hurricane hunterss were int earlier today and they said it will likely strengthen a little bit tomorrow. if your friends along the east coast they will still get pounded with that heavy surf all along the east coast as it continues to push to the north and wid high-pressure in our area. it's keeping the clouds and rain away from us. we are looking at a fantastic weekend. sun filled and that will continue all the way through labor day.. and beyond. i will show you that in the eight-day forecast. here is a nice time lapse. gorgeous sunset this evening and we will seend a lot of those. this is what is going on as far
10:34 pm
to the south and it will switch the wind direction out of the south and east.i so the lake won't have much of chop and it won't be as breezy this afternoon. you can see this highs is pushing off herme off the east coast a little bit. however like a said it will sit there and spin for a couple of days. for us we are looking great. in fact, tomorrow we will pack on p a couple of degrees. we reached 78 degrees and we see a lot of spots getting up to around above tomorrow afternoon. the only thing you will needde s just the sunscreen. that ball cap to protect yourself from the sun. 69 degrees right now in cleveland. it is 71 degrees indianapolis, 66 degrees in detroit and very comfortable. these dewpoint66 temperatures, it's very dry out there, dewpoint temperatures in the mid and upper 50s. this will be the case for the next couple of days before eventually that starts to increase as well.
10:35 pm
hoper you have the windows open. it is very refreshing. clear, cool and nice i starry s out of the water tomorrow not as much of a chop as it was this afternoon. wade said 2 feet or less with winds out of the f southeast to start and switching to the northeast. by later on in the afternoon you can see the two fighters in water temperaturen at 76 degree. tomorrow 81 degrees paired great day to go to the airshow and e festivals and barbecues. looking great. nore the temperatures a little bit above average but it will feel like 81 degrees because the humidity is so low. labor day itself 84 degrees. we are continuing with the dry trend. unfortunately we do needdy the rain. we are under a moderate drought in some places. we have this little dry spell all the way into the middle of next week. s as the heat and humidity rises will get thedi risk of showers d thunderstorms. that willt come on thursday and friday and it's the park but variety. we are talking late afternoon
10:36 pm
some of us might even hit 90 degrees. saturday we see scattered showers and storms with temperatures back into the 70s for the upcoming this weekend it isnd just one fr the record books. it is really a nice holiday weekend for us. >> summer is far from over. thanks jen. theha fox 8 i team has details f a troubling trend in downtown. the target is anyone parking in the especially downtown workers. i team reporter ed gallek with more. >> my drivers windows busted out and glass everywhere. >> my car was vandalized by someone. they didn't break in but they cracked my window in a brand-new car.iz >> they broke in, reached around and unlocked the car and opens upn and went through. >> stories like thatn piling up. downtown workers coming out to parking lots of finding out
10:37 pm
cars. they have stolen whatever they could find, even loose change. theselo folks all work together. they have all been hit. sometimes more than once and in different parking lots. on the near east side near the fbi building. sixty come to work and you expect to go c about your busins and get out ofu work and go home and relaxing you have to deal with that. >> oddly the victim say in some cases the thieves left valuables they could've easily stolen. but then look at what another downtown worker came w out to fd missingo from her car. anywhere.. >> a law-enforcement source said tuesday afternoon he helped out a coworker peer chee left her job, found her car like this in a parking lot near the justice center. two wheelsn stolen. bug nuts there on the grounds. >> i'm hoping cleveland police will step up patrols or may be the parking lots will hire some kind of security. >> in fact, the i team just saw this. to cleveland officers on foot
10:38 pm
at this lot, attendance came by but a sign says no attendant year full-time. so we asked about security. what would you guys do about it? >> chase people way. >> every day my walked to my car i'm always thinking is a busted out again. and that's an everyday thing. >> at gallek, fox 8 i team. >> the 21st birthday is groundse for a big party for anyone 'n roll hall of fame is no different. to celebrate its 21st anniversary, the rock hall invited hundreds of people downtown to party like it was 1995.nt partygoers were treated to music, games, food and suds for those at least as old as the hole itself. for rock hall officials this weekend, thel celebration is a chancen for them to reflect on how far they have come to what they want to do in the future.h
10:39 pm
people came down here to celebrate the opening of the museum.e since then, a leaven million people have come to the museum to visit it and we are celebrating that today m. we are tweet one years old, we had 11 million visitors and we will crank forr another 21 year. >> through the rest the month, the rock hall is offering $10 admission to peoplemo who zip codes begin with 440, 441, 442 or 443. high school here but for one community last night was not just again. what had hundreds cheering for morend than just the guys on the field. plus, anan important reminder fr drivers as kids head back to school. the very scary moments caught on
10:40 pm
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football fans at one high school game last night were rooting for more than just the team onon the they were also cheering on a brave classmate in her battle with brain cancer. kevin freeman has the inspirational story.n >> we are wearing gold tonight inre an effort to go gold cold d support mayfield high school student kayla hoover.c >> the friday night football game between the mayfield wildcats f and the massillon jackson polar bears is dedicated
10:43 pm
kayla, who was invited onto the field for the queen toscana is fighting to win her battle with a cancerous brain tumoror. >> i've been feeling good because i've been off my chemo pills for a couple days. >> she is dealing with a brain tumorw that is very rare. she was diagnosed when she was ten and she is 14 now. she iss been to the cleveland clinic for c an operation, she's been at saint jude having operations and back at the clinic >> mayfield's cheerleading squau had already discussed helping out a charity this fall. they chose st. jude's children's research hospital. >> they mentionse kayla zaman without what about a way to incorporate a girl who was in our own community, who we know has been fighting so hard. we wanted to dedicate the game to kaylaso d and all the children o are fighting at st. jude's. >> it's just a great feeling, knowingea that we are making a difference in someone's life.r >> i love it and i think it's a
10:44 pm
>> the cheerleaders have been fundraising all week. they are selling t-shirts, holding rafflest and silent auctions, anything to help kayla get well and return to school. >> ih want to be a cheerleader,i want to be a baseball player and a basketball player. >> it is really kept her spirits up, she's such a strong girl. >> thank you for the support, and i'm going to fight this. >> and mayfield village, kevin freeman, fox 8 news. >> a two -year-old in trouble with the city. still to come tonight, it sounds surprising. why she was issued a citation ss for littering. plus, talk about finding the silver lining, literally. what this woman discovered buried in theed walls of her damaged baton rouge home. also, we would like you to join us for dick goddard's second pem telethon. it is happening thursday, september 22 from 6:00 a.m. until 7:30:00 p.m.
10:45 pm
pledge by phone or online. all money raised will go to the cleveland apl. the telethon is sponsored by
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two kids hit by vehicles in austin and both were caught on camera. >> there is nothing worse than
10:48 pm
crying. this driverc was not some evil person. he was doing what we all e do. d we all have days when we are in a hurry.y. >> keep your eyes on the crosswalk.n this is a 12 -year-old boy seconds after b getting off the school bus when he gets hit by a truck. then just 24 hours later, another driver hits another student. this time you can see thes stop sign is out, but the bus lights are flashing and police say the bus driver was laying on the horn. a 16 -year-old driver told him she was confused about the law. >> she was mortified. he thought she killed him. she came out of the car crying and freaking out, but i tried to reassure her he seemed okay at the time. she didn't know that you had to im comingthe bus, stop from the opposite way. >> the students in both cases were not seriously injured. the driver stayed at the scenec
10:49 pm
a trash cleanup, after a trash mix up. thursday, a family in washington dc was going through their mail when they found a citation from the department of public works. it was a $75 fine, issued to their two -year-old daughter. the department says if found an envelope on the ground with her name on it, and she was cited for littering. the family thinks the male may have fallen out of their trash, and called the inspector, trying to get the ticket rescinded. >> just because you find a piece of mail on the ground obviously doesn't mean thatp person was te one that put it there. >> she is not a criminal. and that's the ironic thing that we talked to her all the time about picking up her trash. >> there obviously needs to be commonsense layered into the systemhe somewhere. >> after some back and forth, a and sendson apologized back the citation but they said the department was just doing its job.t it's not an uncommon sight in
10:50 pm
floodingaf there. piles of wood and drywall ruined afterd resting under several fet of water. but while gutting her home, janet knoxw came across a surprise. inside the wall, she found a newspaper from the 1940s. it's headlines reflected a world at war were nazis controlled germany and japanese bombs had struck terror at a hospital. inside, there were photos of president fdros and advertisemes for war bonds said they ran o found. i said i got a newspaper from 1942. it makes me smile, and get my mind off of what is over there that is all torn up. >> a newspaper isn't all she found in the wall. under the newspaper, there was also a toy chest, a kinship, a disney figurine, and children's utensils. she also found what looks like a marilyn monroe from one to the next, hurricane
10:51 pm
eastav coast. but the weather wasn't going to stop these newlyweds. what they are saying about the unique backdrop for their wedding photos. >> up next inin sports, the bros finalize their 53 man roster. the53 buckeyes open up the seasn with a record-setting day and the indians look to keep the
10:52 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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you know how they say it's good luck when it rains on your wedding day?th then this couple should be looking t at a lifetime of happiness. they took their wedding pictures in kitty hawk, north carolina friday. they posed for photos justice tropical storm hermine was starting torm dump rain on e area. the couple from arizona had said their ideas earlier in the day.
10:54 pm
rain and wind as a backdrop forr the wedding pictures. on the contrary, they said the weather would give them great memories.s >> it was a record-setting opening day for the>> ohio state buckeyes who made quick work of bowling green this afternoon at ohio stadium. notot a good start for jt barre. he was picked off by brendan harris. harris returns at 63 yards for the touchdown and bowling green led seven nothing to start this whole ballgame. that is the last timeh they love this game. kj downfield for 47-yard touchdown. tiedto at seven and late first-quarter, barrett hits courtesy of newnd over the midd. samuel breaks loose for the 79-yard touchdown, barrett was 21 of 31 for three and 49 yards and six touchdowns. than the pride of northridge bill, do mario mccall goes in for the
10:55 pm
record 776 yards as the buckeyes win big semi 7-10.ds kent state opened up its season at penn state. the golden flashes coming up with a big plate in the second quarter, treisman corleyig gets from behind, loses the football, oc refuge picks it up and returns are for the golden flashes touchdown but penn statd scores 17 second-half points and beats kent state 33-13. and it's friday night touchdown saturday edition. a big game dammita buyers field ignatius, mentor has won three straight over the wildcats. browns owner jimmy and d haslam and attendance at tonight's game. saint ignatius lead at seven at the half and turned it in the third quarter. james andrews powers it and wildcats up 14. patrick why in the quarterback once tou throw it, can't find a receiver and he takes off. he is gone.e. saint ignatius moves to 2-0 on
10:56 pm
-- bruins up 14, mike katter with nice catch for holy name but he can't hold onto it. bruins recover. police nameme now on fourth dow, trying to punch it in before the defense comes a big keeping them out of the end zone.r- patty what trying to extend their leade but the bruins past the intercept them by jack stiller.tin speak till then there were 53 per the browns were busy cutting the roster to the league mandated 53 playe next sunday's season opener against the philadelphia eagles. the rounds kept alln of the drt class. -- wide receiver taylor gabriel, tight end connor hamlet and punter casey red fern who they just added to thehe team this week. defensive back justin gober was traded to the pittsburgh steelers. today, the browns reportedly reached a contract agreement with denver broncos punter brian cole quit was released by denver. it's when you're bnc deal for t1
10:57 pm
seasons with the broncos. there is no doubt the intense love the progressive field. the indians have yet to lose on this ten dayreie hold him stand being miami tonight. that was the first inning.
10:58 pm
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mike: previously on home free... eight weeks ago, we started an epic build competition with 11 competitors. all 11 of you are here for a hero. mike: all playing for the ultimate dream home for their personal hero... woman: god, this is beautiful. mike: and $100,000 for themselves. and with $100,000, my mama and stepdad are gonna retire. mike: so far, seven contestants have been sent home, but even when they are eliminated, they get to help us pull off the best twist ever. you got to pretend you lost it all. i'm really sorry, but patrick did not win the grand prize. every week, the surprise of a lifetime. you won this brand-new home! (screaming) oh, my god. (rousing music) mike: last week, nick and maggie in a secret alliance sent james into the final cut challenge. -james. -you've actually made me mad.


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