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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  September 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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a car crash leaves a woman deada in a suspect on the run.
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it happened late last night. along lee road. on clevelandr east side. that's where we find fox eight. joins us now live with the very latest from the scene. that's right. this all happened in the 4,000t block of lee road. you can see behind me right now. the building all boarded up. after witnesses tell me the victimth crashed through here. after the suspect hit her car. now police confirm tonight that the victim is 49 year-olye police saya the suspect was driving a stolen 2005 chrysler. around eleven 30 saturday night. when it all happened. and he was speeding. and went through a red light. here at lee and clover. before hitting her vehicle. people have beenhi stopping by l afternoon. dropping offte flowers and teddy bears. they are just saddened over the senseless loss of life. >> it's just sad.
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and they don't have respect for eacht other. and i don't know. it's just soon sad. >> now the owner of the joy of music behind me says he's since relocated down lee road.oa and this business is vacant. obviously empty on saturdaysa night around eleven 30. but at this point, we don't know about the suspects arrest. we areret confirmation from police on that. waiting to hear more about the suspect. so tragic and senseless. in other news tonight. north ridge ville policet. are investigating a drive by shooting. that sent a woman to the hospital. it happened just after 6:00 a.m. here along leer nag -l road. someone in ar passing car opened fire. the female victim was hit.
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nearby hospital. where she was treated for a nonlife threatening injury. a few hours police arrested a suspect. twenty-four year-old ryan. he is facing several charges. including felonious assault. turning now to weather. it's been a picture perfect holiday weekend. so far. expect for all those labor day cook outs and get togethers tomorrow. >> beautiful start to september. a carbon copy tomorrow. sunshine. temperatures warming up a touch. you'll notice a bit of a difference. it won't benc but not flat out muggy. allm in all it looks like a gret day forgr labor day. here's a look at your evening plans. if you're going to a barbecue. or a bonfire. sunsetre 7:54. 77 degrees. seventy by nine. and at eleven we're cooling off
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by the way, hit 46 degrees this morning. a chillyis start. we'ret. going to have another cl nighto tonight. with temperatures dipping down into the upper 50s. winds right now a little bit breezy. along the immediate lake shore. sustained right around ten. we cand see the on shore winds. those will die off. through the evening hours. and tonight they're going to go calm. notice that there are not any clouds across the buck eye st west t of us. off towards chicago and indianapolis. those will not make it here. we have high pressure that continues to be in control ofat thef weather. i'mwe expecting another clear sunny day tomorrow. your forecast warmer. i'll let you know how warm it gets. nothing compared to middle of this week. we're still inwe a nice will the -l dry stretch here. what the nexter shot of rain.
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day forecast. did you mention 90s in a if oidias. >> a a little teaser there. while we are basking in the beauty of the clear blue skies. conditions are much different on the east coast. where tropical storm is still battering parts of new jersey. spent the day in atlantic city. where people areci hoping for te best. but preparing for the worst. it's greetings f atlantic city beach. people had left. and it looked like much of the same was leaving town too. as far as the decision to stay or do. among d those still here late on saturday. some are waiting by. while others are sticking around to see how big the other waves get. i'm on the 19th floor of the building.he
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we're down herel enjoying the breeze right now. >> was it weird here. today. with nobody on the beach. >> there was no traffic. it was very strange. >> both the boards walk and the walkt atlas seem busy. sous many people walking off the beach. because no one was on the beach. but the board walk had added furniture. life guards stands and boats have been moved off the beach onto the board walk. trashwa cans put together behind the and under. the board walk. what they couldn't movelk off te sandth the shack had sandbags ad little sand dunes surrounding it. the only amusement still going. the go cart.
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all things polish in the neighborhood. where you are, there's something to enjoy this labor day weekend. >> the cleveland october fest at the fairgrounds. is a german whether your taste leans towards beer. brats. orat the funny little weaner do. who have no idea they're in a race. >> last day of summer. everyone wants to go out anda have a good time. beautiful weather today.ti >> visitors have until monday
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and dozens of craft beer. >> this is a time for experiences. and the opportunity to meet new people andet drink good beer. it's been perfect weather. for the cleveland national air show. theme park will be open at the airport. through labor day. with special appearances by the bluehe angels. >> for those who like t o fashion carnival atmosphere. thet festival never disappoints. it's the 102nd year. offering rides for the kids. texas hold em. and live entertainment untilun eleven 30 at night. including monday. >> everybody gets together and has a a good time.
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cleveland. it's one bigig festival. of fun. >> now it's a perfect weekend to enjoy what's left of the summer weather. if you'd like to know what's going on through tomorrowha nig. just go to fox eight .com. where's the brats. where's the snacks. that would be at the county fairgrounds. and boy thee food looks spectacular. >> next year bringct some hopefully. >> okay. >> clinton is keeping a low profile. this weekend.d. but the democratic presidential nominee will be right here in cleveland cleveland tomorrow want the former secretaryry of state will join her friend and former colleague. congresswoman fudge. atng the 45th annual eleventh district labor day parade. and mrs. clinton is bringing her running mate. tim cane will be at the parade.
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tomorrow afternoon. the 45th annual labor day parade steps off tomorrow morning at ten a.m. at the corner of kins man and east 146th street. once again. the grandai marshall. andsh clinton and tim cane will immediate with voters at the post parade festival. at luke easter park. trump taking a break from the campaign trail. but his running mate indiana morning. saying both republican nominees will release their tax returns. very soon. pence making that promise during an we are view. he also addressed trumps immigration plan. saying their administration would find and deport all illegal immigrants.
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as well as those who have over stayed their visa. pence also questioned clintons credentials. calling heral quote the most dishonest candidate for president ofor the united statet since richard nixon. polls show trump trailing clinton in the key swing state
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>> celebrating a very special milestone. its 21st birthday. rock hall threw a big party last night. inviting hundred of music lovers to party like it was 1999. or in this case. 1995. party goers were treated to music. games. grub. and sud. for those at least as old as the hall itself. of course. officials this weekend celebration is a chance for them come. and what they want to do in the
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welcome back. a live picture now. out over thee lake.l where you can see some boaters out there. enjoying the holiday weekend. on the water. so many events taking place. out door events taking place.p the air show earlier today. lots of festivals going on.on what can we expect. as wep head into the actual labr day holiday tomorrow. >> lot of parades tomorrow. barbecues. picnics. you name we're notmo expecting any rain. the only thing is it's going to get hotter. and you're going to also notice the humidity creeping up. as well. otses.l. when the airs. show is in town. it's great. a chop ong the lake. noticed as some of the posts leaving right at four o'clock. when the air show ended. there are aen lot of boats out there. a lot of people seeing it as well. so lots of things going on.
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head. to fox eight .com. i'm telling you the weather is going to cooperate. today weo hit 83. five degrees above the normal. of 78. nowhere near a record of 95. with leek itf that i way. just perfect. tomorrow the temperatures are actually going to warm back up. into the low possibly mid 80s.0s depending on where you are. along the immediate lake shore. temperatures will hover right around thees upper 70s. to otherwise it is0 going to be a fantastic day. expecting full sunshine. again. high pressure in place. it's going to continue this to sit here. for the next 48 hours. really. so we're looking at another couple of dry days. there is a very weak disturbance. just to the west of us. all that is going to do is pull inpu higher clouds towards the western community. late tomorrow afternoon. you'll notice the cloudsft starting to increase a bit. on tuesday. it won't be. full out sunshine. like the last couple days.
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rainmaker. a cold front. it won't getro here until late wednesdayl night. >> still churning off the east coast. that will sit there and spin. all the way through thursday. and friday. so we're talking heavy surf for those along the immediate eastern sea board. from thea jersey shore. all the way up towards long island.d. and over towards the cape. tropical storm warning. this system is still packinga winds upwards of 70 milep stilles expected to strengthen a little bit.b actually out in the her times. in the mid atlantic. hurricane warnings posted. tropical storm warnings on the easthe coast. you can seee the tropical system still off the coast there. inth our area, nothing but clear skies. 79 degrees right now. what i wantow you to notice on this next map. dew point temperatures mid 50s. sixtys just to the west of us. this. is what's going to be
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you'll notice the humidity bump up a bit. 58 degrees tonight. keep thede windows open. starry comfortable. on the waters tonight. two feet or less. with winds changing out of the south. later. we have on shore winds right now. laboro day 84. sunny warmer humidity climbing. and we'll continue the sunny skies. mostly sunny through tuesday and wednesday. look at this. temperatures heret upper 80s possibly 90 degrees. with the humidity and heat increasing. we'll have a shot of some rain here. through thehe middle and end of then week. we cool back intock the upper 70s. where we should be. >> not bad forecast. >> all of us here. declare your greatness and go forward. it's time for the third annual i am walk. and run. through beautiful forest hill park inll east cleveland. it is next sunday. september at 8:00 a.m. all proceeds benefit the foundation started bitoks eight
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andch his brother. tobr provide college scholarshi. winter coats. gloves and hats. and empowerment conferences for inner cityf student. you'll. find a link to register. at fox eight .com. welcome back our viewers on dish net work. we are happy to announce that the company has reached an
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we all know what donald trump has said about women... so how can rob portman still support him? maybe it's because they agree on so much. like overturning roe v. wade... and defunding planned parenthood. and opposing equal pay for women. ted strickland respects the rights of women to make their own decisions.
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i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. the throw gets way way. and g miami has a one nothing lead. has been solid on the mound for themo tribe. through fivetr innings.nn five hits one run. strikeout eleven. indians trail right now in the sixth. one too nothing. will start tomorrow nights game against theni astros.
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removed from the time being from thef starting rotation. manager says he will be available out of the bull pen. for tomorrow's game. >> browns continue to tweak their roster. as they close in on the opening week of the season. today. the club added five players by waivers. welcome running back. from oakland. defensive back from jacksonville. defensive back from seattle. defensive line man from jacksonville. and francisco. >> to makenc room on the roster the team waived defensive back. lineac backer. running back. and running back watson. they terminated the contract of defensive back more sr. the browns finalized the practice squad ahead of game one.
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>> say good-bye browns wide receiver. josh gordon. we will not see him for four creeks. he begins his four game suspension this week. as part of the re-instatement to the national football league. unlike years past, he will be allowed in the team facility. during suspension. he will be allowed to attend team meetings. not eligible for practice or play. he was asked thursday night what's aheadht for him. as he begins serving his suspension.
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unfortunately. mentally i'm prepared. hopefully week five i get out there and pick up where i left off. here's a great story from case western reserve. perfect example of size doesn't matter. check out spar tan sophomore. he's five foot six. weighs only 140-pound and comes up with bigco play. in saturday's football game. against chicago. it's almost fall. still ahead tonight. she spent a lifetime helping those who couldn't help themselves.
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inspire countless others do the
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ar fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow. most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes
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will recollect back. welcome back. mother teresa. whoho devoted her life to helpig indias poor. has been declared a saint. the cannonnization mass in the vatican this morning. fox news correspondent with more from rome. the catholic church is bestowing one of the highest honors. pope francis declaring the nun a saint. let us carry her smile. in ourm hearts. and give that smile to those among our journey. a huge portrait of mother teresa hung duringm the colorful ceremony. some 1500 homeless people across italy were bussed in and given seats of honor. and served a business pizza lunch byp nuns. >> known as the saint of the
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with ther poor. in india a special mass was celebrated at the missionary of charity. the order she founded. she died in 19 the seven. 1997. at age 87. last year he recognized a second miracle. on sunday he find it heart to call her saint teresa. since her tenderness was so
6:35 pm
she spent her life working in the slumski of i understand why. but she was actually born in macedonia. and there wasas a special ceremy in her hometown today. i'm very happy. i could not makeha it to the vatican. so i come here but back in the town. about 50 people gathered at the chapel. in the mother teresa memoriall house. to express their gratitude. andit joy. over her saint hood. motherod teresa was born on aug. 1910. she was the youngest of three children. of an allowed banyan builder. albania builder. the pope inviting more than 1500 homeless people.
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forn. lunch.
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we're talking late week chances. here. and mainly in the afternoon. so. here's what's going on right now. this isoo where we're dry. this is why we're seeing sunshine. area of high pressure. is parked. over ourar region. that's going to sit there. for the next several days. you notice there's a very weak disturbance. just to the west of us.u in indiana. you can see sprinkles there. and i do expect high clouds to move
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another chance on friday. oz our actually saturday. as temperatures startsa to cool back down. into thee upper 70s. where we should be.0 summer is not over. i dove expect maybe one of us to get a 90-degree day next week. >> loving it. other news tonight. in tennessee. ate young mother is dead. and the father of her children
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accused of stabbing her to death. and turning the knife on himself. relatives say 20 year-old kelly wasel a victim of repeated domestic violence. from her live ind boyfriend. but lacy managed to hide the year of abuse. until it was too late. police say the suspect stabbed her multiple times. right ine front of their children. now her family is hoping her story will inspire other women. to speak up. the suspect is still in the hospital. withth multiple stab wound. police plan to charge him with murder. her two children are staying with her mother. two police officers fighting for their lives tonight.
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them inside a california jail. cell phone video capturing the tensept moments. as police surrounded the fresno county jailhouse. and tried to take the suspect into custody. before he hurt anyone else. tonight he is behind bars. facing several charges. including attempted murder. andrd illegally possessing a gu. witnesses say it started whenh the two corrections officers tried to stopce the man from cutting a line of visitors at thes jail. that's when he pulled a
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when their boat capsized off the coast of san francisco. at least 15 boys and one adult chaperon. from the program got stranded when theirst boat started sinki. in san francisco bay. the coast guardy. raced to resce them. andnd fortunately all the scouts were everyone got back to shore safely. with only one with a few cuts
6:42 pm
fortunately the boat the sweet marine was nearby. and stepped in to help. here's video shot by the coast guard. of the passengers. on board the sweet mary. >> we would be looking at a different situation. in pieces. passengers were transferred to a coast guarda vessel. video shows some of them being brought one board. one personb suffered a minor bak injury. everyone else was okay. they were brought to the police dock. dressed in lifeck jackets.
6:43 pm
the coastn guard says it's now launching an investigation.
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a bittersweet holiday weekend. one lastee splash. for wild water kingdom. the water park is shutting its gaits for good. tomorrow. >> what's in store forhe property. >> closing this park is very upsetting. this weekend the final chance for you and your family to come out and make one last memory. >> it's the end of an era. >> the days of fun in the sun. are coming to an end. for the water park.p opened a little more than a decade. disappointing news for many people. who spent years making a lifetime of memories at wild
6:48 pm
>> what was your favorite memory. probably racing my dad on the waterth slide. >> he's looking forward to what wildw water kingdom could be. hoping it doesn't end up looking like lake now. abandoned and over grown. it would be really interesting if you could find somebody to comey up with something different. keep it going.g and maybe a way to keep the community behind it. the city of aurora is working with cedarw fair entertainment the parks owner to redevelop thl water park. located partially in bane bridge. aurora mayor says the goal is make the lake more accessible. withac possible retail stores. a reck area.
6:49 pm
>> so far it's the waves have been really big. hurricane is passing by quickly. and the current is really out of control. with the rain. andra the current. a lot of people are really reluctant to get in the water. lester was downgraded last night.
6:50 pm
the island into sea tonight. >> the story of a young man. driven by determination. he has the size of a line man. 6-foot three. 165 pounds. but for5 this 16 year-old jr., his first step wasn't even possible. >> i wasss born. my twin brotherrn died. i had twisted feet.
6:51 pm
amputated. i have been wearing prosthetics since i was two. he has the desire to play football. >> i always wanted toto play. my mom would never let me because she's scared. a lot of people told me i couldn't play. but i never really listen to anybody. now i'm here. at first it was. i've never had to deal with it. twenty years. phonier had a young man with two prosthetic legs. he was persistent. he would fall down in the hall way. when we were running.r and in the winter time. it was like what, he's bounce up and getu going again.
6:52 pm
and go every day. the ohio high school association had toss approve the prosthetic. his attitude is even bigger than his desire to play. next year. when i was born they told me i wouldn't be able to walk. now i'm playing football. i'mfo doing everything they saii couldn't. inspiration. you think you have a bad day. well. he just gets up and does it. and wants to play football. he knows his role on the team. when he does get on the field. the and so incredible. that it will be on my top five list. i'll guarantee that. the simple message for those in a similarin situation. >> never believe anybody who wants tony put you down. and do what you want to do. anything you put your mind to you can dom it.
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game this past fridayt night.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products
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you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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he climbed he was only checking the time. but the t chair umpire didn't by it. there's a giant clock court
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stopped the to tie his shoe in theoe middle of a point. he has a reputation for unusual behavior on the court. when he fell down and started rolling around. wonder if they get a little heatstroke. and feel delirious. possibly. i can see the you're so used to pick up your cell phone. and looking. but. >> there's rules right. labor day enjoy it.
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most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes
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