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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  September 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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period hillary clinton and tim kaine said the day northeast ohio speaking at the 11th congressional district communit caucus labor day festival in clevelandeea d matt wright has more from luke easter park. hillary clinton was back on the campaign trail and joined b tim kaine on this labor day that they spent here speaking to a crowd of about 3,000 gathereded they enter theseed all-importan final months of the campaign, she, suffered from a coughing f at the beginning of her speech the struggle to speakcoa throug
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trump she gets allergic after introductions by union leaders said that she is the better candidate for working-class voters and union jobseaids and up a copy of the book that they will be releasing tomorrow on their policy proposalsb called stronger together for a reason and hit hern opponent hard said that donald trump's temperamentally unfit to be president. >> in just a few hours he managed to turn his trip to mexico into an em international incident, he got into twitter warhe with the president of mexico. this was a way for her to connect with a largely african-american audience that attends this annual parade and festival, next she goes to the quad cities for another labor day festival,, matt wright fox news >> they day northeast ohio,
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to cleveland making to unannounced stops, dave nether was the only local reporterda inside the meeting with more from brook park. >> outside of the american legion posts 610 brook park thi party started his day with a roundtable discussion, answer conversations with labor leader and also where thehe democratic mayor of this community, trump and his running mate indiana governor mike pence sat down to speak with labor leaders, i uni officials, including steve loomis and brook park mayor tom coyne who is a lifelong democra supporting trumpmp believing t he is has a plan to bring manufacturing jobs back to the area, then he went to a nearby family restaurant to have lunch in me go with the lunch crowd.
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foreign trade imbalance seems t be courting labor endorsements in ohio and seems to haveo ear respect to others for his ability to listen. our employment is skyrocketing and even the other side admits that the jobs are badd now the good ones that use to have here in ohio g. i attended a couple of conventions during my tenure a a union official and it usually is the message to the leadership to be democratic, democrat, democrat, sometimes you got to look at, cannot put all of your apples into one basket.t it was an unusual setting for donald trump, who appears toal feed off of the energy of large crowds, dave nethers, fox 8 news. >> if you have the day off today, it was gorgeous to be outside forf a family barbecue
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the forecast. >> if you enjoy them barbecue tonight it will be a delightful nightm, it will be stunning. a then, we are in the middle of two systems.w until you get under the satellite, they're not very well-defined,, as we willta about in a second but first, this system is what is left ove of hermine , an old tropical system, was once a hurricane an now is an extratropical low having lost its tropical characteristics but is still a giant wash machine in spin dry mode moving though showers back into new england. a bad day in places like cape
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backwash makes it to albany the quit and that is, we are in a great spot the next cold front from the west will be given the green light to move the four no herminev is in the way and when you have a system on the east coast or in the gulf, usually the system do not move much period they just wait for whatever system to move along but not yet moving 84 degrees tonight will be a comfortable '60s and a few 50s, look at the forecast in some changes coming up . new information about a standoff between twinsburg police and a barricaded suspectn took his own life after killing a northfield man, jack shea has more .
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, east idlewild drive and twinsburg afterwi 58 year old bob waltzer shoots a northfield man, 57-year-old jerry robinson who showed up uninvited,d, robinson died at the cleveland clinic, they say that at the time polic arrivedel, bob waltzer barricad himself in his condo. i was in my living room with my son we heard a daily noise and we saw a body on the front lawn so i called 911. we try to negotiate with bob waltzer who do not respond, and four hours they used te3r gas and swat enteredhe they discove his body, and that he had taken his own life. >> were stuck inside until they told us to come out. the neighbor say that bob waltzer have been distraughtht over the recent breakup
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with her ex-boyfriend.. turns out that the ex-boyfriend was jerry robinson who arrived at walters on sunday sunday, triggering the violence that left both dead.. >> she left him for the other i he was upset, he was the best neighbor that we ever had it is really sadha. jack shea fox 8. 19 learn charges have been filed against a man for stealin a car and causing a crashsh in cleveland this week and killing a woman, 19-year-old bryan burn faces a number of charges includingan aggravated vehicula homicide, they believe he robbe a man outside thebe saint rocco festival and stole his car the crash later happening off lee roadhe they say of the stolen hit another car force them into a building killing the driver triedth
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in youngstown when ato man stole nebulous thing th partyol, they say 41-year-old jose diaz junior got into an unlocke ambulance at a gas station,, what he did not know was that it had gps so police were on his trail for some reason he drove straight to a cookout. the officer pulled up and drew their guns on himim. >> that's what we found out it wasn't good. >> the driver did not try to ru the part and at that point >> no one knows why he went to the cookout , he did not know anybody there he is now held without bond . hermine so packing a punch, as florida begins to clean out the storm, warrant issued for
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president obama's final g-20 summit is in the books he took theid opportunity to meet with blood were put in china where they met on the sidelines on the conferencet the cease-fi and syrian was brokered by the
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all of this as the situation in the country remains dangerouss with bombing city mostly government controlled areas today in a situation in which the asad regime is bombing with impunity we think is strengtheningng the capacity of nusra to recruit period the first been achieved to visit since the vietnam war he said that there is a commitment to account for america's lostre in the vietnam war, pier w. and those missing period covered church bestowing high honor on the traceres called her a saint thousands attended the semi the vatican she died at the age of
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clear the way last year recognizing the second miracle attributed her canonization is rapid by church standards only pope john paul ii was declared faster in the modern era hermine moving north slamming into atlantic beaches it is still packing strong wind with a threat of heavy rainfall beaches remain closed in many areas including new york city and there are nc watches in place throughout the northeast not taking any chances to prepare for the worst all hoping for th best a. >> see if i can get to work tomorrow, to see how much the water t went i don't have anoth
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know and i want to be out here after today for next coupl days you want to be anywhere near this place. >> -the storm spends out into the oceane resins are assessing damage, the mid-atlantic very better than florida and other parts of the south, in many areas the worst damages the economic impact . >> locally we had some sunshine and close to 90 degrees, looks like those warm temperatures will betu moving away as we get more falll >> it is inevitable in the mont of september, the good news is and will not happen all at once it will be over the course of the nextur 12 days, it will be hovering near 90 and then slide downth so the highs will be int the 60s in about ten days. but first, show you the boater'
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the lake with white west wind becoming south with waves of 2 feet or less tomorrowit mccamley northwest. and lake water is 7 after being in the upper 70s a couple weeks ago period currently 84 degrees, 81 akron-canton we did hit 90 plus parkersburg today close we did hit 89 degrees, dewpoints are increasing. it is incrementally, that 59 is still at a comfortable point.60 is at the edge will you will fill it a bit then once you get to toledodo we have high humidi. the process will actually be
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, from 64 the more remote to 89 degrees s well above normal period8 but that low temperature, thanks to the dry air each night makes the overnight low near normal, so we will average about 5 degrees above normal for the day. to the last, there's lots of green. chicago, milwaukee,de dewpoints are above tropical category right above high pressure. low-cal little nero's even in 2 hours. how much it begins to become more human tomorrow depends on how quickly the hi ken bring in some humidity, i think it will be a slow process. eventually the cold front will
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for that crescent moon it will be gorgeous tonight 62 degrees turn tomorrow, mostly sunny wit some patchy clouds unlike the last few days, 80 degrees that has some room to move up to 90 as is the chance wednesday with mostly sunny skies , increasing clouds and then wednd uptick in the dewpoints appeare that will be squeezed out thursday the step down late on the weekend with a high ofs 72 been back to sunshine on sundayhi. a little bit more like september as we head into the latter part of next weekend.. tonight at 10:00 p.m. local artist gallery owner is attacke in calling for justice, speakin
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all that and the top headlines when you join us were fox 8 new at 10:00 o'clock.u >> the war over the shore came to an end as thousands showed u the final day of the air show, maia belay was therefore the final flights and gives us a last look to next year. >> sunny skies, and great performances what more could yo asked for at the air show,, the people are looking forward to next year.he >> ey blue angels performance period also look at the batmobile and copter the show had something for everyone in the sky in looking at planes on the ground 100,000 people in attendance spending $7 million for the weekend though said it was not disappointed. this was her fourth year and i think we will come out every
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>> you want to be a pilot? i want to be in the army to jump out of planes . >> next year they say that they start planning soon, maia belay fox 8 news. 's lebron james going
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browns owner back on the field today prepping for thee opener in philadelphia they made a flurry of roster movesth to get down to the 53 man limit including trading cb justin
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they will go into the season with 17 rookies on the roster including fouras , first-year wide receivers, hue jackson says he knows the team is youngon and it is up to the coaching staff to get them ready for the seasontac. >> some guys who were good players, at the same time we dropped them for a reason and these guys are shown the ability on practice fieldingce games that they can placeh we made a decision to keep them and ourci job is coaching is to get them better >> carson wentz will be starting under center for the eagles on sunday philadelphia selected them after making a trade with the browns through the >> football sideline that is crooked, thursday night high school game in south carolina is going viral the high school junior varsity football coach posted itligg esquivel is a jokeg that within hours it was re-tweeted 4,000
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national broadcast like eps and cbs sports school does not have a clear explanation for how it happenedav. >> i don't know what happened when they drew that linewh i do know that windows game time it was approved for playing ont the gail wood on as normal. >> would you think when you solve that? >> that someone has been drinking a little bit. >> the school district says it will fix that line before the next home game. appears while james is going hollywood again,n, because this picture on his instagram with mark wahlberg although it is a mystery asm to why they were handing out, the photo was captured,ww with this great dude, coming soon as well as a number of hash tags including camera ready . is time for the third annual i am walk and runun through forest hills park in east cleveland next sunday september 11 proceeds m.
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benefit college scholarships in winter clothing, you'll find a link at fox >> a boy in new jersey is a huge fan of police and want to make sure that they knew it, the 5-year-old said of his to treat them to lunchcht so last week they brought in some way salvagese, but he was in for a surprise as he was given a special police department shirt and other guests,ol the shared page, commenting his acts of kindness and his
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so, howard's really in space, huh? mm-hmm, international space station. 250 miles that way. right now, howard's staring down at our planet like a tiny jewish greek god. zeusowitz. sheldon: i must admit, i can't help but feel a twinge of envy. he can look out the window and see the majesty of the universe unfolding before his eyes. his dim, uncomprehending eyes. it's like a cat in an airport carrying case. you know, it's not exactly glamorous up there. the water that the astronauts drink is made from each other's recycled urine. must be nice.


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