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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  September 6, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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heavy tuesday. if you have a great long weekend. >> that weekend is over about the a great weather we have hadt is going to continue we are joined by scott now with a look at your forecast. >> good morning. a must hit 98 yesterday the differences we admire humidityay which is starting to build here we are starting to see if you loan chop showers here and one working into wayne county developing along with what is called the dewpoint line as they see some
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barely make it out. with a bigr perspective and you can hardly see itr the temperatures were my 60s lower 70s currently 75 year fox eight. here is the forecast as it drifts to the east the next couple of days wide spread raina in the upper midwest is not get here until sometime thursday. there is the higher humidity slowly inching into northern ohio highgh and humid than that a little bit warmer than thater would have don't get any reprieve untilo sometime lae saturday. taking up the anti- mike error time again patty. >> i get five more sense for that. >> already. a couple of things happening like volume everywhere
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from the west side a slowly recovering from the accident we had 90 over by east 22nd really jammed up 77 about starting to break loose out there. let's look at the drive time before you step out over 30 minutes coming in from avon and it is kind starting to get better we were really jammed up with the accident earlierll what when he eastbound almost 20 on to 71 with route eight and 422. todd, natalie, stephanie, back to you. >> northeast ohio once again the center and hub of the political universe. both spent labor day campaigning right here in cleveland. >> were also they've the right? >> we begin the coverage with
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mateov at week easter park yesterday. >> it is a tradition to take part in the annual labor day picnic and park these substances hillary clinton's speech was not the blowout but was or cost. >> every time i think about trump t i get allergic. >> hillary clinton and her running mate making our first campaign stop here at day donald trump decided to pay surprise visit our new plane they both landed at hopkins her murder katie then forcing trumps press quarters to the side of the road as she went by. national union leaders clinton with a list of proposals aimed at lifting up the working-classh she says donald trump as a has a long record of stiffeningys contractors who work with them she criticizes trip to mexico. >> the last it, we sawo even moe
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temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to become president. and just a few hours,o he managed to turn his trip to mexicog into an embarrassing international incident. he even got into the twitter were with the president of mexico. back on the new plane she took time still struggling with the cost season democratsmorofile stood around rawlings for her husband to r biden and for the first time on the campaign trail for bernie sanders. >> on all the democrats together. republican candidate donald trump also spending labor day here in northeast s ohio. e stopped pembroke park talking about law enforcement a manufacturing as well. jessica
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she joins us now. >> good morning, everyone a wide range of topics covered yesterday it was not as much a speech the intimate roundtable discussion with a lot of handof shakes with ohio voters. >> along with his running mate they had a small audience of current and former labor leaders trump talks manufacturing saint we will get our jobs back and stop companies from leaving he said trade is a one-way street leading up o to the poor house d that we have to bring jobs backg to this country are we but we
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>> ticket to the other excited minutesic the jobs we have with about jobs they are not that good time super used to you still have an eye cleveld police union president steve loomis also of the roundtable discussion he told trump he hoped he would support law enforcement as police departments are being built on his across the country trump said he is heard police departments are having trouble recruiting it will support them and read in avoor that when kite really excited when he tapped him on obama shorter imagine eating breakfast and then all of a sudden donald trump is there.. >> my mom teaches there was a, so this friday night they are unveiling their big stadiumt i get to be with the sports show.
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there that is right. i am before i get chastised on twitter thank you so much 8:07 a.m. we want to catch you up on other news. the huskers up in flames in the city's east side take a looks this is how it looks when we arrived about 2:0e house believed to be they can't and then another attempted smash and grabb this one happening jut after 5:00 o'clock this morning
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of his and gas started saying something to me about myta kindi turned around and that was it the tall it remembered. >> you will he believes he was unconscious for about five minutes beforeiv some to hope. he relates to than cell phone and wall at work on he needed several stitches, but ishe expected to be okay as family and friends and set up ago fund me account to help with medical bills. >> a 19 -year-old will face a judge this morning accused of carjacking causing a deadly crash. he was arrested yesterday in connectionon with e saturday night time. officers say he attacked and robbedd a 71
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state park is church festival than a short time later, they saye he sped through a light killing her burns is now facing a number of charges. >> one of cleveland's all the cemeteries cemetery established by vandals dozens of headstones on east ninth not sure it off of their bases some of them are correct. police have not commented on the extent of you may bee to blame but that is the final resting place for more than 8,000 people including veterans from the revolutionary war civil warg
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his nfl career came to a standstill now johnny is focusing on something new. find out what that is coming up. >> good morning, everybody. extremely light rain one north of mansfield another working into western wayne county along the higher dewpoint spear. i are humidity sunshine temperatures climbing in the early '80s by afternoon we talk more about the big changes for the weekend and a couple in a couple of minutes.s. >> good morning. we are talking about bucket they happening this weekend with some other cool events. i like this praying mantis, but i think that's not the one you will be able to pack in your hand or on your hand.
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good morning, everyone almost made the for the remainder of septembero yesterday with the blue angels
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1949. last are really had 22 some are 15 and 28 nights above 70 only 16 days it high temperatures in the 60s and 70s slasher, we had more than 40 board the summer as we fall back into the 60s cranking it into the high 70s tomorrow better chance tomorrow h with the showr right here better chance of higher chance on thursday. the
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handling of drug dealers and closing a wave of extrajudicial killings. >> i do not have any nobody but nobody you must be respectful. >> he also used profanity in his native tongue thing you would support obamas if they meant. >> i have seen some of those colorful statements in the past and, so clearly he is a colorful guys. >> the whitel house canceled the scheduled meeting and mouse were
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southeast asian leaders he said no statement he regrets comments came across as a personal attack that was not the only tension between obama and world leaders during his final asian tour there were also awkwardna w awkd moments with president putin. >> he is those colorful typically the tonese of our meetings are candidate, blunt and businesslike. this one was no different. >> given the choice that exists that is a tough negotiation. we are we're not there >> memorial services now being planned for a long time conservative who recently died unfortunately she assembled handle the eagle former pro familypr group which challenge women's liberation to greatge organization she also led the fight against the equalza righto
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>> the ark city leaders considering changes to an annul caribbean festival after more deadly violence. two people killedn in a predawn gathering yesterday a short time before a parade. anbe aide to the goverr was gunned down at the festival plaster. police posted fliers warning acts of violence will be prosecuted while doubling the number of officers assigned to the event. >> bill cosby lawyers make a petition to adjust adjust to the tooth rot to q3 two of evidence in the sexual misconduct case one is a deposition the degenerative in the 2005 lawsuitge in this deposition, i he talks about having extramarital affairs giving other women drug so they would have sex with him. the other piece of evidence is a recordingc of a phone call between cosby and constants mother. they say in 2004 he
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china.
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l donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things in america. a beautiful day outside on the north coast.t. a the planes are gone everybody'so back to work and back to schoolo on this tuesday morning welcome back to fox8 news in the the morning.. kindning of hard coming back ona
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so gorgeous the hardest thing coming backack from the weekend are those five days. e we skipped one. check in with scott sabol seee what's ahead for this weekend especially today.ay. good morning.orning a few showers developing alongag the higher humidity air startint to push into western ohio.o. what happens a lot of timesa you'll get the showers developing along this littletl front and right now between be wistwter and near what i we star to see a few showers crep of. nothing widespread these are really small andd the generalenl challenge to we can. the bigger picture and not a whole lot of redevelopment to the westcc. 72 in 76 in fox8.o the line we start to see thethe shade of green a tropical humidity. dewpoint in chicago tropical 72c high humidity will increase the temperature slowly today very close to 90 even with clouds and there's the line of showers andn
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thuwo sunshine i put in in parentheses a couple of showersw south but nothing be.e. high temperatures near 90. upper 60s tonight and tomorroweu high 80s breezy higher humidnity tomorro. stop out you can see how thethe front will take another couple of days before it gets that here.ere. shower late tomorrow evening evg that her chance much higherhighr chance as the front goes through on much cooler weekend eight day coming up later onen in the sho. back to you guys. thanks scott.. with just over 60 days unt presidential election, both candidates president, chose pret osecleveland for their final pu. no big surprises. this is where the heavy campaigning begins and on labor day, cleveland was the center of it all. fox 8's stacey frey is here with the start of our team coverage.e good morning. good morning.odng. hillary clinton was joined at as rally in luke easter park by her running mate, tim kaine their first campaign appearance together since just after the convention in campaign a toge cleveland does rock.
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think you know labor day kind ou starts the home stretch of the campaign. throughout her speech clintonlio was bothered by cough that stopped her several times. she arrived on a new plane one large enough to carry the press along with her.g with her yes, it was parked there along with donald trump's at hopkins international airport. rnationarpor she has been criticizedt. throughout the campaign forhe cr limiting media access but she gave them plenty of q and a time on that plane after the event.. at the annual labor day parade and picnic at luke easter park, clinton spoke to a crowd of thousands, laying out a list of proposals to lift the working class and pointing out instances where her businessman opponentt has failed to do so. she called his first venturealli into foreign politics, the visi to mexico, an embarrassing international incident.terna and said he simply doesn't have the temperament to be president we're not just electing anot jul president, we're electing a commander in chief. so when donald trump says, and g presi a c quote, i know more about isiskni
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when he claims, as he has, that our armed forces are a disastere or he insults a gold starr, family, that's not just wrong and offensive, that's dangerous. a new usa today suffolkw usa toa university poll finds a tie when university poll voters thinknk would handle labor better.bette. it's a dead heat at 44 percent which is actually an improvement for her. business man on handling the economy in surveys taken before the political conventions.raile businandling the a new book coming out fromfrom clinton that lays out a their policy proposals and a lot of them to help working americanses things like making college moree affordable raising minimum wagee and making sure equal pay forfo women for equal work. interesting. thank you so much appreciate that.nk y for the past few months we've had visit after visit from both presidential candidates andpasti
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of them in town.n. a hot place to be.e. we've heard about the clinton kaine visit now jessica dille vt joins us with more on the republican side. to our great great state andte great city. good morning everybody. everybo some surprise visits from donale trump and his running mate mike pence.omhi trump stopped to meet and greet some voters at a brook park restaurant but also spent a lot of the day talking jobs.bu trump and pence had a roundtable in brook park a little differenh from his campaign stops with huge crowds that we are accustomed to seeing. fox 8 was the only local newstho crew inside that trump sat down speak with labori leaders, former union officialsr and a short list of people including cleveland police patrolman's union presidentatro steve loomis and brook parkpres mayor tom coyne. coyne, a lifelong democrat, is supporting trump for president. he says he believes the republican presidentialdential
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help bring manufacturing jobs back to this area. in the discussion trump heardamd about a perceived lack ofved lao support for law enforcement fro washington, concerns about union pensions, and bringing jobs bac shington, bs back to our country. we will get our jobs back when all the have to know is whenow they make a prodisuct in a different location than dthistha countryn that product doesn'tst come in here so easily like they think.cnk. you heard labor leaders today agreements have hurt, talk about pensions, worried about to lose, these are folks that work hard and built this country and that's who donald trump is speaking to.king to. after the roundtable discussion trump and pence went to goody's restaurant on snow road. after leaving brook park trump
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fair in mahoning county. former browns quarterback johnny manziel is going back to school. did you hear about this? a spokesman for texas a&m says the former heisman trophy winner has reenrolled.spokesmsm he's not actually going to be o campus he'll be living in losl angeles taking some classes online. manziel left for the nfl beforel completing all the classeseft f required to receive his degreer in recreation, parks and tourisg services.ces. the browns cut the quarterback last spring.t hopefully this is one of thosete steps in the right directionrign help him get on the right track. all right. all good things must end, andoo the cleveland national air show is no exception.things must the a performance packed weekendce d helped bring close out the unofficial end of summer. fox8's maia belay gives us one helped bringe unoffi final look.nal look what are you going to be when you grow up? pilot.ouo be whehe why is that?at? because i like flying stuff like planes.. i'm just here because airplanes
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got to be cool. as many as 100 thousand people were able to make it out to the cleveland national air k spending more than seven million dollars over the weekend. people i talked to say this show never disappoints.d nationthan . this is our fourth year coming in the think we'll come out every year after. i want to see the out my father flew one of those in world war two. i want to see the b25.5. evei wantto see ts the stars of the show were the blue angels putting on an hourl long show each day last weekenda organizers say their impressive performances created new admirers of aviation. do you want to grow up to be a pilot?t?admirer sometimes, i want to be in thes, army jump out of planes sometimes fly. i want to be army over the years the air show's foundation has awarded more than 120 thousand dollars to local students pursuing aviation related degrees. in cleveland maia belay fox 8 students purstion what in airshow we had great
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a unique search right now. a visitor posted this picture op social media, writing we found a monkey in the parking lot. please share this post in hopess of reuniting him with his lovedw so far, the post has been shared several thousand times. we're still waiting to see ifr,v the stuffed monkey is claimed. hope somebody finds that. when someone loses those babies that are attached to really tough on my men dead.e a long time hopefully get this going. coming up never lose your luggage again.goming upe again. get details on delta's plan to finally put an end to thed finaly puissing baggage.etails o plus we are having barbecue for breakfast. h it sounds delicious. al bubba baker and his daughter brittani are here to share their take on a stuffed baked potato. you owe your taste buds to sticb around for this.uds to sti.
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good morning you guys. we are previewingod the day riga herey r.. currently when we come back lots of cool stuff to show you and b the wildlife people are coming out. it will be cool. kicking it with kenny. stay with us. ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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welcome back. british airways is struggling to fix a problem with its check in system this morning. the problem is leading to longrn lines and delays at several airports.rports. it's unclear how many flights have been affected. passengers say the airline told them the system failure had been going on for hours, and was geve been a r however the airline says it's checking passengers as normal at heathrow and gatwick airports in london.ever the ai al delta had some issues with that. spending big money to help make sure your luggage never gets lost again. it's investing 50 million dollars on a radio frequency identification tracking system.o like those chips you have in your credit cards now. basically passengers withlly p checked bags will get special tags fitted with chips and antennas that can be tracked cheet special fitted wi
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routed to the wrong flight it will automatically stop the conveyor belt and alert handlers of the error.agmehow gets routed tg flig how often are you on your phone's apps? according to a new report the or phone's apps? according to a new report the answer for most of us is a lot. media analytics company comscorr new repo the recently found that smartphoneot apps phoneaccount for 50 percenf our time compare that to computers, at 32 percent, and tablets at 11t, ant percent, and it reveals just how important smartphones haveant sm become to us. comscore credits the increase to our need to have our phones on us at all times. got to get past that next candya crush level.v how are you supposed to do that if you're not on your phone. todd walks around in the t hallways and runs into peopletop because he's playing candy crush.c now it's pok?mon go. kenny crumpton having greatr morning umwe hate to rub rabbitn bed we havepton havior our bakea
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i would consider that rubbing it in. okay. would consid going to eat a meal worm.. what's that all about.ll out. those can be good. they're nutritious. seriously. try to spin my meal worm andd barbecue.rbecu that's not that much spinning in the books.a okay. getting a baked potato. okay. hotmail wworm what are you holking about? having a good time. free viewing th e big bad bug today.y. you likeketod that.t i do. check it out. got to keep it fresh.. okay. to be funs going g people get a chance ton have a gentleman come in and bring times more absolutely. it's a chance for people tople explore what you have here and
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rehab. rab yes we do.. take in native or fan and endured and a animals this is is rufus. with this isn't eastern owl.. and he is actually just bringing in his head feathers. they're just coming and is looking better and lookinging pretty good.od rocking it with rufus right now. yes they rufus came in injured all ca repaired but it can't survive in the wild anymore. he teah he is a great teacher. how many animals ballpark whatrt you guys see a year as a rehab center? about 2000 rehab animals. and we release a majority of them.m. good. which makes us feel and it's just a great thing togn do for tg hese guys were tryingo teach people about human impactt on our animals and what we can do to reduce that.hat. so they can survive and be happy.appy. all right.
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the day happening. the last part so you can get yourl bug degree here. what flavors.vor mexican spies and chatter andand barbecue.becue all right. since they're doing barbecue in the stationn i want to have a a barbecue. what is this. barbecue meal still there. still there. it's good.ll we are sorry.or taste like chicken. okay.r ay. wonderful. and you have your honorary degree. and some dental floss thoseose things have a tendency of staying in your teeth. not good.
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stick in your. kind of.yst definitely deserve that. thank you. time is a 46:00 coming up thists is not your grandma's baked potato. absolutely not. potbubba baker and his daughterd brittani bo baker are in the house putting a barbecue twist on the classic you don't want to miss thisa recipe coming up next..on thcla darling darling family. beautiful labor day weekend. so blessed to have a beautiful weekend some changes on the wayy scott is back with your eight day forecast when we come back. week three of friday night touchdown kicks off this friday at 11 o'clock. here are the nominees for our the game of the week barberton at cuyahoga falls,s,hi number 4 stow at number 5 solon, shaker heights at bedford, and perry at madison. pead over to to vote.dd we'll announce the winning game thursday night at 10. and this week's special guest
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westlake fans, she'll be there when the demons take the field at their newly renovated stadium.wh the dem jessica's mom teaches overche there. jessica will start her day onile fox8 news in the morning. then end it alongside jt, pj anj danny for week three of friday night touchdown, friday night at
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good morning everybody 10rning y minutesbo udyntil 9:00 storm fox radar hard to believe that humidity is building we're starting to seee extremely small amount of showerl activity onevt near worchester and other just northeast of ashland most of these are drifting wh throughugh portions of wayne county. when a be surprised if tiaon fsf these rich canal fulton and masculine may be down to cantonu or northernline m be d county. nothing widespread immunity wily
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forecast as we claim to the high 80s yesterday already in the 70sth so i don't see any reasone why we can't make a run at 90.a. if they we do it will be thel bt last one of the year as the temperatureshela stay hot tomorw the chances of rain start toin increase by the end of s the we. take a look at the eight day in the top of the 9:00 show. he makes some of the best barbecue around. we're joined this morning by the well known former brown al bubba baker and that beautiful bakedd potato. and our special guest we have britney here and priscilla other granddaughter you guys got me a boxd prit.. look at that.t. first time i've ever been overve six but. you guys got a great thing going. i love the concept you use to us have these potatoese as a kid. my mom was a working mom amom business wain she wasn't leave o
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we always had baked potatoes around. we had ground beeft some form o meat and we always had she is because the people couldn't pay my mom in her business so they would trade her cheese and we myo staples buttepe what makes this special is thete protein mixed with the starche t and that she's you have aar thid most popular items in thes in te restaurant. is it really. yes. i'll cut britneyest.i some of ts brisket and i wan look at the color.. a great piece of meat.e of you can't beat brisket. m look inside of it and you can see the color. we cheat and use a little hickory but we also get some shift in a buddy in texas it it gives us this wonderful colorrfr and side of the brisket. you can see that marvel. this is ewhat makes a brisket so good.
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makes it the special piece that it is. ma that's the way to do it. say hi to priscilla you work att the restaurant. what do you do over there.what carryout you do and hostess. shoes on the payroll. she actually startedho the same age as her mom and we believed in our family we believe and starting them early because the only way you find out what yourr kids are capable of learning is she is better on the computercom then ip that people absolutely love her. they ask for her by name. talking about getting involved in the business i know this wil be a great thing getting people to be involved people who have ideas about entrepreneurs. business and an idea to get get started. and a lot of e-mails from people asking us how was it to go on short tank and we have a local shark tank and our partner isrts
8:53 am
he is coming in town.n.eve is a busy guy.u he noyt only is coming as a judg that he asked britney what diddd he say to more comfortable to host.. here in cleveland.elan for you entrepreneurs now is the time to come out and you don't have to go ten-month like we did to a air. pay for the trip to la pay forp your accountant to give you that. he'll be sitting right there. no paralysis by analysis. get out and t that's a great thing. a big block party this weekend. ten year anniversary three dayse later how old were you be? nine. nin hasn't let us forget.t. what do you want for your birthday? it's come to that. you know what i want for my birthday. okay. are right. a few events going.going a super important weekend we
8:54 am
to come out and show their items and hopefully damon will be interested in buying one. this saturday come with youryou ideas come with your product we would love to see them. it will be a great thing and an block party on sunday 10:00 until 3:00 great time to watch the browns game.0 until browns beat philly. they don't have a quarterback. he wants to be a part of this ti and help out the cleveland food bank and we want to try th. barbecue baked potato.ato. we have some friends to join us. come on in. i remember when you were this little. it goes fast. it does. she is so beautiful.t. thank god she didn't turn out looking like her grandfather.
8:55 am
on 83 it's a great time to go out you will see it you will wil smell and when it comes we've got this going all the time. it's killing me rightht now so tender you don't even need silverware. it falls apart. we don't need it. should we use it? out britney and priscilla thank you guys so much.t britney and thank you very much. thank you very much. still to come here comes the bride.e. oprah is setting the recordis s straight as wedding rumors swirl.etting t and remember to log on torememb to vote for hilton,logt boulevard or horace mann or horn elementary schools as the next fox8 cool school.. we'll announce the winning the n school on thursday and feature that school next week on fox8 school othe morning.g.
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[music playing] how awesome is that. melissa mccarthy singing with barbra streisand. mccarthy and other actors who can sing join streisand on herc latest number one album, encoren movie partners sing broadway.e pretty cool there. streisand also duets with jamie foxx and with hugh jackman. streisand also duets with jamie foxx and with hugh jackman. comic actor chevy chase has checked back into rehab. a spokesman for chase says thehs 72 year old is being treated for an alcohol related issue at a treatment center in 72 year old is being treated foe an alcohol related issue at a treatment center in minnesota. the spokesman called the rehab visit a tune up, adding that chase wants to be the best he can be.for center in minnesota. po. this is not the first time the actor has sought treatment for addiction issues.r back in 1986, chase entered the betty ford center to deal with a
8:59 am
and oprah winfrey is clearing up wdiding rumors.. the former talk show hostn tweeted last night six peopleg a who know me well have called today congratulating me or surprised they weren't invited t to my wedding. it's not true. wn winfrey, who is worth ano my wed estimated 2.9 billion dollars,d has been with her partnerb stedman graham since 1986.een wi even the closest to hurt werertw shocked and dot congratulations are in orderhocked and d but th. it's a good thing what do youou buy for opera.e could you imagine. she gives you cars. a fun wedding to go to. we had stedman on the show.. he came here.e what a neat really nice.ce. we were all like trying to ask the questions. the juicy gossip out of him.him. a nice man we really enjoyed meeting him. no marriage got some barbecue so
9:00 am
see you later.. good morning on this tuesday daa after labor day back to work back to the grind.. i'm todd meany. i'm stefani schaefer. hope you had a good we can. talking about hillary clinton and donald trumpt almost comese face to face in it would have happened right here in here in cleveland.clevelan the motorcade's right by eachrib other. the latest ony ee both of theiri labor day visit to northeastheat ohio. ap debate meeting. that would have been great. talking about the owner of af a local gallery attacked outside the gallery beaten and hero with a suspected next.xt what you use a limo. service to being your baby home from the hospital? it's the latest trend. the story and memories from youo first trip home in this morning's download i rememberer mine so vividly driving thatha little precious baby a very slow ride home. so nervous.ri don't want to shake the car tooe much. check in with scott sabol lookab at the forecast getting warm.ol


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